Carole is the 3rd person in Will & Kate’s marriage: The weird press war continues?

Carole is the 3rd person in Will & Kate’s marriage: The weird press war continues?

So the weird Daily Mail press war continues? There is a new article in the DM about how there are three people in Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s marriage: Will, Kate, and Carole Middleton. My first thought: At least it’s not Jecca Craig, amirite, Kate?

This article was posted in the comments of the last post and some of you guys already commented on it, so i hope you don’t mind I’m making it it’s own post (as suggested, thanks Red Snapper!). I’m going hearkening back to an old format I haven’t used in a while with bullet point italicized quotes and then I’ll give my own commentary separated by a ‘–‘. I’m excerpting quite a bit here.

  • “Slightly distrustful (even of staff), a little introverted, family-minded and determined to be good parents, Kate and William have, according to one source, formed ‘an insular unit’ with her parents ‘in which they are quite happy with a quiet life with each other’.” — My god William needs to get over his crippling distrust of people.
  • “‘Indeed,’ adds the source, ‘You could say that Kate and William, unlike most couples with a set of in-laws, feel most at their ease and happiest with her parents around. Tensions dissipate and there’s a party atmosphere.’” — So basically, Will and Kate don’t like being alone together?
  • “So close are Carole, Kate and William that another source says: ‘There are three people in that marriage, a result of Kate feeling quite ill at the beginning of this pregnancy and exhausted all the way through. She has relied on Carole.” — LOL
  • “‘If the Middletons have hijacked the Cambridges, then one can only say that William rather likes it.’ Carole, apparently, knows never to overstep the mark. ‘For her, William is still royal and slightly on a pedestal. She’ll gently back his view over Kate’s all the time,’ says a source. In this way she’s never alienated herself.” — Yep, that sounds about right. Horrible for Kate, but about right. Carole treats William like a king and never crosses him, just how he likes it.
  • “‘Kate and William can be grand, of course, but they love it when Carole brings them cheese on toast or perhaps something less calorific for Kate in front of Downton Abbey,’ says a source. ‘She helps with every decision, from what tie William should wear to an engagement to what curtains the new nursery at Anmer Hall should have. Kate is a perfectionist but is too tired to keep it up while pregnant and trusts her mother’s taste — she learned everything from her.’” — It sounds like Will and Kate like being treated like five year olds, and Carole is happy to oblige.
  • The article talks about specific wallpaper and linens Carole has been seen buying, then tries to suggest that Kate is having a girl (and that they know they are having a girl), because Carole has been buying floral patterns, and there is a rumor Pippa gave Kate an all-pink baby shower. — Ugh to the whole girl thing, but also, what is Kate shopping for all the times she goes shopping if Carole is the one doing all the nursery furnishing for her?
  • “Carole and Michael’s importance in the Cambridges’ life is such that they have even stepped in to fill the void of what might be William and Kate’s social life. Apart from the odd royal engagement, they live a very quiet existence, rarely seeing friends or even — as has been noted recently — Prince Charles. Even Zara Phillips, George’s godmother, has not seen them often. Her baby, Mia, hasn’t had playdates with Prince George, as might have been expected.” — So Will and Kate pretty much only hang out with Carole and Mike? My god, that sounds horrible.
  • “‘[William] is in thrall to [Carole’s] capabilities, her tenacity, high-energy levels, her superb organisational skills and her networking,’ says a source.” — Does William like Carole more than Kate?
  • “After the birth, she will be in residence at Anmer for about six weeks and Michael will be on hand for most of that time, too.” — Not surprising. As one article said last time, for this baby instead of Kate running to Carole’s, Carole is running to Kate’s.
  • “Carole will also be the steely gatekeeper for guests after the birth and, no matter how royal, they will be allowed in only when Kate is neither feeding nor resting and feels up to the company.” — I bet Carole is loving all the power William has given her.
  • “‘The Cambridges and their children will be living secluded lives [at Anmer], screened behind all those newly-planted tall trees, with a battery of close protection officers on duty round the clock and all visitors closely monitored.’” — It sounds like they are locking themselves in a very lavish prison, protecting them from the peasants, photographers, and royal duties.

These quotes are oddly specific. And I can’t tell whether they are trying to vilify or canonize Carole. Or whether they are specifically meant to point out how Will and Kate like being treated like children. Because more than saying anything about Carole, these quotes tell a lot about Will and Kate. Like they really like being treated like children, don’t really get along with each other when alone, like not having responsibilities for their own lives let alone their children’s, are terrified of dealing with the outside world and other people, and want to run away and hide in their Secret Garden.

As always, we need to be suspect of these quotes. Where did they come from, why did that “source” leak these quotes, if the DM is making them up then what is the purpose behind that, etc. Given the back and forth between vilifying Carole and talking her up, I have no idea what the purpose of all these DM articles is. Is the DM trying to vilify Carole, is the DM trying to paint Carole as a hero in Will and Kate’s lives, is the DM trying to point out how terrible Will and Kate seem to be? The previous articles seemed to focus on Carole and/or William’s relationship with Charles, but this article seems, more than anything, to paint Will and Kate as two childish idiots who can’t handle their own lives. At least that’s my takeaway. Could it be that the DM is testing the waters to see whether or not the public is ready for a Will and Kate takedown?

I don’t know how big a grain of salt we should take these quotes with, but this weird DM press war sure is interesting to watch.

What do you guys think of this stuff?  Did you get the same feeling about Will and Kate from this article that I did?

