Photos emerge of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George in Mustique

Photos emerge of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George in Mustique

As many of us hoped, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and the Middletons were photographed in Mustique by a paparazzi. The NY Daily News published them – go here to see all the photos. They include a photo of Pippa in a bikini (and a girl in a pink bikini in the foreground with a wedgie), as well as photos of William, in tragic neon green swim trunks, with Pippa, James, and Michael Middleton at the beach. Also there are two photos of Kate holding George’s hand as they and Nanny Maria are out walking. The photos are from the back and side, and Kate is carrying a large bag in front of her body, so we didn’t get a good shot of her baby bump that I was hoping for. I really wanted a bikini shot of Kate so we could see her belly. No word yet if William’s head has exploded. God I hope he complains. That’ll be hilarious.

Here are some Twitter embeds of the photos.

All I have to say about Nanny Maria being there is HA! In the reports in the papers about the trip, they said emphatically that Nanny Maria did not go with Will and Kate to Mustique (because Will and Kate are such hands-on parents that they didn’t need to bring the nanny). So ha, photographic proof that the papers were wrong. Of course they brought Nanny Maria, of course they did. Will and Kate can’t handle that baby on their own, plus they want to spend time vacationing and they can’t do that if they have to keep George from punching everyone all day.

BTW, in the second photo of Kate, she and Nanny Maria and George are walking by a beachwear store. Who knows if she actually went in, but if she did (and she is wearing a piece from the shop, which BTW is not maternity wear), damn the girl never stops shopping.  Also, is it weird that I kind of think Kate knew there was a photog there?  She’s looking directly at the camera.

While William has yet to complain, the royal reporters already have: from not being allowed to publish the photos in the UK to not having seen George in public (in the UK) since the day he left the hospital. I will say that it may not be a “the UK won’t publish unauthorized photos of the royals” thing but a “the NYDN has the exclusive rights to the photos” thing. We’ll have to wait and see if anyone else publishes the photos.

I know I said this above, but god I hope William complains. I need some “William blowing a gasket” humor in my life.

BTW, John Cleese got all pissy at the Daily Mail the other day for getting stuff wrong. He complained about the DM report on the Middleton birthday party, but also complained about the DM report on his book sales. He really hates the DM.

John Cleese Twitter

I have to say, Villa Rocina is really beautiful; I wouldn’t mind staying there for a weekend. Two full weeks? I’d get bored. But a weekend would be nice.

Mustique Villa Rocina 2

PS. There is a report in the John Cleese-hated DM that Prince Charles is worried about William’s closeness with the Middletons. Some highlights:

    Nothing will please Charles more than the arrival of a second grandchild this spring, and yet he knows that, just like 18-month-old Prince George, the new baby will be drawn into the warm embrace of the Middleton family.
    What worries the Prince of Wales is what those around him refer to as the ‘Middleton-isation’ of William, something he feels there is little he can do to change.
    Kate and William have always spent much of their spare time and holidays with her parents, Carole and Michael — even before George was born — and little time with Charles at Highgrove… There is no great bond between Camilla and Kate.
    When it comes to the Middletons, one has to ask: just what is Charles worrying about?
    What is noticeable is that William is clearly attracted to the easy-going, non-royal way the Middletons live, so different from the stiffly royal outlook of his father and so much more in line with an approach to life to which his mother, Diana, was introducing him and brother Harry.
    With the Middletons, William loves the family atmosphere he never knew and gets on well with his father-in-law, whom he calls Mike. He particularly enjoys the total absence of status…
    How ironic that William’s father, the man who wants to modernise the monarchy, finds his more traditional instincts aroused by the fear that, through the Middletons, William could be loosening the moorings of his royal roots…
    ‘William has always been a bit difficult with his father,’ says one of Charles’s former aides. ‘There are aspects of the way he runs his life that William doesn’t like.’

So what is Charles worried about? Is Charles worried about William (and George and the new baby when it’s born) becoming more Middleton than royal and therefore skirting royal duties and eventually bringing down the monarchy? Or is Charles worried that William is acting “more in line with an approach to life” that Diana was introducing him to? Is it about William preferring to be a lazy, entitled Middleton over a working royal, or is it about Diana? Because this piece kind of makes it sound like Charles is still hung up on his children preferring Diana, and her approach, over him. Yes, there is a Middleton-ization of William and it will destroy the monarchy, but if Charles is seeing that through an “I’m still envious of Diana” lens, then he’s not seeing what’s really going on and will not be able to change it.

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  1. I love being away at the beach, but 2 weeks is a long time to spend in one place.

    Pippa looks fit and healthy, but after the photos come out, I suspect someone in the group will hit the gym.

      1. Where do you see back fat? And if he did have back fat, so what? Criticizing Will and Kate for fashion choices and social faux pas and debating whether or not Kate has a bump is one thing…making fun of a person’s weight is tacky.

          1. If his new position as rescue pilot requires him to be in tip-top shape, then his overall conditioning would be worth pointing out.

          2. Back fat is fat, and if W’s physical fitness is on the table, then it is neither rude nor callous to point out that W’s is lacking. Its a debatable sign of HIS indolence, there’s no need to take it personally.

          3. I have a friend who is a paramedic/fire fighter. It doesn’t matter who is driving (or flying in this case). In an emergency it is all hands on deck and they are ALL required to be in top physical condition. They spend a great deal of their work hours working out and training, to ensure they are up to the challenge.

            If William isn’t up to the physical standard of all the other pilots and employees, it is one more example of how the rules are broken so he can play his petulant “I won’t do royal work” game.

          4. Ahh, ok. I didn’t realize “Two words Will: back fat. That is all.” was less about being rude and snarky, and more about genuine concern for those he is trying to save, and his ability to do his job.

            You do have a way with words.

            Got it.

