William & Kate won their French lawsuit, received fraction of what they asked for

William & Kate won their French lawsuit, received fraction of what they asked for

Oh dear, this week has been so hectic in royal watching land, and it’s only just now Wednesday. While Vanity Fair was dropping an interview with Meghan Markle yesterday, September 5, a French court dropped a verdict on Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s topless photos trial. The court ruled in the Cambridges’ favor, but rewarded them a fraction of their asking price.

    “A French court ruled on Tuesday that celebrity magazine Closer invaded the privacy of Britain’s Prince William’s wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, when it published topless photos of her in 2012. The court handed the maximum fine of 45,000 euros ($53,500) to both Laurence Pieau, an editor of Closer’s French edition, and Ernesto Mauri, chief executive of Italian publisher Mondadori (MOED.MI), the magazine’s owner.
    “William and Kate, who announced on Monday that they were expecting a third child, said they were pleased with the court ruling and the matter was now closed. Closer magazine, a weekly round-up of gossip about the rich and famous, published a series of topless photos of Kate, the wife of the second-in-line to the British throne, while on holiday in southern France. Two photographers from a Paris agency, who denied taking the photographs, were ordered to pay smaller fines after also being convicted under French privacy laws.
    “The damages ordered by the court were well short of the 1.5 million euros sought by the royal couple, a subject of fascination for many in Britain and other parts of the world, who filed the suit for what they called at the time a ‘grotesque’ breach of privacy.
    “‘This incident was a serious breach of privacy, and their Royal Highnesses felt it essential to pursue all legal remedies,’ a spokeswoman for the couple said. ‘They wished to make the point strongly that this kind of unjustified intrusion should not happen.’
    “The photos were taken as the royal couple relaxed on a balcony of a chateau in the picturesque Luberon region of southeastern France. The pictures rekindled memories for some in Britain of the media pursuit of William’s mother, Princess Diana, who died in a car crash in Paris in 1997 while being chased by paparazzi.
    “Closer magazine’s lawyers had sought to justify publication of the photos on public interest grounds, saying they disproved rumors circulating at the time that Kate might be anorexic. Jean Veil, a prominent French lawyer hired by the Duchess of Cambridge, said during the trial the article that accompanied the photos was only a pretext for publishing the pictures.”


So, that happened.

Also yesterday, the embargoed engagement was a trip to the newly established Royal Foundation Support4Grenfell Community hub which provides support to the Grenfell Tower community. William and Harry both went, but Kate pulled out due to pregnancy. The princes also visited Al-Manaar, The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, which was one of the first centers to respond to the tragedy on the night of the fire.

The Support for Grenfell Community Hub is a partnership of charities offering a range of support, counseling and advice for children, young people, parents and families affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire. The charity partners include two of Kate’s charities – The Art Room and Place2Be – as well as one of William’s – Child Bereavement UK – and Winston’s Wish.

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  1. I suppose a congratulations is in order to Will and Kate for getting busted skipping work and not only not getting fired from their jobs but actually coming out (slightly) ahead in this.

  2. I still don’t see the need to embargo the engagements. We’re going to know about them anyway.

    I’m pleasantly surprised that William talked about the mental health of the firemen/rescue crew of the Greenfeel Tower. At least, they’re still on Mental Health board.

    For the pics in France. It doesn’t surprise me that they won to this extent. Royals against trashy magazine, the fight was easy. I just wonder if the photographers got any punishment. As far as I remember, W&K wanted them prosecuted as well ? Anyone help me.

    AND to my fellow commentators located within the Irma Hurricane. Take care of yourselves !!

    1. The photographers got a 45k euro fine. So they got the max. The damages Will and Kate received were minimal. Nuisance value and unlikely to cover their legal costs. Oh wait I should say the costs that the UK taxpayers are paying for them.

      I sure hope Kate schedules another day when she recovers from her HG to visit the Grenfell Towers residents. They aren’t much further than Diana’s garden and a short visit would show that she cares.

  3. William visited Oxford too today didn’t he?

    Nice to see they are doing something for those whose lives have been forever ruined by Grenfell, but I doubt it will be of much notice. What about donating money and time? Harry quietly volunteered at the Red Cross centers to help. William wouldn’t dream of doing that.

    I hope the royal watching calms down for you KMR! So much crazy going on this week, my goodness.

  4. I’ve been critical of the royal foundation for creating these umbrella organizations like Tusk that just seem to exist to give the royal trio something to head up, to appear to have expertise in, to appear to do more work than they actually do.

    But this Support for Grenfell Hub is different. The purpose is so simple–to just provide an actual place for select charities to be present to meet this community’s mental health needs. The royal foundation simply found a location and signed a lease.

    That is the type of charitable work I think they need to be funding more. Not making videos of themselves in headbands. Not traveling across the globe to go on a “working” safari or to learn about poverty in an exotic destination. But meeting the UK citizens’ specific needs with a minimum of fuss and little self promotion.

    1. It’s a really good endeavour and I really love the range of charities involved. It sjhows just how much support is needed and will be need for those poor people who experienced so much tragedy.

      I still wish Kate had done some work with the Art Room earlier in the summer when they were running creative workshops for local families. even a statement of support would have been nice and drawn attention to their hard work

    2. Yes, stuff like this and William’s talk about policing and mental health is the emergency services and such is good. I see William at his best days like today when he doesn’t have Kate around. He shows a modicum of compassion.

  5. At an engagement today William said Kate’s 11 weeks and doing fine. (Haha. He blew the cover?) So that would be ate March/early April baby?

    1. He really said this? How interesting. Eleven weeks would be early April, late March(if the baby comes earlier). So, she was pregnant since late June ca. She was really pregnant on the Germany-trip.And I wondered why she was so happy.Now we know!

        1. Yes. Kate drank many times during that trip. If she knew she was pregnant at the time, that’s a bit odd. But maybe she didn’t know at the time.

          1. Even if she didn’t know, I still think it’s odd. Don’t most people stop drinking even when they start trying to conceive?