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  1. Her being there basically as mother to both of them continues to baffle me. William has obviously never grown up. He is still very much a spoiled child. Kate – well she has her own special issues and I have this very strong feeling that there is something just not quite right with this girl.

    I don’t think DM would run with this story if there wasn’t some truth to it. William will swear to sue at the drop of a hat and as far as we know, he hasn’t so much as blinked at this story. Details are being leaked by someone close to them and it would not surprise me if it’s coming from William’s camp. What I don’t know is if he is trying to canonize St. Carole, showing the BRF that he has his own family now and doesn’t need them (which he does monetarily at least) or if he’s laying the groundwork to break off from them by highlighting Kate’s flaws (unable to care for herself, her family, her home without her mother), Carole overstepping her boundary by constantly being there, etc. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

    1. It seems like a weird back and forth, like first it was Charles’ camp, then straight from Carole’s mouth, then somewhere in the middle, and now it could be either or William or maybe William’s staff complaining that Carole is too entrenched in their lives. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

    2. I think this might be Carole’s work. “They like having me around, I’m helpful, I make their lives better and easier”. But the DM, maybe seeing the bigger picture more clearly, has decided to shade everything so she comes across as a control freak third wheel. I am so skeptical about William loving having Carole around all the time. I don’t think William enjoys having Kate around, tbh, but clearly Kate is easier to tolerate when Carole is nearby. The one part I did believe is that William has pulled away fom those closest to him. Why? Maybe he realizes what a colossal mistake he’s made in his choice of wife and is embarrasses to admit it. He does suffer from pride, as we know. Now he’s stuck with all the Midds. And the Midds are running to the DM (maybe) shouting about how everything is FINE, no need to ask anyone else, they’ve got everything under control. It’s all coming apart.

      1. Yes, it is all coming out – all this talk have been around the net since last year and it more so now.
        Ma carole behavior is very classless, in poor taste (yes, I’ll make myself indispensable to a 33 year old couple, who already have royal household help and nanny). It was said carole and Km made plans in Mystique, that ma carole would move in at AH. Carole already figure a way to use P William but they are forgetting he has no power unless given by POW and HM. Carole i the middletons need to read royal history.

        The royals are wealthy and more than capable to hire their own help (never mind the nerve of being the cause of two staff to quit) – when have any RF use In laws to invade their private homes /space (a commoner at that?); this will not end well.

        POW *DoC kept her own home, to meet with her children and grands b/c they are NOT part of the RF or to be visiting at CH.

        If you look at pics on DM story “royal kick war horse ..” Line 2 – Prince Edward seem to be in an argument w/Prince Willnot (thanks to the km *middletons, the BRF is at odds); KM is ‘shhhh’iing’ – C/Sophia has her hand up seem to quieting or stopping the argument.

        Photo #30 with BP/the Firm’s Manager (who is most times with HM, and was standing behind PW KM on commonwealth Day while the cold stares/look away/no touching greeting to POW P Charles or DoC was seen) – the manager is speaking to KM (she seem p…. and looking down); William is looking down to stay out of it – and King Prince Harry (who I think is very concern since Christmas he seem not able to visit with his brother over the holidays, went off to the DARTS match and PW didn’t join their traditional Christmas Eve football match) – P Harry s looking at KM reaction while the BP manager is speaking or delivering HM message (advising her behavior photographed etc…. ) and new help being hired for AH – the announcement came out later.

        Photo line 13 down- POW P Charles is trying to speak w/ PW both sets are on the steps (km is looking smug); the next picture over – she begin diversion tactics -making craze faces (for POW *PW to stop) with bump movement. POW Charles turn to look at her. She may have come up with these many movements to get attention – which is in so unroyal classless, considering the sacred event (that km of all people find so hard to even work w/charities).

        Days before at the Abby set, there was no sign or showing these moves. nor inside the Church – (this all began on the steps for all to see). Very classless to make the service about bump movement (I feel it was very fake and staged – and with the family rif -POW*PW)

        Sad to see these behavior from within the RF – it only reminds us of the problems with POW Lady Di, who was much more loved and giving of service, duty and to the RF Tradition compared to Km and the middletons. With all this behavior it will be interesting to see how this baby develop. They say the emotional state of the mom, usually have some effect on the baby (?)

      2. One option for why William has pulled away from friends and family is they may be telling him things he doesn’t want to hear, and judging him for the mistakes he’s made. Someone like William would hate it if his friends and family dared to criticize his life choices, and he would push them away as a result.

        Or another option is, William just isn’t that fun to be around, given his personality, and his friends and family have pulled away from him because they just don’t like being around him.

        1. Too add to your option theories, Kate and Carole don’t want William to be too close because they might talk some sense into him and/or make him realize that he can actually have fun outside of his home as well. And his friends and family may also have pulled away because they know they’ll be subjected to kowtowing to Kate and the Midds. One word or action that Kate or Carole take the wrong way and they are suddenly the enemy.

      3. Looking back through story archives, the pattern is clear that KM runs to CM when she’s unable to keep up the facade of Princess in the wings. We’ve seen her disappear to CM house and come out with toned legs and new outfits. We’ve seen sudden isolating trips for PW with CM after he suddenly saw Jecca Craig. Recent hammering for bad looks and CM moves in; last event everyone approves the stylist hair, bigger jewelry and sleek clothes. KM got PW because he’s a clueless idiot, KP didn’t protect the heir, and KM is stage-managed. Kate doesn’t make speeches because Mommy handling would be too obvious. It’s got to hurt Harry that Will’s thrown away all the years of them being so close.

