Hot Guy of the Month – October: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume

Hot Guy of the Month – October: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume

Not going to lie to you, I mainly picked Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg as October’s Hot Guy of the Month so I could talk about Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie‘s clothes. So be prepared for some post hijacking.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume

Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg was born on November 11, 1981 to Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, and became heir apparent when his father’s ascended the throne in 2000.

Guillaume went to boarding school in Switzerland before doing his army training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (the same place William and Harry trained). Guillaume is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Luxembourg army. He studied French at college in the UK before earning a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Literature and Political Science from the University of Angers in France. Guillaume speaks Luxembourgish, French, English, German, and Spanish.

Stephanie religious ceremony of Felix and Claire 1
[Guillaume and Stephanie at the religious wedding of Prince Felix and Princess Claire in 2013]

Guillaume is honorary presidency of “Luxembourg for Business” and has gone on trade missions around the world for years. He is honorary president of the Kraizberg Foundation, which is a charity for people with disabilities, and is patron of several other organizations in Luxembourg.

Guillaume and Stephanie Gala dinner at the Grand Ducal Palace

The Luxembourg royal court announced Guillaume’s engagement to Countess Stephanie de Lannoy on April 26, 2012. The civil wedding took place on October 19, 2012, and the religious wedding took place on October 20, 2012.

Stephanie wore Elie Saab to the pre-wedding gala dinner (photo above) and a diamond tiara with a floral leaf and berry motif from the Luxembourg collection.

Guillaume and Stephanie Wedding Portrait sm

Stephanie stuck with Elie Saab Couture for her wedding day as well. The dress features a full skirt, 3/4 length sleeves, and a 4.5 meter train. It’s made of silk crepe, tulle, satin organza, Chantilly lace, and Calais lace, with embellishments of 50,000 pearls, 80,000 crystals, and 10,000 meters of silver embroidery thread.

Mariage princier 2012 - Mariage religieux - Apparition au balcon

Stephanie chose her family tiara, the Lannoy Tiara, for her wedding day. The tiara was made by Altenloh in Brussels and features a large pear-shaped center diamond with smaller brilliant diamonds in a floral-ish scrolling motif all set in platinum.

The Lannoy Tiara is not my favorite, but Stephanie’s Elie Saab is one of my favorite royal wedding dresses (or any wedding dresses, really). So beautiful and fairy tale. Definitely worth hijacking a Hot Guy post for.

Lannoy Tiara 1

Oh, by the way, Guillaume and Stephanie don’t have any children yet.

Here are some more photos of Guillaume and Stephanie in the years since their wedding.

Guillaume and Stephanie (along with Prince Albert) attended the dinner hosted by the former Queen Beatrix ahead of her abdication on April 29, 2013 in Amsterdam. Stephanie wore an Elie Saab gown with the Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide Tiara. I usually like Elie Saab, but this one not so much.

The couple attended Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill‘s pre-wedding dinner on June 7, 2013 in Stockholm. I think Stephanie looks really pretty in this gown…

… But the gown she wore to the actual ceremony on June 8 missed the mark for me. The jewels were nice, though. Stephanie went with the Citrine or Topaz and Pearl Tiara with matching earrings and necklace. BTW, Guillaume is wearing the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau (Luxembourg), and Stephanie is wearing the Order of Adolphe of Nassau (Luxembourg).

Guillaume and Stephanie at the baptism of Princess Amalia, the daughter of Prince Felix and Princess Claire, in 2014.

Guillaume and Stephanie celebrating Luxembourg National Day on June 23 attending a church service. Stephanie wore this yellow Paule Ka dress. This is probably my second favorite outfit I’ve seen Stephanie in (that might just be because I love yellow). I want this dress.

Also for National Day, Guillaume and Stephanie joined the Grand Ducal Family for a gala dinner. Stephanie wore this slinky silver dress along with the Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide Tiara. It’s a bit more sexy than I would think for a royal, but it looks nice. Overall, I think Stephanie’s style has improved since her wedding.

Luxembourg Royal Family

Photos: Grand Ducal Court/Christian Aschman / Getty / Grand Ducal Court/Guy Wolff / Grand Ducal Court

36 thoughts on “Hot Guy of the Month – October: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume

  1. Nice choice for Hot Guy of the Month, KMR. He is a handsome guy. I often get him and his brother Felix mixed up as they look so much alike.

