Does Cressida Bonas want to break into Hollywood?

Does Cressida Bonas want to break into Hollywood?

I know pretty much no one cares about Cressida Bonas anymore, but she’s been out and about lately and I find it curious, so I wanted to bring it up for discussion. About a month after she and Prince Harry broke up last year, Cressida landed a role in a Weinstein Company film, Tulip Fever. On January 4, Cressida attended a special screening in London for the new Weinstein film, Big Eyes, at which Harvey Weinstein sang Cressida’s praises. Now yesterday, January 10, Cressida was in Los Angeles for a pre-Golden Globes party. I have to wonder: was this Cressida’s plan all along, get enough name recognition so that she could break into Hollywood?


The photos of Cressida in the black crop top and pants with the blue pin-striped coat are from the Big Eyes screening on January 4 (the gross dude in the black t-shirt she’s with is Harvey Weinstein). The photos of Cressida in the “way too summer-y for an event in January” white dress and hideous shoes are from the BAFTA Tea Party pre-Golden Globes event on January 10.

While at the January 4 Big Eyes special screening in London, Harvey Weinstein spoke to the Evening Standard (via the Mail) about Cressida and her role in his film, Tulip Fever.

Weinstein said:

    “Cressida is great in Tulip Fever and people will see what a fantastic actress she is… it will be the first of many roles for her.”
    “She is not taking advantage if any media profile.”

LOL sure, Harvey. I mean, who knows if Cressida is a good actress or not, we’ll have to wait and see, and there are a ton of actresses (and actors, let’s not be sexist) who get many roles even though they can’t act for sh-t, but if you think Cressida is not taking advantage of her media profile you’re either an idiot or full of sh-t. The only reason Cressida is even getting coverage, and getting mega-producer Harvey Weinstein to talk about her, is because of her pre-established media profile. Nobody would care, least of all Harvey Weinstein, about the random society girl turned actress with a small part in her first film if she hadn’t dated Prince Harry first.

Which makes me wonder if this was Cressida’s plan all along. I thought Cress and her PR strategy were after the ring, but what if Cress and her PR strategy’s goal all along was simply to raise her profile and get her name out there so that when she and Harry broke up people would still know her name, that way she could trade on that to help her in her career?

If Cressida is trying to break into Hollywood, and this is the “career” that ended her relationship with Harry, I have one piece of advice… for the love of god, invest in a stylist!!

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  1. Eh. A blonde Kate. What is with these British princes and the girls they go with?

    I’m not understanding the logic behind the big, white sneakers with her outfit from the “Big Eyes” screening. Am I that out of the fashion loop?

    1. If those big white sneakers with black trousers are a trend, then I guess I’ll join you outside of the fashion loop. I think it looks a bit ridiculous. If she had worn a nice heel she would have looked so much better.

  2. Cressida was always interested in the spotlight – dancers aren’t “shy” by nature. She’s connected beyond Harry — her sister married a Branson — the sister Kate was said to be concerned with. I wonder what happens after you date someone like Harry – do you become “hands off” in certain circles out of respect for Harry? Weinstein is always looking for the next blonde – he supported both Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence in their careers. I wonder if he does the Hitchcock thing and expects the ladies on the casting couch for him.

    1. Yes. Yes he does. Google “Harvey’s Girls.” It’s a thing and it’s gross and I would not put it past the guy to be interested in Cressida just so he could add “Prince of England’s ex” to the notches on his bedpost.

    2. I don’t know re Harry’s ex girlfriends. The chick who had Prince Albert’s son says she was shunned in Monaco after Albert got with Charlene. Maybe Harry’s girlfriends will get shunned if Harry finds a wife? But William’s ex girlfriends still get invited to all sorts of things Will and Kate will be at, and Will even still vacations (bangs?) Jecca Craig, so maybe not.

      Re Harvey: Yes, that’s the reputation he has.