      4. Carole can’t be happy with this part of the article where the Daily Mail (yes, the Daily Mail) seems to be having a sly dig at the Cambridges’ work ethic:

        Carole and Michael’s importance in the Cambridges’ life is such that they have even stepped in to fill the void of what might be William and Kate’s social life. Apart from the odd royal engagement, they live a very quiet existence, rarely seeing friends or even — as has been noted recently — Prince Charles.

        Carole would do well to remember how popular the Duchess of York once was: the duchess quickly became a media darling (occasionally eclipsing even the Queen and Diana), only to be brought crashing down just as quickly by those tabloids who had raised her up. While it could be said that the Duchess contributed a good deal to her own misfortune, I think that in the early years of her marriage, she worked hard, and really did try, with very little of the help and support that Kate seems to enjoy.

    3. What about the Gardner and his wife who recently left being the leak? They would be the perfect sources with personal knowledge.

      1. Given the couple worked at Anmer during the time Carole was spending a ton of time there around Christmas and after, yes they would have so much knowledge of what W&K&Cs life at Anmer is like.

        1. Exactly, and I’d think HM has to know the dislike towards the Midds from staff and won’t discourage the Midds getting ripped. Maybe HM has tried talking to PW about his overprotective irrational behavior and PW won’t listen because when does he?

        2. I feel bad for this couple if they are not the leak because it would be very easy to assume that they are and be treated as such.

          1. I know, and no one falsely wants to finger them, especially since there are plenty of other people, and it could all be made up. The funny thing here is that no one is angry about the possible leak, almost like it’s the elephant in the room and there’s relief because it’s final being acknowledged for the bad thing it is. By bad thing, that PW and KM seem to want mollycoddling, and PW isn’t smart enough to see that the Midds play on all his insecurities. He’s not the first to live reacting to his parents mistakes, and making all the same ones or new problems. The point is, he doesn’t own his life.

  2. I pity Will and Kate as neither of them seem capable of acting like adults.

    A terrible thought, but one has to ask, what will happen to them when Carole dies? Obviously, not gonna happen soon, but she could accidentally fall down the stairs and hit her head as I type this. What happens to Willy and Katey then? To George?

    I also wonder how Nanny Maria feels about Carole.

    1. I’ve often though the same J. If William were on the throne he’d declare the flags flown at half staff and a month or more of mourning.

      If it (and I don’t wish this on her) happened any time in the near future, they would curl up like pill bugs in their estate and not come out. The next time we were to see them they would be incredibly haggard looking and left without a clue as to how to take care of themselves.

      1. Just a month? Lol William would probably be in mourning longer for Carole than for Diana.

        1. A declared month of national mourning. He’d be a total basket case for the rest of his life. Two mothers gone…I shudder to think how the man-child will react.

          1. A) It was a joke.
            B) Why is it a “truly awful” thing to say? If he is closer to Carole now than he was to his mother then, it would be natural for him to grieve Carole more. I grieved more for my step-grandfather than I did for my biological grandmother because I ended up spending more time with him, becoming closer to him, and he had more of an impact on my life when he died than my grandmother did when she died as I was younger at the time of her death. It’s natural to grieve more for a person to whom you were closer or who impacted your life more, even if they are not biologically related to you.

          2. It may be an awful thing to say, but it’s the truth and the truth sometimes is awful. I’ve thought the same things for years now when it comes to Kate and William. I’m glad to hear someone say it.

            William and Kate are living such an extended adolescence that they’re going to be in for tough times when Carole dies. Unless William deals with his mommy issues, he’s going to be without even surrogate mom for the reminder of his life. Not to mention a king who needs a mommy to make his favorite snack makes him look weak and infantile. If you want a snack just call down to the kitchen and have the chef make it.

            As for Kate, even with a household full of help she can’t manage to raise a family and keep a house? Not exactly a woman to inspire anyone. Women with far fewer resources manage it without their mother moving in for months at a time.

            The monarchy is in for tough times ahead with these two at the wheel. Looking back it is so funny how once William was the golden child to save the monarchy from Charles and Camilla. How times have changed.

            On a side note, does anyone else wonder what is going on at Party Pieces if Carole is constantly over playing mommy, housekeeper, nanny and chef to William and Kate? Who is running her company anymore? Shouldn’t a woman with a medium sized, successful company be too busy to spend so much time taking care of her daughter and son-in-law?

        2. these middletons are a vile pack of hyenas! weird ideas of wanting to be “royal” life can be lovely and nice away from the limlights! only morrons want to be constantly courting the cameras.

    2. Neither Will nor Kate would be able to cope without Carole around. If/when she dies, they will both be lost and incapable of taking care of themselves. And if they are still married then, they’ll probably divorce since they apparently can’t stand being alone together.

      1. That’s the part that got me — they do better with company. Although if I were Kate I’d be bloody furious if my mother backed my husband every single time.

        1. A MIL always backing her SIL is tantamount to war in any ordinary household. You can see right there where Carole’s loyalties lie; she knows which side her bread is buttered on.

          1. If my Mother backed my hubby over me in a fight, she would be gone within the hour. I honestly think that Waity and Wills can’t stand being together and Mummy Carole is there to referee

      2. Carole reminds me of one of my aunts. As soon as my paternal grandmother died my uncle was caught cheating and thrown out of the house. Granny wasn’t there to talk my aunt into accepting his behavior anymore. That so reminds me of Carole and Kate.

