Quarterly Review: Kate Middleton’s 3rd quarter numbers

Quarterly Review: Kate Middleton’s 3rd quarter numbers

I can’t believe it’s already October. The year is going by so fast! We’re already to the end of the third quarter of the year, so it’s time for our third quarterly review of Kate Middleton‘s engagement numbers.


This quarter, Kate was a bit more visibly active officially while being less visibly active unofficially. Go here for a full list of Kate’s 2015 appearances so far. Kate made 5* official appearances from July 1 to September 30:

          1 Royal Family Appearances in the UK*
                    Princess Charlotte’s Christening*
          3 Royal Duty Appearances in the UK
                    Kate visiting the Anna Freud Centre**
                    Kate attending the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony with William and Harry
                    Kate visiting HMP Send
          1 Charity Appearances in the UK
                    Kate and William visiting Portsmouth for 1851 Trust
          0 No Press Appearances in the UK
          0 Foreign Appearances

*I included Charlotte’s Christening here since it appeared in the court circular, but if you want to say Kate only did 4 official appearances and 0 Royal Family appearances, I’m cool with that.

**The court circular mentions Kate went to both the Anne Freud Centre and the Family School. She did, but I’m counting that as one thing because they were so close together in time, proximity, and association.

Kate was out and about in the UK twice:
          England v Wales rugby match***

***I included the rugby match as out and about because Kate was not there in any official capacity. She is not Vice-Patron of any rugby team like William and Harry are. She just tagged along.

I saw reports on Twitter that Kate was spotted out shopping recently, but I don’t care enough to track those Twitter reports down (plus, who knows how valid they are). I’m sure Kate went out shopping a lot in the last three months she was MIA from royal duties.

So taking out Charlotte’s birth/hospital photo op and the Christening and adding in the numbers from the first and second quarterly review, Kate made 29 official appearances over 21 days. She’s so hard working, that Duchess of ours.

In her yearly rush to get her numbers up at the end of the year, Kate has scheduled another appearance for October 10. She and William will mark World Mental Health Day at an event hosted by the charity Mind at London’s Harrow College. Because mental health is so important to Kate and William now. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t say anything negative since Kate is “making good” on KP’s promise that she will be more involved with mental health this fall.

I updated my future events page with Kate, William, and Harry’s upcoming events and included several other royal’s upcoming events.

Here are some more photos from Kate’s last few appearances.

I think it’s weird this dude didn’t let Kate get onto the step before he went in for the kiss.

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  1. Regarding the last photo? If Kate stood on the same level she would probably be taller than that guy. It’s the “it’s easier to look down your nose at someone if you are taller than them method of choosing your heel height. “

    1. I still think it was rude for that dude not to let Kate get on that step first. The photo just looks so awkward. And in the video Kate went in for the handshake while attempting to get on the step and the guy sprung the kiss on her and forced her to stand on the ground for it. I know he’s the husband of one of the kid’s godparents and he and Kate know each other but the interaction still seemed so awkward to me.

      1. I think it ended up being awkward because they went for two different approaches to this greet – she was trying to be all business and official and he greeted her like he most likely usually does, with a kiss and a hug. I think Kate maybe felt bad/weird about her initial approach and tried adding a personal family-friend touch to make up for it, but it ended up being even super random, that pat/rub on his back.

        I honestly think the reason why he hugged and kissed her when she was a step below was because when she put out her hand he thought she was initiating the hug right there and then and so went with it.

        1. Have you guys seen (I’m sure) the video of the Queen being greeted at William and Kate’s wedding by Camilla? The Queen was talking to I think Richard Chartes, the Bishop of London. Camilla was next, then Charles. The Queen immediately bypassed Camilla, whose stance was open, as if expecting a hug. Instead the Queen took Charles’ hand, said “Good morning,” to him and leaned in for a hug/peek on the cheek. Then the Queen turned to Camilla. The Duchess’ stance seemed to expect a hug. In the span of three seconds, the Queen said something to Camilla, while simultaneously extending her hand. Camilla curtsied quickly. The Queen paused for a fraction of a second staring at Camilla, then moved out of the way. The Duke of Edinburgh stepped in, smiling at Camilla and saying something to the effect of “It’s so good to see you,” or “How are you.” I’m not good at lip-reading, I so I don’t know what he said exactly. They hugged each other and he kissed her on the cheek, then ignored Charles.

