Duchess Kate joins Queen and other royals for Service of Commemoration at St. Paul’s (updated)

Duchess Kate joins Queen and other royals for Service of Commemoration at St. Paul’s (updated)

A Service of Commemoration was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral this morning in honor of the British troops who were stationed, and those that died (all 453 of them), in the 13 year operation in Afghanistan, and to mark the end of the operation.

The service was well attended, by a multitude of royals, including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, Kate Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Sophie Countess of Wessex, and Princess Anne. There was a military parade after the service (Charles took the salute), as well as a flypast.

The Queen wore this beautiful blue coat and hat, with pearl jewelry (earrings, necklace, and Queen Victoria’s pearl brooch). This is an absolutely beautiful color on Her Majesty. In a rare moment of affection, HM held Philip‘s hand as she walked down the stairs of St. Paul’s after the service.

Camilla wore her military-esque black Sergeant Pepper coat with fur trim she’s wore many times before, most recently on February 11. She wore a black fur-trimmed hat and pearl earrings. Charles wore his military uniform and Order of the Garter sash. Charles, Camilla, and Harry attended a reception at Guildhall to meet families of those who died in Afghanistan.

Kate wore a new (non-maternity) coat, the Beulah London Chiara Wool Navy Trapeze Overcoat (£650.00). She wore her Alexander McQueen navy suede pumps, and carried her Stuart Weitzman Muse clutch. She wore a new navy hat (most likely by Jane Taylor) and new sapphire and diamond jewelry (earrings and necklace). She wore her hair in a nice updo. I must say, I think Kate looks very lovely in this outfit. I love the coat, I actually really like the hat (which is odd because I’m usually not a fan of her hats), and it’s great to see some new jewelry.

UPDATE: Kate’s jewelry is G.Collins & Sons Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant and Tanzanite & Diamond Drop Earrings. The necklace can be seen on their website, and sells for £8,400 (about $12,400 by today’s exchange rate). The earrings are not on their website, but a version of them appears on their Instagram. Kate’s earrings are modified to exclude the three top stones. I’m guessing the earrings would be in the same price range.

G.Collins & Sons Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant G.Collins & Sons Tanzanite & Diamond Drop Earrings
[G.Collins & Sons]

Other royals:

Prince William (but really it’s a photo of Kate touching her stomach):

Prince Harry looking all hot and reflexsive (after serving two tours in Afghanistan) in his military uniform (note: Harry is the only royal that is not wearing the Order of the Garter sash, as he is not a member of the order).

Sophie wore a black dress with a white pattern, a black jacket, and black hat. Prince Edward and Prince Andrew are with her in the photo.

Princess Anne, Sophie, and Prince Edward:

More photos:

UPDATE: Another view of the hat:

There was a wind incident:

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  1. Love the shots of HM and Philip. It’s so good to know that they have obviously really loved and cared for each other the whole time they’ve been together. Loved HM’s brooch and the color really suits her.

    Harry was deeply somber and I wouldn’t have expected anything less from him.

    Yeah, Kate looked nice. But another new coat and hat and jewelry. Honestly could have done without all the photos of her and William that were posted on DM. And the headline that they led the service. How about HM as she is the head of the family? How about fewer pictures of W&K to leave more room to print larger pictures of those who gave their lives while serving. And for those who made it through and came to the service. Really, Jason, I think you pushed a little much on this one.

    1. I did like seeing the Queen and Philip together. The handholding was sweet; Philip has frequently made a point of ensuring that she gets down stairs and into carriages safely over the years, and even at 93 he hasn’t stopped. It must be hard for them to realize that, although they’ve had a long and mostly happy marriage, the time they have left together is short.

      1. They are so sweet together. I think that this is a nice glimpse into their relationship. I know that Philip has a bit of a rough image, but I have never doubted his loyalty and devotion to Her Majesty. I remember a few years ago (was it the jubilee?) that he was in the hospital and the Queen looked somber without him. She shines a little brighter when they are together. This is the love match that people need to talk about versus Will & Kate.

        1. Totally agree. She’s been amazing; very devoted to him, and turned the cheek about any indiscretions. Not every woman could so that; Diana couldn’t, and that’s part of why HM was so hard and bitter towards her.

        2. They really do make a great pair in work and in life, and both have done things for each other that I can’t imagine were easy: Philip taking second place to his wife on the world stage (given the ethos in which he was raised) and the Queen in accepting his indiscretions. I admire that kind of forgiveness, self-sacrifice, and true partnership.

