Duchess Kate repeats brown Hobbs for Fostering Network visit

Duchess Kate repeats brown Hobbs for Fostering Network visit

I honestly don’t think we’re going to see Kate Middleton in a bright color again until she steps out of that hospital with Baby Cambridge 2 – she’ll wearing red of course. Kate stuck to her mourning palate wearing a brown repeated Hobbs dress for a Fostering Network visit in Islington, London today, January 16. Kate stayed for a little over an hour.

Kate has tea with foster carers and children at the Fostering Network

Kate put on her best “I’m really caring right now” face to join a round table discussion with carers, young adults, and senior staff from the Fostering Network where she actually said something the papers are willing to quote (unlike yesterday). Kate said: “I’ve heard a huge amount about fostering. It’s really great for me to have an opportunity to speak to you.”  Do you think this visit is a set up for a patronage of the Fostering Network?  I’m getting that vibe.

Kate hearing from foster carers

The Fostering Network works with over 400 fostering services and 52,500 foster families from across the UK caring for more than 63,000 children who are unable to live at home. These children often experience neglect and abuse, and/or witness domestic violence or substance abuse before being taken from their homes and placed with foster families. There are always more children than there are foster families, and right now there is a need for at least 8,600 new foster families across the UK – particularly for teenagers, disabled children, and groups of brothers and sisters.

Kate has tea at Fostering Network

After Kate looked super concerned while listening to staff, Kate joined foster children and their carers for a tea party – where I’m sure she didn’t eat or drink anything (even though the food looked yummy and I’m totally craving a brownie now).

Kate receives a 'Memory Box' at the Fostering Network

Kate then received a “Memory Box”. The Fostering Network encourages children to keep photos and keepsakes in a box to help them remember their positive experiences. A couple members of the Fostering Network staff gave short speeches thanking Kate for coming and shining a light on fostering. Too bad Kate didn’t give a speech or say even a few words to the crowd. Would have been a great opportunity to. Sigh.

Kate being thanked by people at Foster Network

As I mentioned, Kate wore a repeated brown Hobbs dress. The Hobbs “Animal Shirt Dress” previously worn in November 2014 in Wales to be specific. The dress was originally $355 (£169), but it was on sale for $95 (£50) before selling out. Kate bought the dress at the original price, though.

Kate wore her Stuart Weitzman black seude Power Pumps and carried her Mulberry Bayswater Clutch again. Kate wore a new pair of gold dangle earrings by Mirabelle, the Lolita Gold Plated Loop Earrings (£30.00). According to their Facebook page, the earrings were a gift from the company Felt, who sells the earrings. According to the rules of gift giving on the Palace’s website, royals are supposed to refuse gifts from companies. Bad Kate, very bad Kate.

Hobbs Animal Shirt Dress Mirabelle Lolita Gold Plated Loop Earrings

Bump-y photos:

I know this video screen is black and looks like it’s been removed or something, but it does play.

I know we’re always complaining that Kate doesn’t bend all the way down when talking to kids, and apparently she heard us because she actually did when leaving the event today.

More photos:

Kate shakes hand over tea at Fostering Network Kate has tea Kate hearing from foster carers 2 Kate received flowers as she leaves Foster Network

Photos: Kensington Palace Twitter/Kensington Palace Instagram/Fostering Network Twitter/Getty

Link: Daily Mail.

113 thoughts on “Duchess Kate repeats brown Hobbs for Fostering Network visit

  1. Poo brown. Great.

    I think new PR dude is behind the new Twitter/Instagram – certainly a flattering video they loaded (almost all of it when Kate was talking). Slowly, slowly I hope he can turn this behemoth of a ship around and get WK to be worthy of the adulation they receive.

    I am rooting for them to be as brilliant as I hoped on 29 April 2011.

    1. Oh for sure Jason is behind the new Twitter and Instagram accounts. I actually don’t mind at all, in fact I think it’s a good thing. I’ve been thinking for a while that they needed their own Twitter accounts to promote their work more. Hopefully Jason will turn things around.

  2. That quote, “I’ve heard a huge amount about fostering. It’s really great for me to have an opportunity to speak to you.” She’s heard a lot about fostering from an organization dedicated to foster families. Groundbreaking! Could she not take an hour or two before visits and sit down with advisers to go over talking points? It’s like she only knows the title of the organization and nothing more. Or maybe she only finds out where she is going when she gets in the car.

