Kate Middleton is pregnant with third child

Kate Middleton is pregnant with third child

Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third child, Kensington Palace announced this morning.

Kate Middleton pregnant with third child

After rumors of a cancellation of her engagement today on Twitter, Kensington Palace announced this morning that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third child. KP also announced that, as with her first two pregnancies, Kate is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and has canceled her engagement for today. The press release in full:

    “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their third child.
    “The Queen and members of both families are delighted with the news.
    “As with her previous two pregnancies, The Duchess is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Her Royal Highness will no longer carry out her planned engagement at the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London today. The Duchess is being cared for at Kensington Palace.”

Congratulations to the couple. Spring 2018 is looking to be a royal baby with both Kate and Princess Madeleine due around that time.

I must say, though, that I am quite annoyed by the engagement announcement then cancellation. Clearly KP knew Kate was pregnant when they announced the engagement last week. They must have known that she was probably going to cancel it due to “HG”. So why bother announcing it just to cancel it? Why not just not announce it? They did this same crap the last time she was pregnant – where they would announce an engagement just to cancel it – and it annoyed me then, too.

I hate to not be as happy about Kate’s pregnancy announcement as I was about Madeleine’s, but I’m so annoyed by the engagement cancellation and the fact that Kate will probably do jack shit for the next 3 months… and then jack shit for 6 months to a year after that. She just really is never going to step it up, is she? Ugh. Sorry to be a downer. I’ll see myself out now.

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  1. I feel you. Why announce these things, and then why claim to be oh so sick same as the other two when she was gallivanting around just fine. many of us called it, though–a third baby once they would be required to step it up. I think this was all quite planned, by Kate, at least.

    I hope she has a healthy, good pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby next spring (I assume she had them announce it ASAP just like the other two, to get out of work). I do not buy the HG at all, as I never did before.

    It is all so annoying for the organizations I am sure, who plan this for months, and then are told eff off, she doesn’t want to show up because she’s pregnant and has a fake problem. It is so inconsiderate.

    1. I agree with you KMR. Why announcing it then cancelling it ?
      I think we all know what it means: lots of PR and less work.

      Anyway, congratulations to her and wish her a healthy pregnancy.

      1. KP announced the engagement to show how keen she was and ready to step up. It’s all about perception. Everyone already knew she was preggers. This is to keep the work lie going. I wonder if they’ll end up back at Anmer as it will be better for her ‘health’.

          1. Oh yes, Kate will probably be spending time at Bucklebury Manor with Mummy and a host of protection officers. If she is then I’m feeling sorry for the people who live in the area as having Kate and the police visit is very disruptive to the locals daily lives.

          1. Exactly – they announced last week she was eager to work more while knowing she would be cancelling all events. I sincerely doubt she has HG, but rather morning sickness with a side of hypochondria.

    2. Not only that but aren’t they supposed to announce the French ruling today or sometime this week?
      So it adds to the distraction.
      I guess mrs BBV called it when she said they stopped taking bets in this!

    3. +1

      I second that. It is an insult to women who suffer from HG. Also a waste of the doctors and midwives time that could be spent attending other people. If Kate has HG, I hope Kate takes it easy.

    4. It seems so painfully obvious that Kensington Palace only jotted that into her diary so that she could receive partial credit.

      “Oh yes, that’s our hard working Kate, ever so keen to be amongst the people. She’s really going to pick it up this year, you know, because [insert latest reason here]. And, ahh…. oh dear. She can’t make the engagement anymore. What a shame. *Really* looking forward to that, our Kate was.
      And while we’re at it, she’s taken ill again. Like last time, remember? Oh yes, very ill. Don’t expect work for another 2 years. Poor dear.”

      Because they believe that we, the public, are *that* stupid. Give me a break. They’re not even putting effort into their excuses anymore.

    5. I’m super pissed about the cancellation. But I’m piping in to say that she may have been fine a week ago AND known she was pregnant because HG doesn’t necessarily set in the moment one conceived. I felt totally normal pregnancy symptoms, including food cravings, until I was six weeks along. Then one day I started throwing up and it was hell on wheels until the day I gave birth.

      1. Em like you in both my children. The first six to eight weeks I was great. Just really tired and sleepy all the time. Then one morning I woke up throwing up and it didn’t stop until I delivered. My second child my daughter I was in the hospital more than out. I lost 41 pounds in the nine months. There would be weeks I couldn’t hold even water down. Unlike Kate in her later months with both of mine once it started it lasted until the day they were born. Thank God I had chubby eight pound babies because of my wonderful doctors and hospital care. I was also very blessed I didn’t have to worry about bringing in a income and keeping a job. My husband took very good care of me and our babies.

      2. So if she shows up to George’s first day of school, yet skipped out on the charity one day and Grenfell Towers the next how credible will her HG claims be?

    6. It is totally insane to think they would have a child to get out of a season of work. It’s also super dickish to say she’s making up an illness. Many women suffer miscarriages bc of what she has. I’m not a fan of the monarchy necessarily but the criticism on this blog is ridiculous and cruel.

      KMR: what is the point of this blog? Is to level real criticism or to be a forum for bitter people to revel in cruel commentary?

      1. If you find this blog so repellant why not head over to a sugar site? I’m not bitter, from what I can understand of other regular commenters they are not bitter. Please feel free to believe Kate is amazing, hard working and wonderful. That is your absolute right. Please allow others to think she is lazy , has never worked and never intends to work.

      2. Many women here have dealt with this illness that Kate supposedly has and had to go about their lives or were hospitalized. Instead of going on vacations to Mustique, and photographed shopping and driving, when supposedly too ill to work or leave the house. Actions speak louder than words with Kate’s supposed HG. Actions speak louder than words for a woman who never worked a day in her life but spent her twenties at a man’s beck and call.

  2. Well surprise, surprise. No work for kate now. So much for full time royalling. We just knew this was coming didn’t we.

    Better get Megan signed up soon Harry see if we can have one wife who does something.

    In other news if Harry and Megan do get married in the spring will a heavily pregnant kate even bother attending?

    1. No. Kate disappears in the last month of her pregnancies, which means she wouldnโ€™t bother to show up at a wedding if itโ€™s in her last month.

      1. Hmmm…I predict she’ll have no problem showing up for vacations, galas, private trips and other fun things. My opinion is she never had HG (otherwise why wouldn’t she have checked into the closer hospital instead of driving herself all the way to London when pregnant with PG and why was she fine to travel to the tropical island (Mustique?) on a very long flight and away from her doctors?!). [Although now reading your post more clearly, you didn’t say she disappeared due to “HG.”]

        I think she hid away in the last month of pregnancy because she doesn’t want everyone to see her with a fully pregnant stomach and any other weight gain associated with that. I do think she will show up at a spring wedding, if only to try to bring the news and focus back on her and take some of the limelight away from Sparkles and Harry. JMO, though.

        I really have no more slack to cut this lazy couple so my thoughts tend to go to the negative because IMO they’ve shown us that’s who they are time and time again. It’s hard for me to believe anything will ever change since it never does…case in point? The news that both W&K would be increasing their royal workload beginning today? Oops, nope, Kate is pregnant and must disappear from view (only, I predict, to be seen out shopping with Pippa, who will also announce a pregnancy soon). I also predict that William will back out of “fulltime” because now that Kate is “sick” he will need to take over daddy duty in taking PG to school everyday.

        1. It always reminds me of Lucy from the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip holding the football. And at the last moment as Charlie Brown goes to kick it she takes it away. And every time Charlie falls for it because this time she promises him it will be different. Total definition of insanity- to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

        1. I feel for sure you will be disappointed. Engagement announcement is imminent……well according to the oracle that is Mr BBV. ?

          1. I know that there is a strong chance of them marrying but doesn’t mean that I have to like her ๐Ÿ™‚ Did MrBBV get inside information from the bookmakers ?

          2. I don’t think he knows anything yet, he’s just pontificating and being smug that he told me about the pregnancy last week.

            But IMHO I think we will have the engagement announcement within the Sept / Oct.

          3. Didn’t they say anything about december ? To be honest, if they were to get married, they need to live together first as they have been in a long-distance relation only. Have they even spent more than one month together and not while on a holiday ?

            Royal life is not Hollywood, it is going to be a serious change.

          4. Today it was reported on Twitter that Harry had spent the weekend with Meghan so she is still staying with him. I think they have been together for far longer than the press has reported.

          5. Wasn’t Meghan still dating some chef back in April/May of last year? So Harry and Meghan couldn’t have been dating too much longer than the press has reported unless she was cheating. The press says Harry and Meghan met in May/June 2016 and began dating in June/July 2016.

          6. KMR : They reportedly met in May when Harry went to Toronto for Invictus Games. Her chef bf at time, Cory, was the one cooking for the event. She told him that she would help with the event. They exchanged numbers and started to talk/do whatever.

            When he learn that, Cory left the house he was sharing with MM in July. He was paying for the house.

            Harry was at time, dating/shagging/fwb (write off the wrong answer) with a model named Sarah Ann Malkin. He had met her at a polo match the previous year and they were in a sort of a relationship between April/October.

            So yeah, the timeline of this relationship involves cheating on both parties.

        2. I if meghan and harry marry I can see it possibly being fergie 2.0 remember the hype around her when her and Andrew got marry that she was gonna be a breath of fresh look how that turned out though it will be seriously entertaining especially with her family we thought Kate’s uncle Gary was bad he got nothing on her damily

          1. That’s true Mrs he doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not but thankfully he’s not going to the press every week which is what I predict for meghan family also he’s only been with her a year they don’t even live in the same country .the engagement rumours and pressure from the press are in my opinion why will got married when he did look where that got us

          2. As long as Harry didn’t abandon his bride as Andrew admitted to abandoning his, she’d be better. MM is also more mature and self-sufficient than Fergie was, which gives me hope she’d be able to handle things better.

      1. Accentbeach im with you 100%. I don’t know why but I have a feeling this Meghan is in it for all the wrong reasons. Poor Harry doesn’t need to add another heartache that leads to failure in his life.
        Another gut feeling I had months back is now truth. I just knew once William and Kate moved full time to London she would get pregnant. A guaranteed nine month paid vacation for the girl. Oh my, what a hard life the poor princess has / chose to live. Sit in a chair and let your glam team work on the face and hair have help putting on a dress that cost several thousand dollars sit in a back seat while driven to your engagement. The hardest thing she has to do is smile. Poor poor princess my heart breaks for her.

        1. Shirley – I have the same gut feeling re: MM & PH that you do, and have had it from the start. Don’t know why, but it’s there. On a shallow level, I also don’t think they look good together, certainly not the gorgeous couple that everyone is going on about. But TBH I don’t think that either one is necessarily good looking, so that may have something to do with it. But I had the feeling that something was off before I even know what MM looked like. Having said that, I have no doubt that they will get married. Wonder if pg KM will be child wrangler again like at Pippa’s wedding?

          My feeling about Cambridge baby #3 was more logic & knowing their MO than gut. Baby = time off for KM in the wake of promised increased work load. Bonus that it will get her extra attention during the 70th wedding anniversary of QEII & Philip, and the possible Harry engagement/wedding festivities.

    2. You could tell Kate was pregnant weeks ago. No one is surprised. You have to give it to her. Kate manages to have perfect timing to get out of the upcoming Autumn schedule. She has the perfect excuse for her low numbers for 2017.

      Next Spring we get to read about the busy “hands on” parents who have three little ones under five years old.

      I am one of the few who believes she at least suffers from a mild form of HG.

      1. I suffered from HG. She may suffer from a worse morning sickness, but it’s not HG. You can die from HG & she has never looked worse for wear. Yet in every picture my husband took of me I looked bloated & if I was going to die.
        I firmly believe that if she had HG she would work with some group devoted to it. Instead she makes up weird things to justify her not feeling well. I had 4 and the HG progressively worsened until I went into labor with my fourth at 25 weeks & my husband couldn’t just take off work & my mother couldn’t just pop across the country. Gratefully the doctors kept me in the hospital until I had to deliver at 32 weeks.
        Kate’s lies need to flat out stop because my hand is up to here.

        1. I am sorry that you went through all that but you confirm what the rest of us have been thinking that her HG is bs and just morning sickness. If she shows up to George’s first day then it will confirm the lies even more. She would not have recovered from the HG in two days.

