William takes George to school, Kate calls out sick

William takes George to school, Kate calls out sick

Prince George started school at Thomas’s Battersea on September 7. Prince William and Kate Middleton were both supposed to accompany the little prince to his first day of school, but Kate bowed out as she was reportedly too ill to attend.

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George arrived for his first day dressed in his school uniform and accompanied by his father. The pair were met by the Head of Lower School before William took George inside to his reception classroom.

Kensington Palace released a photo of William and George taken at Kensington Palace in London shortly before they left for George’s first day of school. The photo was taken by Chris Jackson, who said: “The first day of school is an exciting time for any child, and it was great to see Prince George with a big smile on his face next to Dad, The Duke of Cambridge, ahead of their first school run together.”

Prince George first day of school cs
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This is a very quick post as I am preparing for the hurricane. Here is a video and more photos:

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174 thoughts on “William takes George to school, Kate calls out sick

    1. +1

      Yes, be safe KMR and I hope the storm passes with little damage.

      Kimothy, I hope you and Missy are safe too.

      Meghan, I hope you and your family are out of harm’s way now?

      1. I don’t know if you were referring to me or another Meghan here but we are safe. We left Key West at 8pm Tuesday night and arrived safely in Cove Spring, GA at 2am yesterday morning. We took alternate routes instead of the interstate and had no trouble getting up here.

        1. Hi Meghan
          Yes, I was thinking of you. Thanks for the up date and letting us all know you are safe. Great idea to take the side roads to avoid the crowd. (Still getting my head around the thought of all the people on the move, it’s more than the population of New Zealand!)

          Stay safe!

          1. 1/3 of Florida’s population evacuated. It’s unfathomable to me. I’m glad Irma has lost some steam but a category 3 storm is still nothing to sneeze at.

    2. I join my voice to the others, to wish to you KMR as well as Kimothy, Meghan and your families and beloved to be safe.

      I’ll pray for you. Please let us know when you are out of harm’s way.

      1. A similar heartfelt “stay safe” to all from me, as well.
        KMR, you are still working! I hope you have boarded the residence and perhaps gone to safer grounds. Kimothy, did you get your meds? Meghan, I hope you are in a safer place. All others, too.

        Will be keeping all in my prayers and do let us know how all is going. xxoo Jenny and family

        1. Jenny,

          I got my meds, thank you !! Missy and I are in Destin with a friend. We’re good! No work yesterday or Monday! I’ve been keeping in touch with family and friends via Facebook and texting.

          My Facebook page is linked so you can send me a message or go to my page for updates. It’s set to public right now.

          It’s gorgeous outside but I’m pooped so nap time!

          Kimothy & Missy

          1. So glad you are well.
            You and Missy. Don’t laugh, but I don’t use Facebook. I am stuck in a different decade, even though I live in 2017. So, stay well and thanks for letting us know how you both are, Kimothy. Was it bad? I will never forget the winds on the night of Hurricane Sandy and the sounds of the massive trees in the neighborhood where my apt was as they hit the ground. Ugh.
            All the best to you and everyone in the path of that bad Irma!

          2. Hi Jenny! Missy and I are fine. Right now we’re experiencing a lot of wind and rain but that’s it. Power is still on and all of that. No work today and tomorrow.

            Hope my fellow KMRs who experienced Irma are fine as well. Hugs!

      2. I add my voice, we were speaking of this this morning, how so many people are facing dangers, fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes terrorist attacks, and how we have only prayers to offer, but you and all may count on them. I realized as well that I genuinely care about people whom I’ve never met, that I have family in so many places, and pray for their safety during the disaster, and their healing after. This takes precedence over anything the ‘fools in the firm’ do or don’t.

      3. Thank you. We won’t be allowed to go home for weeks. We are grateful that my husband’s company joined a union in August, else we wouldn’t have any income while we’re displaced. So, while we’re stuck in Georgia for now we’re fine. We homeschooled already and our home is on wheels. It’s just different scenery for a while.

    3. To KMR and all others in Irma’s path, I add my “stay safe” wishes. Some years ago I vicariously experienced the effects of a hurricane as my mom lived in Central Florida, where bands of a major hurricane repeatedly circled over. She was left without power for over two weeks (in 90+ degree heat), something that seemed unimaginable to me, a Northerner, where an ice storm or tornado might take out power for maybe a day. It left me with an appreciation not only of the force of the hurricane but the long aftermath that must be overcome.

    1. Thank you. My home was fine, and I really do feel fortunate. Lots of people I know were not so lucky. Things seem to be getting back to normal in Houston, slowly.

  1. I love this official photo. I think this is one of, if not the best, of all the official photos of the Cambridges so far. Anyways, be safe KMR!

    1. It’s my favorite of all the photographs of George I’ve ever seen, official or not–so lovely to see him happy and so at ease. And I think it’s one of the best recently of William, too.

      1. I think George is really comfortable with Chris Jackson, and that’s why Chris takes the best pics of George! Poor thing looked terrified of the first day of school and the press pack!

        1. Reportedly there wasn’t going to be a press pack there – they said beforehand that it would only be Chris Jackson at the school.

  2. “Reportedly too ill to attend” kind of implies you may not believe that was the case, given the statement from KP that explicitly said that was why she wasn’t there. Do you honestly think that? There’s a lot to criticize W&K for, but this feels like a serious reach.

    Stay safe.