        3. rhiannon, Sugar, ABKM:

          Um…. maybe I’m just more like Diana than HM but I wouldn’t be able to accept cheating from my spouse either. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. In fact, I commend people who are willing to stand up for themselves and not accept something from their spouse that makes them uncomfortable or unhappy.

          1. I wouldn’t stand for it. I think that given their long marriage, it could have happened. I think Her Majesty probably turned a blind eye as she has with her children’s transgressions. Also, they were married in a different time in relation to their thoughts on fidelity.

            Me? I don’t play that.

          2. Yes they are older and come from a different time and have different views on fidelity.

            Me personally, I think it is so disrespectful. Yes, the actual sex part of the cheating would not be tolerated (given STDs and everything), but more than that there is the disrespect and breaking of trust of doing something that person knows would cause pain and the lying and all that.

          3. I don’t think any of us would accept it, and I, too, find it disrespectful. But the Queen decided that she could and stuck to it. She drew her line in the sand and honored it. Diana did the same; her line just looked different. I respect both decisions equally.

          4. I’m with you KMR. I stated how damaging cheating can be in a marriage and someone here at KMR … Well, I won’t elaborate. I think since it is your blog you will be safe in stating your opinion.

          5. I’m sorry people were rude to you, G., you have every right to state your opinion here.

    2. I think this is actually one of her best looks, but she totally ruined it by looking so old for her age, clutching her crotch, and having a snooty and cold facial expression ( the pursed lips sure don’t do her any favors). When she’s not inappropriately and inanely grinning, you can really see hints of the “death glare” she was well known for using when she was PW’s girlfriend and any other females approached him. She also looks unbearably smug. I like the color of the coat and the pretty updo ( props to her hair stylist) and that’s the best I can say about her at this event.

    3. I don’t think all the photos of Kate on the DM is Jason’s fault. The DM thinks/knows that pics of Kate will get hits and clicks, that’s why they use lots of photos of her. Jason can leak stories and try to paint W&K however he likes, but it’s not like Jason has control over which photos the DM uses in their articles.

      1. True he doesn’t have control over which pictures DM uses or how many. But having worked in PR (in a previous life) I know firsthand how a working relationship and a well placed word and backdoor agreements can work to get your client front and center. Kate is a draw for DM and they’ve always favored her, but right now there is a concerted effort to rehabilitate her image and publicists get paid to get this kind of press for their clients.

        1. The DM’s fascination with Kate doesn’t appear to be in the least admiration of her; more like a constant watch for her downfall, a la Fergie. And yet, by my estimation, Kate has already overtaken Sarah Ferguson in gaffes in just the decorum department alone. The DM has a field day with Kate articles; the comments reach 1000+ these days, mostly critical and denigrating of her.

    4. Love H/HMs show of affection and their age makes it sooo much more adorable. Regal and beautiful!

      I agree another new coat / costly attire jewelry (she has been showing off as well- al about km!??), and for a marry in who has the worst work ethics, service duty to HM RF – GB UK CW people. And more flashing….for such flowing skirt, the length should be longer on such a solemn event/day.

      KM enjoys the title and perks of being royal – but comes across as if she hates being around the RF (cold stares, hatred look off, etc). Always seem to NEED the limelight / attention; for example – public showing that the bump moves ; trips to movie set, nothing for charities, service to the less fortunate.

      Have a look at DM article “the royal kicker ….”; picture 30 (thereabout) shows HMs -BP manager (The Firm) speaking to KM – Prince William is looking down as if to stay out of what HM BP manager is counseling/delivering from HMs to Km (she do not look pleased). Prince Harry is watching KM’s reaction… the BP HM man may be advising of proper Royal behavior Protocol, interaction with POW/DOC – KP/AH buz… KM has the look as if she is teed off – but knows they can make or break her.

      This is the second royal event – Commonwealth day (since the reports on middletons’ in laws), and KM been sending ‘frozen looks to POW P Charles / DoC – and War Service with Prince Harry’s (km has blame ‘her middleton marriage’ as Prince Harry taking away PW for partying instead of PW*KM arrangements (?)). At the end of the fly by/service, she was interacting more with POW DoC P Harry, the other Royals.

  2. I cannot help but be moved by this event. A somber occasion held at such a magnificent site — St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Royals got it right. Her Majesty looked beautiful and I think Kate was dressed elegantly— for a change. She set just the right tone by her choice in wardrobe. I was a bit surprised by her hands over her “bump” in the one photo. Just did not seem the time or place to do that.
    For all the brave men and women who served in Afghanistan — especially those who paid the ultimate price, honor needs to be paid. I am sure Prince Harry has especially poignant memories of his time served. He brought dignity and honor to this occasion. I believe he is a man who could be King.