          1. Hey Seth,
            Saw that – and did you have a look at the youtube (just as an example) of Her Majesty leaving the Church at Sandringham, Christmas Day 2014? Prince Harry was the only one who acknowledged The Queen leaving, he turned to his dimwit brother, advised him discreetly – then both bill & kate turned their backs – Prince Harry stood, at attention on those steps and acknowledged his Monarch. Check it out – I actually wrote to Prince Harry about it and got an lovely letter from his Private Secretary in response, also to thank him for attending the Dawn Service at Gallipoli. Have a great evening/day

          2. Oh yeah Wildrose, I have. Patricia, go to Youtube and put in “The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh travel from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.” That has an 8-min. (or so) video of the Queen’s motorcade driving through Horse Guards Parade down the Mall to Westminster Abbey and goes through being greeted by the bishops, Charles and Camilla.

          3. I thought Camilla was simply moving her purse from under her right arm to her left so that her hand was free to shake the Queen’s hand.

            I don’t know if she expected a hug, which would be quite unusual for the Queen to do on official occasions, but I do think she may have thought she was next for the greeting.

            On a number of occasions, like quite often, Kate hasn’t curtseyed to the Queen, she’s at times is prompted by seeing others do so She honestly seems to believe she’s the crown in the royals jewels and it’s great saviour by simply living and breathing. If William can get away with it he won’t bow his head. For George’s Christening he only did after seeing Harry do so. Harry genuinely always honors his grandma, he seems to have respect for her not only as his elder and grandma but also her work and role at the Queen.

          4. Wildrose, I’m so glad you wrote to Harry, he really should know that there are those rooting for him and that his good work doesn’t go unnoticed and the way he treats people.

            It’s really disgraceful the way William and Kate show such disregard. In light of the way they behave towards Queen, the royal family and royal tradition, I honestly think Charlotte’s middle names might be after both of their mothers (Carole’s middle name is Elizabeth) instead of William’s and the Queen. They already said George isn’t named after the Queen’s father, they just liked the name. They don’t seem to care too much for that side of the family.

        2. Not like she’s unused to awkward greetings. This is the woman who bobbed a curtsy to the Queen ON THE BALCONY once! I mean, really.

          1. Just sitting here quietly thinking and what flashed through my mind after reading all the posts is there is a common thread of total disrespect that we have noticed from both bill&kate middleton. During both Christenings Her Majesty did not touch the baby, nor did she touch George at Charlotte’s christening when he was in front of the pram and HM was ahead of his nanny. The other very telling thing is that in the formal photographs (Charlotte’s) the Queen deliberately sat to the right and I mean right away from the bone idle kate. Somehow I got the feeling that Her Majesty did not want to be there, was not interested in the attitudes of bill, his Mrs and her family and was relieved that Prince Harry was not there either. It looks to me as if there is a massive split there and no amount of falseness will get past the Queen. She has seen the disrespect – kept her back to kate on the balcony for QBirthday balcony appearance, and Harry also distanced himself in that photo. The Queen will deal with this disrespect – that is why Harry is in the forefront as she knows he will be the future. Bill has already shown his true colours. He hates the family he was born into.

  2. It truly saddens me that Kate is in the position to achieve so much, yet seems determined to achieve so little.

    Kate has learnt that a few public engagements will give the tabloids/ women’s magazines enough pictures to give the general public the impression that she’s a hard-working royal/ working Mum. I know the Duchess has had a baby this year, but even so, 21 days of “work” for the year so far gets a “must try harder” mark in my book. Remember that those “work” days often last only couple of hours: I imagine that sometimes it would take the duchess more time to get ready (have hair done, apply makeup, dress etc.) than the time she actually spends at the engagement!

    Kate has a position of great power and privilege: she could (and should) use it make a difference.

    1. How many professional people have to look nice for work? Poor Kate she can’t roll out of bed and show up. She actually has to look nice. So much effort to take a shower, put on clean, pressed clothing, and have her hair and make-up done.

      See Kate is normal. Just like the rest of us.

