DM: William wants Kate to be a workhorse

DM: William wants Kate to be a workhorse

The headline quote is only one small part of one of the four articles I’m going to talk about in this post, but it’s the funniest line so I made it the headline. This is a round up post for a few articles that came out over the weekend involving Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie, and Cressida Bonas complaining about still being linked to Prince Harry.

The first article I’m going to talk about is this DM article about what’s going on inside the new hedge fence that William and Kate are installing at KP. This article is too long to quote in it’s entirety, so I’m just excerpting parts of it and only the stuff that most related to William, Kate, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

    Living arrangements once Charles is King: “Intriguingly, there is now the belief that when Prince Charles becomes King, he’ll continue to live at Clarence House and use Buckingham Palace merely as ‘the office’. Which would mean William, Kate and Harry and the next generation of royals will continue to live at Kensington Palace. One theory suggests that when William becomes king after Charles’s death, he and Kate will stay in Kensington Palace, while Clarence House — home of the Queen Mother before Charles and Camilla’s arrival in 2005 — could go to Prince Harry and his family. So the yew hedge could not be a more dramatic symbol of the next stage in the history of the House of Windsor — whether it is popular with those outside or not.”
    Harry and Meghan and their living situation: “Kensington Palace is attracting attention in a way not seen since Princess Diana’s heyday. The reason is the arrival of Meghan Markle, currently sharing a duvet with Harry in ‘Nott Cott’… Situated just steps away from William and Kate’s far grander establishment, Nottingham Cottage is sufficient for one, or two. But if Harry and Meghan’s romance goes the distance, which royal insiders believe it will, more spacious quarters will be required. ‘Expect an engagement announcement before the end of the year,’ says one royal-watcher confidently. ‘As a divorcee, Meghan may not be everyone’s idea of ideal royal bride material, but you can visibly see what her presence has done to Harry. There’s a different kind of confidence about him these days, a sureness that’s never been seen before — a sense of contentment and purpose.’ Despite her acting commitments it’s expected Ms Markle will base herself at Nottingham Cottage for the next month or so, gradually imbibing the royal way of doing things shielded from public gaze… Around Kensington Palace there’s a certainty that Meghan will become a permanent resident. But if the couple do marry, where will they live if, and when, they have children. Much of the palace is now offices, and the remaining royal apartments are occupied by such individuals as the Duke and Duchess of Kent and Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. One solution could be a country home on the Sandringham estate. The princes grew up in Gloucestershire but neither wants to find a home near their father, or put down roots around Highgrove. ‘Neither of them will live in that house, with all its memories,’ I was told.”
    A feud between Meghan and Kate isn’t going to happen: “And what of rivalry between Kate and glitzy California-raised Meghan, should they end up as neighbours? If she and Harry marry, the media focus will switch away from Kate. How will that sit with Kate, and her feisty mother Carole Middleton? ‘Funnily enough, I don’t think they’ll care,’ said one observer. ‘Carole is very confident as grandmother of the future king — Kate goes to the family home at Bucklebury in Berkshire a lot and Carole has a close bond with Prince George. So they are secure. And William has said he wants his wife to be seen less as a clothes-horse, more a workhorse — so there’s room for both. The two women will get on very well.'”
    Kate wants another baby: “One thing that would be sure to swing attention back to Kate would be the news that she’s expecting another baby — and friends are convinced that it won’t be long. ‘Kate’s very broody,’ I’m told. ‘She is ready and eager for a third.’ Make no mistake, what happens behind that expensive new hedge at Kensington Palace will shape the future of the monarchy.”

[Daily Mail]

In all of that, my favorite line is the throwaway about how William wants Kate to be seen as a workhorse instead of a clotheshorse. Because, seriously, she’s not. He’s not. Neither of them are workhorses so it’s hilarious to me that he would want Kate to be seen as a workhorse.

I included the part about the living arrangements under Charles just because I know that conversation has happened in the comments sections of previous articles on here. The part about Harry and Meghan… Yeah, once Harry has children Nottingham Cottage will be too small just as it was for William and Kate.

The next William and Kate related article comes from the Express and was written by someone who met them at the Health Writer’s Guild conference. He talks about how they are super invested and that they stayed for almost two hours at the event. There is more to the article, but for space I’m only quoting the part about meeting William.

