Royal Round Up: Harry, Sophie, Maxima, Mathilde, William, Middletons

Royal Round Up: Harry, Sophie, Maxima, Mathilde, William, Middletons

Here’s a Royal Round Up of Prince Harry at more rugby matches, Sophie, Countess of Wessex at Ascot Racecourse, Queen Maxima out and about, Queen Mathilde welcoming a foreign president, Prince William penning an article pleading for wildlife conservation, and Carole Middleton drinking at rugby.

BTW, SVT originally claimed they would not broadcast Prince Nicolas‘ baptism on Sunday, October 11, but they changed their minds because people complained and they will now broadcast the baptism on BBC1 and SVT Play starting at 11:50.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry and his Ginger Beard attended the England v Australia rugby match at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday, October 3. England lost 33 to 13.

Harry was very disappointed after England’s loss and drowned his sorrows in alcohol. Harry joined Guy Pelly and Princess Eugenie at Ramusake in Kensington on Saturday night.

They were joined by Antonia Packard (one of Eugenie’s friends), who according to the Daily Mail Harry was reported to be dating before his summer visit to Africa. Do you guys remember that one? Because I don’t. All I remember is they were trying to push the Jenna Coleman thing, and the Cressida thing, and the Chelsey thing. I don’t remember any mention of an Antonia Packard.

Harry attended the France v Canada rugby match on October 1.

Before the match on October 1, Harry visited the England team to watch their training session at Pennyhill Park in Bagshot, England. Do you think Harry was bad luck for the England team?

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Sophie, Countess of Wessex attended the Autumn Racing & CAMRA Beer Festival meet at Ascot Racecourse on October 2. Sophie looks really great here, right? I like the cream dress and jacket, and the earrings go perfectly with it.

Queen Maxima

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima met with the Dutch members of the European Parliament in Noordeinde Palace in The Hague on October 2 (above).

On October 1, Max and W-A attended the symposium ‘China in The Netherlands’ at the University in Leiden. This symposium is in preparation for their State Visit to China during the last week of October.

Queen Mathilde

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde welcomed Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife First Lady Emine Erdogan to the Royal Palace in Brussels today, October 5. Erdogan is in Belgium to meet with EU leaders about the migrant crisis and the Syrian war.

Prince William

Prince William visited the National Sport Centre in Cardiff to launch the Coach Core Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) Programme on October 1 in Cardiff, Wales before watching the the Wales v Fiji match.

William also wrote an article for the Financial Times about the illegal wildlife trade and why people should care. William started his article by saying: “I cannot imagine what it would feel like if the last elephant or rhinoceros in the wild died — and I then had to explain to my children how we let it happen.”

I don’t want to be an a-hole and I understand the severity of the crisis, but, um… the same way you will explain all the other extinct species to them?

William then said: “If we do not tackle [illegal wildlife trade] in a concerted way, the result will not just be the extinction of some of the world’s iconic animals. If we let these animals vanish on our watch, the impact on our collective confidence to tackle any other global issue will be devastating.”

One more a-hole-y thing… do you think William actually wrote this article himself?

The Middletons

Michael, Carole, and James Middleton were also at the England v Australia rugby match on Saturday. They sat right in front of Prince Harry.

I guess there was a slight to-do over the fact that Carole pulled out a tiny bottle of wine from her bag and drank it. She was also seen pulling chips/crisps from her bag and eating those. I wonder if she bought her snacks at the stadium or if she snuck them in illegally. I don’t know about in England but in America venues don’t like you to bring your own snacks.

Carole’s face here makes my giggle.

Harry even greeted the Middletons.

James was there, too. I won’t subject you to a photo of him without a little Harry in the background to make up for all the Middleton photos.

Oh, by the way, Carole made the front page of the Daily Mail. For real.

Carole Middleton Daily Mail

Photos: Getty / Daily Mail

48 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Harry, Sophie, Maxima, Mathilde, William, Middletons

  1. Sorry Harry, maybe next time!

    I was going to say “Egads Carole got the cover of the Daily Mail” but then I realized that it’s really her PR machine so that’s okay.

    I remember reading something some where about Antonia Packard, but I didn’t really put anything into it. It seemed like one of those “I sat next to Harry at a party, so we’re dating” kind of things.

    It seems like William focuses on like two animals whenever he talks about conservation. Maybe he’s doing a lot more behind the scenes, but it seems like another one of those show me you mean it kind of things from him and Kate.

