Hot Guy of the Month – March: Prince Daniel

Hot Guy of the Month – March: Prince Daniel

I’m trying out a new feature: the Hot Guy of the Month post that a number of you suggested. As requested, the inaugural Hot Guy of the Month is: Prince Daniel of Sweden! Enjoy!

Here are some photos of Daniel looking adoringly at Crown Princess Victoria on their wedding day and at the Nobel Prize award ceremony.

I’m including this picture of Daniel and Victoria because a number of you mentioned you wished to see Victoria wear her hair down. This picture from 2012 is one of the only picture sets I saw of Victoria with her hair down.

Here are a few pictures of Daniel with Princess Estelle.

Suggestions for April’s Hot Guy of the Month? There were votes for Prince Carl Philip and Prince Harry in the last post.

28 thoughts on “Hot Guy of the Month – March: Prince Daniel

  1. Be still my beating heart. I absolutely love Daniel. I am in awe of him. He was a successful gym owner, survived kidney disease and was determined to marry his love. His admiration and love for Estelle and Vic are evident. I also love when he holds Vic’s purse at an event. He is also unafraid to show his goofy side by dancing or just having fun.

    Thanks, KMR, for heeding our cry. I will gladly accept him as hitting for the rest of the year, lol. But, we still need appearances by Harry, Carl Philip, Chris, Haakon, Harry and a little more Daniel. But not William. Never William.

    1. Only William if it’s circa 2002 when he was actually still attractive.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! did someone just turn up the heat in here?? Having never seen good, close up shots of Daniel I didn’t realize how very handsome he is. Of course I realized he was good looking but wow! The photo of him gazing down at newborn Estelle is simply beautiful, so tender and full of fatherly love.

    Does anyone know where I could find a bit more biographical information on Daniel?

    My vote for the next Hottie of the Month is Haakon. And then King Felipie and then maybe Carl Philip so that’s it’s closer to his wedding.

    1. That’s not right but too funny! I agree, he needs to lay off the hair gel. He’d probably go up another level for sexy feathery hair, but this look insures he photographs neatly.

      1. I heard this slicked back hair, has been a style trend in Sweden among the men for a few years. Maybe, you have to live in Sweden to understand the look.

        There are earlier photos of Prince Daniel before he adopted this hair style. He looked cute then and looks pretty “slick” now.

        1. Urgh, vile hairdo – yes, my brother lives in Sweden and he wears his hair like that too! Yuck, yuck, yuck!

  3. Great first choice KMR!

    I have always thought he was a wonderful gentleman and he gets better every year. He is out working, supporting his wife and a caring hands on father. What more could you want?

    Victoria and Daniel’s wedding was my favorite royal wedding. I loved the picture where so many of the royal ladies (CP Mary, M-M and others were in tears on the veranda). It is a shame they had to wait so long to marry. I hope this is not wrong to say, but I hope since the King made them wait to marry, Victoria’s age is not the reason for their only one child situation.

    Great choice! Prince Daniel is a Prince among Princes.

  4. Talk about finding a happy place! He’s the total package of a man- he’s intelligent and will express his own views to Victoria, he cares about how he looks and feels good in what he wears but isn’t vain, he’s got a strong sense of personal ego-owned his own business and has personal goals, but not an egotist and comfortable supporting his wife so she becomes her best. Changes diapers, makes cookies and wipes tears while his strong shoulders provide shelter for Estelle. Plus, he’s just damn sexy in that button up shirt pic you posted KMR, when Vic was driving the pony cart. Tina Turner is singing “He’s simply the Best.” sigh.. And thanks KMR!

    1. When I first heard that speech, it sealed my appreciation for and admiration of Daniel forever. What a sweet man and a loving one; he’s one of the best royal men out there in every possible way. It also reveals a lot about Victoria’s character and their relationship that we might not otherwise know–how romantic that she wrote all those letters for him before heading off to China for her work duties.

  5. Prince christian of denmark is soo good looking, he will give prince george a run for his money, l dont particularly find harry handsome hes just a prince sorry!!

  6. He reminds me of Clark Kent….. He really seems to understand his role and his position in the SRF. He and CPV seem very happy and respectful of each others role.

  7. Thanks for this, KMR. Daniel could wear his hair in a Mohawk and I would still be enamored, because of the way he looks at his wife and daughter.

  8. KMR: What a wonderful way to start a snowy (here in NY) March. Hot photos of Hot Daniel!
    Ah, yes, he is a heart throb. I also love the photo of him looking down so fondly at his newborn daughter. As for Victoria. Thanks for finding a photo of her with her hair down, but I think I like her better with it up. She looks just like any other pretty brunette when she wears her hair down. When it’s up, she is unique! A true sophisticate.

    Oh, please, do a hot Harry in the near future. month. He truly has it rings around his brother. William was hot years ago, but is so boring now.

    Also, agree about him not getting much exposure on his latest trip, but Kate just steps out for a bit and the paps swarm. I feel sorry for him.

  9. I’ve recently discovered the Crown Prince of Jordan. You guys, he’s hot! I like guys with glasses, so maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to him but please please please KMR, do a post on him. They don’t published stuff about his personal life tho. so sad

  10. Thank you KMR. Prince Daniel is handsome. Victoria looks lovely with her hair down, maybe in private she wears it like that. I think in public her hairstyles look appropriate for the occasion or just not confident as her sister. Madeleine is fairer? How did the couple meet? Was there a reason why they waited so long to marry? I think they make a lovely little family and they look genuinely happy. That photo of Victoria wiping Estelle’s nose whilst she sits on Daniel’s shoulders. Team work in Action.

    1. From what I’ve read, Daniel was Victoria’s personal trainer and that’s how they met. They waited so long to get married because of the objections of the King (Daniel being a commoner, I guess). I think Daniel underwent a kind of “finishing school” thing to make him more polished and prepared for the role of prince.

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