Duchess Kate adds two new engagements to her calendar (updated)

Duchess Kate adds two new engagements to her calendar (updated)

Wow, someone is really packing in the engagements. Kensington Palace scheduled Kate Middleton for two more engagements. On March 11, the Duchess of Cambridge will be in Margate where she will visit the Turner Contemporary museum (as Patron of the National Portrait Gallery) and Resort Studios (an art organization). I am genuinely surprised at this. I thought we wouldn’t see Kate until St. Patrick’s Day and that would be it until she saunters out of the hospital in a red dress with Baby Cambridge 2.

Kate leaving Action for Children

According to the Court Circular, yesterday, February 24, Kate joined Prince William and Prince Harry for the Chairman’s Dinner at Kensington Palace State Apartments as Joint Patrons of the Royal Foundation you know the rest.

Kate February 24 2015

This joins two other non-press appearances Kate has undertaken this year (of course one non-press engagement ended up with a video message, but whatevs).

Kate February 10 2015Kate February 11 2015

March 11 will be Kate’s 8th day of total work (“work”?) and her 6th day of public, press-covered visits, with a total of 15 engagements (or 12 if we’re not counting the non-press ones). Depending on how we calculate her engagements – and going with the upper limit – Kate’s already done more than the first option on our “How many engagements will Kate do in 2015” poll. I’m shocked!

Who do we have to thank for this… Jason? Someone really lit a fire under Kate’s bum to get her to actually do this many engagements in the first quarter of the year. She never does much in the first quarter. I’m of course a bit skeptical. She could just be front-loading her engagement numbers because she’s going to take all of the second and third quarters of the year off (save for a few mandatory Royal Family duties), and then come back to load up on the engagements in the last quarter of the year so her 2015 engagement total isn’t so paltry. Who knows, maybe she’ll surprise us all. But I don’t want to get my hopes up too much because she’s disappointed me so much in the past.

Also, according to Kensington Palace’s Twitter, Kate made a private visit to the National Portrait Gallery earlier this month to view the Van Dyck self-portrait that she will view again on March 11. The photo in the tweet is of Kate viewing the portrait in February 2014 when she attended the NPG Portrait Gala.

UPDATE: You know how I said KP tweeted that Kate viewed that Van Dyck painting privately earlier this month but tweeted a photo from last year? Well they’ve realized there was a mistake and kind of corrected themselves. Now they are saying Kate viewed the painting privately in February 2014, so NOT earlier this month. However, they are still showing a photo of Kate viewing the painting while on a public engagement. So the viewing was never private at all. So dumb. Granted, KP only got on social media in January, so their social media person is probably new, but still, Kate doesn’t do that much so it’s easy to check this stuff. No excuses.

UPDATE: Kate did another non-press thing on Feb 25. She received the outgoing director of the NPG.

Kate February 25 2015

Of course, Kate’s upped engagement numbers could just be a distraction from the fact that William has done next to nothing so far this year, and won’t even start his air ambulance job until the summer. William did one investiture, and the Chairman’s Dinner, and recorded three video messages. That’s all he’s done so far this year. He starts his Japan/China tour tomorrow, which runs until March 4. When Kate makes you look lazy, you know something’s seriously wrong.

UPDATE: William has completed all 14 written exams finally. After he gets back from Japan and China, he will begin some extra training he needs to complete, and then officially start the job in early summer. He will be working full time (“full time”) but there will be allowances made to accommodate his royal duties. Kate and the babies “are expected to spend more time at Anmer Hall” with William, because F the $6 million KP renovations.

UPDATE: Will and Kate will attend the Commonwealth Observance at Westminster Abbey on March 9 along with the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Camilla.

UPDATE #573: Another engagement added to Kate’s calendar. On March 13, she, William and Harry will join the Queen and other royals for a service of commemoration at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the end of operations in Afghanistan.

Photos: Action for Children Twitter (@actnforchildren)/Screengrabs from the online Court Circular

141 thoughts on “Duchess Kate adds two new engagements to her calendar (updated)

  1. She’s padding her numbers so she can take the summer and autumn off and to upstage Will-not; not hard to do in either the engagement marker or personality (her own issues aside). I am convinced more and more that Willy will end up abdicating or stepping aside from the throne. He is far too much like his mother to do otherwise. His total lack of a work ethic and near complete absence from the public radar since the New Year (three years after releasing statements that he and Waity would steadily INcrease their workload) have cemented it for me. He may be surprising. I doubt it.

    1. What is a Chairman’s Dinner?

      KMR, I agree, she’s front loading her numbers. She’ll pick it back up in Nov.

      Seth, you seem to be impugning Diana’s work ethic? She’s still famous for her workhorse sensibility, I thought.

      I recently LOLed at an article claiming that Wills Asian trip was clear evidence of the confidence the Foreign Office has in him. First, didn’t China ask for Harry originally? Then W stamped his foot and shouted “But I’M the heir!!” Second, after the debacle in the Oval Office, I’m thinking that the Foreign Office is burning herbs and sitting in chanting circles praying to all the deities that W doesn’t start a war or some such. The Japanese are especially sensitive, and W is tin eared with his “charm”. Whatever happens, I’m sure the sugars will squeal that it was the most successful Royal tour eva!

      1. If a recent post on Royal Confessions is to be believed, the sugars think that William will positively affect world affairs with his trip. (Yes, you can laugh now)

        I just hope he doesn’t put his foot in it like his grandfather did.