          5. Oh I know dear. I was under the impression the blog was about pointing out the ridiculousness of some things WK do, not calling people fat (or anorexic) and making fun of people’s bodies. I know most posters here are above that 🙂

            Agree to disagree. Moving on.

            PS, ironically, I got shit on at HRHDuchessKate for being too negative and critical. Hmm. It’s so hard not being either extreme :p

          6. I started this when I complained about the word “fat” in reference to Will. I am sensitive about this because as a psychologist I see so many people…men and women…with body image issues and eating disorders. I realize I am snarky on here, especially about Kate, but it seems that I and others are critical of the choices she makes, not her actual body. I’ve been reading KMR for about a year and I don’t think I’ve ever read the word “fat” on here in relation to anyone….and I find that refreshing and admirable.

          7. @Steph: I’ve gotten criticized for being too negative on pro-Kate blogs (to the point of not being allowed to post a comment), and being too positive on anti-Kate blogs (to the point the venom directed at me and my comments forced me to stop visiting that site and create my own). And my comments haven’t changed. Like, I could post the same thing in two different places and get drastically different responses.

            @Dag: Re the discussion of weight, I know there has been a lot of discussion (and a few snarky comments about eating solids) about Kate’s weight on here and elsewhere, but for the most part on here it’s about wanting her to be healthy and thinking that she doesn’t look healthy most of the time. When she’s gained weight with her pregnancies, all I’ve seen are positive comments saying she looks better and healthier than when she’s not pregnant.

  2. Ha! This is why I love this blog; we’re all kind of simpatico in our thoughts on the W/K show. I posted on this at the bottom of the last thread, and I think you and I said pretty much the same thing. I, too, hoped we’d get a fit from Prince William, who seems to rival George in acting like a toddler.

    My favorite part is that Kate on the beach-in the one place where it actually *would* be appropriate to show some skin- somehow ends up being far more modest than she is at official events, when her dresses fly up, open up, etc.

    P.S. John Cleese, I love you. Don’t take that love away by defending the Mids! Even if the DM got the party wrong – discreet is one thing they are not.

    Also, I doubt Charles cares about William’s closeness to the Middletons. It’s been going on so long already.

    1. LOL William does throw more tantrums than George, and that’s saying something! I love that we think William’s tantrums are hilarious.

      I think it probably does hurt Charles that his son is closer to not him. That’s got to sting a parent, even if they never say anything.

      1. You are so right KMR, I bet Charles is more than a little hurt by W&K’s snub. I wonder if Charles tried to put his foot down with W&K regarding endless time off, expenses for two homes, etc? This could have caused quite a rift between father and son.

        1. Or if Charles cut Kate’s clothing budget or something. Or the ivory thing. Will wanted to destroy all the ivory the RF owns, and Charles was all, “I don’t think so”.

          1. Yeah, that made him sound as nutty as Charles talking to his plants. The royals don’t even own most of the ivory he wanted to destroy; they were part of the national art collection. Yeah Willy, save the ivory, shoot the animals.

          2. William is an absolute idiot, he really should keep his mouth shut. Destroying historical and artistic artefacts due to ideological reasons is an incredibly stupid thing to advocate. Then again, William was never know for his smarts.

      2. But Wills being close to the Middletons doesn’t preclude his being close with Charles. They always seem very warm when they’re pictured together. I guess nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors, though.

        1. Charles and William may have a nice relationship, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt Charles when William spends more time and seemingly prefers being with the Middletons. How would you feel if your child liked his/her in-laws more than you? Even if you’re close to the child, it’s got to sting a little. Especially for someone like Charles who was always the envious type.

  3. William loves his “total absence of status” with the Middletons? They wouldn’t have given him a second look if he didn’t have a title and riches. I wonder if he realizes that the “family atmosphere” he enjoys there is totally dependent on his being royal, no matter how much the Middletons say otherwise.

    1. Exactly. Whoever that source is just doesn’t understand the Midds and William’s relationship with them. Granted, I don’t think William does either.

    2. I’ve often wondered if the Mike and Carole would have been so supportive of Kate (supporting her zero work ethic and paying for vacations, etc) if she was dating the local mechanic for 8+ years without a ring? My guess would be no.

      1. And you would be correct. Carole had a plan for Kate to nab William, put into place as soon as William was born. I think everything Carole did from then on was designed to achieve that goal.

        1. Everyone in the world was reading about the state of Diana and Charles’s marriage and then Diana’s death. As horrible as it sounds I think that Ma Mids saw her chance and she grabbed it. I have no doubt that she gave Wills what he never had, a stable (well to his eyes, I am sure that there is great stage management behind the scenes) home life and a Happy Family outlook.

          I feel a bit sorry for Charles in respect to Wills. He was getting close to his sons, and then William went to St Andrews, and Charles was doing his duties and only saw Will on holidays and then I think that when Waity started hanging around less and less. Wills was drawn into the Pretend” perfect family of the Middletons and he liked it more than his own family and he wants to have that family.

          HOWEVER he cannot have it, as he is the next King and he has responsibilities and duties. Diana would be horrified about the amount of time that he has had off on vacations and she would be equally horrified about Waity’s laziness. Diana didn’t hate the Royal family, she grew up around it and respected it and she would never have approved of the way that W&K are behaving now.

          I have no doubt that Carole is directing the show and telling Waity how to deal with different members of the Royal family. She knows that it is simply a member of biding her time before Wills gets the throne and then no one will be able to say anything about the way that W&K behave.

          Charles should have words with Wills, but he does not like confrontation ( very much like the Queen) and he will let them get away with it which is a shame as it will reflect badly on the Royal Family.

