Royal Round Up: New photos for The Queen & Philip’s 70th anniversary

Royal Round Up: New photos for The Queen & Philip’s 70th anniversary

Let’s have a feel-good post to start off our week. Over the weekend, four new photos of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were released to mark their 70th wedding anniversary – which is today, November 20. I’m also sticking the new photos of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar in here as well.

[Matt Holyoak/Camera Press]

The four new photos were taken in early November in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle. In the first photo, above, HM and Philip are framed by Thomas Gainsborough’s 1781 portraits of George III and Queen Charlotte, who were married for 57 years. In the three other photos, HM and Philip are pictured in front of a platinum-textured back drop.

The marriage of the then-Princess Elizabeth to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten took place at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947. HM and Philip are celebrating today at Windsor Castle with a private family gathering.

The British Royal website released an article with 70 facts about the Queen and Prince’s wedding – you can read that here.

[Matt Holyoak/Camera Press]

[Matt Holyoak/Camera Press]

[Matt Holyoak/Camera Press]

I am throwing the new photos of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar in here as well because I haven’t written about them yet. These two photos were posted on the Swedish Royal Family’s website last week as updated photos for the children’s biography pages.

[Erika Gerdemark/]

[Erika Gerdemark/]

86 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: New photos for The Queen & Philip’s 70th anniversary

  1. You can totally see Prince Philip’s younger self in the first photo.His eyes and he has still this stature with his old charme.
    I love the Queen’s watch,my grandmother used to wear the same kind of watch.
    I once saw the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and it was bombastic.Not because of too much pomp, but because of the people there, the atmosphere and her young age. It’s one of the most impressive documents of the British monarchy for me.
    And 70 years married! It’s almost inconceivably to think about that these two are married since shortly after the war! Such a long time and so much changed in society.
    Even if some people don’t like them, I wish for them that they had their happy moments in life.They served their country for a long time.Some things can be seen critical but you can’t deny that they never gave up.
    Estelle and Oskar are too cute.Estelle’s hair grew so long and bright,like Rapunzel! 😉
    Thank you for this post,KMR, it is really a nice start in the week!:)

  2. KMR- thanx for these lovely photos! And what a great way to start the week indeed….
    70 years of marriage is absolutely incredibly impressive.., and serving the country with passion is admirable…
    I wonder if their marriage was pushed and compromised because of their duties and public life, or they authentically were a devoted couple to each other in private ? ( I’m not too knowledgable about them, just following Kate the last few years here on KMR.)

    1. A happy 70 years to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip! it is a wonderful achievement. I like the first and third photos. Because the couple are smiling and you can glimpse a bit of character and emotion with the couple.
      Estelle looks very pretty and shows her personality well through the photo. Estelle’s hair is very long now and a good length just past her shoulders. Oscar looks adorable and is growing fast. Thank you KMR. It is indeed a feel good post. I hope you have a good week.

  3. I had a lot of thoughts to share and then decided not to – in the terms of my Mom – if “Little Lizzie is still happy with Phil the Greek after all the past” then good luck to them – her parting words are “I’m not settling for that”

    1. Well – they all are a different generation so views and expectations are not what we might have today – and the “not settling for that” comes down to perhaps a more equal sharing of decisions . . . . . so both parties more equal in every sense . . .

      1. I think I heard that Elizabeth dug her heels in with Philip because she was the only man she loved. I am not sure about him. Mind you they have managed 70 years. It must have been difficult that their early married life was cut short when she became Queen. Certainly not an easy balance to undertake. Estelle’s sneakers are adorable and look like they have been worn a lot so they must be a favourite with her. Oscar is just too cute.

  4. Yay – Estelle and Oscar are sooooo adorable! I love the outdoor setting and the fact that Estelle looks like a relaxed kid, with jeans and sneakers on, not all primped and styled (even though she sometimes is) while her brother gets to look “normal” kiddish.

    Have you seen the adorable video of Estelle and Daniel running a little outdoor obstacle course that she and her dad created? It’s awesome!

  5. All nice pictures, especially the 3rd one of the Queen and Prince Philip. My parents are not far behind them with their 68th anniversary coming up in March 2018! It really is a special occasion.

    1. It’s great that there are still people who are able to live with each other,also through harsher times sometimes,like we all know.
      Best wishes to your parents!

    2. Yes, all the best to your parents. Such long marriages deserve to be recognized. It takes work, doesn’t it? But, being in love surely helps!