    1. I think we can maybe cut KMR some slack here given that this was a quick post as she’s preparing for one of the deadliest hurricanes in history. I don’t know if her choice of words was necessarily that intentional given the circumstances.

      In any case, I wholeheartedly believe that Kate would’ve been there if she weren’t legitimately sick. I feel quite bad for her that she had to miss seeing her first child off on his first day of school.

      1. Me too – that’s why I asked the question, because I genuinely don’t know. I know it’s easy for words to be misconstrued even in the best of circumstances. All of this obviously pales in comparison to the rage Mother Earth is taking out on our planet right now.

    2. I did not see an official statement from KP, I saw tweets from reporters on Twitter several days ago, which is why I said “reportedly”. I didn’t do much digging for this post. I just scrolled through KP’s Twitter feed and they didn’t mention it. But I remember reporters mentioning it on Twitter a couple days ago, which is why I said it and said “reportedly”. The word choice wasn’t meant to be a slight against Kate; it was meant to say that I didn’t confirm what I read previously (because I didn’t have time).

    3. It bothers me when people think Kate might be faking morning sickness. I’m sure she would have been there if she could. She wouldn’t want to miss George’s first day of school.

      1. +1

        So do I.
        Starting school is a big milestone for both children and their parents. I believe any parent, including Kate, would be disappointed to miss such a special occasion. To not be able to accompany George and William indicates to me that Kate was too ill to attend.

          1. Spectator: my point an opinion stand. I haven’t seen anyone question her morning sickness. I disagree with your opinions in general on Kate so will respond no further.

        1. No one has questioned the morning sickness, but only the HG. Especially because a doctor needs to actually diagnose this after a few weeks of extreme morning sickness and we know a week prior to this, Kate looked fine. KP called it HG when it would have been impossible for a diagnosis to be made.

          Kate may be sad to miss the first day for George, but that is what happens in life and she will certainly make it to Charlotte’s first day and the one for baby three. Not all parents in the U.K. even have the luxury of taking a day off work to drop their child off to the first day of school because they can’t afford to not work. So maybe we should put this event in context of how serious it is. George had a parent bring him to school and he seemed fine with that.

          1. +1 I’ve had to have another parent take my kid to the first day of school with their child before. Normal people often have real jobs and can’t just show up for these things. Whiny & Waity are spoiled beyond belief.

          2. You guys are so disturbing. You can’t ‘question’ a woman’s illness. Are you her doctor? Her uterus? No right? Maybe have so respect and accept her for her word. It’s because of people like you that we have issues of women not seeking help. Cause they think they’re exaggerating.

          3. A lot of women who post here have dealt with HG. We know what it is like.

            Do you?

            It requires losing 15-20% of your body weight from all the vomiting over a period of weeks, not diagnosed immediately. Kate was fine last week. She is sick like most women are, but with HG, absolutely not, the signs are no no no.

            I wasn’t even diagnosed with HG but probably had it. I did go to hospital and got IV fluids. It sucked.

            I lost about 20lbs in the first trimester. When I had my kid, full term, I was under my pre-pregnancy weight.

            I spent most of my pregnancy vomiting. Lying on the bathroom floor, crying. Wanting to die. I could only eat baked potatoes, drink soda, and sometimes chicken was okay.

            Unable to do what Kate has done, such as go to Mustique. Or drive past various hospitals to make sure I was at the London one so I’d get photographed. I could barely get in the car without wanting to die.

            So Kate making a mockery of that suffering is kind of infuriating. All to avoid work.

            If they said she just had regular morning sickness, and wasn’t feeling well, people wouldn’t have an issue. But KP lies and we’ve caught ’em out.

          4. It bothers me because HG and morning sickness so often become conflated. I think that KP is confused, frankly. Because having gone through months and months of such severe nausea and vomiting and losing so much weight that they literally had to weigh me every week to see if my baby was growing, it just irks me.

      2. I agree with Ellie and others (e.g., Nic919): she may well be ill with morning sickness, but Kate does not have HG. Not this time, not with the first two. She would be more ill (i.e., hospitalised) for longer (i.e., most if not all of the pregnancies) if it was true HG. To have her fine a little over a week ago and then all of a sudden onset with HG, which in her last pregnancies disappeared quickly, does not pass the smell test.

        That said, as a mother I find it almost impossible to believe that she would have missed George’s first day at school unless she were very ill, HG or no. And she would have also looked like a fool/liar if she had been unable to attend “work” a few days before miraculously recovering in time for George’s first day. So my instinct says she is suffering bad morning sickness, but not HG.

        All the very best, KMR. Stay safe.

        1. HG is a range; I think it’s wrong that people are saying she’s faking a medical condition. Everyone doesn’t have extremely severe symptoms but still have HG.

          1. This is the third time KP has announced she has HG. If she had not been properly diagnosed with HG, someone with access to her medical records would have blown the whistle by now. And they haven’t!

          2. I’m assuming the U.K. has something similar to the US’s HIPPA law that would make it illegal for healthcare workers to talk about a pt’s medical hx.

          3. KP has said HG, then downgraded to morning sickness; HG makes Kate more of a special snowflake and gets her out of work instead of bog-standard morning sickness that gets so many other women.

            Kate does not have HG. I wouldn’t have been able to get up and prance around in Diana’s garden last week that’s for damned sure when I was pregnant.

          4. @Ellie

            Again, you are not her doctor and you may not even be in the medical field. You cannot say she doesn’t have HG. It’s wrong of you to continue to say that she doesn’t have it when you have no proof other than you just don’t like Catherine.

