Royal Round Up: William, Letizia, Mathilde, Victoria, Mette-Marit, and Camilla

Royal Round Up: William, Letizia, Mathilde, Victoria, Mette-Marit, and Camilla

Royal Round Up time! This week we have Kate Middleton‘s calendar, Prince William, Queen Letizia (and King Felipe), Queen Mathilde, Crown Princess Victoria (and Princess Estelle and Prince Daniel), Crown Princess Mette-Marit (and Crown Prince Haakon and their kids), and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall (and Prince Charles).

In case you missed the bajillion updates I made to the last Kate post, here are all of Kate Middleton‘s scheduled appearances KP announced this week:

March 9: Commonwealth Observance at Westminster Abbey
March 11: Turner Contemporary museum in Margate
March 11: Resort Studios in Margate
March 13: service of commemoration at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the end of operations in Afghanistan

I am not really going to cover Prince William‘s tour of Japan and China to the full extent, or any extent really, unless you guys want me to. But I am going to pass along the above super dorky picture of William in full Samurai gear. He looks so dorky and awkward. He’s being a good sport and not offending his hosts by refusing to put on the gear, but he looks ridiculous. He clearly can’t pull off traditional dress the way Prince Charles can. Charles is a boss in the Saudi uniform (below).

Queen Letizia had a relatively light workload this past week (only two engagements). On Wednesday, February 25, Letizia attended the council meeting of the Royal Board on Disability as Honorary President of the organization – whose primary mission is to promote the prevention of impairments, rehabilitation and social integration of people with disabilities. Letizia rocked Hugo Boss again, this time repeating a BOSS red leather sheath dress she debuted last year. She wore a single button black Hugo Boss blazer over the dress in keeping with her “BusinessQueen” style. Leti accessorized with her LODI “Debra” bordeaux patent pumps she’s been loving lately, and ruby earrings.

On Thursday, February 26, Letizia joined King Felipe for the inauguration of the 34th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) in Madrid. They have attended this event for years, but this year was their first as King and Queen. Letizia debuted a new outfit, going with a Felipe Varela black, white, and teal color-blocked dress with a trim of Swarovski crystals. She accessorized with her Felipe Varela black chevron bag, and new pointed-toe teal suede pumps. The color-blocking reminds me of her Carolina Herrera colorblocked dress from last week, which I kind of prefer, but I do like the teal on this new dress.

Letizia arrives for Council of the Royal Board on Disability Letizia at Council of the Royal Board on Disability Letizia leaving Council of the Royal Board on Disability Letizia at International Contemporary Art Fair

Let’s talk Queen Mathilde for a moment: 1) She “Who Wore it Better”-ed Queen Maxima from last week with her own orange and grey outfit; and 2) She’s a trooper. On Monday, February 23, a completely healthy, unbroken Mathilde wore a beautiful blue dress for a meeting with the Director of the United Nations World Food Programme. Then on Wednesday, February 25, Mathilde hobbled her way to two engagements: wearing orange and grey to a meeting at the EU Parliament; then changing into an animal print for a reception at the City Hall in Haacht. So sometime between Monday and Wednesday, Mathilde hurt her knee, and instead of canceling her appearances, she trooped her way through them. Way to go, Mathilde!

On Friday, February 27, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, and Prince Daniel (who is apparently over his cold) attended the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Ingrid, and Prince Sverre were also at the Ski Championships.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was in Wilshire Tuesday, February 24, first visiting Dents Fine Accessories (a British heritage glove maker which started in 1777) where, among other things, she presented a dog with a cake. She seemed thrilled – her love of animals is well documented. Camilla then visited Community First’s new offices as Patron of the organization and attended a reception to mark the charity’s 50th anniversary, where she cut a cake. Seems there was a cake theme that day. Camilla wore a pretty purple tartan jacket and skirt.

On Wednesday, February 25, Camilla joined Prince Charles visiting the offices of the Evening Standard newspaper. She then visited “First News”, a children’s newspaper, and officially opened their offices. Later that evening, Camilla held a recital for the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain at Clarence House, as Patron of the organization. She wore a black skirt suit she’s worn previously. For anyone out there who thinks it’s only Kate that gets crap for wearing black to visit kids, it’s not. I say UGH for black for children’s visits by any royal.