      1. Congratulations to your parents. My parents have been married for 45 years. My great uncle and great aunt reached 50 years. My granddad on my dad’s side didn’t settle. I think both of them realised it was for the best. My grand mother may have said the worst about people and so did my grand-dad. But I would rather believe the worst than to be a certain way to please people and believe the best.

  6. Does anyone have any info about the Queen’s brooch? It’s beautiful!
    The kids are adorable. I love that these look like natural poses (and normal clothes).

  7. KMR, thank you for the wonderful photos to start the week off on a happy note.
    Happy Anniversary to HM and her Prince. I enjoyed the photos, too. Like others, the third photo and the first really resonated with me . Their devotion to their Royal roles and to each other is most admirable. Marriage is never easy, but sometimes, I think that previous generations worked harder in some ways. Today, when the going gets rough, for many people, it’s just easier to walk away.

    And, those photos of the Swedish Royal children are so dear! Estelle is such a natural! SHe’s a darling little girl who is being raised so well. I really find her charming! And, isn’t Oscar adorable? Growing by leaps and bounds and such a big boy now!

        1. Well, a Sparkler, for sure! The ring, I mean. I hope she is as adept at flashing her engagement ring as Kate is with her ring. “Always, always, always use your left hand in front of you — ring facing the public — just as Kate does, Meghan. No matter where you are or what you are doing. Part of me thinks the engagement is forthcoming, but another part thinks we will be waiting until the New Year.

        2. I bet he would have loved to give her something from his mother.It’s sad that there is just one ring 🙁
          He adores his mother so much,I hope he has some jewelry from Diana to give to his wife.

          1. Didn’t Diana have a pretty aquamarine ring? And he could have something reset, like emeralds. But maybe better to start fresh without anything from the past?

        3. I hope the engagement is in the next month. Along with MrsBBV, I wonder what ring Meghan will receive, and if it will have any family connection.

          I still wonder how that conversation went between Carole Middleton and Prince William regarding Diana’s engagement ring. I have always believed it was Carole who thought up the idea.

    1. I say beginning of the next year.Early weeks after New Year.
      But who knows what is planned?
      It will be still a big surprise, I wonder why they still wait so long.

    2. I just read that Meghan flew into London on Saturday. I wonder if she’ll be attending tonight’s dinner party for HM and Prince Phillip? I’m also hoping that a new family photo is released tomorrow, there are so many new additions to the family it’d be great to see an updated photo.

      1. I shall ask him tonight. How nice that you remember his contributions to Royal events. ?

        Part of me thinks this week would be a great week to break it within the family with them all being together and of course it won’t be kept quite and we will find out by next week. But Harry is very, very devoted to his grandparents and although I’m sure it would make them really happy to have him settled I also think he wouldn’t do anything to take away the attention from their 70th Anniversary milestone.

        But I can’t see him wanting to be apart from Sparkles or his Grandparents this Christmas so in order to make that happen he has to be engaged before Christmas. But I suppose Meghan’s mother could come to U.K. for Christmas if Sparkles doesn’t go to Sandringham.

        I am always mindful the fact that there aren’t an infinite amount of Christmas for both HM & PP to spend with all their grandchildren / great grandchildren. And William had better not be ‘reigning’ on people’s parade this year with another great, fat, petulant sulk.

        1. Even if Harry and Meghan are engaged by Christmas, Meghan will not be at Sandringham because they wouldn’t be married. Kate didn’t go to Sandringham when she was a fiancé. If H&M are engaged by the BP Christmas lunch, then Meghan might be at that as Kate was when she was a fiancé, but I highly doubt Meghan would be at Sandringham.

          1. According to the Royal ratpack there is reason to believe HM will accept a fiancée…..given that she would rather have her favourite grandchild there than not. Agreed it would be a first but with her years advancing I don’t think she’s going to be a stickler for form over this point of protocol.

          2. I wonder if Kate’s lack of invitation had something to do with the Queen’s concern that “this will all end in tears’, as she was reported as saying. That is, she did not want to lead the girl on. And while the marriage may not end in tears, it doesn’t look particularly joyful. Neither party brings out the best in each other it seems.

            Did Sophie attend festivities as a live-in girlfriend before she and Edward married? Or Tim Lawrence? My guess is that since both William and Harry lean towards stubbornness (wanting their own way), the Queen may advise applying the brakes just so that the couple has more time to get to know each other.