          5. To the posters saying the truth would have been leaked by now from a nurse/doctor/etc if Kate really didn’t have HG.

            Does anyone ever wonder – we all remember when Kate was pregnant with George and the Australian radio show called the hospital pretending to be HM and the nurse apparently have private medical info about K and when it came out that it was a prank the nurse took her own life? What private medical info would have been so potentially damning? The private info was redacted and the full story seemed to have been somewhat suppressed and it was a horrible thing that happened.

            That all happened when Kate was in her first trimester and it forced them to announce the pregnancy earlier than intended. M

        2. If KP had not made false statements so often in the past to cover up W&K’s lack of work people might be more likely to believe the HG story. For example, the KP story that Will could not do royal duties because civil aviation rules required him to “rest” when not working for the air ambulance company, the story that they could not attend Paralympic events because they were busy preparing for their Far East tour when they were really vacationing in France and performing “marital acts” on a balcony, the KP stories explaining the  official appearances Kate makes in London are sometimes unavoidably brief due to other pressing engagements too often followed by papped photos of what those pressing engagements were—shopping trips, the hoopla over the St. Pat’s ceremony the yr before last- Kate couldn’t come to the only-a-few-hours-long traditional yearly ceremony because she was prioritizing time with her children yet the next day she showed up at an event with freshly cut and freshly dyed hair. W&K have only themselves to blame if these days people don’t automatically believe statements from KP. It’s possible Kate has an unusual form of HG…it isn’t constant so she could do the Diana’s garden event, it goes away to allow flying off on vacation, it allows her to drive herself to distant hospitals as she did with when expecting George, it ends about when ordinary (but often miserable) morning sickness usually ends, it doesn’t involve noticeable weight loss, it never lasts for the full pregnancy so Kate feels confident planning a home birth…but I can see why people doubt it.

          1. Exactly Lizabeth! People are so quick to believe everything that comes from KP PR without employing any critical thinking skills. W+K’s past actions speak louder than any fluffy press release/tweets/photos from KP, & they have only themselves to blame.

    1. I love that photo too.

      No matter if you think Chris Jackson gets special privileges because his wife is a member of Kate’s staff, he does take very nice photos. Take a look at his Instagram account and you will see what I am talking about.

      1. I love Chris Jackson’s photographs. He truly is talented not just with the techniques of photography but with putting at people at ease, too.

        I do think, however, he needs to either be the royals’ private photographer or a royal press photographer–not both. He could continue with Getty’s covering other subjects.

  3. What a beautiful, natural foto! It’s so nice.I have the feeling-but don’t mean any harm by it for Kate- that is sometimes nice to see just one parent with George or Charlotte.We always saw them together with their chileren.Nevertheless, I feel with Kate for missing her son’s first day, no matter why.
    Also, stay safe, all those people endangered, it sounds horrible!

  4. That Chris Jackson photo is gorgeous! George is so cute. Did you also see the pictures of George’s cousin, Maud Windsor? She started in the same class on the same day, also adorable, also taken by her dad, Lord Frederick Windsor. (hoping the hurricane passes swiftly and all are safe)

  5. Best wishes to all in the cyclone path – they seem to be more frequent and at a higher frequency this year – we get them in Australia too – but in the northern areas closer to the Equator – so while they wreck havoc it is generally in an area of lower population (we only have a total of 25M people across a similar but a bit smaller land mass excl Alaska). The news reports of people trying to get out of Florida are confronting.

  6. I think Prince William taking George to his first day was very sweet. George looked miserable and shy though so I hope he cheered up when he saw his cousin Maud, and had a good first day at school.
    Kate will regret not going I am sure but being ill the best thing was to rest.
    I find it a bit creepy that William is giving the teacher quite a bit of eye contact. Or maybe it is me. I think that the teacher did well in encouraging George.

    1. William and George’s photo is great. I think knowing the photographer helped George relax more. Such a very loving shot of father and son.

      I do believe Kate was not feeling well enough to take George such a long distance to school I know she must have felt badly miss the special time in her boy’s life. Thankfully, there are news feeds she can enjoy watching time and time again. In the meantime, I really think George was happy to have his dad around!

      My dad took me to my first day at kindergarten because my mom had to be at the hospital that morning since her dad took a bad turn after a surgery. Thankfully, he did well as the day progressed.. Mom dressed me and got me all prepared for the big day and I have great memories of my parents on that morning. My father’s hand holding mine with such reassurance was a comfort then and still warms my heart. As do my Mom’s special words as she helped me get ready. Her goodbye kiss, too.

      It was nice to see little Maud’s dad take her to school, too. She’s a little cutie. Oh, that hair!

      1. I have memories of starting primary school too. Of my friends from nursery school starting with me and of my dad picking me up. None of my mother. My mum was always sad.
        I give Kate the benefit of the doubt but I think if someone wants to be there they will.
        Maud being there must have influenced the Cambridge’s. However I think because Maud being a girl helped for some reason.

    2. I am starting to think maybe, W&K’s decision to send George to St Thomas in Battersea was influenced by Maud attending the same school? And they wanted him to be at school with his cousin so that he already knows someone?

    3. What is “creepy” about making eye contact with the head teacher? Where should he have looked while he was talking to her, the sky?

        1. And can I add that if you are speaking to a person with hearing problems then it’s more than good manners, it will allow them to read your lips. If they wear hearing aids then it still helps them to look at them as that points the sound of your voice in their direction.

