Blog Update: Hurricane Irma Edition

Blog Update: Hurricane Irma Edition

Here’s a quick blog update. I am still without power due to Hurricane Irma, so the blog will essentially be on hiatus until I get power back. I do not have an ETA for getting power back as the outage is so widespread that the electric company won’t give out updates.

I hope that all of my readers and their families in Florida and the Caribbean are safe. I am also thinking of you guys in Mexico and the northwest US, who have also been dealing with natural disasters. I hope you and your families are also safe.

Until I am able to post again, this can be your open post to discuss Royal things.

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  1. Thanks for the update KMR, I’ve been worried about you and all those affected by these recent disasters. As you are without power, I can only imagine what it took for you to post this update and it just speaks to your strength, dedication and kindness. Kindness, as I ‘m sure that so many here are as worried about you as I have been. Take care, be safe and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

      1. Yes, KMR. I know how very frustrating it is to be without power. I hope you are not too hot and not too stressed. THis type of storm is surely one to play on one’s nerves. Have been worried about you and thank you for posting. Here’s hoping all the power comes back on soon and life starts getting back to normal for you and all.
        I hope the storm was not too damaging and that you know how much we all care for you. Take care and all the best.

    1. KMR and Kimothy. Please continue to be safe. Watching the progress on line it is worrying.

      Thank you for checking in. Take care.

  2. Thank you for checking in and our good wishes are with you. If everyone can, please
    Donate to area food banks, diaper banks and other essential services that survivors of these hurricanes are going to need in the immediate aftermath. One of the places I donated to was the Texas Diaper Bank.

    1. OK, so I’m a parrot, happy that you checked in since all we know here in my part of the country is what we see on tv, and it’s awful. Take care, stay safe, and your blog will be waiting for its awesome leader until you come back. Thanks for the thoughts about others suffering from natural disasters, that takes character since we tend to be consumed by our own issues. I live in a state that has been on fire for months and the smoky air is a real health issue, but for sure we’re not alone in our devastation.

      1. Hi Royals
        If I remember correctly, you are in Montana? I saw about the fires in Montana on TV a while back. That’s scary they are still burning. I’m hoping for rain for your state, enough to put the fires out but not enough to cause landslides.

        1. You’re right Cathy, I live in Montana. There has been a tiny bit of rain, but along with it high winds which aren’t so welcome. Last night we watched a big dust storm that came out of nowhere, and the rain followed. ***Thank you for thinking of us, we’re farming and ranching, and millions of acres are burned and still burning. We anticipate more rain and in some areas even snow so hopefully this will help put the fires out and allow Winter’s cold and please God snow to heal the lands. I don’t want to go all ‘poor me’ but man this smoke is wreaking havoc with my eyes, I’m tired all the time.
          God Bless!!

          1. Hi Royals – I’m glad it’s raining, enough to put out the fires and to get some moisture into the paddocks I hope? My Dad’s family used to be back country farmers here (sheep mostly) so I know it’s hard work, especially when the weather is against you. I don’t think I could cope with the fires, I have asthma plus a fear of bush fires as I’ve seen the speed they can travel at (perhaps a good reason to never move to back country Australia?).

            Good luck and I hope the fires will all be out soon. In the meantime I’m thinking of you under those beautiful big open Montana skies.

        2. Here are 2 web sites that show all of the wild/forest fires in the US as of the current date.

          Text Info:


          An acre is a square measure of land as is a hectare.
          100 acres = 40.4 hectares
          1,000 acres = 404.6 hectares

          The prevailing winds/weather in the US usually push from west to east. The midwest US can see the effects of the fires in the sunset. The smoke can cause hazy, dull views or brilliant red/orange sunsets depending on humidity and density of the smoke in the upper wind streams. Most recently, the fires have contributed to red-tinged full moons. In addition there are forest fires in western Canada in many of the same areas that W&K visited in their Canadian tour last year. Those fires also contribute to haze and brilliant sunsets hundreds of miles away from the fire origin.

          Smoke from widespread fire is difficult to cope with. It permeates every nook and crevice of dwellings and there is no respite outside the building.

          My aunt went east from Colorado to family in the midwest to get away from forest fires in the Rockies. She was wheezing when she breathed, coughing up phlegm and short of breath. She thought her sense of smell would be destroyed by the pervasive smoke. At 4 weeks away from the fires, her lungs cleared and she was surprised that she could smell things again: evergreens, flowers, food cooking, evening mist, the water aroma from the local lake and air when rain was imminent. She wasn’t looking forward to returning home. In fact, she did not go home until snow had fallen in her home town. The snow dampened, if not obliterated, the smoke smell.

          I have experienced ‘controlled burn’ prairie fires that have gone out of control in the nature preserves near my home. Smoke drifted with every wind, and there was no relief from the acrid smell of burning dried vegetation. Windows were kept closed and, only the air conditioning supplying the indoor air was mostly free of smoke smell. Walking outside, even with a face mask, was unpleasant and could be exhausting after a short half-mile walk. After those experiences I appreciate the heady smell of spring, the pollen-laden fragrances of summer flowers and the earthy decline of of plants in autumn, the crisp sharpness of the air in the winter.

          I sympathize with posters who live in the western US and can’t get away from the arid air and forest fires. I do hope rain or snow brings an end to the fires and poor air conditions. And, that the rain or snow doesn’t cause subsidence and earthslides in their areas. It is unsettling when the earth beneath your feet and nature’s respite from heat (forests) turn into supreme dangers because of fire or drought. When you are trying to live with the extremes of nature, it changes your outlook in ways that you never thought possible.

  3. Please stay safe KMR!

    Has anyone seen that someone tried to break in to Prince George’s school? There are some serious security concerns.

    1. I read that. Also something about someone having already been able to get into the school before that, but just to show it could be done but not with any malice? The articles leading up to the start of school talking about it being a “chaotic” environment did nothing to make me surprised about this at all.

      1. I am very surprised that a school in a major city like London doesn’t have its security issues sorted out by now. A lot of tuition is being paid so it’s not like they don’t have the resources.

        Regardless of whether or not George is there, there shouldn’t be random adults entering the school because it puts all the kids at risk especially since they don’t have their own RPOs.

        1. +1
          Hope they fix this, somehow. Children should not be the preys of adults.

          KMR : glad that you are safe. Please take care. Best wishes to you and your family.

