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Kate Middleton Review is a blog that follows the former Kate Middleton, current Duchess of Cambridge. This blog used to be solely dedicated to Kate, but I’ve come to enjoy following and covering various other royals – both British and European – so I do. Kate takes priority; whenever there is something to cover, I cover it, bumping other royals in the process, but when there is nothing Kate-related to discuss, I cover the other royals. My favorite royal family to cover is the Swedish royal family.

This blog is a critical blog. To be critical means to analyze something logically to determine its merits and faults. Being critical does not mean being negative. One can be critical of something and say one likes it – in fact expressing positivity for something after having analyzed it is better than expressing positivity for something blindly. Being critical means just that, being critical, analyzing logically. I find a lot of faults with Kate (and with other royals as well), there are a lot of things she can improve on, but this is not a hate site and when I find Kate has done something of merit, I say so.

The reason I started this blog is because I was too negative for the pro-Kate sites, and I was too positive for the anti-Kate sites, and I wanted my own area to express my views. I still tend to be too negative for some and too positive for others, but I do try to strike a balance and find that middle ground.

About Me

I love history and have a degree in it. My focus is Greek and Roman history, but I have taken a few British history classes in university (focusing on the Tudor-Stuart era). It was only in the last several years that I became interested in modern British history and became a royal watcher.

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This is a self-hosted site, which means I have to pay for the domain name as well as the server the site runs on. Both of those things cost money, so to offset the cost I have several ads on the sidebar.

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