Royal Round Up: Prince Harry, Countess Sophie, Princess Sofia, Prince William and Duchess Kate

Royal Round Up: Prince Harry, Countess Sophie, Princess Sofia, Prince William and Duchess Kate

Here’s a quick round up of this week’s royal goings on ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s appearance tomorrow and Prince Nicolas‘ baptism on Sunday. We’ve got Prince Harry at the WellChild Awards, Sophie, Countess of Wessex in Qatar, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia in Dalarna, a new photo of Princess Leonore from Princess Madeleine, and William and Kate getting their no-fly zone.

Prince Harry

On Monday, October 5, Prince Harry attended the WellChild Awards. Harry met with the winners of each category and their families at a pre-awards reception. Go here to read the DM article.

WellChild is a charity providing practical and emotional support to seriously ill children, young people and their families across the UK, and enables them to leave the hospital and live life in their own homes through their network of WellChild Nurses. Harry became Patron of WellChild in 2007 and has attend seven WellChild Awards since then.

BTW, I’ve gotten so used to the Ginger Beard I don’t even notice it anymore – like, it’s just a part of his normal look now. It will be a sad, sad day when he shaves it.

Harry gave a speech, saying in part:

    “Another WellChild Awards, another emotional rollercoaster. […] This is my eighth WellChild Awards now and every year, without fail, I am humbled by the people and children I meet. You guys are awesome. The stories we have heard tonight are moving beyond words. They remind us of the utter insignificance of our everyday worries. Yet, one of the things that always stands out is the positivity shown by those in the most difficult and testing circumstances. It is heartening to hear so many stories of happiness and hope, even through the dark times. And that is why we are all here this evening; to show our admiration for all the Award winners and to honour their strength of human spirit. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to recognise you all.”


Here is a video from the WellChild awards.

On Wednesday, October 7, Harry visited the Paignton Rugby Club in support of the RFU’s World Cup Legacy programs before attending the Namibia v Georgia rugby match.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Sophie with robot in Qatar
[Sophie meets a robot used by Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center) via @BritishMonarchy]

Sophie, Countess of Wessex was in Qatar this week in support of Orbis UK and her other anti-blindness patronages. Sophie gave a speech at the Seeing Is Believing gala dinner, saying:

    “I have seen sight being restored and I can promise you there are few things more rewarding in this world than seeing someone step from the dark into the light. There is no smile quite like the one that is returned from eyes that once more can see. Our aim to eradicate avoidable blindness is more than just a pipe dream it is a tangible goal. In 2014, Orbis alone provided treatment to 6.1 million people thereby giving them the chance of education or employment. This all helps enormously when we talk about lifting countries out of poverty, because if you can see you can work, if you can see you can learn.”


There was not a lot of coverage of the trip, but go here, here, here, and here for Anna’s Countess of Wessex blog entries.

Sophie meets kids at Doha College in Qatar
[Sophie meets children at Doha College via @CamillaTominey]

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia (formerly Sofia Hellqvist) visited Dalarna (a province in central Sweden) on October 5th and 6th. The couple started their trip in Borlange where they visited a consultant unit for refugees and met with the children (photo above). The couple then traveled to a town called Sater where they toured a company called Dalform which makes lockers (not pictured). They then traveled to Stora Skedvi where they visited Skedvi Bread and got to participate in the bread-making (below). They ended the day in Falun with a trip to the Falun Copper Mine (second below). The mine closed in 1992 but is now a World Heritage site.

Sofia wore a black and white top and a red coat from Gant (which is apparently Crown Princess Victoria‘s old coat), and a tiny horse brooch on the coat. Sofia also wore pants. Nice, comfortable, appropriate-looking trousers.

On October 6, Carl Philip and Sofia visited Älvdalen where they visited a company called I-Cell which manufactures insulation material (the hand-holding and speech photos), and an old mill (the photo with the fence and the headshot). The couple then moved on to Grövelsjön where they visited a village with reindeer owners (the hiking and plate photos).

Sofia wore a dress from Indiska and a black jacket from Zara. It’s a pretty short dress but she makes up for it by wearing black tights. She then changed into pants for Grövelsjön.

By the way, Sofia grew up in Älvdalen. Hundreds of people showed up to greet the couple and it moved Sofia to tears. She said, “I’m glad that so many have come, I really appreciate that. I was not sure if any would come.”