    3. Let’s see if P William make it that far to the Throne. With all this behavior and turmoil, it will be a very damaged monarchy and/or the establishment will boot PW…. Imagine if something happens to Prince Charles (which is all the more reason these two workshy – PW should be practicing with duty/service/ RF tradition, rather than hiding from the people. Having children do not make you indispensable (that’s just traditional regular ‘commoners’ thinking) – and the RF owns the children.

      It’s just curious ma Carole is working for P W to become ‘dependent’ on her (with all the wealth and royal household helpers), is trying to hide Prince William (Prince George) from the public (Will behavior); but don’t carole the middletons know where there is a ‘Will’- there is a way… Prince William want to be with Jecca or whomever, he can and Will.

      I see loving nanny Maria as very focus on all things Prince George; she seem to be blessed also by HMs PP PC and BP. HM Christmas Lunch, Maria took P George to BP before PW*k arrival (PG has his own staff/POs 🙂 schedule. (that is if PW ever becomes king).

  3. I too wonder where these reports are coming from and to what end. Is Charles behind this, some glowing article about Carole and how much W&K depend on her after the rather damning one claiming Carole is the one keeping Charles from George, maybe to appease William and try to repair that relationship.

    What really rather disturbed me were the glowing comments after this DM article. I felt that the majority of the commentators were very supportive of the relationship the 3 of them have and felt that Kate should have her mother by her side at all times during her pregnancy. In fact it seems that many have this same type of relationship with their mothers. It was disturbing to me because while I certainly agree that a woman likes to have her mother around to help during pregnancy, it seems to me that this particular level of closeness is unhealthy for all concerned.

    Now, I will admit that my feelings on the particular matter might be colored by my relationship with my late mother. But while my daughter and I share a close relationship I would never dream of intruding in her life in this way. And if she was needing this type of continuous mothering from me I would worry that she wasn’t really ready for these responsibilities. While both of my children know that I’m there to help out when needed, they also know that they are adults now and I expect them to build their own lives, make their own decisions and mistakes, raise their own children (whom I love to spoil :))

    1. I just checked the comments on the article and the best rated ones were ones saying there is nothing wrong because of course girls wants their moms. Ugh.

      Me personally, I would not want my mother around if I were pregnant nor would I allow my mother to be around any children I had (she’d end up hurting them). Hell, if I were pregnant and my mother were around she’d expect me to take care of her.

      Obviously my views are biased due to my own experiences, but I feel that the mark of a good parent is raising a child who doesn’t need their parents. I understand that most people have some sort of love for their parents/children, and those relationships would last into adulthood, but having the parent take care of the child when that child is an adult is not healthy. Also, there is the cliche joke about adult men living in their parent’s basement having their mommies bring them food, and it is made fun of. So why is the situation between Carole and Will and Kate acceptable and the other one not?

      1. I’m older than Kate and younger than Carole. I was raised to take care of myself. From an early age my mom (I love her dearly, but I’ve had my own issues with her and her dependencies on certain substances) raised my sister and I to be able to take care of ourselves. She taught us fairly early how to sort and do our own laundry and made it one of our chores. (I’ll never forget, if you don’t sort it right and you end up with pink clothes, you’ll wear pink clothes”…lol) We learned to cook, to take care of our homes, etc.

        I (and this is my opinion) think there is a generational divide of some kind. A lot of parents of children in William and Kate’s generation and newer have this complex (for lack of a better word) that they are going to be better than their parents and not discipline their kids and give them everything they want. And they wait on them hand and foot, give them everything, they never expect anything less and we are left with a bunch of “adults” who cannot take care of themselves and expect to have everything handed to them. I think W&K fall squarely into that category. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t bode well for how their children will be raised and how this world is going to be run. Not everyone (thank goodness) is like that, but the number of people who think it’s great to be coddled by mommy as an adult is frightening to me.

        1. I was told the pink clothes thing as well, and I’ve been mixing my lights and my darks for years. I’m such a rebel!

          I agree about the generational divide.

        2. I’ve heard about this, they call them helicopter parents as they are constantly hovering. It’s scary to me that this generation of young adults have never had the opportunity to make mistakes, fall and get bruised or fail at anything. As a mom I’ve struggled with wanting to make everything perfect for my kids but realizing that it would be better for them to taste a bit of the sour that comes in life as well as the sweet. As an individual, I really appreciate the tough times I’ve had in my life, decisions that crashed and burned, mistakes made (sometimes over and over), hurts that took time to heal, all these things make me who I am today. I’m proud of the adversities that I’ve overcome and I can look at myself in the mirror and see a strong, competent woman looking back. That’a what I want for my children.

          1. The DM wrote the article up (with other outlets following suit- thanks Jason for the spin?) that Midds are just such a great, normal family—- instead of the truth, like why is KM given a pass for never making a speech? The excuses are endless with/fkr the Cambridges. It’s a fact that KM seems to need help in all areas from CM. CP Victoria doesn’t. Queen Leti doesn’t have Mommy stashed away to pick out her clothes. It comes down to Kate having no substance because she’s all body and no panties. None of us made that up. That’s Kate ala Mommy. Her recent uptick is all due to CM. Britain deserves better.

      2. This article about ma Carole middleton helping is not a positive one and is a follow up to the helpers quitting and interfering with Prince George upbringing.

        Its been around that HM forbid Km to take baby 2 and P George to stay at ma carole and the middletons in buckleberry. Instead its for km to become mature and take care of her own royal household – stay home with hired nannies and helpers like other royals. This is a follow up article to the other negative articles of helpers quitting due to carole, etc – warning/s.

