Kate Middleton spotted at Goring Hotel for their 105th anniversary

Kate Middleton spotted at Goring Hotel for their 105th anniversary

Yesterday, Kate Middleton attended a lunch at the Goring Hotel to mark it’s reopening after some renovations and it’s 105th anniversary. She was there having received a private invitation. This was a private visit and not a part of her official duties. As we know, the Goring Hotel is where Kate and the Middletons stayed the night before Kate’s wedding to Prince William on April 29, 2011.

Kate wore a pink and purple floral dress from Erdem, the “Darla”, from the Resort 2013 Collection, which retailed for $1,518. The dress is NOT maternity wear. The dress also features a cut-out back. There are no pictures of the back of Kate’s dress, but because she is almost eight months pregnant and she most likely wouldn’t go for a cut-out back in general but especially when she’s pregnant, I am inclined to think this is a bespoke version of this dress. I’m thinking the dress would have been altered to accommodate her pregnancy belly (because if she wore a non-maternity dress in a size large enough to accommodate her belly, the seems at the shoulders would not be on the shoulder because the top would be far too big, and that’s not the case with this dress), and to close up the cut-out in the back. It’s possible, since it’s from the 2013 collection, that Kate has had this dress since when she was pregnant with George and we’ve just never seen it. Either way, Kate’s dress would have cost way more than the $1500 original retail price.

Erdem Darla Resort 2013

Kate wore her Alexander McQueen navy suede pumps, carried her Stuart Weitzman Muse clutch, and wore her non-identified aquamarine and diamond earrings.

Kate will be back to “work” next Monday for the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey.

59 thoughts on “Kate Middleton spotted at Goring Hotel for their 105th anniversary

  1. I really hate sounding so negative about her all the time, but she just doesn’t seem to get it. She looked horrible, the dress was not right. If she was as exhausted as she appeared she (Rebecca) should have sent her regrets, which she doesn’t hesitate to do with her charities. But this is a party so she had to turn up. Also a good way to pull the focus from your husbands tour of China. Sometimes I wish I could just get my hands on her and shake her. But I’m afraid I’d hear what’s left of her brain rattling around in her empty head.

    1. A few points:
      -she didn’t wear or even bring a coat. In March? Weird.
      -even though it was a “private” event, Rebecca Deacon is behind her in the pics. Why?
      -wasnt there talk of the Goring sending a bartender to Mustique for Carole’s birthday? Was this their payment?
      -girlfriend looks rough. Bad hair, bad skin, bad dress, no smile. Maybe she was having a bad day, it happens. Maybe she’s hating her life in general.

      1. – Not sure how the weather is there, but no coat in March sounds perfectly acceptable: isn’t it close to summer already?

        -Rebecca is her PERSONAL assistant. Maybe she needs her in case of emergencies (she is pregnant after all).

        -I thought the rumour about a huge party in Mustique was for another guy’s birthday, not Carole? Maybe she just wanted to go, get out of the house not working.

        -bad hair, bad skin. She spent the better part of her 20s in nightclubs and beaches. It’s expected. I wonder if she’s doing any skin care regime for this. Girl looks old beyond her years. Also this is a papshot, she doesn’t have to smile for them.

        1. Of course Rebecca is needed to be with Kate at a private luncheon and every “lady who lunches” always takes along her PA? Is this the new black?

    2. Lisa, I agree, the ‘dress is horrible’ and dated (more like curtains). That dress seem off – it’s still very cold out.

      Waity also was well enough to show up for a family commercial luncheon (contrary to HM and BRF Tradition, not to sponsor one business to another); and the middletons’ fake PR according to sources that waity was taken in early labor …to that effect).

      May be a set up by Km and carol middletons for km to avoid the appearances with the RF at the CW Service, and the war Memorial events with HM. HM and Km are at odds about the care and raising of Prince George and the new baby nanny with carole staying out of the family affairs.
      .This is the first .wealthy, abundance of the highest quality resources and care, pampered , privileged woman who behaves as if pregnancy is an illness. I feel the Lord / nature works in wonderful ways – a lazy, lack service to regular needy man – has to make ‘an effort’ with the Gift of Life (no to mention P George is demanding and busy!).

      But Km do look worried and sad (Prince William too); something serious is on the horizon (after the baby).

  2. I loved this dress i think she was beautiful in it this time and finally showing her bump and its clearly its a girl this time but i still have sure she will due in march!!!(sorry for bad english again!)

