Kate attends private Royal Foundation events, adds events to her calendar

Kate attends private Royal Foundation events, adds events to her calendar

It’s that time of year again, where Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry attend some private events and fundraisers for The Royal Foundation of the Really Long Name.

Kate Middleton at Anna Freud Centre Gala cs

On November 7, William and Kate, as Joint Patrons of the Royal Foundation, attended a reception at Berry Brothers and Rudd. [Online Court Circular]

On November 16, William, Kate, and Harry, as Joint Patrons of the Royal Foundation, attended a dinner at Sunbeam Studios. [Hello]

Additionally, KP dropped some upcoming engagements on us yesterday. Kate’s schedule now includes:

  • On November 22, William and Kate will visit Birmingham. They will visit the Jaguar Land Rover Solihull Manufacturing Plant, a Coach Core program at Aston Villa Football Club, and Acme Whistles.
  • On November 24, William and Kate will attend the Royal Variety Performance at the Palladium Theatre.
  • On November 28, Kate will visit the Foundling Museum to see how the Museum uses art and creativity to support and engage children and vulnerable families.

William and Kate previously visited Birmingham together in August 2011, and previously attended the Royal Variety Performance together in November 2014.

Oh, here’s a little bit of additional Cambridge-related news: According to the Daily Mail, Roger Federer, his wife, and their four kids visited William and Kate at Kensington Palace on Wednesday afternoon, November 15, and stayed for about two hours.

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96 thoughts on “Kate attends private Royal Foundation events, adds events to her calendar

  1. The Cambridges have become kind of boring to me.The SRF released two beautiful photos of Estelle and Oscar yesterday.It made my day because they were such serene shots!

    1. I agree. I was trying to think of something nice to say but just can’t. No doubt they consider this to be a heavy schedule!!! I also think their focus is too narrow.

      1. But think of all the shopping for new clothes and the appointments with the hairdresser to prepare for these engagements Birdy?

        It must be so exhausting?

      2. I agree that their focus is way narrow. Grenfell anyone? The unfortunate anyone? Something outside of London anyone?
        The Jag plant doesn’t count- la di dah.

        There is a continuing trend to more posh, less grit and hands-on jobbing (as if). PR is doing it all for this trio of lazy, indifferent buggers.

        Their schedule sounds like one for tourists, not patrons.

        1. You know if Kate’s idea of an engagement is showing up in a new designer outfit costing thousands of pounds, meaning it can feed a family for a month, maybe its for the best that she hasn’t shown up to visit families from the Grenfell travesty and those who have lost everything.

        2. I think about the memories of that night which will stick with the survivors from Grenfell for ever.

          And the memories which the fire fighters and police involved will carry with them too. One of the most poignant would be something I read which was written by one of the fire fighters who attended that initial fire which started the outside of the building burning. The fire fighter said they put out the initial fire and then as they started to drive away someone turned around and looked out the back window. By that point the flames were already racing up the side of the tower block.

          After going through something like that, the actual fire and losing not only all your possessions but friends and neighbours too? I don’t think I would want visits from anyone who was doing it just for PR purposes.

          1. I agree with your summation, Cathy. What is achieved for the people who have lost everything with some royal asking inane questions or making empty pleasantries, all for a photo op? If they actually brought something, championed re-housing – you know, stuff that impacts positively and measurably – their visits would be worthwhile.

          2. I agree wholeheartedly. The people who suffered such devestation don’t need a visit from anyone who is doing it just for PR purposes.
            The story you wrote of, Cathy, the firefighter seeing such agony when looking out of his back window brought tears to my eyes.

            Firefighters are such brave people. Their work cannot be applauded enough. You must think of your nephew and all that he does. I hope he is well. You, too.

            I cannot help but remember the words William seemed to toss out when he was challenged by a traumatized resident of the Towers during his visit. “We’ll be back.” He seemed to say it with callousness. Well, when? And, yet, as you say, Cathy, maybe’ it’s best they don’t visit if it doesn’t come from the heart.

  2. So visiting a Land Rover plant is royal work??? Could they make that shifty sponsorship look more obvious? And another sports event? I guess mental health issues don’t exist outside of London?