    1. Hi Mary Elizabeth,

      For some soldiers, the mission didn’t end in Afghanistan. In the past couple of years, I was deeply touched with the constant news about our soldiers taking their own lives due to severe PTSD.

      Every time a soldier was repatriated from Afghanistan and we just had one repatriation from Iraq this week, I just sigh “what for?”.

    2. Yours is a very nice post, mary elizabeth. This was definitely a magnificent setting that suited the moving and memory-filled service, and HM looked and acted with her usual matching regal decorum.

      Harry, too, strikes me as the man for the job. He has made some incredibly inappropriate decisions over the years, but his obvious growth of character and maturation are strong points in his favor. I wish he were the older brother.

      1. Hello, Beatrice:
        I agree with you. The shocking number of cases of PTSD among those who served is so sad. These people need special care and love when they return.

        ABKM: Thanks for your comments, too., I agree. Harry is the Man!

        KMR: I hope you saw my previous post saying thank you for the welcome to this site. You are doing a wonderful job. So much work, I am sure. All the posts are pretty amazing, too.

    3. I’d like to congratulate Kate’s uptick lately in dress and overall, but I’m confident that Carole’s behind it, and I can’t help being sickened by the fakeness. Kate is 33. She should be able to hire people who help her look her best and develop her own way, understanding some limitations. Sophie looks beautiful and I don’t think she mindlessly wears whatever her stylist pulls out.

      1. So true.. when will we have a mature royal/ marry in wife commoner to do us proud (AH!) Km is so much an issue for King Prince Harry – he will need to be more careful to select a wife; and may not be able to marry a ;commoner’ (unless professional, well mature dedicated one), or aristo, close royal connection.

        I just hope he fall for a ‘serious and mature ‘lady- as he seem to have develop into (that is, a serious, caring to the subjects – royal). He was wise to vacation with his cousins.

        1. Iactually wish he’d marry someone else from the UK. Like an Aussie or a Canadian. Marrying another aristo English chick won’t do any favors for his kids’ genetic makeup.

    4. Kate’s pregnant, she’s bound to touch her belly every now and then. Maybe the baby kicked.

        1. So funny and true – that was some statement!! (And from someone supposedly well educated from an ‘elite’ university) – like a soap opera (I think, don’t watch).

    5. Re the hand over the bump: maybe the baby kicked, or she had indigestion, or gas or something?

        1. Prince William has never been the kind to give two shits abbout his wife. This makes me pity Kate sometimes.

        2. Huh, I just checked the pics again, and the other three are looking at her while William looks straight ahead. J is right, William doesn’t seem to really care about Kate at all. I wonder if he’s at all excited for the new baby, especially given that he complains about George so much.

    6. These services are always very moving and emotional all over – especially to military families.

      Great respect to King Prince Harry for his service in the warzone and his continued use of his position title, grannie and pap positions to do marvelous inspirational and motivating things caring for the military vets and the needy. He surely is a role model. Lets hope he makes a great choice for a ‘deserving’ wife.

      1. I find it amusing that everyone thinks Harry would marry a nice English girl who would be totally appropriate and loved by all when in fact everyone seems to sneer at his exes.

        I hope he find happiness, whatever that may be.

        1. Yeah, as much as I want him to marry an educated, dedicated, hard-working woman with a good head on her shoulders and a good personality, who can also dress well, his type seems to be a bit trashier than that. He’ll end up with an aristo blonde who most likely likes to party. That is unless he himself really settles down and gets over his partying ways.

      2. I didn’t pay much attention during Cressida, but I think Chelsy was a solid choice. He’d have been lucky to have that smart lawyer by his side for life.

        1. I always loved Harry with Chelsy. Such a smart and spirited woman. I always felt that she got a raw deal. They made her look like the drunken partygirl compared to Kate when when we now know that to be the opposite.

          1. To be fair, Chelsy was a drunken party girl, but she was also dedicated to her studies. The press focused on her partying, and not her studies. But they didn’t make up her partying.

          2. KMR you fell for the images, not the reality. They went out a night or two a week, but as a full-time student and then law student, she wasn’t out partying every night. She didn’t even live in London but Leeds.

            The press attacked her just like they attacked Harry the Spare and painted a false picture of her. She was hounded and abused beyond belief and only once made a statement about it, post-breakup. Meanwhile. Middleton had illegal taxpayer-funded bodyguards as early as 2004.

          3. Leeds is a party mekka. There are so many bars and night clubs and they literally advertise with Happy Hour on Monday nights at the steps of the University. I studied there myself and the students there are a hard-partying lot.