    1. She will have received briefing notes on the subject & I’m sure would have read them in advance. She’s not that lazy 😉 The purpose of today was to meet actual foster parents and children (and I guess, to shine a huge light of attention on the issue).

      1. I feel like if she read the briefing notes in advance she would have more to say during her visits. OR her team aren’t doing a good job of preparing her briefing notes. In the DM article it quotes a KP source saying stuff about the Fostering Network, which is literally taken directly from the Fostering Network’s website. So if Kate’s team can’t come up with something better to say than quoting the website directly, then maybe the briefing notes Kate gets aren’t that informative (because the “who we are/what we do” parts of the websites they are pulling their info from really aren’t that informative).

    2. I think she meant she has heard about fostering and what it entails, and now has the opportunity to talk to people actually working in that area.

      I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. That’s pretty much what I would say.

      1. It’s a good start for Kate, but I do think she could have beefed it up quite a bit with just a few changes, i.e. “I’ve heard a huge amount about the good work you are doing with fostering. It’s really great for me to have an opportunity to speak with people who are so dedicated to helping kids.”

        1. I agree. That sounds much better and as though you have put thought into what you are saying.

          To me it’s like going to a culinary institute and saying, “I’ve heard a lot about cooking today.” Very basic, not very developed. But then, maybe my expectations are too high.

  3. Yeah, someone is reading comments because she came out in a dress she already owned and she squatted/kneeled down when talking to the kids.

    Still not enough though. I made it to the wide open “I’m listening to everything you say and it is so interesting to me” look before I had to stop the video.

    Jury is still out on lunch and may need to be sequestered before we get a judgement on Jason’s efforts.

    1. She squats and kneels down to talk to kids all the time. Unfortunately, thats about as far as she goes with connecting with them.

      Harry on the other hand, is amazing with kids.

      1. How the hell does a woman six months pregnant squat all the way down in power pumps? I’m starting to think the fake bump crowd is right. Maybe they use a surrogate.

        1. There are photos of her with her one leg tucked underneath her two winters ago when she was out with the scouts and no one was having any fun. Many pregnant women commented that there is no way they could have taken that position while they were pregnant. And now she is squatting down–PLEASE-that woman is not carrying a child in her now any more than she did two years ago. It just is not happening. Look how ‘pregnant’ she looked yesterday in the navy blue outfit, but today in the brown outfit–much less pregnant. I’d say she has several false bumps for different occasions.

          1. Wasn’t there a photo taken of Will and Kate leaving the office of a very famous prosthetic baby bump creator’s offices? I remember seeing it, but not sure what site it was on. The picture was at night and both of them looked sneaky and anxious. I scoffed at the fake bump theory at first, but now after carefully examining photos of her first and second “pregnancies” I actually wouldn’t be at all surprised if she was faking it! They could take her eggs and his sperm, make an embryo and have a surrogate carry it, with Kate wearing the appropriate prosthetic belly and paying the surrogate huge amounts of money to keep quiet and carry the child. I could also see them using someone elses eggs, because George looks like Will, but nothing like Kate and his brown eyes are extremely odd for anyone who knows anything about genetics. The fake HG could be something they do, while they make sure the surrogate has been impregnated properly and the three month mark has been reached. There is definitely something wrong, I’m just not sure what it is…

        2. Sugar, I by no means am trying to start anything, but hope women who have been pregnant can educate me.

          Is it possible at Kate’s height to squat all the way down in 4″ pumps at 6 months pregnant?

          She does seem to have a fuller face when pregnant. I realize if the “surrogate theory” is correct she could gain some weight as part of the cover up.

          Could the photo shopping of photos be to blame?

          Like I said, not trying to start anything, just wondered if women who have been pregnant could give their opinions.

          Really glad I found this site, because so far people have been very respectful of other people’s opinions. I became tired of the sites where Kate and William were gushed over constantly. While I had high hopes for them once upon a time, I felt Princess Diana had worked very hard, to bring the BRF kicking and screaming to the next century. She seemed to try to show her sons their positions came with responsibility. At least Prince Harry got the message.