        2. I suffered from it too, but didn’t know about the correlation with advanced due dates. I had to be on progesterone shots to try to keep my last in; I started dilating at 28 weeks with #2. The odd thing was that the actual nausea and throwing up was the worst with #1.

      2. I already read a commenter yesterday saying she was surprised they would have more as 3 under 5 is really hard and they likely wouldn’t be able to travel as much with the kids. People really buy into the “hands-on parent” narrative and don’t seem to realize they have way, way more help than 90% of parents.

        1. Well for those of you who were wondering about meg and Harry, there is a whole piece in vanity fair. I’m guessing she won’t have done this without approval from harry so it looks like this is the first shot across the bows ‘re the engagement and wedding.
          Some of the comments on mail online website and here are very negative about meg, but personally I like her. I hope it works and Harry gets himself a nice little family. Time will tell I guess. What worries me are the comments about her being the wrong sort of person for Harry. Mail online readers can be pretty racist at times and some of the comments from United States are near to the knuckle. I’m just disappointed that this is still an issue. My fave comment though was about her never being as classy and discreet as kate. Pretty sure I’ve never seen megs butt cheeks as her dress,flies up yet again or photos of her topless! Yes there are stills from sex scenes in suits but that was work. I hope meg is given a chance like kate was to prove herself.

          1. No, but ‘Megs’ sure isn’t photographed as much as Kate is, so it’s really not a fair comparison at all. What they did to Kate with the topless pics, which was by court found unlawful, was something no one would do to ‘Megs’ because honestly, until half a year ago, no one cares about her.

  3. No surprise – gives both of the lazy pair an “out” – so another say four years until No 3 goes to a uber selective nursery and school

  4. Well no surprise is it… anything better then “work”
    And it is indeed time for Harry to wed Meghan,although she too wants quickly kids i think,considering her age..

    1. I wouldn’t be shocked if Meghan did very little during her pregnancies and the early years of her children’s lives either, should she marry Harry.

      1. Me either.

        I cannot see them opening up much with their children if they did marry and have kids. Harry doesn’t want that. He’d be as bad as William.

        But Meghan would love the limelight as much as Kate does so it would be amusing…

        1. Oh we’ll definitely see less of Harry’s kids than William’s. William has the need to show off his kids because George will (possibly) be king, even though William is reluctant to do so. But Harry has no need to show off his kids, and the desire to not do so, so he won’t. Anyone saying Harry will be more open with his kids than William is, is mistaken.

          1. Were I royal I’d be like the Tindalls. Or Phillipses. You can take pics of my kids in public on public property at events, that’s fine, because it’s legal. We’re out at a polo thing, that’s cool. Fine. I wouldn’t LIKE it, but it is what it is. But W&K wouldn’t allow it nor would Harry. And I wouldn’t hide them away. Not good for them one bit.

          2. Considering how Harry has been treated by the press during his youth, he will probably hide them more than William.
            And like Kate, Meghan would relinquish the limelight and do very little (if they were to get married and have children).

          3. I don’t think Harry will and kate are planning to do any proper duties for years to come the rediculas thing is member’s of the public who don’t follow blogs actually think they work my estimation of them is rock bottom even if they picked up their work load I think for a lot of people its to little to late . Harry for all his charisma is gonna end up being viewed like Andrew I think remember when he was Harry’s age he was really popular then he got married and left the military it went down hill now he’s basically irrelevant. As for Harry’s future kids we will only see them when him and his wife use them as or props like will and kate foreign citezins have seen them more then the british

          4. But, I am a fir;m believer that the actress in Meghan likes the limelight. So any kids will be right up front. Harry will get used to saying “yes,” to the Mrs. I don’t think their marriage will last. Gut feeling. I think the early years will be all romance, but that gets old . I don’t know why, but I just don’t sense a really long and happy marriage. Hope I am wrong.

      2. Of course, we don’t know anything yet, since it hasn’t happened, but I don’t automatically assume that Sparkles will be as lazy as Kate. Why would she? Kate has always been this lazy – no real job to speak of throughout her formative 20s. Whereas Meghan has been working since college and seems much more driven and motivated and seems to look for bigger-scale/outside the home challenges and accomplishments. I can’t imagine that will change once she gets married. Just like Kate didn’t magically become hardworking, I don’t expect Meghan to magically become lazy and secretive. That just doesn’t seem like who she is and I don’t believe that people really change all that much from their core character.

        I also think that Harry will be more like the Tindalls/Phillipses. He seems to have much better EQ and IMO, I imagine he can see the bigger picture of the importance of the public bonding with the next generation. As Ellie said – not flaunting his children all over the place, but also not hiding them away to an extreme degree. I’ll have to wait and see on that one, because it’s just my supposition based on who I think he is, lol.

        I’m not sure why people think Harry is worse than William when it comes to the media/secrecy/paranoia. IMO, he has never shown that to be true. I don’t think we’ve ever heard stories about Harry (like William does/did) feeding his friends fake stories to see who talks to the press, etc. Or Harry berating staff or treating staff badly, being contrary and picking fights with them just to pick fights, etc. I think his personality is very different to William’s, so I predict he will also be a different kind of husband and father. I can’t wait and wish he would hurry up and marry Megs so we can all see how things go (yes, I’m completely selfish ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

        1. I’d like to agree with you about Meghan, but in the last six months she already has become quite secretive–shutting down her social media, not being really seen out and about, disappearing from her friends’ social media pics, too. I get the impression that she’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto Harry and keep him happy, and if that means sacrificing whatever pleasure or self-fulfillment she gets from public appearances and working, she’ll do it. I just hope whatever joy she finds with Harry makes up for what she’ll lose by marrying him.

          And as for Harry, didn’t he assault a photographer covering a charity polo match or something in Africa? Maybe that was years ago, and maybe he’s changed and matured since then, but if true I think it says a lot about how reactive toward the press he can be.

          1. When Meghan was seen out and about/using social media,a lot of people were insulting her and accusing her of being this and that,saying she isnt discreet,loves attention etc.Now shes toned everything alot and people are still pointing fingers on how shes so desperate.shes never going to win which is why i dont want her to marry into that family.she hasn’t even had the chance to prove herself and from what ive been reading so far online,no one is ready to give her a chance to like kate was

          2. No matter who Harry marries, at this point she will never receive the same benefit of the doubt that Kate received from many people specifically because of the laziness and other crap Kate has pulled. Sad, not necessarily fair, but true. Lots of people are so fed up with Kate’s BS that their rose colored glasses are off to the whole monarchy thing so no one Harry marries would get the same benefit of the doubt Kate got.

        2. Meghan isn’t that much of a worker, you just need to look at how she presented herself through her blog and Instagram, both of them displaying the rich life that she was living and wanted. Yes she worked more than Kate, but honestly, it isn’t hard to beat her.
          For him, she shut down her social media, thing that all serious actors need for their work. To get the role of Duchess.

          Also Harry has been the spare for his whole life, treated worse than William (while they were both party princes). He wouldn’t want that for his children.
          Lizzie -> He assaulted a journalist while he was with Chelsy Davy.

          1. The rich life she worked hard to get.I dont see why she shouldn’t enjoy it and no way we can conclude a person isnt a worker based on insta and a blog,not everyone posts about what they do everyday,every hour.We also dont even know why she shut down her blog,might be because of Harry or not,Im not a mind reader so im not going to be stating shes doing all these because she wants to be duchess rather im choosing to give her the benefit of the doubt

          2. Yasmine : She doesn’t work hard. After college/uni, she didn’t work that much. Handwriting invitations is not that much of a job.
            Her acting resume is weak for someone interested in acting. She got her job on Suits, because hubby (boyfriend) was at that a producer.

            And on the contrary we can base ourselves on her social media and blog, because it is what she liked and enjoyed: material wealth.

            She is auditioning for duchess because she changed for him : shutting the blog and trying to appear more philanthropic when she doesn’t do much (2 trips abroad, a few articles and a speech) in 3 years only.

            I’m not going to hold my breath on her and say that she is going to be a workhouse because nothing indicates that she will.

        3. I expect that she wouldn’t become KM Mark 2.0, because you’re right, that hasn’t been her behavior up to now. Shutting down her website was a move to get the press and tumblr haters off her back, which is completely understandable.

          Harry isn’t the one who has filed complaints against the press, that is W&K. He doesn’t like their intrusion, but he doesn’t throw formal complaints around like W&K. As KMR points out, his kids would never be working royals or close to the throne. He has more reason/justification in keeping them out of public view. If he has kids, I’d see them kept quietly out of sight like Louise and James for many years.

          1. I have to disagree with you notasugar. If you go on the IPSO website, Harry has filed more complaints than W&K. You can verify yourself. Here is the link : https://www.ipso.co.uk/rulings-and-resolution-statements/?expression=hrh&page=1&perPage=20&clauses=&publications=

            About shutting down her blog, I think it was a mistake as she needs the publicity as an actress, has she played it right, she would have been on the press everyday and be able to get what she to say/portray out there.

          2. Harry filing complaints about inaccuracies in the press vs. W&K filing lawsuits demanding privacy in public places aren’t the same thing to me. He didn’t file complaints about Vegas (3000 were filed by the public on his behalf), but he did stand up and demand a retraction when the press said he was dating Pippa. Far as I know, Harry hasn’t demanded $1.5 million in a civil lawsuit when he was photographed on vacation.

            Her website was being mined for tabloid fodder and used against her by the anti-Meghan crowd. She didn’t need it for publicity, it wasn’t about her acting. If she and Harry break up, she can always start another blog. Until then, taking that site down was a smart thing to do.

            Nic919, it takes an amazing amount of effort to hold the line and be as lazy as W&K. I cannot see MM doing the same. She’d have to really work at it.

  5. She might be “sick” but many people (including my sister) I know have spent most of the time very sick but get up and get on with it . . . . but if you have a snowflake husband and his family pays the bills then I guess you have an out

    1. Yeah. Most women just deal with morning sickness, even HG, and still go to work because they have to. But Kate doesn’t have to, so she doesn’t.

        1. HG is a spectrum, there are varying severity levels. The more severe cases, yes, hospitalization. The less severs cases, no hospitalization.

          1. Additionally, when Kate had “HG” with George, she took a long flight on a small plane to a Caribbean country with limited medical resources, so clearly her “HG” wasn’t too terribly bad.

          2. Just to echo what KMR said, my work colleague had HG a few years ago and she managed to work throughout her pregnancy, bar a few days in hospital at the very beginning. She was extremely ill and looked worryingly thin and exhausted until the final month or so, yet she still wasn’t ill enough to require a lengthy hospital stay. So there is definitely a spectrum.
            Where KM is on that spectrum is difficult for us to say of course, but I’d bet my house that a third child will mean it’ll be a few more years before she’ll deign to become a full-time royal.

        2. I don’t buy the HG either. She has morning sickness but somehow bounces back by the second semester. That’s regular morning sickness.

        3. I had HG with all three kids, did spend time in hospital, but also had to go to work when feeling absolutely awful – we had bills to pay. Kate uses it as an excuse, but manages to have her holidays and travel long haul when it suits her. I wish both her and the baby well as individuals, but I think all this recent hype about stepping up, and the new appointment etc make her look very stupid.
          Pregnant women work, pregnant women with severe HG manage to work much of the time.

          1. Kate is regressive for women in all ways. If she could bring back confinement as an approach then she would. Except of course for her holidays.

        4. Yeah, it’s interesting how Kate’s “HG” still enabled her to attend fun events and travel internationally but didn’t allow her to work…

        5. I was diagnosed with HG my first pregnancy, and missed very little work as a result. I only had one hospital visit. After the 14 week mark, I did not throw up again until labor hit. HG is not one size fits all, and I would strongly suspect if Kate has it, she has a very mild form.

    2. William’s own mother was doing public duties while suffering morning sickness…sadly I am not surprised by this announcement and subsequent cancellation of engagements. Oh well, the 90 somethings will continue doing their duties I suppose.

      1. I remember that Diana worked while pregnant too. There was that time she had a ask someone to put out a cigar he was smoking as the smell was making her feel like throwing up.

        As this baby announcement has come so close to the anniversary of Diana’s death you would think that Kate would want to follow her mother in law’s lead and work too?

  6. I wonder who tipped the bookmakers off from within the Royal / Middleton household? The fact that Mr BBV told me this momentous news last week I find quite astonishing and rather hilarious ??
    Well Kate’s working totals for the next two years have just dropped through the floor.