        1. Of course a balding white man whose pregnant wife did more work than him in the first 2 months of 2015 can make an impact in the turbulent relationship among Asian countries.

      2. Sorry Red Snapper I clearly wasn’t clear in my earlier statement. Diana was a more traditional royal in that she did work very hard for a while after her marriage and the children were born (MUCH MUCH harder than Waity ever will). But she did profound damage to the Royal Family long term. Her self-indulgent interviews with Andrew Morton, insisting that she needed to “figure things out,” her borderline personality disorder, bulimia and alleged self-harm tendencies, and the public way she dealt with them and her lack of deference and discretion to the traditional order of things in the Royal Family and the aristocracy, from which she was raised caused damage to the Royal Family and perhaps even the Crown. I believe her early death psychologically damaged Willy to the point of paranoia and egomania. So he will say “I will do things like Mummy did” and will DESTROY the monarchy. I have sympathy for what Diana went through but she had a reckless disregard for anything that wasn’t her way. As Michael Sheen said so eloquently as Tony Blair in “The Queen”:

        ” You know, when you (Alistair Campbell) get it wrong, you really get it wrong! That woman has given her whole life in service to her people. Fifty years (forty-five years in 1997 actually) doing a job SHE never wanted! A job she watched kill her father. She’s executed it with honor, dignity, and, as far as I can tell, without a single blemish, and now we’re all baying for her blood! All because she’s struggling to lead the world in mourning for someone who… who threw everything she offered back in her face. And who, for the last few years, seemed committed 24/7 to destroying everything she holds most dear!”

        That’s why I am worried about Willy. I hope the Queen reigns for a long time and the Prince of Wales as Charles III or George VII or whatever name he chooses, reigns for a long enough time that either the British abolish the monarchy (possible but unlikely) or Willy decides to renounce his titles and allegiance and settle down as a rich helicopter pilot (so he can “rescue” his deceased mother symbolically from her death) with his wife and kids, leaving the throne to Harry.
        I hope I’ve cleared this up. If not, feel free to message again. I will reply as clearly as I can. Cheers! 🙂

        1. Seth,
          I agree… long live our QEll, and long live and reign King Charles….

          Unless we have King Henry, P Willy will be the death of (or a crisis) to the history, traditions and relevance of our Monarchy.

          1. Not saying I disagree with you because William is turning out a disappointment, but millions would have said that about Charles. Personally, I think Charles is an elitist socialist based on his speeches(believes an elite well educated group should govern/represent the masses and care for their social needs- a shepherd to his sheep).

          2. Millions still think Charles will make a terrible king, but that has more to do with the whole Diana debacle than anything else.

      3. Red Snapper “Second, after the debacle in the Oval Office, I’m thinking that the Foreign Office is burning herbs and sitting in chanting circles praying to all the deities that W doesn’t start a war or some such.”

        I almost spit out my coffee. That is hilarious and oh so true!

        Seth: I agree with so much of what you have said. I’m curious though, was it ever established that she had borderline personality disorder, or was that just a rumour?

        1. Personality disorders are tricky to diagnose – especially borderline! There are a set of qualifiers for various disorders, but it is a sliding scale. Furthermore, a personality disorder is not the end of the world and it doesn’t have to be a permanent condition but it takes a lot of intensive therapy, hard work and brutal (self)honesty – says someone who has been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

      4. I’m not actually sure what the Chairman’s Dinner is, but I would guess it’s probably a dinner for the executives and trustees and people like that.

        Considering the Japanese’s sensibilities, I’d look to William’s interaction with the President of Singapore more than the President of the US as an example of what horrible and uncomfortable things William could say.

        1. I always find William’s akward conversational gambits with foreign head of states immensely entertaining. However, the fate of the British monarchy doesn’t really concern me either – I’m strictly in it for the entertainment value and William delivers that far more than Kate does. She’s just a dull, boring clothes horse who gives of Stepford vibes.

    2. This is how Kate can earn respect from me: give a speech. All of this flighting around is boring me. Her behavior and fashion are getting better. Now, let’s add some substance.

    3. I too have am starting to think that William will step away from the throne when his grandmother dies. He’s never hidden that he doesn’t want to be king and that h e views kingship as a great burden.

      1. If he walked, he’d demand an enormous payout and ongoing funding like the Duke of Windsor. I cannot see the taxpayers putting up with that. The BRF would have to give up a BIG chunk of the “personal wealth” to William, and I cannot see them doing that.

        Harry, being Harry, would not require they be ostracized like the Queen Mum required of Wallis and David. Harry would end up king, but in the uncomfortable position of still welcoming his brother at all family events and on all family property, because that’s Harry’s nature.

        And William, being William, would lord it over everyone including Harry, even after leaving. Can’t you just see him requiring everyone to curtsey to Middleton and call her HRH regardless – just like David did with Wallis?

