Duchess Kate wears light blue maternity coat for three appearances in Kensington

Duchess Kate wears light blue maternity coat for three appearances in Kensington

Huzzah, Kate isn’t in mourning! Kate Middleton put on her big girl panties and finally stepped out of her non-maternity mourning clothes for three engagements in Kensington today, January 19. Kate visited the charity Family Friends for a coffee morning (BTW I’m so used to typing “mourning” that I typed that first and had to correct myself), then she officially opened the Kensington Aldridge Academy, then hopped over to the Kensington Leisure Centre and officially opened that.

Family Friends helps families through a network of trained volunteers who befriend and/or mentor parents, children, and/or adolescents and offer at least a year of practical and emotional support.

While at Family Friends, Kate met volunteers and families who had been helped by the organization. When Kate was being presented with a bouquet, the little boy was overcome with stage fright and his mother had to hand the flowers to Kate. Kate said to the little boy, “I would be shy as well.”

In a rare move, Kate actually took off her coat once inside the building. Kate never takes her coat off! She left her coat on inside the two other stops she made, but she actually took her coat off at the first stop. We got nice shots of her dress that way.

Next, Kate visited the Kensington Aldridge Academy where she met staff and governors and toured the building (which was officially launched in September 2014). Kate also stood in on a lesson for a minute before visiting the assembly and watching a dance performance.

Kate joins class at Kensington Aldridge Academy

While at the assembly, there was mention of singing the school song, an announcement which caused “a brief moment of panic” on Kate’s face before she said, “I thought you were going to ask me to sing then”. Because as we all know Kate has a terrible fear of public speaking, which I imagine extends to public singing, that she refuses to deal with. And of course she probably panicked because she has no idea what their school song is.

Kate meets staff at Kensington Aldridge Academy 2

Kate then visited the Kensington Leisure Centre where she toured the facilities before unveiling a plaque. Kate received an inflatable duck for Prince George.

Kate received duck for George

Apparently, Kate mentioned feeling her baby move.

Kate in coat at Kensington Leisure Centre Kate in dress at Family Friends

Kate finally wore proper maternity wear. She went back to her favorite maternity line, Seraphine, choosing two of their pieces for today: “Natasha Cashmere Blend Coat” (£195.00) and “Florrie Floral Print Dress” (£99.00). The coat is light blue (and kind of reminds me of the blue McQueen coat she wore twice last year), while the dress is a darker blue and green floral pattern.

Seraphine Natasha Cashmere Blend Coat Seraphine Florrie Floral Print Dress

Two thoughts: 1) I am SO happy she went with a proper maternity dress and coat, they fit her so much better; and 2) I am SO happy she went with a lighter color today.

Yes, the bar has been set very low for Kate, and there are still things we could nit-pick (hair down, crotch-clutching), but I’m going to say this is a win for Kate, style-wise, because it is proper maternity wear and she doesn’t look like she’s in mourning.

Kate accessorized with her Alexander McQueen blue suede pumps (man, this girl loves suede pumps; almost all her pumps are in suede), Stuart Weitzman Muse clutch, Cartier watch, and Kiki McDonough green amethyst earrings.

Kate arrived at around 5 AM ET (10 AM in Kensington), and finished her appearances at around 8 AM (1 PM in Kensington), so she averaged about 1 hour for each appearance.

PS. Kate and George supposedly spent the weekend in Bucklebury with Carole. William was somewhere not in Bucklebury.

Bump-y photos:

More photos in the gallery:

Kate meets people at Kensington Leisure Centre Kate speaks to pupils at Kensington Aldridge Academy

Kate visits Kensington Aldridge Academy Kate at Family Friends

Link: Daily Mail.

Photos: Kesington Palace Instagram/Kensington Palace Twitter/Rebecca English Twitter/Getty

59 thoughts on “Duchess Kate wears light blue maternity coat for three appearances in Kensington

    1. I know. We all know that holiday is coming. I wonder if some photographer is already staking out the airport waiting for her to land.

      1. Why can’t some photographers just rent out a place there and be ready for her? No one would have to do know what they do for a living.

        What about other people vacationing there? Wouldn’t they snap pictures? IPhones can be discreet and less obvious too….I would LOVE a picture of her either pregnant, or if the surrogacy rumours are true, a picture or video of her without a bump.

        1. Since the wedding, news is the Mustique corporation takes away other people’s cell phones and cameras when they get off the plane. The corporation also limits the use of things like the golf carts to get around, angering many people whose vacations are ruined by the last-minute rules ordered by the Middletons and William.

          1. How can they get away with that? Is it in your contract with them when you book the properties. Seems like they are interfering with personal rights.

      1. Finally. I hope this signals that Jason is really going to be good for Will and Kate.

  1. She actually worked and looked pretty. I love the dress and earrings. It’s a shame that this will be the most work that we will see this year. It’s a shame that I’m so happy as all she did was show up. But, for her, it’s progress. Still not happy with the hair and makeup.