          1. Uh no, many people will have a say in what Willy and Waity do if they become King and Queen. You don’t think the monarchy exists for its own health, do you? It exists for the Establishment: the politicians, the aristocracy, the senior clergy and the apparatus of senior officials at the Palaces. For example, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh wanted to use Buckingham Palace as a showplace and center for investitures, balls, etc., while living in Clarence House, as it was modern and comfortable. They were told by Winston Churchill and others: “Absolutely not, the people expect the monarch to live in Buckingham Palace. Start packing.” The Duke wanted a more active role in governance, sharing the Queen’s official duties, like Prince Albert had done with Queen Victoria. “Absolutely not. This is for Her Majesty’s eyes, not yours. Go sod off.” Ordinarily the name of the royal house would have changed to Mountbatten when the Queen came to the throne. Churchill absolutely loathed Louis Mountbatten, Philip’s uncle and many thought he was too liberal, too modernizing, like Philip himself (now everyone thinks Philip is a cantankerous rich, pampered reactionary but in 1952, not so much). Churchill spoke to the Queen Mother, who spoke to the Queen, who announced that in deference to her beloved father’s memory, the royal house would remain the House of Windsor. The Establishment pushed King Edward VIII off the throne because he was considered too sympathetic to Nazism and unconstitutional government. If Willy tries to push it too far, he will be removed as well, I absolutely guarantee it. Sometimes, times do change. The maintenance of the monarchy as a conservative, stabilizing force in the United Kingdom is one area in which time stands still. If Willy and Waity go too far, they will quietly be pushed out of the way and Prince Harry (who is a bit more traditional in this matter), will be made King.

          2. Seth, it won’t let me reply to your post for some reason.

            One of the reasons that the Queen and Prince Philip took so long to move from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace was the Queen Mum’s reluctance to move out. She did not want to move to Clarence house, she was holding out for Marlborough House which Queen Mary was living and she was hoping that when she died she could move in there. She also wrote to the new Queen asking her to give her some more time to move, so it was not a case of the Queen and Prince Philip wanting to stay at Clarence house, they just had to wait until the Queen Mum was good and ready, which was we all know she took her time about.

            I feel sorry for Philip and they house of Mountbatten should have been brought in when the Queen inherited the throne, but the Queen Mother played on the Queen’s feelings and emotions. The same as her work. The Queen Mum helped out King George VI and a few people think that she was the actual power behind the throne. It is no secret that she hated Prince Philip and did everything in her power to keep him away from helping the Queen and this caused a lot of trouble in their marriage.

            I do agree though that yes that the government and others do have a say in what happens with the monarchy. I have pre ordered the new book about Charles and from what I have heard he plans to modernise the monarchy, so if he goes ahead with what he wants and people don’t like it then they might go to Wills and Waity and if they don’t like them, then hopefully Harry. I really would love to see Harry become King, I think that he would be a lot better than Wills.

            Edward VIII was sympathetic to the Nazis but it was Wallis that was his undoing. She was also a sympathiser and this was one of the big reasons that he had to go. The government might have bought him around by himself, but once she got her hands on him it was over

          3. Tanya-Your post did come through. What I’ve read is that the Queen Mother was loathed to leave Buckingham Palace and called Clarence House “that horrid little place”. I’ve also read along with that, that Prince Philip had just installed paneling in his study at Clarence House and had it removed and put in his study at Buckingham Palace, b/c he and the Queen so loathed moving there. Also that the Queen Mother had a mantel or something in Buckingham Palace that the late King had put in for her, so it was ripped out and removed. I also don’t think she necessarily “hated” Prince Philip; I think she disliked his German relations b/c of the death of her beloved brother Fergus during the First World War and was wary of the influence of Lord Mountbatten. She was a very, deeply conservative woman and Philip was considered quite radical for that day. We will have to disagree about whether the Queen and the Duke really wanted to move to Buckingham Palace from Clarence House or whether Churchill insisted and played on the Queen’s inexperience and naiveté.

          4. I think that Wallis was a convenient excuse to remove Edward VII. He was deeply distrusted by his own government for his political sympathies with a foreign power that many politicians predicted would become an enemy to Britain. The last king that was so deeply distrusted by his own government was the Catholic James II. When his Catholic queen gave birth to a male heir, he promptly got the boot.

            In a constitutional monarchy it is the government that holds the real power and if a monarch or an heir is distrusted they will get rid of him. The same happend in Denmark where Frederik IX’s brother and heir was though unsuitable as a future monarch. That was changed with the public referendum of 1953 where female inheritance was written into the constitution, which resulted in the king’s eldest daughter becoming heir and later sovereign as Queen Margrethe II.

          5. I agree with you ArtHistorian. The monarch reigns with the consent of Parliament since the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Parliament can regulate the succession to the Crown. There are many formal and informal ways they can control the monarch.

      2. Oh hell no. They probably would have kicked her out on her ass if Will wasn’t “going to be king”.

        1. Oh I just love this blog–so many well informed people. I would love to see Wimpo blow a gasket over these photos–I hope there are more to come–especially of Kate without a coverup. It is fabulous to know that the powers that be could remove the Lazy Duo and replace them with Harry. Ohh, please, please say that is a possibility. Wimpo and Wasty are not royal material and if Charles can not do anything about it, hopefully the powers that be will take matters into hand. Bill does not want to be king so why not just step aside–except for the Viper pushing him in that direction. I can not see the Viper and her gang hanging out with the Lazy Duo as king and and consort the way that they do now-oh no, no, no. Harry is more suited to be king. Long live King Harry!!

  4. If Charles is worried, I think it’s more about the BRF becoming the Middleton’s than anything else. And to be honest it bothers me too.

    And I call me cynical but I think they knew about the photographer.

      1. Kate does seem to have a 6th sense about when there is a camera pointing at her. Was this another “Niraj Tanna” type coincidence that Kate just happened to be walking down that path?