        2. Thank you Nic919. I appreciate your not saying that George is more important than other children, he is probably a bigger target I suppose if a loon wants attention but hardly more important than any other child. I had an experience a few years back, I was able to pick my granddaughter up from daycare, no one questioned me and she was a very small child. I let my daughter know and she made it clear that this wasn’t ok. At all. (their excuse was hilarious, they said she looked like me. The only resemblance between that baby and me was wrinkles, on her they looked good, on me not so much)
          Interesting that people don’t think in terms of do I really want my child attending school with a big deal little boy, do I want to put them at risk because he’s a whack job’s dream? I don’t see prestige, I see a bit of danger and a whole lot of stress. Then again, there are other ‘special/royal’ children there so who knows. In any case schools are obligated to keep their little charges safe, and in this day and age be very aware of who should be around and who is out of place. Not always fool proof, there could be a whack a doodle already there, or a tampered with background when applying for a job. At any school, anywhere.

          1. You’re totally right, royalsarejoke, I saw it in kindergarten, how easy it would be that someone takes your child. We often have just luck that there is no loon who wants to take our children.But it should be safer at schools and kindergarten in my opinion. Just lock up the doors during playtime and don’t let children run alone and of course they should know who picks up the children.

    2. I read that about George and I would be scared outta my mind if that happened to my kid. For once, W&K would have every single right to be overprotective and nervous right now.

        1. That article made me furious. How, in this day and age, can a school for young kids be that easy for someone to have access to? Here on Long Island, if you are picking up someone else’s child, you need to be on the school’s list that you are allowed to do so and you need ID. A school should be a safe haven for every child, every teacher And staff member. This isn’t a simple problem, it’s a dangerous one.

  4. Glad you’re safe! Being without power sucks. Hopefully you have access to food that doesn’t need cooking. And that the stores have been replaced and have a generator
    Seeing the devastation to the keys and the VI is saddening.

      1. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck in the hospital. Getting a HIDA scan today. I should know after that whether or not my gallbladder will be removed. My chief complaint has been cared for well but with an autoimmune disorder it’s always something. My lower colon is basically a garden hose and everything moving through it is a watermelon.

        I just want a good hot shower, my family, and my own bed.

        1. Meghan, I wish you a good recovery, soon. Hope you’ll have your family and comfort of your own bed soon, as well.

          At least you have this blog and us to keep you some company and distraction!

        2. “I just want a good hot shower, my family, and my own bed.”
          Well, I’ve just said a prayer that you get that very very soon, hopefully before you even read this comment:)

        3. Meghan,

          I’ve had a HIDA scan (and my gallbladder removed over a year after said HIDA scan). I hope your experience was more pleasant than mine! Also, I know how difficult it is to sleep in a hospital so I pray that you get out of there real soon!

          I’m an expert at hospitals and medical issues/situations so if you ever want to vent, know that I’m here for you as are the rest of the KMR group.

          Hugs & prayers from me!!

          1. Meaghan, all best wishes and prayers are being sent to you. I so hope you get out of the hospital soon and that life starts to move back toward normalcy. You take care!

          2. Thank you. I’m a seasoned hospital flyer, unfortunately. So far no news but im optimistic! If they won’t bring me chocolate cake and Xanax they could let me go home. :p

            Oh, the HIDA scan sucked. Sure, let’s imitate a Sunday dinner making its way through your gallbladder just to see how quickly it moves into the stomach. OW.

  5. Glad that you are safe!

    I just saw on the US weekly magazine that Meghan meet the Queen. So I guess now is just a matter of time to they let us know about he engagement, that I really believe happened on her birthday trip.

      1. Ellie, on balance I suspect they are right. The timescales they gave certainly work. I like the fact that Princess Sparkle seems to have hit it off with PoW…..I can certainly see that. In fact I suspect he will be her most ardent fan within the family. I’m getting quite excited now as I do believe we will have an announcement this year and a wedding next year. I also read in the British media at the weekend that St George’s in Windsor is the hot favourite as the venue.

        So glad to hear that all our KMR’s are back in the proverbial nest and are not suffering too badly with disruption.

        1. I just can’t see HM who is pretty much a stickler for a lot of these rule and protocol she made for her family put it by the wayside for Meghan, but who knows, maybe it’s true! You have so many people going absolutely nuts that Meghan has met members of the family and going on and on about how Kate doesn’t look so bad compared to her. I don’t like Meghan but the hatred thrown at her and Harry is pretty insane.

        2. I hope that Meghan and Charles continue to have a good relationship. As I recall he and Kate were rather close around the time of the wedding and immediately after, in fact as I recall they attended the opera or ballet together several times. But it does appear that their once close relationship isn’t as close anymore, so I hope that Charles and Meghan (and Harry) will stay close.

          1. Oh I hope the same too. It surprises me to hear stories here about Charles not being close with his children or grandchildren. Who is he close with anymore? (apart from Camilla I mean).

            I also felt bad for him during the recent Diana hysteria. His past came back to haunt him and he could do nothing about it except of keeping silent and wait for the tidal wave to change. I’m sure he must be relieved with the press hoopla about Meghan shifting the attention from Diana and he’s always wanted for Harry to settle down, I suppose.

            I think Meghan will be smart if she makes Charles a good ally in the family and Charles may be desperate to have a close relationship with a daughter in law and grandchildren of the future.

      2. Considering that this relationship hasn’t followed any pattern that previous gfs did, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. I guess only time will tell.

      1. After 5 years of relationship with William at Peter Philips’ wedding. Chelsy met the Queen as well the same day. William was off to Jecca Craig’s brother (if I’m not wrong) wedding in Kenya instead, while the rest of the family was there.

          1. People were not surprised because Meghan met the queen, they were surprised because she has only been dating Harry for just a short while, (a year to be exact) and she already met the queen (if at all the stories are true). The norm is royals date for a long while before they can have a girlfriend/boyfriend meet the queen; Chelsy Davy didn’t meet the queen until she had dated Harry for a long while, same with Kate William.

  6. Hi KMR! Welcome back!
    I’m so relieved you’re OK, that’s the main thing. I can only imagine the devastation and what took for you to go on line.
    Thank you for letting us know and may the rest of the readers and their families in affected areas keep safe.

  7. Thank you for checking in with us all KMR and letting us know you are ok.

    I hope the power is restored soon, in the meantime I hope you and your family are well and secure.

