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Thoughts on “King Charles III” on PBS

I’m a bit late to the King Charles III party. It aired here in the US last Sunday on PBS, but I haven’t had time to watch it until now. It’s pretty bad, you guys. I know some of you had a lot of problems with The Crown, but man, that show was way better than this movie. BTW, spoilers ahead.

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Does Cressida Bonas want to break into Hollywood?

I know pretty much no one cares about Cressida Bonas anymore, but she’s been out and about lately and I find it curious, so I wanted to bring it up for discussion. About a month after she and Prince Harry broke up last year, Cressida landed a role in a Weinstein Company film, Tulip Fever. On January 4, Cressida attended a special screening in London for the new Weinstein film, Big Eyes, at which Harvey Weinstein sang Cressida’s praises. Now yesterday, January 10, Cressida was in Los Angeles for a pre-Golden Globes party. I have to wonder: was this Cressida’s plan all along, get enough name recognition so that she could break into Hollywood?

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