    4. I also found the picture of William and the headmistress greeter in pink looking at each other to be very weird. With the holding hands, it appears as if she is his wife and George’s mom. Very strange photo. I bet KP does not like it.

  7. I felt so bad foe kate… she was probably so bummed about not being able to go.. and George so sweet and shy ..the head teacher was ready..I love it all… so sweet

  8. Great picture on KP steps! And I am glad to see proper length shorts and socks. The last photo shows how children pick up cues from parents; I think George may be anxious because William is tense during photo calls. In my day, only moms did the first day school run, dads were at work. I am a dinosaur. Nice to see a dad stepping up.

    1. The school’s uniform is a much better length of shorts on George or any young boy. Hope that Kate or whoever picks out his clothes will take note.

    2. I started first grade elementary school in the early 2000s and where I live it was also only mothers doing the school run because the fathers were at work – so you’re not a dinosaur at all, it still is (or was, only a few years ago) this way 🙂

    3. My husband sends my second child to Playgroup while I’m at work.
      This is rare for my mom’s generation but for the current generation, I am glad that dads are getting more involved (and for some, as involved as moms) with their kids upbringing. 🙂

  9. KMR and all other Floridans and Texans here- please stay safe and take care of each other. How frightening to have to experience the largest recorded hurricane.

  10. How I wish that we could dispense with the snarky comments to other posters when we disagree. It seems mostly by posters who come here to start an argument. Surely we are adults who can agree to disagree without negative personal comments? I come here for fun and frivolity, and sometimes I learn something, too. In the grand scheme of things, it’s only fandom, none of this is earth-shaking or important. Especially now, when so many, including our dear KMR, are packing up, worrying about themselves, families and pets in the face of a terrible storm, or cleaning up after the storm, we can be polite.

    1. I agree. And as a curly-haired girl myself I don’t understand why so many people think curls must be straightened in order to look well groomed or professional. Variety is the spice of life!

      1. My hair is thick and coarse. I used to straighten it but one step outside into Louisiana humidity it just went poof. I finally gave in, cut it shoulder length and have embraced full wavey hair. So Kate, embrace the wave!

      2. Do you have advice on how to make curly hair look professional ? I’d rather avoid ironing it, as my hair is really dry. Thanks in advance

        1. THere are some products by a NYC hairdresser, named Quidad. Her products that carry her name are supposedly a blessing to curly heads everywhere. Embrace the curls and give it shine. Also Carol’s Daughter has a product line that is moisturizing and helpful. American products, but I assume are sold elsewhere.

          1. That product line is Ouidad, not with a “Q”, Also, the Carole’s Daughter products are so good for dry hair. One of the shampoos stripped color from one of my friend’s hair too quickly, but the dryness was gone. She weighed the options and liked the less dry look and stopped coloring her hair for a while.

  11. Thanks for posting, KMR. Lovely photo on the steps! I hope George had a good first day and will look forward to going back to school each morning.

    1. Hope all the readers in the path of Irma are safe !
      Lovely photo of William and George on the steps. George does look a little nervous in some of the other pictures but that is normal! I’m sure Catherine felt even worse for missing this event.

  12. Sweet picture of father and son but the poor boy looks absolutely terrified. In fact, when I saw the released picture, I couldn’t believe it was the same child!

    Like I said, Missy and I are fine. To the other KMR members riding out Irma too, hugs, love and prayers!

    1. My daughter started kindergarten last week, and more than half the kids looked terrified! Only natural. Today (start of the second week) was slightly better – only slightly! Royal children – they’re just like ours!

  13. Thinking of you KMR, Kimothy, Missy and all of you who are suffering from Harvey, Irma & Jose. I can’t even begin to imagine how terrifying these storms are for you all.

    I do adore George….so many emotions in one beautiful little face. He really does have the most gorgeous bond with William. William is always more likeable when he’s sharing time with George. The snark and bad attitude isn’t there.

    Maud Windsor and that riot of red hair, she’s adorable.

    And for all of those that need a smile today here’s the star turn……what a personality this little one has!


    1. Gah she’s too cute! Love the pics of her and the little boy, He with his big ribbon and she with her teddy. It’s a shame we don’t get pics of George and Charlotte like that.
      She’s may fav lil Royal out of the BRF
      Thanks for sharing

    2. Mrs. BBV, on your comment “so many emotions in one beautiful face” – I had the strange advantage of watching the video over a poor Internet connection, so that there were innumerable split-second freeze frames that caught the shifting expressions. Priceless.

      1. Quite a little doll, that Mia. And, Charlie! Too cute, also. I loved seeing them holding hands in so many photos, Thanks for the smiles, Mrs. BBV.

  14. To all in the path of Irma stay safe! The satellite images of the three hurricanes are amazing to see.
    As much as I hate Chris Jackson always getting the pic it shows here that George is comfortable with him. The Windsor men have a trait of one hand in the pocket for pic and funny to see George doing the same thing at his age.

  15. George looks so adorable. I hope he enjoyed his first couple days of school. That woman, though. She’s taken a page right out of Kate’s boom. Blerghy dress and showing off the goods. She ain’t got no undergarments on, ma. Kate was there in spirit.

    I hope you’re safe, KMR and others also in the path of Irma. We pulled up our lines and hit the road at 8pm Tuesday night. Stayed off the interstate and made it to GA fine without sitting in traffic or having to wait more than 10 minutes for gas. I am continually grateful that we chose the fulltime RV lifestyle and our home is on wheels. We didn’t have to leave anything behind.