          2. Drinking little bits is fine.

            I mean, Kate had a whole bottle of wine to herself right before they announced with Charlotte so I assume she knew then…

        2. Kimothy hope your safe in Florida! Are you evacuating? You too KMR, I think you’re in Florida?? At least in the vicinity?? Anyhoodles safe thoughts for peeps in the area!
          I’m hoping she didn’t know but I guess she only had sips. I figured she tasted to prove us wrong about her being preggers but maybe it was all a rouse =)

          1. No to evacuating because my apartment is on the 2nd floor plus, it’s on a hill. Thankfully, state offices are closed on Friday plus, I’ve been bugging my doctors and pharmacies since yesterday for extra meds. Also, I’ve got plenty of water and nonperishable food items!

          2. IMO – What with the stupid “we’ll have to have more babies” comment, I’d say that Kate knew and she thought she was being clever…

            I feel for the people who looked at “happy Kate” on the tour and took that to mean she was settling into the role, no sorry folks she was happy for another reason.

    2. That’s not it exactly what he said. He was asked how Kate is doing and replied “We just need Catherine to get over this first bit, then we can start celebrating next week.” . Some people think that he refers to the 12-weeks-mark for next week. However I rather believe that he wanted to point out that Kate should feel better by next week (medication? ), and only then they will be able to celebrate. He was adressing the question about Kate’s wellbeing, I doubt his answer refers to how far along she is. I’m inclined to believed that HG (or whatever ) just started, meaning that she is week 5-7.

  6. Hmmm, I suppose that was the only result that could happen? Kate and William get a win and some money. I hope they also got a bit of common sense too and will never again be putting their private parts on display or performing sex acts where it is possible to be seen? Im not just thinking about possible photographers but staff and PPOs too. Leave it in the bedroom or at least behind closed doors please.

    1. Cathy, you are so right!

      William and Harry did a fine job during their viisit. Loved the photo of William with the child. W really looked engaged.

      Harry, to me, does not look so well. He seems to have lost a good deal of weight. Hope he’s well.

  7. Good luck and best wishes for those in Florida who are going to be affected by the coming hurricane and bad weather.

    I hope you and your family will be safe KMR?

    And those in Houston, I hope you are starting to dry out?

    Best wishes for the clean up!

    1. Thank you. We packed up the RV (our home, as we are fulltimers) and left Key West at 8pm. We arrived just south of Miami at 1:30am. We’ll make the rest of the trip into Georgia tomorrow. I can’t sleep, as usual. Morning will be here before I know it.

      1. Meghan, I’m sure it’s not the best of times for you now, running away from what looks like a ferocious hurricane but I love the idea of travelling round the U.S. in a Winnebago or camper van as we call them in the UK. Do you live in it full time? Sorry to be nosy but I find the concept really interesting.

      2. Stay safe Meghan!

        And stay safe Kimothy too! Hope Missy doesn’t get scared by the crazy weather!

        And I hope you are in a safe place too KMR!

      1. Megan, I hope you will stay safe. KMR, Kimothy, and all who may be in the path of Irma, stay safe and well. I hope you are able to get supplies and protect your properties. I also hope you will be able to wake up and find out that the storm has not moved into your path, after all.

        Gosh, Irma sounds powerful. And Jose, right behind her is massive, too. Thinking of everyone and wishing all safety.

  8. Good for them to win this.
    But the timing for third royal baby is bad.George and Charlotte are not going to get much attention and they are so young.Also how horrible if this new baby ends up having the same birthday as Charlotte.Not smart of them.

    1. You don’t really plan pregnancies like that, I think? ‘We shouldn’t try this month, the tiny minuscule scance of our children sharing a birthday is reason enough’ said no one, ever.
      Anyway, I’m sure George and Charlotte get plenty of attention, loads of families have three kinds and they seem to have waited a little since Charlotte. Also, they can always ‘dump’ the baby with the nanny or with granny Carole if the want some time with George or Charlotte.

      1. In our family sharing or close birthdays is the thing! My sister arrived on my 5th birthday, our dad’s is 3 days earlier. I have nieces born on 1st and 2nd February. My son’s born 1st and 2nd August 2 years apart and my daughter was due on my husband’s birthday but just missed sharing as she was born at 1.45am next day. Makes for expensive times!

      2. I think everyone plans as much as possible.
        But Kate and William’s baby will have his own birthday-date.It just could have birthday with uncle James(April 15th) if the week that William said is not right.

        1. True story: In my area there were identical twins born six minutes apart, one on 31 Dec and the other 1 Jan. When it came time to register them foe schooling, the mom was told the cohorts were organized by calendar year. Meaning the twins either entered school a year apart, or, the parents could hold them both back, which would make them them (approx) a year older than their classmates. The parents said “Let’s use our common sense here”. Nope! Rules are rules! “Can we apply for a waiver?” Maybe. “What does maybe mean?” We’ll get back to you. Silence. The parents had to go to the local media and publicly embarrass the school board to get their twins in the same class with their age group. I know this is wildly off topic. It’s just, twins with such different b-days and the impact on their lives is so weird.

          1. Both me and my brother have the same birthday (29 Aug, he’s 8 years older). We always joke about my parents getting drunk over Christmas and New Year. My mum has a birthday on the 29th May, my husband on 29th Dec and the dog 29th Nov. I don’t remember anyone else’s dates, if it ain’t the 29th it ain’t important!

          2. I’ve heard several stories of twins being born on different days. One coming before midnight and one after. Gives each one their own party on b’days, though. Poor parents having two plan two such parties, though. Most probably end up having one party anyway. Never heard or thought of how it might affect entering school because of cut-off dates. Interesting twist.

    2. This is silly. Many families have children much closer together than Will and Kate are doing. George will be almost 5 and Charlotte 3 or almost 3. Not to mention, nannies and grandparents and non-working parents – I think they will get plenty of attention.

    3. Are you serious? Most siblings are 2 years apart and George will be approaching 5 when this child is born. That is certainly doable and the kids will be young enough to play together as they get older.

      1. Everyone has a different opinion and personality.Personally I don’t care about kids being young enough to play together.I should know I have a sister and a brother and we are quite close in age and I would have preferred more individual attention from my parents.I wanted a closer parent-child relationship.