    Love Max, she works her rear end off. She has some scary hair moments, but her exuberance makes up for it.

    Good to see Queen Mathilde is off of her crutches and back on her A-game. Another hard working royal. I like it when she and Maxima meet and coordinate their outfits.

    Almost forgot about Sophie! I think she looked great too. She’s really come into her own on the fashion end.

    Thanks for the great update KMR!!

    1. Max and Mathilde’s coordinated outfits from earlier this year were amazing. I love it when they do that.

      I think it’s interesting that William “writes” articles and talks a bit (not a lot, just a bit) but Harry actually spent real time working in Africa with wildlife conservationists. William seems all talk and no action. And seriously, he needs to stop with the “woe is my kids having to grow up without these animals” thing. It’s like, poor little rich kids not being about to go on safari. How it that helpful to the cause? The danger to the environment and rangers and doctors who help protect these animals is way more important than George and Charlotte being able to go on safari one day.

      Re Antonia Packard: I looked her up and apparently there were reports of him and her hooking up before he left for Africa. I guess KP officially denied it. I totally missed it. The funny thing was in the article I read it said she would never talk about her relationship with Harry yet in the same article there was a quote from “her pal”. Eh. Whatever.

      1. The Antonia Packard thing was first mentioned in tatler magazine. It was an article about how Antonia and her sister were the new ‘it’ socialites in town and how Amanda was hanging out with Harry’s circle. There was a compare and contrast with the Middleton sisters ie Kate and Pippa.

        The DM then extrapolated the bits that claimed she was hanging out in Harry’s circle and wrote an article that hinted that she was really hanging out with Harry.

        This latest article is the first time they’ve called her a girlfriend, ex or otherwise.

        Eugenie needs to prune her circle of friends because she seems to be surrounding herself with Harry Hunters.

        Mind you, if that’s the easy way to Harry, perhaps Rhianon needs to befriend Eugenie asap!!!

        1. Are they ‘Harry Hunters’ or is Bea/Eug pushing to get a friend in the royal circle. Just wondering if any of you are in the know.

      2. It’s the first I’d heard of her. She runs a charity so here’s hoping if anything comes of it she won’t be another Kate. Doubt it will though,

        “Kensington Palace took the highly unusual step last night of formally denying the claims. ‘This story is completely untrue,’ said a spokesman, who declined to say if he had discussed it with Harry.

        The Palace never usually comments on the Prince’s love life and did not even confirm officially his break-up with Cressida.”

        I honesty just want him to end up with a great girl with a humanitarian heart who genuinely loves him (obviously that he loves her too).

      3. “Poor little rich kids not being able to go on safari” Exactly, I doubt George and Charlotte will even care, he’s just trying to make himself look more relatable, worrying about the kind of world his children will grow up in, just like ordinary parents, however their not ordinary, his children will not want for anything. If he wants to get support he should use better reasons for why he’s supporting them then that. And how ridiculous that Harry was the one to go and work in Africa, while William spent the summer in hiding, I thought its suppose to be his cause!

        1. I think he takes a completely wrong approach to this issue. He ought to highlight the ecological damages and the socio-economic issues that poaching and the extinction of various species can bring. Poachers don’t care that a spoiled princeling laments the disappearance of elephants, neither does the people who keep the market for illegal wildlife parts alive.

          It is a thorny issue that needs to adressed on many different levels – and it is an issue that ultimately impacts our long-term survival. A whole eco-system can collapse if just one species die out – any species, not just the iconic and glamourous ones!

        2. The funny thing about kids is they rarely love the things their parents love. So if William pushes wildlife onto George and Charlotte, they will grow up and hate it.

  2. Especially considering the economic situations of many countries where poaching takes place, his comment “but how will I tell MY children!?” is pretty tone-deaf. This article ( from Newsweek notes: “These days the illicit ivory market is fed by some of the continent’s most vicious and heavily armed militant groups, including the Janjaweed of Sudan, Somalia’s Al-Shabab, and the Lord’s Resistance Army originally from Uganda.” So, really, wouldn’t it be better of him to talk about the environmental, social, and political implications of illicit wildlife trade on communities in Africa instead of clutching his pearls about how he would tell his children that a rhino is extinct?

    1. That is a really good point! I hadn’t thought of conservation from a socio-economic viewpoint, but it makes sense since they would be connected.

