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Camilla’s brother, Mark Shand, has died after hitting his head outside fundraiser in NY

The Duchess of Cornwall’s brother, Mark Shand, had died today following a head injury he sustained after slipping and falling outside a charity fundraiser in New York. Camilla is said to be “utterly devastated”. She and Prince Charles are said to be in Scotland at the moment, preparing for their trip to Canada.

Clarence House said:

It is with deep sadness that we have to confirm that the Duchess of Cornwall’s brother, Mark Shand, has today passed away in New York. Mr Shand died in hospital as a result of a serious head injury which he sustained during a fall last night. The Duchess, the Prince of Wales and all her family members are utterly devastated by this sudden and tragic loss. Mark Shand was a man of extraordinary vitality, a tireless campaigner and conservationist whose incredible work through The Elephant Family and beyond remained his focus right up until his death.

Condolences to the Duchess and her family.

Links: Mirror article/live updates. Daily Mail article.

Kate becomes a godmother to university friend’s son (updated)

This post is dedicated to some Kate tidbits before I get to the reception with the Queen.  I didn’t want to make one super long post.

Apparently Kate has been asked by a friend from university to be one of the godmothers to her son.  Kate, William, and George went to the baptism in Essex Sunday morning where Kate became a godmother.  There were no pictures.  The source is the man who performed the baptism.  The article did not give a name of the friend or the child.

My first thought was, Kate has a friend?  And not just a friend, but one close enough to be asked to be the godmother of their child.  But then I thought, of course the person asked Kate to be godmother, now her child has a royal godmother, you know.  Kate was one of four godparents, so it’s not like Kate will be the one saddled with the “spiritual guidance” part.  Phew, right.

According to the Reverend, William was actually there to accompany Kate.  Is that surprising?  I think it kind of is.  Unless William was good friends with the person, too, then I could see him attending.  I don’t think William would care enough to attend an event just to support Kate.

They took George to the baptism.  He was reportedly well-behaved.  Maybe he’s grown out of his constant crying phase?

There are no photos, at least not yet.  Maybe some will surface.  I don’t know what to make of this.  It almost seems too good to be true, you know, what with Kate having a friend, William being there to support his wife, and George not crying.  But you never know.  I want pictures.  Congrats to Kate, and good for everyone involved, I guess.

UPDATE: The friends are Oliver and Mel Baker. Kate is godmother of their son, Henry. Oliver is one of the godfather’s of Prince George. Oliver has been friends with Will and Kate since university. So I guess we now know why Will was there, because it was his friend, too. And they probably brought George so Oliver could see his godson. Eh, sure. /UPDATE

Now with this next story, take it with a grain of salt.  It is about how Camilla thinks Kate’s hair is too long, and too dark (?), and should be cut, and lightened.  The original source is the Daily Star.  That publication is a low-tiered tabloid, right?  One where we probably shouldn’t believe most of what it says.  The article’s source is a “royal source” so who knows if it is right, or even real.  The odd thing is it says Camilla thinks Kate should go shorter and lighter with her hair.  The shorter bit I get, it’s the lighter bit that I don’t understand.  How is Kate’s hair color a problem?  Eh, whatever.  I thought I’d mention it.  I would believe that Camilla thinks Kate should trim her hair, or wear it up for royal duties (because if we’ve been harping on it for so long, you know the royals and courtiers are, too), but I don’t necessarily believe this particular article.  The “go lighter” bit is throwing me off.  Also, if a royal source wanted to leak this info, why go to such a low-tiered tabloid?  Clearly the Express is willing to publish the story.  Eh, whatever.

Royal Variety Show with Charles, Camilla, and Jesse J’s top

I want to talk about the Royal Variety Show that happened.  Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended the event, and they greeted the performers after the show.  I am not going to list any of the performers aside from the one I want to discuss, if you care to read more about the show go here for the Daily Mail article.  Before I get into the criticism, I want to say something nice:  Camilla looked lovely.  She wore a “specially-commissioned midnight blue evening gown by Vivienne Westwood.”  I think she looks great, and I love her jewelry.  If there is one thing I really love about Camilla… girl loves her jewelry.  And I love royal jewelry, and she gives me the jewelry p0rn that I crave from any and all royal outings.  So yay!