    “I was introduced to the Duke, who had requested to meet members of the Guild of Health Writers to urge them to keep mental health issues in the public spotlight. He said our work was vital to ‘breaking down the barriers’ surrounding mental health. I asked him how important it was to encourage families and friends to speak about mental health and not to shy away from people who may be having difficulties.
    “‘It’s absolutely vital,’ he said. ‘We need to get people talking to generate those conversations that make the subject easier to deal with. Families talking to each other is a great way of normalising the conversation. We need to smash the stigma around mental health and this is one way to do that.’
    “It was a powerful, engaged, response – far from the diplomatic side-step that many politicians and public figures employ when faced with tough topics. His choice of language was revealing – the phrase ‘smash the stigma’ – peppered our conversation as he clearly sees this as a battle needing an abrasive approach.
    “‘I and Kate believe early intervention is key,’ he continued. ‘We need to offer a way of facing up to issues early on.’ He added that it was also important to have a light touch around bringing mental health into mainstream family life so conversations are natural rather than forced. His aim is for parity of esteem between physical and mental health in both society and the health service. […]
    “The Duke said he hoped that ensuring mental health was a public talking point would construct the ‘stepping stones’ to more funding and a more solid support structure. ‘The work you guys do is important,’ he added. ‘Health journalists have a major role to play.'”


This next article is about Eugenie and her marriage and the turmoil around her KP living arrangements. For space, I’m only quoting the most relevant parts.

    “The Duke and Duchess of York’s 26-year-old daughter was hoping to move into Ivy Cottage by the end of last year before announcing her engagement to nightclub manager Jack Brooksbank, her boyfriend of six years. But damp has been discovered in the basement of the three-bedroom home and insiders have revealed it could cost ‘thousands of pounds’ to treat.
    “A source said: ‘Eugenie’s family don’t want to pay for the repairs because they don’t own the building but the powers-that-be are refusing to come up with the cash as well. At the moment it’s a stand-off and the whole thing is in limbo. The problem is that normally repair work would be done to several properties at once to keep costs down but there are no plans for neighbouring buildings at the moment. It’s true to say there have been some heated discussions with certain individuals digging their heels in, but so far there has been little give and take. Something will have to give soon if Eugenie and Jack are to move in quickly.’
    “The row will re-ignite the whole debate about minor royals living in palaces at reduced rents. […]
    “Added the insider: ‘Eugenie is obviously a bit upset as she was hoping to be making wedding plans by now. She was really looking forward to moving in and creating a warm and welcoming home, but it seems she will just have to be patient until this is resolved.'”


I’m surprised this article wasn’t phrased as “Charles and Andrew fight over repairs to Eugenie’s KP cottage”, because that’s totally what “there have been some heated discussions with certain individuals digging their heels in” means, right? Andrew doesn’t want to pay to renovate Eugenie’s living space and Charles doesn’t want the palace to pay to renovate Eugenie’s living space either. If Eugenie is truly that troubled by the fact that she can’t move into a home, maybe she should buy her own and pay for her own renovations and not be stuck under the thumb of dealing with the palace.

This final article caught my eye and I wanted to comment on it. Cressida Bonas has been out and about at a bunch of pre-BAFTA parties the last several days in London, and at one of them she chatted with the DM’s Girl About Town writer lamenting how dating Harry has been terrible for her acting career.

    “Cressida Bonas has hit back at critics who cruelly suggested that her two-year relationship with Prince Harry helped her to land acting roles. The 27-year-old makes her big screen debut later this year in Tulip Fever, alongside Oscar winners Dame Judi Dench and Alicia Vikander, and also played glamorous socialite Daisy Buchanan in a West End production of The Great Gatsby. But she says she has struggled to break through thanks to her links to Harry.
    “‘I think everyone has put me in a box because I was with you know who,’ she confided to me at a pre-Bafta party. ‘It’s frustrating because I work really hard. I wish more people had seen my performance in The Great Gatsby.’
    “Cressida is now turning to fashion to keep herself busy between acting jobs. ‘I’m hoping to design a range but I’m still working out what I want it to look like.'”

[Daily Mail]

I am one of those critics – I wrote a whole post about it back in January 2015. I can totally understand how constantly being linked to Harry after breaking up over two years ago would be annoying, and I don’t know what her auditions are like and what people say to her, but I stand by the fact that I don’t think Cress would get the little press coverage she does if she hadn’t dated Harry. I also don’t think she would have had Harvey Weinstein defending her to the press had she just been any normal socialite-turned-actress.