In her speech, Sofia said:

    “Dear Älvdalsbor, many thanks for allowing us to be with you here today. I must admit that it was pretty nervous to come here in a completely new role. But your very warm reception made ​​it much easier. I was touched to see you here. It felt very special. Dalarna has a very important place in my heart and especially Älvdalen. Here, I spent the years largely shaped me as a person. Close to the beautiful setting and great community. River valley, or really the whole Dalarna is very beautiful, and I am thinking not only of nature but also the people.”

Princess Madeleine

Princess Leonore walk in the park

Princess Madeleine posted the above photo of Princess Leonore on her Facebook Page with the caption, “Walk in the park!”

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Today, October 9, Prince William presented the Welsh Rugby Union with their World Rugby Cup jerseys.

Last summer, William and Kate Middleton petitioned the Civil Aviation Authority to create a no-fly zone over Anmer Hall. Well, the Cambridges were given their no-fly zone. All aircraft – including drones – are now banned from flying within 1.5 miles of Anmer Hall. Also, they are going to start doing a no-fly zone over Sandringham House from December 1st to March 1st each year – the period when the Queen and other RF members are in residence.

Of course, our dear friend, Richard Palmer, had some thoughts (all of these quotes are responses to other people).

1) “I’ve not found anyone at the Department of Transport or Civil Aviation Authority who can explain the security issues.”
2) “None of our politicians, for example, has a no-fly zone above their official or private residences.”
3) “It looks as if this is just the Cambridges wanting to stop aerial photos.”
4) “They are bringing in a winter no-fly zone over Sandringham for the first time. But not Balmoral this summer?”
5) *When prompted that Anmer is the Camb’s permanent home* “A permanent home when the Cambridges’ office said their main home (not just official) would be KP.”
6) “KP defended £4.5m refurbishment of Apt 1A on grounds they’d live there most of the year.”

I can understand not wanting to be afraid to step out your door on your own property due to the possibility of being photographed by something you can’t even see. I took out the garbage this morning without pants on because I didn’t feel like putting pants on (no one is around, usually, so it’s fine). Maybe William and Kate want to be able to walk around their property naked without the threat of more photos like their France photos surfacing (they wouldn’t be taking out the garbage; they have people for that). I get that. But at the same time, if you are going to use your status to attain something that normal people cannot attain, don’t then claim you want a normal life. If you want a normal life, then either deal with the fact that people might see you running around outside naked, or don’t run around outside naked (not saying that’s why they want the no-fly zone, but you know what I mean).

58 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Prince Harry, Countess Sophie, Princess Sofia, Prince William and Duchess Kate

  1. Greetings everyone,
    I personally think that bill and kate middleton need a good swift kick up that backside. Who on earth do they think they are? Is her laziness scared that someone will catch her out sunbathing topless again or taking lessons with her tennis coach after wasting thousands of pounds shifting the stupid court in the first place? These two are unbelievable in their selfish demands. Not once in all the years Her Majesty has been at Sandringham has she sought this kind of favour. Who wants pictures of these spoilt brats and I do not only mean the children. I have never disliked people more than these two. So much so that I have actually written to Her Majesty to express my concern about the way these leeches behave. Handwritten letters are known to be read and I finally had enough of the cambridges self importance and disrespect to express to the Queen that people are loosing patience and the goodwill factor is in short supply.

    As for us in New Zealand – there was a really great story on the popularity of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain in the World Section this morning. That is worth a read. It shows you that two people in their 30’s (not like the babied Cambridge’s) can uplift a failing Monarchy and turn it around with hard work, grace and dignity.

    Finally on the other twerps there was an article about their “perfect marriage” in the Daily Mail – have a read of that tripe – Kensington Palace must be in panic mode and nothing is going to save these two from the mess they have created.

    Look forward always to see European Royalty and the hard working British ones – Harry, Sophie etc as well as Her Majesty of course.

    Keep up the great work KMR – have a good day/evening everyone – wherever you are.