Now onto the stupidity that is Jesse J.  Jesse J was one of the performers, and she met Charles and Camilla.  Jesse J wore two different outfits, one to perform in and one to meet the royals in.  I am going to hedge my bets before anyone can claim I’m a prude or something, I thought Jesse J’s performance outfit was pretty—the lace was pretty and well-placed, and while there was skin showing, it wasn’t in an ugly way—and it works for a stage outfit.  Her meet and greet outfit, however, was awful and inappropriate, and ugly.  The top showed a ton of skin, but not in a tasteful, pretty way like that stage outfit.  I was thinking, and the only way I could see that top being pretty is if it were in an editorial fashion spread, and the overall look was styled better. If you look at what the other people wore to meet the royals, they were in gowns, and the children that were right next to Jesse J were in cute little dresses.  They looked lovely, Jesse J did not.  It was tacky and inappropriate for meeting royalty.  Now, if she had not changed and this outfit was what she wore on stage, I could forgive it; but she changed outfits and deliberately chose the horrible, cut-out top.  There is a time and place for showing so much skin, and meeting royalty is not it.

Charles, according to the article, kept his eyes front, bless him.  What I really want to know, though, is what Camilla thought.  I’d love to hear the snide comments she made about Jesse J and her horribly tacky outfit.

Prince George christened, with official photos

Four Monarchs

These are a bit late—since Prince George’s christening was on Wednesday, and the official photos were released on Thursday—but here’s the official photos of Prince George’s christening—the first actual professional photos we have of the little guy, since Michael Middleton’s awful photos don’t count.  I have to say, they really photoshopped Kate to hell and back in the photos, she looks like a wax mannequin, especially in the one that is just her, William and George.  My favorite photo is the one of the Queen, Charles, William and George—four generations of monarchs, well technically one monarch and three (possible) future monarchs.  That type of picture has only happened one other time, in 1894 with Queen Victoria, and future kings Edward VII, George V and Edward VIII.  I love this photo so much—which is why I’m actually posting it—the only way I would love it more is if the Queen had been holding George.  The other photos are of the entire family—the Windsors and Middletons combined.  The one of William, Kate and George, where Kate looks super waxy but the baby is happy so that makes up for it I guess.  And one that is just the royals, where the Queen is looking at George.  I love that the Queen is looking at him; I wish they had gotten a photo with the Queen holding George, that would have been so nice.  But maybe she didn’t want to hold him, I don’t know.  It would have been nice to get a photo of Charles holding George as well.  Sadly that did not happen either.

Here are some links to the Cambridge’s official website with more details about the godparents and guests, the service details, the christening details, and some official photo galleries.

Here’s a close-up of George outside the Chapel Royal before the christening.  You can see he has brown eyes, like Kate.  I totally called that by the way, the press for some reason thought he might have blue eyes like William and Diana… ha!  Like that was ever going to happen.  The press wanted a beautiful blue-eyed, blonde baby (girl) who would replace Diana, but that was never going to happen… not with Kate’s brown eyes and hair.  George has brown eyes, and has some brown hair growing in.  Seriously, at least in his coloring, he is going to look much more Middleton than Windsor/Spencer.  I like this photo, though, he looks like a grumpy old man.  I love it.  Oh, by the way, George was super well behaved, at least in the short videos I’ve seen.  Unlike William who was fussy and crying the entire time.  Well done George!