    1. I assume they must have found out last week or something and the bookies got tipped off!

      Carole maybe or Tanna who heard through Carole? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. “Well Kateโ€™s working totals for the next two years have just dropped through the floor.”

      Yep. She’ll probably pull out of the November tour to wherever that KP announced last week, too.

      1. Unless it is a destination she wants to go to – but it will be a wave off the plane – no appearances – and then anothe wave on the way home – with lots of new clothes, shoes, kikki jewels etc

          1. I was wondering about that too and I figured the same. Girl likes her shiny new togs no matter what goodies already hang in that vast closet.

        1. There will be new outfits so she can pass outfits to her sister if and when sister needs them. Personally I’m waiting for the Dalmatian dog spot coat to make another appearance; it has been worn during two pregnancies. Woof.

        2. I was thinking the same thing, Mrs. BBV. I guess her wardrobe from George is a tad too old, but the things from Charlotte’s pregnancy should be just fine Of course, we all know, though, Kate needs new clothes!

          1. I think the new clothes are an insecurity issue. Kate may never had nice clothes growing up or uses the clothes to reassure herself or to get compliments from William.

          2. Laura – The Middletons famously kitted the girls out in the newest, most expensive stuff, parents from the schools have said they just couldn’t compete with Carole. William has said teasing, almost mean, things to her about her clothes and hair so who knows. I think Kate just likes having money to spend that isn’t hers and she can do anything she wants because nobody holds her accountable. It reminds me of rich teenage girls given Daddy’s credit card.

          3. I knew about William being mean about her hair and clothes. I have never heard William compliment her dress etc. I did not know that Carole used to buy such expensive clothes. There was an article in the Daily Mail that after the wedding, Carole would go into clothes stores in Chelsea and Kensington and take what she wanted and then basically pay at the desk at her convenience.

      2. I think they didn’t announce the destination because they knew she was pregnant at that point. Kate is unlikely to do any tour this year.

  7. I would think that miraculously Kate would feel better if some of her engagements were film openings or professional tennis matches!

  8. If the tour is to Norway, as was rumored, Kate may still do it. By November, she’d be clear of morning sickness and yet could still fly. I doubt she’ll do many U.K. Visits.

    Their children seem very sweet and well loved, so it’s happy news for their family.

    But, I agree with everyone that Kate’s engagement numbers will drop for the foreseeable future, even for months after the pregnancy.

    The one thing that makes me sad is I worry her healthy glow the past couple of months this was due to the pregnancy, and not due to the fact she felt more comfortable in her role. That makes me sad since she’ll have this role for the rest of her life, but the pregnancies only last a short while.

    1. She skipped off tours and engagements to go on holiday when she was so very sick, so unless she wants to go to Norway or whatever really badly, she won’t show. But if it were the Caribbean, sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Too much Zika in the islands in the Carib, Indian Ocean and SE Asia. Even her sister’s honeymoon destination has it. But you never know. The beach could be too hard to resist.

  9. I’m actually much happier about Kate’s than I was about madeleine’s- the swedes are having too many babies, I can’t keep up, it doesn’t come as a pleasant surprise anymore. I’m a bit like ‘oh another baby, yay’. I wasn’t sure of they were going for a third with William and Kate, so I’m actually much happier ๐Ÿ™‚
    As for the announcement thing… I don’t think they ‘already knew’ they’d cancel it, but I can see why some would assume that.

  10. Ding ding ding! And she’s pregnant. Pregnant when her office made the big announcement about their ‘work’. So that people remember the sentiment and not the reality. If they repeat ‘mental health’ and the young royals work in mental health often enough, it’s bound to stick. Another 2 years off for Kate. It also unreasonably annoys me that they have to mention HG immediately, in the very same press release. Is it posher if it’s Latin? You generally are as sick as anything between weeks 4-6. But I just had nausea 24 hours a day and worked full time, what would I know about princess nausea? I think Kate has been reading The Princess and the Pea. Princesses have HG; common people have morning sickness ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. In my first and third pregnancies I had horrendous all day morning sickness but I had to work so I did. Gp gave me anti sickness pills and I lived on ginger ale and plain biscuits for weeks. I lost so much weight. Unless kate is bad enough to be hospitalised she can be treated to keep going like ordinary women have to. I worked 8 hour days for weeks when sick, she can’t even turn up for an hour to meet and greet, it’s shameful imo.

        1. With one of my pregnancies the only thing…literally.. that I ate for 2 months was toast and peanut butter, and drank peppermint tea. Amazingly the baby had no nut allergies. My mother was offered thalidomide but refused it, so there was no possibility of my taking drugs. So many Mums on here from different generations, many having very difficult pregnancies. It appears we all worked through…whether that be paid work or looking after the older kids and the home. Kate doesn’t have to do any chores, she doesn’t have to do anything with the children unless she wants to, surely she could do a little work?
          I wonder if we will get the school photo on Thursday? There has been a bit of an issue with poor security at the school. A parent managed to get in and wander around unchallenged. Term hasn’t started, but it is a worry. If I had kids in that school I wonder if I would move them?

  11. Firstly, we all predicted this would happen as soon as any suggestion of full time royal duties reared it’s ugly head.

    I wonder how William will pull out of his share of full time royal duties.

    Will that be 2yrs or 3yrs off?

    Before another surprise pregnancy?

    I once predicted that Kate would never start full time duties until her last child was safely in boarding school. Assuming that they were sent at 8yrs old.

    ….but if they are sent at 11 or 13yrs old, that means we are in for another 15yrs at minimum of Kate being keen to work, but not doing anything.

    And then she’ll be too old to work because 50something will be deemed elder abuse in her world despite their refusing to help out their 60something father or 90something grandparents.

    That said, despite our collective cynical predictions, this was an obvious outcome as soon as Kate started looking visibly bigger in the spring.

    She never puts on weight except to conceive.

    After Charlotte, it appeared that they were done and she went back to her wedding weight, but beginning of this year, she started gaining weight. A sure sign that a new baby was being planned.

  12. I think it’s great news and wish them well. Yes it’s annoying that it’ll affect her work schedule, but I think it’s up to William now to substantially increase his workload on behalf of both of them. She’s in her mid 30’s, if they want more kids there’s no point delaying.

    1. I think we know the answer to that. William does what William wants. And I wonder how this affects the Kate’s new Private Secretary employed to get Kate off her regal behind and into work. I bet you PoW isn’t happy with the ‘happy news’.

      1. Id say Kate kept this pregnancy very quiet or they would not have hired Catherine Quinn. IMO this is a signal Kate was not interested in working?

        1. Yes, why hire a six figure assistant if no work is planned? Ms. Quinn will be one well paid slummer, if you ask me.

          Kate and all her smiles over the last weeks, when all the talk of the Cambridges stepping up their game, well, we now know those smiles were her say of telling herself, “Don’t worry. Pregnancy means no work for me!”

          I’m not saying that she doesn’t want another baby, but another baby surely makes her workload shrink while her waistline expands!

          She can get away without working, but what about William? He must be PO’d on a certain level, right?

      2. Maybe PoW would be happier about it if he was allowed to have a real grandparent relationship with the child. Instead, it’s more shirking for his kids and no real relationship for him, it seems.

  13. These two are so predictable. DoE retires, they know they will have to step up their royal engagements (and the fact that they are so “keen” to do so is trumpeted all over the media), George is starting “big boy” school so the excuse of 2 small children to care for (never mind the army of staff) is gone. So of course it’s baby time! And bonus that this will overshadow possible Harry engagement &/or Pippa baby news. As much as William hates he media attention, I will never believe that KM feels the same.

    KM’s HG is nonsense. I’m sure she, like millions upon million of women suffer morning sickness (mine tended to hit mid-afternoon – go figure), but I have known 2 woman with bona fide HG and it is not fleeting like KM’s. When she cancels a fun or celebrity-filled event, or an event with Ben Ainsley, then I may give her the slight benefit of the doubt.

    1. If she can show up to George’s first day of school then this will confirm that she can force herself to attend things if she wants to.

    2. I have officially given up hope that the Cambridges will ever pull their weight. A new baby should be something to celebrate, but I just can’t muster the enthusiasm.

      1. JET Texas, I agree. I hope for a healthy baby but only for the baby’s sake, no way am I happy for the duke and duchess of donothing. At all. Pretty sure that Kate will show up for George’s first day of school, cue the brave, courageous awesome mother who dragged herself out of bed, slathered on makeup with her weak and shaky hands, got dressed with her remaining strength and was there for her little boy.

        The timing of engagement, cancelling? My thought is attention attention attention!!

        This HG had to be put out there in the news, forget that backtracking and downgrading to severe morning sickness that happened after George, put common sense and personal knowledge aside. She took a vacation to a place where medical care was minimal, that’s the smoke and mirrors cover up. However, even **severe** morning sickness would nix that, at least if she was as violently ill as I was with my first baby. She is in my opinion also totally irresponsible if she did vacay while sicker than Lupo with George, a first baby? No Drs. (I had mine on speed dial, not that he answered). First baby and future hos? And swanning off to a remote location?

        I highly doubt that Billy Middleton had any say regarding this pregnancy, or the first two for that matter. I suppose that he can use this as ‘I can’t be expected to do ‘royal’ stuff while my poor desperately ill wife is left at home with Charlotte and having to pick George up from school, now can I?’ This may turn out to be his ace or joker depending on perspective.

        I absolutely do not believe that waity has HG in any way, nor do I believe that she fits on KMR’s spectrum at all. My opinion is that since she has a boy and a girl (a king’s family), if she were truly as sick sick sick as we’re supposed to believe she wouldn’t risk it again. This illness is dangerous, life threatening to both mother and child. I also think any Dr. would advise against another pregnancy if this were true.

        Nope, not happy for the Middletons at all, not offering congratulations. Hoping for a healthy baby, but honestly with waity screaming HG I find it difficult to even wish her an easy pregnancy, she damned well knew it wouldn’t be. (or would since lies abound).
        This child may also be the key to holding the marriage together, Billy wouldn’t dare play around with a pregnant wife at home with two little kids and ever so delicate and sick. Waity planned this, but no way do I think Billy is happy.

        For a woman suffering from HG or even severe morning sickness waity sure managed to smile and pose at the White Garden. She didn’t have the face I would have at that stage, ‘where’s the nearest barfroom, this scented air is making me sick’. But then again, I’m just a mere mortal.

  14. I’m very happy for them, I love seeing her pregnant and I love their kids. But I’m sure this baby was planned. All this talk about engagements and working while they knew they wouldn’t keep their promise is just ridiculous. Of course they can’t and wouldn’t be open about trying for a baby but they should have said nothing at all then.

    1. Exactly. I’m just frustrated with KP’s BS. If they had not announced that the trio would be increasing their duties going into the fall, and hadn’t announced the now-canceled engagement, then I wouldn’t be frustrated. But KP does this on purpose, which is the frustrating thing. They know they are going to cancel their plans, but they announce them anyway for PR. It’s so frustrating.

      1. The more they say W&K will work so hard and whatnot, it doesn’t mater, people believe it and therefore think W&K are hard-working and wonderful.

        It’s a good strategy in their eyes I suppose.

        1. For the majority of people who barely follow them, yeah it does work. So KP keeps doing it. But for us who actually follow their work closely, it’s so frustrating because it’s such BS. But they will never change as long as it works. But that makes following them really boring.

          1. KMR, they will be in for a shock when The Queen is no longer here. Or when this whole Brexit thing isn’t getting any better.

        2. I agree Ellie, Poor Kate she was so keen to “work” more but darn that HG, now the poor lambs too sick ๐Ÿ™ Well played Poor Jason, well played.

          1. And a lot of women who have had morning sickness sympathize and say of course she can’t work, ignoring that for her work means an hour of shaking hands.

          2. I remember how ill Princess Charlene of Monaco looked when pregnant with the twins, absolutely awful but she made it out the door, (albeit not often). If Charlene can do it why not Kate? As said above, it’s only an hour and it’s not like she has to wait on a bus or empty the dishwasher first is it? Princess Snowflake is lazy. End of. And I’m off to bury my head for the next nine months as KM isn’t the only one wanting to vomit, symptoms brought on by the DM!

    1. Lol, I hadn’t thought of that. If we’re getting conspiracy theory-y, I suppose they could have chosen to announce the pregnancy right now, early, claiming HG made them announce early (even though that is not the case, but since there is a precedent for her having HG, then perfect excuse), to distract the world from the France judgement.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me!