I also stand by the fact that I dislike her style. In the photo below, Cressida is posing with Olga Kurylenko (Oblivion) at the Harvey Weinstein, Burberry & Evgeny Lebedev pre-BAFTA party on February 10. Both ladies are in Burberry, obviously: Cress in white and Olga in black. I actually like the “dress with booties” thing, just not this dress.

125 thoughts on “DM: William wants Kate to be a workhorse

  1. SMH. This article is about three types of delusional thinking.

    1/ Is William living in such a bubble that he thinks Kate could actually be a ‘work horse’? Does he think he works hard? If so, he is severely deluded. Kate has taken William’s lead in approaching royal work, such as it is, though she is a natural shirker anyway.

    2/ I agree with you, KMR, re. a solution to Eugenie’s living arrangements. I had thought she was to pay market rent, though this article states otherwise. Since Eugenie has a healthy trust fund, plus she works, as does her boyfriend, they could be adults and pay the several thousand pounds for the repairs. Why should Charles or Andrew pay? I’m hoping no public monies would be involved.

    3/ Cressida Bonas is responsible for her own success, or otherwise, as an actress. She’s had breaks precisely because of her links to Harry. If she does a good job, she’ll get further work but seriously, an actor’s life is so perilous. She would have been better to keep quiet, unless the aim was to generate more self-publicity.

    1. Yeah, the thing that annoys me about the quote saying William wants Kate to be seen as a workhorse is that he doesn’t hold himself to that standard.

      I actually think repairs to KP should be paid for by the palace since it’s part of the normal upkeep on the state-owned property, but that decorations and personal renovations should be paid for privately. But I don’t know why Eugenie and Jack don’t just guy a small home themselves and save everyone, especially themselves, the hassle of them moving into a home at KP. I get that it offers more privacy and security but why would they want to be under the thumb of her grandparents, parents, uncle?

      I wonder if Cressida’s been in auditions and people have said things to her about Harry and that’s why she’s commenting the way she is, because otherwise she comes across as a bit out of touch, especially since the only reason the DM’s Girl About Town talked to her is because she used to date Harry.

      I took a look at the Tulip Fever trailer and Cressida isn’t in the trailer and neither is her name at the end when it lists the actors, so she must have quite a small role in it. She seems to have a larger part in The Bye Bye Man, which I will not see because I dislike horror films, but the Rolling Stone review of the film described Cressida’s character as severely lacking: “we know virtually nothing about Sasha, because no one has bothered to develop her character past ‘make her cute and have the two men fight over her.'” It also says all of the acting in the film “runs the gamut from passably wooden to pure Redwood forest”. I’ll probably see Tulip Fever, so if I do I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for Cressida and see what her acting is like.

      1. Eugenie having a private home could be a security concern.

        It’s why Anne bought an apartment once and then ditched it because it was a nightmare to secure and that was in the 70s. Same thing happened with William–the media reported he was expressing interest in purchasing a London property, but the issues with security were too great and would cost too much. (Not like he seems to care now considering how much money is spent securing the Middleton home in Berkshire whenever they are there!)

        But I agree with you, otherwise.

          1. Could have been? I’d imagine if she does get her own place, it would have to be one of those highly-secured apartments. Maybe it wasn’t as much of an issue in NY as it is in London where she’s more well known? I have no idea; I forgot she’d lived in NY! I just know the general reason why royals don’t live off Crown property is basically for security.

      2. +100 KMR and threat.

        Totally agree! the article sound like carol and the middleton ‘ pr’ – the same of P&P in waiting Henrys, at pipsky wedding.

        With 15 years and counting not only is km lazy and useless, but also has NO regal presence – see BAFTA – Prince Henry and Meghan would/will command so much more…

    2. Hahahahaha. The DM article about W&KM&Carole and H&M and the hedges reads like it was spoon fed to the reporter by Carole. (btw Why are these DM reporters such terrible, cheesy writers?) The most mad and delusional of them all “I am the queen” Carole wants everyone to know she is too busy raising all the Cambs and can’t be bothered with the fuss of Harry possibly marrying Meghan. Queen C (in her dreams) wants everyone to know that she is so so high above all this peasant and unpleasant speculation. But she does have enough interest to run to the British and American tabloids to plead her case that she is the one in charge. She is definitely aware of every single thing written about her and is desperately invested in creating an important role in the BRF.