    Sending best wishes and hugs from New Zealand.

  8. Thinking of you all – there is weird weather everywhere – I live in Sydney Australia – yesterday 93F and today 55F – neither temperature is “normal” for Spring . . . . 200 miles away it is snowing and 70 miles in other direction there are uncontrolled bushfires. Stay safe everyone – a house and possessions are precious but not as important as a future with family and friends – hugs xxx

    1. Completely agree. We’re still in summer in my place but damn, it’s been raining like no tomorrow for the pas week, with temperatures being at least -10°C than the average at this time. I feel you Oz Shan.

    2. I live in middle Europe and it’s raining and quite a strong wind all day. Italy also got some terrible weather, a huge danger for the people.It seems the weather is stormy everywhere, some places catastrophic,others weaker but also frightening.

      I’m glad for you, KMR, that you’re safe and that the worst(hopfeully) is over for now !

  9. Glad you are OK, KMR, stay safe, the aftermath, the side effects of a hurricane are dangerous too. Thank you for cheking in and take care of yourself.

  10. I just echo everyone’s thoughts that KMR and others are all safe.

    But I was hoping to discuss Max’s latest wardrobe disaster…usually I can get with her slightly outrageous outfits, but going out in a green dressing gown was a bit too much even for me.

      1. Max has made some fashion disasters. That green dress isn’t the worst of them. At least she didn’t took out the lobster necklace.

        Max’s fashion isn’t to my liking but she, like Letizia, wears the clothes and it shows. I’m envious of her mega-watts smile and jewelry collection (except for the animal inspired pieces that she owns).

    1. Hi Birdy! I’m always up for discussing Max’s fashion 🙂 I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call the green dressing gown a disaster but it did leave me scratching my head…uh.. While her tastes and mine are worlds apart, I appreciate how well she wears the loud colors and big jewelry.

      Now this gown is fabulous!!! And the jewels…well I think that they are just too perfect and I want them! 🙂

      Here’s another typical Maxima outfit. I like the dress a lot but even though I don’t like the hat, Maxima really can wear it well and the earrings are way too much for me but again she wears them well.

      1. Oh Gosh, Maxima amuses me so much!
        Not only for her usual over the top fashion choices but mostly for her personality. I like the fact that she doesn’t seem obsessed with perfection, somehow. She strikes me as a natural and no fuss lady, despite her elaborate and fascinating outfits! Isn’t that a contradiction or what? I’d certainly love to have a look at her wardrobes!

        But yes, you’re right. The blue gown is lovely and the black & white dress as well. I think the earrings are a perfect match for the dress but the hat is a definite no for me. Maxima can certainly give us lots of fashion stimuli to comment on!

        1. Hi Elina, I’ve always felt that Max’s clothes reflect her warm, vibrant and may I say, loud personality. But I do agree that she doesn’t seem to be overly concerned with perfection which gives her the ability to “wear” her clothes instead of her clothes wearing her.

      2. I agree Queen Lauri, she also wore a fab green off the shoulder evening gown with the most amazing emeralds! I just love the blue gown it looks floaty and cool and gorgeous. Interesting that she’s going with Queen Letis favourite CH, I love her designs wish I could afford them .

  11. Helo my dear KMR, I wish very much you are well after the Irma. I love you and I love your blog so don’t feel this post is for you personally. In the previous post about George coming to first day at school I posted a comment about Meghan Markle. Well some people complained that “those that want to comment about Meghan Markle would post over on the Medghan Markle Review blog page instead of this blog, which is name Kate Middleton Review.” Well, first even if it’s named Kate Middleton Review we also comment about Sophie, Letizia, Maxima, Victoria and others on posts about Kate. Second many commenters post personal facts about their lives and I, personally, love because I know more about people’s experiences. But for some people we should speak ONLY about Kate because this blog is named Kate Middleton Review. And third as I posted on my post I was absent because I was taking care of my mother so I couldn’t post when Meghan’s Vanity Fair apeared. Repeat, I was taking care about my mother who is sick and I’m hoping for her NOT to have what doctors are suspecting: leukemia. This blog is my refuge, the place I go to escape from problems. Love you KMR and repeat, my post is NOT for you. I would NEVER dare to say you what to do like to delete a comment like someone did with my post, I respect you very very much to do this and to those who don’t like reading some comments about some people it’s simple, DON’T READ THEM. Have a great day everybody.

    1. Jamel, I hope your mother is as well as can be and as comfortable as possible. You are obviously a very loving caregiver but even so, such devotion does take its toll. I am glad that KMR enriches your life and is your lifeline under the present circumstances; as you say, we are all enriched, too, by people sharing personal stories. It creates a community.

      1. Best wishes from me too. You must be so worried about your Mum. The only thing I would say is as a group we should differentiate between MMR and KMR….the other ladies don’t have a blog written by our leader so they are a little different. And we all love the Swedes! I think this will evolve if/when an engagement is announced and people choose to follow one or both of the royal ladies.

    2. Jamel, Until KMR tells me that my post is not meant for this forum I will post what I want to, and thank you for speaking out. I find it very annoying that some (and I don’t know anyone specifically who posts here on a regular basis) people decide that a forum is their own personal little soap box, and try to be the voice of the moderator. Generally they get smacked down or just blabber and disappear.
      Your mother’s possible diagnosis hit me like a ton of bricks. My daughter’s mother in law died a couple of years ago from that disease. However, she had it for years and years and was able to keep a job and in fact when she died she was in the process of looking for a new one. She hiked and camped, and was active right up until the end of a life well lived.
      We all need a refuge, a place to escape, so just know that I am here for the same reason, I love hearing about people’s lives, I learn, and again this is KMR’s blog, the fact that she has given us free reign right now doesn’t change the very easy to follow rules she has in place. To me, to disrespect her would be a very low thing to do.

      1. Thank you very much. I cried a lot reading all comments of support. I agree with you, only KMR can say what we should post on her blog. People sometimes attack with no reason. A criticism doesnt make you a hater as a praise doesnt make you a sugar. Sometimes we talk about other topics on Kate posts, I dont think its wrong. But some dont agree, unfortunatelly.

        1. I am late to the game, but share the support that is being sent to you and your mom, Jamel. As Jen, so aptly put it, caregivers need care, too.
          So, be there for your mom and may she do well. Be kind to yourself, too.