            I agree with others who suggest a longer period of living together would be a wise move, especially given the number of divorces in the family. But who knows what will happen…

          3. Hi Laura,
            Nor do I! These invitations might be issued on a case-by-case basis, depending on the temperament and maturity of the child or grand child…

          4. As I recall, Kate was able to spend Christmas at Sandringham when she was a fiancé but choose to spend “her last Christmas before becoming royal” with her family instead.

          5. Either New Idea or Woman’s Day said Meghan has been invited, that was a couple of weeks ago.

            But where did they get the information? It’s like they kept saying Kate was preggers, until one day they got it right and then it was “we broke the news”.

            If Meghan does go to lunch with HM then she need not worry cos NI (or was it WD) has said that her new bestie (aka Kate) has been giving her advice.

          6. Since Meghan does not have family in the UK, unlike Kate or Sophie or the others, it is unlikely that the Queen would make her be on her own for Christmas if they are engaged.
            Kate staying with the Middletons while engaged was a hint of things to come. I won’t be surprised if there is a rival court again this year if Harry is engaged before Christmas.

      1. I’d say speculation given that today is November 20 and no engagement announcement happened.

        1. Oh hmmm yes, LOL!

          But it’s 21 November here in NZ and nothing has been flashed across the screen, yet…

          Darn, I really should stop looking in the weekly women’s magazines while I’m waiting in the queue at the supermarket????

  8. So very bored with Will and Kate and the limited look we get at their children . With that in mind, and the darling pictures of Estelle and Oscar on hand here, I decided to google what the Monaco twins have been doing of late. I came across some adorable pictures of them at a nursing home and little Gabriella is just sooooo precious. Her brother is darling, too, but at the nursing home, she greeted the residents and my heart melted. Also, there is a cute picture on the site of the twins in bumper cars! Too cute for words.

    1. Richard Palmer has tweeted that the Will and Kate brand value has decreased because of how the kids are dressed. I don’t understand where the numbers come from, but interesting that they note this. It seems as though hiding their kids affects their worth as a brand.

      1. It would be interesting to see the details regarding that poll. It doesn’t surprise me should the reporting is correct: the children are dressed as if they live in a world apart from their fellow citizens, which they do, but it alienates rather than bonds them to their fellow citizens. It comes across as artificial, staged for effect.

        Compare that to how Estelle is seen in public. This little girl is dressed appropriately for the occasion, guided by parents but D&V don’t fuss and get on with their work and the child fits in. When on her own time, Estelle appears like any young girl, happy in her own skin, not anxious.

      2. Here’s the link and the bit about kids and brand endorsement
        However, we have revised the estimation of royal endorsements down this year from approximately £325 million in 2015, as the royal couple has recently made
        an increased effort to shield their children’s privacy
        and deliberately dresses them in plain, retro clothes by Spanish boutique brands, often using similar-looking out ts on different occasions to minimise the attention of the media. Nevertheless, the commercial impact of the royal children will grow with them, when they start making their own choices what to wear, where to go on holiday, and who to party with. The arrival of Royal Baby No.3 is also likely to help brands trading in baby clothes and care products.
        I find the tourism bit such a laugh! How many of us go to the U.K. to see the royals? Maybe for a wedding but all the things we want to see can be seen (and more often) with an abolished Monarchy. I visited the chateaus and palaces of dethroned monarchies all across Europe! But sure, keep telling the peeps their worth their costs

        1. Versailles remains the most visited royal residence and its inhabitants were kicked out in 1789. Royalty is a racket and they benefit from inertia. However, if Brexit drastically affects the UK economy, there will be an examination of the true cost of the BRF.

      3. Hi Nic919
        Just checked that tweet. His info. comes from Brand Finance:
        It arrives at a £1.766 billion contribution by the monarchy to Britain’s coffers. I need some super-knowledgeable people here but the Crown Estates, Royal Trust Collection and Duchies belong to the people don’t they? And the Windsor’s, by virtue of history and position, are able to use a percentage of the profits from the Duchies for their own work and personal use? (see p.5 Executive Summary)

        The old tourism furphy is there again, even this: “Bookings for hotels increased 30% year-on-year after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stayed on the island of Anglesey where Prince William was stationed during his military service.” What kind of analytics were done to isolate W+K as the reason to make this claim? Where’s the data?