      2. I may be wrong, but to me it looks like Kate places herself on the edge of the group during the Christmas church walks. I realize they are supposed to walk behind certain members of the BRF, but Kate seems to place herself on the outside of the group closest to the photogs.
        She seems very aware of cameras, not in a watching out to see if they are around, but playing to the camera (i.e. the big open mouth smile so frequently seen).

  5. They had to bring Maria as they always voice disdain over George. Apparently he is an absolute terror in their eyes. William looked like a dork. He used to be so cute. Kate, um, no sign of a bump. Why? Because her caftan is falling flat in the front. If I had that kind of money, I would love to go to Mustique.

    1. I had a crush on Will back circa 2002. He looks terrible now.

      Re Kate: I was thinking that same thing. That cover-up is not maternity, so it should be pulling like terrible in the front due to her belly, but it’s not. Ugh. I really wanted to see a bikini pic that would put the surrogate rumors to bed, but this is just adding to those.

      1. But this would mean she is parading around in front of shop staff with a flat stomach? Would she really do that?

        I think the dress is just light and clingy, and I don’t think at 6 1/2 months along, she is going to be that big anyways.

        1. I would hope not, Steph. I really hope I’m wrong about that, I do. It just seems weird that a non-maternity dress that should be pulling in front due to her belly, isn’t. And yes, she has a big enough belly that it should be pulling. I really want a bikini shot to clarify everything.

          1. Believe me, I am not trying to defend Kate, just bringing up possibilities concerning Kate wearing non-maternity clothing.
            First she is tall and has a long torso. I have noticed her in photos next to shorter women (all without shoes) and the top of her leg hits at the same spot as the shorter woman).
            Also, since the baby gains the most weight in the last third of the pregnancy, these may all be reasons why she often wears clothing from regular lines. I have had friends with the same tall thin body type and they wore regular clothing in one size up for most of their pregnancy.

          2. She is not that tall, really around 5’6″. It is the fanatics who insist she’s 5’10”. Look for the rare photo of her standing in flats next to William.

          3. GA: She does have a long torso, but she’s actually not that tall. It’s her enormous heels that make her seem tall, and the press lie about her height. When she’s in flats, she’s very short next to Will.

            And for the record, I don’t actually want the surrogate rumors to be true. I think the rumors can get pretty nutty, but some of the things she does doesn’t make a sense to me.

      2. Meanwhile, HRHDuchessKate has identified her beach wear as a $460 crepe de chine shirt dress. Because that’s what “normal” people wear to the beach – $400+ silk dresses. Personally I dislike wearing silk because it is always too hot / doesn’t breathe like cotton.

        And why isn’t the baby wearing a hat????

        1. To play devil’s advocate, Prince Grumpy Face could have ripped the hat off, or threw a fit, when they tried to put it on him. George would probably punch Kate in the face if she did something he didn’t like. I really want to see that now.

          1. Like when they insisted that the car seat on the AU/NZ trip be placed face-forward – in defiance of the manufacturers instructions and the local regulations.

            Sometimes, you do things your kid doesn’t like, because as the parent you are supposed to be responsible for their safety. He doesn’t like the sun hat, too bad. Buy one with a chin strap and put it on him. He screams, you take him out of the sun. The parents are in charge, not the child.

            That American astrologer may be correct. This child will end up even more spoiled, self-centered, tantrumy, and world-hating than William.

          2. That’s how it *should* be, Pence, but that’s probably not how it is. Will and Kate are too lazy and hate how noisy he is, so they wouldn’t bother with proper parenting and playing the long game, instead they’d just give in to shut him up. Hell, maybe that’s why he’s so noisy is because he knows they’ll give him whatever he wants if he throws a tantrum. And they’ve probably instructed Nanny Maria to do the same, or criticized her when she didn’t do what they did, so he’s probably not getting a ton of discipline from anyone.

          3. I think George is just a naturally happy, exuberant little boy who makes noise because he can. Unfortunately that clashes with his parents seeming choice of just sliding quietly around each other. Personally I’m hoping they join in and play with him, but it could be that if the cameras aren’t on they don’t. I really hope that’s not the case because if it is it really throws a giant wrench into the whole William spends time with the Midds because he wants the close family life that Charles and the RF didn’t give him. Why treat your child the way you supposedly hate?

          4. It doesn’t seem like William spends all that much time with George. George is with Kate and Nanny Maria while William is off being anywhere that’s not with Kate.

            Re acting toward others in a way one supposedly hates: William saw what Charles’ cheating did to Diana, yet that never stopped Will from cheating on Kate.

    2. Here is how I picture Wasty and Wimpo handling George: nice in public in front of cameras–but as soon as they are away from the cameras, they toss George to the Maria, grab their booze and cig and do their thing. George –and any subsequent “offspring” will only get real love and affection from someone paid to do it.

  6. Why do people keep misrepresenting what Diana did? Revisionist history. She wasn’t raising them to be “normal”, that was made clear in many articles. She wanted them to have the opportunity to do normal everyday things like go to Disneyland or the local pizza joint, but she was raising them to know and accept their royal role. She didn’t hate the royal family; she embraced it and her role.

      1. The DM article. “Journalists” have perpetuated this false idea for years, just another way to make her look bad. She wasn’t a saint, but she did try to get William and Harry to accept their roles without denying them “revolutionary” (by royal standards) things like trips to the corner shop.

          1. I know, I get so angry about the lies made up. Diana talked all the time about wanting Will to be a king of everyone, to understand their lives and not be so insulated like the BRF was. The sad irony is, she changed that family–they touch people more now, visit personally with the poor and other challenges whereas it was more of a photo op. Yet here is her flesh and blood forgetting who he was. I blame the Midds for that. William needs to wake up

        1. Ah.

          I guess only the “trips to the corner shop” sunk in and the “accept their roles” bit was lost on William.