        1. David only required that of their personal staff in Bermuda when he was Governor during the war and in their home in France. Wallis was NEVER curtsied to or referred to as “Your Royal Highness” by dignitaries or governmental officials as that is a courtesy granted solely by the Sovereign’s will. George VI explicitly denied the H.R.H. and the courtesies that come with it, to Wallis, for having put him on the throne. If King Henry drew up Letters Patent denying or granting dignities to his brother and sister-in-law, officially, that’s it. Willy could throw temper tantrums until Doomsday but it wouldn’t make any difference. And Willy has millions from Diana. I doubt he would be given much more. He could get commercial deals worth millions, which he would probably take. And the Queen has personal wealth of several hundred million pounds. When Bonnie Prince Charlie becomes King, he will have even more from the revenues of the Duchy of Cornwall he’s accumulated. I doubt Willy would be able to get that much money from them. They could just as easily say “You have your money. See ya.” and that’s it.

          1. That David required it, ever, of anyone, makes my point. He and William are cut from the same cloth.

            I can see the BRF paying millions in hush money to William, to keep him quiet and off the world’s radar. If he walks, they need him to disappear, otherwise the way these two spend money, they’d risk having another Fergie on their hands.

          2. On the one hand, true. On the other, Willy is very close to the Midds and they are wealthy enough to take him and Waity in *eye roll*. The royals would definitely have to make a financial settlement but I doubt it would be enough to seriously damage them in the long run. Diana took a lump sum from Bonnie Prince Charlie (his liquid assets at the time), so she wouldn’t be dependent like Duchy Ferguson has been. But it doesn’t seem to have harmed Bonnie Prince Charlie’s financial status long term. He received ☼19 million in 2013 from the Duchy and paid a staff of 110 servants, as well as voluntarily paying income tax and giving money to charity, as well as supporting Willy, Waity and Harry. He will also get the revenues of the Duchy of Lancaster, which were almost ☼14 million in 2010.

        2. I thought Harry was in line AFTER George. Is there an age limit to inherit the throne, or how does that work? Someone fill me in!

          1. As I understand it, William could remove himself and his children from the line, as long as they are under 18. I can see him stepping aside but leaving his kids in line, dumping regent duties on Harry, and PGTips ending up with the throne in the end.

            He doesn’t want the role for himself – but he doesn’t want Harry to have it either. If he steps aside but leaves PGTips on the hook, William “wins” and the Middletons might not disown him.

          2. My only problem with Harry being the Regent for George is that William and Kate will insist on raising George themselves, which they should as his parents. And he would not be an appropriate role model for George as someone who has chosen to step away and not take on the responsibilities of POW and at some point King. If he can’t take those on himself, how can he (or she) raise George to have the respect and work ethic he would need to do the role? Therefore, if William steps out of the succession, George and his future siblings should be removed as well.

      2. Probably before the coronation – but after he restores his mother’s HRH, gives the Middletons the titles they want, and destroys all the ivory!

    4. I agree, and not impress.

      These appearances are ALL PR stunts aka distractions; and are Very insincere and unworthy of HMs genuine work – Princess Royal Anne and POWs credible service to UK GB CW people.

      Meanwhile , P Will iddleton is in another country, he seem to create these foreign jaunts (such as NY trip in December) for his purpose / PR; and forget to make an effort for service to his country – UK/GB charities, like his brother who serve the people well – King -Harry!

      Both disappearing cambridges *Waity could learn a thing in service from Prince Harry; to speak nothing of HMs QEll -DOE, POW, P Anne, and Earl*C/Sofie Wessex.

    5. Agree to giving up the Line. P will nonchalant don’t care attitude to the people’s outcry seem wayyyy off (so Edward * Wally) to his role as heir. You cant rule if the people/ your subjects (and the establishment) disapproves.

      The thing is carole middleton will not want anything of P Will either, once he gives up his Line. For all we know he P Will may have had such discussions with his dad- confide in Prince Harry (even more), and is taking a day at a time. He now has the ambulance service ‘thing’ to begin and be away from Royal service/work.

      Will to continue this farce- PR nightmare for the HM, BRF will be hell…. he act as if he want to be Free (and ready to break?) from public – royal obligations duties to the monarchy; 0f course without giving up the wealth, POs and royal palaces/luxuries.

    1. What’s wrong with art galleries and museums. They also need press and donations in order to do the work that their obliged to do by law but seldom get the funding to do.

      She does have a degree in art history so I assume that she has an interest in the subject. Plus, Van Dyck did some amazing royal portraits.

      1. Especially the smaller ones. The NPG is large and well known, but the smaller galleries and museums wouldn’t get the same amount of visitors and donations and would benefit more from a royal visit.

      2. Due to your background Art Historian, I have a question. If you watch Downton Abbey, which painting is visable in the breakfast room? Is this a VanDyck?

        1. Indeed it is! It is one of Van Dyck’s most fameous portraits of Charles I. He was Charles’ court painter just like Holbein was Henry VIII’s. He often painted Charels in horseback – there is a 1000 year old tradition of depicting rulers on horseback, going back to the Roman empire. Another reason was that Charle I was a rather short man and his vanity had to be appeased.

      3. Most are well established museums and have wealthy sponsors – and its not much of work, more to be seen…

        We are still waiting for the beginning of real work sessions – like Q Leticia, Raina and God forbid – like CP Mary, Q Maxima traveling alone to UN global locations – Investment type conferences and speaking on behalf of your country (this would be both W*W middleton); schedules which include spending a day at a charity – homeless shelter, with pensioners; that sort of work that POW Diana engaged in. Not just dress up photo op events.

        Hello Mag recently post updates to Wally*Ed life of luxury and constant vacations – very timely reminder.