    1. I wonder how many deals are done re. products such as with Land Rover, and are they a matter of public record, particularly given the public money lavished on the ‘royals’? Fully audited? I recall the Cambridge’s and some Middleton’s all sporting Ray Ban sunglasses a couple of years back and wondered about ‘product placement’ deals. The Middleton’s have done that for years but then, they are private citizens.

      1. A month ago, E. Andrews tweets (now she deleted it after less than 24 hours of publication) that Kate doesn’t pay for her clothes, her clothes are giving (or wearing one time) by compagnies (maybe it is the same for jewelry).

        British public doesn’t really want transparency about money and Royals or other misconduct (Andrew): and British press is syphocant. I wonder if Brexit and its economical consequence will have an impact for Royals.

        1. Oh, that deletion is interesting; Emily Andrews was either incorrect or she was ordered to delete it. However, free one-wear clothing certainly explains the parade of new outfits.

          In such a severe austerity climate, I’m amazed the British public simply accepts the bare-faced lies that the BRF costs 56p per person to fund, let alone the BRF brings in billions in tourism, no evidence supplied.

          As Herazeus said here not too long ago, monarchy comes under scrutiny if not abolition when times become excruciating for everyday citizens.

          1. I think she was not incorrect, if I remember correctly a photograph James Whatling likes her tweet or says something that confirm what E. Andrews.

            And recently R. Palmer say indirectly that KP watches journalist’s tweeter : so if they are too critic, they can’t have much access to royals.

            According to E. Andrews, K doesn’t pay for clothes, apart for clothes that she really likes and wants to keep

          2. So, no freedom of the press in the UK? Even if what is published is true and in the public interest? Not much has changed since the Dark Ages when monarchs controlled the flow of information.

            I wonder whether having access to the royals is meaningful anyway? The reporters on the royal beat seem to follow them around, watching, take a few pics, faff on about their fragrant presence and that’s it. Everything is very staged and pretty much a lie.

            What if papers collectively took a deep breath, deciding to forego some revenue, and decided not to run any royal ‘news’. The royals need to be seen. Make them invisible.

          3. Just curious–does no one ever show up to protest William and Kate’s expense, lifestyle, the chokehold on the press? Or if someone tries to protest, are they whisked away? We only see the smiling faces waving British flags, and it always seems quite staged and controlled.

          4. Honestly, why would anyone want exclusive access to the royals? I guess it gives the particular forelock tugging ‘journo’ self perceived status while in reality and effect they are a useful idiot. Like the royals are going to give them some awesome exclusive beyond access to the kiddies (yawn).

          5. @Lizzie: I’d imagine protesters are removed, much like embarrassing tweets, ‘illegal’ photos and anything that might portray a contrary perspective to forelock-tugging. Plus people are doing real jobs? They usually drag kids out of school to give the impression of crowds, all carefully cropped by the camera.
            @Maven: I guess these type of reporters just want to be royal adjacent so they too can feel important and connected to royalty a la royal biographers as mouthpieces for royals. Sad job, following people who do next to nothing and having to puff them up. Not quite Woodward and Bernstein.

          6. Lizzie: a few years back, William and Kate visited one of those youth programmes.

            After they left, the kids gave the media quotes that made it very clear they were far from impressed by them. If i recall, everal comments were along the lines of WK being out of touch, using the kids, clueless, grumbles about taxes being wasted (paraphrasing) etc.

            Anyhue, a few hours later, tweets and comments in articles were removed. Revised articles claimed that the kids were happy with the visit. New, happy, satisfied quotes were used in the revised articles.

            We have had very few candid quotes since then. Often the journalists broadcasting WK’s own quotes and sugary quotes from the boss of any charity / programme they visit. If any visited person is quoted, it is strictly sugary.

            ETA: Just looked through KMR’s archives because i remembered that she copied and pasted the tweets before they vanished and voila!!

          7. Herazeus,

            I remember those quotes where kids were less than impressed.

            What astounds me is that they were scrubbed, thoroughly. They have been, in the past, I know, but it continues. So much has been erased. What does that tell us about the royals’ priorities and their PR stranglehold? I want to know if taxpayer monies pay for PR.