      I half suspect W does wish KM took her responsibilities as a royal seriously and that she was a better human being. But he married someone just as lazy and venal as himself.

      Eugenie should pay for the renovations herself. I can see where her parents are outraged that they don’t get the W&KM treatment, but that’s life.

      As for Cressida, if she has middling talent she’s in for a lot of disappointment. There is a lot of spectacular Brit female acting talent and it would be difficult to get juicy roles. Gabrielle Wilde (Cressida’s half sister) in Poldark has nowhere the level of vibrancy and fluency of the other actors on that show.

      1. Sounds like Cressida isn’t going to set the world on fire, and as you said, there is off-the-charts brilliant British acting talent around. For sure, royal-adjacent connections will open doors but beyond that, not so much.

        I too doubt that Carole is secure in her position as grandmother to a future king. She strikes me as constantly vigilant that her position and that of her family increases its status. Otherwise, why would she constantly court press? Unless Harry marries a mouse (highly unlikely) the Middleton’s will be on red alert.

        I doubt William cares a jot about Kate being a work horse; it implies that he is one – what a joke! – and that she is playing dress up, so I agree with L, below, in that it was a ‘throw under the bus moment’. William really is a sly piece of work. Also shows how much loyalty he has to his wife…

        1. It seems to me that Carole sanctions W’s bad treatment of KM. Her exagerated, proprietary-like braying expressions as she watched W meet the crowd when they went to church post Christmas with the queen was creepy. Everyone else around Carole looked stone faced or like they were embarrassed and humoring Carole as she clucked with pride at W’s performance interacting with the peasants. She clearly values W over KM.

          1. I remember that look, but mainly because LolaLoveHeart called it Carole’s sex face. Ew. Hope no-one is eating as they read this. Carole was once described as brilliantly obsequious so William would be putty in her hands, feeling deferred to at all times and being a dimwit, unaware of being manipulated by the entire Middleton family.

          2. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww thanks a lot Jen!!! 😛

            Yes she has a creepy-ass obsession with her SIL and keeping him happy at all times…..acting as if **she’s** his wife instead of Kate! Excuse my French but….wtf?!

          3. Yes, I didn’t want to say that myself, but thanks Jen for being braver than me. That’s exactly what it is. Reminds me of the mother-son relationship and undercurrent of not quite healthy dynamic in the movie “The Grifters” starring Angelica Houston and John Cusack. Very unsettling. I can guess that Carole’s obsession with W is one reason that Mike seems less involved with the family.

          4. Well, this is the woman who invited William to a party at their house, once her daughter finally grew a backbone and refused to be treated like William’s booty call and was done with his crap. And then had them SHARE the master bedroom so they could get back together.

        2. Totally agree with everything about Carole. She has to be petrified about the potential comparisons of MM to Kate, not just by the press and the public but by the BRF as well. Add that MM pressure she must feel to the Jecca Craig constant presence and threat, and Carole must be on constant red alert.

          And +1 to what Indiana Joanna said as well: William is first and foremost in Carole’s machinations, whether it is catering to his every whim or feeding his paranoia. Worshiping and controlling at the same time–a scary combination.

    3. Of course the obvious solution of work horse vs clothes horse will elude them since it actually involves them working more =)
      If Eugenie were to pay true market value and not some discounted rate then I would be okay with the palace paying. I agree with KMR, why not buy their own place? Because they’re all moochers. I don’t buy the security excuse. London has tons have people living there that I think are higher in need security wise yet they seem to manage. Madeleine and her husband seem to manage just fine. Andrew is the one who thinks they still need it and if he want to spend his money that way so be it.

      1. Sarah, I wonder if this latest DM protest that KM is a workhorse not a clotheshorse is a reaction to the ridiculous story bandied about on BAFTA not want KM to overshadow actors at the awards ceremony. Are W&KM afraid that KM will be unfavorably compared to the actors? All these stories reek of desperation as if they are trying to deflect negative comments with their own defensive preemptive strike.

        Has poor Jason gone underground? It seems like Carole has taken over the role of royal mole.