    1. A former aide of Diana’s said that she had an obsession with being “normal” without knowing what she meant by that. Anyways, “normality” is not an absolute concept, it depends entirely on the circumstances one is raised and live in. I think that both Diana had and William has an idea of “normality” as something middle-class without actually knowing who the ordinary, non-wealthy middle-class people actually live (and work!). That’s why W&K’s PR is so ludicrous. They live in their little bubble of privilege, dodge their public duties as much as they are able and think themselves “normal” like the average middle-class citizen. They’re not because they’ve never done much real work, never taken care of themselves and they’ve never ever had to worry about jobs or money. They have no idea of how most of the ordinary people of Britain live.

      1. I agree with you, but remember how comfortable Diana was going into poor places and just relating as a human being. She got it that money or lack of gives us different environments, but we’re all just people–the rich guy with AIDS has better drs and comfort but he’s just like the poor guy with AIDS- it sucks. That’s why I loved her. She could have been, and was billed as a stupid, insular little dreamer girl, but she was strong and had a good vision for Will. Charles was an idiot.

  7. I wonder how much longer the British press will continue to not print candid shots of the Cambridges, as I see candid shots of Zara and Mia in the DM quite frequently. I can’t imagine the American press tolerating that type of censorship.

    I found that article about the Middleton-isaton of William pretty interesting. As Lisa mentioned above, if I were Charles I would certainly worry that the BRF is becoming more like the Middleton’s. In the past the royal family has been accused (rightly so) with being out of touch with the common folk. But I fear that during William’s reign many of the traditions and pomp and circumstance that make the BRF so special will be cast aside.

    1. It is interesting that they are willing to publish pics of Zara and her baby, while pics of W&K&G are off limits. Maybe because Zara uses her status to celebritize herself and her kid? She has given interviews about her kid.

      The problem with “modernizing the monarchy” in general is that if you take away what makes the monarchy “special” (ie. the traditions and pomp and circumstance and aloofness) then you take away the reason to keep it.

      1. I don’t think it is Zara celebritizing Mia. Peter and Autumn do not scream in protest when their kids are photographed. Anne’s kids seem to have accepted that they are publicly-recognized no matter what they do. Just get on with life rather than protest and make the family look bad. I don’t think Lady Sarah Chatto or Linley protest when their kids are photographed.

        1. Honest question, do Peter and Autumn’s kids (and Lady Sarah Chatto’s kids and Linley’s kids for that matter) ever get photographed? I don’t think I’ve ever seen photos of them.

          1. The Chattos’ kids were the page boys at Willy and Waity’s wedding. I’ve seen several pictures of Savannah Phillips and maybe Isla as well. But they aren’t photographed as much b/c the paps don’t care about them; it’s all about Kate’s ass and Georgie Porgie’s grumpy face. Even if they took pictures, most people probably wouldn’t know who they are.

      2. Maybe pics of W&K&G are off limits because of George’s brown eyes–that issue has yet to be resolved and many people in upper class society of GB are talking about it endlessly–at least that is the impression I gather from the blogs I read from that area. Additionally, they have developed a severe dislike of Kate Middleton–from what I have read. Where once they were tolerant and would even admonish their children for speaking negatively about her, now they are the ones coming down so negatively on her. If the Lazy Duo do no wake up, they may end up like Edward and Wallis and that would be fine with me.

  8. I’m pretty sure Kate knew the photographer was there. What do you want to bet that she carried that huge bag around with her all the time to hide her belly?

    Two things that I found interesting from the article were the fact that Kate doesn’t have much of a relationship with Camilla, but it also sounds like William doesn’t have a great relationship with his dad. In some ways, I would find that surprising, but in some ways, I think that would make a lot of sense.

    1. I think if Will had been in any way close to his dad, he wouldn’t have fallen so hard into the Middleton trap. And of course the Middletons have just driven an even bigger wedge between Will and his dad, no doubt. And of course Kate wouldn’t bother having a relationship with Camilla; Kate’s too codependent on her own mother to have any sort of relationship with another mother-figure.

      I agree it definitely seems like Kate knew the pap was there.

        1. My question is, why has Camilla taken out the Middleton’s? If anyone’s got the brains and muscle to take out the trash, it’s her. Sophie could hold the door.

    2. It seemed to me that Kate and Camilla were on their way to having a nice relationship in the lead up to the wedding, the lunch, the bracelet. Who knows maybe Carole didn’t like that too much and pulled back on the apron strings. I always felt that Will and Charles had a fairly decent relationship, too bad it’s fallen by the wayside. I think it would behoove William to patch that up because when he becomes the PoW, who better to learn from than the man who really built up that position. Of course, William already knows everything anyhow so maybe he feels that he doesn’t need his father anymore.

      1. You could be right Lauri. Carole doesn’t want anyone else influencing Kate and Camilla would be a good role model for her as far as work ethic and getting it right at royal functions. But that would pull Kate more into the RF and out of her clutches. Same thing with William and Charles, she needs total control.

      2. Lauri, I agree with you. Carole would not want someone else influencing Kate (assuming she orchestrated the Kate & William show), especially if it meant Kate would be more distant.

      3. I seem to remember when the story about Kate having lunch with Camilla came out, there were grumblings in the comments from people who still hated Camilla and thought Kate was dishonoring Diana by being close to Camilla. Maybe Carole read those comments and put the kibosh on Kate’s relationship with Camilla because of that? Just a theory.

        1. That is an idea. I did wonder about that lunch date… what on Earth was said… and noticed they have not had any “girl date heart to hearts” since…

          1. Camilla probably tried to be nice and give advice about being a royal wife, and Kate probably ran home to Carole and told her everything (of course) and then Carole forbade Kate from getting close to Camilla. Or something like that.