          1. I’ve known pregnant women 6-8 months pregnant who wore heels to special events AND who were able to bend down and squat with their other children. I don’t know why a 6-month pregnant woman is expected to be so huge and can’t move about etc.

            Actually, now that I think about it, a week before she gave birth I was having coffee with my friend. There was a spider under our table and I was freaking out, and she squatted down to kill it for me.

            At 9 1/2 months pregnant. Didn’t wobble, fall over, have to hold her back, or anything.

            The obesity problem has really done a number on the image of what a pregnant woman should look like, IMO.

          2. I don’t think “the obesity problem” has anything to do with our images of a pregnant woman in that instance, Stephanie. It’s amazing how many people use that explanation to refute perfectly reasonable concerns about Kate’s weight. With regard to pregnancy, the center of gravity changes as the baby grows, regardless of the mother’s weight. This makes it more difficult for anyone to squat or bend without tipping over. Wondering how a pregnant woman could manage to crouch like Kate is seems a logical question to me, and I’m not a surrogate theorist (even if Kate’s pregnancy behavior has been a bit odd sometimes).

          3. Hi G.A,

            I appreciate your POV and honest questions; I’ve had four, am on the taller side but not as much as Kate, had a tiny body and grew differently with all four, and wore heels, but pregnancy really threw my center off and I didn’t wear heels after five months to be safe for the baby in case I fell. I don’t really think W&K have a surrogate but her pregnancies are weird. Stephanie knows some women who’ve gotten through, and probably found a way to make it work for them. Kate looks rough, and my honest concern for her is how can she be in this role when she is so hyper-focused on acting a part. Pregnancy is a time when even shy people are forced out of our comfort zone and have to engage more because your belly becomes a barrier-breaker. I think height helps disperse the baby-gain, but Kate is not in a healthy place mentally if she’s eating frugally or living on nutrient cocktails.

  4. Well, it’s a start isn’t it! she does look more ‘engaged’ on this visit than she has done on others, no doubt due to Jason’s promotion of the event……comments are being read for sure…

  5. Okay, I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist, but….doesn’t her “bump” look significantly larger in the art room dress than in the fostering dress? And the art room dress is either maternity or “roomy”, so one would think the “bump” would look smaller, compared to the fostering dress, which is more fitted. And who wears a belted shirtdress when she’s 5-6 months pregnant?

    I must be looking at different photos because I see some where Kate appears to be failing at looking interested and others where she looks like she’s struggling to stay awake.

    Will someone please scrub clean that woman’s face? The more she uses, the older she looks.

    1. Well, the dress is flimsy and clingy and therefore shows the outline of the bump. Plus, the belt accentuates it.

      A mommoth sized, black tent is going to conceal the shape.

      So there ya go.

      And yes, her make up looks shitty as usual.

        1. oh sorry, I definitely read what you wrote backwards!

          In which case, I guess I have to disagree with what youre seeing?

          I dunno. The mammoth sized clothes will tent out due to her boobs and the bump. But, the bump shape is more outlined in a clingy dress.

          Honestly? I think people who believe the surrogate theory will see what they want to see. And those who believe she is pregnant will see what they want to see.

          1. Well it’s interesting KMR and Stephanie, because I do not believe there’s a surrogate, simply because that would be impossible to keep that secret…someone would talk. But I do think something is “going on” in the “bump” department…I don’t know what or why, but it certainly seems as if the bump changes size. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but believe me, I’m not in the surrogate camp.

          2. I do think its possible that she wears spanx sometimes, which could make it appear smaller. Thickness of fabric of her clothes.

            But really – is anyone’s stomach the exact same size throughout any given day? Mine gets rounder as the day goes on, even if I have only had a mug of soup and is flattest in the AM. It’s annoying lol

            But I mean, if it isn’t a surrogate, then what else could it be?

            I have absolutely no one to compare this to – I don’t think the size of someone’s bump has ever been discussed to this minute detail…. I have never examined a pregnant woman’s size this hard…

          3. Bumps do change size, day to day and morning to evening. Remember there’s a baby in there, so when s/he’s wriggling around (awake) the bump is bigger, as he’s stretching about. When s/he’s asleep, it’s smaller as he’s still and settled.