On Thursday, February 26, Camilla visited Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital as Patron of the Animal Care Trust. She wore a pretty blue skirt suit. That evening, Camilla attended a reception at Draper’s Hall to mark the last Annual Officers’ Dinner of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers, where she gave a lengthy speech (full transcript here). She talked about her father, whom she still refers to as “Papa” (aw), and how he was a 12th Lancer and his experiences.

She told a story of her father’s time in France, saying: “When billeted in a French farmhouse before the evacuation of Dunkirk; the pregnant French wife of the owner (who was away fighting) went into labour; with no one else on hand, my father’s helpful contribution was an encouraging cry of ‘Poussez Madame’! … thankfully history doesn’t relate what happened next!”

PS. The round up is a day early because tomorrow I’m trying the Hottie of the Month that was asked for a while back. Any royal guy in particular you’d like to start with?

Photos: Getty/Casa de S.M. el Rey

57 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: William, Letizia, Mathilde, Victoria, Mette-Marit, and Camilla

  1. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again and again. I love the Royal Round-ups!!!

    I was just perusing the wonderful DM and couldn’t help but notice that the stories about Harry leaving the service are getting more coverage that Williams trip. This trip is getting less coverage that the NYC trip. Had he brought Kate along we’d be subject ad nauseam to countless stories. I wonder if William notices this and just how much it irks him.

    One final William thing, Charles is definitely the boss in his outfit. And the main reason why is he doesn’t have that self deprecating “I must look like an idiot” grin on his face. He’s having fun with it. Watch and learn William, watch and learn. Moving on!

    I love Leti’s color blocked dress. Maybe it’s the colors, but I just really like it. Looks like another solid week of work for Leti.

    Bravo Mathilde for carrying on in spite of your injury. Her orange was good, but I’m just a sugar for Maxima’s big style.

    Camilla just keeps putting up the numbers. And a brighter color would have been better, but at least she was her usual engaged self at the event.

    Glad to see Daniel is back out and about. Good to see Haakon, MM and the kids out to. What happened to the little guys hat? I wonder if their paths ever crossed, those would be nice pictures.

    Keep up the stellar work KMR!!!

    1. Yes, thank you KMR.
      Very inspirational and dedicated of Q Mathilde to be working even with an injured foot. Real global role model. Other marry in royals; could learn from these other EU royal ladies (Q Maxima, Raina, Leticia, CP Mary), as most mature responsible commoners (with less means to a car waiting by the door for pick up); some with real difficult pregnancies – work 40+ hours schedule/commute – care of family (other children w/out nannies) – within a few weeks of delivering their babies, continue life!

      CP Mary was back home from African UN duties – and upon returning home, was out again attending two events (never mind her kids and travel rest!)

    2. The NYC trip got a decent amount of coverage, but it seems like William’s Asia tour is just a blip on the radar. He’s trying his hardest to attract attention on his own by dressing up and playing with kids, but he’s not succeeding. William is really not that much of a draw on his own. I’m sure he’s pissed about that.

      What I love about Charles is he kind of just owns the dressing up and dancing part of his tours now. He didn’t used to, but now he wears the hats and the gear, and dances around like a good sport. And he doesn’t have an embarrassed look on his face; he just owns it. One of my favorite pics of Charles is from his Mexico tour last fall where he has a cloth in his hand and he’s dancing with a huge grin on his face.

      I prefer Maxima’s orange and grey, too. Yes, Max had a lot of orange accessories, but I liked that she went all the way with it. Mathilde’s outfit looks like it’s missing something. But I commend her for carrying on in spite of the knee injury. When I wrote that bit about not canceling her duties, I was thinking about how Kate would use a knee injury to get out of like 6 weeks of duties, but I have to say even I would probably take the week off if I suffered an injury. Good on Mathilde for carrying on.

      I would have preferred not black on Camilla for visiting kids, but she won me back with the anecdote about her dad in her speech.

      1. I think that Charles is starting to have fun with some of the more “silly” aspects of foreign tours. He really seemed to enjoy himself on his recent South American tour.

      2. I feel the press is deliberate in coverage of P Will. Will cant have it both ways – on one hand he wants to be left alone privacy (W*W have just about have precious Prince George in hiding, except when people pap him with loving nanny Maria); and ma carol and the middletons/buckleberry residents in their presence). The UK GB subjects have gotten no real meeting with the young Prince – and now he will be sort of ‘ over shawdow’ for a time, by the new baby.