      1. Thank you. We will get a tropical depression in this part of Georgia. That’s easy to ride out and won’t threaten much except maybe flood prone areas. Sure beats riding out a Cat 3 hurricane any day.

    1. I thought the teachers dress was beautiful, I’d buy it if I had the money. She would have undies on, there are seamless undies out there where you can’t see any VPL.

      1. The dress isn’t lined and she wasn’t wearing a slip. You could see everything, including her nipple on her left side since she had no bra on. She had no undergarments on.

        1. I didn’t think she had underwear on either, but after my saying you could see her nipple, I was chicken about posting the other remark. I don’t think she honestly believed one could see through that dress. Oh, well. William’s used to that with Kate! (a joke, Sugars).

        2. You really think that woman wasn’t wearing any underwear? Not even a thong. Seriously she’s a lower school principal and going commando just isn’t likely.

          1. Jessica, if you look at the photo carefully, you can see through the dress pretty clearly. It’s not lined and she did not wear a slip. I know many a grade school teacher who dresses rather daringly. I’m not saying she was not wearing underwear, but perhaps it was a thong. But really, you saw the entire curve of her legs and buttock area and if she was wearing panty hose, you still saw quite a bit. I’m not accusing her of being indecent. Obviously, she was most kind and very good with George, but I am certain as others said, she is not used to being photographed and that picture showed more than I would have imagined. I have no idea what kind of a dress code the school has for staff memgers, but thh thought of even having to remind people to wear undergarments may have been overlooked, if there is a code, because I think most teachers/administrators wear such garments.

  16. Stay safe!! I’ll take my New England blizzards over your hurricanes any day.

    It must have been so hard for Kate to miss day one. I think the added pressure of it being so heavily photographed and publicized would have made me stay home too.

  17. Wishing the best to all those in Irma’s path. We survived Harvey and I wish the best and prayers to all those in Irma’s path.

  18. How is everyone doing with the hurricane? <3 I'm worried about you guys! I have so much family in Florida, some are going to be okay and some I think like in St Pete/Tampa will get decimated… :/ Everybody is safe, as far as I know…

    1. I’m watching my home (Key West) blow away on my hospital room TV in Georgia. Our physical home is a 38′ 5th wheel trailer parked 15 minutes away, though, so we really don’t stand to lose anything besides maybe some items in our storage unit on Big Coppit Key. I’m grateful that I was here when I needed the ER and not down south.

      1. Whoa, Meghan, are you ok? I wish you the best and will be sending good thoughts and prayers your way. So stressful, I am sure. Try to relax and enjoy the Peach State. In due time, when you return to Florida, may help be there for all who need it.,

  19. OMG, How shy George is. I loved how he greeted the woman but quicky hold his dad’s hand again.

    Off topic. I had my mother sick at hospital so I didn’t come here. Only days after I saw the posts. I don’t want to offend anyone but I want to put my oppinion on Meghan Markle’s Vanity Fair interview. Honestly? It really isn’t about she giving the interview, she can do that for she is an actress. But given that both William and Harry have been very, very private, it’s kind of… odd, for Harry specifically to let someone close to him to talk about their relationship. The VF story only shows that Meghan has no clue about the Brits nor the BRF. A) VF would have never done a story on her if she wasn’t dating Harry. B) Everyone knows that. So what is this supposed to be good for? Everyone who loves her is drooling over it. Everyone who hates her is mad about it. But many who used to be indifferent about her or stay neutral are actually starting to dislike her. Guys, a lot of people are losing their heads and speculating an engagement because of Meghan VF interview. Let’s not forget the “Harry loves Cressida” Tatler cover, in which Cressie talked about H a little bit, of course not as openly as MM because she wasn’t suicidal and they didn’t get married. Tbh, Imho it would’ve been more likely an engagement coming from an interview given to Tatler, a high society british magazine, than AMERICAN Vanity Fair. Yes because many say that Meghan gave this interview with the approval of Harry and the Palace but a ask you why would the Palace prepare the UK public for an engagement through a US magazine?? The BRF would be preparing MM in the UK media legit outlet targeted for the British people and the rest of the Commonwealth. Harry FD won’t be representing the people of the US, she will be representing the UK and the Commonwealth. Since when do royals prepare for an engagement announcement by having the bf or gf give an interview talking about the relationship? isn’t the relationship itself a preparation? I mean haven’t we been getting stories about an announcement since the beginning of this year? If this is indeed the intention then I do not understand the logic behind it. Harry is a man who has complained publicly and continuously about his privacy and so to show just how private he is, he agrees to let his gf give an interview and talk about how happy and in love they are? Come on. If the interview had been in support of something, I may have understood her being asked a personal question and deciding to give an answer. But this was just to promote their relationship. This is what reality tv stars do. Actual celebrities, the important or what is referred to as A list don’t even do this. This is so cheesy and cheap, like a cheap romance novel. You can’t imagine the Queen telling a reporter ‘I’ve never defined myself by my relationship’. Anyone who sincerely thinks that Harry and KP “signed off” on the interview simply don’t understand how the BRF works. Sorry, but you don’t. Meghan is an actress. She is entitled to publicise herself. It would be monumentally selfish of Harry to stop her doing that…it’s her career. KP will understand that too.