        1. Obviously it’s your opinion but most people disagree with it. You don’t know them personally so to make a statement that the children won’t get enough individual attention when William and Catherine have more than enough non-working hours to spend with their kids was a little much.

          “But the timing for third royal baby is bad.George and Charlotte are not going to get much attention and they are so young.Also how horrible if this new baby ends up having the same birthday as Charlotte.Not smart of them.”

          That entire paragraph was OTT.

          1. I find your reaction to my comment OTT.Do you know the Duke and the Duchess personally?
            Catherine is expected to increase her workload and will have three young kids.Nannies and grandparents are not
            substitutes for parents.

      1. When he was asked how Kate is doing and replied “We just need Catherine to get over this first bit, then we can start celebrating next week.” , there is a video of that. It’s only speculation based on this one sentence that she is 11 weeks, I wouldn’t give too much to that as he was answering a question about Kate’s sickness, and his answer probably refered to that, and not to how far she is. It would be out of context if he suddenly would talk about the 12 weeks mark.

        1. Good point; sometimes the media hangs on every word that comes out of their mouth to get a story. She’s likely between 7-10 weeks but either way morning sickness could affect her entire pregnancy (not just the first trimester) and they should know this by now; it’s their 3rd time around.

  9. Under Tort law both in the UK and civil law in France obtaining £100,000 is a massive payout. Thus, when they asked for £1.5m I thought it was a ridiculous amount and would never obtain it.

    1. In the face of deterring future photographers, this settlement is nothing. They’d easily make that in sales for future photos. What William was likely hoping for was a huge payout to stop any future pap photos – which is not going to happen now.

        1. Nic,

          My guess the money is going into their bank account. If they stated for charity then their charity. But we will never know 100% where the money is.

      1. Very unfortunate. I’ve been there with very serious HG . You pull yourself together for very important things, George should be her priority. Not whether she looks lovely for the cameras. It’s hard, you have the sick bag in the car, but you do it. Of course if he’d gone to the local school not requiring crossing London she may have managed it. If I had ever seen her looking seriously skinnier than usual I would believe it . When you really can’t eat anything you lose weight very rapidly. I’ve never seen her looking like that.

        1. I am super cynical and think that they are feeding the press these stories today so that when she does go tomorrow they will be “oh poor her she is pushing through” instead of “how come she can make this but skips all the charity events”.

          1. Nic919, my thoughts, too.
            Clever PR and manipulation of the press are the means to sell the royal fairy tale in order to preserve the monarchy.

          2. Me too. I don’t doubt she has morning sickness, like most women do, but the drama of all this is quite silly acting as if she is on death’s door. If they were honest and hadn’t gone on and on about Kate being ready to work (and William saying she’s 11 weeks; so this suddenly popped up, eh? well enough for tours and the Diana stuff?), I wouldn’t be nearly so cynical. Just admit she’s not feeling well and people would understand rather than going to the most dramatic option available.

          3. Nic, agree with you. She won’t miss such an important day in George’s life. And, she will be praised so highly for being there to see him off. At any rate, if she is suffering, I wish her well. But, I think it’s all rather a neat little story to gain sympathy for the non-working Duchess. Best of luck, PG. I hope you enjoy school.

        2. @Birdy

          Settle down; she may go, she may not. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I’m not going to make any judgments until I see for myself.

          1. “. . . she may go, she may not. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I’m not going to make any judgments until I see for myself.”

            We will find out soon enough.

          2. @Jessica,

            “Settle down….”

            Who died and made you comment arbiter? Who do you think you are taking another commenter to task? Especially the eminently respected long time commenter Birdy? With such condescion.
            You’ve got a nerve.

    1. I am very sorry to hear about Henrik’s dementia. It was wrong for that tabloid to take advantage by conducting an interview with him considering his condition.

  10. The result of the trial seems so anti-climactic for all their fussing. So, yeah, you got caught lying big time. You skipped the Paralympics to frolic naked and do sexy things shamelessly in front of others. I just wish we had more details from the trial. Not surprising the royals get the royal treatment especially after showcasing the kiddies. And being around kiddies. And raising the spectre of Diana and all that mourning. Anything to deflect.

    Did they learn their lesson? I doubt it. They still want to bend the world to their will. That’s what PR is for.

    1. MavinTheFirst,

      You wrote “I just wish we had more details from the trial. Not surprising the royals get the royal treatment especially after showcasing the kiddies.”

      Dependant upon the court in France they only write the decision regarding the report of the ruling and not give the reasons why they come to the decision. Unlike the UK and the USA where the court write how the decision was made and at the end give the ruling.

  11. I didn’t know much about this lawsuit. Did they miss out on a commitment and went to France instead?

    As a native Houstonian and Texan, much prayers and blessings to those in Irma’s path.

    1. They said they could not attend the Paralympics because they would be preparing for their Southeast Asia tour.

      Instead they were caught naked on a balcony in France.

  12. Why did it take 5 years for this to be resolved? Did they wait until recently to file? I think there should be a time limit to file these kinds of complaints. This verdict was handed down by a French court a week after the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death in France. Of course they were going to win! If the judge had ruled anything but in their favor, the Diana-frenzied public would have tarred and feathered him.

    In more important news: New picture of baby Prince Gabriel

    1. Poor kid. What a sweetie in his uniform! I think them keeping him away from other kids is really not good for him. Hopefully he’ll make friends with his cousin Maud who goes to school there, and other kids!

      Honestly I’m glad Kate wasn’t there, as it would have been all about her and her new dress and maniacal grinning. William seems proud of him

      1. He wasn’t kept away from kids, he went to nursery school in Norfolk and had playdates with farmer’s kids. He’s just nervous around cameras and knows he’s going to a new environment.

        I think it’s awful that Catherine wasn’t able to take her first born (who’s clearly shy) to his first day of big boy school.

        1. The idea of pompous W&K who believe they’re better than everyone allowing George to have playdates with farmer’s kids is kind of hilariously absurd IMO. Considering George very rarely is allowed around anyone who isn’t a Middleton I can’t see that happening ever. Can’t you imagine them allowing other children at Anmer? Not hardly. George and Charlotte are isolated behind palace walls and gates, and on top of that he’s a shy, gentle child–much like his grandpa Charles IMO.