  3. Thanks for the post, it takes talent to write about a subject who does so little. I do live in hope that one day Kate will look around, see what others are doing and learn. I can hope? Can I?

    1. I have that same hope, Cathy. I’m ever the optimist when it comes to Kate for some reason. I always think “this time she’s really going to get her act together”. I’ve been disappointed up until now, but part of me still holds out hope she’ll get her act together.

      1. 2015 is the year my optimism wore thin. She may turn things around, but as each year goes by, I tend to be less encouraged by the Duchess.

        I think 2016 will be telling. I think this is the year to let us know once and for all. There should be no more HG ect. as a reason for low numbers.

        1. Wow, you held out for quite a while. I gave up in 2014 when William announced he was taking up a short-term agriculture course at Cambridge (which I don’t think he actually studied), then went off in the middle of it for two weeks to some warm sunny place in the dead of winter. You’ve been very patient! 🙂 I’ve given up. 🙂

  4. It will be interesting to see what her final numbers are. Are she and William still doing the Caribbean tour? I forgot when that was slotted for.

    1. That has not been confirmed but it was rumored for early 2016.

      I think Kate’s final numbers for the year will be similar to her 2013 numbers. Her 2013 total was 44, if I remember correctly. I think Kate will have between 40 and 50 for 2015.

      1. I always find it shocking to see how low the annual numbers are. That is less than one appearance a week. In other words, she “works” less than one hour a week.

        1. It gets worse… She spends roughly two million pounds to work less than one hour a week!!!

          Now that is shocking!

          1. Haha!!!

            It’s insane. Sophie, edward, anne, andrew etc. don’t cost nearly as much and seem to work 100x more than prickles’ 21 hours.

  5. Wow. She should be ashamed of herself! That is shameful. Frankly, I don’t care how much she is supposedly struggling. She has every advantage, staff to help her with every aspect of her life, including raising her children, and yet she seems to be constitutionally unable to give back. I can’t believe she is getting away with such paltry numbers! What bothers me the most is that the majority of her ” working dys” involved fun sports events and her own daughter’s christening! The Anna Freud Center and the women’s prison were the only actually charitable events she went to ( i, personally, don’t think that herding peasants into a corral to let them watch you prance by in thousands worth off designer clothes and jewelry as charitable , but that’s just me). These pathetic efforts absolutely do not justify her hiding in her luxury mansion, shopping, and then jetting off on lavish vacations. I’m pretty disgusted right now. Sorry if I seem overly harsh, I just know so many amazing women who manage to raise families, work and be caring people, and most of them have serious challenges and struggle to make ends meet. To know a single mom, who is suffering from post partum depression, caring for a toddler and an infant with no help, working two jobs and going to school fill ti!me and then read fawning articles about how caring and charitable Kate is, it just makes me sick.

    1. Bets, I agree. What also gets me is the endless excuses for her and William — a slow ramp up to full duties after they got married, then his “gap year” when he quit the RAF job only to take another flying job, the hyperemesis gravidarum that meant she couldn’t undertake events yet could fly to Mustique for a vacation, etc. etc.

      To me it is simple – either they truly want to lead a “normal” life as they constantly go on about or they want to live a royal life with all the perks. But they don’t get both — it doesn’t work that way. They can be “normal” and see how fun it is to try to raise two children on Williams £40K salary a year — no trips to Mustique!!– or they accept that they are royal, that entails great privilege but also great service and a degree of sacrifice (they don’t get to choose their jobs, they don’t have the same level of privacy).
      It just kills me that they claim they want a normal life when they have almost no idea what that means. William grew up with enormous privilege, Kate spent her twenties waiting for a guy to pick her and living off her parents’ dime. She now “works” a grand total of 21 days in 9 months. They are so far from normal! What they really mean is they want every single perk and have utter and total disdain for the people that support their privileged position.

      1. I agree with everything you said, except in some ways they *do* get to choose their jobs. I mean, obviously not the royal part. But Kate could literally take any of her hobby/interests and spin it into charitable work. She loves art, so why doesn’t she do more with art charities. I know she is patron of a few art charities, but she hasn’t visited them in a long time. In a lot of ways, I’m really jealous of this aspect of her life.

