Duchess Kate went shopping to prepare for her three days of upcoming appearances

Duchess Kate went shopping to prepare for her three days of upcoming appearances

Kate Middleton has three days of appearances coming up and guess what she did to prepare for them… Learn about the organizations? No. Prepare talking points for the round table discussion? Of course not silly. Kate went SHOPPING! Because of course she did. She needs shopping days to prepare for her three days of “work”, and then it’s off to Mustique for a week or two of recuperating from those three days of “work”. Because three days of “work” is just oh so hard for the Special Little Snowflake, Duchess Kate.

Kate was out with two bodyguards at the John Lewis department store in Chelsea “for at least an hour”, and left the store with three shopping bags – one for each day she’s going to have to “work”! Ah man, Kate’s going to need at least a week in Mustique just to get over having to carry her own shopping bags. I mean, phew.

By the way, why is Kate’s makeup so caked on when she’s just going shopping? This chick really has no idea how to do day makeup.

Links: Popsugar. E Online.

BTW, E’s headline is “Pregnant Kate Middleton Is a Natural Beauty as She Conceals Her Baby Bump During Rare Shopping Trip”. LOL rare?

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    1. I wondered that same thing, LOL. She has such an angry, or bitchy face when she doesn’t smile. She is so much prettier when she smiles. When she doesn’t, she is actually quite unattractive.

      1. Her relaxed face, unfortunately, appears to be a bitch face. Also I don’t think she’s wearing as much make-up as she normally does because she looks like crap. She did her eyes and I think she may have on some lip color (not so sure about that) but otherwise she looks washed out and old. Nothing glowing about this expectant mother whatsoever.

        Yeah, the negotiations went like this:

        Jason – “Your Royal Highness, I’d like to schedule a few appearances for you in January”

        Kate – “Um, no, I don’t work in January and I really don’t work when I’m expecting.”

        Jason – “What if we could make a deal, some light shopping in exchange for some appearances.”

        Kate – “You really don’t know me well enough yet Jason, I don’t do light shopping. Just what do you want me to do?”

        Jason – “Three days of work ma’am, it’s all I’m asking for, not very long at each stop, just a quick in and out.”

        Kate – “I’ll need to buy a new outfit for each appearance, which will require serious shopping.”

        Jason – “But ma’am, since these are rather short appearances, we were hoping you could pull something from your closet.”

        Kate – “No shopping, no appearances, I’m going back to hang with mummy before her birthday celebration in Mustique, let me know what you work out.”

        And obviously she won because she’s spending the cash and probably has 3 or 4 new bespoke coat dresses waiting for her to debut at these appearances. What a way to start off the year.

        1. “Also I don’t think she’s wearing as much make-up as she normally does because she looks like crap”

          Or they just aren’t photoshopping these pics.

          1. I think you hit the nail on the head, KMR. The press is not photo shopping her pics as often and I think that is their passive-aggressive way of getting back at Will and Kate for constantly hassling and threatening them. This IS what she really looks like!

  1. At least she has her hair pulled back and she isn’t playing with it.

    Makes me wonder about the cost of 2 protection officers for her to shop for the hour. I guess she doesn’t like online purchases.

    1. Kate’s cool with putting her hair up for shopping, but for official appearances, not so much. So dumb, yet I understand why. When she’s shopping there is nothing for her to be nervous about, but when on official appearances she’s super nervous and uses her hair as a security blanket.

      1. I re-watched her ascent up the airplane steps as they departed New Zealand. When she got almost to the top–mind you now she had George on her hip–and with the other hand–grabbed the BACK of her hair and PULLED it around front so that when she turned around to face the crowd and wave good bye, her hair would be laying perfectly around her face–now that is seriously messed up. She has the baby, is in high heels, the wind is blowing, she is 15 feet in the air, and she has to ADjust her hair–check it out for yourself–shaking my head…

    2. The cost of a single RPO for Beatrice in 2008 was estimated at £250,000 annually. We can extrapolate that costs have increased in the last 7 years. When Middleton attended the wedding (crossing the picket lines) she had 9 RPOs with her. And that all comes from the taxpayers, not the Duchy or Sovereign Grant.

    1. lol, no one could ever accuse Kate of hard work. Hard partying in her younger days, sure. Hard shopping all the time, most definitely. Hard work? Nah, that’s not her bag.

  2. Okay, KMR, you read my mind. When I first saw this article today that was my reaction to the headline as well. Rare shopping trip??? Seriously? This woman shops more than anyone else. We just don’t normally have photos. I don’t get why the media kisses her ass so much. Why can’t they point out how lazy she is instead??? So annoying.

    Also, unless someone said something, I would not know she was pregnant. She looks quite normal size. Btw, her coat collection much take up a full room, she has so many :). I want to raid it.

    1. I was hoping she’d come out during her upcoming appearances and debut a huge bump, since she’s well into her 6th month. But these photos don’t hold much hope for that wish, since she still doesn’t look pregnant.