      1. Greetings Rebecca,
        I hand wrote the letter – and sent it directly to Her Majesty, The Queen, Buckingham Palace SW1 etc London. It takes just under 6 weeks to receive a reply, the letters are read because I have written to her previously on different topics – apart from the last one it was to thank her for Prince Harry & Prince Charles attending the Dawn Service at Chunuk Bair (Gallipoli for the 100th ANZAC Day Centenary) and for Prince Harry’s visit to Christchurch 5 years after our City was flattened by several earthquakes. They are detailed in their response – handwritten is always best though. I know it is easier to type, however it is well known that the “personal” interaction is more appreciated. The other thing I wrote to her about was the mess with the rebuilding deadlock over our Anglican Cathedral (probably most of Canterbury NZ) wrote as well and Her Majesty raised it with our Prime Minister John Key when he had an audience with her. So it truly does work. Have a good evening or day – wherever you are.

        1. That’s really cool that a letter you wrote got the Queen to bring up the issue with the P.M. If only writing to our Congress members here in the United States got more than a pro forma letter signed by autopen.

    1. Great!
      spot on.

      It’s amazing, hardworking, dedication to HM, the people and royal duties Prince Harry once again, Countess Sophie – all the adults serving their people until you get to donothing Willnot*cannot and all we see is selfish, fun sporting event. What a waste of royal perks and tax payers funds.

      Give us King Henry!

  2. What wonderful comments from Wildrose! As an American citizen it is not my business, but I sure would be unhappy with the Duke and Dutchess of Doolittle if I were a member of the Commonwealth.

  3. Sophia looked best in her hiking gear, she pulls it off as well as Mette-Marit/Hakkon (and that’s high praise from me!). Otherwise, her trousers were floods and her ankle booties just do not work. She needs something that fits a bit higher on the ankle with more support.

    Also, does anyone else see the strong resemblance between Carl-Philip and Estelle? The 3/4 profile of him in the touque really triggered it for me.

    I’m loving Leonore’s moccasins and just wonder if those come in adult size, as well…

  4. Its not about walking around naked, its about keeping details of their day to day lives a secret. They don’t want people to know if they are living together, or if Carole is visiting, or how often the kids go out with the nanny and not their own parents. William is determined to live his life in secret. Its a big undertaking.

    1. Greetings Red Snapper
      It could well be that however over the last 5 years these two have had outrageous demands met, they have shown total disregard and disrespect for the Royal Family. It is evident in many photographs (and clips taken). They have no excuse to not undertake Royal Duties – the ones they do “appear” at – Bill is always surly, kate is always fake and if they want to live their life in secret then give up the throne. End of. Her Majesty (as many other Royals have) has lived all her life in the spotlight – raised children, performed her duties but she has never ever acted like the spoilt brats these two have. Bill is always given a pass because of his mother (he blames his family more than the press – you can see it on his face). Who cares about carole – she is not worth reporting on – who needs her picture except to remind everyone who her daughter is when kate cannot be bothered turning up at something. The cambridges are doing more damage by behaving like paranoid idiots – and the moment they see they are getting bad press or Prince Harry does something well, they get their PR in and are like vultures trying to clean up their mess.

      This is something that has been done over and over again – this is how they operate. So if Bill wants a secret life – give up his succession rights, go away, take his family with him and let someone who really would do a great job be King.

      This is not meant to offend you or anyone else however I am sick and tired of having the bill and kate roadshow shoved down our throats on a daily basis as role models – the KMR gives you a real look at how European Royalty works, and copes without all the pettiness the cambridges generate.

      Have a good day/evening everyone – great photos of Prince Harry and the Swedish Royals. That is what is needed – makes a heart smile.

    2. If it weren’t Will and Kate, I wouldn’t have much of a problem with the no fly zone stuff, especially with drones. People have a right to their privacy in their own home and on their property. But I agree with Red Snapper that they don’t want the press to know if they are living separately and who all lives there.

      That being said, considering that it is Will and Kate and their history of secrecy and how their deal with the press, it just makes me roll my eyes. I think it’s very telling that no fly zones haven’t been put in place for anyone else up until now.

      1. Exactly.

        Willnot is a public figure, taking millions in taxpayers funding and giving nothing back from his family of four. He limpet both have months of disappearance from the public (she in buckleberry), the kids with nanny Maria. Willnot away from home, his ambulance ‘job’, with both lazy, pampered with tax funds supporting their separate/ single lifestyles – carol and the middletons (babysitting limpet snowflake).

        This secret Willnot fighting to protect at AH (to buckleberry separate lives), as he continue refusing royal duties to HM POW and the people of GB UK CW.