  3. In her defense (and it’s the only thing I’m defending her about) it was in the 80s in L.A. My sister lives there and she was rubbing it in the other day. So her dress does work for L.A. Doesn’t work as far as looks are concerned but we know she’s Little Miss Bohemian.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past her using Harry to raise her profile. I’ve read articles that have said she wasn’t completely in love with him. She loved the attention although she protested about the constant cameras. It was all an act, because the second they broke up she’s got them following her and she’s not protesting one little bit.

    Her profile and “name” will only get her so far. She’s going to have to have the talent and skills to sustain a real career. Of course, since she’s proven she’s not above using her body to get what she wants, maybe that will be another road she takes. Either way, I’m tired of seeing her and hearing about her and so very, very happy she is no longer with Harry.

    1. Despite the LA weather, I still think the dress is too informal, you know. It just screams summer outdoors party, not January BAFTA pre-Golden Globes party. To me anyway. If Cress wore the dress to a polo match, I think it would have worked (minus the horrid shoes).

      I thought it was hilarious how her PR kept saying how she didn’t like the spotlight and being photographed and whatnot, and then as soon as she and Harry broke up she didn’t care at all that there were a ton of pap shots of her, and even went to venues she knew paps would be at.

      1. Now don’t forget, she’s “bohemian”, she’s a fashion “muse”. Her takes on style are so much “better” than ours. And I believe that about as much as I believe the sky is green and the grass is blue.

    2. Actually, I live in LA and it was not in the 80s. On Wednesday it was. But yesterday it was actually raining and in the 60’s (as it still is today).

  4. She was vacationing with Randy Andy when his scandal broke out. The York sisters seem to be down to earth but maybe Cressida learned a few things from that family about using a public image for personal gain. I wonder what the York sisters think of her using Harry if that’s in fact what she did.

  5. I find this an interesting conversation. Thanks KRM. Two things.

    It was actually raining yesterday in LA and in the 60’s, so her dress would have been a little chilly. Though having said that, looking at other people at the event, her outfit was kind of typical. I find that at celebrity events, they never dress for weather or time of year. So, her outfit doesn’t bother me that much (except for the shoes)

    The other thing I was thinking, is I work in the film industry and it would not surprise me at all if she actually slept with Harvey. It is kind of typical for people trying to break into the industry to do so. And he sleazy. So, I am not surprised if that is how she got her foot in the door. In the picture with Harvey, her body language looks so uncomfortable with him. And I fully believe she is using her past relationship to get ahead in Hollywood. She loves attention or else she wouldn’t want a film career

    But what I find funny about Harvey praising her in Tulip Fever, is this movie also has that model Cara Delevingne in it. Obviously, he was not going for amazing actors in the supporting roles. Probably left the real acting up to Judi Dench and Christoph Waltz :).

    1. I think the other people at that event looked better, more cocktail party less summer picnic. But that’s just me.

      Re Cress sleeping with Harvey: Honestly, that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw them pose together and him make comments about her. He has a disgusting reputation. I was going to mention it in the post, but I couldn’t think of a way to say it without being crude, so I just didn’t.

      I can’t believe Cara f-ing Dele-whatever is getting acting roles. I don’t understand why everyone thinks she’s so great as a model, and now they’ve given her a part in the f-ing Suicide Squad. Ugh.

      1. She actually wore a black version of that white dress to something else and another actress had on a blue version of it. They are all Mulberry and in one picture with Cress and two other actresses, they are all wearing Mulberry. Mulberry paid for the parties so it looks like they were dressing up their reps.

        As you said KMR, it wasn’t very cocktail party to me either.

        1. Yes, she wore the black version to the Weinstein GG after party. I can’t believe she would wear two versions of the same dress two nights in a row. I also can’t believe the people at Mulberry gave them three different versions of the same dress. WTF? Did they not have more choices to send out?

  6. Based from the chicks Harry dates, he might possibly never get married or prolly pull a Clooney and get married very late. None of his girlfriends care for the life of a royal princess. He doesn’t seem to gravitate towards Kate-ish girls. I have a feeling Harry doesn’t want to get married anyways.

