Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia name their second son Prince Gabriel

Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia name their second son Prince Gabriel

My post on William and Harry’s interview in Diana, 7 Days got buried by the announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third child, but another piece of news that got sidelined was the name reveal of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia‘s second child: Prince Gabriel Carl Walther.

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The name and title were revealed at a Cabinet Meeting held yesterday, September 4, at which King Carl Gustaf and Crown Princess Victoria were present.

Sweden’s newest prince was given the name His Royal Highness Prince Gabriel Carl Walther. He was also awarded the title Duke of Dalarna. He will be called Gabriel.

Dalarna is a county in the middle of Sweden which borders Norway, as well as the counties of Uppsala, Jämtland, Gävleborg, Västmanland, Örebro and Värmland in Sweden. There have been two previous Dukes of Dalarna: Prince August (1831-1873) and Prince Carl Johan (1916-2012). Carl Johan was originally awarded the Dukedom at birth, but in 1946 he renounced his titles in order to marry a commoner.

What do we think of the name? I quite like Gabriel. I wasn’t expecting it at all (I can never predict Swedish royal baby names), but I think it’s sweet, old school but still youthful.

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After the Cabinet Meeting, a Te Deum was held at the Royal Chapel. Joining the King and Crown Princess at the service were Queen Silvia, Prince Daniel, Carl Philip, Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill.

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Something I don’t like? Florals.

53 thoughts on “Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia name their second son Prince Gabriel

    1. KMR is somewhat busy on reporting on Kate ATM! But I’m sure she’ll have lots of time soon ?
      Do we know if the embargoed event is also cancelled?

      1. I know but the pictures of the children going to school in Denmark and Belgium !! A new wedding (Prince Marie-Gabrielle ?) Prince Jacques in a braid like Gabriella and Charlene with longer hair !! And a soon to be wedding.

        All of this is much more exciting that Cambridge 3.0

        Birdy: since she got “HG” I think that she will drop the embargoed events. Why are they even embargoed anyway ?

  1. When a dress makes Princess Madeleine look frumpy, you know it’s time for style to move on. That mid calf, fussy, floral dress – it didn’t suit Kate, it didn’t suit Princess Marie and it doesn’t look nice on Madeleine. Please, time for a new style, Fashion World.

    1. It’s Erdem. Need I say more? I was surprised at how pregnant she looks already.
      Love the name and love the tradition of a family Te Deum.

      1. Well there’s a tagline for you “Erdem: We Make You Look Really Pregnant and Stumpy”, but yes, I like the Te Deum, too. It’s a very sweet tradition

  2. I am not really sure about Gabriel. Sounds a bit pretentious but for a Swedish prince it seems to fit. Welcome to the world, little Gabriel. I love the family Te Deum. It brings the whole family together.

  3. I really like Gabriel, it’s a lovely name.
    And the Te Deum… it’s always nice to see the Swedish Royal Family coming together for it. Such a wonderful time for all of them!

  4. I love the name Gabriel! So sweet! Alex & Gabe: double trouble hehehe!

    Also, I hope another “Royal Roundup” will be done soon-ish (no rush, KMR!).

  5. Gabriel is quite trendy in Sweden, as was Alexander. That the little prince was awarded the Dukedom of Dalarna (Dalecarlia) is quite natural as Sofia hails from that area and her parents still live there.

    1. Thank you for the inside info, Evchen.
      I wouldn’t know what names are trendy or not in Sweden, but like others here, I love the name Gabriel as a first name. But I don’t really care for the rest of his names.
      May the new prince be always like an angel, as his name suggests. Now let’s hope for a prompt christening so we can see all the cousins interact!

    1. Ellie, I find the timing of this article release very suspect. Its like oh my Kate is getting too much grief over baby Cambridge 3 and her work load (or lack of), Meghan and Harry where are you? You need to take the heat off of Kate, I just rolled my eyes!!