        And with trade, it modifies claims with ” Despite not being strictly related to the Royal Family, quintessentially British brands can also benefit from the power of Brand Monarchy as many foreign customer groups attach an elevated status to the association of Britishness with the royal lifestyle.” (ibid, p.6)

        To Kate: “A lot of value for British brands comes from the Duchess of Cambridge’s Midas touch and the extra sales of fashion brands that she and the royal children are seen wearing.”

        The windfall for the UK has been revised: “However, we have revised the estimation of royal endorsements down this year from approximately £325 million in 2015, as the royal couple has recently made an increased effort to shield their children’s privacy and deliberately dresses them in plain, retro clothes by Spanish boutique brands, often using similar-looking outfits on different occasions to minimise the attention of the media.” (ibid, p.8)

        The report creates a long bow in attributing the work of others to the BRF, for example, claiming a contribution to the media industry because of TV shows and plays with royalty as the subject matter. Using that yardstick, one could claim that criminals contribute much to the media industry and UK profits due to the huge number of crime programs made…

        And again, the cost of Brits to support the monarchy annually is just 1 penny per day for each citizen. Details such as security and other funds are conveniently omitted.

        Rubbish ‘research’. Establishment-sanctioned puffery.

        1. I would love to sit down with the authors and editors at BrandFinance to see how they come up with this ridiculous and patently untrue royal establishment PR.

          The Crown Estates, Royal Trust collection, the duchies, the Palaces all belong to the public and function well without the incumbent royals.

          Taking the lesson of royal assets around the world eg the Forbidden Palace in China or Versailles in France or the Alhambra Palace in Spain or even our very own Tower of London, it’s quite clear that absence of actual royals has resulted in higher profitability and revenue.

          Adding the duchies, royal trust collections, crown estates in the calculation inflates the royals’ importance. That calculation is as baldly false as the one used to make the claim that the royals cost only 56p per person annually.

          1. Here’s where we differ, Herazeus; I’d put them through the wringer and expose them.

            In my internet travels I saw that one UK newspaper printed the BrandFinance tosh without any brain power being employed to question it. I wonder, of UK papers reporting this, have any investigated these claims? I could drive a bus through such obvious crap, it’s so full of holes.

            It’s the blatant lies that infuriate me. If the monarchy establishment thinks it is the best way forward for the UK, okay, make your best case with accurate, evidence-based facts and figures. Save us from the ‘magic’ of royals. It’s a complete con job for the benefit of a few and to the detriment of most. It is an exercise in greed, nothing less.

          2. Herazeus, furthermore, i noted when the Paradise Papers hit the news that the Duchies were described on TV news and in papers as the Queen and Charles’s “private estates”. No mention was made that these belonged to the public.

          3. Jen: i am with you. My PR brain is simply curious at how they come up with these blatant lies.

            And repeatedly calling the duchies their private estates gaslights the public into believing the lies such that when they come to be removed, they will try to make a case for larger compensation.

            Charles moved too early in trying to grab Cornwall. He needs a few more years of these lies before he can grab them with no pushback.

          4. Ah, but hopefully those in the UK are now on the alert to the Duchy grab intentions. Forewarned is forearmed. Surely Republic and some MPs will push back; perhaps even the more independent newspapers?

            I am amazed at the slovenly journalism that prints without thinking. Is the monarchy so powerful that truths cannot be stated about public ownership of resources?

    2. Thank you for posting this! I just know the residents were over the moon at the visit… and not just because they are royals.

      To anyone out there in internet land: Please don’t hesitate to visit a nursing home and spend even one hour conversing with the people there, or playing a card game, or reading a book outloud! The elderly are so lonely and so forgotten by the majority of modern society…

      What a wonderful thing for Charlene to do!

    3. I saw a recent photo of Gabriella and Jacques giving each other a big hug, but I can’t remember where I saw the pic.

      No wonder Charlene has such toned arms. It must be a combination of swimming and lifting both the children at once.

      Will and Kate need to learn a few photos of the children every 3-4 months goes a long way. Hopefully, Harry will not follow their example.

    1. One of my nephews was white/blonde at birth. Two months later, his hair was light brown. A month later, a slightly darker brown. Then, at eight months, totally white/blonde again. Go, figure.

      1. I’m really not understanding her hair color change at all; I thought she was going to have dark hair like her mom. She seems blonder then both her parents. Does anyone have pictures of a young Daniel?