Only twenty-two (22) people attended the ceremony:  the Queen and Prince Philip; Prince Charles, Camilla and Harry; Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole, and siblings, Pippa and James; Prince George’s godparents and their spouses (not all of them are married or else it would have been 23).  No other royal family members (except Zara but she was a godparent), and no Cressida Bonas—even though the tabloids were claiming that she had gotten an invite; they really want to marry Harry and Cressida off, it seems.  [For what it's worth there were denials that she was even invited, before the ceremony. Of course the denials come straight from Cressida/her people... but that's another story.] I don’t mind the smaller ceremony with no extra royals.  I know that the media and other royal watchers were freaking out that Charles’ siblings were not invited, but I don’t see it as a big problem.  Would you invite your parent’s siblings to your child’s christening?  I wouldn’t invite my mother’s brothers to my child’s christening, not because I am on the outs with them, but because they play no real role in my child’s life.  If I or my spouse had siblings, then they would be invited (as Harry, Pippa and James were), but they are the child’s aunts and uncles so it makes sense.  But the child’s great-aunts and great-uncles?  Nah.

George has seven godparents:  Zara Tindall (nee Phillips), William’s cousin/Princess Anne’s daughter; Oliver Baker, a friend of the couple from university; Emilia Jardine-Paterson, a friend of Kate’s from Marlborough College (who was totally a friend of William first, way before Marlborough—because Kate doesn’t have any actually friends of her own); Hugh Grosvenor, the son of the Duke of Westminster; Jaime Lowther-Pinkerton, the former private secretary to the Cambridges; Julia Samuel, a close friend of Diana; William van Cutsem, a friend of William and the son of a close friend of Charles.

Let’s talk fashion: Kate wore a cream Alexander McQueen dress with ruffles.  It’s not super awful, I don’t mind the color, matching is fine.  I would have gone with a color though, but apparently Kate wanted to match George.  I wonder if she’s going to go the matchy-matchy mother-son route from here on out, that would get awful.  I’m not a big fan of ruffles though, and this dress has a crap load of them.  Pippa also wore cream… eh, boring. And boxy. Goodness, Pippa, please learn to dress yourself better, or get a stylist or something.  Camilla wore cream as well, and I think she looks nice.  One of her better outfits, I think.  She doesn’t always dress her body to make herself look good, you know, but she looks really nice here.  The Queen wore a light blue and looked lovely.  The Queen always looks lovely, hats off to Angela Kelly who does the Queen’s wardrobe.  Carole Middleton wore a dark blue coat and what seems like a gray (?) dress underneath.  I actually think she looks the best here that I’ve ever seen her, usually she looks awful, but in this outfit she looks nice.  Zara wore a dark, navy blue.  She’s about six months pregnant and looks really nice; some of her pregnancy outfits haven’t been that flattering so it’s nice to see Zara looking so good.

Prince William will leave the military to focus on conservation

After almost a year of waiting for this announcement we have finally learned what Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge is planning on doing with his life once his time with the RAF is over (which it now is).  We were supposed to know by the end of last year, then it was pushed back to the Spring, then it was pushed back even further and now here we are, his time in the RAF is officially over and we finally get the announcement that William will leave the military to focus on royal duties.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking he’ll actually work full-time for the RF; he’s taking the next year as a “transitional period” to focus on his charities and family while he decides what he’s actually going to do as a full-time, working member of the RF.  Because he couldn’t have figured that out during the year he used to decide what he was going to do with his future (stay with the military or leave).  This just means that his excuse for not doing royal duties and instead “working” for the RAF is gone, and he better step up his royal duties or else people will complain that he does nothing all day—since he doesn’t have a “full-time job” anymore. 

He will be focusing on his charities, including conservation, which he has already started expanding his work in.  It has also been announced that William has brought together “seven of the world’s most influential conservation organizations and the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry” in a partnership called “United for Wildlife”.  It is described as “a long-term commitment to tackle the global challenges to the world’s natural resources so they can be safeguarded for future generations.”  William will be the president of the collaboration.

William and Harry were at a BGC charity trading thing to mark the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.  Apparently they (and by “they” I mean Harry) cracked some jokes, one about William and his constant “baby talk” and another about not being who they said they were, or something.  I guess it’s a celebrity thing, Harry did this event in 2011 and at this year’s there were a bunch of other British celebs.  An interesting comment, though, is that broker Nick Thompson said that Harry seemed to be much more confident than William: “It was interesting listening to them both to see who was more confident. Harry took to it very well.”  Seriously, Harry would be a much better King than William; Harry connects to people more and is more confident in the role in general than William.