        1. I totally agree with your point — she chooses what to focus on and should do more for her patronages. I just meant more — being royal obviously means that you have alot of privileges but don’t get to choose to live in total anonymity, your job is largely ceremonial and that is how you give back. It is the giving back part they seem to resent. They don’t want to be “figureheads” and I get that, but part of the job entails doing some of that. They just can’t seem to realize that the downsides of the job is what the price of all the perks and privileges are.

    2. Your post reminds me of a quote from the movie the Devil Wears Prada where Andy is complaining about not getting praised for work, and Nigel responds:

      “You have no idea how many legends have walked these halls. And what’s worse, you don’t care. Because this place, where so many people would die to work you only deign to work. And you want to know why she doesn’t kiss you on the forehead and give you a gold star on your homework at the end of the day. Wake up, sweetheart.”

      That’s how I feel about Kate sometimes. She has such a platform to bring awareness to world issues. She will quite literally be a historical figure and yet she doesn’t care. She only deigns to work. Although, the difference has been that in the past the press and others have praised her for wearing walking and breathing.

      1. I agree. She *is* a historical figure. The only thing is whether history will treat her kindly or not. And her husband. Let’s not forget about him.

  6. I have to admit I feel a bit of a duence for believing that Kate’s pre-marriage work ethic would change. In the run up to the wedding and just after I believed all the glowing stories about how caring and kind she was and how hard she worked for her parents company, now I just feel stupid. I read somewhere that when someone shows how they really are believe them, they probably aren’t going to change much and Kate has certainly proven that to be true.

    Thanks KMR for all of you hard work putting together this blog, your wit and style of writing is the only thing that keeps me coming back as Kate certainly doesn’t. I agree with Cathy, it takes real talent to write so well about someone who does so little.

    1. Don’t feel too bad. A lot of people wanted to give Kate the benefit of the doubt. Be glad you aren’t deluded four years in like the mini-midds on other blogs.

    2. You aren’t the only one, Lauri. I will embroider dunce caps for all who want one. With a secondary “D” for those of us (looking at you, KMR) who continue to get our hopes up and get them dashed every time. 🙂

      1. It’s not a dunce cap I need. It’s an insane asylum. It truly is insanity to keeping hoping Kate will change when she has so clearly proven she won’t.

    3. Thank you, Lauri. To be honest, before the wedding I barely knew anything about her other than she walked the runway in a see-through dress and broke up with William briefly in 2007. I believed all the press around her because I didn’t know any better. Then the photo scandal hit and I went digging and found out so much.

      I don’t feel stupid for that time that I spent believing her press. I chalk it up to being uninformed but since I rectified the situation I don’t feel badly about it. Yes, I still… I don’t know if think is the right word… want it better. I want Kate to change; I want her to be better. In a way, I’m envious of the position she has because she has such a huge platform for social change. And I want her to change because I want her to do so much with her platform, but she doesn’t.

    1. Wow, I have never thought Kate looked much like her mother. After seeing these pictures from the rugby match, I’ve changed my mind. The exaggerated faces and emotions, the grin, the eyeliner…they’re nearly twins! (Except for the nose, that’s definitely her dad’s)

    2. I spat out my tea when I saw Scarole. That woman makes my blood boil. And send had that horrific signet ring on. I want to go on and read her, but I’ll keep it classy.

  7. You make a good point about photo releases of the family. I decided to add those to the Tracker just to keep count of the times they do it. Thus I added Christening photo release and George’s birthday photo release. It’s Kate’s office releasing it – just like they are the ones that release her statements on charity.

    I, too, could not think of any reason of adding rugby watching as official visit – when I looked back on the Olympics, only the official ceremonies or anything to do with a charity was counted in the official totals. The rest were Out and About.

    In the future (2016), I think it will be prudent to count how often she works independently and how often she accompanies William. Just to note the trend. It will be easy to backtrack this year to account for it – The Court Circular will give them both each credit for the appearance – making ti seem as if they do more then they do. We’ll get a better picture of what Kate is doing independently.

    Honestly KMR – If we were to take the 21 days you have given her credit for and look at it in terms of hours – and being generous saying each event took 2 hours – She’s worked 42 hours so far this year. Wow.

    1. Wow, 2 hours seems really generous! I don’t remember how long all the actual visits were. I think the longest was for Downton Abbey. I think most seem to be about 45 min. But we can give her credit for travel time.