        1. I definitely agree that Kate really ought to break into heavier causes with a significant workload. However, as someone who has worked at several museums, big and small, I can assure you that a royal visit brings a lot of free PR, and that can possibly attract visitors. It is very very expensive to put on a research-based exhibition – and, yes, many of the big museums have patrons and foundations they often work with in this respect. However, we make exhibition to attract visitors, not just for revenue but because sharing out knowledge with the general public is, IMO, why we do this – museum work is about preserving the collections, researching them and sharing that knowledge with the general public.

          I would love to see Kate becoming patron of some of the smaller, provincial museums – or working with the Royal Collection since she does have a degree in art history, even if she isn’t an art historian. However, I’m not quite sure how deep her interest in art and history really is.

          1. Oh, I’m sure she was very interested in art history … once she knew that’s what Prince William was studying. I doubt she’s every studied something so studiously – studying up on William that is.

  2. I agree with Seth, I think she’s going to be out of commission for a long time after she gives birth (except for the mandatory BRF appearances).

    It could be that she is working so much in an effort to make up for William’s not working much so far this year. But we really won’t know until after she pops #2 what happens. She may surprise us all and get back to work a couple of months later.

    I’m not holding my breath though and will believe it when I see it. But even if she does put in more numbers, there is still the matter of the substance of her events. Showing up, waving, saying hello to people, and leaving aren’t really meaningful engagements to me. It’s like a fashion show because her clothing, hair and after the baby her remarkable return to her bony figure, are all that gets talked about.

    Quite frankly it gets boring. And I’m really not expecting to see William because he’ll have the excuse that he’s working. She will say she wants to be with her family in Norfolk and it will be as if they are back in Wales as newlyweds only with 2 bundles of joy to keep them company. And her mother.

    1. Kate needs to start doing proper speeches, or at least saying a few words like Camilla and Sophie. I think it’s very telling that even she she participates in a round table discussion that the press are invited to, they don’t print anything she says. Clearly she isn’t saying anything worth while at all. She’s been doing relatively better, but now it’s time to really step up the substance of her visits.

    1. @CrazyAMC –
      I agree P Will is lazzyy but it is sad to see another commoner who marry in to the great wealth position of the RF not doing more, ignores her people for shopping, luxury vacays and all the luxury waste and benefits instead of giving back to the charities and services to the needy, the people. Waity should be out front, more than P Will – No excuse (or maybe now more excuse not to serve with two babies, forget the many caring nannies and helpers).

      1. The problem with Kate is she wasn’t necessarily raised as a “commoner.” She has always been raised to believe she is above others and should have the best, the best being Prince William and a title as a member of the royal family.

        She has never worked a real job or any substantial charitable roles so she is woefully out of touch with the “common” people.

        1. Maybe this is why Sophie is so good at the job? She’s not from a wealthy family, and not from a family connected to the royals or ‘the set’ like Diana, Sarah, and Middleton.

        2. You make a good point Lisa. I think you are right. Carole has raised Kate to believe that she was better than others and quite possibly was raising Kate to be a spouse for William right from the beginning. It was handy she had another daughter so if she failed with the first one then she had a backup? It must be hard to be a Middleton sibling when all of your Mum’s attention was focused on placing the first child in the right places to catch William. Then of course Ma Middleton was subsidizing Kate for 10 years so Kate could be available to go follow (stalk) her prey.
          It’s a shame Kate didn’t do something with her free time instead of going shopping and hanging by the phone.

  3. Interesting that Kate is doing more appearances. Good for her. And, for Jason, whom I assume is pushing her. Who knows, maybe Kate will come through with even more engagements after she gives birth to Baby 2. I doubt it, but as I said, “Who Knows?”

    I am curious as to why people think William will not be King . If he doesn’t want the role, I would be surprised. After all, he was raised to be the future King. Frankly, I think Harry would be a better King, but I just don’t see William giving up what is rightfully his. And, wouldn’t that do the Middletons in? How would Carole take that. George would lose out in favor of Harry’s children, would he not?

    1. He may not want to be King, but I’m sure he feels entitled to it. I’ve never believed he’ll reject it if for no other reason than he’s got nothing better to do. His helicopter career is a nonstarter. Bespoke Cambridge courses? Nope. Gentleman farmer? Do sheep curtesy? He will grudgingly and bitterly “accept” the role of King. And expect everyone to be grateful forever more, no matter how many vacations he takes.

      1. Sadly you are probably right. He probably won’t actually do anything with it, which will really put monkey wrenches into the levers of government. If he refuses to hold audiences with ministers or carry out engagements or go on tour regularly for business, the government of the day would be in a bit of a quandary. Queen Victoria practically disappeared for years from public view. With communication so advanced today, I doubt Willy will feel a need to regularly be in London or Windsor for that matter. He’ll probably hole himself up in Norfolk or Scotland or wherever and make everyone come to them or ignore governmental business altogether to go off to the Seychelles or Mustique whenever he feels like it. Therein will be the crux of the problem. The Queen holidays in cold, wet Scotland or the Norfolk countryside in the winter. Most people don’t particularly care b/c she works hard and they aren’t all that interested in the countryside. But a royal that acts more like a celebrity movie star (without the earned income, just inheritances from the public), going off to sunny five-star resorts while “his” people shiver in Britain, doesn’t sell well and will sell less as time goes on. Willy doesn’t actually do anything for his privileges and prestige. The Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, though private estates, are only private with the long-standing consent of the government. The Queen reigns with the consent of the people through Parliament. If enough people get sick and tired of Willy’s shenanigans, he CAN be removed. Ask Edward VIII how his 35-year reign with Queen Wallis went. The public’s appetite for the royals is only b/c they are perceived as working for the people of Britain. If Willy doesn’t do that, he can be removed (and should be).
        Of course I’m also American, so I don’t have the attachment to Willy and Waity that Britain might. I admire the history and continuity of the Crown and admire the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh a great deal. I begrudge the Prince of Wales b/c he’s the heir apparent, but I find him very cold, pompous, privileged and conceited. I like the Earl and Countess of Wessex for their closeness to the Queen and admire the Princess Royal b/c she actually gets on with it. The Duke of York is a pig and a lecher. The rest of them are too old and irrelevant for me to care about at all (the Gloucesters, Kents, etc.). So royalty is a fascinating anachronism to me but I’m not terribly thrilled about it’s future.