  2. And there goes Kate under the bus! ?

    We knew it was only a matter of time. William will do it to *anyone* if he thinks it will take some of the focus off of his own laziness.

    And I don’t buy for one minute that both Kate and Carole are super chill about Meghan and not at all worried about her outshining Kate. Kate will not fare well in (the inevitable) comparisons between Meghan and Kate and Carole knows it.

    1. That last paragraph of yours, L, I totally agree with. It’s the biggest sack of bull if we’re supposed to believe Carole/Kate are totally fine with Meghan. Bahahahahahaha!!!!!! Why do you think she turned herself into a human barricade during the dating years and would give other girls the death glare? Suuuuure she’s fine with Meghan…..and I’m 5’10” 😉

    1. They did the same thing with Cressida. I didn’t follow the royals when he was with Chelsy, so I don’t know if they did it with her. That’s just what they do.

      1. The media always gets themselves in a tizzy whenever Harry is dating someone or even rumored to be dating someone. I’ll believe it when it’s announced.

  3. Double standards aside, Kate is 35. We have a saying in East Africa, “Bend the fish while it is still fresh”. At 35, habits have set in. It would take a lot for her and William to change at this point. The half-attempts at work are their reality now and in the future unless the palace grows a backbone and really, really forces them out there. But even that is unlikely since the longer they wait, the more power William has.

    I side with the palace on renovations. The public outcry on renovation costs is high enough even for the senior royals. Doing this for Eugenie when they would normally wait for other properties to need repair would be bad for them. Andrew can afford it – why not do it?

    I haven’t warmed to MM yet but I really hope she embraces the royal life if she marries in like Mary and Maxima etc. have. I would hate to have another person who just sees the privilege and couldn’t are less about giving back.

    1. The Ivy Cottage thing should be treated like any other landlord tenant situation. Any structural issues are the responsibility of the landlord as well as any repairs needed which were caused by the previous tenants. Superficial changes are the responsibility of the tenant. Problem solved.

      As for a kate being a workhorse…best joke all day. She has never held a job in her entire life. She won’t develop a work ethic now.

      1. But this is a bit different, isn’t it? Because in this case, the landlord doesn’t seem to want the tenant. If I own a building with mold and am unwilling to make repairs, I’m under no duty to repair anything simply because someone tells me that they want to live there when I intent to let it sit empty until I AM ready to make repairs. The prospective tenant must go elsewhere for housing.

        I think the first step is really finding out if the Palace actually wants Eugenie as a tenant/resident…which I imagine they don’t.

        1. Eugenie was born into the royal family though. Just like William and Harry. I think there has to be some entitlement to live at Ivy Cottage. It seems Eugenie wants the cottage for a legitimate reason.

        2. I wondered, too, if the damp at Ivy Cottage needing to wait was an excuse to put Eugenie off. If there has been a change of heart to allow her to live at Ivy Cottage, someone should be honest about it. If not the case, compromises can be made, as discussed here by others. I can see Charles being concerned about the optics of a non-working royal living there and not paying market rent, but then the optics of his own lazy, spendthrift son and daughter-in-law doesn’t play well either. Those in glass houses etc etc…

        3. I can’t understand why they would not want to do the renovations, regardless of whether Eugenie has interest or not. Why would they just let a place decay, literally?

      2. *She won’t develop a work ethic.*

        Agree, Nic. The fact that KM has no idea what work is would be sad if her mother hadn’t masterminded KM’s life in a way where KM has no idea how to navigate as a grown up. KM is a willing participant in remaining a child and staying dependant on Carole. Even if by some strange happenstance KM decided she wanted to work, she has no skills at interacting with other adults, she has no empathy, and she doesn’t understand the concept of preparation, professionalism and just plain grit in consistently working day and day out.

        1. Carole gets blamed–and justly so–for Kate’s laziness, immaturity, self-centeredness, dependence, shallowness, etc., but Michael Middleton also deserves a good heap of blame as well. What kind of father not only allows but supports his daughter doing nothing for nearly 10 years aside from serving as a booty call for a wealthy, titled man, who treats her badly? Mike M. may appear kind, pleasant and modest, but he clearly is weak, ineffectual and easily led. Kate may have inherited Carole’s legs, but she takes after her father in many other ways.