    3. Mathilde is looking like a very stylish robot with that contraption on her leg. I think the two outfits (hers and Maxima’s) are the same, but Mathilde’s has a custom high waistband.

      More people are interested in Beatrice moving to New York and whatever news about Harry will be announced. Very little mention of William on his tour.

  2. Excellent round up news!!! love it! thank you KMR. William does indeed look totally ridiculous; let’s move on……..I thank that Charles enjoys this kind of dressing up; it appeals to him and he does look good in the robes and headgear. Leti’s lovely colour block dress is a hit with me also. It suits her very well, and is just the teeniest bit longer than she usually wears, which looks well on her slight frame. I’m getting to be a huge Camilla fan, especially when she serves a cake to a dog….I bet she is good fun and it’s great to see her and Charles together and good for one another – it shows!

    Maxima wears the orange and grey better in my view; but then I love Maxima’s dress sense it’s great…..

    Suggested Hottie of the month Prince Daniel for me please…………then maybe Prince Daniel…..

    1. I think, at least publicly, Charles has relaxed in the last few years, because he just owns the dressing up bit now, which is great to see. I agree that Max wore the orange and grey best.

      1. Elegant and regal but almost on the sexy side (nothing wrong)- but tell that to WM, who seem very tired, old, annoyed/worried and sad in public (as P Will appearances); and inspite of almost 2 months Christmas holidays at AH, and returning from 3 weeks in Mystique).

        CP Mary also wore leather in recent days.

  3. Love the royal round ups. I fear P William do not fit with the rest of the EU Royals on the part of dedication to duties and (HM) and country.

    The BRF is known to be seen (as this is good for the Monarchy that duties and service to the subject and country); but with Prince Will, he magically appeared in Japan… no photo of leaving the UK. If this is representing HM, the public /media was not invited at the beginning of the trip.

    There is also more King Prince Harry announcement- he is leaving the Army, and it seem PC is moving P Harry away (from distracting and partying with Will (as Waity has charged – ‘Prince Harry and Will drinking and partying together, Will is not around with her’!!). Prince Harry ‘WILL BE JOINING AZ MILITARY AND SPENDING TIME IN AFRICA WITH HIS CHARITIES. ‘ prince Harry has been working in the Army and doing his Charities just fine and all along; he was the first with HM, to attend his Charities the beginning of the New Year.

    Now Prince Harry will be moved from his home in UK – while Wills is left with waity, carole and the middletons hangers on?!… Whats happening to HM and specifically PC heir/s…POW Di son and his strange marriage to the middletons seem to slowly destroying the Monarchy/BRF that HMs DOE protected, dedicated their lives to, and honour the Traditions since age 25 as QEll Long Live HM!

    Princess B has even left her home – maybe after compared to lazy insincere Waity (working for Sony an entertainment co was work; even with many entertaining events (that is the co business)- no matter the pay), it was work as P Eugene. The BRF seem in trouble – are we going to need King Henry – or the Yorks’, Wessex or even Q Anne to continue the Monarchy after PC (?!) – interesting and historical times.

    1. They never have photos of the royals leaving for their tours. Usually they have photos of them arriving and being greeted by officials, but never of them leaving the UK. So it’s not weird that there are no photos of Will leaving for Japan.

      1. Yes – security. But the China trip had seem more like a wish list for Will; most people hadn’t realize it was actually happening. If they say it is as important as PR try to make the trip to be, then one would think a bit more publicity for Trade (!?)

  4. I love Royal Roundup Day, it should be a national holiday!!

    I love Leti in that leather dress, the addition of the blazer is a great way to make it a more professional yet fun look. The other dress is nice too but I’m not a huge fan of the colorblock dress I think it’s the crystals, did one of her daughters get a Bedazzler for Christmas? When I see pictures of Leti and her perfect posture I subconsciously throw my shoulders back, suck in the tummy and try to stand/sit a little taller. She really should teach a class on deportment and poise.

    Applause, applause to Mathilde!!! What a trooper for honoring her commitments while wobbling around with that uncomfortable looking brace and crutches, with a smile on her face. She really knows the meaning of dedication. Wow, this dress is so similar to Max’s but missing the final touches, a belt would have great or a wonderful statement necklace.

