William, Kate and George received lots of wine and books as official gifts in 2014

William, Kate and George received lots of wine and books as official gifts in 2014

The annual lists of gifts received by members of the British Royal Family were released. While the Queen and other members of the royal family release info on gifts received in the UK, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Prince Harry only release info on gifts received during official overseas visits. I’m only going to cover the Cambridges and Harry’s gifts. Overall, Will and Kate got a lot of alcohol, but also a lot of books. Kate received a lot of jewelry we’ll probably never see her wear. George received a crap ton of books and toys. Harry didn’t get as many gifts as Will and Kate, but his are more interesting and diverse, I think, including an automatic rifle (decommissioned of course).

Quick note before moving on: It looks like Jason is already making changes.  Will, Kate and Harry have their own Twitter account now, @KensingtonRoyal, to promote their work.  I guess this is step 1 of Jason’s attempt at promoting the Cambridges and Harry.

George gets a koala

Duchess Kate made two overseas visits, to: New Zealand and Australia; and New York. While Prince William made three, to: New Zealand and Australia; Malta; and New York and Washington, D.C. Prince George only made one, to New Zealand and Australia, but he was not forgotten as he received gifts from every place Will and Kate visited (he even got gifts from places Charles and Camilla visited). Will’s solo gifts were boring and I don’t care, but I’m pulling a few that Kate received solo, and some they received together. These are just a few of the gifts received, overall they received close to 1,500 gifts total.

Kate received:

    In New Zealand: Pair of pearl earrings from the Mayor of Christchurch; Dress and a jacket from an individual.
    In Australia: White metal necklace and a white metal brooch from The Chief Executive Officer of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015; Silver pendant from The Chief Executive Officer of the New South Wales Waratahs; Silver and opal brooch from The Governor General of Australia; Silver necklace and a pair of earrings from The Governor of South Australia; Gold and pearl necklace from an individual.
    In New York: Basket of honey from The President and First Lady of the United States of America; Two bangles from an individual.

Will and Kate received:

    In New Zealand: Three bottles of wine from Central Otago Winegrowers Association; Two bottles of wine from an individual; Six bottles of wine from an individual.
    In Australia: Opal model of a car, and an opal brooch from an individual; Box of cupcakes from an individual; Two bottles of whisky from an individual.
    In New York: Two models of the Empire State Building from an individual; Selection of condiments from an individual; Three Draydels from an individual.

Additionally, from members of the public in New Zealand and Australia, Will and Kate received, among many other things: 42 pieces of jewelry; 26 books; 54 items of clothing; 4 bottles of wine.

I’m actually not going to pull out gifts George received, because we already heard about the interesting ones when he received them in New Zealand and Australia, and everything else is mainly books and soft toys. Like, a ridiculous amount of books.

Prince George Plunket

Prince Harry undertook three overseas visits, to: Estonia and Italy; Brazil and Chile; and Oman and Abu Dhabi. Like above, I’m only picking out a few interesting gifts from each visit.

Harry received:

    In Italy: Bottle of single malt scotch whisky from an individual.
    In Brazil: Replica F1 racing helmet from an individual; Sportswear and a glass model of a clock tower from the President, Belo Horizonte Minas Tenis Clube.
    In Chile: Silver cigarette box from an individual; Two bottles of ale from a member of the public.
    In Oman: Pair of yellow metal cufflinks from Small Arms School Corps, Oman; Automatic rifle (decommissioned) from an individual.
    In Abu Dhabi: Wristwatch from a Member of the ruling Royal Family of Abu Dhabi; Bronze model of a polo pony and player from an individual.

Prince Harry holding sword in Oman

Links: British Monarchy website gifts guidelines, what’s personal and what’s official gifts and whom the gifts actually belong to. Prince of Wales website with all the full official gift lists.

21 thoughts on “William, Kate and George received lots of wine and books as official gifts in 2014

  1. I love presents. Isn’t it kinda rude to accept jewelry and then not be photographed wearing it even once? They can give me the basket of honey – it’s probably from the WH beehives!

    I’m going to check out the official list and see what book titles were given to George…

    1. Yeah, it just says “Book”. I wonder if they are all different titles, or if there is a ton of overlap. There’s probably a lot of overlap, right? I don’t know. I would think it would be rude to not be seen wearing the gifted jewelry at least once, but who knows.

      1. For sure, there’d be overlap! I’ve been given maybe 10 books for my 16 month old son, and we have a duplicate title – so i can imagine what would happen with 200+ books. I thought it might be neat to see the kid’s books that are part of the canon in Australia, NZ…

  2. I would like the honey as well. I don’t think Kate will be eating it. I think accepting jewellery and not wearing them to public functions defeats the point and looks rude. More freebie clothes. I wonder what the book titles George was given. It would be interesting to see the individual titles. It would take to long to list.

    1. It would make a very long list. He got something in the vicinity of 200 books. I’m sure there is a lot of overlap in titles.

  3. A basket of honey? I should think the Americans could have come up with a more unique gift. If they wanted to give the honey, then something else, too. Even if it came from White House bee hives, I am not impressed and doubt the Royal Couple was either.
    I do agree that it’s a shame that Kate does not wear the jewelry she was given. I think many Royal wives and spouses of dignitaries don’t wear their gifts, though. God knows what they do with them. Recycle?

    1. I agree Jenny, even though W&K are bland doesn’t mean we give them something they could buy organic honey on Amazon. I think it’s a PO gift from POTUS because there was private criticism from the palace when FLOTUS put her arm around the Queen. We don’t need to bow but leaders should have handlers explain customs before visits. There’s a great artistic community in DC that could have been approached to make some things to be chosen from, and a great way to bring indirect attention to new talent. PMO

    2. This wasn’t an official visit to the US — they were here on personal business matters. They were lucky to get the kind and rare gift of White House honey. Why should we be giving these two presents?

      1. Like I said, there are amazing DC artists who would have made something for free and the piece would be unique., but give the artist and area good press. If the WH is going to chose to give them a gift they are making a personal visit, something more interesting would be better. You can get the honey at the gift shop. I know. This is my area.

  4. I would love for them to give the gifts to charity. Prince Charles was known to burn gifts in a bonfire. Why not give it to kids who need it? It’s not like Kate is giving any time to her charites.

    As far as the POTUS gift, I don’t mind the honey. I would be pissed if they spent $$ on these two. I will volunteer to give my love to Harry as a gift from the American people. I would make a most excellent duchess or countess, lol!

    1. “I will volunteer to give my love to Harry as a gift from the American people. I would make a most excellent duchess or countess, lol!”

      LOL!! I’m sure you would be a great, and hard working, Duchess or Countess. Way better than Kate.

    1. I know right. The Twitter account will be doing WAY more work to promote their charities than Will and Kate.

    1. Ok, so according to the guide, the only acceptable gift is food? Wtf? Like if I wanted to give Harry a sword for absolutely no reasons, he’s supposed to refuse?

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