  9. I was wondering if anyone knew the sleeping arrangements.
    It’s a four bedroom house. 1 bedroom for the parents. 1 for William and Kate. 1 for the baby and nanny and one for the brother and sister? Maybe the dad and son and mother and daughter share rooms?

    1. I don’t actually know for sure, but one article did say that there was a room with two twin beds that Pippa and James shared (I can’t remember which one it was at the moment).

      1. Makes me wonder if there isn’t some kind of mediation going on with the Midds there. Or they can’t afford a separate place.

    1. If you’re interested, you can find images of him urinating in public, exposing himself. Yes he did that, and yes he was photographed. And no, not going to help you find them.

      1. Um. No thanks. No desire at all to see the royal knob (his literal one, as opposed to Wills himself, who usually just *acts* like a royal knob).

      2. I googled it, not expecting anything to show. OMG. Now I know what it looks like. No blurring or censors, OMG OMG. I feel so gross. SO GROSS.

        I’m sorry if this sounds so immature

    1. I desperately want that to be satire, but, unfortunately, I think the writer is sincere. That line about three! engagements! in a row! on a single day made me laugh, since we all know what Kate’s working life really looks like.

      1. Even if she had three engagements on a single day, it hardly makes hard working like they want to portray. I bet then she took three WEEKS off to “recover”. The Queen has at least one engagement every day, whether meeting with an ambassador or member of her Government, the Princess Royal and the Prince of Wales have multiple engagements daily, four or five days a week. And as KMR has stressed, it’s not as if these are strenuous things. She goes for an hour (or less), plays with her hair, rolls her eyes and acts bored as Hell, then leaves.

        1. Exactly. Looking at Anne’s calendar, she has pages of engagements already arranged. She wants to be there, and the places she’s visiting want her there, because they know they’ll have a quality visit from someone who cares about their work. Anne has substance. Kate has clothing.

          1. I don’t give a s*** on the closer magazine!
            It isn’t a serious Newspaper. Just another stupid story!

            Oh my God!

            Oh how her life must be disappointing at some points. Nothing really important to do, except shopping. But wait, she could start a new…. but when will this happen…. Really sad, she is for sure a intelligent woman, but she doesn’t uses her brain and her status for really necessary and important issues!!! How can a person be so ignorant?

    2. LOL. Killed two birds with one stone on that one. Kate’s so busy she doesn’t have time to eat and that’s why she’s so bloody thin!

    3. LOL I love how they use a photo from February 2014 as the header photo in that article about a current pregnant Kate.

      “Kate has never been so busy,” an insider tells ‘Closer.’ “She wants to be an example to other working mothers.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      ‘When she’s rushing around, she ends up burning too many calories rather than conserving her energy.” Or she could try, you know, eating solids.

      LOL Thanks for the laugh, I needed that.

      1. I actually do think Kate looks like she gains weight during pregnancy. Her face, arms, and legs seem significantly heavier. Not that this a bad thing! It’s just one of the reasons why I have a hard time understanding the surrogate rumors – she’s so incredibly stick-thin most of the time, but during pregnancy she’s markedly heavier overall.

        1. Cortisone is notorious for making a person gain weight quickly. Once it is stopped, the weight falls away just as fast. Cortisone ‘moonface’ is a well known side effect of that drug. So just because she looks ‘heavy’ does not mean she is pregnant. I would argue the opposite. Any woman that thin is probably not ovulating, so how could she become pregnant? Some people have noticed baby fuzz on her face–another symptom of amenorrhea.

          1. Prednisone is another steroid that makes you pick up weight, especially in the face (the wonderful “moon face”). I’ve been through enough rounds with it to know all about the side effects.

          2. But the logic of this argument doesn’t hold. If Kate is willing to take that amount of corticosteroids for nine months -something which I don’t believe any doctor would go along with unnecessarily, as these drugs can have significant side effects -why wouldn’t she just get pregnant for real, or put on some weight to get pregnant? It just doesn’t make sense.

            As for a woman that thin not being able to get pregnant, I disagree. Every person’s system is different. I was anorexic as a teen, but was still menstruating. I am still quite thin and can menstruate. I have very thin friends who got pregnant. Sometimes even thin people who can’t menstruate can get pregnant.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Kate fan (clearly, or I wouldn’t be here), but I don’t see why people think she wouldn’t get pregnant. Obviously it’s not to avoid weight loss. Plus, after having George she’s never been as thin as she was at the height of her weight loss — when she went on the Canada/Los Angeles tour.

            And let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a lot of smarts to get pregnant, so she can at least get credit for that :). Some of the “Kate really isn’t pregnant” arguments veer into conspiracy theory territory, and I’d like to think we can be logical, reasoned, critical thinkers here. Even on a gossip blog. Just my 2c.

          3. “conspiracy theory territory, and I’d like to think we can be logical, reasoned, critical thinkers here. Even on a gossip blog. Just my 2c.” I think that’s verging on an attack. You may think it is “conspiracy theory territory” but that is your opinion – all are welcome to their opinions.

            IMO there are logical reasons for thinking a woman with yo-yo dieting tendancies, who is severely underweight, smokes, drinks, and has partied hard for years *might* have difficulty getting pregnant. Every woman is different. Just because you know thin people who have gotten pregnant doesn’t mean every thin woman can get pregnant.

          4. @Pence: it is a conspiracy theory, is it not? It is a theory that W&K conspired to fake a pregnancy.

          5. All too often those words are thrown out by sugars to shut down discussion. Too many other boards and forums have shut down freedom of speech on some W&K issues, because so many screech “conspiracy theory” and attack those who have differing views.

            It is logical to think she had her own biological child. It is also logical to think that someone with her apparent health issues may have had difficulty conceiving. Why attack the people with different opinions? Just state your opinion while others state theirs. Don’t attack their opinions and state only people who agree with your version are “logical, reasoned, critical thinkers” That’s my point.