    3. I think there is much more to it. Anmer Hall is part of Sandringham and Sandringham is a hunting estate. So it’s not just photos of the family – its photos of the family and friends killing at shooting parties that they don’t want you to see. They want to live their rich, blood thirsty lives without the world seeing their hypocrisy. William and Kate moving there created a problem for the whole family — no one was paying much attention before.

    4. I wonder why there seem to be so few leaks about these two. Does anyone know? I realize the legal agreements with staff, but it seems after all these years more info would be leaked about the Cambridges.

      I haven’t even heard things along the lines of: (i.e. Kate really doesn’t cook, Will leaves his clothes on the floor, they don’t really like each other).

      There were leaks all the time with Charles and Diana. It is clear both of them wanted the info to get out. It makes me wonder if Will and Kate made a pact prior to marriage, that no matter what, neither would divulge info about either of them or their marriage. Additionally, neither would allow family, friends or staff to leak any info to the media.

      I just seems so weird to me that 30 years later we hear far less about the Cambridge marriage and the individuals involved than we do about either Will or Kate. Maybe, putting out fires is what they do with their time. We have been wondering what they do 24/7.

      These two had an amazing amount of goodwill bestowed upon them at the time of their wedding. Do they really not care what people think?

        1. That’s ok G., I do it all the time. 🙂 I don’t think half of what I ever write makes the sense God gave green apples. But I think others can get the point you make. If they can’t, why not make it a challenge? I’d rather read the comments on here all night long than deal with my actual life, lol.

      1. C, I get the gist of what you’re saying 🙂

        I think one reason we may not be getting the stories is because they don’t have as much staff as other members of the BRF and keep everything close to themselves. Could be one reason Ma Midds is supposedly so deeply involved in the running of things over there.

  5. Great post KMR!!!! I just loved reading about Harry’s visit with the kids at the WellChild awards. He is such a natural, so kind and compassionate. When the little girl gave him that great penguin statue she made I thought “I bet he finds a shelve in his office to display it”, because that’s the kind of person he is.

    And great job Sophie!! My mother suffered from vision loss and it was devastating to her to lose her independence. So happy to see Sophie taking on such a great cause. And wow she looked stunning in that white dress. Unfortunately, she seems to be copying the crotch clutch from Kate, please stop now Sophie!!

    I just can’t say enough nice things about Sofia’s visit, great with the kids, made a nice speech and looked genuinely delighted to be there. My only complaint is the box cut jacket she wore with the dress, it really didn’t flatter her. While her wardrobe wasn’t perfect, the box jacket, pants too short, it was appropriate and she looked comfortable in it. Also, I thought is was very nice of Carl Phillip to let his wife shine on this visit, he was almost just an accessory (a great looking bit of arm candy).

    I really don’t know what to say about W&K and their obsession with privacy. I feel as though I’m watching the start of a horrible train wreck, one that if left unchecked will spell the end of the British Monarchy.

    1. Hi Laurie, I know you used to be a fan of William and Kate, what was it that mind you change your mind? I know there was a stage when I adored Kate at the wedding, but now I couldn’t care less, mainly because of how disappointing she’s turned out to be.

  6. Great post!

    Harry does it again. He knows how to connect with his audience and they obviously love him. I think that he’s eclipsed Bill and Kate as the next generation of royalty.

    This is why I love Sophie. She works. She’s engaged and a good ambassador. Her experience with difficult pregnancies, births, and Lady Louise’s eyesight give her empathy and understanding. Since Kate “had” HG, imagine how she could shed light on that?

    Sofia is hitting the ground running. Yes, some of her fashions are a little off (hems, footwear). But, she’s worn appropriate clothing to all of her events. Her hair is out of her face. She’s given her second speech! This one is a winner and I’m excited to see what she will do in the future.

    As far s Bill and Kate, I give up. I think that they have another cockamamy scheme that they’re being stalked. They are a self fulfilling prophecy. Bill is the one putting the bounty on his family’s head. I also read somewhere that they don’t even live together. He lives close to East Anglia job and she’s somewhere else. Maybe they want the no fly zone to keep up the ruse?