  3. The Queen looks absolutely terrific in this color; some wonderful photos of her…wow! Katherine does look lovely today as well – her hair up-do is great and her clothes and accessories are good also. I’m not going to spot the crotch clutch…honest… This is ‘grown up’ fashionable dressing for a young grown up person; not the sometimes girly – hair ringlet too short dresses stuff…makes such a powerful difference. I take it her stylist had a day off then………………(smile) thank you KMR

    1. I thought Kate looked really great here. Lol either Tash took the day off or she actually got something right for a change.

  4. What a beautiful picture of HM! I love her smile. Loved Kate’s jewelry! I really didn’t like Sophie choice. Seemed a little odd because the rest of the royal women wore beautiful coats…she had on a sweater?? The picture of Kate holding her bump, it seemed to me she got an unexpected kick!! Beautiful picture of St Paul’s Cathedral.

    1. I don’t mind that Sophie didn’t wear a coat; I just don’t care for the extra fabric hanging down past the hemline on her left side.

  5. Duchess Catherine looked beautiful this time – flattering, grown-up, appropriate. Well done.

    I must say, I think the extra weight looks really good on her. She’s trim, but proportionate, not like a stick figure with a bobble-head, like she does when she’s not pregnant!

    1. She looked good today. Nice coat, nice hat, pretty jewels, healthy looking.

    2. We were flashed again on such a day and sadly while our wonderful georgeous QEll presence.

      Her weight will be gone as soon as delivery – or before breastfeeding ends. Sadly reported, that was one of Prince George reason for crying a lot – seems he was not getting enough food/feeding as km ignored her post nutrition in keeping with breastfeeding ( she went back to less eating soon after delivery, to return to pre pregnancy size)

      1. Her coat caught the wind a little bit, we didn’t see her ass.

        Yes, she said as soon as she started feeding him solids he started sleeping threw the night.

  6. The close up picture of QEII with the bouquet, wow the colours are amazing.

    All look very well. Don’t like Camilla’s coat that much though. The crotch clutch served this time to keep the coat from flying up I think.

    1. HM QEll is great with wearing wonderful colours, very youthful and bright younger monarchs cant hold a candle.

      DoC coat cute and was more in tune with the military dress. And the crotch hold didn’t help much (with bump to content with), there was still flashing.

  7. I was about to clap at Kate getting it right with her wardrobe but then it looks like the wind caught her jacket again. Hem weights, hem weights. Kate put in hem weights heavy enough to protect your modesty from the wind.

    Then, I noticed Kate crotch clutching like baby Cambridge was going to fall out if she didn’t cover her hole. Ugh. William was doing his crotch too like he was protecting the family jewels from a punch. I wish they just would rest their hands at their sides in an open, relaxed manner like the other members of the royal family and clergy in the photos.

    You can look at the Mail to see some of the photos. The Mail usually doesn’t print the worst flying skirt photos, so it makes me wonder if we’ll find worse photos on the internet in the next few days like we have in the past.


    1. Wow, the Mail strikes again. The photos I mentioned have disappeared. They were with the story I linked above just an hour ago. I know I commented complaining about Kate and William. The Mail’s behavior makes me wonder if others didn’t do the same.

      1. I commented earlier on DM that there were too many photos of W&K arriving and the space should have been used for more photos of the fallen and with the exception of a couple they have pretty much all been pulled.

        1. I just went back there. A lot of the photos have changed. Seems the Mail is reading the comments and reacting to what commentators are saying. Craaazy.

          1. your funny…. or ma carole the middletons PR is busy at work for the past few days. … damage control.

            Google the original may come up. I agree a lot of flashing paps were present.

            #6 picture above – POW P Charles look at P William (is as if PC is thinking – “are you the same son I raised…”).

  8. QEII looks lovely. Angela Kelly dressed her in colors that make her even more beautiful. Perfect example of having someone on your team who knows how to dress to the occasion and body type. I love when we sew small glimpses of her and Prince Philip. They are adorable.

    Harry looked dashing. I think that he is charming and an asset to the RF. Sophie looked so pretty. She nails it each time. Andrew, I can’t with him right now. I know that he cannot turn into a recluse, but…

    Kate looked great. Her coat and hat were lovely and her hair looked nice. Just a few picky things. It speaks more to her stylists. If you wear an updo, you need to hide the bobby pins. She needs to embrace broaches. She has a plethora at her hands. I would rock one daily. Her clothes and current jewels are simple bordering on basic. She can show color and personality through them. Her jewels were noce, but were almost invisible. I want that coat. I just wish she would wear maternity. But today was a win. I’ll even chalk up the bump clutch pic.