            I’ve had 3 babies and have 16 years experience of “mum/baby talk” with friends, believe me her bump is totally normal. Nothing, not a single thing, is weird or wrong for a pregnancy of approx 25 weeks.

          4. @Dag: To clarify, I would say people see what they want to see in a lot of situations – I’m not talking about this one specifically. Think of child abuse situations, people don’t want to think their partner or another person is abusing their child, so they ignore the signs. Or think of situations of suicide, people ignore signs of depression and suicidal thoughts in others all the time because they don’t want to think it’s happening (then they say “it was so sudden, there were no signs” even though there were signs and they ignored them).

            @Stephanie: It’s totally normal to weight a few pounds less in the morning and a few pounds more at night. I do. It sucks.

            @Jennifer: The baby changing positions influencing the size and shape of the belly makes a lot of sense.

          5. @KMR: okay, I see what you mean…the example about someone being abusive and a spouse not seeing” it is a good example.

            @Stephanie and @Jennifer, I think you’ve both provided realistic examples of what could be going on that would explain the perceived different sizes. I’d never thought of Spanx, but that’s definitely a possibility…my tummy looks significantly smaller in Spanx!

  6. I don’t like to be a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t see even a HINT of a ‘bump’, let alone signs that this girl is actually pregnant. I know she’s ‘only’ six months along, but her stomach’s flatter than a washboard. At this stage she should have gained 25-35 lbs. She’s probably lost weight. Ugh.

    1. Many women only gain about 30 pounds total. Why should she have gained 25-35 pounds by month 6?

      Sorry, Kate annoys me in a LOT of ways, but I get so irritated when she is expected to blow up during pregnancy like Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, or every other overweight/obese woman in America.

      1. I hear ya.
        I was pretty thin before my pregnancy, and my doctor told me I should only gain about 20 lbs total and most definitely cautioned against “eating for two.”

        1. Exactly. According to a number of research articles and what we discussed in nursing, women who gain more than 35-40 pounds are at risk for gestational diabetes.

        2. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women with a normal BMI should gain 11-15 kilograms (25-35 lbs) for a single pregnancy. Underweight women (like Kate), should gain 12-18 kilograms (28-40 lbs) while overweight women should gain 6-11 kilograms (15-25 lbs). Either you let yourself go too much during your pregnancy and gained too much weight, or you have no earthly idea what you are talking about. Either explanation is acceptable to me.

          1. Yeah, and Kate (reportedly) gained 29 pounds with George.

            And now, at 6 months, you are expecting her to have gained as much as 35 pounds. She’s only supposed to gain another 5 in the next three months?

            Anyways, her face has more adipose tissue, as do her arms and thighs, than she does when she is not pregnant. How much of a wobbling blimp do you want her to be exactly?

      2. There are overweight/obese women in most countries, not just America. And while everyone wants to see a noticeable bump, they’d crucify Kate if she ballooned like Kim K. The hate Kim got for her pregnancy body is the one and only time I will ever feel sorry for her, because she really got a ton of shit from everyone for her weight gain.

  7. Let’s take a step back and have an honest hard look here. If you go back to pre wedding Catherine, how she acts and dresses has hardly changed. She’s maybe not as carefree as back in the days before children (like any of us), but she has always recycled clothes, she has always held her hands in front of her belly, she has always had a love of outerwear and free flowing hair and skirts. That appears to be part of her essence, and probably not going to change.
    What everyone seems to be the most agreed on of what bothers them, is her apparent lack of doing anything. I think she is like a massive amount of the population, and finds it extremely difficult to public speak. I was in 4-H for years, and public speaking was mandatory. I could write like the dickens and prepare for weeks, but the minute I got up in that room full of people, the air left my lungs and my throat tightened up and I without fail delivered a rushed and reedy speech. During which I literally thought I was dying.
    That’s why I have a feeling she does much more behind the scenes. And, look at any picture of her engaging with children, you will see her at her happiest. She is no different than Harry (yes, I went there) when it comes to interacting with them, very relaxed and natural, and they are drawn to her.

