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Kate spent £1 million on KP and doesn’t like the paint, apparently + William preforms an investiture while Kate attends a party

This is a catch-all post for some Will and Kate news before I move on.

Kate apparently isn’t happy with the color scheme in her newly redecorated Kensington Palace apartment. They spent £1 million of taxpayer money to fix it up, and now she wants to change stuff. A source said, “she wasn’t happy with the result [of the paint], and one room came out with a horrible, unexpected purple tinge. She’s blaming it on her hormones [cough] before the birth [cough cough].” They’ve reportedly hired some fancy designer. Honestly, the article is as much about this guy as it is about Kate, so I’m not sure if this article is accurate or if it is a plug by the designer to get some publicity–it might be both, they may have hired a designer and he wants attention for it. He’s supposedly also going to decorate Anmer Hall. Going back to the cost of all this, a KP spokesperson said, “the cost of any interior decorating and furnishing would be covered privately by the Royal Family. [The £1 million of public money was spent on] essential structural work that needed to be completed by whoever moved into the buildings.” So there’s that.

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Kate and Will enjoy a night on the town, away from George

Kate and William went out the other night with some friends to Bunga Bunga in Battersea.  They were with friends, one who was celebrating a birthday and is pregnant or something.  I don’t really care about the details, go to the Mail to read that if interested.  What I care about is the photos, and how far apart Will and Kate are in them.  Oh, and Kate is wearing an awful coat that she really just needs to burn.  That coat is so ugly.

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KP released OZ/NZ tour details: Will and Kate are definitely bringing George

Kensington Palace released the official details for Will and Kate’s royal tour of Australia and New Zealand.  And guess what… George is going!  Of course he is.  Was that really ever debated?  I guess the palace was trying to play coy for months, but their efforts were a waste of time.  We will see George about 6 times, getting on and off planes and at least one appearance in Oz and one in NZ.

The tour will be from April 7-25.  The tour will begin in New Zealand on the 7th then they will travel to Australia on the 16th, they leave on the 25th.  Free days include the 8th, 15th, and the 21st.  Here is the official press release from KP; here is a detailed itinerary from Hello!  You can read William’s private secretary Miguel Head’s remarks here—it is really long.

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Is Prince William planning on running a marathon in Jecca Craig’s estate in Africa?

Prince William might be planning to visit Jecca Craig in Africa in June to take part in the Safaricom Marathon at the Lewa Downs wildlife reserve owed by Jecca’s father, Ian Craig.

William has “expressed a desire to take part in the marathon to raise money for the Tusk Trust”, but a Kensington Palace spokesman said William’s participation hasn’t been confirmed.

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Prince William presents BAFTA Fellowship award to Helen Mirren

Prince William attended the BAFTA Awards Sunday night and presented the Fellowship award to Dame Helen Mirren.  William is the president of BAFTA, apparently.  I didn’t know that until they announced he would be there and said he was president (I guess he’s done BAFTA events for years and I just didn’t notice that he was president).  To that I have to say, what the f—?  That seems so random to me.  William is all about homelessness, vets, and wildlife, right?  Why is he randomly the president of BAFTA?  Whatever.

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Prince William’s ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig joined him on hunting trip in Spain

Goodness, Prince William is becoming more interesting (gossip-wise) by the day with this Spanish-hunting-trip-on-the-eve-of-his-wildlife-conference thing. Someone snapped a photo of Prince William and Prince Harry at an airport (I can see the wheels of a plane in the background) either coming or going to their hunting trip in Spain.  They are with some male friends (including Guy Pelly?  Is that him standing next to Harry?), and none other than William’s old girlfriend, Jecca Craig.

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