        2. It is well known that the RF and people working for them receive steep discounts from merchants. And I’m not talking about 20% or 30%. It’s rather absurd that people that are basically funded off the land and by the people they represent, have no problem accepting these discounts. It also means that they are officially “paying” for the items and don’t accept them as gifts. I’ve read that some of these so called discounts are basically gifts. And it’s not just high end items, they also like discounts for household items. The whole procedure is questionable when it comes to ethics, but legally they aren’t doing anything wrong. Prince Charles loves these discounts and I suppose the Queen doesn’t object either. She saw no problem in letting her grandson making an absurd amount of money by taking over the Jubilee celebrations. Since Peter Philips also represents RayBan and Rover, I wouldn’t be surprised that he got the deal that left them all with Ray Ban sunglasses. And I do agree this was very obvious product placements. The DoC loves her Designer sunglasses. ( Nothing wrong with that, I do like them as well) These topics are always swept under the rug very swiftly should they make their way into the public domain at all. The Queen’s investments were duly reported, but just for a few hours and never made headlines for long. I suppose if the economical situation in GB becomes worse their perception of the Royal Family might change. But who knows…they might look to them for “comfort” as they have done in the past. and all is well.

          1. Ah yes, the Queen must have been very rattled re. her tax haven accounts to utter, “We’re all in this together”. What tosh, along with the excuse of her being some poor old lady who received bad advice. I was surprised the media didn’t use its investigative powers to delve further, though they were tougher on Charles for the same tax haven deals. How Brits can derive ‘comfort’ from an antiquated institution that is taking the country for a bunch of mugs is beyond me. How does this ‘comfort’ help the Grenfell victims in practical terms? Or the elderly who cannot afford to heat their homes? Or disadvantaged people access health, education and housing?

            I had no idea Peter Phillips was connected to Land Rover and RayBans; all makes sense now. There is just no end to the greed and sense of entitlement.

          2. Jen,

            What I guess happens is the queen waves her hand and tells her hired professional lackeys to make it all go away. She won’t be perturbed until there is a public outcry, a la Diana and Windsor Castle.

            I believe she expects her lackeys to make the bad stuff go away out of a sense of massive royal entitlement. She perceives herself on a pedestal, high above any man-made law. Because of her anointment and god given sacredness.

          3. Well Maven, the lackeys have made it go away… it’s off the front pages and initial grumblings have disappeared. Entitlement of William and Harry didn’t come out of thin air, so yes, believing they were chosen by God helps obscure the unattractive truth that they are not much chop.

            I agree that only another catastrophe will shake them up. My feeling is that the Queen wants to hang on as long as possible. She knows she’s the only one (due to longevity, familiarity and scandal-free) keeping the parasites afloat.

          4. Jen,

            “My feeling is that the Queen wants to hang on as long as possible. She knows she’s the only one (due to longevity, familiarity and scandal-free) keeping the parasites afloat.

            She knows she’s the only one (due to longevity, familiarity and scandal-free) keeping the parasites afloat.”

            That’s a really great point. But I’m thinking, given the surfeit of Jubilee and anniversary celebrations that the queen is all about her legacy.

          5. Oh Maven, those celebrations went on forever! Talk about gilding the lily. One after the other, just in case the point hadn’t been made clear. Then it was sending out the family to the colonies to have parties in celebration. The Queen’s legacy will ultimately be assessed by others and something she cannot control from beyond the grave. They will vary from the hyper-critical to sycophancy.

            There was a very interesting article in the Guardian a few months ago, outlining the process once the Queen dies:

          6. Wowza, Jen. I ended up skimming the bureaucracy surrounding the queen’s death, there was so much of it. All PR.

            How sad that it’s not about her as person but the monarchy. Still, she has been complicit in the PR narrative.

            In the end, I still think all she cares about is her legacy. It’s not like she’s done a good job with her descendants. I do believe Charles forged a worthy life in spite of her, though he sadly, in the end, only cares about hoarding filthy lucre for the fam all the while wanting to leave a philanthropic legacy for himself.
            He could have been great but in his twilight years chose greed; the fam matters way more than the people.

            The BRF are shady as hell, so even their compassionate turns are suspect, IMO.