    1. Rhiannon, unless they’re on the grounds all the time (which of course they aren’t) how would a no-fly zone help? The paps will get their photos somehow. Back in 1947 during Elizabeth and Phillip’s honeymoon at Broadlands in Hampshire, the press stacked folding chairs outside Romsey Abbey during the church service to try to get a snap. One even slipped into the trunk of the royal car. That began Philip’s lifelong detestation of the press. They actually decamped to Birkhall in Scotland early b/c it was the end of November/beginning of December which meant it was BITTERLY cold and snowy, so the paps left them alone. A no-fly zone doesn’t mean anything. And I’m absolutely shocked there isn’t a no-fly zone in place over Sandringham and Balmoral already, for the Queen’s safety, if not William and Catherine’s.

  7. Loving Princess Sofia! She looked just beautiful and was dressed perfectly appropriately for what she was doing. Unlike Kate, she seemed genuinely happy, friendly and warm. That pic of her playing peekaboo with that child is adorable and shows her natural rapport with kids. She is a spanking new Royal and is already rocking it and making Kate look even worse. Judging from the looks of pure love and adoration from Prince Carl-Phillip towards his wife, I am guessing that a brand new teeny tiny Royal is going to arrive in the near future. I hope! She is going to be an amazing mother, like the other Swedish Royal moms. I’m glad you put good stuff about her and what Harry the Helpful have been up to because I threw up in my mouth a little, reading about the fly over ban. They are revolting and a huge waste of taxpayer’s money. I’m surprised their spin doctor let them go ahead with that, considering how unpopular they are right now. If they’re too stupid to realize that their people are turning on them, I don’t have much sympathy. They make childish demands, refuse to appear in public more than the bare minimum and refuse to release more than the bare minimum of pics of the Royal kids.They barely work (I’m looking at you, Kate) and live in luxury, with lavish holidays and endless perks and privileges. On top of the multimillion pound KP renovation, they demand a no fly zone over their house?? Beyond spoiled brat behavior. I love Palmer’s comments and hope he continues to not be afraid to criticize them. I also agree that there is something to the marriage woes stories and that they are doing what they can to hide their problems. I suspect that Will is rarely home and that they don’t want the public to know they’re shaky and having problems. I, personally, think they will divorce eventually, but given Kate and her boozed up mother, it will take a long tiime because Kate has wicked good clinging skills (about the only thing she is good at).

  8. It must be a good feeling to show up somewhere and make people happy. The photos of Harry got me thinking about that – how nice it is for everyone involved. The photos of Sofia and Carl showed this as well. You don’t get the same vibe from pictures of Will and Kate at their engagements – they really do make it seem like a pain in the ass for them to leave their privileged surroundings to do their “duty”.

    1. …the show of humility, sincerity, respect (both ways, the people to the RF and reverse), duty and compassion. William * limpet cannot be bother with his own father/RF, worse the people; compare to the SRF vacationing together in the French Riviera (wonderful to see King Queen, their children/spouses and grandchild (Princess Maddie family did not).

      Go away William, to your middletons private/secret, selfish, workless world!

  9. Harry just keeps getting it right. As long as he continues to (seemingly) distance himself from W&K and doing his work, he will be fine. And KMR, I love his look with or without beard, but I do love the beard at the moment.

    Sofia, Sofia…I know people say the past is the past, but I’m still side-eyeing her past and her kind of fluffy way of dealing with it. I will give her kudos for working, wearing appropriate clothing while doing so (can’t you just see Kate showing up in the jeggings and wedges of doom for the mine visit?) and not giving the kids stranger-danger scares when she talks to them. She gets down to their level and is open enough to them for them to not be scared to death to come near her. Again, I don’t care for what she did in the past, I would love for her to point out that it is not the path for girls/women to take, but she’s growing on me.

    Now, the Countess of Wessex hits all the good points. Well dressed, hard working and she always acknowledges the events she’s at with a speech. Love this woman!

    When I first saw that picture of Leonor on another site, I just grinned from ear to ear. Her outfit is adorable and I agree with another poster, I wish her shoes were in adult sizes, they look very comfy and go great with her little jeans.

    As for William and Kate and their no-fly zone. I think that at some point in the future that won’t be a concern because they won’t be in the line of succession and no one will give a rat’s ass about them. Please excuse my language. Self-absorbed, overly entitled, spoiled, selfish and greedy.

  10. Kate and Will almost five years in and the only thing they have managed to do is produce two darling children. It makes Edward and Wallis look like heroes. Will, follow his lead and walk away.