        I guess I’ve become a conspiracy theorist, though I think it is in general to distract and keep her out of work. But a lot of us have been talking about expecting no 3!

        It’s sad, I wish I was more excited because babies! But this crap they keep pulling is so ridiculous.

        I need to go to bed but I’m sick. So i am awake… lol

        1. I haven’t actually gone to bed yet. I was up late doing some work when the rumors started, and so I stayed up to see what happened. And I just haven’t gone to bed yet.

      2. I predict there will be an engagement announcement this fall, and a royal wedding next spring, which will greatly overshadow press interest in William and Kate’s 3rd baby.

          1. I think there was rabid interest from some quarters until they had a girl. Now that Diana’s Granddaughter has been born, there will be less interest in Baby #3. If their second child had been a boy, there would have been much more interest in this pregnancy.

  15. Congratulations to the couple.

    But if she is pregnant and has HG then it didn’t begin today. She had to suffer from HG from the begining, or not? I don’t know about much about HG but this timing is funny. Although accidents exist but still.

    So will they move back from KP to Anmer as their basis? Oh, I forgot George. But another news is that G. school has security problem, so they just has to announce that because of it and the pregnancy they will move back Anmer, G goes to school in Norfolk etc. etc.

    I think she will do some engagements so she could wear her new pregnancy dresses and coats.

    I really don’t understand why UK need so many expensive “working Royals” (this oximoron never dies) but this is another topic…

    I like Kate and I think I can understand her somewhere but these actions really don’t do well for her long term. But as long as they let her, she will be “housewife” and Will is doting father. eh This whole royal family is so weird it is unhealthful.

    1. HG doesn’t start as soon as you are pregnant, it usually kicks in around 4-6 weeks into the pregnancy and then depends on the individual woman when it stops – usually in the second trimester, but for sone women it can go all 9 months.

    2. Every body is different and every pregnancy is different. I got sick in week 5 the first time and week 6 the second time. I was so desperate not to be ill that I had convinced myself that not being sick in week 5 meant it wasn’t going to happen again. I got sick all at once in the middle of teaching a lesson and threw up in front of my students.

      I don’t actually care if Kate is sick or not. I’ve had two kids and two bouts of HG since George was born. Instead of rolling their eyes at me people (especially coworkers) have said, “oh that’s what Kate Middleton had! I didn’t know you could get that sick! That awful!” I missed a ton of work in the first half of both pregnancies. The raised awareness of HG had a huge positive affect on my life and people’s understanding of what was happening to me.

  16. Well, I am happy for her. Like her I also got married expecting to have lots of children and I don’t mind what people think about being a stay at home mom, even if this mom is rich and has a nanny. I was au pair of two American families and both mom’s didn’t work and still had me living in their house to help with the kids. Good for her to have one more baby, I wish I could afford to have 5 but I can’t.

    1. I’ve been fortunate to be a stay-at-home mother, too, but then again I didn’t receive public funds to cover a luxurious lifestyle that was intended to support doing work representing my head of state.

      1. This. And now in the UK they cut off child tax benefits after two kids.
        If Pippa has ten kids it doesn’t matter because Pippa isn’t a royal with all the related benefits. But the more royals means more costs for security and all the other related expenses that they don’t pay for themselves.

        1. Will Nanny Maria have to care for all three children? Time for a new job, if so. I guess a baby nurse will be hired. Mother Carole can move in and life can get back to normal at the country estate. I was interested to read above that George’s school may have a “security” issue. Good news that they have a home to head back to, isn’t it?

          I wish I could be happier about the new baby news, too. It’s just that people feel played, don’t you think? W and K, slacking off again — especially after the news of how much work they were about to take up. We all called it!

    2. For me it is not that she chooses to be a stay at home mom. Stay at home moms (and dads for that matter) have a valued place in many families. The problem is that neither one of them work. I would be willing to bet that your partner works a full time job. If William put in a full 40 hours a week for 46 weeks out of the year (or even 40 weeks of the year) I personally would not begrudge Catherine choosing to only complete a couple of engagements a quarter. However, neither of them work, and that is a problem.

    3. “I wish I could afford to have 5 but I canโ€™t.”
      Neither can she. The public pays. Glorified, shined up, glittery benefit scrounger.

      It’s people like you that I would be happy for, congratulate. People who genuinely want and love children, just for themselves. And yes, I am totally insinuating that this baby is already being used.

      1. If the British public was really bother by that, they wouldn’t be there anymore. Kate’s wasn’t poor before, of course not super rich either. Be a royal isn’t really a job so I don’t know why people expect so much of them. That’s not going to happen. They have a choice and if tomorrow she decides no never again do anything single thing, she can. And if people don’t like it, they should step up. But from my hubby and his friend and families that are from England, none of them care about this “my tax payer money going to this” that’s a very American thing. Right now I pay for Melania Trump life too and she is barely works. People get too angry because of their own expectation. Right now I just get happy when they go somewhere and bring awareness to a cause, because let’s be honest, people so pay attention even they stay one hours somewhere and that brings money and attention. Also I like the fashion. I would get to stressed expecting them to work a lot. “Working royals” is a new thing, Margareth barely did anything useful and many others.So besides get angry I just have fun trying to pay attention how she dresses George so I don’t do the same. Hahahah

  17. As soon as they said she would be doing more work people predicted this now we are gonna have another nine months of Kate’s pregnancy clothing a guess the sex of the baby ?

  18. This is actually very surprising to me. They just don’t look like a couple who are intimate anymore…
    Regardless I am very happy for them!

    1. Blessings to William and Kate for a healthy and happy child. I’ve read in past posts that William admitted that he was overwhelmed by the birth of George, and didn’t spend a lot of time with his wife and baby initially. While a first child (plus more!) does come with major lifestyle changes and shifting priorities for most people, the Cambridges have an amazing support system which must substantially reduce the pressures of being a new parent to allow them to juggle family with their royal duties.

      I wonder how William addresses Kate’s pregnancies? Didn’t he say he only wanted 2 children? I would think he runs the show in their family; but maybe changed his mind. I do question his involvement during and after the birth of his children. I cannot imagine anyone dictates his schedule. Do the pregnancies give him more freedom to pursue his personal interests? And how will this play out as it has been announced he is a full time royal?

      1. “Do the pregnancies give him more freedom to pursue his personal interests?”

        Definitely yes. At least in the past. He was photographed with friends hunting at Balmoral during Kate’s pregnancy with George, at the height of Kate’s reported HG, when she supposedly could not leave her bed.

      1. I’ve always suspected they used IVF for George, not because of infertility, but because it allowed them to plan the timing of the conception/birth more precisely. No shade from me about that.

        Then with Charlotte, it was weird. Will said there were no imminent plans for another, then suddenly they’re papped having dinner in a pub on a “date night”. Then the pregnancy is announced. Then they’re papped going to the doctor for a check up/ultrasound. William seemed angry all the time. It was almost as if (pure speculation warning) Kate visited the turkey baster doctor without Will’s consent and then repeatedly called the paps to force him into not reacting badly. At least in public.

        I don’t know what this third baby is about.

  19. Annoying. I am a nurse and have worked with many women who work up to their delivery date. Backs hurting, ankles swelling and they still manage to put in a days work. Of course many of us have no choice and don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves I guess the term “Princess” really fits here.

    1. I agree. I know a nurse that miscarried at work and then repeatedly went into SVT (funny heart rhythm) at work while pregnant a second time. It all depends on a person’s inner strength and work ethic. Kate obviously has neither and has conveniently decided to get pregnant right when she was supposed to be doing some real work. I get that she has HG, but its all too convenient when she gets it. And of course she’d be forgiven for all of this if she simply worked more when she could. The Swedes have large families and yet they present much better than the British do. Its mind-boggling. I agree with other’s comments; Kate’s super smiley appearance at the remembrance garden last week was very “cat that ate the canary.” Its disappointing.

  20. If Pippa announces that she is pregnant now, I am going to pay someone to knock me out until after they have both given birth. The media will explode as will my head lol.

    1. If she was able to, I’m sure the sisters would love to have babies at the same time. The Middleton’s are a very insular bunch. Kate will have as any kids as it takes to ensure she is absolutely, definitely, going to be the mother of the next King/Queen of England with plenty of spares in case they don’t choose that life.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear something from Pippa shortly as well. I always thought she would be trying for a kid not long after marriage because it’s not like she has a job that interferes with anything. I just hope Carole gives the same amount of attention to Pippa’s kids as she does Kate’s.

        1. Since Kate is the experienced mum now, she should need less hand-holding and caretaking. Her sister should receive the same first-mum help given to her older sister by her mum.

      1. Word!!
        I still find the pr person hired prior to her wedding odd. Either no one wants to hire her or it was all publicity just for the wedding. Which would be even more bizarre. Wonder if she can get KP to announce her pregnancy like they did her wedding ?

  21. Didn’t we make bets here on KMR? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Congrats to William & Kate on the tie-breaker but, as others have said, it’s not a surprise. We all had an inkling this would happen when Phillip’s retirement was announced.

    Anyone wanna guess on names? I still want Alice as a name for a girl (it’s on my personal list of baby names) but I’m totally blanking out on a boy name!

    1. Alice is a lovely name in my opinion. A definite classic.:-) I also like Adelaide and Victoria though I would prefer Adelaide as a first name. James has already been used by Edward and Sophie. I doubt they would use that. I am not a fan of James for a first name. I think because of a guy that keeps clinging to me and I am flat out disinterested. That is another story. Arthur maybe. Michael I would not think so as that is Kate’s dad’s name and they don’t really seem close.

      1. Oh, sorry. I never liked the name, Alice. If a girl, Philippa? After great grandpa and auntie?

        A boy? Well, Henry after Uncle Harry, would be nice.

        We’re getting ahead of ourselves. I’m thinking boy at the moment, but want to wait to see how Kate carries.

    2. Victoria for a girl perhaps as Diana claimed it and had a fit Andrew and Sarah waned to use it… Instead they had Beatrice.

      1. One of Eugenie’s middle names is Victoria. Eugenie Helena Victoria. Helena was a daughter of Queen Victoria’s as well as Beatrice who was the baby of the family, I believe.

        1. Yes, Princess Beatrice (the original) was Queen Victoria’s youngest child. Not only that, one of *her* children was named Victoria Eugenie.

          It’s nice that the York princesses both got a nod. In fact, the current Princess Eugenie gets a double nod!

          1. It is indeed Kimothy. Particularly as they are related to Queen Victoria through their paternal grandmother.

            At Osborne House, Isle of Wright they have portraits of the children and there is a screen that has been done by Princess Helena.

          2. Cool! I know that Fergie has always been fascinated with Victoria & Albert.

            This is a comment to everyone: so far, I’m working on getting my meds in order (contact doctors, calling my pharmacies (yes, plural), etc. regarding Hurricane Irma. We know that the state of Florida is screwed but where she’ll hit, we don’t know. I’m taking precaution now and hope to buddy-up with a friend of mine who lives in Georgia.

            I’ll try to keep you updated but you *should* be able to click on my name which will take you to my Facebook and I’m giving you permission to contact me if you haven’t heard anything by next Monday or Tuesday.


            P.S. KMR, I hope you’re okay with me posting this message. I just don’t want you all to worry.

      2. @ellie diana was going to name her daughter victoria if she had one? Oh i thought she’d would’ve went with duchess if her and charles had a girl i know her family called her that.

  22. First of all, I am happy for William and Kate. They make beautiful babies. If it is a girl I like the name Victoria or maybe Adelaide. If it is a boy maybe James or Michael.

    Now I’m wondering if Kate was giving us a hint when she was in Germany and said “we will just have to make more babies.”

    Having said that, if KP knew that Kate was pregnant I am so annoyed that they made that announcement that the trio would do more work. At the time my cynical side said “great, now let’s watch Kate announce a third pregnancy so she can get out of working” and now that my prediction came true I find myself not feeling as excited about this as I would like to be. I am sure William will be unable to work as well because he is such a family man. *eye roll*

    1. If her hg is a bad as they want us to believe there’s no way kate and will didnt know also why the sudden bets at the bookies ?someone leaked

  23. Well I’ll be darned. I honestly didn’t see W&K having a third baby, even with the increased workload stuff. Between them and the Swedes, it’s a royal baby boom!

