Duchess Kate still in mourning clothes at Art Room opening (updated)

Duchess Kate still in mourning clothes at Art Room opening (updated)

Kate Middleton made her first appearance of 2015 today, January 15, as she officially named The Clore Art Room at Barlby School in West London. Kate is of course still in mourning for her pre-pregnancy body and continued the mourning clothes trend today. She mixed it up slightly, though, choosing navy instead of black. Turner-prize winning artist Grayson Perry joined Kate at the Art Room opening as he is a Patron of the organization as well.

Kate leaves Art Room with flowers

The Clore Art Room is the ninth Art Room and is funded by the Clore Duffield Foundation and offers art as a therapeutic intervention to children aged 5 – 16 years old. The Clore Duffield Foundation was founded in 1964 and focuses on funding educational spaces within cultural organizations including museums, heritage institutions and galleries. The Foundation has supported the Art Room since 2005. Kate became Patron of the Art Room in 2012.

Kate received stamp chair small

Kate met with staff, and then with students who told her about their art and how the Art Room helped them. She received her first gift of the year when two children presented her with a chair decorated with stamps. Kate also participated in a round table discussion with Grayson Perry and several Art Room and school heads, as well as Dame Vivien Duffield of the Clore Duffield Foundation. I cannot seem to find any quotes of what Kate said during the discussion, nor can I find video. I will update if and when those become available. I would really like to know what she said during the discussion.

Kate takes part in round table discussion 2

Kate wore Madderson London “Naomi French Tweed & Wool Shift Dress” (£450.00) which is a navy dress with pink-patterned wool trim around the bottom and weird pocket areas. It’s really short on Kate, falling well above the knee. This is the shortest dress Kate has worn in a while. I still don’t understand why her hems get shorter when she’s pregnant. Thankfully Kate wore black stockings, but still.

Madderson London Naomi French Tweed & Wool Shift Dress

Kate accessorized with her Mulberry Bayswater Clutch, Episode Angel suede pumps, and Cartier watch. Kate also wore her Diana Earrings. She wore her hair down, because of course.

To be fair to Kate, Perry also wore a too-short black coat dress.

PS. I guess the photographer’s trend of not Photoshopping Kate’s pics also continues. Forehead wrinkles.

Bump it, Kate, bump it!

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Kate takes part in round table discussion 1

Kate talks to kids about their art 2

UPDATE: I still could not find any video of the round table discussion, nor could I find any quotes from her anywhere. She must not have said anything of worth if the press is not printing anything she said. Below is a video of Kate at the Art Room, and a video of Kate talking to some children.

Photos: Victoria Murphy Twitter/Kensington Palace Twitter/Getty

60 thoughts on “Duchess Kate still in mourning clothes at Art Room opening (updated)

  1. That dress is too so old looking and fuddy-duddy, it needs a walking stick to go with. I know it’s cold today here in the UK (I was picking hailstones out of my hair earlier!) but would it kill a gal to wear a colour? (Other than to a memorial to mass murder…)

  2. I get that she may have just bought this but why get something so short? It’s like she can’t stop being programed to be what she thinks is sexy. Sexy is sharing this amazing pregnancy time with your husband. Her boogyman js Jecca Craig.

    1. Funny Jecca Craig comment! To me, the dress looks like a regular dress, then sized up to fit a pregnant Kate, thus really being too big (especially, the shoulders).

      Her style lately has been dreadful. No offense to the designer since the dress is probably not maternity and not the correct size.

      I am starting to wonder about her motivation. Is she trying to get the “Kate Effect” in clothing buying to stop? Another thought, if people become tired of seeing her in poor style choices, will she get less attention and people will quit paying attention to her lack of work.

      My last theory about Kate is about her constant “hands holding a clutch in front of her (you know what)”. I wonder if part of this, along with the constant hair tuck behind the ear behavior, is because she wants to show her left hand. As in, look at my wedding ring, goody for me, I snagged the Prince. On top of it, I was given the famous PRINCESS DIANA engagement ring.

      1. Re showing the ring. Kate is right-handed, but when clasping her hands together she always covers her right hand with her left, instead of right over left as a normal right-handed person would do. She’s trained herself to show off the Diana ring.

      2. G.A., I really don’t think she would ever do anything that might bring less attention. She is a true narcissist and exhibitionist. I think that’s why the hemlines are so short. She does it when she knows she can get away with it, for example, when she’s “working”.

  3. I mostly like navy, but this looks like something better suited for her mother. It’s an appropriate engagement look, but old. I would also liked to have seen the black booties instead of heels.

    As for her hair, it’s all over her face, she fidgets with it, and it drove me nuts the most.

