Princess Estelle turns 3

Princess Estelle turns 3

It’s Princess Estelle‘s 3rd birthday today. Happy Birthday Estelle! To mark the occasion, the palace released four new photos of Estelle playing in the snow and trying her hand at skiing.  The photos were taken at Haga Palace – the Crown Princess couple’s official residence.  I love these pictures; there is so much life in them. Estelle is happy and having a fun, which is great to see. Even though these are official, palace-released photos, there is still a candid quality to them because there is so much motion and life in them. I love that we get to see her personality.

Princess Estelle 3 years 1

Princess Estelle 3 years 2

Princess Estelle 3 years 3

Princess Estelle 3 years 4

In honor of Estelle’s 3rd birthday, I thought I’d share some photos from the first three years of Estelle’s life. The photos are in chronological order. Enjoy the cuteness!

Princess Estelle Christening

Princess Estelle playing with leaves

Princess Estelle 1 year eating desert

Princess Estelle with a pumpkin

Princess Estelle making cookies

Princess Estelle 2 years painting

Princess Estelle

Princess Estelle

Princess Estelle riding a horse

Photos: Kungahuset / SVT screengrab

44 thoughts on “Princess Estelle turns 3

  1. She is just utterly adorable.

    I remember watching her christening on TV and at point point during the ceremony the Bishop held her up and said “Hej do” (Hi there) to her. That was just a very cute moment.

  2. OMG, I just died! The one in the leaves with the white sweater and the tasseled hood? TOO CUTE. Makes me want to have another baby and dress him/her like a little Scandinavian forest elf lol

  3. Thank you for these KMR; such a lovely set of pictures – Estelle is adorable and very cute indeed….I can’t choose a favorite; maybe the pumpkin in the wheelbarrow….(smile) I forgot! Happy birthday Estelle!

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday!

    The little dress she wore at Christmas with the red shoes made a super cute photo op. My favorite among the clothing in this set of photos, is the winter white coat with red accents and the knitted winter white hat.

    She looks like a happy little girl.

  5. Happy Birthday Estelle!!! She is such a cutie and what a darling personality! I agree with Liz B, the forest picture is simply adorable, I love the pointy, little hat.

    1. I was just cruising the internet and ran across some photos of the Dutch Royal family on their ski holiday. They look like such a happy family and really seem to enjoy being together, they even included Princes Beatrix (or Granny) in some of the photos.

      I recall that Charles with W&H would post for photo calls at the start of their ski holidays. It seems like such a practical thing to do, in exchange for some photos and quotes the press agrees to leave them to their vacation. I had hoped that W&K will continue with this tradition in the future, but I kind of doubt it. Oh well only time will tell.

  6. Where are this child’s gloves in the snowball pictures? That is my only complaint. I wonder if the white fur-trimmed coat was Victoria’s when she was little? The outfit from the 1st birthday photos (blue and white stripe) was worn by Victoria during her 1st birthday photos too.

  7. Yes, Happy Birthday, Estelle! May your life continue to be filled with love, laughter and the best of health. What an adorable child. Loving parents, too. The photos are amazing She looks so happy!
    Thanks, KMR, for the lovely photos, The world needs more sunshine!

  8. These photos really do tell a story: Estelle’s parents are trying very hard to raise her to have a happy “normal” life, but also to come to terms with her role in Sweden. By giving the public a feeling of access to her growth and development, as well as plenty of opportunities to see her in public, the Swedish people are also being given an opportunity to have a true connection with her, hopefully easing the transition when her time comes to represent them. Very different than what we see in the BRF right now with all the infighting and jealousy/resentment between generations.

  9. I just want to step through these pictures and hug this adorable child. Every pic is so real, I would love to be friends with them, work together on projects and go on vacation together. Grattis pa fodelsedagen Estelle!

    1. Happy Birthday Estelle!

      Estelle is so genuine and a sweet soul of a personality, very friendly with her people when she is taken to events. Something Prince George seem to possess if he is ever allowed to interact with the people.

      Take a look at pictures of Estelle with grandma -Queen Silva and baby Leonora. Grandma sitting with flowers and Estelle is teaching cousin Leonora to use her sense of smell and touch – so precious! Estelle is really enjoying her family and cousin.

      Prince William should take note, the Royals of Sweden (and Denmark) allow their children access to their people (or the other way – the subjects to the young royals), no one hurt or abuse the joy of greeting the royal children .

      1. Hi DooLittle,
        You’ve pointed out Estelle and Leonore’s relationship, and it focuses back on the Windsor’s being so remote, even hostile to each other. Zara has her cute little girl that George could play with, and Sophie’s little Louise could be a fun older play-friend while they run in the garden, but all of these kids are kept from each other, and there’s no difference from both Sweden and Britain’s monarchies being titular only. The mistrust and hostility only hurts them. SRF love and friendship, even Carl Philip isn’t an ass to his sisters and, by rights, he could be because of the change in inheriting. BRF is looking pretty midevil (intentional sp) in a modern world.