  24. Oh dear, but who will drive George to school as Kate will have HG? No 40 – 60 minutes in peak hour traffic, no driving George to and from school like she said she was going to be doing.

    What gets to me is that after all those pregnancy predictions, Woman’s Day is finally right!

  25. Congrats to Will and Kate!!
    I’m hoping for another girl.
    Checkout the pic of Kate at princess Diana floral garden, there’s a tiny belly around her smocking waist. When I saw that, I was like ” hell, she’s pregnant!”
    Good guessing!

  26. I just saw this in the news. Haven’t read comments yet. But *damn*, everyone was right- she found a way to avoid work. Again. The fact that they are so predictaable is a depressing thought. So keen, hitting the ground running, to a land far, far away from duty. (But, but, I was so keen, and now I’m preggers. Really, I’m still very keen and so disappointed I can’t work.) I wonder what Willy’s endless excuses will be.

    I find their constant manipulation and gaslighting and them contemptible.

    1. Kate is too ill so he has to stay home and tend the children. He’s already shown in the past that he doesn’t give a flip about being there to care for her.

      1. You two have nailed what I’ve been thinking. I hope the lovely children (because they truly seem like nice kids), have a better work ethic then their parents

    2. I wonder why the Duchess, who claimed 2 HG pregnancies, hadn’t used her expertise, forum and compassion for other women, especially in her age group, to help raise awareness, and funding and other resources to help women who are not privileged as she is. Imagine how her work could inspire a new generation of families to navigate these difficult times.
      I sense a deafness… in my opinion it is a lack of maturity and enabling of 2 adults that do not respect or appreciate the good works that they are capable of to improve not just British people experiencing difficult pregnancies, but also so many families in our world.

      1. First because the HG is unlikely to be legit, second because she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and has shown time and time again that she will not do charity work unless she is forced to by the Queen.

        Kate still hasn’t taken time to visit her neighbours at at Grenfell Towers. It wouldn’t be much further than the excursion she took to Diana’s gardens a few days ago.

  27. Hypermesis is a pregnancy by pregnancy basis. I find it odd and rather convenient for her that she suffers it every pregnancy.

    The pregnancy buys her about two years of light duty.

  28. If she’s truly feeling sick then I don’t begrudge her that she’s not working. When I hear anecdotes about how other moms push through and continue working while sick I just wish that they could take time off too. Maybe Kate should set up a charity or fund to help whoever moms who are sick and make that one of her pet causes.

    1. I would love that. Acknowledging that she is in a lucky position and doing something good would be a smart PR move. Growing a human is no walk in the park. That is not saying you feel awful all the time but it has its tolls physically and mentally. I am happy for everyone who can afford to spend this time however they feel best. It doesn’t matter if she is publicly funded. Haven’t seen anyone complaining about the rich wifes of CEOs who stole their money from the state (tax) or customers (hello insurances and financial institutes). Kate at least gives us nice photos and the opportunity for gossip.
      I, for one, am very happy for them. Even more than for Madeleine.

      1. With all due respect, equating Duchess Kate with other CEOs or wealthy people doesn’t give the Cambridges a free pass to avoid important social issues that need attention. I don’t buy into logic that if many in my position do not participate; therefore I shouldn’t either. Too many snowflakes floating over Kensington place, in my humble opinion.

        1. Other CEOs also don’t live directly off the taxpayer trough like the Royal family does. Kate can and should be compared to other spouses in the royal family and she is lazier than all of them even though she is set to receive far more as spouse of the heir to the heir. They have all been pregnant and managed to work more than her. Sophie almost died during childbirth and she still pulled off more work engagements than Kate did in the year after that.

      2. Maybe, the savvy Ms. Quinn can suggest that. Kate, of course, could be too ill to attend any launch for the program, but oh, to be able to name such a beneficial cause after Katie Keen would be terrific!

    2. I think a fund of that nature would be a great one. My mother suffered from what would probably be diagnosed now as HG when she was pregnant with me, and she used up so much of her allotted sick time in those first months that she had to go back to work when I was just a few weeks old. Being able to draw on money like that would make such a difference for so many parents!

      There are so many great things that Kate could do if she got creative and put her mind to it. What a platform and what resources!

    3. +1 Jennifer

      I am sure there are charities for HG awareness in the UK ( although way too few, it is still not that well’known as many people unfortunately think it is just moms with normal morning sickness being lazy/dramatic ๐Ÿ™ )!

    4. She ignores HG Awareness Day each year. Trouble is, if she got involved in an HG charity, it would be too easy to compare her pregnancies (Mustique, Switzerland, NYC) with what other women went through. Too easy to see who really had it and who didn’t.

      1. I’m also guessing that trouble is, getting involved with HG causes would blow her cover and show that she personally knows nothing about HG and it was all a lie, just like the Paralympics lie.

  29. Oh thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who was annoyed by this announcement ๐Ÿ™‚ Phew! I felt that once KP announced that the D&D of C were going to start “working” more that a pregnancy announcement wouldn’t be far behind. Argh, I hate being so cynical about people but for some reason I can’t not be cynical about this couple.

  30. I knew this was coming! The Duchess of Predictable has done it again.
    Kate has achieved 2 goals: To have 3 children just like her mother did and to not have to be a full time “working royal” for another 2 years. I predict an announcement from Pips will be coming within the next 3 months as well.
    If Harry and Meghan do get engaged, a late May wedding will ensure that Kate will have lost any baby weight she may have gained although that never seems to be an issue for her.
    Kate sure did not look sick last week when she was out with William and Harry. Is that how HG works, one day during your pregnancy you are fine to go out in your new Prada dress and grin like a clown but 6 days later you are too ill to work?
    Well at any rate all that matters is that the baby is healthy.

    1. “Kate sure did not look sick last week when she was out with William and Harry. Is that how HG works, one day during your pregnancy you are fine to go out in your new Prada dress and grin like a clown but 6 days later you are too ill to work?”

      This. She is so transparent and it drives me bonkers that no one is pulling her up on her pick ‘n’ choose bullshit.

      1. Super convenient it always kicks in when she has engagements, but doesn’t bother her when she wants to go on holiday or go shopping or get her hair done.

          1. Nope.

            It’s hell.

            And if Kate had it she sure wouldn’t go “oh I can’t work but I can show up and go to Mustique!”

            You and I know what this awfulness is like and how much it ruins your life… I lay on the bathroom floor crying wanting to die and I didn’t even have full blown HG, I lost 20 pounds or so in the first trimester, it was horrendous.

          2. I appreciate Birdy that you have shared your experiences of someone who legitimately had HG and not Kate’s “HG to miss work but not shopping or Mustique trips” version of HG.

  31. Well, as all have said, “Here we go again. She’s pregnant and that work load is now not going to happen. Don’t fgeel badly about your words, KMR. It is just that we all expected this and the news of an appearance (work) is now a cancellation. I also feel sorry for those who were expecting her.

    Don’t buy the illness of her pregnancy. And, don’t buy the work overload we were told to expect.

    I hope this will be a healthy baby. I am more excited, though about Maddie.

  32. I don’t know if there has been another pregnancy announcement in history that has garnered quite so much hatred and frustration as Kate’s has from the followers of this site. Clearly she thought she could make the engagement today, but the HG got the best of her. Would any of you prefer to have her show up gray-faced and nauseous, only to be sick in public? How many of you have experienced HG first hand? I would suggest just a bit of tongue biting, unless you have.

    Do any of you actually believe that Kate would have children to “avoid work”? I can’t imagine many mothers out there agreeing that child-bearing is “work avoidance” – especially knowing that HG will be part of it.

    Are so many of you actually suggesting that Kate should not be allowed to have as many children as she wants? That she should not have children while she can?

    What exactly would you do if you were in her shoes?

        1. So are you going to lobby the U.K. Government to reverse its decision to stop payments for when welfare recipients have a third child? Because that’s a pretty hateful act. And there will be children living in poverty as a result of it while Kate gets to maintain her luxurious lifestyle.

        2. but your comments here are not exactly suggesting a “less hateful view” but appear to be criticizing everyone who posts here. In fact if you’d bothered to read all of the comments you would have seen that numerous people congratulated William and Kate.

          1. I have read the comments, both positive and negative. I’m simply responding, with some surprise, that so many people can turn a pregnancy into a sinister excuse for “getting out of work”. I do think that being pregnant, and raising children, involves quite a bit of work, not matter who you are. I’m sorry if anyone missed the irony. I am in no way “criticizing everyone who posts here”.

          2. But, Lisa, do you really think that Kate has ever really worked? I mean consistently, for more than an hour or so at a time.
            Many of us have congratulated the couple and wished for a healthy baby. Many of us have also wished that the Cambridges, young and stronger than William’s grandparents, might have the decency to step up their game a bit now that The Duke of Edinburgh is retired.

            I hope hatred is not the chosen word. Some of us are frustrated and if I were a British taxpayer, I would be angry over the easy way some people have of raking in huge sums of money when they do little at all. “Oh, wait until I’m fifty, then I will work hard. My kids will be all grown. I can focus on my Royal responsibilities.” That’s William’s motto, I think. And, Kate’s by her association with him. If they want five or six kids, more power to them. Just don’t set everyone up to the fact that you are serious about taking on your responsibilities and then use a baby as your reasons for not being able to do so.

        3. Most of the comments have come from people who have seen patterns of behavior from Kate. It is not hateful to comment on these patterns.

          It seems odd we heard from KP recently about an increased workload, but somehow KP had zero knowledge that Kate was pregnant and a decreased workload was in the future.

          There would probably be many comments of support and sympathy for Kate suffering from *HG* if she had a busy workload schedule since 2011, but she has not.

          1. I am not commenting on Kate’s royal work schedule. I am suggesting that she is not having a child to get out of “work”. I don’t see child bearing/rearing as avoiding work. I think that view is insulting to mothers, regardless of who they are, or how much help they have. That is simply my opinion.

          2. Having children is work, however Kate won’t be doing much of the child rearing work and all help she does have will be largely invisible to the general public who support her in some luxury.

            It is being suggested that she prefers that kind of “work” to her other “work” which is being accountable to the public, to represent the Crown, to support her Majesty etc etc etc.

            Kate’s parental work is not the same as our parental work. It just isn’t.

          3. Personally, I think KP was left out of the loop. No sensible person would have released statements about Kate working if they knew she was pregnant, it just makes that person/ persons look foolish.

    1. Outside of women who are truly hospitalized for HG during their pregnancy, the rest of the women who deal with morning sickness and mild HG actually go to work and deal with the nausea. They don’t shy off work that for them lasts a full day and not just an hour.

      Kate managed a trip to Mustique and Switzerland during her HG with George, which for all other sufferers of HG would be completely out of the question.

      And let’s stop saying that criticizing Kate is criticizing all pregnant women. Other pregnant women maintain a full time job until they give birth and work through the nausea. Other pregnant women don’t get to live a life of luxury at the expense of taxpayers. Kate can always manage to find time for fun activities but when it comes to showing up an hour here and there for charities, she can’t pull it together. This is what is being criticized.

      And she could have had this engagement press embargoed so that cameras wouldn’t be there to film her. This has happened in the past. She just doesn’t care enough to make this work.

      By the way, did you know that in the U.K. they will be cutting off benefits for people on welfare after 2 kids? Doesn’t exactly seem fair that Will and Kate can get millions whereas the regular folk will be penalized for having a third child.

      1. Ok I was wrong on the welfare thing. Apparently it is tax credits that are not provided when non royals have a third child. It will still lead to more child poverty.

    2. In my opinion, had Kate and William announced when they got married that they would not be taking on full-time duties until they had begun a family and the children reached a certain age, people would not be anywhere near as critical. It is the frustration with the frequent statements that they are “keen” to work and the pre-wedding suggestions that KM would hit the ground running that have provoked such negative reactions.

      I’m sure some people would have grumbled had they been upfront about it. Nevertheless, there is certainly an argument to be made that, insofar as part of Kate’s role is, however reductively, to produce an heir, bringing up a future monarch in a stable and happy home is of utmost importance. I’m sure KP could have made a convincing case, and people would have felt less deceived.

    3. If I were in Kate’s shoes, this is what I’d do:
      โ€ข Understand and appreciate the role I had agreed to take on;
      โ€ข Do my utmost to develop communication skills to a professional level;
      โ€ข Be mindful that I am funded by the public and not flaunt my new privilege;
      โ€ข Be genuinely involved with royal work and take on a lot of it.