        The RF is not a regular (commoner mix) family – and no other royals had in laws in the limelight or worst living at the home- taking over house chores made public, unlike carole and the rest of hangers on plans.

        POW lady Di did no such thing and she was of an aristo family with very close ties to the BRF – the Spencers even lived/ Di (her mom) was born on Sandringham/next to AH (royal aristo property). Still the Spencers stayed out of the limelight – even w/her sisters and cousins on vacations with Di and the Princes.

        1. Princess Di’s relationship with her parents weren’t exactly perfect. She was traumatised since childhood because of the divorce and such. Besides, her career before marrying into RF was as a kindergarten teacher and occasional baby sitter and nanny. She also used to manage her own flat (shared with 3 or 4 others). She’s more than capable of running her own household.

  4. I love my mom. I love her a lot. But I can’t imagine being so dependent on her at 33 (which, granted, is an age I’ve yet to reach) that I needed her to come and make me a snack and look out for my house–especially if I had cleaners and a nanny for the kids! And as much as I like my future mother-in-law, I would be squirming if she came to stay and run things for a long time.

    Of course, there is a chance that this story is exaggerated. We have seen the weirdness of the Middleton vs. Windsor press war lately. But the thing is that it’s entirely, entirely credible based on what Kate and William have done. Being close to the family is one thing, but their relationship crosses into dependence and doesn’t bode well for them.

    1. If Harry is really leaving the Army to live in Africa much of the time, I wonder if this is why? He doesn’t want to be in the middle of the conflict between his father and his brother anymore. He’s going to excuse himself from the situation and force them to work it out for themselves.

        1. If that’s true, Harry is smart to distance himself from these simmering relationships because I’m sure he doesn’t want to get caught up in the dynamic between his brother and his wife as well. I just hope he can continue to forge a life for himself distant from his family, but that’s going to be hard once Charles becomes king and needs his sons around him.

        1. So right bookworm.

          I loved the blog Princess Diana Place (or Palace?) because she used to show clips of William throwing Harry under the bus during interviews. Sadly, she was upset with the Scottish decision not to leave the UK and quit the blog because she felt it propped up the Windsor’s position in society.

      1. Maybe he wants to be more involved in Sentebale.

        and Chelsy.
        Honestly, Harry seems to love her so much.

          1. According to recent reports, they broke up. Acc to dm, she was in Cape Town in South Africa last January. Not sure where she is now.

      2. I believe he’s beginning to ramp up his public profile and duties so he can gain experience if Willnot is removed from the line of succession. It’s always been traditional for the male ‘spare’ to have a primary career in the military: Prince Alfred (Edward VII’s eldest younger brother) who was Admiral of the Fleet; Prince George, who was a Commander and Aide-de-Camp to Queen Victoria; Prince Albert, who fought in the First World War in the Navy and rose to Vice Admiral before becoming King; Prince Henry (the Queen’s uncle) who achieved the rank of Major General in the Army before becoming deputy to King George VI,and Prince Andrew, who fought in the Falklands War and was recently promoted to Vice Admiral (Honorary). And since Harry’s trained and served for years in the military, for him to quit it rather abruptly sets off a bell in my head. I know he worried his career’s stalling but it’ll really stall now when he leaves.

    2. It’s so funny because aren’t children usually chomping at the bit to move out of their parent’s house? Why would anyone want their parent to move back in?

      The funny thing about the press war is, they could write almost anything at this point and it would be believable because Will and Kate’ actions have caused such a low opinion of them. I read a quote somewhere that said (I’m paraphrasing) never cultivate an image where people could make up lies about you that would actually be believable. Will and Kate have done the opposite.

      1. In my country, it is acceptable for the parent of one to move in to take care of the children and help oversee the house. But that usually happens when the said parent is too old to live alone.

    3. It’s ridiculous – imagine families /working ladies with deceased moms/single and cant afford help ; Having our own families – babies help us mature, nurture be more independent better parents- human beings.

      I was decade younger, on the opposite side of the world from extended family – yes there was great support network – and I had helpers but, our babies fuss, feed the whole lot, was our responsibility – you also realize and appreciate so much more from life , the experience togetherness bonding with your spouse.

      KM the royals have it great deal easier with nannies/ staff – except for workshy – there is no reason to break royal traditions.

  5. Why doesnt kate have any friends, no hobby nothing??, shes busy stalking william and running to mummy!!! as someone said here theres something seriously wrong with her, shes too needy, and just cant stop siucking the life out of everyone around her!!

    1. What makes it confusing, and ironic, is that Will, Kate and Carole are all using each other and being used by each other, to meet or see to their needs. It’s an unholy and unhealthy Venn diagram of mental issues. You can argue about who’s to blame, how it got started, etc. all three of them are unquestionably in this together now.

        1. Something else – where’s Nico Jackson’s cheese on toast? Does Carole babysit for Donna Air’s child? The fact that Carole focuses exclusively on Kate, and therefore William, is never mentioned when people talk about what a close knit loving family they are.

          1. So true, Red Snapper. You are right. Everyone focuses on what a closely knit family the Midds are, but only close when it comes to Will, Kate and PG. Sick, if you ask me. Really sick.

    2. …Not to mention ma carole middleton is encouraging the ‘no friends – socializing lifestyle to continue. Must be carol and the middletons way since school days. Most photos during ‘waiting decade’ – there is ‘hateful unsmiling faces of all three about town – with looks saying – ‘step off go away’ (or they are insecure watching people looking talking about them). Its always the three (including ma) together – causal or formal.