    Kensington Palace employ very, very experienced press officers. They KNOW how something is likely to play. It is close to impossible that they didn’t realise this would bring about howls of “hypocrisy” and make Harry (and Meghan) look bad. They got seriously burned with the November statement and it’s been very clear that they/Harry have been doing their best to keep the relationship as private as possible.
    The only apparent explanation for this is the one the sugars are clinging to….it’s a roll out to engagement.
    No. That’s not how they’d go about things. Introducing a royal bride by making her and the 5th in line to the throne into flaming hypocrites? Promoting the notion of a “great love story” when all Harry ever talks about is wanting to be “normal”?
    A roll-out would be sensible appearances together. Her sitting alongside him at IG says what a million words never could. And yes she COULD do that because he’s not performing a royal duty – it’s his charity & he’s there as the founder, not in representation of the Queen, which is rather different.
    The backlash of this has been enormous…when even Emily Andrews (fan girl number one) raises her eyebrows, you know this has been a serious misstep. A misstep unlikely to be made by any press savvy professional…but highly likely to be made by a vain, boastful actress lost in her own narrative of a “fairytale romance”. Emily has been wroting fairtales stories about the couple like Meghan living at Kensington Palace and that Harry closed the NHM for a “romantic date nigth” with Meghan. The problem is that for what I know a girlfiren CAN’T live at a royal palace because royal protocol frowns upon it ant the date night was denied by the museum. Harry-Meghan romance has been the weirdest I ever seen. These recent pics of the couple in Africa ARE photoshopped (my cousin who work with photoshop and saw the pics said that). I am not saying they didn’t go to Africa but the pics are YES photoshopped. Its like the car picture of Harry and Meghan arriving at Pippa’s evening part, remember? That pic is photoshopped too. These photoshopped pics appeared in The Sun, where Emily Andrews works and she wrote the Africa story. When you has to photoshop pics to get a story something is wrong. Good luck those who believe in Emily Andrews.

    There’s a reason the BRF don’t talk about their deepest, most private feelings. They are not just being po-faced. It’s because it opens the door and entitles the press to raise the issue forever more.
    You cannot – CANNOT – use the press to get a message across (“We are so in love”) and then refuse to ever go down that path again. Harry (if we believe the sugars) wanted to get that out there – but still wants to demand privacy?
    No. Doesn’t work like that. He knows that. KP/BP/CH know that. Meghan does not. And she’s already demonstrated a need for a narrative for this relationship…she spent months dropping as many hints and clues as she could reasonably get away with. She wrote a self-congratulatory article about what an amazing humanitarian and virtual saint she is just ONE WEEK before the relationship broke. As soon as it did she gleefully posted spooning bananas and elephant tea pots.
    Now the article….sounding like a babbling 16 yr old with her first serious crush. E! News confirmed that this was done by NBCU (which promotes Meghan’s show Suits) and the Palace wouldn’t go through an American tabloid. American People are not part of the commonwealth so this would never happen if it was organised by the BRF.
    Many praises Meghan for her “humanitarian” wrok but I ask you “So, a single week-long visit to India and a smattering of of “essays” is all the the World’s Greatest Humanitarian & Activist ™ Meghan Markle has to show for a year? She’s not one to downplay her “accomplishments” so we’ve likely heard about everything she’s done. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on other things like work, but don’t label yourself a humanitarian then do the absolute bare minimum to be able to keep calling yourself one.“
    So I don’t get it. Harry attacks the press for writing about his love life and now MM gives gig interview about their love life. She can NOT speak FOR Harry. If privacy is the most important thing, do like Prince Felipe (now King) of Spain. He dated Letizia( a newscaster) for a year+ and no one was the wiser until he presented her as his intended bride. They were even “introduced” to each other at an event (on camera) while they were dating and no one was aware. In hindsight when you look at the video of this you can see a twinkle in their eyes as they have a secret. Now that was a very private romance and they seem to be a very solid couple. From now on Meghan CAN’T complain about harassment. If she wants privacy she certainly has the wrong boyfriend and future.
    Well, there were always doubt if Harry and Meghan started dating while she was still living with her fromer boyfriend. In the interview she said she and Harry stared dating in July and dated secretly for 6 months before it got news. Well their relationship became news end of october and Harry released his statement on November 8, so if he and Meghan were dating “secretly” for six months so they started dating on May and she was YES still in a relationship with her former boyfriend. Math does not lie. And now this self-promotion interview. She simply could not resist trying to turn it into the love affair of the century. “We’re so in love. It’s so special. Just for us. I love a great love story”. I think he and Meghan will end. She is the last thing the BRF need. The very last.

    Thank you for the attention and have a great Sunday everybody.

    Hope you are safe KMR. Kisses.

    1. I agree. I’m trying so hard o remains neutral and give her a chance. I actually love her VN work and I was so excited when I found out Harry was dating her, both because she seems intelligent and because she’s poc, but she’s getting more and more dissapoibting. I want to love her, but she’s making it hard. I’m not happy about the magazine at all. Kate didn’t even give such a. Interview and she dated William for ten years, not ten months.

      1. This is how I feel about Meghan. I want to be happy about it and for her and Harry but it just is all so.. I don’t know. The interview is so fake celebrity California/Hollywood girl, you know? And looking into her humanitarian work when it is really quite minimal… Meh.

        I want to like her, I really do. Just like I am happy to compliment William or Kate when they get it right.