    Stephanie interests me. I do love her wedding gown. It was ethereal and lived up to a royal dress. I find some of her fashions hit or miss. I loved her dress to the pre-wedding dinner of Madde and Chris. It is absolute perfection. I am a huge fan of draping. But her dress to Felix and Claire’s wedding? The dress at Princess Amalia’s baptism? Not at all. But then, the yellow confection was quite pretty. She can be quite hit or miss when it comes to that.

    The little I know of her is that she has been compared to Kate i.e. stalking, jealousy, work ethic, etc. She also lost her mother right before her wedding. I think that she was more of a socialite versus Princess Claire, who was accomplished in her field of bioethics.

    Love the pictures and descriptions, KMR!

    1. I think Princess Stephanie looks too old for her age, mainly because of her choice in fashion. She needs to pick out clothes that are fashionable, yet appropriate. I think even Kate dresses better than her and Stephanie is a few years YOUNGER than Kate.

      1. I think both Stephanie and Kate are hit and miss in the style department. For me, Kate is probably more in the middle than Stephanie. Stephanie has higher highs, but also lower lows. Whereas Kate sticks to the middle ground, even when she hits a high or a low, she’s still in the middle compared to Stephanie.

  2. Great, great post KMR! I don’t know much about this House but have always cheered for the Elie Saab wedding gown. Perfection! Love your note on the slinky silver dress! I’ll give her credit for having the figure to pull off satin. So unforgiving!

  3. Has any reason or speculation been given as to why they haven’t had kids yet? Not asking in a judgmental way, just curious!

    I also find her fashion hit or miss. But at least it’s not the same thing over and over.

  4. Thanks for a great post KMR! Guillaume is certainly a hottie and quite the dapper dresser, he looks great in a morning suit.

    I am curious about his wife though, it doesn’t appear that she does many engagements, has never made a speech or attended many solo engagements. What does she do all day?? I know that I criticize Kate often for her lack of work ethics but it appears that Stephanie does even less, if that’s possible, and her husband is the immediate heir. Does this royal family not open hospitals, visit factories, etc? I do visit a site dedicated to the Luxembourg royals and it seems that the women of the family don’t really do much, not like the BRF women who, for the most part, work hard for the family.

    On to fashion, I agree that Stephanie’s wedding dress is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I love that it wasn’t white white, almost a soft gray and the fit was too die for!!! After the wedding though Stephanie has been all over the place with her style. Either too dowdy and matronly or a bit too sexy like the satin gown and I’m sorry but gawd that yellow dress is hideous, too much a neon yellow 🙁 I liked the shape and style of the dress she wore to Maddie’s wedding but the color really washes her out, the same dress in a different color would’ve been great.

    1. To be fair to Stephanie, that entire royal family makes less engagements than the Brits. Yes, Stephanie rarely makes solo engagements (you can count the number on one hand), and she has never made a speech as far as I am aware, but that entire family does less than the Brits so there isn’t a much of a demand on Stephanie.

  5. Oh boy, I have to go against the grain with Guillaume as hot guy. Something about him is just creepy to me. I don’t know what, he just makes my skin feel all creepy crawly.

    As for Stephanie’s style, it is hit or miss, but when she hits she does pretty good. I liked her dress at the pre-wedding dinner. And the yellow is very nice. The Elie Saab she’s wearing in the photo with Prince Albert and the print dress a couple of photos down, just don’t do anything for her. I think she looks better when she sticks to the monochromatic colors.

    Maybe they waited on the kids so she could become accustomed to her position as their contemporaries W&K are doing. And I realize Guillaume is next in line for the throne as opposed to William being the heir to the heir, but they are close in age.

    Are there any photos of him without the beard? Just curious. As usual an excellent post and I’ve learned something about another royal family! Thank you KMR!!

    1. I am with you on Team Not Hot. His brother? Yes. (I think Felix and Claire are way more appealing than Guillame and Stephanie in just about every way, honestly. Maybe it’s the freedom of NOT being the heir.)