      Carole in some pictures hanging out with young daughters at polo where the Prince is (protecting their ‘property’ -PW) etc., and smiles only appear around aristos/wealthy settings. It’s very strange and insincere with km, carole the middletons’ insecure behavior.

  6. Not a good picture of their marriage and Carole’s insidiously invasive relationship at all, if any of this is true. It sounds like she’s the glue keeping their marriage together by her constant presence and attending to their every need. So abnormal; this entire dynamic is a good candidate for a psychiatrist’s couch. It seems William is ready to divorce Kate and live with Carole!

    1. 🙂 I wonder how close micheal middleton is to doing just that – divorce – With carole obsession with PW – the RF through km!). We hear about pap doing this and that – don’t he see he is not welcome and the Royals are waaay above them ….. which planet they have been living on??? Pa middleton need to get a life/ show some backbone too.

      1. As much as people like to think the best of Michael Middleton, I think he knew all along what his wife and daughter were doing. There’s no way he didn’t. And apparently he’s totally fine with it. He knows where his meal ticket it; there is no way he’d divorce Carole.

          1. What sex dungeon woman? I have not heard of this before, although I have horrible mental images through my head now. Please enlighten me LOL

      2. I worry the women in the Middleton family are going to raise George to either be a mini-Michael or a mini-James.

        I had a cousin who after her father died moved her mother in with her. That lasted just as long as it took for my cousin to realize her mother was raising her son to be a mini version of her brother. (Think Robert Kardashian.) Then, my cousin found a job in Luxembourg (they lived in Texas) and moved without her mother. By the time my cousin and her husband returned with the little sprog, mommy dearest had her own house again.

        William so needs to step up and do this but I know he won’t.

  7. This press war is getting interesting. I can’t wait for the biographies in 10+ years after the dust has settled and to hear how they recap this period of time in the royal family. One of these days, I want to read a bio of Carole Middleton.

    Even if only 1/4 of what is in the article is true, Kate and Will have a very strange dynamic with each other and their respective families. It sounds like both of them are isolated from any outside influences other than the Middletons. It sounds like Carole and Kate use Will’s paranoia and distrust of others as a means of control. It almost sounds like he only sees his family to keep up appearances,

    The part that was mentioned about the children living secluded lives. I wonder if they will go to preschool or will they be “educated” at home as was previously traditional.

    One of my comments on the previous post was “sometimes I wonder who William is in a relationship with – Kate or Carole.” I didn’t mean it in a dirty sense, but as you commented KMR, it almost sounds like Will likes Carole better than Kate. He likes being coddled and taken care of. I’m not saying that men can’t or shouldn’t be close to their mothers-in-law, but the way that William and Carole’s relationship is portrayed is very co-dependent. It’s been commented before, but it really seems like Carole likes and encourages her children and her son-in-law to be overly dependent on her.

    1. The way things seem to be going, I half suspect that William decided to finally marry Kate because it meant he got to be Carole’s son-in-law.

        1. I had always read that part of William’s draw to Kate was his attachment to her family and certainly a good motive for him to marry her. They presented a close-knit unit that he felt was missing in his life and the fact that Carole lavished attention on him certainly helped as well.

          1. That and I think he believed Carole was like Diana, and he really had a gaping hole where she was. Carole has exploited this, she smelled blood before he even came within her reach. Di could never imagine when she established a strong relationship with him that it would leave him open to insidious scheming.

        2. This may be the first known case of “friends with benefits” where the “benefits” are the mother-in-law!

    2. Spot on bookworm.

      I also feel this secluded/ exclusion of the RF (especially P William very close and only sibling) is hurting and very hard for King Prince Harry. Maybe a reason he is slated to go away to AZ-Africa (if actually happens (I hope not).

      Prince Harry seem very hurt especially since the Christmas invasion at Sandringham AH. We haven’t even seen a photo of P Harry w/his nephew maybe due to KM since the hangers on middletons sibs don’t get photo op (and the same why Harry wasn’t a god parent). Km carole are very much manipulating weak PW – serious games. middletons are now a liability – problem for the RF – (not the same as dating), Km is now representing HM GB CW as a couple (or suppose to). I see PW teetering at some breaking point (?) . This cant continue for the much respect and loved QEll PP, the Monarchy, BRF.

      1. I think it’s odd that we have never seen Harry interact with George. We haven’t even seen Charles interact with George. It’s so very odd.

        1. Especially Harry. He would be such a fun uncle and he clearly loves kids. Which, if there are any photos of the two of them is probably why we have never seen them. Harry and George would get more positive publicity than Kate and Will. Not to mention that George might seem more comfortable with Harry than his own parents.

    3. It really does seem like William likes Carole, and being around Carole, more than Kate. He apparently doesn’t get along well with Kate when they are alone, but as soon as Carole is there, then all is right for him. So odd.

      1. Yes, it appears Carol is a buffer in their marriage. When Kate can’t get Will’s attention she calls in Carole and W runs back home. I am not down on them for mostly socializing as a family, but I do think they are doing a disservice to George by alienating him from the royal half of his family. He needs to foster some relationship with them. Can’t see them being involved with him to the point of bringing a bottle of changing a diaper, however. They don’t roll that way, but Carole does, so that makes her the more attentive grandma. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but he should have regular contact with Charles and Camilla and Harry, etc.