      1. Did Kate forget to strap on her fake preggie belly before going shopping? Or did she spend so much time piling on the blusher that she didn’t have a chance to put it on as her car and POs had already arrived?

      2. The only sign of pregnancy is the strap on silicone baby bump that she puts on from time to time. That is the main reason she has not been out much, because people will scrutinize each and every photo and soon enough conclude that she never was and never will be pregnant.

      1. And so many similar coats. This is the third-fourth pale pink coat that I remember. She has another one that she wore when she was expecting last time, so the excuse that she needed a bigger size doesn’t work.

  3. I think that she has been letting George do her make up again. In one of the close ups the blush looks like it has been applied by someone who went to clown school.

    I can’t wait for the “Working” pics of her, Poor didums has it so hard.

  4. Every time I see close-ups and not photoshopped pictures of Kate I freak out.
    She’s just a bit older than me and I really feel I don’t look so old :/ when I see those pics I have to run to the mirror and worry that it is only I who doesn’t see it.

    A few days ago I did my makeup in the dinning room (bad idea) and my hubby said it looked like Kate had done my makeup. I was ready to cry and punch him 😛 but I’m glad he didn’t let me leave the house like a clown (I overdid the blush). Wonder why William doesn’t say anything (would she punch him? lol )

    1. “Wonder why William doesn’t say anything”

      I was going to say “Because he gives no shits about her or how she looks”, but then I remembered the “banana dress” remark. So Will has no problem telling Kate she looks a mess. Maybe he likes Kate looking like a clown with her makeup?

  5. Why does she insist on doing her makeup by herself? Her blush looks like it was applied with a paint roller. Why does she refuse to use a makeup artist? Then she needs to get on YouTube, find a guru and learn how to apply the makeup herself. She’s at home most of the time. We know she’s not preparing for her appearances. Yes she has a baby, but she also has a household staff. There is no reason for her makeup to look like it was applied last millennium.
    BTW- I want that coat!

    1. Didn’t she have a makeup artist do her makeup for her wedding, then remove the makeup and reapply it herself? Girl thinks she’s better than the professionals. She probably loves the way she does her makeup.

      1. Yes. I heard that story too. That’s why her wedding day makeup looked so garish. I’m sure she thinks her makeup looks fine. And no one will tell her otherwise. She desperately needs a lighter hand when applying her makeup and update her look. No one should have the same makeup routine for 15 years. Not even a Duchess.

  6. Kate looks angry and tired in the photos. One unhappy camper. Maybe the Royal life is getting to her. Maybe, she’s not really so keen on being pregnant with the spare.
    I agree that unless she is smiling, she has a bitch face. Just like her Mum’s. Carole never looks happy.

    Does anyone else think that Kate has a mean look in her eyes. All that liner and all those smiles, don’t take away that mean look for long. When she was dating William, I noticed it more There’s just a really snippy and mean look to her in so many photos — most of the meanness comes through in her eyes.

    1. I have looked at photos of her over and over and I honestly believe that she may have at once been nice, but she has become quite mean-spirited since her wedding and all that followed.

    2. She does have a bitch face going back to those see-through dress modeling pics. She looks angry even in those pics.

      1. Yes! KMR, she did look so uncomfortable and angry in that see-through number. I truly believe Carole forced her into that getup to get to William. It worked!
        She looked as if she didn’t want to wear the see-through item, but did what Mama wanted. She looked angry with herself. Angry with the situation. Just Angry with All!

  7. I said before that Jason would script these two while doing write-UPS and having dark horses publish them. The sickening BS, flat out fake bull is nauseating. Worse, I think it hurts W&K because the articles are so fake and full of fluff. Shows how immature Jason is, including the new Twitter account with stupid things the Cambridges get behind. I wasn’t expecting much from him and thought he’d put useless garbage out but he’s surpassed himself in drivel.

    1. I agree the too positive press just hurts W&K in the long run. Because all it does is call attention to how much of a discrepancy there is between their sycophantic press and their actual behavior.

  8. Kate looks old. I am 7 years her senior and I look much better than that. She needs to lay off the makeup and the hair coloring. I hate to say this, but she doesn’t look pregnant. At.all.

  9. Because, as I have always maintained, she is not and never will be pregnant. Look, just do the research. A certain amount of body fat is necessary for a woman to ovulate–it is a built in self preservation thing. If she does not have enough body fat to ovulate, how could she possibly be pregnant? And have you noticed–or maybe not, due to lots of photo shopping–dewy facial hair–which goes along with not having a period. Her Uncle Gary, with his Russian connections, will provide a child with the correct eye color this time–Carole won’t leave it to Will again to mess up.

  10. I think Kate would greatly benefit from a tasteful face lift to tighten everything up, and light fillers. I also much prefer her with her spray tans and very dark glossy hair dye

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