          1. Michael Middleton is as much a player in this as Carole. It’s easy to blame her because she is so gob-smackingly awful, but Mike is no less responsible. What kind of father is so socially ambitious that he is fine with both daughters selling themselves to the highest bidders? If that’s your male influence growing up, no wonder you end up with a nasty streak of a man like William.

          2. I look at mike as a mr.bennet figure, without the dire needs for his daughters to marry and without some of his charm. Just kind of bumbling along
            I’d think most parents would want more for their children then landing a rich and preferably titled SO.
            Both men are essentially weak at their core tho

        2. Lizzie and Jen, I kinda feel sorry for Mike because Carole seems to think she married beneath her by the way she pursued the aristos and molded her daughters into courtesans to wealthy men. But Mike most likely is an ordinary man with an appealing inheritance who found he was outmaneuvered by relentless Carole. Yeah, a stronger man would have wanted his daughter to be able to stand on her own two feet and not have to fulfill her mother’s ambition.

          1. I remember reading a story back during the dating years where they claimed Carole had William’s picture as her screensaver on her phone,I don’t know if it was true but I’ve always thought she seemed to have quite the fangirl moments when it comes to William.

      3. Nic919, that would make sense. Andrew payed for the overhaul of Royal Lodge in exchange for the long-term lease from the Crown Estate to be lower and paid in a chunk at the beginning.

        If Eugenie was being offered a guaranteed decades-long lease (for a chunk of money up front), then she should pay to fix the property herself. If she’s just going to be offered a yearly lease at market rate, she shouldn’t be responsible for fixing up damages to the property that she didn’t cause.

        If it was a member of the general public who was moving in, paying market rent for an annual lease? The person leasing the property wouldn’t be expected to pay to fix the property prior to moving in.

        1. If it’s not habitable they would be required to. What bothers me most is that they are more than happy to throw money away on some hedges and my understanding is that this comes out of some general fund; not from Prince Charles or the Queen. If they can do that then why can they not fix the damp issue in the cottage for Eugenie? It has to be frustrating to know that they would be willing to work hard for the Royal Family, but have been shoved aside so that more money can be spent on Will & Kate. I get that there’s a whole nepotism/hereditary thing going on, but come on. Why is it more important to pay for them & not for the Royal Princesses?

          1. I agree with you. However, I remember that Eugenie was scheduled to represent the Queen at something a few months ago and she bailed for no reported reason, so perhaps she wouldn’t be the workhorse we think she could be.

            I’ve been thinking about you. Grief sucks. How are you holding up?

  4. In that article about the new hedge at KP, one of the few pieces of news and not just speculation that I saw was that William is making further alterations to his and Kate’s KP apartment. But no further info was given. What exactly needed altering? And who is paying for this alteration….the taxpayer who paid over 4mil for the first one? If true, Will and Kate’s relatively new apartment can be altered for their ease and enjoyment (with a new hedge to boot) but the cottage Eugenie wants can’t be repaired for health and possible structural issues? I think there’s an important distinction between “renovation” (or “altering”) and “repair”, and that Eugenie shouldn’t have to pay to repair a building she will only be renting, just as William and Kate didn’t pay for the asbestos removal.

    As for Cressida, she only had to look to Chelsy to see how she would forever be linked to Harry; it’s rather naive for her to think otherwise. And I’ve thought that her acting career might be in part more hindered by her half-sister’s success (in Poldark, the Cranford series, etc) and their similarity in looks and type, rather than any link to Harry. Anyway, if she truly had talent, whoever she dated in the past would only be a bit of trivia and nothing more.

    1. I noticed that blurb too! I hope we find out what was altered and who paid for it. If the public did, I hope we find out how much it cost.

      I agree about Cressida. People will continue to refer to Cressida as Harry’s ex-girlfriend for as long as that’s what she is most known for. If she got cast tomorrow in a really popular film or TV show and became more known for that she’d lose the ex tag.

    2. BP says it all. HM has failed to keep up with basic structural renovations spending her money elsewhere from her own choice. If a Royal Palace has areas of damp they should be dealt with, to protect the building from damage. Why should the tenant have to pay for it?

      It’s so outdated for the oldest son to inherit everything whilst the rest of the family struggle. Anne’s kids have properties that are essentially owned and protected by the Crown, why should Andrew’s daughters not be afforded the same privilege?