      2. Or, Will might become king but then abdicate for George similar to how other royal families do it. I could see in his mind, he had fulfilled his duty and his destiny, but then can retire in luxury and on permanent holiday.

        So, maybe he is simply practicing and researching for his future retirement!

      3. @Red S
        You could be correct on Will keeping and feel entitled to his ‘heirdom’ – but have a look at the changing world and world affairs (and what is the use of a monarchy if the traditions and history is not kept alive/protected honored by an heir?) …Will may not have a choice.

        Remember the history of g/grand uncle Edward (he wanted to make changes to the Traditions, etc…) – as they say “history repeat itself”! time will tell.

    2. This astrologer (AstroAmerica) passed away and unfortunately his work was removed from online. If you follow astrology, or even if you don’t, what he had to say is interesting. He speaks to the idea of William abandoning his royal role.

      October 2012 he predicted PG Tips
      “Birth should be the second or third week of July, 2013, the closer to the 21st, the sooner the individual becomes king/queen. Succession will be from Elizabeth to Charles to this not-yet-conceived individual, as an adolescent. William will be passed over.” PGTips was born July 22, 2013

      July 23 2013 “When I first foresaw his birth last October I imagined him to be the monarch for which England has long waited, but this week I lost hope and wrote him off as just another self-indulgent royal brat.”

      July 30 2013 “As the BST time is most likely correct, the son’s chart confirms the fate of the father, Prince William. Astute astro-royal watchers have doubted William would reign. As to why William will not reign, note the absence of a Mars-Jupiter aspect in his chart. I imagine he will some day fly off on holiday and just forget to return and when found and asked why, will airily dismiss his kingdom with a wave of a royal hand as no longer of interest.”

      and futher down “Instead, imagine Bill and Kate, with the infant George in tow, are driving through the countryside one day and stop off at a small tavern for a bite to eat and when they are done, these two lovebirds forget the sleeping George and leave him behind, forever. Whereupon he becomes an orphan, his parents lost to history.”

      1. I found his predictions vey interesting.
        If William bows out sooner rather than later, they should just hand it over to Harry.
        The grumpy kid reminds me of William, who was a terror growing up. Surprise, surprise.
        It would be better to let the lamebridges go be normal and let ma midd raise the kids.

        1. I don’t think Carole has raised self-sufficient children. She’s raised children – especially Kate – who cannot function without her. She should not be allowed the majority say in the raising of any other children, especially a royal heir and spare.

          1. I completely agree, which is why I find it surprising that george seems to be totally in the hands of waity and her mother.
            I can’t imagine that is something the brf would accept.
            Diana wouldn’t have been allowed to run off with the children like that. Even fergie’s children stayed very much in the brf system.

            Why is george being handled differently?

            Is it just another big willy versus the evil royals argument or is there the understanding that the kid doesn’t need to be raised as a member of the brf system.

            For all her social climbing and tacky behavior, it’s no wonder waity doesn’t feel comfortable in the palaces.

            Also, while nanny Maria seems very responsible and caring, why are they hiring foreign help to raise a potential British head of state?
            None of this makes too much sense.

        2. If William bows out before his children are legal, doesn’t he also take his children out of the line of succession as well?

          1. Not exactly sure.
            I’ve read that it could go either way.
            Nothing can be done without an act of parliament.
            It just doesn’t make much sense to remove William and then leave it to him to raise the heir.

            They should deal with it now, while they have the protection of the queen and let him ride off to Africa and start preparing Harry.

            Imo no one wants to deal with William’s reluctance for the job, for public life and it is not going to end well.

  4. I have a feeling that many things might change after the Queen passes away. Not just the line of succession as has been mentioned, but in terms of the Commonwealth.

    1. Oh it will be very interesting to see what happens to the Commonwealth after the Queen dies. I feel all the larger Commonwealth countries are mainly holding on out of respect for the Queen, but especially Jamaica will be gone as quickly as possible after she dies.

  5. Report that Kate went to hospital in pain faked but so hilarious I could see her faking contractions because she got asked to make an impromptu speech and ordered bed rest on Mustique.

    1. Overit I agree – two insincere engagements on the same day – how very lazy and workshy. Those appearances should be counted as 1 event.

      Sugar, very funny – I did read such a report and a pic was placed in the blog. Waity is always conveniently HG or sick – whenever more effort is needed. I fail to see how she made that video (haven’t watched).