Prince Charles, Camilla, William and Harry attended the funeral of Charles’ close friend Hugh van Cutsem—he was 72.  Kate did not attend.

It is NOT okay to call her Princess Kate: titles clarification

There has been some confusion/controversy over Kate Middleton’s official title in the last few days.  It all started when Clarence House released an image of Prince George’s birth certificate and under “mother’s occupation” it said, “Princess of the United Kingdom”.  After this was made public, the media pounced on the “princess” reference.  They made a huge deal about Kate being called a princess, and a lot of reporters and fans were saying it is now okay to call Kate, Princess Kate.  Of course the rational, non-sycophants were very unhappy with this and pushed against those saying Kate is a princess and that it’s okay to call her Princess Kate by saying that Kate is not a princess but rather a duchess, since she was bestowed the title Duchess of Cambridge upon her marriage.  I would like to clarify things a bit:

When Kate married William she became, according to the palace, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Lady Carrickfergus. 

Now, when a woman marries a man of rank, she automatically takes the same rank as her husband; but that does not mean she acquires this rank in her own right, it is contingent solely on her husband.  This is most evident with the wife of Prince Michael of Kent, because Prince Michael did not receive a peerage upon his marriage; his wife became Princess Michael of Kent and is known as such.  She does not hold the title “princess” in her own right, but only because it is the feminine of her husband’s title.  If Prince Michael had received a Dukedom then she would be titled “Duchess” since that would be the feminine of her husband’s title.  Basically, the “princess” title (or duchess, countess, etc) is like the “Mrs.” title for non-titled folk.  That is why she is not Princess Marie Christine, but Princess Michael.

Diana being called “Princess Diana” was actually started by the press—this was not her official title.  Her official title during her marriage was Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales and Countess of Chester, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay.  She, like Princess Michael, was not a princess in her own right, but a princess by marriage.  Had Charles not been the Prince of Wales at the time of his marriage, Diana would have been titled “Princess Charles”.  Had Charles not been the heir and was given a dukedom at the time of his marriage, Diana’s title would have been “Duchess” since that would have been the feminine of Charles’ dukedom title.  It was coincidence that Charles was Prince of Wales at the time of his marriage so Diana became Princess of Wales.  But she was never Princess Diana, not officially.  The press made that name up.

When Sophie married Prince Edward, she became Countess of Wessex, because Edward was given the earldom of Wessex and became the Earl of Wessex.  Countess is the feminine counterpart to Earl.  But she is also “Princess Edward”, because Edward is a prince of the blood.  Since Edward’s highest appointed title is Earl, however, Sophie’s correct title is Countess.  But Sophie is not, and will never be, Princess Sophie.

Upon his marriage, Prince Andrew was given the dukedom of York and became the Duke of York, so Sarah Ferguson became The Duchess of York.  She also became “Princess Andrew”, because Andrew is a prince of the blood.  But Andrew’s highest appointed title is Duke, so Sarah became a Duchess.  However, after their divorce, Sarah retained her title of Duchess of York (just like a divorced woman retains her husband’s last name), but she did not retain the title of “Princess Andrew”, because she is no longer married to a prince.

When William married Kate, he was given a dukedom and became the Duke of Cambridge; therefore Kate took the feminine version and became the Duchess of Cambridge.  She is also “Princess William” and would use that title had William not been given a dukedom.  But because William’s dukedom takes precedence, Kate is titled Duchess.  Kate is not a princess in her own right, just like none of the other married-in ladies are princesses in their own right, so it would never be correct to call her Princess Kate.  It does not matter what her occupation is (nor what William calls her, or she calls herself, when alone), her title is Duchess of Cambridge.  She should be referred to as the Duchess of Cambridge, or else it is incorrect*.  Unfortunately—for people like me—the press wants so much to have Diana 2.0, to have someone they can call “Princess” and that will sell magazines that they take this occupation listing as a clearance to call her Princess Kate, no matter what the palace says.  Of course, this will backfire since Kate will never sell well, no matter what they call her.  She is just not interesting enough for people to care enough to buy magazines with her on the cover.

Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Princess Margaret are princesses of the blood, princesses in their own right and have the honor of being titled Princess [their first name].  Unless one is a daughter or granddaughter of the monarch (or, now that Liz changed it, a granddaughter of the Prince of Wales—of which there is not one since George is a boy) one is not a princess of the blood and does not have the honor of being titled Princess [first name].

Camilla’s title is a bit more complicated.  When she married Charles, she was not accepted much by the public, and Diana was still in most people’s minds.  Because the title “Princess of Wales” was so synonymous with Diana, Camilla chose not to use that title and instead took the feminine version of the highest of Charles’ subsidiary titles.  Charles is also known as the Duke of Cornwall, so Camilla became Duchess of Cornwall.  However, as much as Camilla detractors won’t like this, Camilla is also “Princess Charles”, just like all the other married-in ladies are “Princess [their husband’s name]”.  She could have taken the title “Princess of Wales” since Charles is the Prince of Wales, but she (or the palace) chose not to.

This whole mess is all thanks to William, who himself put as an occupation “prince of the United Kingdom”.  What William should have put as his occupation was “SAR helicopter pilot”, since that is his job; and for Kate’s occupation he should have put “unemployed”, since that’s what Kate is.  But he had to put “princess of the United Kingdom” and cause a huge mess with the press and sycophants and critics.  Thanks Will, I appreciate it.

*I and everyone else continuing to call her Kate Middleton are actually being very rude, since she did take her husband’s title when she married.  But the press continues to call her by her maiden name because she was an established brand for ten years before marriage and referring to her as anything else would throw off their archive system and everything else.  It has nothing to do with anything other than name continuity and recognition.  Of course, for me, she does not act like a duchess so I refuse to call her one.

The Cambridges left the hospital

The new Prince of Cambridge was born only on Monday, but there is a ton of baby coverage and articles surrounding every little thing.  Like, seriously, there are eight articles on the Daily Mail website just from today.  It’s ridiculous.  I don’t even want to bother reading it all, at least not tonight, too annoying.  I just want to cover the major thing that happened today (or yesterday, technically, since it’s after midnight).  The Cambridges went home from the hospital, giving the press their money shot that they’ve been waiting outside the Lindo Wing all this month for.  Go here for a picture of the family; here for a sweet picture of William holding his son; and here and here for close-ups of the baby.  It looks like he does have some dark hairs already, so cute.  I’m going to give the baby the benefit of the doubt, since he is only a baby and he didn’t ask to be born, whom to be born to, or what he looks like.  Until he does something worth criticizing him for, I’m going to leave him alone.  But that won’t stop me from criticizing his parents.  Just because they had a baby does not absolve them of their sins.

I do want to mention William and the way he presented himself today.  I watched the live feed of them coming out of the hospital and talking to the press, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much William really did seem to love and care for his son.  It really seemed like he was super happy to be a father and that he loved his son very much.  I still don’t think he cares much for his wife, but he really does love his son.  The interesting thing is that when Kate came out and down the stair of the Lindo Wing holding the baby, William had his arm on Kate’s back in a protective manner, but then once he had the baby he totally ignored his wife—when they were walking back inside and then even more when they came back out and got into the car.  William was back to his same old ignoring Kate ways, but he seemed happier than I’ve seen him in a long time.  He really is excited, I think, to be a father.  Good for him.

Carole and Mike Middleton visited the Cambridges in the hospital earlier in the day.  They arrived before Charles and Camilla, who also visited the Cambs in the hospital.  It’s interesting that the Middletons were the first to see the baby.  And then Carole went and talked to the media afterward.  Who does she think she is?!  Ugh.  I understand he is their first grandchild too and they should get to meet him, but this child is a royal and future (if the monarchy is still around) king.  Charles should get to see him first.  Of course Charles and Camilla didn’t arrive until just before the Cambs went home.  Whatever.  Maybe that is a bit of an overreaction, but that doesn’t make Carole any less of a snake-eyed manipulator who only sees a meal ticket when she looks at that baby.