        1. Are you suggesting they are coloring her hair? I’ve seen many little girls and boys with blonde hair that started out browner. And, it’s all natural. While it’s more common for blonde hair to darken as children age, I’ve seen the reverse many times, too.

          1. Whoa; it’s not that serious. I’m not saying or even suggesting that. I’m not a geneticist or know Daniel’s background; I was just wondering if he too had blonde hair as a child.

          2. I was not suggesting you were, Jessica. It just surprised me how persistent you were in your curiosity. I think it is more common for blonde hair to darken, but as said, I have seen the reverse many times. I have not a clue what Daniel looked like as a baby. He’s sure good looking now.

          3. Where I come from, we call it “German blond.” I was blond as a kid, as was my husband, but we both have dark brown hair now. It changed around puberty. Our two children are blonds, but I’m fully expecting it to turn brown by the time they are adults.

        2. I had very dark hair as a newborn (almost black). It fell out after a few months and grew back white blond. Since my twenties they startet to get darker again. Have seen this a lot so I assume this is quite common.

        3. Jessica, calm down, please, I asked you a question. I was not accusing you of anything. For goodness sake, I was just wondering why you were so concerned about this and then you explained yourself. I take you at your word and I hope you take me at mine. I was asking a question. If I offended you, it was not my intent. My apologies.

    2. My sister and I were both tow heads then went to honey color then darker by 12-13. Weirdly we both dye it an even darker brown now! Our parents both have dark brown hair.

  9. Happy Platinum Anniversary to HM and Prince Phillip! What a remarkable achievement! I LOVE the picture of HM sitting with Phil standing, so happy! I also like the one where they’re looking at each other smiling because it reminds me of their engagement picture!

    Also, holy maturity with Estelle! Who gave her permission to look so grown up already?! Oskar is a mini-Daniel! He too is getting so big so fast!

    I wish we saw photos like these of George and Charlotte. :-/

  10. The Queen looks amazing for being in her 90s! These are great pictures.
    70s yrs together is a great accomplishment. Of course probs made easier when you want alone time, you can go off to your own wing =)
    Love the Swedes and Oscar is a little mini dan already!! Just a couple more wks until tiara time!! Woot woot I mean, that we get to see great scientific minds come together to be honored for their amazing accomplishments? ?

  11. I love all of these photos. That last one of HM and Prince Phillip speaks volumes. You can tell they have a good giggle behind closed doors. 70 years is incredible.

    I am so happy to see the Swedish kids in normal clothes, especially Estelle’s Velcro shoes. It makes her all the more endearing. Thank you for these, KMR!

    1. Thanks for the post KMR. It’s a great way to start the week with something light hearted.

      Great photos of The Queen and Prince Philip. I can’t quite believe she’s 90!

      Meghan – I’ve been told by people who know Philip that he has a wicked sense of humour, as well as being very very charming.

      And re your comment about Estelle’s velcro shoes? Cute, must have been her choice of what to wear. This photo reminded of something my god daughter said to me at the same age as Estelle. I was trying to teach her how to tie her shoe laces when she told me that she didn’t need to know as there was no point. Why I asked? “Well that’s why they invented velcro shoes so you don’t need to learn anymore”

      1. How cute. My youngest is clinging to her Velcro shoes with everything she has.

        I’ve also heard Phillip has a quick wit. He and the Queen look like they’re sharing an inside joke. I love it.

  12. In an era of rising divorce rates, it is very nice to see a 70yr long marriage that looks like it still retains affection and humor and love in it- based on these set of photos. The 1st one is my favourite as it seems like a throwback to their engagement announcement photo 7 decades ago. It is also nostalgic too- Elizabeth and Philip are part of a different generation, the ones who lived through and fought in WWII and are now dying out to make room for the next generation to come to forefront. My grandparents are of this generation too, my beloved grandfather dies more than 20yrs ago and I still cannot talk about him without tears coming to my eyes. And my grandmother died just recently and I didn’t get to see her- regret that I’ll always live with. It’ll be a hard day for Elizabeth and Philip’s children and grandchildren when they finally pass away and that is coming up sooner than later, but they were fortunate to have so many years to spend with their elders.

  13. And love the photos of the Swedes kiddies! It really shows their personalities and what bright, sunnya and airy pics. I do miss Oscar’s grouchy photos from his baby days though- I was hoping to see a new set of grumpy photos, lol!

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