      1. I am told all the time (not here) that Kate does all this prep work for her engagements! Lots of it! Behind closed doors! Privately! Why do we not count that? It just isn’t fair!

        Thank you. I needed to get that out.

        1. TBH, prep work actually takes a lot of detailed effort. Coordinating can be quite difficult, I should know, That’s what we do 90% of the time. I doubt Kate does prep work because if she did, then what’s the point of her staff? If she attends any meeting at all with charities, they should announce it. It is publicity for the organization after all.

        2. If Kate did so much prep work, it would show in her appearances. And it doesn’t. I’d love to know what those people who tell you that think she does for prep.

        3. I think it was you, bluhare, on another blog where I saw your comment that Kate always does these charity appearances to “learn” about them and the issues they address. But she never uses this knowledge in observable ways like hosting a fundraising function and advocating for change. It’s just knowledge gathering, which is fine up until a point. But after a point that knowledge is essentially useless if you never use it.

          I think it ties in with her lack of preparedness and the lack of effort she seems to put in.

          1. I’m skeptical she actually “gathers” any knowledge in these visits. I think it all goes in one ear and out the other and back to Bucklebury Palace (I mean Manor!) for a soak in a tub, then some online shopping and a nap.

    2. Including Wimbledon and the most recent rugby match and not including the birth and christening, Kate has made 9 appearances with William this year. 3 were appearances with the entire, or most, of the RF. 5 were with William. And 1 was with William and Harry. 9 out of 23 have been with William in some capacity.

  8. KMR, your figures are sobering and disappointing to all who hope Kate might realise that she has a larger duty to perform. It is a poor performance. One can only assume that she and William feel no obligation to do more. They really are in their own bubble of entitlement. Should a hereditary monarchy continue in the UK – and really, why on earth should it given these stats – I suspect people won’t remember this couple with much affection…

    I agree with Lady Blue Ribbon, another sub-category might be good: accompanying William or Harry to an event, though without any official tie to to the charity/organisation. And yes, 42 hours (being generous) is pitiful. Wow indeed.

    1. One of two things will happen should the monarchy continue. 1) Will and Kate will not be remembered much at all. 2) They will be remembered for all the wrong reasons because they messed up so badly. At the rate they are going they will not be remembered in any sort of good way.

  9. What is their end-game strategy? Work Charles to death so they can take the crown? Run the British monarchy into the ground so that instead of King William he can just be super-rich Bill Middleton? I just don’t get it. Someone needs to serve in patronage roles, visit charities, etc. and serve as a symbol to the nation. Are they going for B Palace garden parties decorated by Party Pieces where you can have a beer with Bill??

    Just seems so sad. I keep hearing that the monarchy needs to modernize, but how far are they going to go?

    1. I don’t think either of them is thinking that far ahead. They think it will be another decade or so before they have any real responsibility so they are putting it off for as long as possible without thinking about what they will do when the time comes.

    2. Greetings,
      Sorry to say this however I do not think that bill or kate are thinking with the brains they may have been born with. Many people have much less and do so much more – it beggars belief that these two are given a pass mainly because he is “Diana’s son etc..” and “she is a normal girl..” neither of this applies anymore. Monarchy is a gift, it is to be worked at, worked on, and the way these two layabouts use and abuse their positions will see the Excellent Reign of Queen Elizabeth II destroyed by their selfishness. Prince Harry is “born” for the Role and Responsibility – William needs to be told, somewhere the “right stuff” did not get to the son who is supposed to be King. Would not surprise me if Prince Harry ends up as Regent? History has taught us that nothing is certain. The thought of the bill and kate on the throne just does not feel right. Just my opinion – however any way you look at it, the Cambridges want everything for nothing. Have a good day/evening wherever you are.

      1. Wildrose, I don’t think Harry would be Regent as much as William and his children would be removed from the line of succession so he can go off and be a “normal” helicopter pilot (What the heck does that mean anyway?) But that could never happen b/c Carole got her daughter into the Royal Family, whose son-in-law will be King and has two grandchildren who are a prince and princess. I’m sure she’ll be DAMNED b/f she allows them to give that up.

      2. In theory, Parliament would remove william and his line. Otherwise, you would have parents deemed unfit for the top job, in charge of raising the next king.