      AH domestic helpers quitting, returning to HM Sandringham. Est – ma carole and pippa must be settle in by now. Some blog state that was Waity and ma plan in Mystique. Some say she is ‘instructed’ not to stay in buckleberry, after baby 2 (with children).

  6. Okay, am I the only one thinking this…but everyone is commenting on how much Kate is ‘working’ this year so far. Yes she is doing more than normal. But come on, she still only ‘worked’ 2 days this month. Each day had 2 engagements, but so what? She appeared at each place for less than 2 hours. So she has worked 2 days in February, for a total of maybe 6 hours? Why is she being praised for this. Yes she is working more, but that was not hard to do. She still is hardly doing anything. Her last public engagement was Feb. 18. She has a 3 week break before her next one. Give me a break! I can’t believe how much praise she gets for how little she really does!

    1. Who is praising her? I read the general commentary as “Well, something is better than nothing…” Which it is. I mean she’s still a joke. But her last couple (few?) appearances have been really good considering how low the bar is. I haven’t seen her bare ass once this year! WINNING!!!

        1. Thanks Seth. That is what I meant. Also, I came from another site where they were going on and on about how hard working Kate is and how she should really just be resting. Not to mention all the sugars were then also commenting how this should put all the Kate nay-sayers to rest since it proves how hard she works. LOL. I was a little annoyed by them 🙂

          1. Lol Kate honestly probably works harder at shopping. It’s not that hard to visit a place and chat to people. But walking around stores and trying on clothes and carrying her own bags can get exhausting.

      1. “I haven’t seen her bare ass once this year! WINNING!!!”

        Bahahahahaha I love how not showing her ass is accomplishment. She really has set the bar so low for herself. But yes, I would agree that her last couple of appearances have been okay.

      2. That “bare ass” comment had me spitting coffee on my computer screen! Thank you Red Snapper, for the awesome belly laugh. Well put (and too true)!

    2. It’s more surprising than anything. 2 engagements for February is about right for Kate, but 3 engagements in January is super high considering the most she’s ever done in January is 1 engagement for the whole month. I don’t think it’s necessarily praise, as we are still criticizing her for a lot of things, but it’s more surprise (at least for me). I honestly did not expect her to do anything in January, so having her actually do something, and finally get that she needs to do engagements BEFORE the extended tropical vacation and extended “maternity leave”, is super surprising. Of course she’s not really doing hard work or anything, but that’s kind of the nature of royal duties for the most part. It’s not a 9-5 job using hard labor or mental tasks; the royals visit places and chat to people and hopefully give a speech or say a few words. Yes, Kate is still giving the minimal effort in terms of royal duties that aren’t hard work in the first place, and she needs to step it up (as we’ve been saying for years), but the fact that she’s actually done more engagements so far this year than she usually does at this time in a given year is surprising and I don’t think it’s wrong to point that out. When the press claims she’s super hard working, then I roll my eyes, because she isn’t at all. But for her, considering her bar is SO LOW, this is kind of good. It’s sad that this is kind of good, but for her it is. Of course, that will all change once she goes on “maternity leave” and doesn’t do anything until November.

  7. I’m with the crowd that thinks she’s doing engagements because she’ll be out of sight (except Trooping, Garter, Wimbledon) until Fall. Also, I do think William has been spending time prepping for his China/Japan trip and that’s why we haven’t seen him. He’s not going to countries where the English culture has been imported (Canada, Australia, any other Commonwealth country). This is a significant step in his royal life – he wouldn’t be going if he wasn’t going to take the crown.

    KMR – not sure if you saw the BBC Two link I shared last post – but the Royal Family tried to stop it getting out – it’s a documentary on the royals and their press relationships and spin doctors. Part Two should feature Kate. Interesting to watch.

    1. Oh how interesting. I never heard anything about this documentary or the Royals trying to stop it. Though I’m not surprised they did try. I am actually shocked that any British media would say anything negative about the Royals. Is there anyway to watch it? I am curious about part 2 with Kate.

        1. Lisa, I’m only at a minute and a half in and I’m hooked. The line, “For all of his easy-going facade, Prince William is obviously a very controlling character.” That line – WOW!

          Thanks for providing the link!

      1. Bookworm, thanks for the links to Reinventing the Royals. I’ve been avidly watching them and, boy, are they eye openers so far! I can’t wait for the rest.

  8. Okay – why is she going back to view a painting publicly that she viewed privately in the first place? Is this bothering anyone else? That doesn’t get counted twice in my tally KMR. It’s not work if you are going to museums privately to enjoy the exhibits. It’s also weird that they told us she’s already seen it. Upon further reading – it turns out the painting is going on tour – she’s bringing public notice to it. Still, only counting one day – the 11th.

    1. So apparently KPs social media person is dumb and tweeted something incorrectly. There never was a private viewing earlier this month. They were talking about when Kate viewed the painting in Feb 2014 at the Portrait Gala. They still say it was a private viewing, which is still incorrect since she was on a public engagement when she viewed it. Anyway, she happened to view the painting last February while at the Portrait Gala, and now she’s visiting the Margate museum because the painting is going on tour.

      Truly private visits that don’t show up in the Court Circular don’t count toward year end totals. KP has said visits were “private” before but then they show up in the Court Circular – like William’s Centerpoint visit last year. But a private visit where there are no photos or video messages taken and released later, and that don’t show up in the Court Circular, don’t count toward year end totals.