      Lisa mentioned as well that Will only focuses on two animals. I know he loves Africa, but species going extinct is a worldwide problem. In all his spare time, I would think he could work with other conservation organizations to address this and the issues, like their loss of habitats, that cause their extinction.

      But the larger issue: William, you have to stop hunting for sport! It’s one thing if you are hunting to put food on the table, but killing animals for fun and preaching about conservation are incompatible.

      1. Is it odd that his article was in the Financial Times? I don’t know all the publications in Britain, but it seems like an odd choice that not everyone would read.

        1. The Financial times is a must read if you are rich. Half of it is information on companies/CEO and the other half is about how to spend that money in the pursuit of leisure.

          Lots of safari/holidaying in exotic places ads placed in it. Lots of luxury travel via glamping or shooting or trophy hunting.

  3. Thanks for such a great post KMR! Sophie looked beautiful today, when she gets it right, she really gets it right.

    I wasn’t too thrilled with Max’s look, her hair really needs to be trimmed those dead ends look horrible. Where is her giant hat??? And her shoes…not the best pair she’s worn but if she’s trying to be shorter than her hubby mission accomplished. It almost looks like she was running behind that morning and just threw on the first dress and shoes she found, ran a comb through her hair and was out the door.

    Queen Mathilde looked stunning!!! That dark blue suit really becomes her and the pillbox hat was the perfect touch.

    1. I agree Lauri. Sophie has looked wonderful this year. She quietly seems to put in the hours.

      Mathilde is one of my favorite royals and doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. Thanks KMR!

      I was going to write the same thing about Max. Take a little time and get those ends cut. No one says you need to go the Leti route, but a good 2″ off the ends would help.

  4. The pensive picture of Harry was too much. He is a handsome guy. And that first picture screams “I’ve heard about this Rhiannon and I must meet her”.

    Sophie is a wonderful ambassador. I think that she’s a good rep for HM.

    Max and her crazy hair makes me smile. The woman is on point, normally, from head to toe. It’s nice to see that she is a bit askew on the hair front. It shows that she’s not afraid to be human. And I love that about her.

    I don’t know too much about Mathilde. I’m a bit conflicted about Turkey and will leave it at that.

    William. Ugh. He’s all talk. And that talk doesn’t come from his own mouth. Will needs to do something. He is very content to rest on his laurels.

    On to the Midds. Mike looks henpecked and not thrilled to be there. James looks like Jeepers Creepers. And Scarole. She needs to lay off the tanner. I can see that Kate studies her mom’s over exaggerated expressions. I just can’t with Scarole. The sad thing is that we see more of her than we do of Kate. And that ticks me off.

    1. Agree – spot on!

      Prince Harry’s and friends are not amused by carol meddleton’s antics, so close to Prince Harry.

      Carol attention grabbing – from her ban staying at AH/KP, to butt out/interfering with PG/C, this is her way of attention grabbing (and to shame the royals? – carol mad about calls for King Henry!)

      Pa Middleton seem embarrassed by her, ‘sitting near Prince Harry’ Pelley/wife (?), Charlie S. The middletons creepy behaviour (and fake – lack genuine interest of rugby, other than showing up near a Royal).

  5. with regards to the socio-economic aspect of poaching, I remember reading, back during ivory-gate, that some local tribes in Africa had posted a public letter somewhere inviting him to sit with them to understand the reasons. Fell on deaf ears.

    Also, will he apologise for killing a protected bird on his own african hunts? He shot a protected bird in Kenya back in his early 20s, and the whole thing was hushed up. You can still find reports of it if you look in the right place, but as far as we know he has never apologised for it. Hypocrite.

  6. Mr Middleton looks less than amused, I think he misses his life before his family became famous. Scarole looks awful. The faces and the drinking… And Mr Middleton isn’t even noticing the drinking, perhaps she does it a lot? Now we know where Waity gets it from with the faces. Doesn’t she know those weird faces makes wrinkles happen faster??!James looks like a caveman with that facial hair, it’s not attractive to me anyway.

    1. Kate isn’t aging well. Let’s blame it on mum.

      The photo of Ma Mid scrunching up her face, shows the same heavy eyeliner worn by Kate and now we know who taught her how to do her make-up.

      I still cannot believe Kate did her own make-up for her wedding day.