  4. nope…I can’t understand what the ‘style’ is either; navy is OK, but the big border is awful; maybe that’s just my taste…the dress is way too short, why must she have stuff flapping around her backside all the time??? thank goodness for the black tights….the hair chokes me..

    1. The under-boob flaps aren’t flattering either.

      I hate to wear something that oversized, because it makes me feel heavier and like I’m drowning in the clothes. For someone as size-obsessed as Kate, you’d think she would wear clothing that was more fitted so as to not make her feel even bigger than she is.

    1. I hate the pockets. I actually thought from the 2nd pic that she had a clutch the same as the hem and had tucked it between her side and elbow while bending. I was like “a matching clutch,uhg, but no crotch-clutch thank goodness.” Jason’s probably smacking himself in the head because he gave her directions and she still flubbed it. Word to the wise Jason, you have to man-handle these two.

    1. Me either! And it was only a minute and a half! I lost interest at the 30 second mark. This could backfire on the PR Team. I discovered I actually have no interest when she speaks.

    2. I forced myself to in order to see what she said. Nothing spectacular. I couldn’t find any quotes from her from the round table discussion. She must have not said anything beyond the normal drivel she says, or else the papers would be all over it.

  5. If you’re doing an engagement outside, put your hair up! If you’re going to be meeting children all day, don’t wear 4 inch heels! If you’re going to be bending over to meet said children, lengthen your skirt! I never knew I would be qualified as a stylist but obviously I’m more suitable for this job than that Tash lady.

    I like the trim of the dress but the pockets are confusing and unflattering. It reminds me of a roach with little legs up and down.

    I think she raises her hemlines when pregnant to ensure us that she’s not fat (or, like, a size 0 instead of 00), just pregnant.

    1. Good points!

      To add to your good list of style points, how about do not wear the darts of your dress above the bust.

      Also, Kate you are getting black and bright colors mixed up for events. Black would be better for the 9/11 tour in NYC and the fushia coat would have worked better visiting children.

  6. Baggy, weird pocket placement, and a waist seam that goes around the middle of the belly – completely unflattering for a pregnant body. I agree with one of the other commentators: I think this is not a maternity dress and she just got a bigger size.

    Her hair looks thinner too… no extensions?

  7. Weird dress with strange pockets. But (yah) Kate found her preggy belly today! As well as telling Jason to sack Tash (the Not Stylist) can someone please get Jason to tell Kate to bend her knees to get down to the right level when speaking to small children. I hate her bend over method which involves sticking her rear end in the air. This method also allows a good view down her top, like the boys had a good view when Kate wore the low cut pink outfit in Oz. If she bends her knees then there is no chance of too much being revealed in the top.

    1. I know. Not a sign of a bump in the shopping photos, now a large-ish one for the art room. And of course she had to draw all sorts of attention to her bump by pressing her clutch to her crotch.

    2. She’s an exhibitionist, so she knows what she’s doing with the waist-bend. She’s doing it for the very reasons you suggest she shouldn’t, and she likes it.

  8. The dress is horrid but she still managed to look lovely. Why does she refuse to wear proper maternity dresses? This dress was not from Madderson’s maternitywear collection but from their womenswear range. I simply don’t get it! Why can’t she embrace being pregnant?

  9. The dress was fugly – to shirt, too boxy and no personality. I like it when her hair is darker. Her body language always seems so cold, closed and aloof. wonder how long she stayed. I say, 30 min for the win, KMR.

    1. Victoria Murphy Tweeted at around 8:30 ET that Kate arrived, and Tweeted at around 10:00 ET that Kate was leaving. So I think Kate stayed for about an hour and a half. Though the DM article says the visit was only an hour long. So yeah.

    1. She had some good things in 2012 as well, but I agree that 2011 was probably her best year. She really started going downhill when she got pregnant with George.

  10. Why does she ALWAYS carry her handbag in front of her belly? Is she embarrassed by the pregnancy? I would love to see her just one time walking with her arms down at her sides like a normal person. Also, I never noticed this before but she has really big hands for a woman. All the better, I suppose, for maintaining the Kung-Fu grip she’s had on William for the last 15 years.

    1. Those really big hands of Kate’s were also very obvious when she wore that black dress with silver thingy on shoulder to a function in New Zealand. The “fluffy” hair on her arms that a lot of anorexics develop when they are very underweight was also evident during the trip to New Zealand too.

    2. She carries her handbag, or just her hands, in front of her crotch ALL THE TIME – it’s so annoying. As one commenter said, it’s like she’s trying to land a 747 in there.