          7. I think it was on the Isle of Wight tour they did, one of the boys actually said how disappointed he was that William didn’t play the drums when he asked him to. He had this whole scenario worked out is head what he was going to tell him and everything.
            We all for he most part recognize what they are but these kids are still excited to get a chance to meet them so it was frustrating that sour puss William couldn’t even beat on the drums for this guy.
            I remember how shocked I was that they actually printed it, how sad I was for the guy and impressed that he acknowledged his disappointment

          8. Maven, monarchy is all about theatricality and ultimately it’s all smoke and mirrors, isn’t it?

            Regardless of my thoughts about the monarchy, it’s a shame the Queen did not stand down in order to give Charles a decent go in the role at least 10-15 years ago. I too believe he has carved out some worthwhile ventures and should be applauded for such. However, he has also over-stepped his position in various ways as well as focused on grabbing as much from the public as possible for the family – the Duchies, for example. It seems to be all about accumulating as much as possible for the family before their inevitable demise.

          9. Sarah: i remember that visit too. Another situation where the kids were less than complimentary about WK.

            I think the difference in the 2 situations is that the drum boy was disappointed above all else, whereas the other kids were unimpressed and scathing.

        3. I thought there was a rule saying they couldn’t accept freebies? Nothing in here about heavily discounted and I’m sure there are get arounds via the likes of pippa or Carole accepting freebies type of things. Just like I’m sure Pippa got her Land Rover at the royal discount!
          It’s frustrating that those that can afford it always get the discount/freebies!

          1. Jen,

            “Why do they need free stuff when they are being funded so handsomely?”

            Supreme entitlement. The Divine Right of Kings. It’s not like the plebs have equal rights. Human rights, what’s that? Pay me to do some semblance of charity and I will deliver.

          2. What’s the old saying? “Knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing”. Too much, unchecked, corrupts character.

        1. What was the deal with Diana and her clothes? Wasn’t it known she got discounts? I do know Fergie got into a ton of trouble over her clothes, I think she may be accepted freebies or demanded them.

        2. “Concern’ is code for doing nothing but wanting to appear sympathetic. Same for “sending our thoughts and prayers’.

          1. Oh yeah, Jen. In this day and age, it’s really good to be sceptical. The royals are an abomination, given the evidence and exposure on the internet. They are .001 percenters looking for kudos and sympathy. Their time is over.

          2. Words without meaningful action are useless. If those with the power to effect change for others less fortunate do not lend the full weight of their positions, they are not worth listening to let alone supporting. IMO.

          3. “Words without meaningful action, etc….”

            Okay Jen,

            Your eloquent and incisive words brought me to tears. Yes, the BRF sound as if they are on our side but they are not. They don’t have our backs, you, me out there in the Commonwealth or the UK or humanity.They are parasites. Like ticks bloated with human blood.

          4. My comment extends to anyone supposedly in service to others. I feel there should be term limits for politicians, for example. The longer they serve as career politicians, the more out of touch they become, too cushioned by privileges their positions afford.

            The same applies to being ‘royal’, which I believe to be a crutch for all concerned. Also a delusional state of mind thinking one has been sent from God. Assuming a veneer of care and snuffing out all critique in order to stoke the public pot of cash to keep coming your way is a waste of life. I guess I’m tired of pretenders. Those kids unimpressed with Kate and William last year were bang on the money.

          5. Exactly! Totally agree Jen & MaventheFirst. I’m one of the most critical on this blog of this royal family cartel business. But their corruption and taking and taking from the public, really angers me, when so many worthy causes could be supported or subsidized with public money, instead of these royals. At least the older generation keep up a busy schedule of public engagements, the ‘younger’ trio can’t even be bothered to do that! One whines and complains about his lot in life; the other one runs off on expensive vacations, only to return and hug and laugh his way out of getting any real scrutiny of his activities; and the other one can barely function as a person in their mid-30’s and needs new clothes to be bribed into doing their job.

          6. And it pains me to say this about Harry who I actually liked a lot and who really does have the potential to be so much more and do so much more. It’s a waste of his potential and had he born into a “normal” family, he probably would’ve learned to have a far better work ethic.

          7. What makes me sad about Harry is he truly means well and I think wants to do good but he’s wrapped up in all that privilege and cannot see the forest for the trees. He’s done some wonderful, amazing things and is cognizant of what he can do but does not do more when he should…

  3. What is the point of the Royal Variety Perfomance again? I have no issue with the Birmingham engagements. William’s parents visited many factories in their day and if I am not mistaken, I think Birmingham is known for their factories. I also think it is nice they are following up with another Coach Core engagement. And the Foundling Museum trip sounds lovely.

    1. It’s got a long history of promoting British talent and so on. AFAIK the first one was during George V’s time. Raises money for charity.