          They need to be exposed to the public and not hidden away. And not just the public but their other family members. Mike Tindall says he rarely sees ’em, and how the members of the family find out about the pregnancies through the media. It would be lovely if they were allowed to be around Mia, Savannah, and Isla!

          I figure George’s socialization is pretty much hanging out with Nanny Maria, Granny Carole, and his sister.

          1. @Ellie

            You have your opinions but I was just telling you what they said. George did go to nursery school so he has been around other kids. Now that he lives in Kensington full-time I’m pretty sure he’ll hang around his cousins more.

          2. Ellie,

            There are quit a few aristocratic families that live around William and Kate’s Norfolk home. Some of them identify themselves as “farmers”. They are by no means average just not in the limelight.

        2. I can still remember the photo of a very young George throwing his arms around a little girl at an outdoor site,where he was socializing with other kids near the estate. I think he does have exposure to other children. And, may I ask where it was written that Zara’s husband said they rarely see Charlotte and George? If that is true, how sad.

          1. Multiple interviews, ’cause Mike can’t be quiet!

            He also said they found out about the pregnancy with Charlotte through the radio when he was on said radio station for some reason for an interview. Apparently Zara was hurt by that. He threw major shade saying something like, “Yes, we’ve just heard from you. It’s really nice to hear it from the radio.”

          2. Jenny, George also threw a kiss to a girl at church who helped him during the Christingale. I thought George looked sad like he was missing his nursery. I was just four years old when I started primary school but I was ready to go. George looked very downcast and William did well with him, as was the teacher who knew exactly what to do. That is strange that they heard it at the radio station. William and Zara are meant to be close.

          3. Hi, Laura: Could not find the reply button near your comment.
            How sweet a boy George is. Blowing a kiss to a little girl, too! He does seem shy and sensitive. I hope his first day at school was a happy one.

            William did well with him. You can really tell that they are very close. The teacher seemed to know what to do, as well. I just didn’t approve of her choice in clothes. A simple dress, but not fitting in a genteel manner. Wow, sometimes, I surprise myself by the way my comments come out.

          1. @MaventheFirst

            What do you think I made it up? Catherine (or William) said it in a an interview (I don’t remember which one, I’m looking for it). I don’t just make wild assumptions, I go off of their own words.

          2. Wasn’t it some reference in the awful Vogue article where it was just gushy garbage with no words from Kate herself? I’d imagine the ‘farmer’s kids’ are probably the kiddos of the aristocracy who live around Anmer. The Turnip Toffs, as the DM calls ’em!

          3. @Ellie

            I really don’t remember which magazine but it was definitely referenced. It may be kids of the aristocracy but my earlier point was that he has been around other kids other than Charlotte consistently.

    2. First day at school and all that entails.
      Facing a photographer and film crew.
      Not having the reassuring presence of his mother.
      All things considered, George did well to maintain his composure.

      1. He did do very well. And he’s at the age where he must be starting to realize that he–or at least his situation–is very different from other children. Maybe security issues won’t allow it, but after this first day circus it would be nice if his drop off and pick up could be as similar to the other students’ as possible. It sounds like a wonderful school–I hope he’s happy there.

        1. “. . .after this first day circus it would be nice if his drop off and pick up could be as similar to the other students’ as possible.” +1 – if the press allow it.

  13. Well, I’ll be! I honestly thought Kate would be there with George today. I guess she is not feeling well. I wish her better days.

    George looked adorable. And, William, a very proud Papa, indeed. Such a big day for a little boy in normal situations, but all the hoopla surrounding the Prince was tough for him. Hope he has a happy day inside away from the onlookers.

    May I comment on the dress — well, its bodice, at least — worn by the woman who met W and G? Talk about pointy boobs and nipples showing. My goodness, did she check herself in the mirror before heading to work?

    1. Ha, I didn’t notice the pointy boobs etc but did think that it looked like a dress that Kate would wear. Perhaps it’s just the seams–those can be tricky.

      1. Yes she did you can clearly see the back . It’s the way the dress shows her legs and bottom I dislike, is it unlined? It must have abeen a big day for her too, I imagine she was quite nervous.

        1. Gosh, I hated that shot, too. It reminded me — dare I say it — of Kate when she bends down to be at the level of children. No slip under that dress. Just hugging the curves big time.

          This was a special day for the lady, too. I would have wanted to look my very best. But, to each her own.

          And, yes you can see her left nipple. I’m not hallucinating.

      1. I am sure this lady is not used to being photographed so much on a typical work day. That said, I also did not find the dress to be a good choice for a photographic “field day.” Too clingy. Not lined, and no slip, either. And, the bodice? Well, something was indeed going on there.

        I will congratulate PW on a nice relationship with his very cute son . Little George had a big day and I trust it was happy once inside school.

        Kate must not have been feeling well for I doubt she would have missed this day. Such an important moment in her little boy’s life. Here’s to better days ahead for all.

  14. William is such a jerk. “It was really nice actually. It’s a nice school. There was one other parent who had more of an issue with their children – so I was quite pleased I wasn’t the one.”

    Can he ever say anything nice? Seriously. Sometimes he goes off and does something nice and I go good William, then he comes out sounding like a total a-hole. How lovely of the other parents to hear of this comment.

    1. Idk, I think that is something a lot of parents say and not in a malicious way. My mom said that a lot.
      I don’t think he was downing the other parents, he was just imagining himself in their shoes and thankful that he wasn’t.

      1. The problem is William’s “humor” is typically at the expense of other people. People he’s probably never even met before.
        I think most parents might worry that their kid might be the one to have complete melt down at school and laugh among family/friends and say whew our’s wasn’t the worst one after all!! Not advertise to all assundry that there was a kid having an issue. He could have have recognized how 1st day of school is hard on everyone

        1. I can just bet William was happy that George did not give him such a problem, but I wish he’d be more sensitive to the other child’s parent. Yes, he uses humor often at the expense of others. That stinks.

