Tiara Tour 2015: Queen Letizia, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Silvia

Tiara Tour 2015: Queen Letizia, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Silvia

I love state visits when royalty is involved, you know why? Tiaras. There are currently three state visits going on in three different countries. Colombia paid a state visit to Spain, Mexico paid a state visit to Britain, and Sweden paid a state visit to Finland. The three royal stars of the tiara show: Queen Letizia, Queen Elizabeth II, and Queen Silvia.

Let’s start our Grand Tiara Tour of Europe in Spain where King Felipe and Queen Letizia welcomed the President of Colombia and his wife, José Manuel Santos Calderon and Maria Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos. On Monday, March 2, their majesties hosted a gala dinner at the Royal Palace of Madrid in honor of the President of Colombia and his wife. Letizia joined the All Lace Dress Club wearing a pearl grey Felipe Varela gown featuring a lace overlay with tiny crystals all over and sheer sleeves. Her matching shoes and bag were from Magrit. She previously wore this dress to the April 2013 inauguration of King Willem-Alexander.

Letizia opted for the Floral Tiara, a diamond tiara set in gold and silver with a floral motif of flowers, leaves, and berries. Letizia received a brand new order: Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Boyaca (Colombia). That’s the sash and gold pin she’s wearing. Leti wore a diamond brooch in the shape of a Fleur de Lys (which is actually the centerpiece of the Fleur de Lys Tiara), and her diamond earrings that she wore for her wedding.

Out of all of the ladies in the All Lace Dress Club, Queen Letizia looks the best. The lace doesn’t age her at all, it’s in a great color, and of course the tiara doesn’t hurt. She looks fantastic.

Next on our Tour, we jump across the channel to Great Britain, where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip welcomed the President of Mexico and his wife, Enrique Pena Nieto and Angelica Rivera. On Tuesday, March 3, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh held a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in honor of the President and First Lady. The Queen opted for her usual State Banquet uniform of an embellished, long-sleeved white gown.

The Queen wore Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara – a fringe tiara done in the traditional Russian kokoshnik style that was a silver wedding anniversary gift to the future Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII. HM wore a diamond fringe necklace and the Grand Collar of the Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico).

As much as I love the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, I’m glad HM wore something different – it’s fun.

The final stop on our Tiara Tour is Finland, where King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia were welcomed by the President of Finland and his wife, Sauli Niinisto and Jenni Haukio. On Tuesday, March 3, the President of Finland held a state dinner in honor of the King and Queen of Sweden at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki.

Silvia wore a red gown with tiers of ruffles and crystal embellishments on the sleeves. Silvia wore the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara, necklace, and earrings. She wore the Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of the White Rose (Finland).

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia state dinner in Finland

Even though these royal ladies gave us some great tiara p0rn, I must say my Best Dressed of this Grand Tiara Tour of Europe is actually a tiara-less, non-royal lady: The First Lady of Mexico, Angelica Rivera. She looked absolutely flawless in a gorgeous, one-shoulder red gown with a cape to the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Photos: Getty/Kungahuset

33 thoughts on “Tiara Tour 2015: Queen Letizia, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Silvia

  1. The jewels come out to play. I love it!

    The First Lady of Mexico also looked good at the greeting when they arrived in her coat dress (or was it just a coat). I think one main reason is that both are tailored immaculately and she owns them when she wears them.

    I like the color and shape of the President of Finland’s wife, but those wrinkles in the fabric just ruin everything. I also have to say that CG and Silvia look really fit. Silvia never fails to bring out the bling!

    I do like Leti’s dress even though it’s lace. It’s got to be the color. I’m just so tired of red and black lace at this point. Now that she’s worn it at two major occasions, we probably won’t see it again for a while.

    One little thing, I get a feeling that we’re not going to see this kind of bling from the BRF when Will ad Kate are on the throne (if they they make it that far). I can see William dressed appropriately, but I just don’t see her pulling it off. I think a lot of big jewels are going to languish or get ruined by being re-purposed into smaller, less impressive settings.

    1. I don’t think Kate is a jewelry person. Apart from the two times she’s worn a tiara, she’s only had two instances of wearing big jewelry in her almost four years of married life: the Nizam necklace to the Portrait Gala, and the emerald and diamond earrings and bracelet to the St. Andrew’s gala. And both times she just did not pull off the big jewels. I don’t think she cares about jewelry all that much, and doesn’t feel comfortable wearing big jewelry. So if she is ever queen, I don’t think she’ll wear the big jewels that much, and if she does, she’ll look uncomfortable in them.

      1. I wonder if Kate will grow into the big jewels as she gets older. I know my mother in law has some big diamonds that I refer to as “older woman diamonds”. Of course some younger women can pull of that look with ease but for someone as reserved as Kate it will be harder. I hope for our sakes she learns to enjoy the big rocks.