    1. I think that Kate look wonderful! The coat was lovely and a proper length. I usually don’t like her little cutsey saucer hats but this one wasn’t too bad – at some angles it looked really lovely. I just want to add that an elegant updo does wonders for the whole look, especially when wearing a small hat! It is an adult and elegant look – and I hope that she’ll change her style in this direction:
      Updo, a hemline just below the knee for full skirts and just above the knee for pencil skirts. I also wish that she would embrace brooches – and colour accents to otherwise monochromatic outfits. Brooches can be deployed in many different ways than the traditional at the lapel – maxima is a master of brooch deployment.

      I liked that Sophie was daring in her fashion choice. however, I don’t think that the asymmetrical hemline worked in this particular instance.

      1. I agree about Sophie’s Choice (lol). The dress is interesting but fits the mood, only the hemline makes it a miss.

    2. I thought it was funny when I saw a pic of Harry and Andrew sitting next to each other. It was like the older and younger versions of each other. They’re both spares.

      I love this coat actually. I wish it weren’t so expensive.

    1. I just saw on another site that yes they are Tanzanite. According the other site the earrings alone are around $37,000 and the necklace around $20,000. My husband gifted me a beautiful Tanzanite and diamond ring a few years ago for Christmas and while the gem in my ring is not nearly as large as Kate’s, AAA Tanzanite is not inexpensive. But it is beautiful gem stone and wonderful to wear.

  9. I thought Catherine looked wonderful, as well. Princess Anne; what a formidable force in the royal family and for the Commonwealth. So proud to have that lady representing. Queen Elizabeth ran away with the show though, no doubt about that. It’s obvious who Anne inherited her backbone of steel from! Harry looked genuinely moved and somber, as I expected he would. Overall good show from the royal family today, I was pleased to see it.

    1. It was great to see Anne in her military uniform. I thought both HM and Kate looked nice, and Harry looked genuinely moved.

    2. Well said of PR Anne. She make us ladies proud and is her MOM, past royal G and GG Mary child…PROTECTOR OF THE MONARCHY. The same is true for POW Prince Charles and P Harry seem to be growing into another protector.

  10. I think everyone looked great. Kate looked very well put together and appropriate.

    And usually I think her jewellery is pretty ‘meh,’ but I really like her pieces today.

  11. Before this shot goes away. The fifth picture down from the top has Kate’s coat flying up and open revealing a miniskirt beneath it. No hem weights and a miniskirt at a memorial service. Kate was almost there this time in the clothing department. Hair was up, length of the coat was good.


    I’m shocked Kate didn’t fall in those hooker heels walking down the stairs. A belly that large throws off your balance and stone steps are unforgiving if you fall. I looked with a mixture of concern and awe. I would’ve fallen for certain.

    I was so happy that she seemed to have it together in the clothing department and then d-oh! She’s still wearing the night at the club length skirt and no hem weights.

    1. Oh goodness–that is indeed rather a short skirt or it has ridden up quite a bit, both of which are disappointing options. At least it’s a pencil skirt and didn’t join the coat in blowing around this time? I guess that’s something.

    2. William should have emulated his 93-year-old grandfather and offered Kate his arm or hand for support. He needs a slap to the head to shock his brain and get over himself. Would it have cost him so much in courtesy and concern for his pregnant wife to help her? I shudder at a misstep with those high heels. Take a tip from Grandpa who’s probably pretty unsteady on his own feet but is still chivalrous to his wife to assist her.

        1. I think its more royal Protocol – they don’t touch in public.

          This is really the first if memory serves – with HM and the DoE touching, although HM is Queen Monarch (in the past maybe a sign of strength!).

          HM QEll is such force – I sometimes forget to look/admire her jewelry.

          1. I know I’ve seen Philip holding her hand in and out of the carriage before, including at Charles and Diana’s wedding.

          2. Will and Kate held hands while walking to church on Christmas the last two years. Yet he doesn’t hold her hand while walking down all those steps at St. Paul’s?

      1. That would involve him thinking of someone other than himself.

        I don’t buy the whole protocol arguments for two reasons. First, other royals are fine with holding hands, offering a hand or walking beside their partner. Second, Will has shown over and over that he doesn’t care about protocol or traditions when it suits him.

        1. Also, W&K held hands while walking to church on Christmas the last two years.

          1. Isn’t it odd that that’s the only time we really see them holding hands? It’s such an act in a play to me.

          2. Their Christmas hand holding is such BS, but it proves that William not helping Kate down the steps of St. Paul’s has nothing to do with any “no touching” protocol and everything to do with the fact that he gives no shits about helping his pregnant wife.