  2. Hopefully this highlights what a difference clothes make to the apparent size of a pregnancy bump.

    In the coat it looks significantly larger than in the dress. All the conspiracy theories about prosthetic bumps magically changing size are explained away.

    Clothes make a difference, posture makes a difference, baby being active or not makes a difference.

    I am deeply uncomfortable with criticism of the size of a pregnant womans bump, regardless of who they are.

    1. Well put. Whoever came up with the faux bump conspiracy and then those who ran with it, yikes…I don’t know….have verbal diarrhea issues??!! Some things are better left not said. She looked wonderful today, I’m sure some of the glow attributed to a tropical getaway on the horizon…but I would be the same, I know it.

  3. Someone is definitely paying attention to the comments people are leaving about her. For each new appearance, it has been an improvement over the last and each improvement was something people commented/criticized about.

    The sad thing is this may well be the last we see of her until she gives birth, unless she comes back from Mustique and is booked into more appearances. Only time will tell.

    She did better today, but still has a way to go.

    1. I agree, someone must be reading the comments (Hi Jason!).

      Still some work to be done but it seems someone is making an effort. I think it may help Kate to step away from Carole for a bit and then maybe Kate will really blossom?

      I’m not sure about the very high shoes, not good for a pregnant woman plus it makes her tower over others. There was one photo with the coat off and Kate’s arms look very very thin. If photos add pounds then she is getting towards Angelina Jolie thin. Not a good look, especially if she is a role model to young girls plus I hate to think what it is doing to her general health!

      1. Absolutely right Cathy, right down the line. We have some doubters on here that Jason reads this blog but results speak for themselves.

    2. I’m actually surprised because it seems like she’s improved with each of the last three appearances and they’ve been so close together.

      In order to receive as little criticism for her vacation we all know she’s going to take, she should do a few appearances after she gets back, too.

      1. The press was very passive-aggressive last time around (2014). They made the point of stating in many articles that she was “tanned and glowing” from her two recent beach holidays, etc. to make sure the public reacted.

        1. The press also fanned the flames when they left George at home to go on vacation without him.

  4. This was definitely a win–let’s ck off the boxes:
    Wearing an appropriate length dress (some might say a little short but I thought it was great). Ck
    NO fly-UPS or sans panties. Ck
    No overdone clown makeup. Ck
    Didn’t criticize George. Ck
    Coat off! Bonus
    Three events! Bonus (1 hr each-sigh)
    No comments or speeches of note….X

  5. Another light blue coat?! Why not just wear the light blue McQueen coat? Frivolous spending with someone else’s money…

    I think Kate should have a personal dresser like the Queen does to make sure she dresses in many different colors and appropriate dress lengths, but I guess its up to the young royal women to wear designer brands in order to showcase British industry, the Queen isn’t expected to wear Marchesa, McQueen, Temperley, etc.

    I find it amazing that she can wear her hair away from her face when out shopping but not when going to charity visits.

    1. I can understand not wearing the McQueen coat, because it’s not maternity and wouldn’t fit her current body.

        1. I think her back is wider and she actually has breasts now (normally she has a very small chest). That and her face is fuller. I’m glad she isn’t forcing herself into her regular clothes, it looks ill-fitted – like the brown hobbs dress from last Friday.

        2. Even if she could fit into it, it would look like the other times she tried to fit into non-maternity clothes. She can fit into them, but they look off and people criticize her for it.

          I think she should have gone with the maternity jacket in another color. She doesn’t need multiple coats that look almost identical. She needs to switch it up.

  6. I love the colour of the coat. I would definitely adapt the coat design to a non maternity pattern with a small peter pan collar for myself this spring.

    So far, I am not very impressed with her jewelry.

  7. I’m terrified of public speaking myself so I sympathize with her. But, unlimited resources for coaching, the free time to work on herself, and fact that this is her job duty means she really needs to get on the stick and conquer that fear! Come on Duchess, 2015 new year’s resolution!!

  8. Kate looked absolutely beautiful!!! Perfection would have been to pull her hair back! Well done Kate! I agree with KW, its time for Kate to speak again!!!

  9. I like this outfit better than the ones last week, but I still wish that she would do something with her hair.

    I have been thinking about the eyeliner a bit over the weekend (Yes I do need to get a life) and for those of us who remember Diana in the early days, do you remember the blue eyeliner that she used to wear all the time? I remember there was an interview with the make up lady for her wedding who also did her makeup for a while after the wedding. I think that her name was Barbara Daly, she said that she would get Diana all ready to go and kept on trying to not put the eyeliner on but Diana would disappear for a bit and then come back with the dreaded eyeliner on and she would just laugh and tell Barbara that she couldn’t do without it.

    It did become very popular and as a teenager of the 80’s my friends and I all wore it too.

    I really wish that Kate could have stayed for longer at these places, three duties and each for an hour. Does she a timer that she puts on and when it goes DING she is off to the next duty?

