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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall busts out family tiara for Buckingham Palace reception

Tiara-mas came early, you guys! I was expecting to have to wait until December 10th to see some magnificent tiaras adorned atop royal heads, but Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall gave me an early present! Yay! Camilla is a girl after my own heart. She loves big jewelry and tiaras just like I do; so unlike some other royals, she doesn’t skimp on the jewelry. She always brings the jewelry. And unlike some other royals, Camilla can pull off some big jewelry without it overpowering her, or looking cheap or clownish.

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Prince William will officially visit Japan and China in early 2015 without Duchess Kate

Dear Kensington Palace: I know America is not the center of the universe, I know America isn’t even the center of the British Commonwealth, but did you have to announce Prince William‘s Japan and China tour on Thanksgiving? I mean really, I’m sitting here preparing for a turkey food coma; you’re lucky I was even paying attention to you at all. But now I’ve got to spend time thinking about the New Grumpy Face (because he’s got a serious case of Resting Bitch Face) instead of getting my comfy pants ready for later. I mean, I know we kicked your butts in two wars, but we’ve also helped your butts win two wars, and we’ve been tight since then, so why you got to be like that, KP?

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Royals at Remembrance Sunday

The second Sunday in November is Remembrance Sunday in the UK and commemorates the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and servicewomen in the two World Wars and later conflicts. The Queen led the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall remembering those who died during conflicts. A two-minute silence was observed at 11 AM before the Queen, other royals, and politicians laid wreaths at the Cenotaph. There was a parade of service personnel and military bands, and a 10,000 strong march of servicepeople and civilians. A member of the choir fainted during the ceremony. The choir boy was attended to by first aides and was okay.

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on the issue of ending sexual violence against women

I don’t normally cover Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, but I want to take a minute and highlight a great cause she is supporting. In recent years, Camilla has taken up the cause of ending sexual violence against women. She has visited a number of rape crisis centers and last year spearheaded an initiative to offer wash kits containing shampoos, soaps, and other such things to women who have reported a sexual assault. That initiative was organized after she met with women who said one of the things they wanted most was to be clean after the assault.

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Sara Parker Bowles on Kate Middleton: Kate ‘has more important things to think about’ than clothes

Sara Parker Bowles is the wife of Tom Parker Bowles, who is the son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Sara is some sort of fashion editor or something. She recently gave an interview to the Telegraph’s Fashion section (?). Anyway, I bring this up because Sara mentioned our dear MIA Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. I wasn’t going to mention it since it’s so short (the interview wasn’t about Kate, Sara mentioned her briefly), but I found what Sara said interesting because it’s opposite of the one thing about Kate I thought was concrete fact: Kate’s love for clothing. So I went ahead and over analyzed it.

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Kate and Sophie watch Order of the Garter ceremony; Prince George attends first polo match

Garter Day was yesterday, and the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie, Countess of Wessex all came out for the Order of the Garter ceremony/procession at Windsor Castle.  Kate and Sophie were spectators.  The others are actually in the Order.  Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was due to attend, but she had sinusitis and stayed home (Get well soon, Camilla).

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Kate showed up for Trooping the Color

Trooping the Color went down yesterday.  It marks the Queen’s official birthday—not her actual birthday, which was in April.  Trooping the Color originated as a means to show soldiers their regiment flag, so they would recognize their flag while in battle.  This was called, “trooping”, where they carried the flag down the ranks to show everyone.  In 1748, they announced it would also mark the Sovereign’s official birthday.  The flag being trooped this year was the flag of Nijmegen Company Grenadier Guards. Afterward, the Royal Family (including the Royal Holy Trinity: Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry–they’re the tallest ones out of the whole family) gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for a flypast.

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Queen joins Obama and other heads of state for D-Day commemorations (DoE, Charles, Camilla, Will & Kate join in)

Obama helps Queen, Putin is sidelined

“These men waged war so that we might know peace.  They sacrificed so that we might be free.  They fought in hopes of a day when we’d no longer need to fight.” – President Obama.