        2. William didn’t help her up the steps at the St. Andrews event in NYC either. Harry hugs pretty much anybody while on duty, so there isn’t a protocol against touching.

    3. I’m surprised, yet not surprised, that William didn’t bother to offer a hand to Kate while walking down the stairs (like Philip did for HM). His wife is eight months pregnant, he should have helped her down the stairs.

      1. Wow those Windsor genes are strong. I thought that was Edward standing next to her for a second; had to do a double take to see it’s William.

  12. Oh my goodness, the Queen looked so lovely today!!! And I loved how Prince Phillip took her hand to guide her down the steps. It’s wonderful to see such a couple that, long after the bloom of passion has faded, still care so much for one another.

    While I liked the dress Sophie wore today I don’t think it was the right one for a somber event such as this. IMO it’s a bit too casual, with the cropped sweater, like something she would wear to any other engagement.

    On to Kate, I liked her outfit today. The coat was the right color and cut, not only for today’s event but for her pregnancy figure. I like the hat quite a bit but she did seem to have some trouble with now and again, maybe it was not secured correctly. And I’m glad to see she wore her hair in an updo, very appropriate for today. No one part of this look jumped out at me and said wow, but that’s okay, today was a day for appropriate and somber.

      1. Asymmetrical hemlines and hi-lo dresses have been “in” for a while. However, a lot of those creations only work on the catwalk and/or the red carpet. They are simply couture experiments that seldom translate well into ready-to-wear.

    1. Re the hat: I saw a photo that suggested the hat is more of a headband with a hat attachment. I don’t know if it is actually pinned to the hair or not. If not, then yeah that would be an easy target for wind.

  13. The Queen looked beautiful and I love the photo of Prince Philip helping her down the steps. I also like that the photos were taken of members of the royal family standing with the Duke of York. Need anyone ask now if he is getting support from his family?

  14. KMR – you must see these pictures of Estelle and add them to the Royal Round Up. She was precious today during Victoria Day!


    In her Mom’s lap:


    Greeting the people:


    Will and Kate need to learn a thing from Vic & Dan.

    1. Thanks for sharing these adorable photos Rhiannon! Estelle looks like a natural at greetings, I love how she smiled up at the official while shaking his hand, too precious.

      1. Thank you Rhiannon. It is lovely to see Victoria and Dan parenting Estelle and showing her the ropes. Estelle looks genuinely happy to meet the official. It is a shame Wills and Kate are not doing the same thing with George. After all it is them that will have to show him not anyone else. It looks like it was a lovely service. Kate looks gorgeous in her outfit and I do like the hairstyle. However Kate is grinning a fair bit out of place for the occasion or looking miserable. Isn’t pregnancy meant to be a happy positive experience?

        1. I agree – CPV*D allowing the public with P Estelle is very refreshing and to be admired. After all she need the practice to not have a hate of the media and people she will be needing and serving.

          Prince George seem to be responsive to the public cameras as well , if he would only be allowed. And loving (smiling) nanny Maria seem to be good at imparting those features to P George (HM Christmas Lunch departure seem nanny Maria was telling PG about the people and she was smiling so he could see it was a good thing).

          We may be lucky (heavens forbid) see PG visiting the new baby – (toddler PW did visit mom P Harry in the hospital). But soon the new baby will take some of the spotlight from PG – not good but PWill may like.

    2. I love the pics of Estelle!! Most definitely will be the focus of this weeks round up,

      1. There were gifs of her climbing on her mom’s lap as Vic kneeled and her enjoying her mom. Another showed her running to her nanny as Victoria met the public. The latter may be seem as controversial, but I dont see it that way. She is cherished by both. The only affection that we’ve seen towards George was when Maria kissed him. Even the NZ footage of Kate and George seemed a little manufactured to me. Estelle is just a cute, well adjusted and loved child. I just don’t get the same vibe from Kate and George and William.

        1. Aw. Victoria and Estelle (and Daniel) seem to have a great relationship. You’re right, I don’t see the same type of relationship from Kate and George. Kate and George (and William and George) always seem so… disconnected.

      2. Estelle is always adorbs!

        Regarding the royal round-up:
        CP Mary of Denmark and Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau were in London for the Champion for Change Awards. Both works with issues such as women’s health, povery and sexual and dometic violece.
        The article is from the DM so it is full of sickening prose about Mary’s hair, make-up and clothes. However, there are some info on the Awards, and the work of the two princesses buried in there.