    It’s ok to post a gossip/fashion blog. I really enjoy reading them, and this one is particularly well done. But it’s not a serious socio/political forum(thank goodness). It’s sorbet after the 5 course meal: light, refreshing, slightly sinful. But whether you are attacking or loving up European royalty…you’re not on their radar. These families are OLD (ie House of Windsor – 1000yrs), their PR people are not taking any of these comments into account.
    PS to all the lips curling in disgust at this post – I do admire the Duchess, though I don’t love EVERYTHING about her. Half her wardrobe leaves me cold, she’s way too thin, and takes a prodigious amount of fabulous holidays. I will continue enjoy this blog and many others, as they are a truly fun part of my day. Thank you to the people who take the time to produce them!

    1. Just a historical quibble with your post 🙂

      The House of Windsor was established in 1917, in order to make themselves sound more English and less German. Before, they were Saxe-Coburg Gotha, which only dates itself in the early 1800s. So, not 1000 years.

      1. Actually they were of the House of Hanover from 1714, when George I arrived in Great Britain to succeed the House of Stuart Queen Anne. Saxe-Coburg Gotha technically only reigned from 1901 (after the death of Queen Victoria) to 1917, when George V (Queen Victoria’s grandson) renounced it during the First World War for the more English Windsor. Since Queen Victoria was of the Hanoverians, the line didn’t pass until her son inherited the throne and took Prince Albert’s house as his name.

    2. I disagree. Ask the family how their Russian and German cousins are doing. It is exactly the job of the PR and Communications team to know what the populace is thinking and saying – and how the family is being presented in media. That’s why they’ve set up their own twitter and instagram account – to do more information control. I wouldn’t assume they are watching the discussion boards all the time, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did check in to review criticism to determine if it was valid.

      1. Don’t forget the French! They, like their Russian counterparts, were brutally murdered when the populace turned on them.

    3. Kate and Harry have nothing in common when it comes to interacting with children. I’ve seen photos and videos of Harry playing with kids. He’s dancing, singing, running, playing sports, cuddling kids in his lap, hugging, laughing…he’s doing what kids love…he’s being a kid with them.

      I’ve never seen Kate do anything unscripted with kids. She bends or squats to speak a word or two, and then moves on. Even when she went on that faux camp-out or cook-out, she sat around a campfire watching other people chat. She is definitely not relaxed with kids. Harry is.

      1. Exactly! Harry absolutely has his mother’s charm and warmth and you can see how genuine and fun-loving he is. it’s not something that is faked easily. Kate does a weird head tilting thing and purses her lips when she’s trying to look warm or sympathetic and she just looks ridiculous. Articles make such a big deal out of how “warm and natural” she is with children and publish as many photos of her crouching down with them as they can, but what else is she going to do with thousands of people watching?? She is doing the absolute bare minimum and smiling and shaking hands with small children does not make her Mother Theresa! What else would she do? Spit at them and walk away? I’m using this as a (very) extreme example, but Hitler was well known for his warmth with children and there were many pictures of him, smiling, shaking hands, etc… with children, babies and adoring housewives. Can we conclude that he was a warm, loving person and a natural with children? I think not! If Hitler could show warmth for the cameras, anyone can, so Kate’s attempts to mimic Princess Diana are embarrassing and pathetic. She even looks awkward with her own child! She is not a naturally maternal or warm person and there’s no way to effectively fake that. She does the minimum, gets praised for it, and then goes on vacation. She has the schedule of an 87 year old invalid and still doesn’t manage to put any visible effort into anything other than shopping, decorating and taking holidays.

        1. I love your “She has the schedule of an 87-year-old invalid”; lol. My 92-year-old grandmother does more than Katie.

    4. Sorry to burst your bubble but other sites are taking note of the same points many of us discuss here. See today’s Yahoo Parenting excuse-driven piece if you don’t believe Jason reads this blog, since this is one of the primary places people honestly sound off.

    5. I agree with some of what you say, Ray, but disagree on some points. It’s true Kate has always liked wearing her hair down – she probably thinks her hair is her best feature – and she has always worn clingy, jersey dresses, and I will agree that her coat game has always been good (I still love that white coat she wore to William’s flying graduation or whatever that event was). But the hands-to-crotch thing didn’t really start until the engagement. There are a ton of pap shots of Kate during her girlfriend days with her hands handing loose at her sides while walking.