    I agree this will probably be the last that we see of Kate officially. There will be pics of her getting on and of the plane from holidays but not in a work capacity.

    BTW if she wears red when presenting the spare to the world, you will hear my screams from Australia.

    1. After the engagement, it was a gentleman make up artist (don’t know his name) who “wanted to bring out” Diana’s blue eyes by using blue eyeliner.

    2. I remember that eyeliner too! Diana hit all the early 90s trends! Except for hair crimping (though I bet she could have pulled that off too!).

  10. I actually have no complaints for today’s outfit. I thought she looked perfect!! I see why people complain about her hair, but for today, I had no problem with it being down. Kate does have very nice hair and I thought it worked being down today. Plus it was really shiny today. I always wonder why she never wears it curly though and always straightens it. I would love to have naturally wavy hair. 🙂

    It is funny KMR you mentioned the McQueen coat. I thought it was at first glance. She owns so many similar coats. But I am glad she is wearing maternity clothes. They look so much better. I think Serpahine has very nice clothes, but I cannot imagine paying so much for items of clothing that you can only wear for a short period. But that is just me.

    Daily Mail has two videos and the first one shows her at I believe the second event. There is hardly a crowd there, only the media. You can see people just walking in the background on the sidewalk. Some people when they realize what is going on stop and take photos. But I thought it was interesting that she did not have her normal crowd today. Also, I believe we will see Kate at least once in February. It will be announced as her last appearance like they did with George. That’s my opinion anyway.

    1. I am shocked by the cost of most designer clothes, but I could never spend that much for a piece of clothing I would never be able to wear again. I’d buy the cheap stuff even if I were a duchess.

  11. Ditto about wearing the same color coat, but huzzah for actually wearing a maternity outfit. Both dress and coat were lovely, although I dislike the placement of the coat pockets. Now wouldn’t a nice patterned scarf looked great against all that blue? I’m thinking that Jason is hearing all the criticism about Kate wearing dull, dark colors during engagements and is dropping pearls of wisdom in her ear.

    And the baby moves during official duties? It sounds like it’s more eager to do work at public events than its mother, lol!

  12. For Kate, this is a very solid outing. If she would do this at least 3-5 times per week for a minimum of 85% of the year, I’d be very pleased with her progress. I hesitate to hold my breath, sadly.

    1. Not in 2015 anyway, she’s got that baby to use as an excuse not to work, which she willl take full advantage of. Here’s hoping for 2016.

    1. I am curious too, how did we find out of Kate at Bucklebury?
      This chick needs to grow-up and live at her own GROWN-UP home.

      She lived at her London flat and with William when single. Why can’t she manage now?
      Or is it that they are used to her just kinda being with William when he wants her to, and have his space to do his own thing? Kinda has her on-call or something? (yeah, it sounds horrible, sorry, but I would feel that way. Sorry.)

      1. It’s not horrible (to say), that’s how their relationship was. She was his beck-and-call girl for ten years before he finally put a ring on it. That’s why she had to be free and jobless, so she’d be available whenever Willy decided to call her up. I would imagine they largely live like that now, too.

        1. The sad thing is, I think had he managed to convince someone else to marry him, she still would have been his beck-and-call girl. I don’t think she would have recovered enough to find someone else and who would have wanted her after knowing how she’d been used by William? I’m sure Carole pointed this out to William before he finally proposed because I think he would’ve skipped away if he could have. Just speculation on my part.

      1. In that second one it looks like she is shopping again without George. Why do people think she is such a hands on mom? She seems to ditch him whenever she gets the chance.

        1. This may be why the RPOs illegally try to get people to delete photos they take with their cell phones. PR is desperate to spin one story, but the facts prove another.

  13. Two thoughts: 1) I am SO happy she went with a proper maternity dress and coat, they fit her so much better; and 2) I am SO happy she went with a lighter color today.

    Exactly my thoughts.

    I can’t understand why she hates maternity clothes. They truly are meant for pregnant women.

    She looks good in this outfit. The coat is cute (wt* not wearing a stinken coat in JANUARY but wearing them all stinken summer :|) and it is great she took it off. Good job Kate!

    Her last ugly-dull brown dress (non-maternity item) is proof that just because you can get yourself into a piece of clothing doesn’t mean you should actually wear it.

    1. “I can’t understand why she hates maternity clothes”

      Vanity. I truly think she was in mourning for her pre-pregnancy body.

  14. There is no excuse at all, why she doesnt give speeches, its boring just to see her walking around like a zombie not speaking at all!

  15. I feel like one big whiner. I liked the maternity coat – shape-wise – and was glad it was not a dark hue. However, the pale blue was so pale on her. The dress? I just hate patterns. I like pretty, solid, classic looking clothes. Maternity fashions are very lovely today. And, yes, they are made to show off the pregnant figure. So, good for Kate, wearing some maternity clothes.

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