    2. Birmingham has no factories left. The manufacturing industry was decimated in the ‘80’s. There is the odd exception but it’s now the second city with a booming restaurant, shopping, theatre and social life with a large market in urban regeneration and property. Plus several good Universities. But to be honest I would chose Manchester over Birmingham as a second city to London. It’s far more vibrant and has the only Chanel outside London. ?

    3. If it wasn’t a Land Rover factory then this would be less shifty. But they are doing free publicity for them in exchange for the vehicles they have… this is not what the BRF should be doing at all. The press should be all over this.

      1. They always visit factories, royal ties or no, so it doesn’t strike me as too unusual. It would be nice for them to pull an Anne or Charles and visit a lesser known company, due to how W&K get all the media attention, but they wouldn’t. Anne’s been visiting all sorts of local British companies over the last year, mostly clothing-related, textiles, and imagine Kate doing it just because it would give these companies so much business, a lot of them very local smaller enterprises.. but nah.

        1. There are so many interesting textile enterprises in the UK; it would be such a privilege to champion them to the world. What a shame W&K don’t use their profile for these people rather than for Jag/Land Rover who hardly need the exposure.

          1. I know. I’ve followed Anne’s visits and it’s really fascinating, and it does give them extra business. She also purposefully patronizes these companies, buys a lot of their things, wears them; but it’s Anne, not Kate, so they don’t get the publicity. I enjoy following Anne and Charles’s engagements, as well as Edward and Sophie’s; they visit so many worthwhile businesses, organizations, charities, and it’s a shame they get little to no press because they aren’t Waity Katie. They are mostly all generous, happy to be there, engaging (mostly because we know how Anne is!), grateful for the hospitality, you know, like normal decent people are. Sophie especially, I wish she got more PR, she does a lot of worthwhile visits to autistic charities and miscarriage/stillbirth charities,it’s a shame they get no attention. Or Charles and his initiatives in supporting British agriculture, pub life, and rural communities. Camilla and osteoporosis, sex abuse and domestic violence; she isn’t afraid to shy away from the hard stuff and cries with these women, it’s heart-breaking.

            Then we have William being rude to people and Kate visiting hospices in black if she ever feels like visiting when it’s mostly all “let’s lure her in with galas”.

            It’s a shame because royalty with that publicity CAN do such good, but those who do worthwhile things with their fame and fortune get little attention and thus the organizations are screwed. The more I read about the places other royals visit the more irritated I get with the promotion of W&K especially K coverage.

        2. They should be visiting smaller UK factories and not Land Rover. This is literally what the Kardashians do, provide publicity in exchange for free stuff. Is that what the BRF is now? At least the Kardashians don’t receive taxpayer money.

  4. B*gger, b*gger, b*gger……I’m supposed to be shopping in Birmingham on Wednesday and you just know the city is going to be gridlocked providing security to these three. I have to drive past Aston Villa Football Club to get to the shops. ? Although I might just honk for Harry as I drive past.

    1. Oh my gosh, I’m an American and the first thing I thought when I saw your post was “why is she censoring the word bigger?” LOL!!!

  5. While I appreciate that the purpose of this site is to balance out the fawning media coverage the British RF receives, in fairness I must point out that the trees in the background on the SRF kids pic are in summer leaf. They are smart to save pics for later distribution to the press. Also in fairness, if we fault them for not getting out enough, we shouldn’t complain about the traffic jams and crowds when they do.

  6. I read the article posted over 3 years ago that is linked up above and the comments about Will and Kate remain very similar. If I worked in the UK media I would start up a critical column in a UK newspaper because you don’t need access to the royals to get the real story. As far as I am concerned the press who follow them are simply unpaid PR. It is really sad and the UK taxpayers deserve better.

    1. I did the same and was struck that there had been deterioration rather than improvement in WK. I agree that there is no value in having ‘access’ to royals unless there is (a) something of substance to cover, and (b) the writer can contribute a thoughtful piece of journalism. Papers litter their pages with inconsequential fluff about the royals, presumably because it sells, and inter woven with that is more palace PR. It’s like a drug to keep people sedated. An independent column about the monarchy would be a change of pace, but who would be brave enough to authorise it given the royals will have erased the few critical words of young people unimpressed with W&K?