        1. Exactly. Meghan lied to get work, she herself said on a video “I was such a fraud”. The VF interview was organised by NBCU who apart of USA network who own Suits.
          Meghan said when was 11, she wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton and others about a soap commercial she saw implying women should be in the kitchen. The then First Lady and the US journalist Linda Ellerbee replied and the advert was altered. Hillary not first Lady during the riots. Hillary not first Lady during the riots. Barbara Bush was.

          Meghan is no charity worker. Of 800 H Wood celebs she is ranked 779. She has spent all of ten days on chrity work in 3 trs. She did one appearance at the UN where she blatantly lied about the Ivory Soap thing. Her other charity work consists of a fashion shoot in Rwanda – which she never visited again. And her hastily put together trip to India in January. That is hardly the mark of a charity worker.
          And she claimed for privacy when her relationship with Harry became public. Meghan Markle’s complaint to IPSO, November 2016 – “Our client has no intention of discussing her relationship”. Addendum, September 2017 – “unless she scores the cover of a major magazine”. She said in the VF interview she was not defined by her relationship but you do not get on the cover of Vanity Fair with a modest little drama like Suits. It is not The Sopranos, Breaking Bad or Game Of Thrones. And as I said before many think this interview was approver by the palace. NO. PH/KP did NOT approve of the article. How do I know? Journalism 101. It would have been the Banner Headline. (BH: a newspaper headline running across a whole page, especially one on the front page.) AND, such an “approval” would have appeared in EVERY hitch-hiking article. Reading something or being aware of something is NOT the same as APPROVAL. . . . p.s. M and her team are in damage control mode. Damage Control is NOT needed if they had PH/KP “approval”.

    2. I love you. Know that Jamel. That’s what I told at MMR and I’m told that I’m hater. Go figures. Glad you’re here to word it better than me.

      And I send my best well wishes to your mother. I’ll pray for a swift recovery.

    1. That is interesting. I wonder if it would be possible. They can get the doctors/nurses/staff at home so she would be safe if something happened but isn’t it better at the hospital ? Somehow it is a throwback to the older times when people and royals gave birth at home. Did one of the contemporary (for the past 50 years) royals gave birth at home ?

      1. It looks like Queen Elizabeth gave birth to all of her children in Buckingham Palace except for Princess Anne who was born at Clarence House.

        I think it’s fine for Catherine to give birth at home since she’s had 2 very healthy deliveries.

        1. I read this article also and was a bit surprised. Possibly because English Royals in recent history have chosen to give birth in hospital. Or at least the ones I can think of.

          However, she would have the very best medical assistance and they are close to the hospital in case of emergency.
          Kate’s previous deliveries were apparently low risk. I don’t believe she would endanger her life or the baby’s if giving birth at home was a risk. Bonus – she doesn’t have to front the media before leaving the hospital.

          If Kate wants a home birth why not?

          1. at BP they have a whole surgical operation room. Sh*t can go down fast in a home birth; I’ve known women who have lost babies and nearly lost their lives, they were so foolish and their midwives wouldn’t take them to the doctor. It is heartbreaking. They would pay for that for Kate, too? They being the taxpayer…

            I think it’s the usual KP PR deflection.

          2. Oh, I doubt it’s true, too, but I notice when stuff goes down for them–ie criticism–they bring out something silly like “look Kate wants to be like the Queen or the Queen Mum!” Part of the media holding them up and protecting them fro the most part.

    2. More power to her but the risks are higher with her advanced maternal age, so I’d think they’d be more concerned this time than last. Of course this is neither the Heir nor the Spare so I guess they don’t care as much. If my home wasn’t a center of stress and chaos at all times I would’ve loved to have had a home birth. Nothing about being at home would be relaxing and conducive to labor.

      1. Also, if she does actually have HG, it puts her pregnancy and delivery at a higher risk, so a home birth would be out of the question. This is probably just a made up DM story anyway.

  20. I often wish that those that want to comment about Meghan Markle would post over on the Medghan Markle Review blog page instead of this blog, which is name Kate Middleton Review. Just pick the most recent blog page and post at the bottom of the page. Snarky, I know. but it makes no sense to write posts about MM in this blog. IMO. Delete comment if you want to KMR.

    1. Because those Meghan comments have been the same old wash and repeat comments on MMR… it’s so boring… so now they are bringing it to kmr….it’s like if no one is listening there so they are going to repeat it here…looking for an audience. I hope kate feels better soon! I secretly hope they are having twins!!!

      1. I’m so bored by all of them. I don’t think Meghan is a good fit for the RF and Kate is a mute mannequin. Not much else to say.

  21. Firest and foremost, two comments of support to those who have been affected by storms and terrorism. My thoughts are with Florida and her people and I am hoping that those who post here are safe. Perhaps, power is out? Perhaps, but hopefully minimal damage to llife and property. Amazing how the storm swung more to the west coast, but I think the entire state has been affected, so good luck to all. If you are able, Floridians and KMR and friends, do let us know how you are. Also, I hope Houston and Louisida are now coping with help from the aftermath of Harvey.

    Today is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in the U.S. and the pain is still there for so many. They just had the moments of silence for each minute that a plane hit the Twin Towers. They are reading the names of those who perished. Some people complain that it’s time to move on. I don’t think this act of horror should ever be forgotten. It still makes me cry to see the American flag at half staff and to hear the names read and think of those who perished in New York, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylviania is heartbreaking. Many are choosing to do acts of kindness on this day to honor those who died and those rescuers, too. Many have become very ill and are suffering medical issues to this day. Both my parents and in-laws knew people who died that day and it’s sad to think what their lives could have been. Sad in all instances like this. Baking cookies and will bring the children with me to present them to our local firefighters later today.