          All prayers and good thoughts are being sent to you.

  12. Glad you’re safe KMR! Hope you continue to be OK and that things get fixed for you soon. Hopefully all of you going through the rough times that nature has recently brought us are fairing OK.

  13. It’s so sweet of you to think of us in other areas of the country while life around you is collapsing. I just read an article about how things are faring in Naples (FL) and it sounded like a war zone. Here in the Northwest things are getting back to normal– as normal as you can get, I guess, when an area as beautiful and sacred to us as the Columbia River Gorge has been decimated by wild fires. The ash was terrible all over but is finally calming down, and the air quality is improving so my girls, with their fragile lungs, can finally be outside again.

    1. Em, that’s awesome good news. We’re finally getting some rain, and hopefully soon the air will clear. Driving to see our grand kids yesterday was eye opening, the land so black and dead, right up to the very edge of the highway.
      I read about the Northwest, the ashes falling like snow and while we saw some of that, not nearly as much as your area. Our 4 year old grandson keeps asking ‘play outside tomorrow?’ so here’s hoping for all kids out there, tomorrow is coming soon!!

  14. Thank you for posting KMR and I hope it all passes soon.
    I’ve been reading about Meghan in the papers and the rumours of an imminent engagement! Maybe true, so that’ll be interesting!

  15. Does anyone else think CP Victoria might be pregnant? Except for the dress she wore to the after Parliament opening, all her tops have been rather loose and flowy.

    1. I would have never thought about her being pregnant again!
      I’m excited how much children will be born at the Swedes in future.A big family!:)
      I think Kate wants four children. I always thought and I still think so that W&K once said they wanted as much as the Queen.But you all would certainly know this as long-time Kate-followers.
      I’m still curious about Stephanie of Luxembourg and her family planning.I know for sure that she and Guillaume talked in their wedding interview about their wish to have a big family like they both have.I hope that they can have children without problems :/

      1. I am also very worried about Stéphanie (& Guillaume) 🙁 tgey have been married for several years and made it clear they want kids, yet nothing has happened yet. I’m afraid there are some medical issues?
        I read at the time of the wedding that because Stéphanie is so deeply rooted in her Catholic faith, she chose to remain a virgin until the wedding and Guillaume respected her wish – so they probably only found out after the wedding that there were problems conceiving 🙁

        I hope they will welcome a healthy baby into their family soon!!

      2. Lovely Blossom, I only have one itty bitty disagreement with your post. Waity wanted 3 kids, and Billy wanted to wait. Waity, I think, blind sided him with her pregnancies, especially this one and now maybe since big mama had 4 waity might want 4, as well. And in no way in my opinion does she want children for the right reasons. No way. Frikkin’ fertile floozie, and I think that she did try to trap Bill with prior pregnancies. I can’t stand this woman/child.
        If Harry is stupid and gullible enough to think that MM’s attraction to him has nothing to do with his status, well more power to him. I hope I’m wrong, but this VF interview? Who does that, where was Harry, what’s up with the photo shoot, and this reeks of setting a trap and desperation to me. Chickens coming home to roost much, big mama?

    2. Half of me thinks it’s unlikely her other two didn’t appear to come easily. But I agree she looks different. She has two gorgeous babies so I just hope she is well.

      1. You know Birdy I thought the same thing but then I read about couples who have a hard time conceiving, adopt and then get pregnant. Or use IVF for one but then pregnant naturally with the second. Also, she might not be pregnant just enjoying some good food and wine. 🙂

        1. I have heard that if you spend time with other people’s kids then you can conceive naturally. The point is though if it is not an opps pregnancy then it is hard to control conceiving. Whoever you are. Imagine being married to a royal and having all that pressure. I find it hard to believe what I was hearing when Zara said that being a mother to Mia was earlier than planned. You can’t plan these things or shouldn’t want too. That is my two cents anyway.

    3. Could be. I thought she looked radiant at the te deum! She’s also 40. She still looks great but my metabolism slowed down when I turned 29 and at 36 seems to be doing it again!!?Have to work out more for less results!!

        1. Oh tell me about it! I used to be able to have ‘good week’ and loose half a stone, now it doesn’t happen anymore and a pound becomes 5 becomes too much!! Old age ?

    4. Well, if she is, good for her and Daniel. They have beautiful children and are wonderful parents.

      The one whose weight I worry about is Harry. He’s way too thin, if you ask me. Doesn’t suit him I asked once before what others thought, but no response. Do my eyes deceive me?

      1. Within the last yr he’s lost a lot of weight. I think he looked better with more on him. At some events his pants looked to be hanging off him

    1. Brits will understand me if I say it’s the Delia effect!! Delia was one of our first v successful tv chefs and when she cooked something a little bit different demand soared.

      1. Love that skirt. So feminine and she wears it well. I don’t like the white jacket with it. Liked the shape of the jacket, but not in white and not a white jacket with that skirt. She’s gorgeous. though. Thanks. Lauri. Leti is a posture perfect woman and just dazzling.

    1. I believe a number of local volunteers made it and it was very much an amateur homage. Apparently they make things out of flowers. The press is carrying on as if it was commissioned by council and is some kind of serious, permanent memorial. I hope the local shops make some trade out of it anyway!

  16. Photos of Max looking fab in a Roland Mouret jumpsuit. I’m not a fan of jumpsuits but this one is a classic and I think she looks stunning.

        1. This one even got past OoS’ s well known hatred of jumpsuits and rightfully so. Max killed it! I don’t have the right body composition for a jumpsuit. I’d look like an oompa loompa. No long lines here.

  17. William had some visits and did really well. Seemed happy to be there and was very engaged with elderly, children, and those in hospital.

    It was great to see him be warm and personable. If Kate is unable to tour this November, I will be very curious to see how William does on his own.

    1. I agree. He looks compassionate and people appear pleased to see him. I liked that he talked about mental health for men in sports and about sexual abuse there. It is rarely discussed and I appreciated it.
      Finally, after 6 years, I want to say good job to him. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

    2. Well, you can bet that w/o that loose cannon to cause jaw clenching he’ll do better, not that it decreases my loathing for that jerk who laughed at the tube strike. Ann, he ***owes*** the people of Britain and in my opinion the least he can do is what he will do. The minimum for the maximum. Normal life he knows nothing of, laughing at the tube strike is confirmation of that. He and that braying Sophie (I detest her, but think Louise is enchanting).
      This is not leadership, this isn’t even decent human behavior.