      The Queen as ever is burying her head in the sand and failing to deal effectively with family matters. She may be a great HOS but she fails to deal with family problems allowing them to become so much more significant than they need to be.

      1. It wasn’t ‘her’ money to divert elsewhere; it was public money, extracted compulsorily from taxpayers, for ongoing maintenance and repair of public buildings. Now the public is forced to pay twice over for BP repairs that should have been well under control. It’s not ‘failing to keep up’ but deliberate fraud.

        A government committee (can’t recall which one) skirted around blaming the Queen, leveling it more opaquely to ‘advisors’, but surely, then, all monies related to maintenance repair/ renovation needs to be removed from the BRF’s hands entirely and allocated to the National trust or some such body to oversee the work.

        If it’s outdated that the eldest receives the lot, it is also outdated that a family be afforded so much deference and state privilege in the 21st century. Seriously, how is the rest of this family struggling? Each of them has a nice, unearned sinecure. Because of persistent refusal for the Queen and Charles to divulge how they spend public money, no-one has any idea who has been slipped what from those funds. We do know that Zara and Peter benefit from public monies spent to protect Anne but what do Edward and Sophie do to earn their lifestyle, or Andrew and Anne?

        Clearly, Eugenie and Beatrice are not going to live independently despite the Charles-Andrew squabble. But then, should the same privileges be extended to Louise and James? And in time, should they be extended to Charlotte and to Harry’s children? Where does it end? Who will want to pay for a family of diminishing relevance endlessly whining for what it sees as entitlements?

      2. Birdy, thank you for bringing up Zara and Peter. B&E are always compared negatively to those two, but what have they done?

        Zara has her career because her family had the money to have horses, and because of her parents contacts and the fact that her grandmother is the Queen. Peter’s career is managing his sister and her famous husband.

        They both live in a property that is owned personally by Anne but that was fixed up with Crown Estate money. Ultimately the Crown Estate belongs to the people, like the duchies. Those are taxpayer funded upgrades, which Peter and Zara will inherit from Anne as private property.

        Zara, Peter and their families both live at Gatcombe (Zara in the property that was Mark’s post-divorce home), benefiting from Anne’s security which secures the entire estate.

        Zara and Peter aren’t independent or supporting themselves, but most people don’t bother to look beneath the surface.

        1. One could say that about most people envolved in equestrian events tho, gates, jobs and Bloomberg all have daughters doing equestrian events.
          But Zara didn’t get her Olympic medal becuase of who she was, she had to work for it.
          If Andrew hadn’t sold his house given to him by the Queen, his daughters could have set up shop there, similar to what Anne has going on with her kids. He did tho so now they can deal with it.

          1. Gatcombe was purchased with HM’s private money. The land for Sunninghill was purchased with HM’s private money from the Crown Estate. Difference? CE money wasn’t used to build or fix Sunninghill, unlike the Anne’s estate.

            The CE shouldered anywhere between £5,000,000 – £10,000,000 in today’s money to fix up Anne’s private property. Akin to the 1.5 million of taxpayer money that was used to fix up Anmer – HM’s private property.

            B&E will inherit the house in Switzerland, provided Andrew and Sarah don’t mess up. Louise and James have no external property to inherit, so I expect large trust funds from the Queen’s private funds will be directed their way.

            Zara works hard at it, but let’s not discount the fact that she was able to do that because 1) her family paid for the horses and 2) she was living in taxpayer-funded/secured accommodations while pursuing that career.

            In her sport, there always ends up being a “selection” process not straight numbers across the board. No guarantees that the selection is made without considering her family ties into the bargain.

            There was talk that she wasn’t the best person to pick as the last one on the Olympic team for 2012. Having the Queen’s granddaughter on the team during her Jubilee year was good for PR.

  5. The first article from the DM is just pure crappy speculation. Personally my favorite part was the part where William and Harry apparently founded their royal foundation as a way to spite Charles. I’m impressed at the author’s imagination and at just how many articles the DM is getting out of a few hedges! The DM has certainly earned their recent honor of being named an unreliable source for citations by Wikipedia.

    On the one hand I feel for Eugenie. It must suck if you just want to get settled and move into your new house but can’t because of work that needs to be done. On the other hand, most people that experience this bought the house themselves and are paying for any renovation work out of their own savings. I don’t think Eugenie has any intention of living in a place that’s not a royal residence so I think she’s going to have to be patient or pay for it herself.

