Royal Round Up: Princess Leonore, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Queen Maxima, Princess Charlene, Duchess Camilla

Royal Round Up: Princess Leonore, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Queen Maxima, Princess Charlene, Duchess Camilla

This week’s Royal Round Up features Princess Leonore, Crown Princess Victoria (and Princess Estelle and Sofia Hellqvist), Queen Letizia, Queen Maxima, Princess Charlene, and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall.

Princess Leonore 1st Birthday Photo 1

Princess Leonore turned 1 year old on Friday, February 20. The palace released two new official photos to mark her first birthday. Princess Madeleine posted one of the photos on Facebook with the caption: “Leonore, our little sunshine turns 1 year old today!” Leonore is so adorable! There is definitely a strong family resemblance between Leonore, Maddie, Victoria and Silvia. They all have a similar face shape. PS. She has so much hair!

Princess Leonore 1st Birthday Photo 2

Most of the Swedish Royal Family attended the inauguration of World Ski Championships in Falun on Wednesday, February 18, and watched some races on Thursday, February 19. Those in attendance were King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist. Prince Daniel came down with a cold and had to sit out the Ski Championships. On February 17, Victoria attended a lunch for the Interior Minister hosted by Queen Silvia with King Carl Gustaf in attendance. Also on Feb 17, Victoria attended an Advisory Council meeting with her father. I so love that Victoria brings Estelle to things. I love seeing her out and about and getting to see candid shots of her.

Nordic World Ski Championships Victoria and Estelle at Ski Championships Crown Princess Victoria at lunch for Interior Minister Crown Princess Victoria attends Advisory Council meeting

Queen Letiza attended the delivery of the National Culture Awards on Monday, February 16, with her husband King Felipe where they handed out awards in recognition of society’s contribution to the enrichment of the cultural heritage of Spain. Leti wore a Carolina Herrera white, navy, and black colorblocked dress. She accessorized with her Magrit pumps, and Uterque black floral clutch. I love this look.

On February 18, Leti attended the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Fundéu – which promotes the proper use of Spanish in the media – where she gave a speech, saying in part: “Thank you for inviting me to be here with you on the tenth anniversary of an adventure that has united journalists and linguists for the good of all.” She goes on to talk about why Fundéu is beneficial. Go here to read the full transcript. Leti wore a grid-patterned top from Designers Remix, Hugo Boss trousers, black Carolina Herrera pumps, and ruby dangle earrings. She carried her Tissa Fontaneda red bubble clutch. She wore a black coat from Hugo Boss.

On February 19, Letizia and Felipe joined the President of Portugal and his wife for the Delivery of Gold Medals of the “Eixo Atlântico do Noroeste Peninsular” and closure of its General Assembly. Also on Feb 19, Leti and Felipe opened the exhibition “The First Picasso” at the Museo de Belas Artes da Coruña. Leti’s full black skirt made a reappearance, this time paired with a new Hugo Boss BOSS Stripe Wool Sweater ($195.00) and her Lodi “Sara Rodas” burgundy and black pumps. She carried her red Uterque floral clutch and wore TOUS earrings featuring ruby, emerald, and moonstone. Leti wore a white coat from Felipe Varela. I like this showing of the full skirt more than the last time she wore it earlier this year.

Leti handing out award at National Culture Awards 1 Letizia gives speech at Fundéu Letizia at Delivery of Gold Medals 1 Letizia at The First Picasso 2

Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander visited the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe in the Netherlands on Tuesday, February 17. They visited Stenden College, the multi functional venue De Deele, the Veenkoloniaal Museum (pictured above), and Wedeka social labour centre (pictured below). Maxima wore lots of orange. She wore an orange top, orange belt, orange shoes, orange bag, and orange gloves. She paired all this orange with a grey skirt and grey hat. Not going to lie, I like Max in orange. Not many people can pull off orange, but I think Max looks really good here.

Cocktail de la Fondation Princesse Charlène de Monaco

Princess Charlene stepped out for a third time since the birth of her twins on Thursday, February 19, for a cocktail reception for her foundation, Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, to launch the “South Africa – Monaco Rugby Exchange“ Programme, and to celebrate the birth of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. The reception took place at the Monte Carlo Casino; Prince Albert joined her and gave a speech. Charlene wore a sequined black shirt, black trousers, and black pointed toe heels. She wore her hair with her bangs off her face again. I wonder if she regrets the bangs; she hasn’t worn them down since she debuted them (granted she’s only been out twice since she debuted them, but still). Link: Foundation press release.