      2. Kate Middleton may not wear large jewelry, but her little pieces add up to big spending. The little circle pendants are $2000-3000 each and she has at least three of them. The charm necklace is around $15,000. The Cartier circle monstrosity was $80,000. She has many pairs of Kiki McD earrings (some custom designs) and those range $3000 – $8,000 a pair.

        When you add it up, she’s spent a LOT of money on jewelry in the last four years. Since the person at the shop spoke up, we know that she buys it for herself – they aren’t gifts from William.

        1. I love it when everyone goes on and on about how thrifty she is by recycling her clothes, not realizing that she is wearing $10-15,000 in jewelry.

          1. Jewelry don’t exactly come cheap. Besides, she’s a duchess. She needs to start dressing like her rank

          2. To play devil’s advocate, the jewelry she wears gets repeated far more than her clothes do. She may wear a $2-5,000 dress or coat only once or twice, whereas she wears her multiple thousand $ jewels many, many times (with the exception of that Cartier necklace she’s only worn twice). So over the long run, most of her jewelry is actually a better deal than her clothing. I mean, she’s worn that $6,000 Cartier watch well over 20 times now, which means the cost per wearing is actually less than the typical cost of the dress she’s wearing. Yes, she’s wearing multiple thousands of dollars in jewelry every time she steps out, but she’s not spending multiple thousands of dollars on new jewelry each time. She recycles her jewelry a lot.

        2. I never said she didn’t spend a ton of money on jewelry, I just said she doesn’t seem that interested in wearing big jewelry. I think Kate thinks the more expensive something is the better it is, without realizing she’s spending a ridiculous amount of money for something so small and cheap looking.

        3. “The Cartier circle monstrosity…”…HA! And those hideous citrine drop earrings that look like cat pee. Please. If her clothes are boring, her taste in jewelry is coma-inducing. She couldn’t get any more bland if she tried.

  2. Queen Letizia is one of the few ladies that that can carry off lace – and I really love the Spanish Floral Tiara, it flatters most of the royal ladies and Leti in particular. The Spanish Rf has some truely impressive big gun tiaras that leti hasn’t worn yet but I fear that they would overpower her delicate frame and features.

    A small correction regarding Elizabeth: Technically she’s wearing what is called a fringe tiara due to the way it is composed by the vertical lines. Many fringe tiaras also convert into necklaces where the fringe aspect of the design become very obvious.

    I quite like the colour and cut of the dress since it really brings out her lovely figure. However, I’m not keen on the ruffles on the skirt. I really like the Leuchtenberg parure but I feel that the sapphires don’t complement the colour of her dress very well. I think that the Connaught Loop tiara would have been a better choice with this ensemble.

    I believe that there is an upcoming state visit by the Dutch king and queen to Denmark – and I’m really looking forward to the tiara display. Both Maxima and Queen Daisy really know how to work their jewellery and Mary’s is always stunning in her ruby parure. I just hope she won’t wear her wedding tiara, which is rather paltry.

    1. “Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara – a fringe tiara…”

      I know it’s a fringe tiara. I called it “Queen Alexandra’s Kokoshnik Tiara” because that’s what it’s called at the Order of Splendor blog and the last time I tried to name a tiara something different from what OoS named it (even though I thought my name was more fitting and closer to the Sweden translation of what the court called it) everyone refused to call it what I called it and used the name OoS used. So I thought, “why fight it” and just went with their name this time. I would have called it Queen Alexandra’s Fringe Tiara, which is much a more accurate name, but that’s just me.

      PS. Silvia seems to really like ruffled and tiered skirts, they are a staple in her wardrobe, but I’m not a fan.

      PPS. the Netherlands are paying a state visit to Denmark from March 17-19. So we can look forward to tiaras from both sides. Yay!

      1. That’s funny because I’ve only ever seen it called Queen Alexandra’s Fringe Tiara.

        I forgot to comment on the First Lady of Mexico – and she looks just fabulous! A beautifully tailored gown, and if my eyes do not deceive me then I think that it is a Ralph Lauren. I could be wrong though.

        I’m really looking forward to the Futch State Visit to Denmark – the tiara stand-off between Max, Daisy and Mary is going to be splendid!

      2. Re. Silvia and the ruffles. Satin creases badly, but a chiffon skirt with split layers of ruffles? After a few hours of sitting, the ruffles probably look better than the satin. She puts a lot of thought into her gown design, like QMargrethe does.

  3. Yippee! jewels!!! Leti’s beautiful dress (even though it’s lace…) looks stunning on her – yes, it’s the color as well; she has such poise and deportment, I love her in this complete with that lovely tiara…..have also to agree that the First Lady of Mexico looks great – she has such presence and a wonderful natural smile – saw her in that cream/white coat dress – wow! lovely roundup KMR thank you

  4. I think one reason why Queen Leti’s dress isn’t overwhelming as other lace dresses tend to be is because the neckline is clean (with the beads) and the top half is sparse with the lacework, allowing her skin to show through and not giving the impression of LACE!!!! that ages the wearer.