    2. Yep, they’re getting engaged. Let’s brace ourselves for the PR onslaught.
      I just have a snarky remark : nothing says more about being keen on privacy than doing a Vanity Fair cover, talking extensively about your relationship. Kate never said anything until the engagement. Meghan should have done the same.

      The two of them are ridiculous. They are on their way to become messier than Andrew and Fergie 2.0

      1. Yeah, I find her very thirsty for fame. The way she speaks of herself is incredibly obnoxious–it comes across as “I am trying too hard to sound intelligent and articulate”. I didn’t have much of an opinion on her except I thought she was loving the fame and attention getting from dating Harry, but I want him to be happy and if she makes him happy, that is great. But doing a VF cover, an interview, puts a bad taste in my mouth.

        It could also take away attention from Invictus next week. That is far more important than Meghan wanting to be rich and famous.

        Also, W&K only got 100k for their privacy suit as it was pointed out how they were in full view of a street, and all that… Hahahaha. I think this and the pregnancy were to distract from that considering it’s coming out how stupid they were about it and the other things they were doing on that balcony.

        1. +1 million She comes across to me as fake and try hard. Living in Miami, where people like that are so plentiful, I feel like I can spot people like her a mile away. She’s one of those people, that as my family would say, “eats egg, burps steak, and claims they ate caviar”.

      2. Ughhh, I didn’t like it either. Left a bad taste in my mouth. I hope he knows what he’s doing. I would hate to think he’s fallen fior someone who is just after being famous and money.

        1. Not sure why Meghan is getting the bash treatment in this case. This interview was done in June and it wash’t published/released until today, September 05/2017; thats 3 a month old interview with a few touch ups to include the Botswana trip etc; but it was sat on for 3 months till someone deemed the time fit for its publication!!. Just goes to show how little Meghan is controlling any of this, these stories are released only when some one in some upper ranks decides they should be released, Meghan has no say in anything, but I guess haters will always hate regardless. Oh well, c’est la vie

          1. As I said about this on the other site:

            Interviews like this are always done months in advance. Meghan, as a celebrity, would know this. Harry, as a royal, would also know this. For example: Harry’s Newsweek interview was released in June, but the interview was given in March. The fact that Meghan’s interview was done 3 months ago means nothing.

      3. We always criticize Kate, but Meghan is a totally different case.She doesn’t need someone except for herself.God, do you we just have fame-hungry women who pretend to be great humanitarians and use their love-sick boyfriends?
        I will never defend such behaviour.

  6. Oh, I love the name! Gabe and Alex, so cute!

    If I ever have another daughter, I would definitely consider naming her Gabrielle. “Gabby.” Cute for a girl. Gabe. Very dignified for a boy/man!

    Lovely ceremony, btw. And, Maddie? No, no, no! Terrible dress. You can do better, Madeleine. We know you can!

    1. And what if you have a boy, Jenny? Gabriel is a lovely name, isn’t it. I hope the best for you, anyway.

      I say, with all this royal baby boom thing going on, I’m starting to feel broody myself. Kate has managed to steal the show with her HG and all (and put an end to the Diana talk). I was more expecting news from say, Pippa, or even Zara, but Kate has done it again. And let’s not forget Harry and Meghan who seem too eager to tie the knot and have as quickly as possible their own little ones!

      Phew! Too much going on in the royal watching world! My only complaint is that we don’t get to see much of the BRF’s babies. All the anticipation during Kate’s pregnancies result in a glimpse of the baby outside the hospital and then there are several months with nothing at all. Oh well, at least we have the Swedish royal babies and tots to enjoy!

      1. Hi, Elina. Good to see you comment6ing again. How are you?
        I would love to have a son named Gabriel, but my husband would nix that choice in names immediately. When I was pregnant with our daughter, we discussed boy names and he really detested Gabriel. Oh, well.

        So many Royal Babies here and on the way, too. Looking forward to little Gabriel’s christening and the antics of his adorable sibling and cousins.

        1. Hi Jenny, I’m well, thank you and excited like you with the royal babies…

          And Birdy, yeah, just paid a visit to MMR about the news. Busy times there, but honestly, isn’t this interview tacky or what?