      I do not fault Kate for having a fear of public speaking, considering that is the most common fear (and one I myself struggle with). The problem with Kate is she doesn’t do anything to get over her fear. She could easily hire a speaking coach to get over her fear of public speaking, but instead she and her team laugh at reporters who suggest one.

      Also, the House of Windsor is not 1,000 years old. It dates back only to 1917 when George V changed the name due to anti-German sentiment. The institution of the British Monarchy is almost 1,000 years old (won’t actually be 1,000 until 2066).

      1. I agree, Kate should hire whatever number of people (speech writer/ Psychologist/ speech coach) she needs to at least start saying a few words.

        Why couldn’t she have thanked them for inviting her, mention the worthy cause and let people know how much she enjoyed meeting them. Just a few sentences.

        1. I also agree that Kate may have public speaking jitters just like many of us and I can’t fault her for that. But she’s in a unique and rarified position where she can and should do something about it. She can hire the best experts to help her conquer her fears and hone her skills, just as Diana did. There’s just no excuse for this.

          1. Right, it goes along with the focus on skinny that we’re talking about here. This is another point where Kate doesn’t want to look anything other than perfect. Did Carole drill this in so hard that Kate can’t see it limits her ability to find her, literally, own voice?

      2. I saw a documentary about George V. Having seen the Romanovs brutally murdered and many royal houses of Europe, Germany and Spain notably toppled, George V sought to make the British monarchy relevant to the masses.

        One way to make the monarchy relevant is to go out and visit the masses. It was said that he found public speaking atrocious and terribly intimidating but he would FORCE AND FORCE himself to make the speeches.

        So KMR, I agree with you about not overcoming the Duchess’ fear. I suppose that’s part of the deal when she signed on with the Royal family? Lucky thing is the Royals are spared the question and answer part after the speech which I think would embarass them a great deal since speeches are written by others.

          1. I was going to point him out. He did get help but he had the support of his spouse. William probably could care less as having her out there improving herself would make him look bad.

          2. I was going to bring him up, too. George VI had a stutter, and hired a speech coach to help him with his speeches.

          3. And let me add Winston Churchill, one of the most eloquent speakers of our time, who also had a stuttering problem. He feared not being able to answer questions in an intelligible manner that caused this. He conquered stuttering by studying topics and writing down answers to every possible question that could be asked of him. Not only did he become a great orator, but also extremely educated and well-informed on various subjects. Kate, take a lesson from this and note the value of good preparation.

        1. It was a smart move on George’s part. Too bad William and Kate think they can get away with not doing anything. Didn’t I read somewhere that William fell asleep during a “what makes a great king” lecture at St. Andrews?

  8. No, the bump is there. I’m wondering if she ever eats, though. If she is pregnant, it’s a girl.
    They say the girl babies take away athe mom’s looks and Kate does not look well, of late.
    The brown is such a down color. She needs to get into brighter hues.
    I think she is really tired of it all. Jason is trying and she is, too. But, I really get the feeling that she’s one unhappy camper.

    1. So do I… she looks so strained and exhausted lately. But she hasn’t worked in a month, has full staff etc. I dunno. I never liked Will.
      He never treated her with respect during their courtship,. I have a hard-time believe the drivel that he is “fiercely protective” and “loving” now. I can’t help but feel that’s why she looks to irritated and miserable and fake.

      1. I have a weird theory. What if she is pregnant but she’s starving herself, but to keep killing the baby she’s using an IV hookup to get a nutrient cocktail into her. I’ve heard of this in CA where stars don’t want to get fat while pregnant. They’ll wear dark colors to mask that their bodies aren’t changing and in case there’s any bleed-out.

          1. Interesting theory but it doesnt explain why her arms, thighs and face have more adipose tissue than they did before.

            And I don’t know how wearing dark colours would conceal bleeding from an IV which is inserted on the back of one’s hand.

            I don’t understand the obsession with wanting her to blow up and be so much bigger than she is.

      2. I think Will is more “fiercely protective” and “loving” of himself and his own privacy. Kate’s privacy is only a side-effect.

  9. My one compliment- I like the earrings.


    Brown is best if she’s purposely trying not to upstage the Queen or Duchess of Cornwall. Brown is best for any grownup or somber patronages where being subdued is in taste. Technology, drug addiction, veterans. But why for foster care? Was she trying to dress down so she wouldn’t appear too royal or groomed?