          He was so good with George this morning and now this. Open mouth, insert foot. A well clad one, I might add.

        2. To be fair a lot of our humor is at the expense of people we never met and don’t know.
          We always joke and talk about W&K. I don’t think the comment was anything more than a joke. That’s my interpretation of it though. I respect yours.

          1. Dolly, I respect your comments, too. But, he’s the future King of England and the parent he was referring to will be one of his subjects. I cannot imagine QE making such a joke about a parent of one of the school children. I’m all for William feeling relief that George didn’t act up, but a bit more understanding of the other parent’s discomfort would have been a nicer touch to me.

        3. I read the comment 10 times and I still don’t think it’s worth mentioning. It really was a throw-away comment, a superficial statement that means nothing; like an icebreaker.

        4. Oh, the poor parent of the child who had the problem. He/she will feel badly when realizing he/she was the butt of PW’s joke. I wish he’d think before making those little “jokes.”

        5. I don’t think William has much empathy Sarah, which is a shame as he has demonstrated that trait in the past. Around my nieces, friends and family in general I am more empathetic. Much calmer around my nieces and they around me.

      2. What is dry humour Jessica? I would say mine is the same but I don’t poke fun at other people. Is it kind of humour for example when saying not everyone has a passion for dead leaves?

        1. Dry humor is known as English or British humor, which is different than American humor being that American humor shows more emotion. Dry humor is more sarcastic in nature, and less emotive.

          In dry humor, the listener must look for humor in the contradiction between words, the delivery and the context to find the joke funny.

          Some people really like a dry sense of humor, and others don’t understand it well.


          William isn’t that funny but he seems to have dry humor.

          1. The issue is that William’s humour is employed inappropriately in the sense of private vs public.

            Our dry humour doesn’t always translate and can easily cause offense – see Philip who has a similar humour and has been labelled a racist and other nasties as a result.

            Philip is almost excused because of his age and the era he grew up, but William should know better.

            Appearing to make mean ‘fun’ remarks about your brother’s dyslexia, an actress’s looks, an unlucky parent, your wife, your son is not good in any public figure.

            He doesn’t have to stick to bland jokes, but he should recognise his audience as well as private/public commentary.

            And if he feels the need to make jokes in public, self- deprecating always goes over very well.

          2. @Herazeus

            Prince Phillip isn’t labeled racist because of his dry humor, he simply is racist. I wouldn’t compare William’s dry humor to his grandfather’s racist comments. William makes self-deprecating jokes about his hair all the time. But like I said earlier I don’t think William is that funny but hardly offensive.

          3. Mocking other people to be funny is not dry humor. British humor is self-deprecating.

            William should know better than to mock other people in public, but he has a history of doing it all the time. He also made comments about what a rough school run. Yeah, ’cause you totally work and have to drive your kid every day. Right. Kinda like him laughing his head off about the tube strike at Wimbledon and pretending to leave. Mocking other people, being told he is so funny and it is appropriate, when it is gross behavior of a grown man.

            If he didn’t have a history of this I wouldn’t find it nearly so bad but considering other things he’s said about Harry, Kate, the infamous mocking Daisy Ridley, etc… Yeah. William is a jackass.

          4. Thank you Jessica. A friend of William’s said that his humor was boorish. Though that comment was not very funny. Just bad timed.

          5. @Ellie

            Most people consider dry humor to be English/British humor not necessarily self-deprecating. But I’m not going to continue this any further with you; there’s no point.

          6. Jessica: it is impossible to defend Philip without revealing personal confidences except to say that he is definitely not a racist.

            Unfortunate sense of humour that that skates near the edge? Yes. Racist? No.

            He should be more sensitive to others’ feelings and have the self awareness not to say some of the things he says, but that is his humour. He generally thinks he is breaking the ice and being witty. To that end he has said unfortunate things about just about every group of people regardless of creed, colour, religion, work, economic status, nationality etc. He is an equal opportunity offender in that respect.

            And in ten years’ time, when we gather all the unfortunate things William has said in public, he will not be excused for his dry humour. He will be labelled just as Philip has been labelled.

            ETA: us Brits are definitely self deprecating AND possess a dry humour. Depending on situation or familiarity with British culture you may get one or the other or both.

          7. William is almost always the one with the most privilege and power in the room so making comments like that in public only serves to embarrass them. He probably didn’t mean it that way, but he is so often oblivious to all the breaks he has in life. Harry tends to understand this and knows how to be self deprecating.

    2. “. . . There was one other parent who had more of an issue with their children – so I was quite pleased I wasn’t the one.”

      William is simply stating a fact. School refusal and/or separation anxiety experienced by some children on their first day of school is a reality for many parents. Parents too, can be anxious about their child starting school, especially when it is their first child. He may be the future king of England but Will’s relief that he ‘wasn’t the one’ is no different to any other parent of a child who is starting school. To deny this is a nonsense.

      1. Yes, and how do you think the other parents would feel knowing William made fun of them and was glad he wasn’t them? What a way to treat the other parents of the school your child goes to. He’s just an ass.

        Were I one of the other parents I’d be mortified assuming the future king called me and my kid out and how smugly douchey he was about “oh it wasn’t ME”.

        He may have thought this and felt this, I have done with my own kid, however, to SAY it is another thing. It is rude to say the least and not at all funny. He needs to learn at 35 what is appropriate to say in public when every word is caught on camera. He just comes across as a total a-hole which he often does and people just laugh and tell him oh, you’re so clever and funny, keep being a jerk! Nobody holds him accountable. Ever.

          1. For every parent that day, it was their child’s first day at school. No doubt they were worried about how their child would adapt, perhaps sad in some way to see their child growing up, maybe even added pressure from knowing that their classmate is the future King of England.

            If my child had a meltdown on their first day of school, I would be anxious all day. Then to hear my child being talked about in the national press by Will in a joking “thank God it wasn’t MY child that behaved that way” I would be furious.

          2. I am with you, Rebecca. You summed it up so very well!
            I agree that every parent worries about their child’s first day of school. If a child has a difficult time, or not, before the parent leaves the building, the parent will think of the child all day.

