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Carole is the 3rd person in Will & Kate’s marriage: The weird press war continues?

So the weird Daily Mail press war continues? There is a new article in the DM about how there are three people in Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s marriage: Will, Kate, and Carole Middleton. My first thought: At least it’s not Jecca Craig, amirite, Kate?

British Royals Kate Middleton Middletons Prince William

What’s with the weird press war between Prince Charles and Carole Middleton?

It seems like the press (specifically the Daily Mail) has had an interesting relationship with the Cambridges lately. There has been a slew of press revolving around the unholy quadrangle of Prince Charles, Carole Middleton, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. This is following elephant-gate on the final day of William’s tour of China, and word […]

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