        I think this press war is all about CONTROL of access to baby George. The royals feel shut out completely and Carole is being vilified. On the other hand, can you imagine Kate calling Charles up and saying “How about you come for Sunday dinner? We can catch up and show you how the estate is coming along.” No. She can do that with her folks, but not with his. Royal formality is stifling to her and Will, hense, they hang with the Midds. It’s just easier for them. They need to force themselves to overcome some barriers for Georgie’s sake.

        1. I think Carole is already starting on PG, isolating him, making herself indispensible, the fun grandma, debilitating him. He’ll grow up complete guided by her, and she’s the power behind the throne. I wonder if the Midds are related to Oliver Cromwell?

    4. If I can get enough documentation and a contract, I’ll write it. Need to use my history degree for something besides trivia night at the bar.

  8. What a triangle! Truly, what grown woman wants her mother around all the time? What husband would tolerate that? I, too, want to read some biographies down the road and find out just what makes Carole, Kate, Will, etc. tick. And, what is with Michael Middleton? It seems Carole rules the roost wherever she goes. Pippa is lucky. At least, her mum won’t be moving in with her and her future husband. Unless, of course, she lands Harry!

    1. Even if Pips landed Harry, Carole still wouldn’t care as much about Pips. Carole knows how insecure William is about Harry, so there is no way Carole would give attention to Harry for fear of pissing William off.

  9. Carole rules the roost. She has done that with Mike and her children and she wants to do the same with the RF. I think she has met her match with Charles (I mean Camilla)!! When all is said and done, I believe this is a war for control between Carole and Camilla!!! PC, PW and Kate are being manipulated by these alpha females. Don’t forget, Camilla is a force in her own right. She will not allow Carole to insert herself into the RF (irony right). PC just recently sat down with CNN where he praised Camilla!!! Both Camilla and Carole should take a seat!! PW stop being a baby!! Kate stop trying to please your mom (you never will)! PC, take control (your wife has issues)!!

    1. Why would you find it strange that PC would praise Camilla? She is his wife, after all. He better praise her! For what it’s worth, I think Camilla is a non factor in this press war. She avoids the family drama. I think this is squarely between PC and Willy. There is something bad going on between them…

      1. Fairygodmom, I don’t believe for a second Camilla avoids drama. IMO, a women who is involved in a relationship with a married man (for years), who lies and is deceitful can’t be trusted. IMO, Camilla has always and will always have her say about everything PC, including his relationship with his children, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. IMO, she probably doesn’t like what she sees with Carole (who can blame her) and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. I could be wrong, but time will tell.

        1. Well Camilla is of an aristocratic background. Carole is a nouveau riche businesswoman whose company sells tacky severely overpriced party supplies. Her great-grandfather was a coal miner for heaven’s sakes! She sees glamour and privilege, riding in livered carriages, staff curtseying to her and says “why not?” Camilla’s a tough old bird who’d wipe the floor with her if Willy would let her get close enough.

          1. LOL!!! Yes of course! Carole could not handle Camilla!! I question how rich Carole really is??? I believe the greatest threat to the BRF is Carole Middleton….someone must check her!!! However, Camilla isn’t the one to do it. To much history for PW with Camilla and Diana. He would not stand for her destroying someone else he loves (in PW eyes). It must come from HM, but I am not sure how aware she is of this situation. By the way, I believe Carole uses this knowledge to her advantage…..

          2. Excuse me, what does her ancestors’ occupation has anything to do with her behaviour? What’s wrong with being a coal miner? It’s noble work, much more noble than sitting on her hands and doing nothing, like a bunch of royals in this family.

          3. J-My point is Carole is clueless about the responsibilities and culture of the aristocracy. Camilla was born into it. Diana was born into it. Actually Sophie Ryes-Jones was the first modern royal bride to be born to someone not in the aristocracy, but almost no one knows who Sophie is sadly,
            (at least not in the papers). Diana may have had emotional health issues but she played with the Princes Andrew and Edward. She visited Sandringham to watch “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” at Christmas. Carole Middleton was a flight attendant for Christ’s sakes. She’s one of those Essex Machiavelli’s who has no respect for the heritage and history of the royals. It’s all “Which suite do I get at Windsor Castle when we–I mean you–take the throne William?” and “I wonder if there’ll be a market for ‘Palace Pieces’ when we’re in the Family?” Diana may have done great harm to the monarchy and to the Prince of Wales but she had an understanding of the culture and the heritage and respected that. Carole will destroy it for her and the Middleton family’s narrow gain. Example #1: They marketed a line of their tacky knickknack crap for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for a mere $70 a pop. Need I say more? There wouldn’t have been as much of a problem if not for the fact that her daughter is married to the Queen’s grandson! Just EVER so *slight* conflict of interest there. Oi.

          4. Camilla has been around the royal fold for a long time. Carole never has been as far into it as Camilla. Camilla also survived the PR firestorm of Diana. I’m sure she learned a lot then. Camilla would wipe the floor with Carole.

        2. Crazy, there were only adulterers in that weird three some marriage. Sometimes in rushing to condemn Camilla we forget that. If there is blame, then Charles, Camilla and Diana each need to take a fair share. In the end there were no innocents.

          Having said that, you are right. Time will tell. I just don’t see Camilla’s hand in this press war. Much more Charles’ style.

          1. fairygodmom, Diana sort the attention of another after she realized her marriage was over. Please don’t forget that Camilla was in the marriage before it started and never let go. I just have a problem with the fact that she had no respect for herself and could not walk away from PC once he was married. I also have no respect for the fact that she was married to someone else and cheated on him before Diana was in the picture. There just something about a women that would live that type of life that puts me off. I just don’t trust her, but I guess everyone can change and maybe she has….. I don’t know it’s just very odd to me. I can’t relate to her at all!!

