Kate’s Patronages

This is a list of Kate Middleton’s patronages and the appearances she’s made on behalf of them. The patronages are listed in order of when she became patron, then alphabetically. Events are listed by year (descending – so current year is first), then by month (chronologically – so January is first). I’m including any time Kate does something that is connected to one of her patronages (including video messages, letters, etc.).

Updated: January 17.

Action on Addiction

East Anglia Children’s Hospices (EACH)

National Portrait Gallery

The Art Room

The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

The Scout Association

    Volunteer (January 5, 2012)



    December 14: Cubs100.



    December 16: Attended a Beaver Scout meeting.


    March 22: Visited camp training day at Great Tower.
    April 21: Reviewed National Parade of Queen’s Scouts at Windsor Castle.


    May: Scouts trip with Lupo.

100 Women in Hedge Funds Philanthropic Initiatives

Natural History Museum



The 1851 Trust

Air Training Corps

Anna Freud Centre

All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) Wimbledon

    Patron (2017)


Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)

    Patron (2017)


Action for Children

    Patron (2017)


Kate’s Big Cause 2017 – Children’s Mental Health

  1. January 11: Visit to Anna Freud Center Early Years Parenting Unit.

Kate’s Big Cause 2016 – Children’s Mental Health

  1. February 8: Kate did a video message for Children’s Mental Health Week.
  2. February 17: Kate guest editor-ed HuffPo UK’s #YoungMindsMatter campaign and wrote an article for it.
  3. February 24: Kate visited Place2Be in St. Catherine’s Primary School in Scotland.
  4. February 24: Kate visited The Art Room studio in Wester Hailes Education Centre in Scotland.
  5. March 10: Kate and William hold suicide discussion at KP – there were 3 other engagements that day but not related to children’s mental health.
  6. April 24: Video launch for Heads Together campaign.
  7. May 4: Reception for Anna Freud Centre.
  8. May 16: Heads Together launch.
  9. August 14: Message of support for Anna Freud Centre podcast.
  10. August 24: Luton – Youthscape.
  11. August 25: YoungMinds for Heads Together
  12. September 16: Stewards Academy for Heads Together
  13. October 1: Canada – Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
  14. October 10: World Mental Health Day with Heads Together
  15. October 11: Netherlands – mental health roundtable with Action on Addiction and Anna Freud Centre
  16. November 22: NHM with Place2Be
  17. November 22: Place2Be Awards
  18. December 19: The Mix Christmas Party with Heads Together

Heads Together

This is for all Heads Together events from the royals which is a joint mental health campaign but not an official patronage.


  1. January 17: Heads Together event.


  1. April 24: William, Kate, and Harry in video launch for Heads Together
  2. May 16: William, Kate, and Harry officially launch Heads Together
  3. July 14: Harry hosted BBQ for Heads Together
  4. August 25: William and Kate at YoungMinds for Heads Together
  5. September 16: Stewards Academy for Heads Together
  6. October 10: World Mental Health Day with Heads Together
  7. October 15: Kate wrote the foreword to a puzzle book
  8. October 15: Harry in video for Heads Together
  9. December 5: William gave a speech at Heads Together Unilever Conference
  10. December 19: The Mix Christmas Party with Heads Together
  11. December 23: Message of thanks to Telegraph.