            I so wish William would temper his words. It may be funny to him and he may have been expressing his own relief that George did well, but he did it at the expense of a worried parent and to me that seems thoughtless.

      2. “He may be the future king of England but Will’s relief that he ‘wasn’t the one’ is no different to any other parent of a child who is starting school. To deny this is a nonsense.”

        Of of course he would feel that way.

        But to publicly state there was ONE particular family who had a difficult time, and so glad it wasn’t me? That really is shite for that family who read that. And it is rude. Feel that way all you want. Have a damn filter.

        And you can even see right there who William was really concerned about. He didn’t say there was one child who was highly anxious about starting school and was struggling, and he was glad it wasn’t his own child experiencing it.


        “I’m glad it wasn’t ME” dealing with an anxious child.

        Because that is all he sees. All about him.

    1. Aww, what a lovely photo! I much prefer it to the ones at school. They should both pose together more often!

      Btw, I have too the tradition of taking a pic of my daughter the first day of every school year, outside our door. Nine years have passed already from the very first day in reception. What a wonder and difference when they grow and change!

      Thank you for the link!

      1. I bet you have a lovely collection of photos, Elina. I will have to remember this for a certain party’s first day at school. Your daughter is a teenager?

        1. She’s year 8 at school so she’s 12. Almost a teen!
          And yeah, you should definitely take first day at school pics for Madeleine too. They will be a collection to cherish after some years.

          1. Ah, a nice age for your daughter. I am sure she is as kind and special as you are. I love the idea of the first day of school pictures.

    2. Thanks for posting the link. Great photo. George’s legs crossed! So cute. And, William really does a nice job with his little boy. They appear to have a solid and fun relationship.

      1. Lovely photo. George has such a dear little expressive face. He does remind me of Charles in personality.

        My photographic wish list this year is for George and Charlotte to be at Highgrove with Charles enjoying the gardens, learning to plant seedlings, etc. A combination of poised and more action shots would be great. Better yet, a short video of Charles showing the various parts of the estate and pointing out aspects that would be interesting to his grandchildren.

        1. Oh, yes, George and his father look wonderful in this photo!

          I think Kate must have really felt awful to have missed her little boy’s first day at school. I was one who was quite upset by the Royals saying they were going to up their work load and then hearing that Kate was cancelling an engagement due to her pregnancy. I was suspicious, at first, but now feel that she may well be ill. I wish her a safe and less stressful pregnancy.

          I thought George and his father looked like quite a devoted team as the child headed off to school. William seems to understand his son well and handles such stressful moments for the little guy well.

          Sending wishes that all in Florida will stay safe in the terrible storm that is heading your way. KMR, Kimothy, and anyone else in the state, or nearby ones, who will probably find the hurricane heading your way, be well and I hope things are not as bad as the media keeps hinting it will be.

    1. You’re right, that would be a golden pr moment and probably have taken some of the pressure off from George when facing the media alone. The poor lad seems serious and gloomy whilst little Maud looks happier and confident. But then again probably the two children are not close so maybe it wouldn’t work for George. He may be more comfortable with just his dad.

      1. Maybe Maud Windsor and her family didn’t want that kind of attention. Her photo would be everywhere if she arrived with George hand-in-hand.

        1. It is very clear thst William doesn’t have close ties with the Kents and my fantasy PR wish is even less likely than the parents simply wishing to be private.

          That said, the Kents are always in Hello showing off their private lives including an exclusive photoshoot for Maud’s birth and christening, so my suspicion is that they wouldn’t say no if asked.

      2. “The poor lad seems serious and gloomy whilst little Maud looks happier and confident.”

        From a developmental perspective it is not surprising that George appears ‘serious and gloomy whilst little Maud looks happier and confident.’ Generally speaking, females at this age are more advanced socially and are better equipped to adapt to new situations eg. starting school.

        1. And George seems like a shy, sensitive little guy. He was probably really nervous and also knows he has to be on his best behavior and act perfectly, instead of, you know, being a kid. He reminds me so of Charles.

        2. This has nothing to do with developmental differences. There are confident boys and there are confident girls. George looks anxious. Period. He seems shy and sensitive to me and is thrust into a limelight other kids don’t have to deal with. His reactions are perfectly normal. And he isn’t ‘gloomy’ either, just nervous and probably overwhelmed. Introducing him gradually to the public would have made a significant difference in his level of comfort.

          1. Yes, individual personality traits do play a part. However, developmental differences in genders play a more significant role between children around this age.
            Research indicates certain cognitive connections and emotional maturation usually occurs earlier in girls. (Sol Lim; Cheol Han; Peter J. Uhlhass; Marcus Kaiser 2013 et al).

    2. Thank you Herazeus. Maud does look happy and very much resembles her father. It is the first actual clear photo I have seen. Does George know Maud well? I had to laugh about balancing trays. I dropped my tray a few days in getting quite a lot of attention from the older pupils. As I had only just turned four years old I still had to work on how to ask for help. I never did it again though.

      1. Definitely at Trooping of the colour and at the annual christmas lunch held for entire Windsor clan by the Queen.

        When you search photo agencies like getty images or rex pictures, you see pics of the various arrival vehicles of different family members with all the kiddies in the back. Ditto various kiddies peering out of windows of BP at Trooping the colour.

        The media tends to print pics of the senior royals and their kids plus the well known adult relatives whilst rarely printing clear pics of the kids.

        Sometimes they’ll print a picture of X distant relative and mention that they brought their kids, but no clear image of the kid though you can see that there is one in the back or an article like the one below might be posted showing cousins attending the lunch, but as they aren’t senior royals, article and pictures don’t gain traction.


      2. Lord and Lady Fredrick gave an interview when Isabella was born to Hello:

        “We were invited to tea at Kensington Palace just before Princess Charlotte was born,” said Sophie. “Maud and George got on very well. He’s a very clever, articulate little boy and was speaking long before other toddlers his age.”

        Fredrick and Sophie lived in the US until 2016 yet were hanging out with the Cambridges in 2015. I assume since they now all live in London the kids probably see each other often.


        1. I hope they see each other often, it would be good for George and Charlotte to develop relationships with his cousins.