        Not to mention a regency would be unnecessarily complicated, would the GB public tolerate that? It would simply be easier all around to hand the top job to Harry.

        1. Greetings,
          What I mean by Regency is – is for the simple reason: if for example William dies (on throne? or not) and it is big IF – Kate the Lazy is only Queen Consort (not blood royal) – therefore cannot rule in her own right and Prince George is under the age of Ruling – then and only then Prince Harry may be Regent until George attains his majority. Think about it. Happened in English history before. Simple fact. Hope that clears up what I mean. It is nothing about unfit parents etc in actual fact I hope like anything Bill abdicates as he does not want to be King anyway – that is Kate the lazy’s ambition. Does that clarify my thoughts? Have a good evening or day wherever you are.

          1. Yes, much clearer.

            I think these two are going to face big problems as the heir couple. They are work shy, fake and choreographed. It’s hard enough for them to do their token pr appearances, let alone learn diplomacy skills.
            Who can imagine ‘can you test the smell by smelling it’ being allowed to host and chat one to one with presidents etc.
            Even william ended up talking babies with obama (haha still makes me laugh – he is such a lightweight nitwit)

            I sincerely doubt they’ll ever walk down the aisle at WA again. Which negates the question of queen kate and a hypothetical regency.

          2. Hey there Kip totally agree with your last sentence about the two disgraces ever getting up WA for bill’s coronation. What is most annoying is the fact that many seem blind to the pure and simple fact that bill & his mrs are not cut out for what is supposed to be his destiny. His attitudes are already set in stone. Just take a look at the photographs when Prince Harry and bill were at the building site for wounded soldiers, bill glared at the camera at practically every opportunity, Prince Harry looked embarrassed by his brother, yet gave it his all. Kate is just too fake for words. The moment Prince Harry does something – bill is there to hang on to his coat tails… check out the DM photos.

            As for the European Royals – well they have shown how the work/life balance can be achieved without fuss, show and tell or flashing themselves. Each of them stand up in their own right – using what they have to highlight what is important and that is not nude lk Bennett shoes.

            Thanks KMR – this is about the only site you can go on and actually see some great working Royals and get your thoughts out on the failure of what is supposed to be the future of the British Monarchy which is falling apart. I live in a Commonwealth Country, I have sworn allegiance to Her Majesty – the day she passes will be a hard one – here is hoping that bill never reaches the throne or his children because I fear they will be raised with the same petulant, selfishness that is displayed by their parents.
            Have a good evening/day everyone – wherever you are.

    1. Oh Ick! I have *never* seen someone drink like that at a rugby game. Carole must be aware that cameras would be on Harry and then would pick out her as well?

      1. Cathy Carole wasn’t thinking that all the cameras would be on Harry, she thought they were watching her… 😉

    2. Just out of curiosity, is it normal to drink wine while at a rugby game? I don’t attend any so I wouldn’t know. Some people drink beer while watching baseball, so maybe this is normal too?

      1. The organisation running the Rugby World Cup had some very tough conditions for the last RWC which was held in NZ. One of the conditions was no glass bottles (or glasses) were to be brought into the stadium/ arena where the games were played. No alcohol was to be brought in from outside. I think the same rules went for food too. If you wanted a beer then you could buy one from inside the grounds.

        I’m surprised that Carole was photographed drinking from a bottle hidden in her bag. She should have been ejected from the venue:

        Rugby World Cup 2015 Ticket Terms and Conditions
        20. ER2015, RWCL and/or any Authorised Person may refuse admission to the Venue or eject from the Venue without refund or compensation any Ticket Holder who:
        d) brings or attempts to bring into a Venue any alcohol, food and/or non-alcoholic
        drinks (other than small amounts of food and non-alcoholic drinks for personal consumption);

        Mega embarrassment for Kate and William, and unfortunately the BRF if Carole had been ejected!

        (The game is only 40 minutes each way, plus an interval – could she not wait a couple of hours for a drink?)

        1. Greetings everybody,
          Yes there were some extreme rules with the last RWC here – either way I think I would have paid to see the ejection of Carole, William & Kate if the latter two had bothered to turn up!! It would have made the whole night worthwhile! Priceless.