        1. At least about 150 I would say, going off the number of retweets and favorites the new tweet has. And then of course there are people like me who didn’t retweet or favorite the new tweet, so more than that 150. I don’t know how many rts and favs the original had. It was probably some idiot KP person not being clear to the social media person so the social media person got confused. It could have been intentional, but it seems like an honest mistake.

          1. The Nizam of Hyderabad diamond necklace the Queen loaned her for that event should have been a dead giveaway that this wasn’t a current picture. That’s the last time we saw any of HM’s major statement jewels loaned to Kate. As soon as I saw that photo, I knew it wasn’t recent.

          2. Exactly. I knew the photo was from a public engagement in Feb 2014 as soon as they posted it. I think the social media person is just an idiot who fell prey to another idiot on the Cambridge’s team who doesn’t know shit.

  9. OK, I’m suspicious – so much Kate in a short amount of time? Really? It seems to me that they (Jason?) are trying to promote Kate as this amazing person who cares SO much (*tilt head to one side*). Is such a fashion leader? Is a beauty? Why so much Kate? From previous evidence Kate seems to get out and about as little as she can get away with. SO why all the Kate PR? Is Niraj Tanna about to produce a book which shows Kate as she really is and the pr team are trying to get in first to make Kate look good?

    1. I think what’s throwing people off is the time of year in which all these engagements are happening. If this were November, then it wouldn’t be strange since she always throws a number of engagements in in November to boost her year end numbers. But Kate doesn’t usually do much during these first few months of the year, so the fact that she’s doing so many seems weird. I think, more than anything, she’s doing these engagements now to thwart the criticism of taking her Mustique vacation and “maternity leave”. Like, if she didn’t do the Jan engagements, people would have criticized the Mustique vacation more, and if she didn’t do the Feb and March engagements people would heavily criticize her “maternity leave”, especially if she takes most of the rest of the year off. It seems like someone finally got the hint and forced her to do appearances to thwart the criticism. But that’s just my opinion.

  10. I have the distinct impression that the former Ms. Middleton and her mother believed marrying into the royal family and becoming the Heir’s wife would be a ‘cakewalk’. I further btlieve they failed to understand or equate with the Queen’s historically unblemished sense of duty and work ethic. Therein lies the problem. The Queen believes in the monarchy and has a superior sense of duty and historical importance in her role whereas the Middletons are outsiders who obviously believe the monarchy is a guaranteed gateway to entitlements and privilege that previously had not been available to them.

    1. BJ – I feel the same – carole, waity the middletons siblings seriously underestimated the role/position of marrying P Will joining a dedicated, hardworking respected monarchy of HM QEll, PC PR and the BRF.

      Carole and Waity middleton looked at the Title, wealth and luxuries and believe they would continue as a group -out shopping, vacationing and all the luxuries as in the ‘single’ lifestyle all on the Royal dime/time.

      I have yet to see pap of Chris O’Neil’s British mom and siblings, hanging on to P Madeline/Leonore, Sweden or P Victoria in – laws; even CP Mary, Denmark dad lives there and he is not pap ‘hanging on’.

      1. Oh, I think Carole had some idea of what would be expected of Kate, but I don’t think Kate expected her life as W’s wife to require much more than producing the heir(s) and yes, shopping. I do think both Carol and Kate were led to believe that William would make sure Kate was not besieged by paps the way his Mum was. Still, I am not in total agreement that the Mids were clueless as to what Kate would have to do once wed. Appearances, appearances, speeches, and the like! Kate just does them, but not with the fervor we’d like. She just goes through the motions.

        And, I sincerely doubt Carole would ever let Wills step aside. Will, I think, is going to wake up one day and stand up for himself. Not just to say, “I don’t want to be King,” but to stand up to the Mids, too. Or, am I just a cock-eyed optimist?

        1. I don’t think you’re a cock-eyed optimist. I think that could very well happen. At some point a person can only take so much misery and unhappiness and I think he’s going to reach his breaking point. And the fur will fly.

    2. Was marrying Kate to William Carole’s goal and she (Carole) never thought any further about what happens next? Kate is clearly unsuited for the job, she will never have the work ethic of The Queen, The Princess Royal or Sophie Wessex. I believe that Carole wanted a daughter married into the royal family so she could lord it over others, she achieved her goal but at what price?

        1. I think that is really sad. It’s more about Carole and Carole getting to go to the Palace than Carole’s daughter having a happy life and happy marriage. This is probably why Kate is floundering and never had meaning to her life as it was all about achieving Ma Middleton’s goal of getting the ring. And (bonus points) it was Diana’s ring, or did Carole even suggest that too (on the day she cornered William and basically blackmailed him into marrying her daughter????).

          1. I honestly believe that woman is capable of manipulating anything and anyone to her advantage, and I’m sure William was putty in her hands back in the day and maybe still is. I find her to be a very devious, calculating woman who is living vicariously through her daughter.

          2. Yes, yes. Well said. I agree with you. Cathy.
            I saw a photo somewhere of Carole riding in one of the royal glass carriages. She looked so smug. So, “I”ve made it!”
            Kate was her ticket into the Royal World and George is her security. Baby Cambridge 2 will be, as well. Carole’s Spare!
            Poor William. I hope he gets the courage to sound off or walk away.