      Kate has demonstrated since she came onto the public radar that she is lazy and disinterested in others, bar her family. That’s some 15 years of such a pattern. She made excuse after excuse not to be involved, not to work from the get-go. When pregnant she claimed HG, citing incapacity to work yet in the next breath was able to indulge in any number of personal pleasures. So of course people are cynical! The timing to not step up YET AGAIN is perfect. Why Brits put with this sh*t from the Cambridge’s amazes me.

    4. I’m old enough to remember the zero population growth movement. It was one reason Charles stopped at two, beyond the strained marriage. Royals are role models; it was India, I think, that advertised that “Diana has only two”. The world is now more crowded, more polluted, and just as hungry.

      1. That’s actually still a thing. Not too long ago there was an article urging people not to have children to help reduce global warming.
        I think most people’s family planning comes from 1) how many they can afford 2)how many they come from. 3) affordable/available contraception
        Since the royals essentially have unlimited funding when it comes to their children/lifestyle there is no real thoughts to can I afford the essentials and college for x -amount of kids.
        Most people who have 2 seem to have come for a family of 2 kids and children if 3 seem to want 3 of their own. I can’t figure the only child out, they either want none, 1 or large family to make up for it. Of course there is always the outliers. I have a sister whom I love and is my bestie but I don’t want any kids. So I can say I’m doing my part for global warming.
        If the British monarchy continues they need to do something like Denmark and say they’ll only pay for the heir and his heir type thing. Of course I believe they funnel money towards the others in another manner but at least on paper it’s limited.

    5. Lisa, of course child bearing and rearing is Kate’s version of work avoidance and laziness. Come on now, she has access to all the luxurious comforts paid for by others and can put her feet up, rest and make chutney all day if she wants to.

      And do you actually believe she raises her own kids? Hah! Fat chance of that! Raising kids is actual hard work, which we know Kate doesnt like to do- there is 15 years of public evidence of that. Thus she employs full time nannies who do the hard job of child raising for her. Therefore, for the rest of us women, child bearing and raising is harder than regular work in and out of the home and doing it all with little outside help and finances- but for Kate, it isn’t. It seems to me that Kate is more of the fun mom that drops in to play with her kids, feed them maybe and put them in pretty clothes- but the work of dealing with tantrums, teaching them things, waking up at night, handling them when kids are sick…that’s hard work and I doubt Miss “I get knocked up to avoid work” actually does that.

      1. Lisa comes sporadically on this site and contributes nothing that I recall but criticism of commenters, comments and the website itself and then things get derailed. This is the pattern I see. Reminds me of trolls. Trolls regurgitate and get the site busy spinning its wheels. Again.

    6. I think this is a good point, who seriously has a child to get out of work? I don’t think Kate and William are quite that heartless…

      And regarding the HG thing: you’re spot on. Even if you have suffered through it every case is different. I have a good friend who has experienced it in some form through a pregnancies and both times the onset, duration, and symptoms were different.

    7. Lisa I have and I know. Having to leave meetings to vomit, rinse my mouth and return . I didn’t do anything fun, didn’t travel because all my energy went into getting to work. I vomited in the supermarket because the family needed food so I had to shop. I could go on. All Kate has to do is pull herself together for about 2 hours a week. In a new dress, with people all around to support her. The fact that she so noticeably puts on weight during pregnancy surprises me. I lost weight…lots of weight despite the baby and all the stuff around the baby.
      I may be wrong but I think she has a touch of morning sickness which enables her not to work.

      Oops not sure why this isn’t in reply to Lisa, but my comment stands anyway.

    8. This child was clearly planned as an excuse to get out of work. No more, no less. If KP hadn’t just DAYS AGO put out an announcement about how they’re going to pick up the slack because 96 year old Philip has retired…

      It was all pretty obvious from the get-go to many of us there’d be #3 to avoid doing much of anything now that they need to step up.

      So Philip is scheduled for more engagements now. The man should rest.

    9. I have worked with women who stayed pregnant to avoid their jobs. While they didn’t get to stay home they did get assigned light office duty. Threw me and another girl under the bus when we actually volunteered to do non hazardous portions of our jobs instead of being cooped up in an office. So yeah it can and does happen. That said I do hope for a safe pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby.

      1. I didn’t realize my comment came at the end, and now it looks confusing. I meant to say it to Lisa who always white knights for Kate. This platform was not meant to be a fan site for Kate, but a place for people to speak their minds about the Royals in a confidential place. You don’t get to pick out other people’s’ feelings. We are allowed to feel how we want to feel about Kate. #sorryimnotsorry

    10. I was a fan of William and Kate, was very excited about the wedding, and looked forward to seeing more of them; but after the wedding and the honeymoon tour in Canada/US, there wasn’t much.

      It’s now been years and they don’t seem to do much, and when they do then they appear (or express – in William’s case – that they) do it begrudgingly.

      If she does have a severe form of hyperemesis gravidarum, well that sucks. If she has a mild form – one that can be treated without hospitalization, as appears to be the case – then she can work in some capacity. The only time she looked really sick during her pregnancies was when she was leaving the hospital for treatment for HG when she was pregnant with George.

      I get that showing up all dressed up with a smile on your face may be awful if you’re feeling less than 100%. However, she doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt from me anymore. They “look forward to doing more!” Then don’t. He is “quitting [his] job to focus on royal duties!” Then doesn’t. She’s “far too sick to work!” Then manages ‘fun’ tours and holiday. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me many times, I’m a fool.

  33. Congratulations to William and Kate. I’m a little shocked and not shocked by this announcement. First, because I thought William only wanted two children. I figured he would win this one. Second, Kate is thirty five years old and will be thirty six when she delivers. In the States she would be considered of advanced maternal age. I was when I gave birth to my daughter at the same age. Third, they knew the Duke of Edinburgh was finally retiring from public duty. As he should at ninety six. The man has earned it. Dedicating a life of duty, service, and support to her Majesty. So it was time to step up and they decided to expand the family?

    As for HG we get it Kate. I think it’s really tacky and beneath the Crown to put this in a KP announcement. It screams “here is my get out of jail free card”. No work for me. So here is to Kate. We will see you in 2023!

    1. 36 is not an advanced age for motherhood in the U.S. Especially, when you have already had kids. Back in the 1960s and 70s when women were having larger families, it was not unheard of for 40 something year old women to be pregnant. And, change of life babies were pretty common.

      Honestly, I can imagine a baby four for the Cambridges .

      1. That is what my Dr told me. At thirty five and over that is what you are considered in the medical world. I had my son at thirty four. Not a tough pregnancy at all. My pregnancy with my daughter the last trimester I was at the hospital every week. I was hooked up to stress monitor and had to have an ultrasound. On top of a battery of test that I didn’t have to have a thirty four.

        1. One of my first bosses had her first baby at the age of 40. She had a rather precarious pregnancy and delivery. Two years later, she had an easy pregnancy and an easier time giving birth.

          I have never heard of someone 35 being considered at high risk. Unless there were other medical issues. I wrote two articles about female infertility and the experts I interviewed each said that unless a woman has been pregnant before 35 (and miscarried)), it is harder for women to conceive at 35 and older. But, if you have had children, unless there is an easier chance of getting pregnant when you are 35 or older. Not a given in every case. but that is what each expert I interviewed said.

          1. In the US once you are 35 you’re automatically (usually) considered high risk and add high risk dr to list. How often and how involved depends on individual cases. It has nothing to do with how healthy you are as an individual but in general fertility and decrease in healthy eggs at that age, the risk of miscarriage goes up, risks of birth defects increase and the mother is more likely to get gestational diabetes an preeclampsia

          2. I was talking to a friend over the weekend and she told me when she was delivering her 2nd child and having a few issues, the dr said it was because they were ” dealing with an irritable old uterus”. She was 36 at the time!

      2. Yes it is. I had my last two kids at 36 and 38 years of age (2003-2005) and I was referred to as advanced maternal age. It was shocking, but true nonetheless. =)

  34. I had a friend who had HG while pregnant and she had an IV next to her bed and was laid up for 3 months. So it is possible. But I can understand peoples less than enthusiastic reaction.

    1. Kate went to Mustique during her HG with George. Somehow Kate gets the version of HG that excuses her out of work, but not holidays.

    2. I don’t think anyone’s disputing that such cases of HG are possible, but do you think your friend’s doctor would have approved of her flying across the Atlantic to an island with very limited medical facilities and *not* of going to short work meetings in a city with some of the most advanced hospitals in the world? That’s the question I always ask when people point to other HG cases to defend Kate (I don’t think you’re necessarily doing that, but this seemed a good place to put it).

  35. I thought she looked thrilled to bits when she was viewing the memorial garden. Now we know why! I have no idea how severe her HG is. I had terrible sickness and my colleagues were very tolerant with all my vomiting in the workplace loo!!

      1. Make up can hide the sickly and pale but she was so buoyant. You’d think in the midst of HG she’d be sombre, focused (on not vomiting!), seriousness is something that wouldn’t have been out of place at a visit to the memorial garden. She was elated, however. She’s an odd fish.

  36. Congrats to Will and Kate. Maybe its just my opinion being an American and not a Brit but let Kate enjoy her family for now. She’ll have plenty a years for royal duties when her kids are older. Also congrats to Princess Madeline and Chris O’Neill on her pregnancy. and to Sofia and Carl Phillip on the birth of their second child.

        1. A third child is especially not fair in the UK because the peasants who have three kids don’t get any tax benefits after the second child… unless you were raped. I wish I was kidding about this.
          So those struggling to get by are penalized for three or more children whereas Kate is not going to have to pay a dime. And there will be increased security costs.

          1. Sorry I did’nt mean to offend you guys . Like I said I now see your points. Here in the U.S. we are treated in about the same way. The wealthy get everything and everyone else get screwed

  37. Congrats ,to them.We all knew kate was really keen to put a stop to an increase in royal duties. The thing that makes me laugh is all other princess’s like the victoria ,sophie,and madeline continue to work while pregnant and we never know if they have also experienced morning sickness.While kate cant work but she can go shopping,hair appointments, and holidays. I don’t see kate ever stepping up and becoming a full time working royal there will always be a reason why she can’t and i dont think she wants too either.

  38. I am not so annoyed about the announcing the engagement and then cancelling – the onset of HG/morning sickness can be unpredictable at the start of a pregnancy – maybe she thought she might have a few more weeks before she expected to feel unwell. What I think is completely bogus though is she must have known she was pregnant or planning to be pregnant when the announcement went out that they were stepping up their workload. So that announcement went out with Waity and Willy knowing full well that she certainly wouldn’t be able to work full-time for at least another 18 months. So they blatantly misled the public.

  39. Congrats to the family and may they have be blessed with a happy and healthy baby.

    At this rate, Will and Kate won’t hit the ground running and showing their keenness, until they are in their mid 40’s, at the earliest. Wonder the Britons who have a more republican bent feel about having another expensive mouth to feed, while ordinary Britons have to go without?

    No wonder Kate was looking so happy and walking around like it was a fashion parade at the Diana memorial garden. No wonder Kate was looking a little healthier and happier than her usual gaunt, disinterested and unhappy self.

  40. He he he he he, I wonder what all this means for Harry. He isn’t preggers and is not married. So is he gonna increase his workload since he has no excuse not to? i wonder…Hhhmmmm….
    Congratulations to the happy couple and their kids…

      1. It’s not Harry’s job to cover for Kate. That’s up to Will. He could have stepped in yesterday. And he could work 5 days a week!

  41. I hate that I’m skeptical about her HG. If she does indeed have it, then I’m sorry her past actions have made me doubtful. Why not just say she has morning sickness? The HG gives her a pass for the rest of the pregnancy to do nothing. Guess all those peeps who said she would get preggars at the end of the yr to avoid the heavy work load were right.
    You’re right KMR, I was happy to hear the announcement about Madeleine and her growing family but this announcement I think another excuse not to work, another child to hide away from public.
    A begrudging congrats to them

    1. Didn’t someone a couple wks back post an article about Kate going to the hospital? I wonder if that was indeed true and any subsequent articles were squashed?

      1. That bit of information was in the NZ Woman’s Day a couple of weeks ago. It was only a paragraph and not a main story and buried towards the back of the magazine.

