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William & Kate won their French lawsuit, received fraction of what they asked for

Oh dear, this week has been so hectic in royal watching land, and it’s only just now Wednesday. While Vanity Fair was dropping an interview with Meghan Markle yesterday, September 5, a French court dropped a verdict on Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s topless photos trial. The court ruled in the Cambridges’ favor, but rewarded them a fraction of their asking price.

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Duchess Kate adds two new engagements to her calendar (updated)

Wow, someone is really packing in the engagements. Kensington Palace scheduled Kate Middleton for two more engagements. On March 11, the Duchess of Cambridge will be in Margate where she will visit the Turner Contemporary museum (as Patron of the National Portrait Gallery) and Resort Studios (an art organization). I am genuinely surprised at this. I thought we wouldn’t see Kate until St. Patrick’s Day and that would be it until she saunters out of the hospital in a red dress with Baby Cambridge 2.

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Prince William and Duchess Kate meet Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, and Jay Z

Sigh. They dragged poor Hillary Clinton into this, didn’t they. And apparently Duchess Kate really wanted to meet the Former First Lady, because Kate made an appearance at the conservation reception that she wasn’t originally scheduled to be at. That’s the highlight of this rest-of-day-two post. The lowlight? Prince William and Kate Middleton meeting Beyonce and Jay Z at the NBA game. Ugh.

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Prince William and Duchess Kate arrive in NYC

Will and Kate arrive at Carlyle Hotel 2
[Jason Calabretta Twitter]

The Cambridges are in New York, yo. Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived at the Carlyle Hotel at around 5:40 PM yesterday, December 7, and were cheery enough to stop for 3 seconds (literally) to pose for photographers before heading inside. Kate did a quick change before she and Will headed out to a private dinner on behalf of the American Friends of the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry [longest title ever].

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Prince William’s United for Wildlife teams with Angry Birds for new awareness campaign

Prince William has once again released a video message in support of United for Wildlife, of which he is President. The Duke of Cambridge’s new message is to announce a collaboration between United for Wildlife and Angry Birds (the game). They have created an Angry Birds Friends “Roll with the Pangolins” tournament which runs from November 17-23. This tournament is to help raise awareness of the scaly mammal – which is one of the world’s most endangered and trafficked mammals.

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Kate’s Remembrance Day faces + Did Kate skip the Royal Charities Forum to go shopping?

Le sigh. When I put together my previous post on Remembrance Day, only a few pictures of Kate Middleton were available, all of which showed her with an appropriately solemn expression prompting me to think she had finally gotten her act together. Well since more pictures have become available, it is clear that indeed Kate was seen smiling and pulling odd faces during the ceremony. Let’s have a look:

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Will & Kate ask for no-fly zone over Anmer; Will & Harry play cricket, don’t let the press come; more

Hello there!  I’ve been MIA for the last ten days but I’m back with a catch-all post with several news bites.  There’s some Kate, some William and Harry, and a sprinkling of Cressida.  There’s another Kate news bite to mention, but that’s getting its own post.

Kate will make her first solo overseas trip when she heads to Malta in September for the 50th anniversary of their independence.  The trip hasn’t been officially announced by the palace, but it’s been talked about in the media, and by the Malta press.  I’m not sure why Kate hasn’t done a solo overseas visit yet, but whatever, now she’ll have that under her belt.  She’s going to need to keep herself busy while William is doing his stupid air ambulance job.  Isn’t Malta a great vacation spot?  I wonder if Kate will find time for a vacation while she’s there.  Who am I kidding, of course she will.

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