  11. It looks like Carole has had new curtains in her drawing room and has given the old ones to Waity and she has used them on the bottom of and on the pockets of this outfit. It looks hideous. Once again she has let George or someone who paints with their left foot apply her blush for her. It looks horrible. Oh how I wish Diana were still around to give her some hints about her make up and fashion. Waity is just getting worse.

    1. Oy! The My Left Foot painter was really good. Kate’s makeup looks like it was done by a monkey who hates her.

      1. LOL very true KMR, perhaps a blind monkey that hates her? I think that she has given up trying altogether now since she has the heir and is expecting the spare. I think that after number two makes their appearance we will see just how lazy Waity can be.

  12. This dress…umm…NO. Ugly, fugly, frumpy, weird, too short. Put this one in the “What was she THINKING?” Category. When I saw her picture with the forehead wrinkles, I ran to the mirror to see if I have any. Whew! I dodged that bullet and I am 15 years older, but not as thin. Maybe her botox is wearing off?

    1. Can you use Botox while pregnant? She probably stopped ‘Toxing because of the pregnancy.

  13. I hated this outfit.

    Boring, weird pockets, weird border, too short, boring hair.

    On the blog From Berkshire to Buckingham, she goes on about how Kate’s fashion during her pregnancy with George was bad. I loved her choices for her 1st pregnancy, it’s this one where I haven’t liked many of her outfits (that hideous plum dress with those ugly flat boots, the baby blue coat with the brown dress, the black Seraphine turtleneck dress, the JP blue skirt/Hobbs black top combo, and now this one)

    1. I agree with you. While I wasn’t enamored with Kate’s pregnancy style when pregnant with George, I like her style this pregnancy far less.

    2. It’s funny you mention that blog. I can’t handle reading it. The writer is so obsessed with Kate, that it is hard to stomach. I like Kate, but I am a realist and know she is not perfect. That blogger thinks Kate walks on water. I don’t understand how someone can be so out of touch with reality. So, I would take anything she writes with a grain of salt :). On a side note, I actually liked the Seraphine turtleneck. Otherwise I agree that her outfits this pregnancy are bad.

  14. This dress is just awful and still way too short. I really hate the trim and the placement of the upper pockets. And again with the dark color to a children’s event. It just goes to show that money can’t buy good taste.

  15. OMG. The dress is awful. I thought the pink trim around the pockets was a clutch, too. In one of the photos, it surely looked that way. On a further look, I noticed a clutch in her hands.
    Is it just me, or does anyone think that navy tights would have looked better with that awful dress?
    Also, what is with the blonde-banged woman next to her at the event? Her dress — the huge bow on her blouse and her puffy skirt — ghastly! Especially on a woman of her age. Yikes!
    I did see the “bump” in one photo.
    Gosh, I wish Kate seemed more comfortable with this pregnancy. Maybe, she really does not feel well. She looked happier when she was pregnant with George.

  16. Lol, Jenny, that blonde “woman” is prize-winning and celebrated artist Grayson Perry who is a transvestite dressed in drag for this event. And honestly, I think his outfit had more flair and panache than Kate’s! And doesn’t he have a great pair of legs? He certainly set them off with those white tights.

    1. Another, OMG. Thanks Feeshalori for the info on Grayson Perry. When I first saw the photo, I said, “Is that a guy in drag?” But, then blew it off. I didn’t believe it. Now, I do!!!!
      I wonder what Kate thought?!

  17. Those are not Diana’s earrings. That rumor was debunked. Just a pair of knockoffs. Still plain, fake, copykate.

    1. I know. But writing out “Diana earrings” is easier than “sapphire and diamond earrings” when Kate is clearly trying to copy Diana with those earrings. I’m not trying to imply they are actually Diana’s earrings, just that Kate is wearing “Diana earrings” the same way there are women who wear “Diana rings” that are fake sapphire and diamond rings made to look like Diana’s engagement ring. I’ll put quotes around the word Diana next time to make it clear I’m not trying to imply they are actually Diana’s earrings.

  18. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all! Sack of bull crap! Kate’s dress looks dreadful! Not fitting her right at all. No offense to the designer but it just didn’t fit her! Im embarrassed for her. She could have done better right? She claims she works hard at fashion and that is her duty not royal deities!! Lol!. But WHY DOES SHE GETS IT WRONG ALL THE TIME!!!???!!???

  19. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all! Sack of bull crap! Kate’s dress looks dreadful! Not fitting her right at all. No offense to the designer but it just didn’t fit her! Im embarrassed for her. She could have done better right? She claims she works hard at fashion and that is her duty not royal deities!! Lol!. But WHY DOES SHE GETS IT WRONG ALL THE TIME!!!???!!???

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