        2. @My2Pence, I should just leave this issue, but I feel compelled to respond to your nasty post. The only one attacking anyone is you, against me. I never attacked anyone; I just asked for some concrete evidence to back up this “Kate didn’t really have George” theory, because honestly, I’ve never seen anything but “Oh she’s thin, so she couldn’t have really been pregnant,” which has very little factual basis.

          “People are entitled to their own opinions” -yes, but they’re not entitled to their own facts. Asking someone for some concrete evidence to back up their opinion -especially when that opinion is a pretty extreme one- is not an attack. And comparing me to one of Kate’s defenders because you don’t like that I asked for facts is a cheap trick.

          Finally, as a thin woman who’s had years of fertility struggles and has been on the receiving end of many thoughtless comments, including people who decided unilaterally that I must not want kids because I want to stay thin, let me just say this one last thing: fertility is one of the most sensitive issues for women, and even someone as lousy as Kate deserves the benefit of the doubt about having her own children unless there is actual evidence to indicate otherwise. Since you’re so concerned about your fellow posters, try showing some sensitivity to those of us who are struggling with that and don’t appreciate the blithe dismissal of thinness and problems in that area.

          1. I know these struggles myself personally as well, and I only have empathy for anyone else who has gone through it. I know that no words or expressions of empathy make any difference when you’re at the bottom of the well knowing there may be no solution.

            There is nothing dishonorable if she needed help, just like there is nothing unwomanly if Charlene needed help. I’m tired of those opinions, even as I recognize that other people have every right to those opinions. And opinions do not require facts. No one is required to produce facts to prove their opinion, because that goes against the meaning of opinion.

            Unless any of us is Middleton herself, all we have is opinions and no facts can be produced on either side.

            To me it read like an attack on another poster’s right to have their own opinion. Even if you disagree with the opinion and you think they’re illogical – they still have the right to that opinion. Again, opinions do not require factual proof, it is your opinion based upon what you think and you’re not required to prove it. The phrase “logical, reasoned, critical thinkers” is not limited to people who agree with you.

          2. No one owes you any explanation of their opinions. How about you get out of your feelings and stop taking other people’s opinion(s) of someone who is not you, personally. Also stop putting words into other people’s mouths because I’ve not seen one person who disbelieves that Kate was never pregnant, this time or last time, say that there was anything wrong with women/couples who need help getting pregnant.

          3. Oh for heaven’s sakes, you all take this way too seriously. Whether it is a massive conspiracy so vast in scope and so dark in infamy as to dwarf all previous conspiracies or whether she is simply a thin woman who doesn’t gain much weight when pregnant, really doesn’t matter. 🙂 She and her family seem to think she’s having a baby sometime in April and I think that’s what matters. You all can spend as much time arguing with each other over whether it’s a conspiracy or whether you’ve all insulted each other, I don’t really care and I suspect no one aside from yourselves care. Continue to argue your respective points. It doesn’t matter a hoot and holler to the rest of the world. 🙂

          4. Yet you care enough to comment.

            Anyway, what two of us is taking seriously is opinions being stomped on simply because someone else doesn’t agree with it. It’s more basic principal than anyone giving a flying fuck whether others disagree with kate not being pregnant or whether or not you or anyone else cares about the theory.

          5. Very mature Sholux. Why all this passion about something so trivial? No Meals on Wheels to deliver today? I’ve never heard or used the ‘f word’ before. Very mature of you. And it’s the “principle” of the matter to you. A ‘principal’ at least in the U.S., is an administrator at a grade school. But you have certainly persuaded me with your liberal use of profanity and misspelled words. I salute you kind friend!

          6. Pardon me for butting in here, but there were rumors–not conspiracy theories-but rumors that Kate was indeed pregnant in –was it 2007–the year before Will broke up with her –she was rumored to have had an abortion. Now, based on that we can assume that at that time–when she was heavier she was able to conceive. Perhaps it was the abortion that she had when Ma took her out of the country and she came to Will’s graduation in the red coat-maybe it was that abortion that threw a wrench into an already bad situation which left her open to conspiracy theories about test tube babies etc. No one has mentioned that abortion as being a factor in why she may not be able to conceive.

  10. I think William does crave the normality of a stable family life which was so different from his own. Maybe that is what attracted him to Kate’s family and maybe her, apart from thinking she was hot looking. William looks like he wants to be anywhere but in Mustique and far away from Kate has he can be. William should not forget who he is and Kate should learn to be more royal and spend less time with her parents.

    1. I agree Laura. He must have guy friends with normal families, one of their mommies could have filled in. The Queen really missed it here letting the Middleton Mafia in.

        1. Hi KMR, I agree 100% with you. While losing one’s mother, especially so young, is tragic, the RF dropped the ball in so many ways. I imagine guilt played a large factor in how W&H were raised after Diana’s death. Well they are certainly reaping the rewards of all their leniency now, William absolutely won’t listen to any advise or do anything other than what he wants to do. Sad really.

          1. Yes and an insult to the mother he adored. As previously posted, Diana did raise her sons to understand what the average person faces, but she also wanted them to do justice to their royal roles.
            William really is caught in the Middleton web and Carole has made certain that he stays trapped. It’s sad. I think he truly wants to feel the warmth of family, but is possible that the “family closeness” of the Middletons is an act to really keep him tied to them, just as Kate is so tied to Carole.
            Grow up, W&K. You have an adorable son and a babe on the way. It’s time to strike out on your own and do the types of work that merit praise.

    1. Ok KMR, now everyone can pony up with bet placing based on your poll results! I bet she’ll wear something pinkish for loser Jason to stroke “she’s having a girl.”

    2. Kate doing some work on the 18th! Happy birthday to me!

      Of course, this strenuous labor will require significant recovery time at Bucklebury.