  3. My grandmother called and would like her couch cover back. I really am not liking these heavy floral print dresses Kate has been wearing lately. IMO, they are way too busy and completely overwhelm her. Not meaning to be super snarky here but what is with her posture? I realize she’s pregnant and all but the rounded shoulders just aren’t a good look on anyone.

    Again, poor William, he is hardly getting any press coverage while on his solo tour but his wife walks out a door and it’s all over the news. I wonder if this will cause the same jealousy that his dad had?

    Lastly, if I ever make it to London, the Goring hotel is one place I would love to visit. I’ve read a bit about their high tea and it sounds simply smashing.

    1. She has always had poor posture.

      I can recommend the high tea at The Dorchester. Special tea blends, yummy salmon sandwiches, great scones and a truely wonderful selection of patisserie. The service is impeccable as well. They do have a 6 week reservation period though.

      1. ArtHistorian, I am going to be in London next fall. Is The Dorchester the best place for high tea? Do they treat foreigners okay? I am going with my husband, so I want to make sure its a decent place for him as well.

        1. I haven’t really tried high tea at other hotels but The Dorchester is a 5 star hotel that caters to an international clientele. They are known for their impeccable service so I don’t think that you have anything to worry about – though you might want check to see if jacket and tie is required.

          Have fun in London, there so many great things to see.
          I believe that the Victoria and Albert Museum has collection of tiaras on display if you’re into that kind og bling.

  4. Wow she looks miserable. And her skin is quite wrinkly. It’s photos like this that convince me she has Botox when she’s not pregnant.

    I cannot believe that she spent USD 1500.00 on that dress. It’s so cheap looking and creased- it looks like something from Primark. She really frustrates me; she lives in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, has tons of money and resources, and yet she always manages to look frumpy and out of style. The fact that people think of her as some kind of a trend-setter really amazes me.

    1. I know that for the first year or so after the wedding I loved Kate’s style, so anti-Kardashian. But since George I feel like she is struggling to find her fashion footing, like she can’t decide if she is a frumpy matron or a “yummy mummy”.

    2. Amen!

      its amazing all the shopping and wealth this is the best by a young, public wife of ,… can do. There are so many royal role models – HM QEll DOC her PoW Diana – to current marry in – CP Mary, (P Victoria and Madeline (with respect increasing from her ‘work’ presence in NY), to the Queens – Leticia, Raina, Maxima (marry in..).

      Waity is hardly of value to HM /BRF, in service- Duties to the people – Traditions and representing HM, UK GB/CW. Prince William with his warp plans -avoiding his duties’/laziness – has done so much dis service and damage to luxury pampered life by marrying the middletons.

  5. I agree with the majority of above posters, the dress is too busy, too fussy, too…something. It’s not youthful. Her hair is so terribly unbecoming. As someone above mentioned, with all the time, money and resources at her fingertips, wouldn’t you think she’d look better than this?

  6. All I can say is wow. If she wants any goodwill, she needs to work versus going to “private” events like this. Their cries of being “normal” are getting old to me. How many “normal” people get to visit The Goring, or Mustique, or the Maldives? None. And based on the economic times in the UK, it is ill timed and in poor taste.

  7. I wonder if she was obligated to show so the Goring would get the press – the Middletons racked up quite a bill. It’s not like she has anything else on her calender like work or anything. You ever wonder how people know where Kate is? I wonder if Goring staff tipped off the press.

    I got my daily snark in. I feel much better.

  8. The dress is nice but it looks terrible on her because it has straight seams meant to lengthen her torso, and seven mths pregnant needs wrapping. Glad she’s showing her bump; can we petition for a new Kate stylist? Maybe we should all collaborate on a letter to Jason. We could add the point about seeing POW PG more than once a century.

      1. Wouldn’t it be nice if Jason had a red phone and we could ring him up? No point talking to Kate unless someone dresses up like Mummy all Norman Bates. PW might want to hide the sizzors, I wonder if Kate is unhinged at all from all the years of trying to please Carole? If she snapped, PW would blame us instead of himself for being an idiot.

        1. Hi Sugar! Red Phone for Jason? Brilliant idea – can it flash when we need his attention urgently? Like on the “Batman” TV series from the ’70s?

    1. Totally Agree. Other sources have stated ‘they do troll and watch the blogs, twitter, etc’… (21st Century communicating at work).

      We do need more Prince George… If P Will Line survive (IF!!), PG do not belong to the carole middleton and buckleberry only – Prince George belongs to BRF /UK, GB, CW, the subjects need access via the media, etc. That’s how the Monarchy remains relevant.