Cocktail de la Fondation Princesse Charlène de Monaco Cocktail de la Fondation Princesse Charlène de Monaco

Charles and Camilla open the China Exchange in Chinatown

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was out with Prince Charles on Thursday, February 19, to celebrate Chinese New Year. They visited Chinatown and attended a parade before opening the China Exchange. Camilla also got to make dumplings and paint Chinese letters. Camilla wore a nice white skirt suit with a black and white scarf and black boots. I think she looks really nice; I like this outfit on her. No brooches, though.

Camilla makes dumplings in Chinatown

Photos: Kungahuset / Getty / Svenskdam / Casa de S.M. el Rey / Nebinger/Mathon/Princely Palace / Clarence House Twitter

52 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Princess Leonore, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Queen Maxima, Princess Charlene, Duchess Camilla

  1. First off, Leonore is just absolutely adorable. Another happy Swedish baby who is not running and hiding from a camera on orders of its parents.

    Every time we have a round up I see how much the other royal women are working and that they are not just doing these fluffy little visits and wonder how long Kate is going to be able to get away with her status quo.

    Even Charlene has managed 3 outings after giving birth to twins! (Calming down now)

    Camilla didn’t have on a fabulous brooch, but it did look like she rocked a scarf. And Maxima does wear the orange well, which is a really good thing considering that’s her national color. It’s a big color to wear, but she does big so well.

    Keep them coming, it’s nice to see what the other ladies are doing.

    1. Yay for Charlene! Twins arrived two months ago (December 10th) via c-section. She’s already done three events since then. What’s that about a year long maternity leave, Middleton?

    2. @Lisa – Very well said.

      Lovely and regal (yes -regal dress) of P Leonora. And in comparing to heir P George. Buckleberry/Middletons hangers on seem to be the only subjects able to visit with and see P George. Confident P George will be badly serve if our QEll, PC and the Palace do not step in and start properly integrating P George and his sibling with the RF as heir (if his dad is not removed).

      Imagine all these videos from p William after months of vacation and extended approx. 3 weeks in Mystique coming off of months of Christmas holidays; and the best he could do was produce a video.

      All the other regal royals mentioned, never disappoint and are great role models (commoners to regal royal service to their country), they do give us hope there are serious and hardworking royals who are mature, think of the people – and not just the wealth and luxury of marry in as a royal

      Very shameful, sad how the P Will Cambridges insincere PR ploy and attempt at serving charities – after costly renovations, luxury benefits W*W and child/ren (include the middleton hangers on) enjoy at taxpayers expense.

    3. Leonore seems so much happier and alive than George did in the last official photos we saw of him. He was grumpy and the white steps provided a sterile background which don’t make for great photos.

      To be fair to Kate: It’s been 10 weeks since Charlene gave birth to the twins, and she’s done 3 engagements. 10 weeks after Kate gave birth to George, she had done 2 (Anglesey marathon and Tusk Trust awards, per the online Court Circular).

      Maybe it’s because I know orange is one of Netherlands official colors, but I think Max rocks the orange better than anyone.

      1. True about Kate and Charlene, if you are just playing a numbers game, but since Princess Charlene gave birth to twins via Cesarean Section it does alter the issue.

        Physicians will state that a c-section/twin delivery will have a woman feeling as though she has been hit by a truck. Twin birth is different in terms of a nose dive with hormones (a body supported 2 babies) and recovering from a big abdominal surgery.

        If she had to nurse and/or pump breast milk for 2 premature babies, this is extremely tiring. Underweight infants need to be fed small amounts and on a more frequent schedule. For Kate to return to duties after a normal weight vaginal birth delivery is not comparing the same situation.

        In my opinion, Kate is still the royal lightweight.

        1. I also don’t feel or place the same importance to Monaco Royals in ruling as the BRF – HM QEll is a much more respected and important leader to the world and GB UK the Commonwealth (more countries); than Monaco, who seem to be a wealthy family that is representative of the royal history (more symbolic of their small country (?!).