  7. Beautiful baby! I just saw the photo of the couple with their baby in a carrier at their feet. Princess Sofia was wearing skinny jeans. Kate may feel a little royal mommy envy.

  8. They released a picture of Prince Gabriel. I think he looks just like Prince Alexander. Soo cute!

    The cut of the dress is unflattering on Maddie. It doesn’t do her any favors.

  9. I quite like Gabriel and am kind of surprised. I was expecting a more Swedish name or the continuation of carl in the 1st name. Not a fan of the other names but how often will he go by those??
    Victoria looks smashing and radiant. Her matching clothes don’t even bother me here.
    Madeleine just no-hate the whole look from her hair to the floral dress. I get and can appreciate she’s a more frilly girl but I detest erdem and don’t get why so many people (celebs/royals) like it. Bleh and chris! sheesh you’d think he was the one going through morning sickness-looks like he just rolled out of bed
    CP looks quite the happy dad
    I enjoy the Swedish family get together.

    1. I’m sticking up for Chris. Chris has a real job. At least he shows up for some of these family events and works.

      1. I don’t know what having a real job has to looking like a disheveled mess. Most peeps I know work and still manage to look like they’ve showered, shaved and generally look presentable. I actually like Chris and respect that he works, no excuse for looking a hot mess

      1. He is precious! Oh, my gosh. My ovaries are aching for another baby. My mind says, “No, no, no. Not yet.” But, oh……

        Thanks for the link, Sarah. He’s just so cute!

      2. Aww, how cute is he! I always love to see babies asleep with their hands like that, it’s just so sweet and oozes innocence and surrender.

        Jenny, I think you’re ready for your No 2…

        1. No, I am not. Truly.

          Besides, I want my daughter to have more time as the young one. And, I truly don’t — or cannot — imagine going through the early days of a baby’s life again. From five months on, I was more attuned to my little one. The first few months were exciting, scary, and just so all encompassing. I don’t have the ability at this point to jump in there again… yet! Those earliest days/weeks/months were ones that I’m just not ready to experience again — for a bit longer.

          WHen I had my daughter, my stepsons were still living with their mother and my husband and I had them every other weekend and on Wednesdays. Now, they live with us full-time and their mother has our former schedule. There’s no way I can deal with four kids at this point. No way. Unless, I can afford to lure Nanny Maria away from the Cambridges, that is. She sounds like a gem!

          1. Let’s put in a nanny share for Nanny Maria! I would love her help.

            If I had a nanny I’d have more than one kid! One is enough though I always wanted more than one as I am an only child…

          2. Jenny, I know what you mean. You’re taking care of your stepsons plus you have little Maddie, you have a full household, you have a full heart.

            And the first months of a baby’s life, how sweet and yet so demanding age, I too remember.

            It makes you think how the rich and privileged like Kate can have as many children as they fancy and then parade them for the world to see the image of perfect families, while we know that’s only because of nanny Maria and the rest of the army of aids.

          3. Hi, again, Elina. ANd, hello to you, Ellie.

            Oh, I would love to share Nanny Maria with you, Ellie. How old is your child? There’s always time to reconsider another, right? As an only child, I can imagine you’d enjoy another one. But, oh that work!

            And, thank you Elina, for your understanding. The full heart comment made my eyes tear up. Thank you.

            Gosh, those early days of a new baby’s life are so precious, but so very demanding. I am sure baby nurses and nannies are not in my cards. So, Miss Madeleine Juliet will have to wait for a baby bro or sister. She has two step brothers who love her a great deal and are forever encouraging her to be a tad naughty. She’s quite good at picking up their suggestions of what to do. And, sometimes, it’s funny. Other times, my impulse to explode is helped by the tip my mom gave me: “Count to ten in French. It’s so genteel,” she always says with a laugh. It works, too. If I count out loud, the baby imitates me. So, a semi-bilingual toddler is in the house!

            Good day to all and no hurricanes in the Southern U.S., please. Or, anywhere. Thinking of all in Irma’s path.

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