  9. If only that hair mess was out of the way she would look more presentable, and those hands running through that hair mess, geez kate when wil she get it!??

  10. Oh, I so hope KMR is correct and the dress was not featuring a cut-out in the back. If not, she is seriously deranged. I hated the print, too. Loved the comment “My grandmother wants her couch cover back.” Kate did look tired and not in the best of spirits. So, why go?
    I am getting to be a true whiner, but I am so tired of Kate, a woman who has everything and more in her life, not doing much of anything to help others, support good causes with more than an appearance, and getting high praise from most of the media just for putting on a dress and smiling.

    Ugh, her hair, too! Please, someone: Tell her to cut it and style it. She’s just a mess.

  11. For all that it’s a private visit, how much do you want to bet that this will be included to inflate her official “work” tallies at the end of the year?

  12. I think the dress is quite pretty – busy but would be fine with a plain jacket. However, I really don’t like that she always wears such high heels which is so unwise during pregnancy and could endanger the baby.

      1. Her hair covers her face 99% of the time we see her.

        She’s doing her “chin down, eyes up” impression of Diana. If she didn’t want to be seen, she wouldn’t have been. No photos from her cousin’s wedding proves they can sneak her in and out of hotels unseen. Like the old days when the club owners would offer to sneak her out the back. She’d re-do her makeup and deliberately walk out the front to the photographers.

        1. Diana did that as well. She complained that she didn’t want to go through the back because why should she give up the normalcy of walking out the front door?

          idk these people *shrug*

      2. Its not an event for a visible RF member is to be seen publicly ‘promoting’ (and while P Will is on an ‘important trip'(?).

        KM was supposedly at a private … yet the press got news and she was pap at the front door with funded security, doctors, chauffeured, etc. all for a commercial entity. I don’t remember pap of her at the retiring doctor’s luncheon – who delivered Prince George. His retirement luncheon should be pap/in the media, not Goring Hotel (especially when you’re workshy in service to BRF, the needy and charities).

        Again, enforcement that the goal of km carol and the middletons – is only to enjoy the luxury, wealth and title from marriage to P Will; and give nothing back to the people and HM.

  13. Of course she’s tired – pregnancy is exhausting whether you’re Royal or not.

    I think the dress is pretty & she’s dressed fine for the event – no jacket needed to walk from car – hotel – car.

    How much can you really bitch about someone walking quickly to a car? Turns out – quite a lot, from reading these comments.

    It may well be she was told to attend to generate some media for Wills tour. His tour was mentioned & featured in every article I saw that ran these photos.

    I’ll criticise when she gets it wrong, equally its only fair to give her the benefit of the doubt occasionally.

    1. My poor sisters!!! They were pregnant while working full time jobs. Dropped their kids at grandpa and grandma’s or school before they went to work, picked up their kids after work, cooked dinner, tutored their kids, went to bed. In the morning, made breakfast and lunch, dropped their kids off and it went on and on…Not to mention soccer, piano, doctor, dentist… They wished they had a nanny, servants to clean the house and a maid to cook.

      Man, I am tired just typing the above!!!! I suppose the privileged have problems too.

      1. Love it Beatrice! I got up at 5 this morning, did college work, got kids off to school, got work done, ran errands, made 2 meals- 1 for pot luck, 1 for home, kids off bus, more work done, kid off to event, did homework with another, home at 9 pm, cleaned up everyone in bed, put laundry up and typing this. Doing again tomorrow. @JL- our comments are directed at the duh points that Kate misses and the press makes excuses for, such as -take 2 seconds, look in a mirror, and touch up if needed. Wear a dress that fits. Does she need Mommy to tell her everything?

    2. Poor baby – Pregnancy is not an illness and especially to a pampered, workless royal with the greatest resources, tons of staff and nannies at her fingertips.

      An insult to us working mothers (long hours work schedule, commuting), who do everything for our families with love.

  14. I’m going to keep repeating this in case one of her people actually sees it: Long bob haircut! Long bob haircut! Oh my gosh it would look so much prettier!

  15. So here is what I find interesting:
    On her public engagement she wears loose clothes, here she wears a tight fitting dress. Also, no coat to cover up, which leads me to believe she wanted people to see her in this dress. She is wearing a non-maternity dress at 8 months pregnant. That has to make her feel good. She knew all the papers would write about that. We all know Kate does not like her pregnant figure and this is a way to get praise about how good she looks. Of course I am assuming, but it just seems like a way to fish for a compliment since she is so insecure.