    What a sad turn of fate. Prince Harry should have been born first. Again, Harry is out working and doing a fantastic job.

    The same can be said of Sophie. She has turned out to be a treasure. No wonder the Queen likes her. She makes speeches which sound like she wrote them or had imput in their content.

    You have to hand it to Sofia. So far so good. At least she isn’t making the Kate squishy faces.

    1. If Prince Harry had been born first, Kate would stalk him until she get the ring just like she did with william.
      I’m sorry for any english mistake. I’m from Brazil…

      1. I see your point, but Harry is smart and William is not. Harry may have been stalked, but he would have turned Kate down flat. Poor Ma Middleton would have been out in the cold along with her lazy daughter.

      2. Kate definitely would have stalked Harry had he been the heir. I just hope Harry would have been better and not fallen for the Middleton crap that William fell for.

        1. Yeah but would she have followed him to Sandhurst? I don’t think he would have gone to St. Andrews. Also he prefers blondes to brunettes (Natalie Pinkham, Chelsy Davy, Cressida Bonas). I don’t think he would have given Kate a second look, even if she stripped to nothing for him. Harry is his father’s son. William is Diana’s.

          1. I think Harry got the best of both of them. From Prince Charles: duty to serve in the military, tradition, royal service. From Diana: empathy and sincere caring, work ethic.

  11. Sofia has just knocked herself down a peg in my estimation. Princess Madeleine is celebrating the baptism of Nicolas tomorrow and wanted her friend Emma Pernald as godmother. However, Emma was Carl Philip’s girlfriend for ten years and word is Sofia did not want her at the baptism. So, Emma is not on the list of godparents and she is apparently not even attending the event.

      1. That has been all over the Swedish press. Even Emma Pernald was asked about it. She confirmed she was not allowed to attend the batpism.

        1. I have not read any of that. Did the reports say specifically that it was Sofia who didn’t want Emma there? Maybe it was Carl Philip? Or both of them. And considering it’s Madeleine’s child she could choose who she wanted and if she was willing to place her brother and sister-in-law’s feelings above having Emma there, then that’s on Madeleine. Call me a Sofia apologist all you want, but I didn’t see the big deal when Carl Philip said he never knew love until he met Sofia (basically saying he never loved Emma, which people got upset about), and I don’t see the big deal here. I wouldn’t want to hang around my husband’s former lover either. And it’s on Madeleine for not allowing Emma to come to the baptism. Maddie could have said, “F your opinion, I want my friend there”. But she didn’t. That’s on her.

  12. Wildrose i am so glad you wrote the queen! You & i do not live in the same country, i am hoping more british taxpayers to the queen or courtiers about the clueless cambridge! This situation is so bizzare, it is like hollywood movie to me! I wonder why the cambridges are not made to suffer the consequences of their behavour? Sarah & Diana did not do have of the things W.K. have done and were kicked out the! Wildrose please let us know if you get a reply? Thanks! Halia

  13. Bwahahahaha! Re: walking the property naked! Very acerbic.

    Fact is, they just want to assert their power. They live in a state of constant ennui so they lash out. Shallow till the bitter end. Anything to deflect from their pathological laziness.

  14. Greetings Halia
    Thanks for the message about my letter to Her Majesty – yes I will let KMR know when I get a reply – usually takes a month or more because of the volume of the Queen’s mail. I only do this because Her Majesty is our Sovereign as well and I dislike the lack of respect that these two leeches display at every opportunity. Have a great day/evening wherever you are.

  15. Hey everyone, I just want y’all (yeah, Rhiannon, Northerners use it too, we just don’t admit it. 🙂 ) to know (especially you KMR) that I appreciate having this site to go to when I need a sense of calm and to feel better about my life. My mom’s developed cancerous lesions on her liver and lung that she just found out about a few days ago. I took a short getaway to the Pioneer Valley in Mass., which is why I didn’t post on here for a few days but now that I’m back, I’m feeling pretty depressed and frayed about my life right now. I don’t exactly want to overshare with complete strangers on the Internet but I kind of feel like I know you all a little bit, so that’s why I am. I’ll be fine, I promise you all. I just felt like (over) sharing my depressing life with someone, so I decided to bestow that honor on all of you. 🙂 Keep up the blogging KMR. The more fascinating posts the better.
    Later y’alls.