  2. I love your royal round-ups and agree with Lisa that it’s good to see how much they DO, especially speeches and personal involvement, not pained looks, butt checks and photo ops. And a note to Kate that Leti wore a full, round skirt with no fly-ups probably because it was weighted-ditto the coat. Tash probably thinks that’s old-fashioned- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I love the pic you posted with Vic looking at Estelle. Like she wants to know what her baby is thinking about, and Estelle’s thinking about what she wants to get behind when she’s older. Leonore is adorable and I love that Maddie included a personal note. If the Swedish press gives her any more crap, I’m personally coming over there. Miss Camilla’s signature cute jewelry and wish she’d wear some different boots but I know it’s nice to have go-to pieces. Charlene probably got crap that the bangs get in the way in photos. IMO they soften her frozen look, but she probably doesn’t want a controversy. The Middletons seem to have gone underground lately. Thoughts on all the negative press equalling cause and effect? No reports that Kate is in Bucklebury or Mommy at Kate’s.

    1. Previous post edit didn’t take or completed outside allotted time?! –

      We can only hope – PW*W cambridges would be left alone as a married couple (member of the BRF) by the middletons hangers on…but not so fast – the new PR didnt sent mommy carole underground. According to recent reports carole and waity middleton plan for carole to live at AH during the new baby.

      Wills staff up and Quit their service returning to HM. household!

      Is the Palace planning for a King Henry?! King? “Prince Harry now banned from flying” – (yes we know he is a ‘high value target’ in warzones) but, is it possible P will Line may be in jeopardy ( flying?!).

      1. Where did you read that Harry has been banned from flying? I thought he was in line for being promoted to Major? (Not that those are necessarily connected – I have no idea).

          1. That seems odd, considering all the reports before of how much he enjoyed it and how much of a natural he was.

            I hope it was his choice though and not something that was decided for him!

        1. Bookworm – sorry, just returning from busy schedules.

          Yes, the mail and Guardian a few days ago during his vacation with cousins B*E. He will remain at the office working as he has been, in the past year. His promotion should be coming.

          it’s also strange Kate is with her whole family all through the holidays into Mystique vacation but, Prince Willis is without his only sibling.

          Few reports have even stated Prince Harry did not stay at Anmer Hall instead was at Sandringham with his grandparents and the family.

    2. Completely agree! Middleton is screwed because there are so many other Royal women who are actually WORKING despite their varied backgrounds and education levels. Having twins via c-section and being back at work a few weeks later? That is something we would never see from Middleton. She is a grasping, boring commoner, without class or breeding and is now living the life of a pampered Royal without putting any of the work and sacrifice in that is required. While I think PG is adorable, he is obviously very spoiled and bratty already, spending most of his time with the nanny and I think Kate is as hands-off as she can get away with. If she’s using the excuse that she’s a “full-time stay at home mum” she needs to ditch the nanny and servants and take care of her own child and home herself to justify not working for a living. Either that or fully embrace her Royal role (which I consider tenuous due to marrying into money and title, not by birthright) and start actually working hard like the other Royal women of Europe. She is an embarrassing parasite and since we aren’t living in the 1490’s, I don’t think she should be able to get away with claiming that her “job” is to simply produce an heir and spare; she needs to actually work and raise her own children in order to earn my respect (fat chance). She’s working all the angles she can to be as lazy as possible while living a lavish and plush life and I can’t understand why this is allowed?

      1. To be fair, Kate did an engagement 5 weeks after giving birth to George. It’s just that her engagements after that were spread out and there weren’t many of them. Plus all their BS excuses and whatnot.

        Also, other than Crown Princess Victoria, all of these other royal women were commoners who married royalty, so we can’t fault Kate for being a commoner who married royalty without faulting the others. We can of course fault Kate for not stepping up to the plate and doing her royal duties, and instead lying and making all sorts of excuses to get out of work.

    3. I agree about Camilla’s boots here. These are different from her flat boots that she’s been rocking, and I don’t like these ones. They are too big it seems. I don’t like that they are slouchy.

  3. I just love these Royal Round Ups, it’s great to see what the other royal women are doing and wearing.

    Lenore is so adorable!!! Her little button nose is beyond cute!