On June 6, 1944, the Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy.  To mark the 70th anniversary of that day, about 20 heads of state and world leaders gathered for a commemoration at Sword Beach.  There were a number of events the world leaders participated in, as well as meeting veterans.  The Queen laid a wreath at a memorial at the British War Cemetary in Bayuex.  President Obama made a speech at Omaha Beach.  There was a lunch for the leaders, and a group photo was taken.  The header photo is a photo of the Queen walking down the steps after the group photo was taken—yes, that’s Putin standing all by himself while others help the Queen down the stairs; really says it all.
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Camilla’s brother, Mark Shand, has died after hitting his head outside fundraiser in NY

The Duchess of Cornwall’s brother, Mark Shand, had died today following a head injury he sustained after slipping and falling outside a charity fundraiser in New York. Camilla is said to be “utterly devastated”. She and Prince Charles are said to be in Scotland at the moment, preparing for their trip to Canada.

Clarence House said:

It is with deep sadness that we have to confirm that the Duchess of Cornwall’s brother, Mark Shand, has today passed away in New York. Mr Shand died in hospital as a result of a serious head injury which he sustained during a fall last night. The Duchess, the Prince of Wales and all her family members are utterly devastated by this sudden and tragic loss. Mark Shand was a man of extraordinary vitality, a tireless campaigner and conservationist whose incredible work through The Elephant Family and beyond remained his focus right up until his death.

Condolences to the Duchess and her family.

Links: Mirror article/live updates. Daily Mail article.

Kate becomes a godmother to university friend’s son (updated)

This post is dedicated to some Kate tidbits before I get to the reception with the Queen.  I didn’t want to make one super long post.

Apparently Kate has been asked by a friend from university to be one of the godmothers to her son.  Kate, William, and George went to the baptism in Essex Sunday morning where Kate became a godmother.  There were no pictures.  The source is the man who performed the baptism.  The article did not give a name of the friend or the child.

My first thought was, Kate has a friend?  And not just a friend, but one close enough to be asked to be the godmother of their child.  But then I thought, of course the person asked Kate to be godmother, now her child has a royal godmother, you know.  Kate was one of four godparents, so it’s not like Kate will be the one saddled with the “spiritual guidance” part.  Phew, right.

According to the Reverend, William was actually there to accompany Kate.  Is that surprising?  I think it kind of is.  Unless William was good friends with the person, too, then I could see him attending.  I don’t think William would care enough to attend an event just to support Kate.

They took George to the baptism.  He was reportedly well-behaved.  Maybe he’s grown out of his constant crying phase?

There are no photos, at least not yet.  Maybe some will surface.  I don’t know what to make of this.  It almost seems too good to be true, you know, what with Kate having a friend, William being there to support his wife, and George not crying.  But you never know.  I want pictures.  Congrats to Kate, and good for everyone involved, I guess.

UPDATE: The friends are Oliver and Mel Baker. Kate is godmother of their son, Henry. Oliver is one of the godfather’s of Prince George. Oliver has been friends with Will and Kate since university. So I guess we now know why Will was there, because it was his friend, too. And they probably brought George so Oliver could see his godson. Eh, sure. /UPDATE

Now with this next story, take it with a grain of salt.  It is about how Camilla thinks Kate’s hair is too long, and too dark (?), and should be cut, and lightened.  The original source is the Daily Star.  That publication is a low-tiered tabloid, right?  One where we probably shouldn’t believe most of what it says.  The article’s source is a “royal source” so who knows if it is right, or even real.  The odd thing is it says Camilla thinks Kate should go shorter and lighter with her hair.  The shorter bit I get, it’s the lighter bit that I don’t understand.  How is Kate’s hair color a problem?  Eh, whatever.  I thought I’d mention it.  I would believe that Camilla thinks Kate should trim her hair, or wear it up for royal duties (because if we’ve been harping on it for so long, you know the royals and courtiers are, too), but I don’t necessarily believe this particular article.  The “go lighter” bit is throwing me off.  Also, if a royal source wanted to leak this info, why go to such a low-tiered tabloid?  Clearly the Express is willing to publish the story.  Eh, whatever.

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