As far as Kate goes, why does she still look pregnant after giving birth?  I get that she only had the baby 24 hours previously, and she would naturally still have a stomach, but that rounded of a bump?  Just seems odd.  A bunch of people have mentioned it on Twitter, too.  And on other late-night talk shows.  It’s not just me.  And it seems weird that Kate would wear a dress that would accentuate her bump when there is no baby inside it.  That seems odd to me, but whatever floats her boat.

When the couple came out, they took a few questions from the press.  William seemed really at ease—for him—and was joking around with the photographers/reporters and being a bit self-deprecating.  I think it was one of the best interviews I’ve seen from him.  Usually he is guarded and tense but it seems like being so happy about his son made him relaxed.  Of course Kate only answered like one question and before she did she had to look at William for… whatever it is she’s looking for when she looks at William before answering any question.  Permission, guidance, support?  I don’t know.  I thought overall Kate seemed a bit odd; she certainly wasn’t as relaxed as William during the whole thing.  I guess she seemed like she always does, uncertain and self-conscience.  Which seems odd since she was with her baby and answering a question about how motherhood was for her.  That seems like such an easy answer to give, but she had to look at William, think about it, and then give a response that was very vague and not personal.  She said the experience was, “very emotional.  It’s such a special time, I think any parent can probably understand what that feeling feels like.”  It’s a special time that any parent can understand?  Yes, but what are your feelings, Kate?  Why don’t you have feelings?!  Ugh, I would say she can’t say anything not-vague when she isn’t scripted, but even when she’s scripted she doesn’t say anything not-vague so…  She better get it together.

Kate wore a blue polka-dotted dress to exit the hospital.  Diana wore a green polka-dotted dress when she exited the hospital with William in 1982.  Do you think that’s a coincidence?  Hell no.  Kate and Mummy have studied Diana for years, I’m sure they planned the outfit out so that Kate would get more Diana comparisons.  And it worked.  Ugh.

One last thing, I promise.  The palace gave a 5 minute warning at 2:00PM ET (7:00PM London time) that they would be coming out.  Well they didn’t come out until well past 2:15PM ET.  It was annoying as hell.

Camilla hopes for the end of the week/Kate writes a letter/Uncle Gary is a lunatic

Camilla did an engagement in Cornwall and while revealing a plague to commemorate her visit, said, “We are all just waiting by the telephone. We are hopeful that by the end of the week he or she will be here.”  All the press outlets are jumping on that saying that the baby will definitely be here by the end of the week.  I want to point out that she said HOPEFUL, they are HOPEFUL that the baby will be here by the end of the week; not that it for sure will be here by the end of the week.  Goodness, people, get a grip.  Seriously, the #GreatKateWait (someone started that hashtag on Twitter and I think it’s funny, it really is fitting) is getting to these reporters.  Or is it the heat in London outside the #LimboWing (another Twitter hashtag that is funny and oh so appropriate)?

Kate ‘wrote’ a letter with an “impassioned plea” in Place2Be’s newsletter about how she’s looking forward to be a Patron of their charity and how many problems children of poverty, etc. have.  I read the actual letter and it didn’t really seem like an ‘impassioned plea’ for anything, it seemed like a nicely written mission statement about her choice to join the organization as a patron.  Of course, it was probably not written by Kate, but by one of her staff members (Rebecca Deacon, anyone?), and then the signature was stamped on afterward–because you know Kate is too busy shopping and staying with Mummy to bother signing anything herself.