    While I loved the suits that Camilla wore this week she really needs to lose the boots. Well, I guess the boots were okay with the plaid dress but not so much with the black or lighter blue suit. I love the picture of her holding the cake for the dog, too cute:)

    I must say who ever Charles hired to handle PR for Camilla deserves a large bonus. Just in the last year my affection for Camilla has grown by leaps and bounds and it seems to me that I’m not the only one. I’ve said it before but I think it bears repeating, it’s so weird that I like Camilla more than I like William’s wife. Now I don’t wish any harm to Kate and want her to be happy, etc.. but I’m kind of over my earlier infatuation with her and Wills. Camilla is certainly not all glam and flash (except when she pulls out the big rocks) but she’s solid, warm and caring, kind of a Royal Earth Mother if you will.

    On to the Royal Hottie of the Month..drum roll please….I join Ferryman in nominating Prince Daniel. I intrigued by a man that would give up a successful business (didn’t he own a gym?) to marry the woman he loves and stand one step behind her as she becomes Queen. The Swedish version of Prince Phillip. Plus I do wonder how ripped is he under those great suits??

    1. KMR, if you have access to the pics of William, I’d love to see them, even if you don’t feel like writing text.

      My vote for Royal Hottie is not a royal by blood. Mette Marit’s oldest son. He looks just like her, and he’s a cutie.

      1. Alrighty. I’ll probably do a mostly-photos post about William’s trip later in the week.

    2. “did one of her daughters get a Bedazzler for Christmas?” HAHAHAHA Good one. I agree about the crystals, they are kind of tacky.

      I have a theory about Camilla’s love of flat boots lately. She threw her back out in December, so maybe she’s wearing the boots because her back hurts when she wears heels?

      Camilla won me over by actually giving statements and speeches and saying a few words at most of her solo engagements. It is strange that I now kind of prefer Camilla over Kate, but Kate squandered her opportunities.

      Yes, Daniel owned a few gyms, I believe.

  5. I have to admit, while I immensely enjoy KMR and appreciate the kind respect I receive for my point of view, I feel I am standing on my own.

    While I think it is only right for Prince Charles and his second wife Camilla to be out working on behalf of the BRF, I am not buying into this whole boost their image (will refrain from adding the word). I think there is a whole lot of nasty going on behind closed doors.

    Nice to see the very elegant and beautiful Queen Mathilde out working despite her knee injury. Kate would have used the same injury as an excuse to be out of site for two months.

    It is scary to hear anything about Prince Daniel and illness. After all his problems, I hope his transplant continues to function and he stays in good health.

    1. Hi G.,

      That’s what I like so much about this site, we each have our own opinions and thoughts about the various royals but everyone shows a great deal of respect for another’s opinion. So many of the more “positive” Kate-centric sites will positively crucify someone if they dare express any opinion that is contrary to the group.

      I agree with you that it’s scary to hear anything about Prince Daniel’s illness. I don’t know about you but it seems to me that since his transplant his health has been good, except for the occasional cold, courtesy of Princess Estelle I’m sure :).

    2. Charles learned a lot from his PR war with Diana, and hired the best PR people to boost his and Camilla’s image. William could learn a thing or two from Charles in how to let professionals do their job instead of thinking he knows how to play the press better than professional PR people.

      I must say, though, if it is all PR, they’ve done a good job with Camilla. I know she is still disliked, even hated, by some out there, but her statements and speeches and saying a few words at most of her solo engagements has made me like her. Because that’s the kind of thing I want to see from Kate and don’t get. Camilla and her team saw an opening and took it, and it’s worked out well for them in my opinion. Are there lots of PR machinations and backstabbing? From what I hear, according to that documentary that came out recently, yes. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s giving quotes.

      You don’t have to like Camilla at all, in fact feel free to call her out on stuff, but I’m still going to cover her because I enjoy covering her.

      1. That’s the thing. They might be able to change opinions of royal watchers, but what about the general public where Camilla is still seen as the third person? Diana still looms large in people’s memories.

        1. Diana died almost 20 years ago and the triangle is little-known to many. By the time Charles is king, 25 – 30 years will have passed since Diana died. I think many people, other than the staunchest of Diana fans, have moved on and mellowed.

          If William and Harry do something big for the 20th anniversary, like the Concert for Diana, that might start it up again. I doubt they’ll do that. Harry already did a public memorial to her as part of the Chelsea Garden show in 2013. His work with Sentebale is his living memorial and tribute to her.

          HM, Prince Philip, Charles, AND Camilla visited the garden together as a public event. W&K did not attend and were never caught visiting to view his work.