    I also hate the hemline, which needed weights- good thing it wasn’t windy! And it was too short. If she’s trying for sexy due to the Ghost of Jecca Craig, then wow. Desperate.

    And the heels… Ugh.

    1. I do like these earrings. I checked out the designer’s website and they have a ton of really cute stuff on there.

  10. We’ve already established that Kate does like to reverse her color choices for what she should wear to the appropriate events: neon pink to a memorial for the victims of mass murder and black, navy and other dark tones to children’s events. She is consistent in her selection.

    And that dress needs a slip to prevent it from clinging to her body. The material looks thin and again Kate persists in recycling a dress that is non-maternity wear which she alters for her changing shape. It would make more sense to spend the money on a good fitting maternity dress rather than spending extra to alter a regular dress that doesn’t fit well. Those thick black stockings and shoes don’t look good at all with the brown, either.

  11. The company who stocks those earrings claims they gave them to Kate as a gift. I thought it was against protocol for a member of the royal family to accept a gift from a company?

    1. Royals are not supposed to accept gifts from companies; it says so in their gift-giving protocol on their website.

    2. Remember the article from last week, about how she doesn’t pay for things until she wears them? Maybe they were sent as a gift, and now that she’s worn them, she’ll (the Duchy) will pay for them?

  12. When? When? Is she going to give a proper speech,, is her job only require her to grin and wave? This woman is a joke!

  13. I agree that this was the perfect opportunity for her to give a speech rather than standing awkwardly at the front of the room.

    I understand why people judge her pregnancy. She is way too thin to begin with. I think that she does have some sort of eating disorder due to the downy hair on her arms and sallow face. This is probably why she isn’t gaining as much. I also think that she may wear something to enhance the bump as that is what draws the crowds. And I can also see how people could think that this is a fake pregnancy too. Whatever it is, I would like to see the healthy Kate back. It is almost uncomfortable to look at.

    1. I agree with you, and I think most of us do here. Have you noticed the trolls that are starting to pop up everywhere and even a glimpse of here to defend her unnatural body growth? We know that Kate can have a meatier body frame because of when she first met Will. Diet and exercise explain Kate since. But this radical need to stay thin through pregnancies is mentally unhealthy and anyone who defends it is an overzealous fan or a troll.

    2. Or at least a few words – to thank her hosts or something. It would have been nice.

      I think people just want to see a nice, noticeable baby bump. No one wants her to be unhealthy. But people like seeing pregnant women in general. And we just want to see Kate embrace her pregnant body, not force it into non-maternity wear.

      1. Exactly. I’vd had four, was tiny with two of them, have boys and girls so yes, your body is different but there is something weird with hers. It’s just curious, and we’ve all seen that Kate has the capability to have a meatier frame, so is it an unhealthy obsession? Asking the question does not mean anyone wants her to turn into the Goodyear Blimp. What does she do that she really wants to or is she just checking off boxes? I think many of us wish that we could give her a POV out of the fishbowl and Mama Midds reach, that Kate is potentially on an unhealthy path and can get off. A friendly conversation with unbiased people could wake her up or at least start a chain of thought for her.

      2. You said it in a nutshell, KMR, Kate is not embracing her pregnancy. I feel her mindset is that she has to do it, but dislikes the process because of the changes to her normally slim body. This is probably why she refuses to wear maternity clothes. Childbearing is a task to do and get it done; if a pregnancy can only last nine weeks rather than nine months without much weight gain, I’m sure she’d embrace it more fully!

    1. No, Kate is not Jewish. Kate does not have any Jewish ancestors, and she was baptized in the Anglican church when she was a baby. Also, Carole’s maiden name was the name of her father, and in Jewish law the mother has to be Jewish in order for the children to be Jewish, and Carole’s mother’s maiden name was Harrison.