    1. Not to be argumentative, but if she was fishing for compliments, she would have done a better job with her hair and makeup and smiled. I wonder if she was fishing for sympathy. “Brave Kate attends function while William is in China – how does she cope?!!1! “

      1. I am sure she wanted sympathy comments too since William is away. But I mean fishing for compliments on how great her figure looks. The fact that she is 8 months pregnant and still able to wear normal clothes (even though they are altered). She needs reassurance that her body is still amazing.

    2. Overit, you are spot on! Kate adores being “adored” for looking so tiny when pregnant. Wearing maternity clothes is not her thing. Squeezing into a non-maternity number — with help from a seamstress- is what she does best. She is vain beyond belief.
      Yes, she looks good. Good for her. But, take a look at Princess Maddie, who seems to shine during her pregnancies. I know people are different, but Kate is so body conscious. If she could flash during her pregnancy, I believe she would.

  16. What a shame Kate has decided to ruin an expensive dress by stretching it over a “preggy belly”.
    Also shame on Kate for pulling the media’s attention away from William while he is away on tour. We all saw lots of this passive-aggressive behavior from Diana when she was manipulating the media. Where is the support for her husband?
    If Kate was going to a private event there was no need for her to make it so public (and for the paps). As another person said, she managed to slip into her cousin’s wedding without a single photo being taken.
    Or was this a duty PR moment – for the Goring Hotel?
    I did wonder how Kate’s parents would have paid for the huge bill that must have been run up pre wedding. I wondered how many over priced Pound Shop type items would have to be sold on Party Pieces to pay the bill. Maybe the Middletons are “paying” the bill by having Kate turn up for Goring events. Having Kate come will always bring the paps?

    1. Prince Charles, the Duchy paid all!!

      Carol all the middletons cashing in and cementing the connection with Goring from the royals (as HM is disgusted by); re the middletons personal gains/future use.

  17. I like the dress. And Lauri from CA, I often wear “grandma’s couch cover”.:)) Just that it doesn’t fit her pregnant body well. The excess fabric pooling at the hollow part of the chest is terrible. And 1.5K for the dress, man this is where I have problems with the Royal family. The Hollywood stars can wear anything, however expensive they want, they earned their money.

    The true light from the sun doesn’t do anyone justice even someone with the most beautiful skin, in my opinion. Your make up has to be extremely fine and the camera catches you at the right angle. In the picture where her hair blocked some of the sunlight out, I saw less wrinkles on the same face and she did look a bit better.

    1. “The excess fabric pooling at the hollow part of the chest is terrible.”

      That’s because she needed to pull the dress down. It rode up, probably when she was sitting, and she didn’t pull it down before she left. The dress actually fits her shoulders and upper torso correctly.

  18. I think Kate looks fine. Tired, but appropriate for the event and not showing any body parts, thank goodness. The bigger question really is WHY was she “spotted?” Obviously, she wanted to be. This situation is exactly like the one in NYC when she and W “forgot” their umbrella and “had” to use one largly emblazoned with the name of the hotel they where they were staying. It’s all about publicity for the Hotel. We have all known for quite some time that W and K don’t do anything when there is not something in it for them. Put it together, folks. Do other royals sell out like this? Okay, yeah, Andrew and Fergie. Anyone else? I honestly don’t know, may be it’s a common thing. W and K are trying to be subtle, but not it’s not working on me.

  19. Does anyone else think that the Palace orchestrated these photos on purpose? Kate entered through a side door so she could have left the same way in order to avoid photos. The fact that she left through the front door seems to show that her being photographed was intentional. I believe they did it to draw more attention to William’s tour which has not been getting much press time. And it helped that Kate was wearing a bright and tight dress to boot. Just my thoughts since the Royals manipulate the media so well.

  20. She looks beautiful! She is getting close to her due date and she has PG at home, so if she looks tired she probably is tired!! Lets give her a break on her clothes and looks when she is so close to delivery. I am just happy that she is out working and not using her pregnancy as an excuse! Poor William….not sure how anyone could be hard on Kate but forgiving of PW!

    1. Working? She is attending a party.

      William hides behind his fake job, wife, and child, he is pathetic. But Kate waited and fought for ten long, pathetic years to become mrs. Bill middleton.
      They are in this mess together.

  21. CrazyAMG, lazywaity has housekeeper, nanny, chief, gardener and driver! Please enlighten me, what is she tired from? I personally think she is tired from ignorant & stupid mistakes that she continues & creates!

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