      The snide side of me hopes that Britain’s Yummy Mummy turns into Britain’s Big Barbie and can’t hide out, and has no choice but to let it all hang out.

    3. Hints of the old younger William. Perhaps he is being reigned in? It seems like it. When he can fake it or does genuinely care, he does well; but the thing is he often seems so angry and bitter about his life he can just go take a hike…

      It’s sad we praise him for actually pretending to care/really caring when that is his one job!!

    1. All the best to Prince Harry on his birthday and always. Hope love is real and life is good for you and yours. You give so much kindness and love to those you visit. May you feel the love back from those who do care for you!

      1. A shout out to my favourite prince Harry, happiest 33 buddy, may all your dreams come true and may you live long to 100 candles. Mwaaaaa

  18. Oh no. Heard of a possible terror attack at a tube station in London earlier today and reports say the bomb did not fully do the damage it was planned to do. Thank goodness. But, not another attempt to hurt inocents. Just too much. I did hear that anywhere from 15 to 25 people were hurt and, of course, I hope not too seriously. One, I understand, was a boy on his way to school?
    May all be safe. I was sorry to hear of this.

    1. I join my voice to you, to convey my best wishes to the readers living in the UK and most particularly in London. I hope that none of you were affected by this terrorist attack, nor was your family.
      My thoughts are with you.

  19. GingerMini, Jenny and all who are thinking of me, God Bless You!! It’s still raining here, but Montana is huge so hopefully the rain is drenching the fires and bringing hope for a better time. Prayers for all who post here, who share their lives with others, and are generous with what they have. It all helps very much. So very very much. What an awesome cyber support group 🙂

    1. Royals, I hope the rains continue and put those fires out. What a scary time. It is amazing to live in such a beautiful state like yours, but when one hears of the wild fires that strike so many glorious places, it is heartbreaking. When these fires happen, I always hope that people and pets and wildlife are safe. I always wonder how people protect their homes. May things improve. And, I agree, this is an amazing group of caring people from all over the world.

      1. Jenny, again thank you. I am a native Montanan and wouldn’t think of ever living anywhere else, and I’ve been to a few other places. The rain has stopped, but it helped I think, if nothing else the ground is damp. People have had to leave their homes, and we’re still not clear especially the air. However, there is hope on the horizon with the weather change. These past few months have been so hard on so many people, in so many states, and there are some low lifes out there who should be in prison. One of the fires here was set because some stupid teens thought it would be fun to light firecrackers on the parched ground, and then I read about ‘looters’ in other states taking advantage of the tragedies. Fortunately they’re way way way outnumbered by the good and decent people who are helping in any way they can.

        1. Royals: I so hope each day is a brighter one for you and all in Montana. Also, that your little grandchild can soon go outside to play!

          One of my dreams is to visit your beautiful state. I can appreciate your love for it and your desire to stay put and not move elsewhere. There are so many magnificent places to live in this country, but the beautiful states like Montana and Wyoming just seem to still remain free from so much of the over development of other areas!

          How terrible to think that some foolish teens lit firecrackers on the very dry ground. You know how I feel about firecrackers! They are in jail, are they not? And, for others to be looting in places after so much damage has been done to many, many places. It really makes you wonder about mankind, doesn’t it? Then, thankfully, we come across good and caring people, too.

          Best wishes to you and all who have been having bad conditions in their home areas.

  20. Happy Birthday Prince Daniel of Sweden!!! As for Harry, with whom you share your special day, I hope for laughter and love in the coming year for you and yours!

      1. Oh, Daniels’s birthday, too. Belated b’day wishes and all the best to him, his loving family and all the Swedish Royals. I already sent my wishes to Harry! I miss the days when Rhiannon was head over heels and we were helping her plan her Royal Wedding!

        1. I miss the days of Rhiannon’s love for Harry too. But she did a hug from him when she volunteered at the Invictus Games, so that’s something…

  21. Tons of stuff on The Times about a BP vs CH vs KP power struggle, how Charles is stepping up as Philip has retired and talk about how bad Charles is because his popularity took a massive nosedive thanks to his own sons in the last few months–1/3 support him vs 2/3. And suggestions Charles is the one who pushed Sir Christopher Geidt out because the offices wouldn’t work together, and HM backed Charles over Sir Christopher. Kind of a dick move on Charles’s part even if I kinda understand it–Philip’s retiring, Charles needs to have her ear more? Probably because she doesn’t want fuss and cannot deal with conflict, and won’t tell KP to get their act together; hints Charles has told KP as such but they won’t play ball and do their job… Such a mess, all of it. It’s on the Daily Fail as well but framed as Evil Charles vs Sir Christopher vs The Times’s even-handed reporting of the situation which makes everybody look bad, though I understand why as Charles is the one who’s gradually taking over because his mother is 91. There’s talk he will be stepping in for her more and more and people don’t like it, but the Queen wants to just seem to abdicate in all but name? This is why W&H&K need to get off their duffs.

    1. Great wrap up, that does sound like a mess. Yes, he’s the heir. Why anybody but Charles and the Queen has a say is beyond me. I saw a snippet of Charles being interviewed about George’s first day at school. He seemed very personable, unlike William’s superior attitude (you’re not getting any information out of me!) but it sounded sad, because everything he spoke of was in generalities and not as if he’d had any conversation with W & K on the subject at all. He was empathetic about George being left alone at school for the first time. The person he spoke to gave him information about George’s first day and Charles responded.

      1. I saw that short interview, and to be honest, was very pleasantly surpised by Charles (his manner of speaking, his accent, his attitude, the way he spoke of things, the way he treated the interviewer). I have to say, I think it’s the first time I actually heard his voice!

        1. I think if people listened to Charles or watched him more on engagements their opinion would change. It’s what changed mine and reading about how he carved a role for himself when everyone told him not to. He supported Harry in creating Sentebale after being skeptical because he knew what it was like to be told ‘no, screw you, you know nothing’ or ‘you’re too young’.

          I think this whole mess with the palaces makes him look bad and I wonder if it is deliberate spin because thinking about it after the fact made me think, “Well, of course he’d want someone who would work with him considering HM expects him to step in for her a lot now.” The offices always seem like they’re refusing to work with one another, KP being the biggest mess. It seems like HM is wanting to retire without retiring.