    I love Leti’s looks again!! No surprise there as she really dresses well both for her position and rank as Queen and for her body shape. I love the skirt with the stripped shirt, such a fun look and how appropriate that she wore it to a Picasso exhibit, as Picasso always wore stripped shirts. Great theme dressing without going overboard.

    Only Max can wear orange and make me think that I could too. I love the burnt orange and grey combo on her. My only change would have been grey shoes instead of the orange ones. I mean she’s already carrying an orange clutch and wearing/carrying orange gloves (I didn’t even know they made orange gloves) and an orange belt. But even without that change I thought she looked great.

    Wow Charlene looks better that she has in years. Motherhood really suits her, it’s brought softness to her features. I really liked that her and Albert held hands in one of the official photos as I like these little PDAs amongst the royals.

    I did like Camilla’s suit but I don’t like the boots she wore with it. This was a professional looking suit and these boots just didn’t go with it at all. These boots were too bulky and loose fitting, I think if she had to wear boots with this out fit (which I still don’t think she should) they should be very slim and tight fitting. I think a pair of pumps would have looked much better with this beautiful suit. I like seeing her and Charles out on engagements together, they both look like they really enjoy each other’s company and he always is smiling or laughing around her.

    1. I agree witth pretty much everything you said, Lauri. I too love the striped top/full skirt combo on Leitizia, and I usually don’t like full skirts but that looks amazing.

      The more I see Maxima the more I like her. She looks like someone who would be fun to chat with; don’t know why, just an impression.

      But did anyone in the UK watch the documentary Charles tried to have pulled? I understand it aired.

      1. i’m also turning into a fan of Maxima – she’s has a lot of charisma, which really comes across in photos. She also seems to be a fun, warm-hearted and caring lady. And she’s definitely fun to watch when it comes to jewellery! Fashion-wise she swings between quirky coolness and absolute sartorial disaster, but that’s less important since there are lots of other things about her that are interesting to talk kabout.

        Both Leonore and Estelle are to cute for words. Absolutely adorable.

        Letizia is always impeccably turned out. She seems to really have nailed down her style as elegant businesswoman. I really like the Carolina Herrera dress, it is understated, well-tailored and very elegant.

        1. Hi ArtHistorian,

          I so agree with you, I think Max’s fashion choices reflect her personality, big, bold, warm and fun. While Max and I have very different fashion sensibilities I applaud her for being able to carry the loud colors and big jewelry in a way I never could. She is one royal that I would love to have a few drinks with!

          1. I LOVE Maxima! Can you imagine the conversation? Hours of smart, funny and interesting…I’m in, and I’ll get the first round ;).
            I don’t know why, but I cannot like Letizia. She looks cold and self absorbed. Look how very tiny I am, my pinlike calves and my skeletal little arms…and that’s all I’m getting from her. People slag Kate for her weight, but she looks a million times better. At least there’s still a hint of athleticism about her, even at her thinnest.

          2. Letizia has always been tiny, like the other women in her family. She hasn’t deliberately lost a stone+ in weight like Middleton has, Letizia has always been naturally small. Letizia arms look athletic and toned to me.

            Felipe has joked that she eats as much as he does and burns it all off working. I remind myself that anybody would look tiny next to 6’5″ Felipe!

      2. The first part of the documentary did air, and it’s also on Youtube. I haven’t watched it yet.

        1. Everyone should try to take an hour and watch this documentary. If it is anywhere close to the truth, no wonder Prince William spends Christmas with the Middleton’s. Even if they are the best of two evils.

      1. Hi My2Pence,

        While I agree that Mathilde does wear a lot of similar colors and such that Max does, to me, she doesn’t always look as comfortable in them as Max is. Again, I think Max’s fashion reflects her personality but, to me, Mathilde doesn’t have really have that big of a personality. She seems a little more reserved than Max but is trying to present a bigger, bolder personality with her fashion choices.

        1. I agree Maxima inhabits her style more than Mathilde. I was just pointing out that Mathilde tends towards shocking bright colors too. The pink is understandable, because it is the sash color of the Belgian Royal Order of the Lion. The orange? Not sure why she does that. And when Mathilde does a color, she tends to wear it head to toe which is funny to me.