  10. Interesting how those two are the distrustful ones when their inner circles are always leaking crap about them. Look at Harry, you don’t hear shit about him like this.

    1. William’s distrust in his friends and family and staff breeds distrust about him from them. If there is no bond of trust and loyalty, then his friends and family and staff are more likely to leak info and not care at all about it. Hell, they may even revel in pissing him off – I know I would.

    1. Her writing isn’t bad, just boring. Or maybe I find it boring because I’m not her target demographic.

      That video of her dancing with a cowboy or something was really bad. In a way, I pity this girl.
      Not to sound mean, but I think the perfect job for her is party hosting/planning. It works for her. She isn’t cut out to be a journalist, not even for the Lifestyle sections.

      1. I agree with you J. Party hosting/planning would be a great career for her. I thought she worked for an event planning company at one time, Table Top or something like that. I handle all the event planning for the local law enforcement agency I work for, conferences, retirement parties, etc. Let me tell you it’s a lot of work and can be pretty stressful but for some strange reason I enjoy it.

    2. Pippa worked for a party planning company called Table Talk and for her parents at Party Pieces at the time of the wedding. She never should have tried to become a celebrity writer in hindsight. She went from being respectable to being a national laughingstock in four short years.

  11. It’s so strange to me that in 2007, and every breakup prior to that, Prince William would break from Kate and the Middletons on the grounds that he was claustrophobic in the relationship. Who can forget that ‘i’m free’ dance in the club??!!!

    And yet, here he is, completely encycled and apparently willingly and without a pip.

    Yet he looks far from happy. He has aged exponentially in the past 4yrs in a way that is extremely shocking. I can try to be sympathetic to Kate’a accelerated aging. She didn’t grow up in a fishbowl, but him? When he is pampered to this degree?!

    Reading about his home life with Carole, i’m reminded of Charlotte from the TV show ‘sex and the city’ where she figured how to manipulate her first husband by touching his forearm whilst asking him to do something he wouldn’t normally want or agree to do. Something she observed his mother do when she wanted anything from him. And I wonder if Carole hasn’t found a similarly working trigger on William which is why he is enthrall to her.

    He should have figured out a way to marry Carole because clearly, that’s his soulmate #apologiestoJecca.

  12. I cannot believe PW is a happy man. Just as Herazeus posted, he has aged in a most shocking way. It’s actually very sad.

    I think he and Kate are each being suffocated by Carole Middleton and poor Prince George and Baby Cambridge 2 will be facing similar fates. This is more than helicopter parenting. Carole is obsessed with getting to Buckingham Palace and having a suite of her own once William becomes King. This is her mission and she’ll do whatever she can to make it happen. Her interference in William and Kate’s marriage is deplorable.

    Time to start listening to the fascination the public has with PH, Carole. I’m not a gambler, but I bet that he will be the King after his father. Or, maybe PC will step aside and let his younger son rule.

    What goes around comes around, Carole. Enjoy it while you can, but let your daughter and son-in-law breathe a bit, too. Karma is real. At least, I believe so.

    1. Will seems like such a gloomy and sullen person. I bet he is exhausting to be around. After all the hustle from Carole and Kate to marry the heir to the throne, it would be spectacular to watch their reaction if Will were to decide to abdicate.

      1. There are times when William flashes that smile (usually, when he’s with children) and you get a glimpse of a warmer man. I think he is a very unhappy person. Unhappy with his fate, unhappy with his mate. Longing to break free and enjoy life in a way that is not expected of him. If that is the case, I say, “Let him.”

        Perhaps, once the mantle of “future king” is lifted from him, he will enjoy his Royal heritage more and actually use his family’s power to do the kinds of good and caring things to truly help others and help himself.

        Didn’t his mother say that Harry had more of the disposition needed to cope with being King?

      2. I’ve thought about Kate and Carole’s reactions if William abdicates his position in line for the throne. I would predict a Kate and William divorce within two years as Kate now has to deal with trying to love just the man. I always thought she was more in love with being a princess than with William anyway.

        1. Oh, I agree, India Andrews. Kate does seem more in love with her role than her prince. And, Carole would just lose it if Will and Kate divorced.
          All her scheming up in smoke!

  13. I don’t’ think William’s close relationship with the Middleton’s is so strange. Princess Diana was very open and honest about the cold impersonal way things are handled within the Firm. I doubt that aspect has changed. Why is it such a challenge to believe that after William lost the warmth of the relationship he had with his mother that he would seek out an environment that supported what he lost? I think for whatever perceived flaws the Middleton clan have they are a close knit family, they haven’t let William down with tell all books or selling stories to the tabloids. Kate also has done a great job of not putting a foot wrong, I think her benign style is quite deliberate, the palace and William do not want another Diana situation. By that I mean the way the media hunted Diana, that of course was a problem in some ways Diana created through inexperience. It’s important to note at this point in Charles and Diana’s marriage there were already major battles taking place publicly. The same could be said of Sarah and Andrew. Even Edward and Sophie, she was dishing gossip to undercover reporters about how miserable things are inside the palace. I think William blames a lot of people for his mother’s death, the press, public appetite for pictures and stories, his father and other senior royals. He wants a life insulated from the drama he believes contributed to the untimely death of his mother. I think William and Kate clearly have a solid relationship, they dated for 8 years before they got married. Whatever the dynamic is within their relationship it works for them and quite honestly that’s all that matters.

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