    And that is the most I’ve ever written about lace, ever haha

    1. In a way, it isn’t a lace dress. It is a dress with a beaded design that mimics lace. Maybe that’s why so many of us like it, because it isn’t technically lace.

  5. Dear KMR, you are so wonderful to us, how did you know that a Tiara Tour was just what we needed?

    I love Leti’s dress, tiara, everything really. I love the color of this dress and the fact that the lace is sparse, not all over, really makes it a great look in my opinion. And that tiara, there just aren’t words to describe how badly I want it!! Once again the Queen of Perfect Posture has me sitting up a little straighter, shoulders back a little farther, I do so wish Kate would take a lesson from Leti.

    What can I say about Queen Elizabeth? She wears these wonderful jewels with such elegance and ease. Of course she has been wearing them for over sixty years, but just the way she wears them and looks so comfortable in them is commendable. I’ve noticed that she always wears a white gown to these state banquets sort of like a uniform. I’m sure it makes it easier on the visiting ladies not have to worry about clashing colors. So thoughtful.

    I rather liked Silvia’s dress, the ruffles aren’t too much but add an interesting detail. And of course the wonderful tiara and necklace combo are stunning. I just don’t know if I would have worn sapphires with a red dress, maybe seeing them up close helps pull the look together. Poor Jenni, while the color of her dress is great, the creases are just horrible.

    I agree KMR, Angelica looks simply stunning in that red dress. I love the cape effect just on the one side so it’s not too overwhelming. I think Leti would look great in the dress as well.

  6. Queen Leti is perfection. She looks regal on anything. Angelica’s outfit was stunning. It goes to show that the proper tailoring, posture and material can do for you.

    Keep these up! I love these posts.

  7. Agree. Leti looked magnificent. The gown? Perfection! The Tiara? To die for!
    I keep saying this, but I just think she is too darn thin. She’s beautiful, but looks like she is unhealthy in the weight dept. Still, she really did shine at the event!

    1. I agree, jenny. She is the 21st century queen that o can stand behind. I find her a bit thin. Sometimes it is jarring based on what she wears. But she is perfection. And a good role model for education and intellect.

      1. Yes, Rhiannon, she is a wonderful role model. Kate, pay attention!
        And, in my initial post, I neglected to say how regal the First Lady of Mexico looked. Just magnificent!

    2. Letizia has always been tiny, like her mother and sisters. When you see her in sleeveless outfits you see she’s tiny but muscular.

    3. As a psychologist and an anorexia nervosa survivor, I’m very sensitive to people’s weights. I just don’t think Letizia looks too thin. Perhaps it is because she appears to be relatively short and small-boned, perhaps I’m not objective because I like her so much. But I think she looks slender and still healthy.

  8. Ugh, I hate having to find the Mexican President in one of my favorite corners of the internet.

    He and his wife are “not unfortunate looking” but they are truly awful people. I follow events in Mexico closely (lived there for 5 yrs in my teens) and my husband has family there; I wanted to boycott visiting for at least his whole term in office, but a very dear friend from high school got married and I had to be there… anyway, I have been paying more attention to the protestors outside of Buckingham Palace and Downing street.

    By the way… I cannot for the life of me understand how they were so shameless to take 4 of their daughters (2 his, 2 hers) to BP. Like WTF? One of them (Sofía) also attended a banquet with Spanish Royalty – still King Juan Carlos’ reign – bc she was “studying in Spain at the time” but 4! 4!?!?

    1. Beatrix,

      I don’t follow Mexican politics, so I have no idea what kind of antics they get up to. The only photos of the Queen from the event have the President in them. And I just thought his wife looked pretty in her gown. I do apologize for seemingly promoting them. I had no idea they were awful people.

      1. No worries KMR, I understand.

        Unfortunately, he was voted into office and I am sure there will be more to see of them in the next years (until 2018).

        Scandal after scandal, the corrupt remain untouched.

        *His political party had been in power for over 70yrs. Only 12 yrs without them in power and then Mr. EPN came in. Much of it thanks to his good looks + connections.
        The very poor were given financial assistance buying their votes for him.

        *She closed her facebook and has her own page (a copy of fb without the dissentious comments) but had been in hiding after the most recent scandal – a purchase of 3 very expensive properties that were combined to build a major mansion of around $9million dollars. Of course they used the one entrance of the most modest one, trying to keep the true modern mansion from the public. Oh yeah, and “purchased” from a company receiving major contracts now.

        *The most recent tragic events involve student protestors being removed from a plaza and killed by the police #Ayotzinapa #43 Some burnt remains have been discovered in a landfill – his party had orchestrated a similar and more brutal killing of hundreds of student protestors back in 1968. Ordered by the then president and carried out by the army — while I lived in Mexico, my high school principal had participated in those protests

        * They bus in poor paid-people for public and televised events to make sure the crowd is controlled, keeping the areas closed for normal citizens.

        The list goes on and on… and I’m afraid it can only get worse…

        Oh, and the first lady should really be told to never go sleeveless 😛

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