      1. Jen: Further to your comment upthread about the young royals thinking royalty is divinity (paraphrasing), i think that was the most shocking revelation to me in Harry’s interview.

        The fact that he views royalty as ‘magic’ and their job to spread this magic around.

        Seriously, where did this attitude or understanding come from?

        His own father has said, and is painfully aware, that royalty depends on the people and their lack of support is death to monarchy.

        When Harry gave his first interviews after his return from his 2nd tour of afghanistan, he showed a humility and pragmatism about his position and privilege and nought to do with magic or entitlement.

        That’s one of the reasons i was such a strong supporter because regardless of the ergregiousness of the system, he understood what was required of him.

        As the years have gone by, and especially during the past 2 years outside the army, the spoilt, entitled, person who thinks he is magic has emerged.

        Someone the earlier person wouldn’t have recognised.

        I can’t say that i support Harry anymore. He may be charming and better at his engagements and a smidge more committed than WK, but he is problematic for entirely different reasons and i now find him incredibly patronising.

        1. You’ve put your finger on it: the patronising attitude behind ‘the magic’. That quote astounded me too. It’s unfortunate that Harry and William have drunk their own KoolAid. It’s always problematic when the principal believes his own PR. The lack of direction after he left the army has resulted in this Harry: too much time and money on his hands, over-indulged, enjoying his popularity, running around under the radar, and simply not doing enough work to justify his unearned privilege. Any humility shown is for show these days because it plays well.

          I agree that the WKH path of glitzy events, and hiding under the RF umbrella is not going to fly for too long. It reeks of laziness: it is a strategy based on taking credit for the hard work of others. Harry’s rationale of doing more in-depth work with fewer charities… well, we have seen none of that, have we? Simply an endless parroting of phrases with little substance and even less depth.

          Ultimately, WKH need to grow up. They live ridiculously pampered lives without giving back service of an appropriate value. The lack of accountability – and transparency of actions – has led to Harry’s hubris, along with his family, too used to extravagant comforts provided on the backs of others.

        2. Do you think he thinks he himself is magic, or he can spread magic? I think they are two different things.

          I totally agree that they should all be doing more of the bread and butter stuff and not just the high profile “we”ll be the face of a trendy cause” stuff, but I guess I hope he thinks he can spread it rather than be it. If you know what I mean and I hope you do!

          1. I think the ‘magic’ comment was about the sort of enigmatic ‘magic’ nature of royalty and using that to further causes but it sure was said poorly. Like how people talk about Diana’s ‘magic’ and so on.

          2. It is dumb to even use the word magic because Will and Kate in particular are mediocre and dull. There is no magic there and they do nothing to significantly improve the lives of others.

          3. Thank you Ellie. That’s how I interpreted it too.

            I do think all three of them need a swift kick. The only magic they have is earned. And if they aren’t willing to do the work to earn it, then I hope they enjoy their retirement.

    1. Kate has had a good deal of facial work. And, at the hands of a master, because it all looks quite natural. It’s not that she has lost those chubby cheeks. Her face has been sculpted to perfection by some fine hand. It’s interesting that it’s not very, very obvious until you see the older photos of her. Ma Midds went to the best and paid a lot to turn her daughter into the one who caught the Prince. It’s odd, but there are times you can still see the real Kate in there, but it’s her expression that make it seem so, not the fault of any doc.

      1. I see her upper lip.

        Girl had no upper lip at all, and now has a very subtle lip filler in there.

        It first appeared around Pippa’s wedding. I think entire family had a round of fillers and botox because Carole’s face was still swollen, Pippa’s eyefolds disappeared in similar fashion to Renee Zellweger’s eyefolds, and Kate acquired an upper lip.

      2. Except sometimes she really looks old in certain photos. It seems more like fillers and botox than surgery because it fades during her pregnancies. But I do agree that something was done to make her eyelids look less droopy as compared to when she was in university.

  7. I have to admit when many commenters on here say that Willie and Waity are avoiding bread and butter royal engagements, what do you mean? What type of engagements are we talking about?

    1. The ones that are visiting factories, neighbourhoods, a county fair, maybe going to the opening of a local enterprise…those kind of things. Senior royals have all done that as it’s a way to meet people from all walks of life.

    2. Bread and butter engagements are usually dismissed as ribbon cutting engagements. Things like meeting local people, local businesses, hospitals, industry associations etc that sort of thing.