          If the rumors about Harry are true, it looks like both of them are positioning themselves to be hidden away (or out of the country) for the 20th anniversary in 2017.

      2. Agree. But as many sources have state P Will did not learn anything about his personal and public life. For one ,most believe P Will committed the same ‘sin’ – in not marrying his first love – Jecca. Review past articles and sources on Jecca; she is much more regal and royal and serious work. Even waity middleton seem impressed in her company (paps then), to the point of copying Jecca’s style. WM have even worn similar dress to Jecca – a pink slinky halter gown not sure if engagement or soon after wedding), where Jecca worn similar red gown, years before PW wedding.

        I feel DoC Camilla have proven herself ( I was no fan), she is a hard worker, dedicated and supportive to POW (HM, the Monarchy); one could argue she has been humble and caught up to POW Di’s ‘role’, and is even as stylish, elegant and regal as HM.

        Kip – I agree Prince Harry is the hottie (King)!

        Do you remember, Camilla was PoW love before she got married to APB (long before Diana was in sight). Camilla marry after P Charles was sent off to the military. But it seem they were meant for each other – believe me, I use to not respect her as well, but I’m coming around …

        1. I agree, the past is what it is and they have to live with it. Camilla is working and willing to represent. At least she’s honest. I just wish she’d been as honest with Di so the mess never happened.

      3. Agree. Prince Charles has gotten a good PR group to help polish the image of Camilla and — I guess — himself. I’m really enjoying Camilla and would have never thought that would be possible. She is working very hard and seems really approachable. Loved the funny story about her Papa and his helping that French woman in labor!

        Yes, continue to cover her, please.

        The round-ups are great. I felt sorry for William in that get-up. I think he’s shy and having trouble getting so much exposure. William will always have a soft place in my heart — as will his brother. They lost their incredible Mum when they were so young.

  6. Well done Queen Mathilde! (I’m doubly impressed that she was brave enough to wear skirts in a brace.) She continues her duties, just like CP Victoria with her ankle injury last year. I can’t see Kate working through a hangnail, let alone something that requires crutches, she’d require months in seclusion to recover. That might be why I share Lauri’s weird switch of affection to Camilla, she keeps plugging away for great causes like helping rape victims and veterans.

    My vote for Royal Hottie is Prince Carl Phillip!

    1. Yes, Kate would take a long while off to recover from an injury; no crutches in public for her.

  7. William is such a bore. He looks and acts out of his depth.
    Charles rocks his ensemble.

    I preferred Maxima’s orange and grey, it had that touch of flare.

    Camilla does well with her engagements. She seems much warmer than kate.
    That being said, she makes the wisteria coat dress, I mean nouveau riche waity, look utterly frugal. Her pre royal tour holidays to accumulate to the area are a bit much. I like her, but she shouldn’t be queen consort.

    Hottie of the month –
    Harry. Handsome, wonderful personality, great with children.

    1. It seems everyone prefers Maxima’s orange and grey to Mathilde’s.

      May I ask why Camilla shouldn’t be Queen Consort? Is it just because she spends too much, or are there other factors?

      1. No, I just brought up her spending because she is on par with w&k and their nonsense. Although to her credit, she doesn’t spin the ‘I want to be normal line.’

        I think her treatment of Diana was horrible. Diana was a young mother trying to adapt and Camilla was on the line to the papers with negative remarks.
        He did have other mistresses, who Diana never went after with the same ferocity. She was actually friends with kanga.

        Diana wasn’t a saint, but Camilla played dirty as well. Charles is a piece of work. Who marries their mistress?

        I think princess consort would be a compromise. Camilla maybe tolerated, she isn’t liked.

        1. Hello Kip,

          Thank goodness there is someone who sees PC&C in a similar way. I recognize the work they do and I can see they do it with a good attitude, but this is not enough for me to change my opinion about these two.

          Time makes no difference in my book. I believe in the saying: “When someone shows you who they are; believe them”. When a woman acts as the lady of the house in another womans home, this is someone I cannot respect. Go ahead Camilla and act as though you are good fun, but your true CORE CHARACTER shows you are not a decent person. THE SAME WITH PC. PC&C are out for themselves and selfish is never pretty in my book.

          I am not firmly in Diana’s corner. I believe she made mistakes. Some of them big, but to be put in the position she was placed, with her husband and another woman manipulating many aspects of her life, I am surprised she stayed even slightly sane.