    1. The British royals do not do joint monograms. Whenever there is a joint press release, the monogram from the highest ranked royal in the joint release is used.

  42. Congratulations!
    A baby is the biggest gift, a wonderful blessing and incredible miracle. (Something all the negative nellies should consider – I am also disappointed that she won’t eork much over the next year or so, but due to a joyful reason!)

    1. No one here has suggested anything other than congratulations on a personal level. The issue many of us have is that her behaviour suggests that being pregnant means a woman can’t work. That’s so ridiculous and doesn’t help women at all.

      Just when will this 35 year old realise that adults must work? She’s happy to take all the benefits, but unprepared to use her position consistently for good.

      As an example…one of the many programmes on Diana explained that she had supported the funding of the first hospice in Wales by organising Pavarotti to perform at a concert. Kate could do something similar for EACH but she can’t be bothered.

  43. Hmmm. A good number of people are suspicious of this HG announcement & rightly so, but I believe there’s more to it than getting out of work, although that is definitely a legitimate consequence. I recall long ago rumors that Kate had fertility issues. I believe the HG is a cover story for something like fertility treatments, or implanting an embryo perhaps?

    There are some who believe her pregnancies are fake & a surrogate is used instead. Kate then uses HG as an excuse to be out of public eye and reduce the times she has to wear a Hollywood pregnancy bump.

    Sorry to be on the conspiracy theory train, but rumors are expected to abound when explanations by KP seem oddly timed and don’t add up.

  44. With the announcement of Kate, we have another good news to celebrate. Princess Mako of Japan is getting married to her college/university sweetheart. Princess Mako is currently pursuing a doctorate and works as a museum researcher, while her fiancรฉ works in a law-firm.

    Carl-Philip and Sofia’s son is named Gabriel Carl Walther. I love the Gabriel name. I hope that Daniel becomes the godfather ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. To recall:
      August 22, 2017 at 12:20 pm (2 weeks ago)
      Did you guys see the report that Kate was at the hospital last week? Do you think there is any truth to it? Possible pregnancy?

      August 22, 2017 at 12:44 pm (2 weeks ago)
      No I have not. Which report is it? Do you can a link?

      August 22, 2017 at 1:21 pm (2 weeks ago)
      [Provides the link.]

      August 22, 2017 at 2:53 pm (2 weeks ago)
      Thank you for the link. Yeah, if itโ€™s coming from Womenโ€™s Day and none of the British papers have picked it up, then Iโ€™d say itโ€™s less than credible.”

      How did an Oz publication know of this visit?
      Was a local news outlet about to spill the beans so KP did it first?

      1. This week’s New Zealand edition of Woman’s Day which I saw at the supermarket on Sunday (3 Sept 2017) had Kate being pregnant on the cover. So was this a guess on the part of Woman’s Day or had they paid someone (Middleton family member???) for the information? And if the “leak” was from that source then when did KP know?


  45. Are most of the criticism directed at Catherine (and William) because you would prefer a republic or simply because you do not like Catherine’s behavior. Just curious.

    Congrats to George and Charlotte on another sibling; I think Charlotte would adore a little sister.

    1. For me it is years of avoiding work. If she worked hard between pregnancies we might forgive her a little more. We had that strange statement recently about the Cambridges stepping up, working full time etc. Yet clearly it was already known she was pregnant and had no intention of working. So why make the big statement?

        1. I wonder how much of the BS that comes out of KP comes from Jason’s directive or comes from William’s orders. Since KP played this way before Jason came on board, leads me to believe that this is William, again, playing at PR, leading and teasing the press and public.

      1. I agree Birdy. It’s the whole smoke and mirrors. I am happy for them. Children are a blessing and a lot of work. Yet the Lazy Duo has shown over and over again. That they do not want to work. With the perks comes the job. I do not think either one of them comprehend this idea. No work ethic, no drive. I find it frustrating. And I’m not even a UK taxpayer. I hope Maria is getting a raise.

    2. My criticism is directed at KP. I dislike KP’s BS about announcing plans for increased workload when they knew Kate wasn’t going to live up to those plans. They didn’t need to announce plans for her to increase her workload in the autumn. They did that for PR, knowing she was most likely going to be out of commission for a good portion of the autumn due to pregnancy. That is what I’m frustrated at.

      1. Yes, they knew she wouldn’t be working but if they released this statement they know most people will buy it. They work so hard behind the scenes, they are great, they deserve everything, you know, the general public’s opinion on W&K and to an extent Harry. It is why they go on and on about ‘my work’ when they have done very little but the more they talk the more people believe it.

      2. I wonder how much Catherine Quinn knew about this development. If she is as professional and top notch as everyone claims, I don’t think she would want to put out a false statement about Will and Kate doing full time work knowing that this won’t be the case. Because as it stands they look like liars.

        And really if these two knew they were going to try for a third, you would think they would really pick up their numbers in the early part of the year to make up for lost time, especially in Kate’s case. They just don’t seem to care.

        1. Is Catherine Quinn on board yet? I thought she wasn’t officially starting until October. And what now is she going to do to earn that six-figure salary she reportedly will be getting?

      3. I’ve been wondering if KP was not informed of Kate’s pregnancy until after that “increasing work” statement was released?

        If it was known Kate was going to have another child then why hire Catherine Quinn?

    3. there are two Lisa’s commenting here -I’ll have to remember to update my name. I’ve only skimmed some of the discussion but of course, parenting is hard work. I suspect Kate is not skipping work to put in hard parenting hours is she? Besides, her goal was to marry William and all that entails. Public role and duties for life.

      1. Parenting is hard work, but it is considerably less hard when you have the staff she has (yet she and William use the children as excuses constantly). When you have a full-time nanny, multiple chefs, and don’t have to do any cleaning, you can basically “parent” as convenient without having to do the actual work parts.

  46. hi i am new i’am from italy so sorry for any mistake…

    why they told the news about the 3rd baby before george’s first day of school???the press will go crazy in front of the school now,,,,

    like the duchess is sick and she even took the kid too school!!!

  47. My friend asked to post~
    My mum rang up today. Asked if I heard about the baby. Told her ‘yes’ & laughed because we are in a Labor Day BBQ party. Mum didn’t understand the Labor Day joke. I’m British with family, friends in my birth country. William does not understand many people believe he could not do a job of Prince of Wales. (His wife is of no account.) His office does nothing to prepare him for the position. He does not travel UK to learn all areas, the commerce, current history, traditions, foods, struggles hopes and dreams. Sitting into charity meetings does not let citizens see him learn what he needs to know.

    Their PR makes them look incompetent. His wife can sit home pregnant then he can make good on promises to step up to more work. She never will step up. Don’t look for it. She showed us what she was when ‘dating’ William and nothing will change. Society women in US do more work than she does. She does not know how to learn that position in society. University education wasted. She’s pregnant again. At least it is something William can’t do and is her job alone. I would be more interested if my dog was pregnant. So would Mum. We both await the French privacy judgement. Sincerely, Pamela.
    [All typos are mine -Grace]

    1. Your friend Pamela has a lot of sense. So many forget about KM’s decade of doing nothing, as if it was all washed away with the engagement announcement. She has never earned her own living, and never has any intention of working as much as expected.

      1. Pamela has a mixed American-British vocabulary and accent after 20 yrs in the US. When she talks fervently about a subject she reverts to her very-British accent. I was having trouble transcribing what she said — and she did not want to type. She is seriously disappointed in the Cambridge couple. Her opinion of Kate is low. Her opinion of William has degraded since the SE Asia tour. That he has not used the resources available to him, including counsel with his father, spending time in all 4 seasons at the Duchy learning from those managers and applying what he should have learned in university. Her opinion is that his wife does not want to spend time in Gloucester because it doesn’t fit her Berks style and she doesn’t support living there because she doesn’t want to, even though it was plain that time there would be a big part of his life. (Pamela grew up in Berks.) If the wife wants the PoW income, she will need to spend time there. It is the trade-off for the life near the top.
        Pamela visits her parents/family every other year and spends two months there. (Teachers have a longer summer holiday.) Keeps up with news and Skypes family often. She is proud of her heritage. We (4 of us) met at a library book sale. We ask her questions when the BRF activities/press seem odd to us. She explains. We enjoy her company. We respect her opinion because she backs it up with facts and references. She reads KMR, enjoys it but I have not been able to convince her to post.

        1. I really enjoy reading the comments from the British posters and appreciate their insights. So thank you for posting for your friend!

  48. Hi all!

    Just a random thought- if Kate has twins, then Harry becomes 7th in order to the throne and does not require the queens permission to marry meghan ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just an observation.
    Congrats to the couple, but it is a shame that Kate at least won’t be stepping up her royal work. There has been some indication in the media here that the people in the UK aren’t particularly happy about this pregnancy announcement as there are more austere measures in place where there is no family tax benefits for more than two children. Good on Kate and William for having a large family if that’s what they desire, but it just serves to highlight how not normal they are although they try to be perceived as so.

    1. It was made clear through a Palace leak early on that “Harry’s happiness is paramount”. Neither HM nor Charles would deny Harry if he wanted to marry Meghan Markle, so his number in the line of succession doesn’t matter.

    2. Twins! Omg! Hadn’t even thought of that. I did note that this pushes Andrew out of line for permissions. Any bets on a fergie 2.0? ? Love this blog, you guys make my day!!!

  49. What was funny is that when the press asked Harry about it at an engagement today, he said he hadn’t seen her in a while but thought she was doing ok. Considering she was at a press op less than a week ago with him, I have to wonder about that comment.

    1. YEah, I thought that quote from him rather odd since he saw her at an engagement just last Wednesday.

      1. Maybe he meant he hasn’t seen her since last Wednesday and last he saw her she didn’t have the HG bad enough to prevent her from being at the Di garden!! Probably means last he saw her she wasn’t dying puking or something!!

        1. Of course that’s what he meant. But it’s an odd phrase choice. Who says “I haven’t seen her in a while” for someone they saw the week prior? That is not the English phrase that is commonly used when describing someone you saw a week ago. That’s why it is odd to me.

          1. Harry has many times “distanced” himself from his SiL. Through his words and body language. Always makes me wonder about their relationship- seems fairly surface looking back.

            So, I’m curious- has Kate herself ever acknowledged or spoken publicly about her HG? I know KP always issues a statement and I believe William addressed it when she was expecting Charlotte, but have we ever heard anything directly from her? She may have mentioned it in one of her speeches (hope so) but I truly can’t remember. Anyone?? Anyone??

          2. Nope. She’s never spoken about it at all.

            Sophie visits baby loss charities and so on, as she has had miscarriages.

            It would be nice if Kate got involved with HG, but she doesn’t have HG, so…

          3. I’d love her to mention it, purely to watch her struggle with the pronunciation. Goodness knows long words are a challenge when you need to concentrate on your fake accent and your teeth are not your own. I’m snarky today. The press fawning is annoying me.

    2. Don’t they all live in KP? Maybe they see each other almost every day and ‘a while’ is almost a week for them. I don’t know how close they are but some people talk everyday and if they go a few days without talking it feels long.

  50. KMR when this baby arrives, does P.H. still have to ask permission to marry? Chrystal you have right to your opinion! This new baby is another child that the overtaxed british people have to support. It is not fair to people are struggling to support themselves & their offsprings! This situation is no difference than welfare! If KM “suffers” with pregnancy, why go for no. 3 when they already have a son & a daughter?

    1. Yes. Harry will be sixth in line, so he still needs permission from HM to marry and retain his place in the line of succession.

  51. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    Daily Post Wales โ€Verified account @dailypostwales 9h
    Former Anglesey helicopter pilot expecting third child

    1. That was my second favorite response to the news. The first was the Twitter user who called the family Baldilocks and the Three Heirs.

  52. Children are a blessing and I wish this family all the best.I cannot help but find the irony here that Kate knows she suffers HG(supposedly),but chooses to become pregnant and therefore will not be working.Other normal women must work,and have to choose to not become pregnant if they are prone to HG,as it will interfere with their mandatory work.Hmmmm….

  53. Out of curiosity, what is the reaction around you? Cause my FB feed is filled with what amazing people they are, how “flawless” Kate is, how it is so sad she is so very sick and how awful it is people expect them to work when they have young kids… It’s bizarre.