    Kate and a home birth? Well, if they can transfer the massive medical team that was on the case when she had her children at the hospital, I guess it will be done if she truly wants that. And, they are not too far from the hospital, right? — If anything should go wrong. I think it is way to early for a story like that to be printed. If privacy is what is wanted now, too bad the media doesn’t back off. And if such news was released, why? I think I would worry to have a baby at home. But, that’s me.

    Jamel, I hope your mother is dong well. Rhiannon, are you in Atlanta? I hear Irma is headed your way. Hopefully, with diminished winds and rain, but still…. Careful, my friend. Everyone, be safe.

    1. +1 for everything, Jenny.
      Well said about all the innocent people lost in acts of violence and terrorism. I’m sure your cookies will be much appreciated by the children and the firefighters. What a kind gesture!

      Yes, I suppose if the DM story is valid, Kate would like to avoid the media circus outside the hospital with a home birth, this time around. I can’t say I blame her, even if this means we won’t get to see the baby. We don’t see much of the Cambridge babies, anyway. As for the safety of it, a home birth at KP will hardly be considered as a regular one, so I suppose they can provide for the best.

      Sending my best wishes to KMR herself and the rest of KMRers wherever they may be, to keep safe and take care.

    1. You are one of the sweetest person I’ve come to find online. God bless you and your family jenny. Thought I am not American, 9/11 has been a event that all of us will remember and all of us will stand against the evils of terrorism. May those families get well/better (not sure what to say in that case, I hope you understand my meaning).

      On the home-birth story, I’m a bit puzzled by it but we’ll have more details in future to see whether it’s true or not.

      1. Oh, my goodness, Ellana, thank you. May God bless you, too.
        I have to smile when I read the words saying I am kind. One of my brothers used to always say to me when I was growing up — and take into consideration, I was the youngest of five, “You are kind –kind of a pain in the butt, Jenny.” So, kind seems to have many meanings. But, my sincere thanks. Heading out to get the boys at school and bring all the kids and cookies to the firehouse. Be well, all!

  22. I trust everybody is safe and is assisted in recovery from these awful storms. The photos of William are delightful. If the child was more accessible at other public events there may not have been the necessity to photograph his first day of school at all. Sometime in the first week would do, really. As for Kate, she has no credit in terms of goodwill with the public. Otherwise all she would receive at her time of need is sympathy instead of suspicion that she’s not as sick as she claims.
    She clearly doesn’t feel a call to duty in her role. I also think she wouldn’t appear in public looking sick, no matter what the incentive.

    1. What are her approval ratings in the UK? She still gets a lot of positive press in America (overall) especially because of the kids. Americans just like the idea of royalty they don’t want to pay for it.

      The first day of school pics are a tradition and almost every royal family does it. I don’t think they were going to get out of it.

    2. Unfortunately it’s going to be a while for us in the Keys. The water supply from Miami was damaged so who knows what a realistic timeline looks like now. They are working on clearing roads and casualties now. There’s no power, water, or cell service. I’m raising money for the Florida Keys SPCA through my home based business throughout the month to help with reopening their facilities and taking on new residents that were abandoned during evacuations. Most of the Key Deer appear to have survived and many of our beloved Key West chickens were rescued prior to the storm.

    1. Excellent idea. Still no word from our leader and I heard that despite the fact that Irma headed up the West Coast of Florida, it was such a massive storm and Jacksonville got hit bad because river(s) flooded. I am not sure of where KMR lives, but I thought it was Northeast FL.
      So, please let us know, KMR Everyone else, too. Alabama, GA folks, too. I hear the storm blew your way and hope you are all ok. A tropical storm is pretty annoying, too!

        1. Well, I am hoping you will be ok and on the way back to your home area soon. I admire your courage and am glad you took the evacuation way.

  23. Kate inspired Savannah Guthrie’s children’s book, “Princesses Wear Pants”. Since Kate is so independent and such a modern woman… This is hilarious and a bit sad.

      1. Pants (US) = trousers. However, the pants that are part of men’s suits are called trousers as well in the US. Pants come in pairs as in a pair of pants (1 garment). Undergarments for women are panties (US) = knickers. Knickers (US) were short trousers that ended below the knee and worn by young boys. They went out of fashion in the 50s when boys began to wear either short pants (shorts) that ended above the knee or what we currently call jeans. I have no idea how the meanings of these words changed when used on the western edge of the Atlantic. My Gran’s neighbor always called pants ‘pantaloons’ and jeans were ‘dungarees.’ The neighbor was from Boston MA.

        1. I simply cannot believe that Guthrie wrote a book about this. She’s a light-weight. Just coasts along on the obnoxious TODAY show, a tv show that is on in the U.S. from 7am until 9am, or is it 10? The show does cover hard news when major events happen, but for the most part, it’s Fluff, Fluff, Fluff.

          I wonder if the book has a chapter on yanking one’s jeggings back into position, but pulling at your bum in public. Or, the overall tightness of many of those jeggings and the trend of not wearing long enough tops to cover certain anatomical factors. Such an inspiring fashion passion from Kate to women everywhere.

      1. Maddies’ jacket is darling She looks so happy. Victoria’s smile is lovely, too. Just don’t favor the bow. Silvia is lovely, but in one photo, she looked angry at the King. Why wouldn’t she be, though?

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