    2. I like the striped shirt, black skirt combo as well. Last time Leti wore that skirt she wore a white button down shirt which was too loose and didn’t look great. This time she looks good.

      I totally agree about Camila’s boots. They were too slouchy and didn’t look good. I love the way Charles looks at Camilla; he is really smiley and seems genuinely happy. It’s so great to see.

  4. Is Maddie’s daughter ” Her Royal Highness Princess Leonore of Sweden? ” I thought if Leonore’s father Chris did not have title, then the children did not? Lenoore is very cute & sweet! As usual Princess Charlene looked glamorous!

    1. I am not 100% sure, but I suspect the fact that Leonore is titled “Princess” and also “Duchess” has something to do with the changes that took place when Victoria was made CP over her brother. No longer is Sweaden’s royal house built upon male preference. Maybe someone else has info on this?

    2. Yes, Leonore is “Her Royal Highness Princess Leonore of Sweden, Duchess of Gotland”. There is a stipulation, though: she must be a member of the Church of Sweden and reside in Sweden during the majority of her childhood.

    3. It is time to pare down the royal family, and Chris took the lead by not accepting a title. Still I think they were hedging their bets with Leonore possibly being the spare to Estelle. What if the public had done a full Duke of Windsor on C-P? You have a choice, marry Hell-Qvist or keep your place in the line of succession but you cannot have both.

      If/When that were to happen, and IF Vic and Dan cannot have more children, that would make Leonore the spare.

  5. I love the royal round-ups, KMR. It’s nice to get good coverage of the continental royals. Maxima looks so engaged all the time, and Letizia is certainly in her element at the presentations she does. Charlene does look like she’s loving motherhood!

    As always, it’s great to see Victoria taking Estelle to events. She picks age appropriate outings that really help to introduce her daughter to royal duties in an enjoyable way; plus, she’s considerate of the event hosts by not choosing engagements for Estelle where it would place an extra burden on those hosting. Good job, Victoria (and Daniel)!

    Can we have an Estelle birthday post tomorrow or this week?

    1. Looking through photos of Max, it does look like she is really interested in what’s happening around her. She looks so much more engaged than Kate.

  6. These roundups always make me smile. Maxima is my personal favorite. Her fashion is big and very risky. I appreciate that as she does not take the safe route. I think that it also highlights her personality. These Royal women have style and substance covered. All this does is highlight the void that we have in Kate.

    Might I also add that I love how Vic and Madde describe their children. Leonore is their ray of sunshine and Vic always talks about how much she loves Estelle and how she finds her center from her daughter. That is love and pride. I wish that Kate and Will did that about George.

    1. I just love hearing both Maddie and Chris talk about Leonore. They clearly are loving, devoted parents. Will and Kate are just so negative about George. It makes me not want to hear them talk about him because I know that they’re just going to complain.

  7. Yep the last pic of 6eorge if l recall was on some stairs looking like an orphan, really, have we even seen will cuddling that poor kid, kate practically ignored him on the racecourse while she was busy talking to other guys around, noone can convince me that they are good parents action speak louder than words!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. The pap shots of him with his nanny seemed warmer than his official 1 year old pictures. There was one shot of her kissing him that made me smile. The pics of him and Kate at the polo match didn’t give me the same vibe.

      1. George was grumpy with Kate at the polo match, whereas in the pap shots I saw of him with Nanny Maria he was smiling and happy.

  8. Thanks KMR for all the great info and photos. Where do I start!

    First, cute photos of Princess Leonore. It is nice to see her little dress, does not have to be in perfect place for the official photos. A one year old plays with their clothes, hair ect. No wonder PG was grumpy on the steps, perhaps he was told to be as stiff as the soldiers marching across his jumper.

    Lovely pics of CP Victoria and her daughter. While there are many beautiful/adorable royal children, the way Victoria and Daniel have handled the media situation with Estelle seems to have made her one of the favorites among royal watchers.

    Queen Letizia has been out working hard and looking professional and stylish for events. I admit, I look forward to her bringing out the stunning gowns for tiara events.