  10. Gie & Margaretty(I hope spelling your names correct?) Is Kate’s mom drinking alcohol? Can people drink at sports events in England? The reason i ask is i am not Great Britain> Is she the only 1 drinking?

    1. I’ve never been to a sporting event where you can’t get a beer! It’s the norm in North America as well, Halia

    2. Yeah you can drink beer and mini alcohol bottles and stuff on planes, at sports games etc. I don’t think she is doing anything sneaky, it just doesn’t look good as the Middletons already have a rep for smoking and drinking a lot.

      1. I don’t really care so much about the drinking in and of itself. If she wants to drink, that’s her prerogative. What seemed odd to me is that she pulled the bottle out of her purse which made me think she snuck it in. It’s not a huge deal, just odd since sneaking in your own food or beverages is not accepted at most US venues.

        1. I found it a bit odd too. Some how I think that if Carole had witnessed someone else doing it, she would have pulled a superior face of some kind.

        2. In other photos it seems like a goodies bag that I think she had put in her bag. If you look at the photo where she’s pouring the wine into a glass. Which makes me think maybe it’s a goodies bag that they had in the VIP lounge pre-game.

          To be quite honest I think a lot of the fleck that Carole gets is because people are so unhappy with Kate.

    1. Did she have dimples before?

      Wow, you would think being a princess would negate/slow down the aging process huh? In this case, in my opinion, it hastens it for the Duchess, unfortunately.

    2. She looks older, is wearing more eye makeup, has thinker brows, and is thinner through the face. Oh, and #ForeheadWrinkles.

    3. I think so much about Kate has gotten worse over the years. Her make-up, hair, clothing ect all got worse in my opinion. Add the hasty aging process and the Duchess isn’t looking so great in my opinion.

      Perhaps, it is sympathy aging. William, geesh! The prince is almost bald on top of his head. I give the last few strays of hair about one more year of clinging on by their tippy toes of their roots.

      1. What strikes me are her hands (WaityKatie’s). She is getting “Madonna hands” – all ropey and veiny. Kate will NEVER come close to Diana. Not in her wildest dreams. And I understand this causes her stress as well. Like many of you I can’t ever see her and Bill showing a fraction of the queen’s commitment and dedication. So sad.

  11. Hey KMR, it was Oct. 2013 when I bounced into your blog. You had probably 2 commenters for every post then.

    Now, you have regulars writing essays and I can’t keep up. You see, I am blocked at work and I don’t have time at home to go through all the comments here.:)))

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the personal glimpse of your mental health struggles. I deal with a lot of mental health patients at work and have really focussed on them in the last year or two.

    1. Hi Beatrice! Thank you for the comment, it’s really sweet, and thank you for sticking with me all that time. There are definitely more comments now than in October 2013. It’s hard even for me to keep up sometimes.

      You said you work with a lot of mental health patients, are you a psychologist or in a related field?

  12. In my view, the Cambridges will do as few royal engagements as they can get away with, until bad press forces them to increase their appearances. The Queen is allowing this. Maybe the Queen feels the couple’s marriage is shaky & doesn’t want to pressure them. But whatever the reason, people are noticing their laziness.

    1. This is standard operations for w&k. Will hid away at st. andrews and the raf. Kate waited for big blue.
      They want their old routine of laziness and complete privacy from the press and public.

      Whatever the reasons that they are allowed to continue this… It does not bode well for the future of the monarchy.

      Leopards don’t change their spots. The cambridges aren’t going to magically become charming and hard working. They were embraced by the public during the wedding and have squandered the goodwill.
      People are over the pr managed, fake appearances from both of them. They have had four years, the public expects substance.

      1. Is it true that the queen is giving them space for fear of having another Charles/Diana situation? That Diana was pressured into too much at once with too little support? The difference is that Kate is older (not 19), has ample support, and should be able to handle a couple of engagements each week.

  13. KMR, your well written blog and wonderful community keeps me coming back. There’s really not much to say about Kate. The fact that Philip is 94 and lapping her in work is horrible.

    Once I marry Harry, I’ll walk behind her a la Game of Thrones saying “Shame” over and over, but without the gratuitous nudity.