LOL! Uncle Gary says he’s “the least dodgy man on the planet” since he’s a self-made business man who cares about his family.  That would be great except that he’s also a man who provides drugs and prostitutes (of questionable legal age) to wealthy businessmen at his home (La Maison de Bang Bang–which translates to “the house of sex”).  Uncle Gary also thinks that Kate is having a girl, but admits to not knowing the sex.  He also insinuates that Kate and Will know the sex of the baby but aren’t telling anyone; which is contrary to what the palace is saying, that Kate and Will do not know the sex of the baby.  I wonder which one is lying?  Gary is a creep, and an idiot. Why are the powers that be not doing something about him? Why do they let him continue to give interviews that link his horribleness with the Royal Family? LOL at namedropping Camilla, like he’s so tight with her *rolls eyes*. PS. Gary was drinking throughout the entire interview.

Here’s a piece of information I missed from last week:  The palace has officially announced that Kate’s baby will be styled “His /Her Royal Highness Prince/Princess [Name] of Cambridge”.  Not surprising, right, since William and Kate are officially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  This will put an end to people saying it could be a prince/princess of Wales (like how William was a prince of Wales before his marriage, and like how Harry is a prince of Wales currently *not The Prince of Wales, that’s Charles, but A prince of Wales*).  I don’t know where that got started but clearly it was started by someone who did not understand how titles work in the British peerage.  Anyway, the Daily Mail has some really great historical information about previous prince/princesses of Cambridge in their article.  It’s worth a look.

Zara Phillips, contrary to previous reports, has decided to stop competing for the remainder of her pregnancy.  She was supposed to compete at an event next month but has decided to pull out of all upcoming competitions.  Spokesperson said it had nothing to do with any medical problem, she just decided she didn’t need to continue since she’s qualified for next year.  She will continue to ride privately, though.

The Midds will be the best grandparents ever! Oh, and the Queen and Charles are around, too.

Ugh, this article deserves a post of its own it is that awful.  It is titled, Queen and Charles will dote on child, but spends the first chunk putting down George V and Mary as horrible and unfeeling grandparents and then spouts on and on about how great and doting the Middleton’s will be as grandparents.

It claims that Kate will spend the first six weeks after the baby is born at her parent’s house in Bucklebury, which is a rumor that has been going around for a while.  It says that because Kensington Palace hasn’t been finished that they will have to stay somewhere and they might as well stay with the Midds, the only problem is the security—they will have to beef up security at their house.  That is stupid.  They should not be at the Midds.  First, because they are two 30 year-olds and shouldn’t have to run to Kate’s mum for everything.  Second, because the taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay for the police to secure a private citizen’s home.  The taxpayer already pays for all the security at all the palaces, they shouldn’t have to pay extra just because Kate can’t handle any adult responsibilities and wants to stay with mummy all the time.  Of course, Kate has been staying with mummy for a good chunk of the marriage so I guess the taxpayer has already been paying for extra security at Middleton Manor.  Ugh.

Oy, I just can’t with this quote: “A friend said: ‘With William losing his mother, Carole hopes to be twice the grandma to make up for it.’”  You know, I’m sure that’s how Carole widdled her way into Will’s brain, by making him think she was a replacement for the mother he lost.  Will really likes the Middleton’s because it gave him that normal family that he had always longed for, and apparently he and Carole have always been close.  Seriously, he didn’t want Kate, he wanted her family.

The article ends with some nice bits about Charles and Camilla and the Queen and Philip and how they will make great grandparents/great-grandparents.  There is a nice quote from Charles about his grandmother (the Queen Mother), he called her wonderful.  That’s sweet.  From what I hear, the QM doted on Charles much more than she doted on Anne, Andrew or Edward.  But still, it’s a nice human thing to say and is nice to hear from someone like Charles, who often seems like a robot.  The article also mentions the Queen and how she dotes on her grandchildren and great-grandchildren because she didn’t see her children that much due to her duties.