      As an example, Anne is the patron of the association of master butchers (proper name is worshipful company of butchers) and attends their events regularly, Charles often tours Wales and includes schools, village fetes, local businesses. Sophie has been known to open a village fete or two, hospitals, local nurseries.

      These are not glamour engagements. They are populated by ordinary people who are beyond thrilled to meet a member of the royal family even if it’s Princess Michael.

      These are not people who automatically pay attention to big royal PR like Heads together, unless it’s the annual events like Trooping the Colour because that is in the national calender.

      They often show stronger support for the monarchy than folks like us who follow the royals and are aware of most of their public activities.

      George V recognised this and essentially instituted the bread and butter events to strengthen the monarchy against criticism or abolishment.

      If WHK hide away and don’t do these bread and butter engagements, history isn’t on their side.

      Every monarchy that has hidden themselves away has been removed or TPTB have pumped out establishment, gaslighting PR to keep them in place.

      Even Victoria who hid away for 40yrs and was kept in place by establishment PR, but still suffered regular public calls for her removal which were nimbly averted by the establishment with PR and distractions like creating big public celebrations in her name.

      1. Victoria also benefitted from a time where many still felt that class differences should be enforced and a highly uneducated general public. It is not the case anymore. People can easily see what the BRF does and does not do. Respect must be earned and William does not understand that. He has ridden on his mom’s popularity for too long and his petulance is starting to be too obvious. The generation born with no memory of Diana will not care about some cranky balding dude. It’s the old ladies who go “aww Diana’s son” that let him get away with this. That number is shrinking rapidly.
        And Kate being a retrograde silent mannequin does not endear herself to anyone.

      2. Thanks for providing a much more detailed response and the historical context Hera 🙂 I was trying to sleepily prep breakfast for my toddler and feed my two lazy, old lady cats, in between typing out the response to the bread and butter engagement. That explains why bread and butter engagements are so important, Leah, even if the younger royals turn up their noses at this type of engagements. The Queen, as ineffectual a monarch as she has been personally speaking, said that she needs to be seen to be believed- in other words the royals need to be seen in all corners of UK and interact with the ordinary public as many times as possible. Then only they will retain affection and thus continued support for this completely unfair system.

  8. I wonder what Roger Federer thought of the Cambridges? I supposed an invitation was extended to the Federers? I guess the royals need the rich and famous, movie stars etc… to elevate themselves? Funny, it used to be rich people seeking titles.

  9. The Federers were guests at W&K’s wedding, as well as Pippa’s. I think it might be more the Middletons clutching onto that link but who really knows. It may be a mutual leeching relationship. *shrug*

    1. Several people have recently posted on other sites that Federer was at William and Kate’s wedding, but I certainly don’t remember that and I’m a huge Federer fan. I’ve looked at past articles listing their guests, and his name doesn’t appear in any of them. Am I overlooking something?

      The Middletons are known for making as much as they can from even the slightest of acquaintances. It seems that they used the friendship Carole had formed with the Henmans to climb up the ladder of tennis royalty to reach the Federers. This Town & Country article gives a brief outline of the relationship, and it doesn’t mention Kate and William’s wedding: http://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/sporting/a3684/roger-federer-cover/

      And I totally agree with you: The Middletons–including Kate and William–but especially Carole appear to be clutching very tightly to the Federers.

      1. The Middletons befriended Federer sometime after WK’s wedding.

        I’d put a date of 4yrs if i’m being generous. Famously, Pippa and Kate were caught on camera being rude about Mirka at Wimbledon. They were sitting in the royal box whilst Mirka was in Federer’s box. She’d recently given birth.

        Any friendship is recent, and typical of the Middletons, is being flaunted to the world.

        1. And it seems they visited during a tournament that Roger lost in the final. I don’t know why Federer would bother to visit then. It is a distraction and the Middletons aren’t worth it.

        2. Nic and Herazeus. You are both correct. I remember the commentators at Wimbles mentioning that meeting and a clip was shown. Roger met them after his match. I think they also had some refreshments with Roger. Kate used her royal connection to meet Fed. I suppose the Midds are ensuring that they be given some free seats in Fed’s box if, and when, the Royal box is full. I’d hazard a guess that they have not paid for seats since 2011.

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