    1. I haven’t seen anyone I know post about it on FB, but my mom talked to me about it. She said she was happy about the news but surprised that they decided to have a third since they already have the heir and spare (she used those terms) and since Kate gets so sick every time. My mom was especially surprised because they know that Kate gets so sick yet decided to have a third anyway. She also mentioned something about Kate’s age and how there have been so many pregnancy rumors ever since they got married.

      1. My mom called to tell me about it and was like, “Why have more kids if you get so sick? Don’t they do stuff? Why are they doing this now?” I was like, “Because… they do’t wanna work.” And my mom was like, “Princess Diana would be ashamed!” LOL

        Then my mom nagged me about wanting more grandkids…

        1. I assume Kate does.

          The timing is simply impeccable. Let’s release a presser about how we will work so hard and get started and finally do our jobs… oh wait… I’m pregnant, I can’t work, despite women the world over working.

    2. The first thing my husband said when he got home was to inform me that Kate was pregnant and then made a less than polite comment; and he is the royalist in the house. Cat is on the fence and I am a republican. Lets face it the cat could care less about anything as long as he gets fed and pampered.

      I think Kate and William are doing more for the downfall of the royal family than anything Charles could ever have done. In a time of austerity and people are forced to go to food banks and are one pay check away from homelessness are tired of the obscene amount of money spend on such a small portion of people. I know I harp on about this a great deal of time but seriously how many people could be housed, fed and given proper healthcare if not funnelled to one family?

      1. I know where you’re coming from, but I wouldn’t particularly begrudge them their lifestyle if they truly worked for it. Will’s schedule seems quite busy over the next few weeks, but there is more to it than just turning up. Sorry to harp back to Diana, but a comment that really struck me from someone homeless who met Diana, was that she truly invested in people. She cared and she followed up. Will says he wants his Mum to be proud, so he needs to learn that to deserve the fortune and the lifestyle he needs to turn up – yes – but he also needs to invest in what he is doing so he can really bring a little joy to people, or a little hope. We hear so much about their mental health campaigns, but it is still unclear what has happened since the Marathon.

        1. Dear Birdy,

          I can also understand your view point. I am at no point a huge fan of Diana and I deeply feel and think it is time that the woman was allowed to rest in peace and not be used as a PR tool by anyone especially her sons who claim they want privacy at all times but then use the press to put forward their world view.

          Above all I can appreciate that she did treat people all the same. She was cutting edge in that one respect. She would treat the “peasants” equally to that of power. Everyone deserves to be treated as human beings deserving respect and kindness.

        2. Diana was not spoilt and indulged and elevated like Willy growing up and ever after. She even suffered for being a girl whereas Willy’s gender and exceptional status made him special and entitled. Diana knew what it was be vulnerable, ‘less than’, and helpless. And so she had empathy. Willy, not so much. All he ever harps on is the loss of Mummy and how it’s everyone else’s fault. He has little idea of what it means to be human, but every idea of what it means to be Prince.

      2. Rebecca English from the Daily Mail posted an interesting tweet by saying that Kate should have worked much harder before she had kids. Surprised a royal journalist would say this but really that is what it comes down to. If Kate had actually hit the ground running and then “worked” between the pregnancies, then there would be far fewer grumbles.

        Kate has been lazy from the get go and while she may have a legitimate reason to cancel things right now, she never picks it up later. And KP suggesting they would be stepping up is entirely false because they knew Kate was pregnant when they announced it.

        To make things worse, with the UK cutting off tax benefits for the third child and later, while Kate gets the same level of luxury as paid for by taxpayers, that adds another level of burn.

        1. Kate never had a real job in her life. I don’t know why anyone expected her to ever work. She showed her true colors during the dating years. At 35, she ain’t gonna change.

        2. That is it exactly. Had Kate worked during those nearly 10 years post-university, or had she actually put in some effort and worked during her first years as a royal before George’s birth, she would not be receiving so much criticism now.

          1. And me. She’s never worked, even the Queen apparently asked what she was doing . She’s lazy, she’s been allowed to be lazy , she has no intention of ever changing.

  54. I’m wondering since when Kate is pregnant.She couldn’t have been in Germany, she drank too much alcohol for that.So I guess, since August.Kate is really fast with anouncing pregnancies, normally, you wait the first months.

      1. How hard to pretend such a thing! I could not imagine doing something like this.But I would not drink it either.So, not that easy to decide what to do without anouncing the pregnancy.

  55. Looks like the Cambridges were awarded some money from the lawsuit. Not nearly what they were asking for, apparently, but every penny should go to charity tout suite!

      1. Paralympics.org.uk because it was the Paralympic Games of the Olympics that they skipped out on to go to the lodge in France and be naked in front of the help and and their PPOs. But they will tell you the activities were actually reading background info about their upcoming trip to SE Asia.

    1. To me, the relatively small amount awarded was a slap on the wrist for the magazine and photographers, but a slap in the face to the royals.

      And this money better not go to their own foundation, which serves their own PR more than any charities associated with it.

      1. He was trying for the poor me my Mum was killed by the paparazzi. I don’t think it worked and this won’t stop people taking other pictures. I believe every penny should go to charity and we should know which charity.

      2. I am sure William will pocket it like he did the EAA salary he supposedly donated to charity.

        100k will barely cover Kate’s wardrobe this year, after all.

        1. Just curious then, why would William and Kate seek such a significantly higher amount in damages if they knew–and surely their legal team did know–what the maximum penalty in France is?

          1. Just found this in an US News article:

            “The French court clearly decided not to award them with a million and a half, which really would have been completely disproportionate in the context of the French legal system,” [Christopher Mesnooh, a corporate lawyer in France] said.

            Pauline Maclaran, co-author of “Royal Fever: The British Monarchy in Consumer Culture,” thinks the ruling must have disappointed the prince and duchess since the court failed to make a distinction between the rights of royalty and the privacy to which garden-variety celebrities are legally entitled.

            “They would have been hoping for a much bigger sum to reflect the importance of royalty,” Maclaran said. “They just got allocated what any old celebrity would have gotten.”

            Perhaps more significant, she said, is that the amount is so small that it is “a drop in the ocean. It’s not going to deter (the paparazzi) from trying again.”

          2. Because it’s about them. It doesn’t matter they were sunbathing nude and doing other things according to the photographer in full view of a street in a hotel (not a private property, so to speak, so I think that is an important distinction in law)…

            They wanted a huge sum to shout they are so important, how dare you invade our privacy, when honestly, they kinda did it to themselves. They’re probably more upset that they got caught out lying they were prepping for their tour as opposed to on holiday.

        2. No it wasn’t. There was a fine of 45k given to the main photographers and smaller fines to the higher ups of the company and agencies. The claim for damages of 1.5 million euros by Will and Kate was shot down and reduced to 50k euros each to Will and Kate.

          That is what is called a nuisance amount.

        3. The English articles don’t explain it properly. As I stated below the French articles say the fines imposed against some of the photographer was the maximum amount of 45k euros, but the damages claim made by Will and Kate was reduced to a nuisance amount. If I can find the actual decision I will provide more info, but I practice civil litigation in a common law jurisdiction so the eccentricities of French Civil don’t always translate.

          1. So they’re no more important than the Beckham’sRooney’s, or Kardashians !!! That’s so funny …Will and Kate you’re not such special fairies after all.

  56. I would love to be thrilled about this pregnancy but all I’ve got is snark. We should’ve done a KMR pool and had one of our UK ladies take our bet to the bookies. We’d all have at least a little bit more than we had before. *snort*

    So, she got herself another 3 years of doing sweet f-all. The response to this in the DM has been so different than even Charlotte’s pregnancy. The sugars are as rabid as ever, though. Holy cow.

  57. I don’t believe she really has HG. As other posters have said, it’s convenient how it comes and goes. I also have a hard time believing that someone who can’t bring herself to regularly do 1 hour appearances would get pregnant again if it meant really dealing with HG. She is completely spoiled and pampered and out of touch with reality. The mind that can exaggerate what she does as “work” will also exaggerate a touch of morning sickness as “HG.”

  58. When you think about it, it’s sad and also disheartening that Kate has not worked more for the people or the country, she should serve, but instead for herself.Again.
    I’m happy for her pregnancies, I can understand her wish to protect her children.But as a bystander,I feel like an idiot when she smiles at us people but just doesn’t really care.How have people even gotten the idea she is like Diana? She is the total opposite of her.

  59. I find it a serious stretch to imagine that anyone would get pregnant just to skip out on work, especially if you suffer from severe morning sickness. She was HOSPITALIZED the first time. And to be honest, she seems to work, or focus on her children, as she and William see fit. She doesn’t need an “excuse.” William has upped his schedule, as he should. I know I am in the minority, but I don’t begrudge her time with her children. Those first years are hugely formativr and from all accounts she is a hands on and dedicated mother. I do think it will be interesting to see if she takes George to school tomorrow. If she is well enough to do that, then it is BS she canceled other engagements a day or two days earlier…..

    1. Heather, I am a mother of a young one myself and I don’t begrudge any mom who wants to spend as much as time as possible with her young kids during their formative years in order to deepen the parent-child bond. However, she shouldn’t be drawing a “salary”, and “benefits” to the tunes of millions for an essentially full-time “royalling” job that she is unwilling to do. Considering that full time royallling is really about 20-25hrs per week at most (which is considered part-time work in the real world), she should be pulling those hours in exchange for all her luxuries including a well-trained full-time nanny. 20hrs of work per week would still leave her with more than enough time to spend with her young kids.

    2. She was hospitalized because she’s royalty. The school she visited a few days before had an outbreak of norovirus.

      Is she sick, probably. Is it HG, no. HG prevents you from driving past hospitals to make sure you show up to the hospital in London to get papped. HG prevents you from going on holiday hours and hours away on multiple flights.

      They do need an excuse not to work considering KP just put out an announcement and announced engagements when they knew she’d cancel them. Had she a history of actually doing her job instead of never working a day in her life, even during the dating years, people would be far less cynical and eyerolly about all this drama.

      If she has nannies and spends $100k+ per year on, you know, the few engagements she does do, she should hold up her end of the bargain she made when she said ‘I do’ at Westminster Abbey and do her job. Serve people. Yet instead she and William claim they can’t work because they have young kids, but go on multiple holidays without the kids. They say they can’t work because it’s detrimental to not have parents around, how working parents are pretty much not good parents like they are because they stay home. While having 2, 3 nannies and her mother!

  60. Kate appears to be rather lazy, only doing fashionable/enjoyable engagements, she fancies herself and I don’t see her as an asset to the royals.She sees herself as another Diana. No! Never.
    Wonderful Diana would be appalled at this situation and I suspect she would not be too happy with the woman her son has married. No-one seems to like her but she swans around as if she is God’s gift.
    We are hearing far too much about the royals, especially her. Give it a rest!

    1. I doubt it. As do other women here who suffered with it and had to go about their lives, or were hospitalized, or had ports for IV nutrition and so on and so forth. A woman with HG would not go off on holidays to Mustique. Or drive herself from Bucklebury to London to make sure she was photographed when she was supposedly so very sick.

      William says Kate is ‘fine’ and is 11 weeks. So her supposed illness perks right up when she is supposed to start working, after KP issued a statement about how they were going to finally step up, once the Diana attention was gone? Yeah. Don’t buy it, whatsoever.

      Normal morning sickness? Sure. But HG that makes you look ghastly and you feel like you’re on death’s door? No. I could barely leave the freaking house.

      1. and of course if she is faking it and turned up looking fine there may be expectations of her actually doing some work over the next few months like most normal expectant Mums!

  61. wow. There are a lot of MDs on this site! So many experts of HG, pregnancy, morning sickness … the world is lucky to have you all. Kate didn’t end up being able to attend her son’s first day of school. Not sure how that’s going to match up with the “she’s faking it” narrative. But it’ll be entertaining to see the comments. ?

    But seriously- the world is way too dire to obsess about this stuff. I visit here for laughs because it’s a joke and an escape. But there are real people suffering right now and I wish everyone dealing with the storms warmth and safety. I know most of you know this and I wish everyone here goodness.

    1. She is faking it. I don’t doubt she is sick, morning sickness like everyone, but the drama and the HG claims when she waltzes off on holiday is always pretty pathetic and insulting to us women who have been violently ill during pregnancy and had to go on with our lives and work. Had Kate a record of working and genuinely being ill people would not be so cynical, but she doesn’t, so here we are.

      I didn’t expect her to go.

      George looked very sweet in his uniform but so terrified, poor lad.

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