  14. This pampered, petulant 33 year old is truly a disgrace. There is a 89 year old Queen and her 94 year old Husband doing more work than this bone idle middleton has done in her entire life. Bill and kate’s money from the Duchy’s (which in buying products from the Duchy is public money anyway) should all be pulled and moneybags Scarole should pay for their lazy lifestyles. Also how insulting to turn up to HMP in an expensive dress, holding onto her clutch purse for dear life hoping that no-one lays a hand on her, is defeating the purpose of interacting with people.

    The other thing that totally bugs me is kate (with Bill) led many up the garden path in their Engagement interview, charity work – my foot, she couldn’t care less about anyone except herself and her seat at the head of the table. I feel sorry for her downtrodden father. Middleton is a disgrace and I have also had a great deal of respect of Her Majesty, so I hope that when she calls “enough as in enough when Charles and Diana were in need to divorce” that Her Majesty backs one in this instance because bill & kate are going to wreck this Monarchy by their sheer arrogance.

    As for kate the lazy work figures – a total disgrace and any further investment in this selfish person is not worth it. She did next to nothing except hang around long enough to force Bill to have to marry her or look bad, and will do next to nothing for the next 6 lifetimes,

    Thank you for the excellent material on the hard workers of the Royal Family both in Britain and especially the European Royals. They are worth reading the KMR for.

        1. Greetings everyone, not sure what photos you are referring to – however some of the Rugby ones speak volumes – yes the two useless ones bill & kate middleton are there, however Prince Harry is standing quite apart from his brother. Even when they “false” hug or bill is trying to get close to Harry – Prince Harry is having none of it. There is also a shot of Harry looking sideways while the twits are singing – it looks as if he really cannot stand to be near either of them. Have noticed this distance in many photographs taken over the last year or two. Official events or not and especially when he did not turn up to Charlotte’s christening (which I was glad he didn’t). As for kate the lazy – I think she is on something or drinking because she looks like a space cadet – not focused on anything except a camera even when trying to look like her a bill are alright. I reckon bill knows he has landed himself with a whole lot of trouble – and he is very jealous of Prince Harry’s life. Check out the building site photos as well – you will see the same body language. Have a good day/evening wherever you are.

    1. I think is having a laugh with Charlie Van Straubenzee at how farcical it is that Will and Kate are “so Welsh” now, I think it was all just a bit of fun. No doubt there was a lot of fun banter between them all before this.

  15. Thank you for the figures KMR. What about the photos that appearances at the farm etc or I am thinking of the wrong quarter. I think it went up slightly but the charity visit to the woman’s prison is counted if it is an unofficial visit or am I confusing myself. Kate seems to be getting on well with the guy with the dark hair.

  16. I was going to add that it is a shame Kate does not use her History of Art Degree. I like visiting the galleries locally and the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery when I can. It is so frustrating seeing Kate not use her influence with charities like that.

    1. Greetings Gie,
      Have seen the article, you only have to look at the number of threatened lawsuits by these two over privileged twits to figure that they are feeding their own paranoia. I cannot stand the falseness between these two people. They take from the public purse (be it via the Duchy of Cornwall or other means) yet put themselves on a pedestal and on display when it suits their lagging popularity. The exact minute that Prince Harry, Sophie Wessex or any other hardworking member of the family are praised – these two leeches go in for the jugular then insist that they are and want to be just normal citizens. Well – here is a wake up call – kate get off your lazy behind and quit all the pathetic excuses you give, bill – get a back bone, stop blaming your family (blood/royal) for the death of your mother, and stop using people for your own ends. Here ends my rant on these two pampered, self centered and self indulged idiots. For goodness sake, The Queen does not hide in her Palace – is that what bill & kate middleton are going to do if they ever get to the throne? These two should quit moaning – give up their succession rights, (unlikely because kate the lazy wants everyone to curtsey to her) and live off ma middelton – then there will be no privacy issues. I am sick of these two – I am sick and tired of everyone giving them a pass and finding every excuse to defend the indefensible. Mere mortals have much more in this life to cope with than these two out of touch leeches.

      As for the European Royalty, Her Majesty, Prince Harry, Prince Philip, The Princess Royal and Sophie – they deserve much respect. Do you ever see them take a law suit or complain?

      Hope everyone has a good day or evening wherever you are.

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