  7. Ouch… not a good look for Carole. She should be ashamed of herself. The little bottle of wine in the purse is a common thing amongst alchoholic women. I have a dear friend who does this and it honestly shocks most people when she pulls them out. She is known amongst my friends as the “girl with wine in her purse”…. Not classy at all.

    1. Hi Anna. I also thought of the little bottle of wine being an alcoholic woman’s friend too.
      When the RWC was last held, in NZ, there was clear signage at grounds where the games were played stating no alcohol was to be brought into the game, they even had security checking bags too. Rugby World Cup 2015 Ticket Terms and Conditions say that they reserve the right to eject anyone bringing in alcohol. Looks like they missed one there!
      Good luck with your friend.

  8. Is it my imagination or does Sophie look as good at 50 (maybe even a bit better) than Kate does at 33? Carole… I have nothing good to say about her and me saying things before have gotten me in enough trouble on this blog. 🙂 I’m going to bypass William as I hope the line of succession does. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima look good. There’s not much to be said for a guy in a business suit, so I won’t. I love that shade of red on Maxima. It’s not bright red (to me) but looks cherry. Queen Mathilde looks like a Queen should… put together, neat, elegant, poised. Kate should take notes. I feel bad for Michael Middleton.

  9. I’ve never understood the emotional investment in the outcome of matches. Sure they are entertaining to watch but having to console yourself with drinks and getting sh%t faced because your team didn’t win? Who would want to partner with someone like that?

    Carole and her little bottle of wine did raise my eyebrows – its the kind of thing you see and go – oh, my! but are too polite to say anything because the picture says it all.

    Did William say what he wanted the rich people to do about the endangered species? Or did he just clutch his pearls?

    1. I can understand a bit. You get caught up in the excitement and want your team to win and are disappointed when they don’t. But I’ve never been a huge sports fan and don’t understand the hardcore fandom stuff. I just don’t care that much.

      William just clutched his pearls. He really didn’t add anything to the conversation with that article.

  10. Twinsies! Is it my imagination or does the latest DM picture of Carole shopping show her wearing crazy pants almost identical to Kate’s polka dotted version worn to rugby match?
    Michael Middleton did not look thrilled to be at that rugby game. Man doesn’t seem to smile much these days. Too bad, he seems like a nice person.

    1. They are similar looking pants. Everyone thought Kate’s were spotted and not floral at first. So from afar they look very similar. I actually like Carol’s better, they are not skin tight like Kate’s were. And I actually think that print looks better on an older woman. I don’t know why. Again it might just be because they are looser fitting, where as Kate’s were skin tight like her skinny jeans.

  11. Great to see pictures of Prince Harry – he sure gives everything he is involved in his whole heart. Very, very telling though – not one of the photographs show him having any kind of interaction with the middletons except when he was trying to escape. Whether or not the middletons support England (or Wales more like) – my initial thoughts are that they were there only to make sure that their precious, pampered and self absorbed daughter was not forgotten and to remind the world who they think they are. I have no time for fake kate, duchess of laziness, and make no apologies for it. Cue the violins for the devotees who slam those of us who do not worship her, using the excuse of the 2 kids she is “raising” on her own. Middleton is pathetic and so is Bill. Prince Harry is the real deal. Have a great day/evening wherever you are.

  12. Time to stop believing that Will and Waity really pen those letters and notes. Baloney! It’s way too taxing for their brains.

    Sorry but Carole looks like a wicked old witch. She’s not aging well at all. Ugh, and the fake tan and raccoon eyes just like her fake daughters.

    Two thumbs up for Sophie who is comfortable in her own skin—what a contrast from the in-your -face Middletons!

  13. Interesting dynamics in the Middleton family. I like Mike. He looks as if he’s ignoring his wife. James needs to get that beard under control. I wonder why Pippa wasn’t there……………..she could have flirted with Harry! LOLOL

    1. Vava, Harry is not that stupid. He may have a naughty streak but he is not such an idiot to marry either of the middleton clingons. He has seen the hell his brother has gone through, and turned, headed off in the other direction. Harry knows only too well how unhappy his brother is, how disrespectful he is and how he hates his blood/royal family – again goes back to still blaming them for his mother’s death and takes it out on those who are living. I think Bill and kate feed their own paranoia. Niether of them are the saviours of the RF – they will destroy it.
      It will be Prince Harry that brings in a lady of noble birth into the mix I think. He seems to have a grasp of destiny that his dimwit brother has ignored but lives in the lap of luxury of. As for the European Royals – no contest. Just love to be able to see them – they have that IT factor like Prince Harry. Have a good day/evening wherever you are.

