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BREAKING: Intruder arrested in Buckingham Palace state room

There has been a break in at Buckingham Palace.  The incident reportedly occurred last Monday at around 10 PM.  The intruder, a male, climbed a wall, kicked in a door and was caught in one of the 19 state rooms open to the public for tours.  He was arrested on suspicion of trespass, burglary and criminal damage.  His suspected accomplice, also male, was arrested on the street outside.  No members of the royal family were present at the time of the break in.  The incident is being investigated.

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Hello and welcome to my blog!  This is a new blog that I am trying out.  It will be a blog that follows the British royal family, specifically Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.  My goal is for a blog that is critical of Kate and the British royals while keeping a level-headed argument as to why Kate is not suitable as a duchess and woman whom young girls (or anyone) look up to, and why the British royals are not needed/suitable in general.

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