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Blog Update: January Hiatus

To update you all: I am dealing with some personal issues at the moment, so I will be taking a hiatus from the blog for the next two weeks, approximately. I am going to go ahead and close the comments while I am away. Thank you for understanding.

Blog Update

When I wrote my article about Kate’s parenting – where I pondered why we comment the way we do, and asked us all to examine our thought processes before we write overly negative, insulting comments – I knew there would be people who would disagree with me, but I was not expecting the level of negativity that it brought me. And the depressing yet fascinating thing is that not everyone was even willing to read my article before dismissing my opinion, which proved my point about negative bias: that people judge based on their own preconceived negative opinions and aren’t willing to even consider an alternative option.

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Tara Palmer-Tomkinson & the Royals

British socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been friends with several members of the British royal family for many, many years, and yesterday, February 8, she was found dead in her home. Prince Charles has issued a statement about her passing. I had no idea how close Palmer-Tomkinson was to the royals, so I thought it might be interesting to explore a bit.

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Thoughts on ‘The Crown’ on Netflix

I want to reiterate, because I think it’s important right now, not to be cruel to each other – on here, on other sites, in life in general. Please, let’s be better than that. With that said, here’s a hopefully feel good post I wrote a few days ago.

Have you guys been watching The Crown on Netflix? I’ve watched the entire series and I quite like it, but no one I know has seen the show so I have no one to talk about it with. And since it is royal related, I thought I’d talk about it here for the hell of it.

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