    I want Queen Maxima’s hat, but could never pull it off. She can wear this style better than anyone. If she would stick with one orange accessory…

    Charming photos of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene showing some affection. It would be nice if people would stop thinking of her as the bride who tried to flee, is trapped in Monaco, made a deal with her husband and will now divorce with a huge settlement. I have always been highly suspicious of the news item starting right before the wedding. While the story has not been leaked (to my knowledge), I have my suspicions. It shows how difficult it is to change peoples perceptions of you/situations. Are you listening Kate?

    Camilla looks better in structured suits. This would be a great time for a makeover. Her style is not classic, it is old and aging her. She does not need to change completely, just update her look to this century.

  9. Count me in! I love these round-ups, too.
    Happy Birthday little Leonore. You are precious! What a little doll.
    I just love the Swedish Royal Family and how happy and loving they are with each other. Especially, with their little ones!
    Maxima rocks. The orange shade looked perfect on her. She does seem so approachable. So lovely, too.
    Charlene looks very happy! Motherhood suits her!
    Leti is lovely! Loved that striped top and the black skirt, too. The black and cream dress was awesome, too. She can show Kate how to do black.
    Yes, maybe, Harry is being groomed for heirdom, is that a word? Where is William, anyway?
    Camilla is really growing on me. She is right out there doing wonderful appearances and seeming so approachable, too! She and Prince Charles really seem happy.
    I so hope the new baby Cambridge and Little Prince George will have good lives, too.

  10. So nice to see many European royals busy and working for the tax payers money they receive !!
    Also nice to see regular photos of the young (let’s be be honest baby) royals …I think the English need to learn a lot from the Swedes, the windsors strive too hard to be ‘normal’ when In fact they don’t know what normal is ….. ‘Yes William and Kate are expecting baby no 2 but they’ll only have 1 full time nanny’ yes that typical upbringing looking back to ur childhood and remembering all the wonderful moments U had with, wait for it Ur governess -.- and with the last photos they released with George on the stairs ….it was too much we’re ye old typical country folks, too staged whereas with the swedish Royal family for ex they don’t try to hide the fact that Leonore is a Princess and Duchess to the largest island in the Baltic, she’s seated on an almost throne like gold gilded chair and one is able to see the gold trimmed and Damasc covered walls of the Royal palace, but then she is raised just like her cousin to be close to her country men and women …….with a Royal family in 2015 these things are very imoprtant……priorities priorities PRIORITIES!!!!!!!!

    1. Good point of view. The Swedish royal family doesn’t hide their royal surroundings, but somehow come across more ‘down to earth’ than the BRF.

  11. I really like the Royal Roundups. It’s nice to learn about the different royal families in Europe.

    I was thinking when I was looking at the birthday pictures of Leonore and comparing it to the official pictures we get of George. Even thinking of the pictures of Estelle and George. Both Leonore and Estelle are pictured at home in a warm and inviting atmosphere. For the official photos of George we have:

    * Newborn photos – outside (not bad, but there’s a pattern)
    * 8-month old photos – yes they are inside, but we are looking in through a window, and all the homey atmosphere is literally blacked out and looks like a bleak atmosphere
    * Year old photos – at the butterfly conservatory. They are nice photos, and probably the most lively of the bunch.
    * Christmas – sitting on the steps by himself (as someone mentioned, “looking like an orphan.”)

    Where is the warmth and the family atmosphere? Not once has there been a photo from inside the nursery or their home. It’s not that I’m dying to see inside their home, it’s just a very interesting pattern especially compared to pictures of other royal children (including William and Harry when they were young).

  12. My2pence i agree with you statement! i do not understand how the swedish government approves of sofia? Do to get me wrong, i am not a prude or judgemental! I have read that several great uncles of the king of Swden had to abdicate their place in succession to marry women who had no royal blood, the women had not engaged in anything immoral or illegal! Prince Bertil of Sweden made a huge sacrifice by wating 30 year or more to marry a welsh lady Lillian. They both made a difficult decision, because the king was a child and his father died. There was no other royal prince who could rule if the royal child grandfather died before he grew up! I do not begrudge anyone to be happy! Daniel & Chris were looked down on by the present king, especially daniel waited many years to marry victoria1 Daniel is from a working class background Apparently it is fine that she in porn! What does everyone think? Thank you for reading my rant, i will get of my soapbox!

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