    1. Are the same photos plus one new when they are in the sea: pw,pippa,james and two friends!
      i ask myself pw must be with kate and george enjoying the sun,the beach like a normal family,is so strange

  11. Ah, an upcoming event for Kate to attend! She will be well-rested and refreshed after her holiday!
    Let’s see if she drags out the dark and somber colors again, or if bold hues will be worn. Love the comment about pink for a girl. Funny! Whatever she wears, everyone will be looking for the bump!

    1. Oh, that’s funny! This woman is ALWAYS well-rested. Her Patronus would be a garden snail, sloth, or Gila monster. If she could ever work hard enough to master that charm that is.

      Unless you mean she gets exhausted doing all of that shopping and going to the hair dresser?

  12. The ironic thing is, is that with William being so reclusive and demanding absolute privacy, it’s actually increasing the price and demand for paparazzi photos. If he allowed a photo call at the beginning of their vacation and didn’t hide George away through the year, there wouldn’t be the same demand for photos.

    1. It happened this morning. Charles did the investiture and said he was a fan of Mantel’s book, Wolf Hall.

      1. Wolf Hall and the sequel Bring Up the Bodies are great books – I highly recommend them. Mantel is an extremely talented writer. She has also written a novel about the French Revolution, A Place of Greater Safety.

          1. Historical fiction of outstanding quality – Mantel won the Booker Prize TWICE for these books, which is practically unheard of. They tell the story of Henry VIII’s advisor Thomas Cromwell – he worked for Cardinal Wolsey before his fall, he was instrumental in the downfall of Anne Boley and he brokered the marriage to Anne of Cleves, which eventually became his downfall because Henry didn’t like her and wanted to marry katherine Howard instead.

            I’m looking forward to the TV-series where Damian Lewis plays Henry VIII. I can’t remember who plays Cromwell but I think that Jonathan Pryce plays Wolsey.

          2. I love historical fiction as well. I’ll also recommend that you try out Barry Unsworth (another Booker Prize Winner) – his novel “The Ruby in her Navel” is astounding – it is set in the medieval Norman kingdom of Sicily at a time when both Jews and Arabs lived side by side with Latin and Orthodox Christians.

            I can also recommend A.S. Byatt’s “The Children’s Book”, which is set among the bohemian artist class in the Edwardian age leading up to WWI.

            Susan Holloway Scott’s novels about Sarah Churchill and the various mistresses of Charles II and James II are also worth a read.

            Sena Jeter Naslund has written a really good novel about the life of Marie Antoinette, titled “Abundance”. It is written in the present tense, which takes abit getting used to but it is materful the way the language becomes more and more rich and mature as Marie Antoinette grows up from a girl to a woman.

          3. You should read Jane Murray’s “Kings and Queens of England.” It’s a guidebook but it reads like a fabulous novel. She made the history come alive.

  13. Could carole have been kate surrogacy,many mothers do this for her daughters and george looks so much with mike middleton and have his brown eyes!!!(Carole had a prominent belly when she left the hospital !!! )

    1. I am completely deleting that mental image.
      I think Kate is pregnant but don’t see for the life of me how George was decently plump.

    2. No, never! I absolutely disagree! Sorry!
      I think Kate is really pregnant.

      I don´t agree with such surrogate-visions…

        1. Margaretty, Carole just turned 60. She was in her late 50s when George was conceived and born. There is no biological way Carole could have conceived that, or any, baby at this point in her life. **Assuming she had already gone through menopause.

          1. Here i know have many women that conceive late 50 for exemple an actress here get pregnant with 55 and she suffered bullying just because get pregnant in 55 without ivf !

      1. Kmr here in Brasil the press is saying that kate and bill said they have to stop in this baby and dont want more children because “hg” that made kate suffer too much is that true???

          1. I guess whether or not one believes this story depends on whether or not one believes Kate actually had HG with either George or the new kid. I personally don’t believe she had HG.

      1. Does look much different from the Kate of today.
        As for Carole having George for Will and Kate? Are your serious, Margaretty7?
        I think kmr responded clearly and well!!
        If Kate used a surrogate, it sure wasn’t Carole.
        I do think Kate is pregnant and was with George, but as previously stated, it amazed me that George weighed as much as he did. This baby might be much smaller.

          1. we will know if he is a Windsor male if he grows up to have sausage fingers like Charles–if he does not grow up with those fingers–you will know something was not right. My granddaughter has my husband’s hands and feet–you can not escape genetics

          2. George could grow up to look just like Kate or her parents. Middleton does make up half his genes.

  14. Anybody who believes the surrogate theory has to stop believing the ‘Carole engineered the relationship’ story because a woman who planned her way into the royal family isn’t going to risk a surrogacy knowing her child/grandchild is automatically disinherited should anyone find out the truth.

      1. I was going to comment on that! For some reason, the combo of Wills and a Cath Kidston floral print that my grandmother-in-law would just adore cracks me up.

  15. The DM write-up is a plethora of excuses and applause. I get a laugh out of thinking of Jason sitting in a woman’s dress, writing under his pseudonym about how down-to-earth W&K are-The future King carrying his own bag! (cue idiot sighing). An interesting note- even the DM criticized PG saying he was overtired aka cranky. I noticed in the pic where Kate is carrying him (so she can seem like a caring mom?) that he’s looking over her shoulder. I’m wondering if he wanted Nanny Maria and was like, “who the heck are you?” to Kate. If they dump him off all the time, he’s not going to want them, and then they get mad because he’s not like a pet.

  16. Love that observation about Nanny Maria, Sugar! I saw Wimpo show him affection at the Bilbey exhibit in Australia, but have never seen Wasty do any thing but clap her hands at him. The only true affection he gets is probably from Nanny and possibly Viper.

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