Queen Letizia starts January with color and a speech

Queen Letizia starts January with color and a speech

After two outings of boringness from Kate Middleton last week, let’s catch up with someone who not only wears color but makes speeches: Queen Letizia. Leti’s been busy already this January, so I’m combining four events into one post. Leti attended the New Year’s Military Parade, audiences at Zarzuela Palace, Telefónica Ability Awards, and the delivery of the National Research Awards 2014.

Queen Letizia and King Felipe at New Year's Military Parade

On January 6, King Felipe and Queen Letizia presided over the traditional New Year’s Military Parade, known as Pascua Militar. This celebration dates back to 1782 during the reign of Carlos III and is held annually on the day of Epiphany at the Royal Palace in Madrid. After the parade, Felipe and Letizia moved to the Throne Room to meet with officials, and Felipe gave a speech.

Queen Letizia during King's speech at New Year's Military Parade

Even though the Parade is a day event, it is customary for the royal women to wear a full length gown. Leti chose a repeat from February 2014: a bespoke Felipe Varela teal gown with embroidery on the sleeves and down the sides. Leti color-coordinated her accesories, as one does, with her bespoke Magrit teal suede platform pumps and matching teal suede clutch.

Leti wore her TOUS ‘Beethoven’ multi colored earrings she first wore in November 2014. What’s interesting about the earrings is though they are a pair, they are different colors. They feature emerald, chrysoprase, green tourmaline, turquoise on one, and ruby, opal, and pink quartz stones on the other.

TOUS 'Beethoven' multi colored earrings

On January 9, Leti joined her husband for audiences at the Palace of Zarzuela with the National Commission for the Rationalization of Spanish Working Hours and the Spanish Rectors Conference (CRUE). Leti wore another recycled outfit, this one consisting of her Uterqüe multi-coloured tweed jacket, a fuchsia blouse, black trousers, Carolina Herrera black patent and suede pumps, and Chanel ‘Comète’ stud earrings.

Chanel 'Comète' stud earrings

Letizia at Telefónica Ability Awards

On January 12, Leti flew solo at the Telefónica Ability Awards where she delivered a speech and handed out the awards. The “Telefónica Ability Awards” born with the aim to publicly recognize those companies and institutions that develop sustainable business models, with the inclusion of people with disabilities in the chain of value creation. The “Telefónica Ability Awards” are intended to recognize good practice in accessibility, selection, training, prevention or development of products and/or services to persons with disabilities.

Letizia gives speech at Telefónica Ability Awards

Letizia said in part (full speech here): “Disability is not a problem. It is a reality that requires a joint effort of all. It is a reality that puts up a mirror. Putting people with disabilities in the production chain is the best expression of who we are as a society, as a country… I applaud the initiative of companies and organizations that have managed to realize the inclusion of people with disabilities.”

For the Awards, Leti wore a black and white ensamble in a silouette she doesn’t normally choose. She wore a new Hugo Boss BOSS ‘Bajula’ silk blouse, a new high-waisted full black skirt, and repeated bespoke Magrit cut-out black suede pumps. She carried a new black clutch, and wore her de Grisogono black diamond teardrop earrings.

Letizia and Felipe with winners of National Research Awards 2014

And finally, on January 15, Leti joined her husband at the Royal Palace in Madrid to deliver the National Research Awards. Each year the awards are granted to distinguished innovators in the fields of medicine, biology, engineering, law and economics and social sciences, and humanities.

Leti continued her trend of recycled outfits, wearing a red Felipe Varela jacket and skirt she first wore in 2009. Leti wore her Carolina Herrera black patent and suede pumps, and her ruby and diamond drop earrings.

I really love Leti in red, but I think my favorite of these four outfits is the Felipe Varela teal gown. Leti’s earring game is on point, and I love that she experiments with her makeup. It’s not always the same.

More photos from the events in the gallery:

Queen Letizia at New Year's Military Parade Letizia presents awards at Telefónica Ability Awards 2 Letizia at National Research Awards 2014 Letizia presents award at National Research Awards 2014

Photos: Casa de S.M. el Rey/Getty

14 thoughts on “Queen Letizia starts January with color and a speech

  1. Simply brilliant. I love her fashion. She takes risks, but also can be simple and understated. Never boring. I also think that her previous career in journalism is key. I just find it sad that once women marry into royal families, they become scary skinny. Based on photos, she was little before, but now she is smaller. I don’t know know too much about her, but wonder how the Spanish people receive her. Thanks KMR for this post. I appreciate that you are highlighting other royal women.

    1. Yes, Letizia is stunning. Her fashion sense is keen. I do agree, Rhiannon. She is way too skinny. I don’t understand the need to be that way. Surely, if you are born with the tendency, that is one thing, but to diet so much that you become super-skinny makes no sense to me.
      I, for one, think these women would look healthier and prettier if they put a tad of a bit of weight on. Still, her choice in clothing is amazing. I liked the red lipstick, too. Until, I saw the close-up photo, that is.
      Letizia appears to be a hard-working woman who is interested in supporting worthy causes and using her position for the better. Good for her,.

    2. I agree her former career in journalism is a huge help to her now. I also agree that her arms and legs are really skinny.

  2. I too love how she gets minimal nuances share your personality, and create a new look. I want those multi-colored drop earrings and am completely stealing her speech to share (I work with disAbility adults and children). Leti’s white shirt is great but if she’s going to wear high waist skirts, she needs to clip her shirt down to her spanx or undies so it doesn’t bunch going from seated to standing. I use my husband’s military clips to keep my shirt in place.

  3. Yes, thanks KMR, for this great coverage. Letizia is my favorite royal. I think she looks fantastic, she has class and poise. If only Kate would wake up and realize that she could make such a tremendous difference in many aspects of British life if only she would put in some effort. It’s too bad Letizia is not her role model…in fact, I wonder if Kate has a woman she would like to emulate?

    1. She’s tried to copy Diana numerous times to no avail – mainly because she just emulates Diana’s fashion and not her warmth or work ethic. Kate also single white female-ed the Queen in OZ. And of course she and her mother have shared clothes in the past.

      1. Why is she doing that? If she wants to emulate Diana than her marriage must fail! Lol emulate that Kate! Run while u can emulate! Lol Stop channeling Diana! Be yourself please!

  4. Can she wear Red all the time! That is her signature color! LADY IN RED QUEEN LETIZIA OF SPAIN! All the other dresses are good so was the trouser n jacket pic. She looked nice. But please be honest and know Letizia and Felipe are getting paid to do royal duties not Will n Kate. So Kate has to be cheap n rewear clothes!

  5. Fran some people suspect that Kate clothing budget has been decreased by her father in law, because she does not want work! What is the point of getting new clothes if no work is done? I becomes a waste of money & she can wear any old clothes at home!

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