          Considering the Middletons are so close to the kids, and the Windsors re not, it is why I am skeptical. William has as people close to them have said nailed his flag to the Middletons long ago, and only deals with his family for the benefits he gets out of it…

  15. George comes across as cute & sweet! I wonder what Harry’s father & grandparents think of the Vanity Fair article? Did Harry & family approve this situation? Does anyone know?

    1. No one really knows about their reaction but we can guess.

      The statement was put out while Charles was on a tour abroad. He wasn’t happy at all. We also know that relations between KP/CH/BP are frosty. So Charles and CH are probably angry at this situation. While he was dating Sarah McCoquedale (if I spell it write), he kicked her out of the curb because she had talked to the press.

      The Queen lived with the motto “Don’t explain, don’t complain”. It has served her right and probably thinks that Harry has gone mad.

      It is hugely likely that Harry gave his approbation for this interview. Usually, when you mention a royal, you’re out. Considering what he said in that Newsweek interview and his behaviour for the past year, he is in.

      I’m also curious about W&K reactions.

    2. I think KP approved of it. CH and BP? No way.

      Never complain, never explain; keep your mouth shut, do your job; the Queen wanting W&H to shut up and work and not open themselves up to the media… Yeah, I cannot imagine HM is pleased.

      1. Is this about whether or not The Queen would approve of this (and why she would not), or whether or not people here approve of this independently of what they think the Queen thinks of it?

        1. I do not think HM would approve as through courtiers it has been made clear the last few months she doesn’t approve of the way W&H are opening up and making themselves the butt of jokes by trying to be ‘look at my pain,’ a la Diana. She finds it embarrassing, probably. The RF must maintain some sort of mystique and just go bout and do their darn job instead of whinging, which is what W&H have been doing. Poor me, my life is so hard being royal, nobody wants to be royal, etcetera, that sort of thing; I can imagine it bothering her, though HM would never say anything directly since she seems to bungle everything and keep her head in the sand instead of confronting problems.

          1. Oh. Because I was pretty sure people were complaining earlier this year that WKH shouldn’t be saying people should open up about mental health and start a discussion if they aren’t going to. Now they are, and they apparently are whining. It is as if people have forgotten that they ARE being asked questions about these topics, and so they answer them….

            Actually, for the better part of the last 6 years people have complained that Kate never speaks candidly.

            That, by the way, is a big reason why many people don’t talk about their problems, for fear of being labelled a whiner.

            Plus, it is a little surprising to see so many people say they should all just be quiet, stop talking, “keep your mouth shut”, they have “gone mad” etc

            Just wondering where the empathy is. Asking for a friend.

          2. What I am referring to is for example William’s interviews last year where he complains about how hard his life is and so on; or Harry’s Newsweek article complaining about how nobody wants to be royalty, and they do it for the people and ‘the magic’ and a lot of other dumb comments. I don’t think HM approves of that nor the navel-gazing, she’s made it clear through the media outlets she allows courtiers to speak to about it. The Establishment newspaper arms as it were!

            My issue with their talking about mental health is they simply parrot the same statements over and over again, and in some are perpetuating difficult stereotypes that are very bad. They aren’t helping ‘the conversation,’ as it were, and just talking ‘smash the stigma!’ or ‘I grew up in a happy house so I never had any problems!’.

          3. I want to add that they complained about not liking their royal lives when so many live in poverty and are restrained by austerity measures. They look out of touch.

            Talking is fine, if used meaningfully. Harry talked about his struggles with mental health steaming from his time in the military. That is a good way to talk.
            What Kate says about happy family + childhood = no mental health issue is wrong. It doesn’t correlate and is harmful. Everyone can have mental health issues, even if you had a good childhood.

            Whining about privacy and then have your (and gf) PR leaking your holidays/time together and such don’t go hand in hand to the public’s mind. People aren’t stupid. The behavior of Harry is highly hypocritical in that regard and people don’t like hypocrites.

          4. I was under the impression they not so much “complained” about their royal lives, so much as explained what it is really like – when asked. And it isn’t perfect or amazing as people would think. Therefore, creating a more realistic picture.

            “What Kate says about happy family + childhood = no mental health issue is wrong.”

            I agree, and it pissed me off as a person and as a practicing mental health nurse and advocate.

            I was more thinking when, during the 20th anniversary interviews, they were asked about their mother, they gave honest answers, and they are told to shut up.

            Do we have hard evidence that Harry and Meghan leaked photos? I know (think?) the evidence for WK doing this comes from the paparazzi themselves (ie Tanna)

          5. Stephanie : from what I’ve seen, people are sided in two camps in regard of their interviews about their mother. Some praised them fro speaking up, some didn’t. I remember Harry saying in his Newsweek that no child had to walk behind the coffin (not sure if I worded right), then said that he was glad to be part of it in an interview for the BBC. He doesn’t seem to have a fixed opinion.
            Diana did have an impact but I feel that most people would like her to rest in peace and not restart a media campaign about her.

            I know living royalty isn’t fairyland like some believe, royal-watching has opened my eyes to that.

            About leaking : The Sun exclusives about them. The DM is W&K sugary, the Sun is all about MM and PH. MM has friends working in media like Lainey and Ben Mulroney (bff’s husband) works at E News. E News published articles about them going to Africa for her birthday days before and guess what, on the 4th, they are in Africa with a Sun exclusive. You may not consider this evidence but to me it is.

            They did complained about royal life. William did it repeatedly and Harry did it as well. It doesn’t sit well with people paying for their lifestyle.

        1. Are they really in the same class? I wonder how much Maude and George know each other. It must be reassuring for them both if they see each other at family functions.

          1. @Laura

            DM wrote they believe they are; there’s a good chance since there is only 3 classes. All the kids end up playing together during the week anyway.

    1. Harry’s carefully crafted PR successes post-Invictus have gone to hell after the stupid statement he released.

      I hope it was worth it.

      He just needs to shut up and do his job. When he does, it’s all good.

        1. I think it was really, really over-the-top considering the people making those comments weer just internet trolls. I don’t doubt the sentiment but I think the way KP went about it was really bungled badly. It was so dramatic!