    1. Very sorry to hear about your mother’s condition Seth. Prayers and good thoughts for you, your mom and your family. I’m sure anyone on this site will support you through this so if you need to rant, don’t hesitate. Sometimes you just need a place that will take you away from every day life. I’ve found it helps me to cope with some things at times too. Hang in there!

    2. That’s terrible to hear, Seth. It’s always a huge blow when a family member you care about is diagnosed with cancer. I just hope they found your mother’s cancerous lesions early and that the cancer hasn’t spread.

      I don’t know your mother’s prognosis, and don’t want to get too gloomy, but when I lost my grandparents to cancer I felt so depressed because I felt so guilty thinking they died not knowing how much I cared about them. So the only advice I have is to make sure your mother knows how much you care about her.

      As Lisa said, we’re here for you if you need us. I’m sending good thoughts and a virtual hug to you and your mom.

    3. Seth, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Cancer is an insidious disease. Cancer impacts the patient and the family. You are allowed to go through the full range of emotions.

      My father passed of cancer (he was a smoker) and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She had a lumpectomy and radiation. She is here and strong and cancer free.

      We are here for you. That’s the greatest thing about KMR. We’re here to gripe about Kate, but we also care for each other.

      1. Thank you y’all. I was feeling particularly gloomy last night and this site was (and is) the perfect distraction. 🙂 My mom’s meeting with an oncologist on Wednesday, so we’ll know more. And then my grandfather’s memorial service is on Saturday! So we get a bunch of relatives coming in. Could this get any better? LOL. 🙂

        1. Seth, I am so sorry to hear so much is going on in your life. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting a little corner of the world for some escape.

          Many of us are thinking of you and hoping there is some positive news on Wednesday with the oncologist.

          1. Thanks G. I will update y’all as we know. 🙂
            Speaking of updates, does anyone know when Jenny’s due with her baby?

        2. Seth
          I am sorry to hear about your mother’s condition.
          Your mother and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
          Virtual hugs from Japan.

    4. Hi Seth. I’m sorry to hear about your Mum and hope there will be something that can be done. Enjoy the time you have with her.
      I’m glad the KMR community can be there for you at this time.
      Sending you virtual hugs from New Zealand.

      (And Jenny said in a comment that her baby is due around the end of November)

      1. Thanks Cathy. It’s a shame, the only Commonwealth country I’ve ever visited is Canada and that’s b/c I’m only 80 miles from the border. Auckland’s only about 22 hours from me by air. 🙂 I’ll keep you all updated on what happens with my Mom. She’s has nausea but’s resting a lot and reading.

        1. Do come to New Zealand (and maybe Australia too?) if you ever get the chance. Yes, we are a long way from the rest of the world but it’s well worth the trip when you get here 🙂
          (I feel for my forebears who traveled 4-6 months by sailing ship in the 1800s to get here)

          1. This may sound naïve but I’ve read a little bit in travel sites about Australia and New Zealand and watched a couple “HouseHunters International” programs about house buying abroad (mostly ex-pat Americans). Definitely a LONG plane ride with multiple connections isn’t in the same league as sailing on essentially a rickety barge for months on end with no idea of where exactly they were going (I have multiple ancestors who sailed on the “Mayflower”–what later generations called the Pilgrims, so I understand the idea as well). 🙂

  16. The television programme DIY SOS, where a Manchester street is tranformed to create homes for veterans will be shown on Weds 14th October (part 1).

  17. Seth
    I love the fact that you have a lot of royal information! I am sorry that you & your mother are going through a difficult time. All the best to you mother and yourself! Halia

  18. I had a thought, ok – the Cambridges have now got their no fly zone over Anmer Hall, I do (kind of) agree with this as no one wants a drone flying over their home. After all, that would mean no privacy for anyone. But just imagine if the Cambridges had thought a bit more about the drone/ privacy issue? Imagine if they had not just thought of themselves but had pushed for an exclusion zone over all private residences? Then, they really would be working to help others. They would be regarded as heroes.

  19. If we’re in an alternate universe Cathy, I’d completely agree with you. I’m flabbergasted that there aren’t no-fly zones over the Queen’s residences already. Does anyone know if there’s already an exclusion zone over central London, like for the City, the Palace of Westminster, Downing Street? I would think there would be but my Googling’s only turned up exclusion zones over the UK’s nuclear sites.

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