          It is funny “Waity” got a nickname, but who really wanted to be the wife of a royal? Cunning Camilla was devious, selfish, manipulative and hung in there long enough to get where she wanted. I think she often has a smug look on her face. Especially, when she has a huge tiara on, or wearing 1/4 of a stone in jewels.

          As the psychologists say, “Where is your moral compass”?

          1. I think we can all agree that it was beyond excusable on any terms that Charles married Di when he didn’t love her and admitted in his public stmt that he knew he didn’t have any similarities, plus that she turned him off. She was 19 years old and very much a dreaming girl, he knew that and only considered that she’d be happy with a crown and trappings. Not everyone is Waity Middleton and crew. Di probably thought her situation would be like a Barbara Cartland book, but sex wins most times-sorry guys but it’s true. The principal thing Camilla brought was sex, she definitely is more than that, but she is where she is, and with him, because she propositioned him with sex. It just chokes those of us like me who are total package people. PC has lots of interests, he had one weakness and C pushed his button. Di was an idealist, and a idolizer. PC liked her hero worship until everyone ignored him for her. I too won’t ever forgive either of them for not telling her to shave off. Di would have, she had doubts too, so if they’d been honest about their relationship, she would have called the wedding off.

        2. I’m not saying I’m for or against any of them. I’m saying you have to treat them equally. If you’re saying Camilla is not fit to be queen consort because of her actions, then you have to say Charles is not fit to be king because of his. While you may not like Camilla, some people do. They LIKE her, not merely tolerate her.

          Being a spouse is not the same as being an unelected Head of State. He wasn’t your husband, you are not the injured spouse. You may not like what Charles, or Camilla, or Diana did in their personal lives – but none of it was done to you personally.

          By the time he becomes king (if the monarchy survives the death of HM), all of this will have happened 30+ years in the past. Many people will see an aging married couple in their 70s, not two players in an old scandal. 42 percent of marriages in the UK end in divorce, that is nothing new. I suspect more people will be concerned about his political actions than his marriage.

          1. I am perplexed with the “he wasn’t your husband, you are not the injured spouse” and …-“but none of it was done to you personally” comments.

            Many people have opinions about behavior. Does someone need to steal from me in order to have an opinion about stealing?

            Since there are two psychologists in my family, I know partners outside a marriage is extremely destructive. The experts strongly advise, you end one relationship first, before you ever begin a new one. In a good marriage you should behave as though your spouse is standing right next to you at all times.

            Perhaps I do not understand, but I thought a king or queen was somehow considered a head of the church of england. Do poor choices set a good example to people who look up to them?

            As for the 41% divorce rate in the U.K., divorce can be the result of many factors. Cheating on a spouse is only a percentage of the 41%.

            Yes, in the U.S. there have been numerous cheating politicians. It is not seen in a good light and this kind of behavior often ruins political careers. In a largely two party system, digging up dirt on the political opponent, is often used for political advantage in an election year. While mostly frowned upon in the U.S., politicians are not the head of a specific religion/church tied to our country and they are in their political position for a specific period of time. Taxpayer support, born to a position and the length of time are so different, how can they really be compared.

          2. G. and Halia. Glad there are people who agree!

            Diana was a very territorial and jealous person.

            Imo it wasn’t so much the cheating, it was Camilla trying to usurp Diana’s position as wife.
            Being his confidant and later playing hostess at highgrove among other things.

            None of Charles’ other mistresses overstepped this boundary and were left out of Diana’s stories.

            Charles should take the blame as well. Yes times have moved on, but it doesn’t change the despicable behavior of C&C.

            I don’t mind Camilla, but serving cake to puppies doesn’t change the dirty way she got her hrh.
            Despite public objections, she probably will end up QC.