    2. I like Mike as well. He seems very grounded in a way I don’t see in the others.

      I’d add more, but you all have said everything! One of the reasons I never joined to add my comments. You all always hit the nail on the head.

      I will say I’m enjoying seeing Sophie. She looks so much younger compared to Kate since she doesn’t cake herself in thick makeup. I do believe it’s aging. Sophie has a wonderful complexion and absolutely beautiful smile. I wish we were able to see more of this part of the family.

  14. Not my favorite sophie outfit. It looks like something camilla would wear. Maybe if she had better support, it would look flattering in the pictures?

    Scarole illegally drinking at rugby… Day(s) later, pap walk looking at baby girl clothes. Transparent pr.

  15. Well I do have more to say lol. I sympathize with Max. I’m going through a blonder-exic phase and I can’t have my hair blonde enough. But it looks so darned cheap when the roots pop up. I love how she rocks it and doesn’t seem to mind.

    I’m not a Middleton fan, but I can identify with Scarole. I love my wine, too. However, I will say if I knew the cameras were on me and no one else was drinking, I would’t open my mini bottle. It looks as if it was a gift perhaps to those that sat in that box? Perhaps? Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. The sun damage is very evident on Middleton women. As a skincare nut, it’s very obvious.

    I like Sophie’s outfit. The gold buttons give a hint of modernity and even remind me of old-school Versace, but it stops there. I love how it’s not too short, but not too long. Perfect length. No heavy 80’s eyeliner.

    I wonder where the Middleton women thought this harsh eyeliner all over the eye was modern and fresh? It’s completely aging.

  16. yep harry is the peoples prince, he is interested in what he does, william looks fake, over the top, to make up for the lost time, which he spends indulging himself and his wife, who is he fooling?? carole no words, she looks trashy, james needs to loose the beard he looks horrible!! max, sophie, mathilde they are doing a very good job representing their country!!

  17. Greetings everyone,
    Have to get this message out – DM ran a story about this no-fly zone over their laziness anmer hall bunker – well just try and get a message that they will print on there. Nothing offensive, nothing rude, just telling them like it is – a pair of spoilt, self indulged, self important, arrogant twerps and there lays the problem DM is selective in what it actually shows in the comments section. Makes me wonder whether or not they are on the middleton payroll. What makes matters worse is in the whole of her Reign and before it not ONCE has Her Majesty interfered with anything flying over her Sandringham Estate.

    Who on earth do bill and kate middleton think they are? Every excuse known to man has been given for this “no fly” position. To add insult to injury these leeches believe their own hype, try and ban everything they don’t have a copyright on, accuse people of trying to take photographs of their private area all the time just showing how out of touch they really are.

    I am truly sick and tired of these petulant idiots, they are destroying the Monarchy, the moment another member of the family is being praised these two “act up” – Daily Mail feeds the middleton need for publicity because of their lack of work and when you are invited to comment – publish only what suits them.

    With any luck these two and their offspring will never reach the throne otherwise the British Monarchy is doomed. Bill has turned into a right whinger, while her laziness is just a spoilt brat.

    Check this article out – and by the way “of course it appeared on the same day that Prince Harry was visiting children playing Rugby in Devon and he has refused to team up with Bill and Kate to support Wales” now this really shows how much jealousy bill and kate have in them over Harry.

    They should just go away – live in exile on Scarole’s money and do us all a favour.

    Thank goodness you do not see this kind of sulky, paranoid or petty behaviour from European Royal Houses or the backbone of the British one.

    Bill and Kate need a good slap – and it is about time they were put in their place.

    My apologies for letting off steam however, I have seen these disgraces in my own Country and they are too fake beyond words.

    Have a good day/evening wherever you are.

  18. Just a quick point on drinking wine at rugby matches. You can’t bring your own alcohol into UK rugby grounds, but you can buy drinks at the official bars once inside, and if you order wine, that’s what you get. A small bottle (usually plastic for safety reasons) and a dinky mini plastic wine glass to pour it into… Nothing untoward to report here, I don’t think..

    1. Thank you for clearing that up, Rita! I’ve never been to a UK event, so I didn’t know.

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