I don’t know, it’s an article based on people’s sycophantic quotes and speculation that is designed to make all parties look better.  And it puts the Middleton’s at the top of the article that is supposed to (going off the title) be about the Queen and Charles.  Ugh, I expect more from you, Phil Dampier!  This one just annoys me.  Putting down the older royals to build up the current royals is one thing, but to build up the Middleton’s?  I don’t think so.  *Warning: Historian rant* I get that George V and Mary seem cold to us, but that’s how things worked back then.  If the Queen and Charles want to be loving grandparents, I’m all for that (being a lowly peasant myself) but you don’t have to put George and Mary down.  I really dislike when people put the way historical figures did things down for no real reason other than because it’s different from how we do things now, there is no reason for it and clearly those people don’t understand the historical context of those figure’s actions.  *Historian rant over*

Anyway, another piece of sycophantic press.  I’m really getting sick of all the sugar.  I can’t wait for it to be over.  Of course, then we will have a ton of sugary baby stories.  Get ready for that.

Kate is nervous to give birth but is keeping herself “busy”; plus she’s getting free gifts

Goodness, I’m really getting sick of this, I’m ready for it to be over.  But then again, I’m going out of town for the holiday weekend so I’m really hoping that Kate won’t go into labor until at least the seventh, if not later.  Watch the baby be born today (because it’s July 4th now since it’s after midnight), ugh.  Today I was watching E News and they started the show off with pictures of Kate and I freaked out for a moment thinking she had had the baby—which I knew was not possible since none of the royal reporters on Twitter had mentioned anything (I’ve been Twitter stalking all of them so I don’t miss anything), but I still had that moment.  I’m not even a Kate supporter, nor am I really excited about the new baby, but the closer we get to the birth the more my nerves are on edge.  I don’t want to miss it, you know.  Maybe I’m more excited than I’ve led myself to believe.  Or maybe I’m just curious to the sex and what they’ll name it (I think, or at least I want, it to be a boy, and be named Arthur.  It probably won’t be named Arthur, but I still think it would be great if they named it that.  I just don’t want it to be a girl and be named Diana; that would be the worst thing possible for that poor kid).  Anyway, more Kate news:

Us Weekly has another article about Kate, this one saying how she’s nervous for the birth but is feeling great.  It quotes a ‘family source’; obviously either Carole or Pippa is talking, they’ve had paps and journos on their speed dial for years.  Anyway, something interesting in the article is this quote:

“She’s still busy, making sure she’s done as much as possible for the new house before the baby is born,” the insider reveals. “Once the baby is here, she won’t have time for anything else!”

That is interesting for a few reasons.  1) It implies that Kate is busy, which is amusing since all she has ever seemed to be busy with is shopping and getting her hair done.  2) It implies that Kate is decorating that house herself, like she doesn’t have a professional interior decorator doing all the work for her *eye roll*.  3) It implies that Kate will actually be taking care of the baby all by herself once it gets here, like she isn’t going to have a team of full-time nurses and nannies to take care of that kid while she works out and shops and gets her hair done, again *eye roll*.  The press and ‘insiders’ keep trying to fool us into thinking that Kate will be such a hands-on mother, which is utter nonsense.   They’ve been trying to fool us into believing that they haven’t had a team of people around them this whole time and that they do all their own cooking/cleaning/etc. which is a lie, they have had a team around them, it’s just that Charles is the one paying for it.  Since they’ve been lying about their team this whole time, I see no reason to believe that Kate will be a hands-on mother; she doesn’t seem that motherly to me, she always seems awkward around children when she meets them.

A different piece of news: apparently Kate is getting a ton of baby gifts.  The Finnish government has given Kate a maternity kit which includes a ton of baby items, and also condoms, randomly. Plus she got some organic baby food via the Duchess of Cornwall on her visit to Wales.  And some jeweler has commissioned a necklace with a miniature sudocrem pot on it for Kate to wear.  Of course, this one just seems like another attempt to get free (or not so free since apparently the thing cost £10,000) publicity for the designer by linking their name with Kate’s.  I’m so sick of people doing this, I hate name-droppers.  It happens all the time with every other celeb but I just think it is really tacky. 

Anyway, that happened.  Here’s hoping the baby is late; or at least doesn’t come until next week.  Happy Birthday, America!

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