          3. Even though I may be attacked for it, I think what the Prince Charles did was not as some of you, make it out to be. Before you attack me vehemently, here me out. Five of the last six Princes of Wales have had mistresses; George V was the only exception. George IV and Edward VII each had seven over their lifetimes. Edward VIII’s three mistresses were all married during most or all of their affairs with him. To those of us in the younger generations, it is appalling. That is because divorce and “partnership” is as common in Western society today as going to the grocery. However before the 1970s (and even more recently in the United States), divorce was rare and was only allowed in limited circumstances, such as severe physical abuse (very rare given the lack of domestic violence laws) or abandonment. Marriage was more for forging dynastic and political alliances (ESPECIALLY in the BRF) than ‘love’. That’s largely a construct of 19th century society. In 1960 according to the Journal of Family Medicine, only 1 marriage in 21 ended in divorce in the United States; a rate of 5%. Now it’s closer to 30%. In 1957, when Michael Parker, the Private Secretary and close friend to the Duke of Edinburgh, divorced, he was fired from Royal service. Peter Townsend and the Princess Margaret couldn’t marry due to the opposition over his divorce. Divorced persons were officially banned from Buckingham Palace under King George V and Queen Mary and weren’t officially allowed back in until the late-1980s or early-1990s. The Queen’s cousin, George Lascelles, the Earl of Harewood divorced in 1967. He was the Queen’s first cousin, the son of her aunt the Princess Mary, Princess Royal. He was banned from the Palace.
            This was simply how it was then in the upper classes. Diana lived through it with her parents. Their divorce in 1969 ROCKED the British Establishment. It became an interesting ironic twist; the Queen had attended their wedding in Westminster Abbey in 1954 and their youngest daughter became her in-law 27 years later.
            Charles for all his modernity, has a very old-school way about him. It was no surprise to anyone in his parents’ generation or grandmother’s generation, that he had mistresses; he was carrying on a VERY long family tradition.

          4. I think there are some Diana SuperFans who take Charles’s actions personally, to an emotional and disturbing extreme. They have an emotional connection to Diana and somehow feel that THEY are the injured party because by cheating on Diana, Charles hurt THEM.

            We see this with many (probably) young Kate Middleton fans. They obsess, they are beyond the point of reason. They take it personally and weep, cry, and moan when people criticize their “Darling Catherine.”

            There is having an interest in history and royals.

            There is being a “fan” of a royal.

            And then there is an emotionally-driven obsession where people think the actions of strangers have something to do with them personally.

            Charles cheated on his wife, he didn’t cheat on you. If the monarchy survives HM, Charles will be king, Camilla will be queen consort.

  8. I’d actually like a William trip retrospective (more for the cool stuff he got to see/do in China and Japan than anything he’s doing here), but you definitely don’t have to! Anybody got a favorite coverage outlet for this tour so far?

    1. I’ll do a mostly-photo post later in the week of William’s trip.

  9. “Charles is a boss in the Saudi uniform” – Love it KMR!!! Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, and Prince Daniel seem so comfortable with who they are…they have become my favorite royal family! I am not surprise that PW gets no press without Kate. I am concerned with how he will handle this fact. I hope he does a better job handling it than PC did with Diana. What’s going on with PH….KMR, I cant wait to read your take on this one.

    1. William is just boring. He’s trying so hard to draw attention to his tour, but he’s failing because he just looks try hard and embarrassed. I haven’t read in depth what’s going on with Harry yet. I will.

  10. I agree that Prince Daniel of Sweden is an asset & has a lot of class! Daniel owned 3 gyms comes from working class background, i have read that his parents work for the post office in Sweden i do not know if this is true, it is what i have read! I think it is disgusting that the press picked on him for having a humble background! Estelle is such a doll & i hope sha has a sibling!

  11. I love these. No pressure, but Daniel needs to be the pinup for 2015. All of it, lol.

    This post was everything. These Royal ladies are so unique in their own ways. Camilla continues to impress. I love how she adds anecdotes.

    As far as William, he looks like an a$$clown, a total idiot. I hate when people dress like this either in an official or unofficial capacity. IMHO, it looks colonial and just patronizing.

    1. I think William looks like an idiot dressing up like this. But I think this type of dressing up has a place. If you are in a country and your hosts want you to dress up, then it would be more rude and disrespectful to refuse to dress up. I understand how dressing up in another culture’s traditional costumes is offensive and patronizing (like when Hollywood starlets wear a Native American headdress), but if the people of that culture are your hosts and ask you to dress up, then I think it’s fine because the disrespect shown by refusing your hosts is greater than the disrespect to the culture in general (as a white person dressing up in another culture’s traditional wear).

      1. Note: From my experience, if you’re talking about the traditional clothing for a member of a Native American tribe, it should be referred to as an outfit not a costume.

  12. The thing is that Charles has a dignified look in the pictures of him in the Gulf. As you said KMR, Willy looks like an IDIOT. What’s the old saying? Looks like a duck, walks like a duck…

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