    As for Cressida, good for her for getting something out of it. She was besieged by the paps for 2 years and will forever be known as Harry’s ex; at least she got something out of it. I hope she does really well and follow her sister’s footsteps by marrying a rich guy.

    1. Not so much Clooney, more like Prince Andrew. Seriously, Harry is in danger of becoming Prince Andrew. And we all see how that turned out. Hope Harry does better in his life.

  7. What’s with Harry, anyway? His taste in women leaves a lot to be desired.
    He’s a catch. Doesn’t he believe that? He seems to go for the worst in women.
    What a shame. But, perhaps he does not want to marry yet. Who knows?

  8. The sooner Cressida disappears, the better. If her acting talent is like her sister, Gabriela(?) Wilde (Endless Love remake, anyone?), then we are in trouble.

    I still love Chelsy for Harry. I hate that the media painted her as a drunk, lazy, floozy compared to Kate. It’s funny how that description was more applicable to Kate. I love that Chelsy has moved on and is practicing law. But, one can only hope…

  9. Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch would make more than one young actress re-think her choice in careers. Ugh, he is one nasty looking dude. I guess some women will do anything for a chance at stardom. No wonder so many parents advise their daughters not to go into show biz!!!!

    1. “I’m hoping to get some sunshine, but I think that’s it,” [Cressida] said of her trip. “It’s a short visit, and then I’m back to London. But hopefully – hopefully! – I’ll have reasons to come back to Los Angeles soon. Then I can stay for a good long time.”

      Damn, girl is giving interviews and everything.

  10. Harry’s problem is he likes a string of blondes (the girls in Las Vegas were blonde) rather than one steady brunette like Willy. Since he’s going to be fifth in line soon, he can sow oats for a while more, even though I’ve read that he says he wants to settle down; he’s also worried about not being married putting a hitch in his Army career, since apparently most British majors are married. At 30 he is at the age when he should start thinking seriously about marriage and kids. Maybe Katie can find someone for him? Or Chelsy Davy will come around to the idea of being a royal countess or duchess. Katie broke up with Willy, than came back to him. Maybe Cressida will do some work in Hollywood, grow up a bit and then come back to Harry? Her grandfather was the 6th Earl Howe and well-connected in politics and to the Royal Family. If she was a little older and more mature, 26 or 27, maybe she would be a good bride for Harry. We’ll just have to see. He can’t stay single forever.

    1. As a blonde, I don’t think Harry’s problem is the hair color of the women he dates. Harry’s problem is while he says he wants marriage and babies, he continues to party and bang random models and women who are not in it for the right reasons. Harry won’t find a suitable woman until he’s really ready to stop partying and get married. And right now, no matter what he says, he just isn’t.

      1. The hair color is a rue of JFK’s Secret Service men, who were unhappy at the parade of women (mostly blondes) that he entertained. They wished he could have kept one steady brunette; their lives would have been a lot easier.

  11. I never noticed how pretty she is until this BAFTA Tea Party red carpet, must be the soft curls in her hair, thank goodness. If she only had a black clutch bag, the clunky black shoes wouldn’t look so jarring.

    I’m not sure what she wants her future to be, ballerina/actress? I’m confused. Perhaps, Prince Harry told her to find some kind of employment so that his granny will take her seriously and then they can be together. After all, she still hangs out with the York Princesses and so she is still close to Prince Harry. And remember she went to an official engagement with him early last year, so I say she is half-way in the RF. I can totally see her as his wife, and she has a titled background (her grandfather).

    Poor Kate will be pulling out her wiglet! lol

    1. I used a close-up photo because she looked so beautiful in it. She really does look pretty when she’s properly styled and made up.

      I highly doubt “actress” is the type of employment that would make QEII take any potential royal bride seriously. And Cress was Eugenie’s good friend before Harry, and is still Eugenie’s good friend after Harry, but I highly doubt Cress and Harry are getting back together.

  12. “Royal wives are meant to be showpieces without serious pursuits other than producing children, just ask Kate Middleton”

    Haha, I saw this in an article by Celeb Dirty Laundy []. The articles there are crap, I know, but that part was just so on point. Ha!

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