        1. Thank you for reminding me! I saw pics on Twitter but totally blanked when writing up the round up.

      1. For sure Camilla will be made a member as soon as Charles can make her one. It will be interesting to see if Charles makes Kate a member.

    1. Simple answer: HM has not made him a member.

      There are a limited number of people who can be in the Order of the Garter (the highest order of merit the UK has). The Prince of Wales is automatically a member, but HMs other children were not made members until they were in their 40s (after giving years of service to the crown). It is unusual that William was made a member so young; the only reason he was is because it was the 1,000th member inductee and HM wanted it to be someone special. HM is pretty selective when handing out her orders.

      Harry will surely be inducted at some point, but it might not be until Charles is King.

        1. I wouldn’t be too sure of that. If they’re ever that desperate to raise Kate’s flailing PR, I don’t think it beneath the RF and HM to grant her an Order of the Garter, just as HM granted a promotion to Andrew in the midst of a scandal. On what grounds Kate would get this, though, I’d be at at a loss, but then, they never really have to justify that to anyone, do they?

  15. If I’m not mistaken, there is a limited amount of members in the Order of the Garter and only when there is a vacancy through death does a slot open and a person can be admitted. That’s probably why Harry isn’t a member yet, but most likely he will be in the future.

  16. I think it was inappropriate and tasteless of Kate to show off new jewellery worth over $30K to this somber occasion. I bet some of these families of Afghan war veterans don’t even make that much in a year. She should have gone with her usual sapphire earrings. It just goes to show how out of touch she is. She’s no modern royal like the media claim her to be.

    1. She’s the wife of the future king. She’s expected to be somewhat extravagant. Besides, dpubt it if people there knew it was new.

      1. J, it isn’t her money to spend, it belongs to the taxpayers via the Duchy. No, she isn’t supposed to be extravagant. She is expected to know better than to flaunt this kind of jewelry at this point in time, even if it was a gift. We all recognize them as new so why wouldn’t other people? Tasteless to wear them for the first time at this event.

        1. Wow, I made an almost identical comment below. Of course before I read the comments.
          I completely agree with how tasteless it was to debut new jewels on this type of engagement. What was she thinking? Oh, about only herself and what she looks like.

          1. +1. Most of her choices are tasteless and inappropriate for the occasion. I’ll give the new coat and the hat a pass this time, since so little is expected of her that putting her hair up seems a gargantuan accomplishment. Where were these earrings and necklace when she wore that blue gown at the MET in NY? The emeralds she wore with the blue gown were off. My take on this is that these jewellery are new, at least post-NY, and therefore tasteless, as they could not have been a wedding gift, but likely something the Duchy (or taxpayers) would have paid for, and such demonstration of extravagance is not in place in this sombre occasion with families of the fallen.

    2. If she’s to be extravagant, it would be far better for her to do it at a reception, gala, or premiere, since we know she likes those. Understated is the way to go for something like yesterday.

    1. I say that too and thought “wait a minute, the Queen is the leading the Royal Family and indeed the nation” how did W&K suddenly get promoted?

    1. “It is Carole who sources all the fabrics and wallpapers for the new baby’s nursery.”

      Isn’t this what Kate does when she’s constantly shopping? What does Kate do if Carole does all the nursery furnishing?

    2. Hi Lily, I just got done reading this article and the one about W&K advertising for a new housekeeper at Anmer. Can anyone tell me when W&K are at Anmer what does the KP housekeeper do all day? And if W&K are going to be living for some time at Anmer will they close up the KP apartment and lay off the staff that work there? I find it very interesting that in 3 1/2 short years Kate has gone from someone who wanted to do all this herself to needing 2 housekeepers, 2 nannies, assorted other staff and has her mother do everything else in between.

      Reading this article I think I know why Wills likes having Carole around so much, apparently she never forgets he is royalty, puts him on a pedestal and sides with him in arguments with her daughter. And how could I forget, she makes him cheese on toast, awwww.

      All I can say is wow, this isn’t a life I would want for my daughter.

    3. Thanks for the link. The article was intriguing. I know no couple who would want to spend that much time with in-laws. I get along with mine, but if they were around constantly, I’d bolt. As for my own parents, my mother was a gem after I had my two children. But she never overstepped her boundaries and I never expected more from her. Carole Middleton truly seems in charge. How tired can Kate be from pregnancy and caring for Prince George. She has a nanny, yes? She just seems like a “girl” who cannot cut those apron strings. It can only get worse, Prince William. Even your favorite cheese snacks can’t make this worthwhile.

      1. ewwww! But so true, as even if William is meant to be in a relationship with Kate it appears that it is Ma Middleton who is pulling the strings. That woman is getting way too close!