        2. Me too, I was surprised and impressed. I think we rarely even read quotes from Charles in the press – if we do it’s the abhorrent old stuff he reportedly said to Camilla or his remarks about love ‘whatever that is’ etc.

    2. Not that anyone asked my opinion, but I think it’s a shame the way Charles is treated by his sons. This whole Diana tribute – over and over again, by the boys – continually drives down Charles’ popularity and does nothing but remind the public what they think they know about him (i.e. Charles being the big bad wolf to the sainted Diana).

      I find it perverse and totally lacking in love or just common sense toward their father and his position.

      What did they think would happen?

      My mother passed away some years ago and my father remarried very soon afterward (which caused enormous tension and conflict between us). My sister and I still love our mother and honor her memory, but at some point, respect and thought toward the ones still with us – my father and his wife – makes us more sensitive to how we go about doing it.

      1. I feel like a lot of this has to do with William’s issues especially because I bet Charles is telling him to step up and he doesn’t like it.
        For those of us around when Diana died, Charles was with the boys a lot and he certainly didn’t abandon them. They had been divorced for a while and it’s not like the boys expected that he would get back with Diana but for Camilla.
        The press likes to help spin that Charles is bad, but really neither parent was wholly good or evil and Charles raised them alone after Diana’s death.
        Harry still seems to have a relationship with Charles, but really William started to distance himself once the Middletons, especially Carole, played pseudo parent and served his every need. It was part of how Kate stayed in the picture because the Middletons would never say no to him, whereas Charles would. An example of this is the separate Christmas Day event. And since Kate never stands up to William, she hasn’t tried to help fix whatever is going on and let the grandkids see Charles more than they do.

      2. Since I’m a bit younger and also coming from a divorced family (but not as dramatic as H&W), it looks to me that Harry and William haven’t forgotten the mess that was their parents’ lives/marriage and still harbor some resentment towards Charles and more generally against the RF.

        Harry revealed a lot about his feelings towards in that Newsweek interview, then changed his mind in the BBC one. It makes me question his relationship with his father.
        William, for all his faults, never hid his hatred of anything resembling work and duty.

        My parents have divorced when I was very young so I grew up with that knowledge and got used to it. My father behaved badly for a long time (to stay polite), poisoning my mother’s and my family life in general. I resent him for that and always hate him for that time. Now however, he is old, not so scary anymore and I can’t help but pity him.
        What changed ? I grew up, I learned more about the story behind the divorce and actually talked with my mother. She was the one who suffered the most, yet was forgiving him.

        I suspect that Harry and William never sat down with Charles and talked with him about Diana. It pains me, because I think tried to raise them the best after Diana’s death, yet they ignore him. I hope that I am wrong, that we all are.

        1. My parents had a very acrimonious divorce, in which I was used as a weapon.

          I forgave them both eventually. I have good relationships with them,and I love my stepmom.

          W&H need to get over whatever is bothering them and their behavior towards their dad. You can see he loves them both and is proud of them, especially how he talks of Harry; I think Charles and Harry are closer. William as we know nailed his mast to the Middletons long ago because he wanted that perfect family where nobody would say boo to him but treat him like a god of his own making.

          It’s such a bizarre mess. the Diana thing made me wonder if they do it on purpose, for sympathy/attention/good PR for themselves and to use someone–the RF, their father, whatever–as the Big Bad in their lives. It’s like a child whose toys were taken away.

          1. It seems to be such an extreme if they were to do on a purpose. Royal-watching, especially, the BRF, taught me that my life was actually good and certainly not as messy as I thought it was.

            I just hope one day to get to your level of forgiveness Ellie.

            “It’s like a child whose toys were taken away.” Sums up perfectly the situation.

          2. It took a very long time. I think it helped I ended up having to move in with my dad and stepmom when my mother went into rehab (I had no idea but she was addicted to painkillers). It was a mess growing up into. I just didn’t want to hold onto it and potentially continue the family dysfunction; both sides of my family are pretty messed up… Sad to say my upbringing as crappy as it was was the most ‘normal,’ compared to my parents and grandparents…

            I do wonder if some of it is on purpose. Perhaps subconsciously. And they know the media is on their side, not their father’s, and if HM wasn’t so well-respected I doubt they’d be on hers. I respect her devotion to duty and doing the job the best she can til the day she dies, especially starting so young and how much it ruined her life in many ways from wanting to be a young mother and also screwed up Philip’s life, but the way she handles her family leaves a lot to be desired…

        2. Ellana, your comments touched me greatly. I’m sorry for the problems you endured from your parents’ divorce. The fact that you have come to understand your father better is a lesson that many could use. Talking to your mother helped, for certain. Like others, I wonder if William and Harry have talked to Charles about his relationship with Diana. All so sad. And, when you think of the children, George and Charlotte, and any others down the road, one would hope Charles would have more loving access to them. As well as to his own boys.

          1. Trust me jenny, it wasn’t and still isn’t easy. He has become mellower with age and seeing him suffering health issues made me realize that he wasn’t younger and that he wasn’t the evil representation of before.

            What I truly regret is that I won’t ever be able to have a normal, argument-free parent-child relationship with him, that his health issues might be more serious that my family expected (possible mental health related, he never got a diagnosis) and most of all, I wish I could forgive completely. It is truly hard to advance towards that step.

            For all his faults, he is still my father. We may not have talked about it between the two of us but I’m trying to be calmer and less angry in his presence, to focus on this time, with him being actually supportive of my choices, even supporting me sometimes. My mother has been a great help in this case.

            It is truly sad to see W&H&C each living while trying to ignore the big elephant around the room. It is an unpleasant conversation to have, it is draining emotionally and it hurts. But it is so necessary to advance in life, not to stay in the past and what ifs.

            If it is true that Charles doesn’t have access to his grandchildren, I am truly saddened for him. He is still their grandfather and I am afraid that when Charles will dies, W&H will regret not settling their issues with him.

            You are really a compassionate soul jenny. Bless you.

          2. Ellana, I admire you greatly. You have the courage to be understanding of your dad and that means a great deal, for certain. Please don’t be too hard on yourself.