      2. Prince Christian of Denmark goes to public school (not private school) as the first royal ever! That was a very conscious choice his parents made, and I think that Mary had a lot to do with it, especially since Frederik wnet to a prestigious private school, that same school that his brother’s oldest children attend(ed). Joachim’s eldest is now educated at an equally prestigious boarding school catering to the wealthy and the aristocracy.

        Putting Christian in public school seems to be a very deliberate choice because it is a very big break with royal tradition but I think it is a good thing because he’ll come into contact with children from other walks of life even if his school is in a nice area of Copenhagen.

        1. It is my understanding that Christian attends a public school, but it is not the one he would attend based on the location of their house (okay, palace). It is a public school, but one that was selected by his parents. Some school districts allow that, others required that you attend the school assigned to you based on your address.

          1. There is free school choice in Denmark. Christian attends a school in Gentofte, which is a nice, high-income area but not an area where the really rich people generally live, like Hellerup.

  10. These are just wonderful. I agree the BRF is out of sync with their idea of monarchy as “mystery”. Not going to work in a digital age where we see them shopping, vacationing, and naked as the day they were born.

  11. Happy 3rd Birthday Estelle.

    Thank you for the photographs. Estelle looks a happy toddler and her parents look so proud and supportive. I like the white fur coat too and the photo of Estelle in the national costume. Too cute . It must be hard to find the balance making the adjustment between private life and getting Estelle used to being in the public eye at events ready for her future role. However as they pick appropriate age events it will make Estelle more confident and at ease.

  12. I love you for this, KMR! I adore Estelle. Her sweet face makes me smile. You can tell that she is a typical 3 year old finding joy in life despite her surreal surroundings. You can tell that she is cherished and loved by her family and country. The christening photo of Daniel, Vic and Estelle made me beam. This picture radiates love. From the way Daniel is holding Vic and how Vic is holding Estelle’s hand is tellingThere is a lot of love and pride and warmth there. I did not feel any of that in George’s christening photos at all and that makes me sad. Estelle obviously plays with and enjoys her parents and they are obviously smitten with her. You don’t get that with Will and Kate.

    1. The only picture that seem like W&K care about George is the christening photo, just the three of them and George and Kate are gazing at each other and William is kind of scowling (of course).

      I love the videos of Dan, Vic and Estelle! The one for this last Christmas was too cute, with Estelle hiding from the camera in the couch cushion. Plus it was nice to take a peek inside their home.

      1. Totally agree. HM, Prince Charles and the British Royals need to step in for Prince George, who with nanny Maria seem as dynamic with the people.

        Prince George is only seen/and seem to be only important to ma carol/the middletons (and buckleberry residents) of whatever benefit/gains his presence provide. While the British subjects are left to view pictures (and of Prince George in another country) – people are denied a real meet and greet or access.

        I remember watching Prince Charles*PoW Diana presenting toddler Prince William to the press, at KP gardens (thereabouts @PG’s age).

  13. I love the photos of her! As others have mentioned, they have so much life to them! I loved the photos and video of them making cookies at Christmas. You can tell how much they love their daughter!

  14. Lovely, lovely little girl. She looks happy, healthy, loved, and not the least bit fearful. Hats off to Victoria and Daniel for giving her a happy childhood that is so evident in every photo.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Estelle! 3 is a wonderful adventure!

  15. Ya swedish are doing it right, so is mary and frederick, their beautiful kids get paped while on holidays and noone is pressing charges, and charlene and Albert have soo much love and warmth for their twins its unbelievable, kate and will always talking about georgie but where is he??

    1. They Danes aren’t saying, “Paparazzi we are fair game.” They stage a photo shoot during their skiing holiday, with the understanding that they will be left alone the rest of the time. Belgium and the Netherlands do this too.

      1. They also release private photos on their website, many taken by Mary herself. There are some really good pics of all the children. That way they give the public a glimpse into the lives of their children without any disruptive external influence because it is their mother taking the photos. However, they all seem comfortable with the presence of the press at official events.

        Isabella and Christian were rather cute in these videos from the christening of the twins:

        1. This was the cutest thing ever. Please correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t Mary also wear the same outfit for Isabella and Christian’s christening, too?

          1. She has worn the headbands for all three christenings. She wore a different blue suit for Christian’s christening and I think she wore light dusty rose for Isabella’s.

            Isabella really is a cute little firecracker in these videos!

  16. All these pictures are absolutely adorable and the one of Estelle scrunched up in her little throne chair is just too sweet. It obviously demonstrates the wide disparity between the SRF and the BRF.

      1. I loved how they handled her in the church during the wedding – mother, husband and grandmother interacting naturally with the toddler. In Denmark they also bring the children to the christenings even when they are young – and they are allowed up at the baptismal font to see what’s going on. This is something that you often see in Danish churches for christenings if there are children present.

        I don’t really know what the traditions are in the BRF. Do they bring young children age 2-4 to events like these?

  17. I think the only time I have seen the youngsters in the BRF are on the balcony at Trooping the Colour, or at Christmas / Easter at church. How PG is going to learn how to interact with the press and the public if they do not take him to appropriate age events will be interesting.

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