          He says it is his private life, but then they open themselves up to criticism about their private life doing stuff like that.

          1. @Ellie

            I disagree; a lot of the racist under and overtones were from Daily Mail and The Sun which have a history of racist sensationalism. I thought it was a stand up thing to do. Unfortunately a lot of white people overlook racist microgressions.

          2. Calling out the press for their own racism, and sending out a message to the internet trolls? I don’t think either of those things are OTT.

            He acknowledged the interest in their relationship and that it would be covered; it was the illegal ways of obtaining information, harassing her family, and the unchecked racism that was being called out.

            He doesn’t say anything, he’s criticized for making her face it all alone. He says something to protect her, people think they now are allowed full access to their private life.

          3. “. . . the people making those comments weer just internet trolls.”

            In 2017, bigotry and racism should be ‘called out’ at every level, regardless of whether they are internet trolls!

        2. While I think it’s important that Harry took a stand against online racism and other abuse directed toward Meghan, I agree with Ellie that the KP statement was totally bungled by Jason Knauf. And I also wonder whether Harry would have insisted on putting out any statement at all if the media had not just called him out for two-timing Meghan with another actress/model. There’s Meghan, enduring online abuse and personal intrusions because of her relationship with Harry, and then she finds out that he has been chasing someone else as well. In addition to being furious as hell, she probably felt extremely vulnerable, too. Harry had to do something dramatic to prove he was serious about her.

          1. I dunno about him two-timing Meghan since I stopped following their relationship after the release of that statement. What I thought though that there was a level of naivety on both their parts. Harry is aware that he gets linked to every woman who stands beside him and Meghan isn’t exactly new in the business. They had to have anticipated that there would be a level of great interest once the press knew for sure that their relationship is legit. They should have prepared better. They had something close to six months to do that. Most especially to me, Meghan didn’t deserve to be treated like that. It’s what disappointed me most about the whole thing and what I started to ignore them.

          2. Jessica, when they started dating has become a sort of search Google thing for the truth, lol. I recall reading way back when, when it was starting to come out over that summer, that Meghan was with that guy when she met Harry and Harry pursued her. We won’t know the whole story but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. They obviously met and he was interested, when she was with someone else and had been for a long time. Who knows what happened after that but I don’t much care. I’m just suspicious of this woman who claims to be some humanitarian when she’s done little, and she’s made it her PR identity; and how much this supposedly independent woman would give up to join the RF… I can’t see any sane, intelligent lady like Meghan supposes to be wanting a life like that!

          3. Hi Jessica, here’s a link to the DM article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3908986/Harry-SECOND-hottie-Prince-secretly-dated-English-model-wooing-American-actress-Meghan-Markle-don-t-look-alike.html Plenty more articles will come up if you google Sarah Ann Macklin.

            In re-reading my above comment, I think I make it sound as though he was cheating on Meghan as late as November, which isn’t true. But what apparently is true is that while the Harry/Macklin fling had fizzled out by the fall, it still occurred during the time Harry was dating Meghan.

            The DM article with racist overtones was published Nov. 2. The first article about Macklin and Harry appeared Nov. 5, while a number of other media outlets followed with more articles about Harry and Macklin Nov 6 and 7.

            The KP statement was released Nov. 8.

          1. I think it was verbose and could have been said much better, but still something that needed to be said. Many other people, including on this thread, think what he said overall was wrong. Big difference.

        3. “I will continue to think a statement defending his girlfriend against unchecked racism online and her family from being harassed is a good thing.”


    2. More regurgitation and blaming. Now it’s blame it on the old generation. If life were only that simple. Oh Harry, do shut up. It’s embarrassing how little you know and how little you offer.

  16. S.O.S. from Harry in the DM article, just fulfilling my low expectations of the Kensington Triumverate:
    What we have been trying to do is remove the stigma around mental health, to encourage people to have a conversation.
    ‘It is easy to bury your head in the sand and not do anything about it, but much more inspiring and uplifting to go to a group like this with like-minded people.
    ‘When you are together like this, you have an opportunity to start the change, to have an influence.’
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4863236/Prince-Harry-says-Britons-bottle-mental-health-problems.html#ixzz4s6a6eVJ1

    1. I get that he’s trying to get people to open up and whatnot, but is he blaming people for not dealing with their mental health issues?

      1. DM is certainly implying it in their article. It can also be read as a veiled criticism of the BRF handling of Diana. This is the problem of a good message delivered by an ill-educated royal. Shine a light on good programs and let the experts give advice. There are many mental health problems which cannot be solved by talking, which Harry and William seem to be ignorant of. Contrast this with the good work done by Camilla for abused women. She never pontificates. The (over)sharing of personal experiences is not always helpful, especially from one who lives a very privileged life far removed from the life of most sufferers of mental health problems

      2. KMR,

        He is, indeed, trying to get people to open up. Without any sort of safety net. It speaks to emotion and a felt bravado but not to nuanced, pragmatic reality.

        And his rationale is that past generations got it all wrong. That’s amazingly ignorant, IMO. It is shallow and populist, pandering to the young, but nowhere near the facts. And damaging in so many ways. I wish that he and his fellow gilded slackers would all just shut up. He has *no* idea of what he is talking about. Nor do his advisors and PR pushers. That’s what happens when you depend on ignoramuses to guide you because you can’t be bothered to actually be interested and research it.

    2. I think he is probably referring to the fact that quite frankly people do sort of ignore it and there is that stigma–there is that word again–about treating mental illnesses and issues quite unlike one would treat a physical illness. He tries and I believe he truly means well but he and W&K are not educated enough to really say much of anything, you know? That and how it’s obvious he and William have their own issues they have clearly not dealt with, judging by the Diana craziness recently. A case of ‘do as I say not as I do,’ maybe?

      I don’t see any blaming per se in his comments, but he just isn’t capable of the nuanced thinking and education. It’s good he is going to groups of people to encourage them to talk to one another but also to professionals and encourage employers to offer those services, but it’s just the same regurgitation over and over again without anything to back it up, you know?

      I find it less damaging than some of the crap W&K have parroted however.

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