        1. I thought her whole wedding ensemble was lovely, absolutely. And I really like the Lannoy tiara (even though I thought it maybe could have been better placed on her head?).

          Claire’s wedding dress was also stunning. The Luxxes do royal weddings right.

  6. Stephanie was a smart bride. There won’t be any looking back on her photos 30 years from now, and asking herself what she was thinking with a poor dress choice.

    I think the two of them have a sweet way of looking at each other. It almost looks like a private moment or they have a good secret. Someone said he looks kind of creepy, but I think he seems more old quiet movie star Glenn Ford.

    I have heard little about them. Is it true she is like Kate and works little?

    1. Yes. But that entire royal family works less than the Brits. So Stephanie would naturally work less than the British women. Guillaume doesn’t do a ton of work either. It’s just the nature of that family.

      1. She works less than both of her married-in sisters-in-law, neither of whom lives in Luxembourg. There may be little demanded of her, but certainly more than what she is doing should be done. She doesn’t even attend events for her one patronage, the Night of Museums. One patronage and in three years she’s never shown up for it.

  7. Thank you KMR. Prince Guillaume is very handsome and confident looking in the photos. I agree Stephanie’s dress by Elie Saab was lovely and I do like the style. Something I admire and would go for myself. I think it is the best wedding dress I have seen of the Royals. In fact I feel a raid on Stephanie’s wardrobe if that is not too greedy. I like the way Gillaume places his hand around Stephanie’s shoulder.

  8. ps Why the rush for the couple to have a child/children? Sorry to ask.Surely they will come in time. Better to spend some years together first though the photos would be lovely. I like the blue dresses particularly the one at the blue wedding dinner and the yellow dress and hat to accessorise.

    1. Oh no rush. I was merely pointing out that they don’t have any children to get ahead of questions of “Do they have kids?”.

  9. Luxembourg only has a population of 500,000. Not even close to the 65 million of the UK. Some folks are rich enough without having to pander to the people to keep their position. This country isn’t suffering from terrible economic conditions with loads of mental illness that the royalty has to highlight. I think that’s pretty much an indication that your government is successful – when you haven’t got loads of charity work to do.

    I wonder if their press offices ever consider that — that Kate is inadvertently showing off the massive problems of the UK.

    1. Yeah, that entire family does a lot less than the Brits do. Also, they are one of the richest royal families in Europe, I believe.

    1. It appears that DM has taken this article down, probably due to negative comments. Wow, W&K’s crack PR team dropped the ball on this one but to make up for it DM posted a rather glowing article on how perfect Will & Kate’s marriage is. See the link below.

      1. Hi ABKM, that is weird, after I saw it first thing in the morning I never could find it again. Of course clinking on margetty’s link takes me right too it.

  10. Forgive my ignorance but what is “Luxembourgish?” I’m not trying to belittle Luxembourg, I didn’t know they had their own language. I honestly thought people in Luxembourg spoke French and/or German. Is it a dialect of one of those languages? I’ve never heard of it. I like Duke Guillaume’s beard and his pinstripes. I can never trim my beard enough. It always looks like moths have eaten at it or by the beginning of April, I look like a deranged mountain man. 🙂

    1. From Wikipedia: Luxembourgish “is a Moselle Franconian variety of West Central German that is spoken mainly in Luxembourg. Worldwide, about 400,000 people speak Luxembourgish.” It’s one of the three official languages of Luxembourg (the other two being French and German).

  11. I think Guillaume is a really handsome guy. And IMO, it’s great that he found a noble bride, Stephanie is lively (even though she has had several fashion misses), but her wedding gown was amazing. She is also fluent in a lot of languages.
    Before the wedding, it was reported that she wanted to remain chaste until her wedding night because she is deeply rooted in catholic faith and that Guillaume respected her wish.
    She doesn’t get a lot of media coverage, so I don’t know how much she works with patronages, charities, etc. She is a lovely girl and he’s really handsome, I hope they’ll have children soon.

    1. Being noble doesn’t mean she isn’t lazy. She has one patronage, and in three years she’s done nothing for it. Like Middleton, she never really worked before the marriage and she’s worked even less than Middleton since. Her sisters-in-law do more for the people of Luxembourg, and neither of them lives in the country.

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