Duchess Kate steps out in ice blue for Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards

As you know, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, made her first public appearances since announcing her second pregnancy, yesterday October 21. Kate’s first appearance was taking part in the Singapore State Visit, welcoming the President and his wife. Kate’s second appearance was at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards at the Natural History Museum where she joined Sir David Attenborough to present the winners with their awards, after meeting the finalists and viewing all the artwork. Kate was met and shown around by Sir Michael Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum.

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Duchess Kate and Prince William take part in State Visit: Welcome President of Singapore

Our dear Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, made her first public appearance since announcing her second pregnancy and OH MY GOD she had another skirt fly-up. I shake my head at her. Here I was hoping to write something nice – she brought back one of my favorite hats (the Jane Taylor grey hat she wore to Easter service), and she wore a low ponytail which was elegant – and then she had to go and have her skirt fly up again. Thank goodness it wasn’t a full Marilyn, and you can barely see any of her thighs because I believe she’s wearing a dress underneath (if she wasn’t, though, holy crap she would have flashed everyone), but COME ON Kate, this is your first participation in a State Visit and you pull this? You have no idea how disappointed I am, you guys. I was really hoping Kate would nail this appearance. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I keep getting my hopes up that Kate will knock it out of the park and then she does something stupid. When will I learn?

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Will and Kate were papped going to the doctor: will they complain?

The first pictures of our MIA Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, have surfaced in a US publication, the NY Daily News (go here to see the pics). There are three pictures of Kate, accompanied by Prince William, heading out of what appears to be her doctor’s office on October 15. Supposedly, the doctor’s visit was for the 12 week scan, but that is of course not confirmed. I was hoping Kensington Palace would release a statement saying she was past the twelve week mark and what her birth month is, but I’ve given them enough time to do so, so I guess that won’t happen today (or at least it hasn’t happened as of the time of this posting).

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Duchess Kate becomes Patron of 1851 Trust

Our dear MIA Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has become Royal Patron of the 1851 Trust, which is the charity branch of the UK team’s bid to bring the America’s Cup to Britain, Kensington Palace announced today. The 1851 Trust was launched today in Portsmouth by Sir Ben Ainslie. Kate would have been there to launch the trust, if she had not pulled out last week due to her ongoing hyperemesis gravidarum.

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Kate pulled out of yet another appearance

“A royal source” (via the Express) announced today that Kate Middleton pulled out of yet another appearance. Like last time, Kensington Palace never announced the appearance, but today a source confirmed Kate was supposed to visit Sir Ben Ainslie’s new America’s Cup team base in Portsmouth, Hampshire next Monday, October 13, but is unable to attend because she’s still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (sidenote: I’ve typed this so much by now that I don’t even have to check the spelling anymore, I know it by heart).

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Photographer Prince William accused of stalking George, Niraj Tanna, refutes claims

Lupo and George

As we learned yesterday, Prince William and Kate Middleton issued a warning to two photographers who the Cambridges claimed where stalking Prince George. I took the unpopular stance that Will and Kate were well within their rights not to have George followed while with Nanny Maria. As it turns out, one of the photographers has been identified as Niraj Tanna (Ikon Pictures), the Middleton’s long time on-call pap.

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Kate dropped out of an Art Room appearance

So I was attaching this to my previous post, but Kate’s message has been released and it’s pretty long so I thought I’d just make a whole new post for it.

Kate Middleton dropped out of a planned engagement today that was not previously announced. I guess Kensington Palace had planned for Kate to go, but never actually announced she would attend because they are reviewing her appearances on a case by case basis because she’s still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum due to her second pregnancy and they aren’t sure how she’s going to be feeling for each engagement.

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