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Kate Middleton spotted at Goring Hotel for their 105th anniversary

Yesterday, Kate Middleton attended a lunch at the Goring Hotel to mark it’s reopening after some renovations and it’s 105th anniversary. She was there having received a private invitation. This was a private visit and not a part of her official duties. As we know, the Goring Hotel is where Kate and the Middletons stayed the night before Kate’s wedding to Prince William on April 29, 2011.

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Kate visits Bletchley Park; supports Children’s Hospice Week

Kate has made 5 appearances in the last week (ish).  She made 2 appearances on the 10th, Trooping the Color on the 14th, Order of the Garter on the 16th, and now Bletchley Park on the 18th.  PLUS she watched William play polo on the 15th.  So really that’s 6 appearances with 6 outfit changes all in the span of 9 days.  Geez.  Get the girl to a beach, stat.  Seriously, though, Kate is going to take a vacation.  She has nothing on her schedule until July 5, when she attends the start of the Tour de France.  That’s just over two whole weeks.  Unless they throw something in last minute, then she’s totally taking a two week vacation.  I’m really sick of their “throw a bunch of appearances out all at once and then disappear for a few weeks” method of planning public engagements.  I’d much rather they were consistent with their number and spread of appearances.

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