      1. Thank heavens someone else has pointed this out. I had some troll on her Wikipedia page repeatedly try to tell me she’s Jewish. In addition to the factors you’ve cited, there is an unfortunate legacy of anti-Semitism in the British aristocracy (for example the Mitford sisters) and Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s apathy are well-known, but the Queen’s late sister, the Countess of Snowdon also made anti-Semitic comments in private and public. Even though today things are improved, I sadly have doubts that William would have been “allowed” to marry a Jewish woman if he had wanted to. Which is why I found the anti-Semitic comments on Middleton’s Wikipedia page to be amusing in a twisted way.

    2. Margareatty7, you asked this twice. Why? Would it bother you if Kate were Jewish?
      I really am turned off by such a notion, if true.

      1. No jennny it will bother me if she was a jew and deny it someting that she dont to be ashamed
        and i ask twice cause nobody had answer me i like very much jewish the consideration godmother of my son is jewish and kate dont deserve it if she was i dont speak english well i will say it in portugese:
        seria uma vergonha se ela e a familia fossem judeus e tivessem medo ou vergonha de dizer eu teria orgulho de ser judia!!!why you is jew?

      2. There has been discussion about it, but I believe this articles makes it clear that her family is not Jewish nor of Jewish descent. Someone read the name, “Goldsmith” and made a lot of assumptions, many of them couched in very nasty terms.

        It is not easy to find factual information about this in English without also finding a lot of hate-filled articles, so I can see why Margareatty7 would ask for help from native English speakers.


        1. You’re being very PC My2Pence, but I agree with jenny. The vibe of the question is off. I guess you can blame the wording on not having English as a first language, but it’s the very fact that it matters so much to her.

    1. It may be that ENews and the other places bought exclusive rights to photos for the first few days. After that, the DM could then license the rights to publish them too.

  14. Can I say something about this organisation giving memory boxes to the foster kids? I think it is a brilliant idea. Well done to the person who came up with that idea!

    1. Especially since changing homes frequently can be traumatic, a memory box is a nice thing to keep the positivity up when things get bad.

    1. Those pics from Trooping 2013 are so weird. They just cannot be explained away.

  15. I’m not necessarily a Kate fan by any means, but as someone who spent the last year going through a high risk pregnancy, I feel really bad when women judge each other over what the other “should look like” or “should/shouldn’t be doing” during their pregnancy. I only gained 17 pounds with my daughter because my medical issues made it very difficult to put on weight. As someone who was on the higher end of average before I got pregnant, I didn’t actually gain ANYTHING until I was almost 7 months, in fact, I lost almost 10 pounds first. By the end, I was drinking shakes to try to help myself gain weight. Believe me, I would NEVER have thought that would have been an issue for me 🙂 (I’m really short and athletic, so I joked right at the beginning that by the end of my pregnancy I would have to be rolled down the street like that Violet girl from Willie Wonka who turned into a blueberry) Either way, I kind of feel bad for her during this time because no matter what everyone likes to think they know, you don’t know her full medical history. Pregnancy is different for everyone.

    1. Kristie, I’m glad you and your daughter are both fine.

      I don’t think the critics are questioning or criticizing women who go through difficult pregnancies. The trouble is, the lies surrounding Kate Middleton and her pregnancies. We’re told she is on death’s door and cannot work – and then she is photographed shopping days later. We are told she cannot work because it might endanger the pregnancy – then she flies 10 hours to a tropical resort that doesn’t have medical facilities. It is a criticizing of the lies these two spin, not of women who truly have difficult pregnancies.

    2. Exactly. They tell the public to look at the front door, while they sneak out the back.

      I am not criticizing anyone’s high risk pregnancy. I am simply commenting that her pregnancies have some odd unexplainable occurrences.

      Will and Kate have earned a notorious and polarizing reputation; Either you love, loathe, or can’t be bothered with them.

    3. Honestly, I really don’t like the constant judging of women, especially pregnant women and mothers, because no matter what they do there is someone yelling at them. But I think with Kate it’s more of questioning all the BS she and her PR team shill. There are so many inconsistencies with what they say and her actions.

  16. The brown dress is booooring and it don`t fit! Moreover it looks very cheap…. no i don´t like it!

    While she was pregnant with little George, she had nicer clothes, why she doesn´t rewear some oft it? 🙁

    1. I wonder that too. She has all that expensive, custom maternity wear from her last pregnancy that she would never be able to rewear, except for during another pregnancy. So why not rewear all the stuff she wore last time? Hm.

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