      1. Oh no!!!!!!
        A huge library burned in Moscow not long ago – and I’m still upset about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria in the 4th century B.C.!
        I can’t even watch movies or read books that feature mindless destruction of art and architecture. When it happens in real life I’m just gutted.

        1. It is sickening and outrageous. During the invasion of Iraq, countless priceless antiques were destroyed or disappeared from the Baghdad museums. We need the modern-day “Monument Men”.

          1. Yep.
            and a decade ago the Taliban destroyed two huge Buddah statues carved into a mountainside, they were on the World Heritage List.

            BTW, the work of identifying owners of art stolen by the Nazis is an ongoing project to this day.

          1. I think each professional has strong feelings about their field. I certainly understand AH’s feelings and am upset about lost/destroyed pieces of art. So sad.

          2. I believe AH understood I was teasing her about still being upset about the fire that destroyed the library in Alexandria over 2000 years ago.

  11. KMR – is receiving a visitor – for lunch or visit – where no one is there to record it – considered “official work”? The Queen does it all the time – but they take a picture. I’m calling B.S. on this one. It’s a nice thing to do – but it is social, not work. Why does a patron receive an OUTGOING director at their home? Why didn’t she GO to his place of work officially? So, we may need a new category: Kate entertaining at her palace – socially.

    1. Charles and Camilla “receive” people without it being photographed. In fact, most of the royals do a lot of stuff that isn’t photographed well at all.

      What I’m going to do is make a list of everything that is documented (via the press re public engagements, the Court Circular re non-public engagements, the press re shopping trips and vacations, etc.) and then have totals of her press-invited engagements, non-press-invited engagements, those non-seen airport things, foreign visits if she makes any, days worked versus number of “engagements”, and any other category that I can’t think of right now. Then people can decide for themselves how they would like to count how much work she’s done.

      1. Good plan. I don’t know why it irritates me that having someone to the house for tea is considered work. It’s almost like any interaction with another human is “work” in the eyes of the royal family.

    1. Yeah but he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now. And the way he goes through them, there’s no reason to begin investing in her until they know she’s “the One”.

      1. He Seth,

        I meant when Harry gets a serious girlfriend. The BRF did none of this with Kate and now we are reaping the rewards of a woman who has no idea how to make meaningful statements, keep her dress down, work, etc.

        I found it interesting that Sofia actual has been doing charity work for some time. How topsy-turvy would the world be if Sofia turns out to be a better royal than Kate?

        1. Sofia started her own charity. Whether or not she did it just to change her image, she does have that going for her whereas Kate does not.

  12. PW is a future King of England, does anyone seriously believes that Kate should work harder than PW!! PW should do twice as many engagements as Kate, IMO. As far as the future of the RF, GBR needs the royal family. Outside of good shopping in London, why would anyone go to London? The food is terrible and the weather (don’t get me started). Their tourism would go down, which would leave a big hole in their revenue. How would they make up the lost in pounds??? It is the RF that makes GBR different and they know it! So Charles, William and George will become Kings! The lands they pretend to rule over may look different, but most certainly they will pretend to rule over England, Scotland and Wales!

    1. Omg I disagree with this so much. I LOVE London and it has nothing to do with the present BRF, but rather, their history. Also, I find the food in London to be delicious. I’m honestly not a huge fan of British food but I do think London has a myriad of delicious places to eat with food from other cultures. It has great museums and a fantastic nightlife. It has a ton of different palaces and the Tower. I could spend at least a month in London just exploring.

    2. London has some great museums, greats shops, theatres and restaurants. Trust me, I have never known anyone who went there for the RF! You are much more likely to catch a glimpse of royalty in Sweden, Norway or Denmark than in Britain.

      I spent an entire day at Tate Britain and once 5 hours just in one sculpture exhibit at Tate Modern. The Victorian and Albert as well the British Museum would require at least day each. Standing outside Buckingham Palace is much less interesting than London’s many cultural institutions. You can also see big actor names on the stages of London.

  13. I love London and England because of the history. Not because of William and Kate and the royal family. I love the tradition of the royal family, but taking a trip there, I could make myself very busy for weeks/months on end without ever seeing the BRF. Weather, food be damned. The weather isn’t always bad and you can find good food.

  14. English history is the BRF: past, present and future, they are important to GBR. The English may complain about the RF, but when all is said and done they understand the importance of the BRF to their economy. I still think the food is terrible in comparison to other European cities i.e. Paris and any country in Italy (love Italy!!!)

    1. Considering she didn’t cancel any engagements, I’m guessing it’s false.

  15. Lauri from ca, lazy waity is not interested in learning protocal , ettiquette or diplomacy, she has made that clear to everyone around her! km just wants to spend taxpayers money, look awful, flash the world, be lazy & get spoiled by her parents! That is about it. She thinks that she is just perfect the way she is & it shows big time!

  16. Here is a (ideal world) theory: Will has been absent from view because he’s been spending his time studying up for the Asia trip so as to have something more to say to world leaders than “George is such a terror.” Maybe the BRF thought that last White House visit was as cringeworthy as I did. Ok, I said ideal world.

    1. Possibly. And he has been doing his air ambulance exams (or they would have us believe). But he could do all that AND show up to the BAFTAs, you know.

  17. I am surprised that a. he hasn’t mentioned the kid yet or b. he has and the press didn’t repeat the comment for some reason.

    1. He did say something about George being hungry like the characters on a kids show he saw characters from. But that’s all I’ve seen.

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