            People can hurt one another in terrible ways, but often when we realize what is going on in a person’s mind, it helps us to understand what they did a bit better. It is hard to say that the pain one experiences from their treatment ever goes away, but time is a great healer and teaches us many things about others and ourselves.

            I will believe that your father on a certain level is sorry for his actions and sees the special person that you are! Your mother’s help must be so very comforting to you.

            Your words on this site are well thought out and show you to be a bright, sensitive and caring person. How can your family members not see that? I am sure your father does and wish him well. You, too.

          3. Let’s just say that we don’t talk a lot in my family. We trust each other not to mess up (with relationships and money) but we don’t talk about feelings or social issues (as well as mental heath) between us.

            I’m growing and learning and I hope to be a good responsible person in my life.

            Thank you for your kind words of support jenny. It means a lot to me.

          4. It sounds to me as if you are a good and responsible person, Ellana. You said you aspire to be one and it appears as if you are succeeding. We can all keep growing, yes? Best regards to you.

      3. It so baffles me how prince Charles does nothing wrong on this board. It equally baffles me how people come on here and start crucifying William and Harry for nothing really, just to say something negative about them, so mind boggling. People, these kids lived their lives, they and only they are the ones that lived with Diana and Charles. The rest of us lived our lives, not theirs and they not ours. One’s parents might have divorced and they went through hell etc etc and they eventually forgave their parents and all that goes with it, that doesn’t mean that William and Harry are the big bad wolves because they are not behaving in any particular way you approve of. It certainly doesn’t mean that these princes “should build a bridge and get over it already’!! Different situations might seem similar but they are certainly unique, each individual experiences and processes different situations uniquely. Charles wronged his sons (and he will probably spend the rest of his life trying to make up for that) therefore his sons have every right to feel the way they feel towards him and none of us has any right to tell them how they should feel. They will work out their issues, God knows how and when, but my hope and prayer is that they do work out their issues, but we as outsiders have no right to tell anyone to feel any certain way we think is how they should feel. Regarding Diana tributes, my goodness, the gall of these princes to talk about their mother!!!! How do we know they had not discussed with their father what they were gonna talk about? This tribute was for their mother, not for their father, and he too probably understood that and held nothing against his sons, we don’t know nothing that happens behind the scenes. This was their mother’s time, not their father’s. Their father is alive, we have no idea how much they communicate (my belief is they are closer than we even think they are but that’s not the issue) they still have their father to talk to on a daily basis whenever they want, their mother is gone and this is the first time they’ve talked about her in 20 years!!! And people still slight them for not bringing up their father? My goodness!!!!

        1. My goodness, indeed. I don’t appreciate the tone of your reply to me.

          I have never, EVER said Charles did nothing wrong, nor have I ever said that William and Harry “should just build a bridge and get over it already.” As someone who has lost their mother, I am keenly aware of that special kind of emotional pain and how “recovery” of a sorts is extremely personal.

          So, Charles wronged his sons, eh? How do you know that? Since their lives are behind closed doors and we have no right to speculate or say what they should and should not do?

          And, this was their mother’s time? Why? She’s dead, to put it bluntly. She doesn’t give a damn. These tributes to her 20 years later are for the living, not the dead.

          Crucifiying them? Really?

          1. I meant this as no slight to anyone in particular, it was a general comment thus my not mentioning any names, not sure how you concluded my post was about you, since Theres more here than just your post. And yes, children of unfaithful parents do wrong their kids, Charles AND Diana both admitted to affairs and other stuff that resulted in a divorce and their children growing up in a broken home, so yes Charles AND Diana did indeed wrong their sons and since Charles is the only living parent he is gonna spend the rest of his life making up for it. And yes I stand by my post that this time was for Diana’s sons to talk about their mother; their father has had them for 20 years all to himself and he still has more time, they will and they have praised their father AND their grandmother for all they did for them, this was their mothers moment. So because their mom is dead they shouldn’t talk about her but instead just talk about their living father? Who are we to decide that for them?
            And interestingly, I have never come on here and read how these guys never speak about their mother, even when they never mentioned her for years, no complaints were aired. They have teamed up with their father and done numerous interviews where they have commended their father for doing such a good job, but never, not even once have I read any complaints about why they never mention their mother! And they do a couple of interviews to commemorate their mother’s 20th anniversary but don’t mention their father and that’s made such a big issue out of? Mind boggling!! Meanwhile, as it turns out that, they did indeed commend their father and the queen for doing everything remotely possible to love and protect them from the outside world and all the media frenzy during that very difficult time!!! But none of that is good enough because the first article doesn’t have any comments about their father!! Again, mind boggling!!!

          2. @Masamf

            I concluded your post was about me because it is in reply to mine.

            If you want to make your pronouncements about Charles, Diana etc. and how terrible and how mind bogglinging judgemental we are at KMR, go ahead – just don’t do it at me.

            Thank you.

          3. Masamf, the issue is you are replying to others’ comments which makes your responses *directly to that person.* If you don’t know how to post your own statement without hopping on to criticize another person’s comment then might I suggest you learn how? As long as you continue to go off on tirades and stir the pot on other folks’ posts you’re going to get responses in kind. You only seem to like to come here to start things so make those in to your own posts and stop leaving your missives as replies specifically to other posters. It’ll make reading and responding easier for everyone.

        2. People here seem to respect Charles. I do, and respect the work Diana did, far more than I respect their sons who act like children. ‘Cause they use their mother as an excuse and play the victim instead of being grown-ass men in their mid thirties. I understand they miss their mum but airing all this crap and quite frankly grievances does nobody any good and makes them look really bad. As BP has put out through media sources–they should stop baring their souls and go to work.

          And they use that to further their own popularity at the expense of, well, the institution, really. Bringing up all these old wounds people still for some reason care about because some stranger cheated on another stranger, who cheated on him with other married men, not to mention stalking the wives and all the other BS Diana did… It brings up all the people who hate their father for something that doesn’t even affect hem, and sure makes W&H look good! They bring her up quite a lot. In PR statements, in tours, and so on. And the media still can make money off a dead woman…

          They aren’t teenagers reeling or even young men in their twenties trying to figure themselves out and sort out their grief. They are grown men acting like petulant children. People treat them with kid gloves, like children, because their mum died. Other people go through the same awful loss or worse and go on with their lives, deal with that massive hole and grief it leaves, and move forward. Use it to help other people instead of talking about her in interviews, or complaining about their super privileged life. That’s what annoys me about it personally. Sure, do some docu about your mum. Good. But stop complaining and stop milking it for all it is worth with multiple documentaries and a garden and this and that and the other thing.