    4. It kind of makes them sound as though they are a pair of children to be coddled by Mummy instead of adults with a child and their own household.

  17. Thank you for the link. It is a pity Charles did not remarry someone who would have been a motherly figure, not a replacement to Diana you understand, just someone for the boys to have a guiding hand. The royal family certainly did not see this coming as others have commented.

    1. Charles is their parent, he is the one who should have been the guiding hand. Far too many stories of step-mothers being perceived as evil when they try to implement rules or discipline. Camilla’s kids and grandkids love her, so she is not lacking in the motherly department.

      What about HM, Anne, Sophie, Lady Sarah Chatto? Why don’t you blame any of their female blood kin for not stepping in to help them? If indeed they didn’t.

      1. I think I phrased it wrong. I am not attacking Camilla’s parenting skills at all. Just that Charles and the other royals did not see the opportunity that Carole Middleton took. I think it a shame that they lost their mother.

  18. Oh Dear, Will Waity EVER cut the umbilical cord from Ma Mids? The poor thing is exhausted? From WHAT exactly, she shows up does a few hours work and then goes back home to where a NANNY is looking after her child and she has her Mummy wait on her hand and foot? And now Wills can’t get off his butt to get his own snacks? Geez, someone please shoot me. I think Ma Mids should be sucking up to Prince Charles as he is the one with the money. If my Mum was backing my hubby over me in arguments, trust me she would be out on her ear faster than she could whistle.

  19. The fact that Kate decided to wear at least $25,000 in jewels to such a somber event makes me sick. I feel it was totally disrespectful and not the right place or time to debut new jewels. It looks like her and Sophie try to compete with one another and today was no exception. Sophie wore a $4,000 Oscar De La Renta “party” dress.

    I cannot believe I am saying this but the one who really nailed the look was Camilla. Kate and Sophie really need to take notes. Camilla wears her share of jewels as we all know but she did not wear them today and that speaks numbers to me. Her coat was appropriate and very respectful.

    I know mostly all of the things the royal women wear are pricey but between Kate and Sophie alone, they sported at least $30,000 worth of luxury goods here. Granted most of it was Kate’s jewelry but Sophie had no business wearing a $4,000 dress that looks like it belongs on a woman in upper Manhattan trying to out- dress her girlfriends.

    The giggling, the laughing, the stares, the jewels and party dress, just says it all for me. Time and place are everything and debuting new jewels and dresses of that price range (and style) at a somber event is just appalling.

    1. Camilla’s coat was also recycled, so she really didn’t go extravagant in any way, she got nothing new for the service, unlike Kate and Sophie.

  20. Harry’s legs tho *fans self*

    I’m dissapointed that the photogs took so many pictures of Catherine but only very few of HM and Harry.

    1. Yeah, there were like 5 pages of pics of Kate and only a handful of Camilla and Sophie and Harry and everyone else.

  21. I know I’m late to the post, but can anyone tell me why Edward wears ANY kind of military uniform, much less a chest full of MEDALS? He gave up on the Marines…

    And, as hard working as Anne is, I find myself annoyed that she too wears a military uniform. These two have been granted honorary ranks by HM, but never served…am I correct in this? I think it would be better, especially at events like this, for HONORARY members of the armed services to wear civilian clothing with perhaps a special order/sash of some sort.

    I understand the thought behind having a member of the RF bring a “patron” (of sorts) of a branch of the military, but I think only those who have actually served in the military should wear a uniform!

    Just my two cents! 🙂

    1. All of Edward’s medals are commemorative ones from HM jubilees. Same with Anne. William’s two medals are also from HM jubilees. Harry has two medals from HM jubilees and also one for serving in Afghanistan.

  22. I’m late to the party, too.
    My take on this Kate appearance? At first, I was delighted to see her dressed so appropriately. Then I really took a long hard look at the photos. The skirt she wore was way too short. I know her coat covered it, but she really has a thing about showing off her bod, doesn’t she? Or, showing off in general.
    In the Cathedral she was able to put on a serious face, but there were also some pretty grinny shots, too. And, even if the baby kicked when she was on the Cathedral’s steps, she surely knew how to turn that into a photographic moment. The day was about those who served in the military, Kate. Others got that. Why not, you?
    Harry seemed so moved. He really has so much going for him! He served after all. He knows what the military personnel go through. He cares. You can see that all over his face.
    As for William not giving Kate a hand as she walked down the stairs — shame on him. Not classy at all.
    And, the Middleton control? It’s not going to end pretty. That is what I think. It may be a long time coming, but it’s not going to last.

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