          1. It’s not William and Harry’s fault that prince Charles is not very popular with some of the British folks , and they should not forsake doing whatever they feel like doing just because it will bring up bad memories in Charles haters. Regardless of whether they speak of their mother or not, people that hate Charles and Camilla will hate them, just their being together brings out all the hate towards them, so blaming the sons for how other people feel about the father is just not fair. And I probably haven’t been paying enough attention because I don’t live in Britain, but IMVHO these princes started talking about their feelings and how they processed (or didn’t process) their grief only about a couple of years ago!! For a parent that died 20 years ago, I wouldn’t call that “constantly bringin up their mother”, but to each their own. And as already mentioned different people deal with grief differently. Some people never get over loss of a loved one and they never ever can live without them thus the increased numbers of suicides because they just can’t see how they can continue living without lost person; others find it within themselves and pick up the pieces and continue living, others bottle it up and live with it, and when they can longer keep it inside it all comes gushing out while they have no way of consoling it, people deal with grief differently and different coping mechanisms work differently for different people. I know a woman whose eldest son drowned 10 years ago but she has never gotten over it 10 years later, she cries every waking moment of her life, her marriage is gone, she no longer has any relationship with her living son, she is now on disability because she can not work no more!!! My mom lost her eldest son and mourned him for a year and then picked herself up and lived again for another 17 years!. Do I think the other lady who can’t get over her grief should just build a bridge already? Absolutely not!! My mom passed away 12 years ago too. Because my mom is gone, I might think I understand how Harry and William feel etc, but I really don’t, my experiences are not theirs, neither theirs mine!!

          2. @LizB, I’ll wait until KMR tells me to stop commenting on here as this is her blog, but until then, I’ll continue posting just like everybody else. Thank you.

  22. This mess between BP and CH has been going on for a while. They tried to combined both offices a few years ago and it didn’t work out. BP and CH just do things differently. Charles does things differently from the Queen and has been freely running his office without any interference from the Queen or BP. So obviously he’s not going to listen to BP staff.

    Honestly, Charles is just going to have to fire or retire a lot of the BP staff and bring in his own people. Here in the US when a President leaves office the new President hires all new staff and sets up their administration. That is what Charles is going to have to do and the royal PR should just be honest and upfront about it instead of pretending that these are just rumors and nothing is going on behind the scenes.

    1. And by getting ahead of it pointing out why he is doing it would stave off some of the over the top criticism he gets for stuff like this. It makes sense–you want people who support you and your vision for things, not your mum’s people. Charles seems fairly modern. HM is not, as we don’t expect her to be, she’s 91. It’s the same as it has been in 1953. Look how she hasn’t taken care of BP and expected Charles to deal with it until she was confronted with having to fix it. Instead, the money that should have gone to BP, some was funneled to KP and Anmer. :/

        1. Oh, of course she is,but her delegating more and more to Charles would not surprise me. She is 91. She deserves a break of some kind, though she knows the job is for life and vowed before God she would never waver from that–which she hasn’t. She would I assume do the important real duties of the Sovereign, you can’t delegate those!

    1. I’m not a big fan of Maxima; I know a lot of bloggers love her and think she’s the best as far as married-in royals but I’m not seeing it. I don’t care for this dress.

      1. I sort of don’t mind the saturated colour and pattern but the more I look at the gown, the more it reminds me of a python’s skin.
        The jewellery is lost on the pattern of the fabric and that is quite something because the jewellery is so large. And the blue cape thingy.

        Agreed Jessica and Ellana – just ‘too much going on’.

  23. Now I read on the Express that Andrew was instrumental in getting the Private Secretary to leave. I know, I know, it’s not reliable, but this rings true to me because Andrew is the Queen’s favorite. Certainly more likely than that she did what Charles alone wanted.

    I wonder if people’s attitudes toward abdication might change if there is a series of really old folks crowned? It seems likely with the increasing longevity overall, and especially in the royal family. I certainly appreciate the younger European monarchs even if scandal did put some of them in place.

    1. I’ve read people want W&K because William and Kate are young, and men think she’s “hot,” therefore people would be more interesting. Most people think they’re so in love, and university sweethearts, Kate the normal hard working middle class girl (lolol) who married a prince. People want a fantasy, not reality.

      1. Royalty is a fantasy; it’s not reality in the sense that Elizabeth, Charles, William and George are superior in any way, shape or form. They just have a serious amount of luck and privilege. People want a side of fantasy in a ever-changing and shrinking world. If they want to believe a fantasy about the royal family, let them. As long as there are no major negative outbursts they will continue to believe a fantasy.

    2. I was surprised to read that Andrew had sided with Charles.
      It was reported Andrew’s dislike of the former Private Secretary stems from the role Sir Christopher played in forcing Andrew to step down as trade ambassador in 2011 over his friendship with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
      Another source suggested Sir Christopher controlled Andrew’s expenditure and apparently it was Sir Christopher who wanted to streamline the monarchy, not Charles.
      It sounds like Andrew had an axe to grind but who knows. Very interesting reading.

      1. Andrew is a tool so him being more involved than this and pushing HM towards it seems more his personality and style IMO. Andrew gets HM to do anything, she’s his favorite. After all, he has slept with 17 year old girls and didn’t get in trouble. 😐

          1. Yes. And here he had the reputation of being the handsome war-hero, but everything else combined with the attirude and arrogance… Yuck.

            Edward seems to be very gentle hearted and kind, from all I have read of him, and shy. A gentleman. So different from Andrew.

          2. In society there are individuals who are ethical and those who are not. The royal family is no different in this respect.

            From what I read, Andrew and Edward appear to be like night and day.

          1. +1

            Very much. A shame really as I do think some of his projects like Pitch@Palace are pretty cool, and he helped raise two daughters who seem like wonderfully kind people. He obviously loves them dearly. So even someone who’s a scumbag like Andrew can have some good in ihm.

  24. I need a BRF historian; who were the last BRF twins (with titles to make things easier). I couldn’t find any when I did a search myself.

        1. I think for the Brits, it is that far back, so not the Windsors technically though they are distantly related to the Stuarts of course. Isn’t that crazy?

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