    I really wonder if the quote by Cressida was taken out of context because seriously no one would know who she is or care if it weren’t for her relationship with Harry. She can’t possibly think otherwise. I wonder why she recently has had a flurry of articles in the DM right now. It’s weird.

  6. If Eugenie is truly paying market then she should not have to front the money for the repairs. If she is expected to fund the repairs then all should consider doing what Andrew and Edward did which is Eugenie funds all or part of the repairs in exchange for a lengthy lease agreement where her contribution to the repairs are factored in.

    1. I can’t believe it is putting off their engagement and wedding. Where does Eugenie live now? Couldn’t they just live there for a while. Plenty of people start married life in less than palatial surroundings.

        1. Andrew paid 20k per annum for a 4-bedroom apartment for his two daughters, when in 2012 the market rent would have been 100-150k per annum. Wonder what it’s worth now…

          I’d guess Ivy Cottage would be leased out for a peppercorn rent too. No wonder they don’t want to move anywhere else!

          Interesting that at the tail end of that 2012 article, Beatrice said she was not interested in being a full-time royal, and Eugenie was set to do her own thing too. What has changed, i wonder.

          1. That’s why I would like to know what she’s going to pay. They say fair market value but maybe the people should emphasize fmv for 2017 not 1960!
            I stated before when I was looking at places in London they had 1-2bedroom places in the neighborhood going for £25 and £30 mil.

          2. Nothing has changed except a media invented story that they do.

            The only question is their living arrangements. Those continue to be Palace based, but despite repeated denials AND actions, the public believes the media invented version of events.

            The only royal events they attend are family ones that are mandatory for entire family includinb the wider windsor family plus events that are their own Patronages or charities.

            Any events outside of that are by invitation from their father or their grandmother.

            Due to the high placed status of their father ie within the top 6 places that are considered the senior royals of the family, and by extension their own status being so close to that top inner circle, they are given more attention.

            And due to the strict observance of protocol when the family gathers, they walk very close to the spotlight because their status places them there.

            Since the public doesn’t necessarily follow protocol, it looks like the Yorkies are deliberately placing themselves front and centre when it’s their status that is to blame.

            Once Harry has children or William has more, Andrew will drop out of the top 6 and that will push him and them out of the spotlight especially when the children grow up.

          3. It does smack of wanting everything for no personal outlay. Really, they can and should pay their own way. However, it is amusing that the article of 2012 and the one I mentioned as well pointed to both of them wanting to make their own way independently etc. As long as everything else is provided, eh?

  7. I’m still recovering from this rotten cold/sinus infection (I’m rarely **this level** sick so it truly bites) so I’m going to take my time commenting on these articles and, fair warning, I’m probably going to be extra bitchy in my comments.

    1.) DM-that’s a lot to digest!! Okay the hedges at KP. I think it’s William being uber paranoid, as usual. As for Harry and Meghan? Who knows!! Also, that’s a lot of shade thrown at Charles!! C’mon boys!! Be adults for once!!

    And the supposed no rivalry between Kate and Meghan? Bahahahahaha!!! Don’t buy it because we know how insecure she is.

    2.) First things first: that “I and Kate….” quote that is highlighted in the article is making me so bat crazy due to the improper grammar!!! **inserts emoji of making that pissed off face**

    Also, I believe that this is just another word salad being thrown out there to please TPTB. Sorry Wills and Kate (and a wee bit of Harry) but I won’t believe it until I see some genuine work being done rather than the usual stuff being said.

    3.) As far as Eugenie and Jack are concerned, I truly feel bad for her. She’s being pulled in so many directions, I’m sure Andrew isn’t helping, Charles’ bitterness towards his baby brother shouldn’t extend towards his niece but, if the public pay for these renovations, you can believe there will be a sh!tstorm to follow from the taxpayers!! Why? The majority of them can’t see beyond the fact that she’s one of Andrew and Sarah’s daughters and see her as an individual. But, like someone upthread suggested, she pay for X amount and gets a humongous lease for the place!! She keeps it, press doesn’t go bat-sh!t crazy, place gets needed upgrade, everyone is happy (except Andrew so not everyone is happy;-) )!! Though, for all their faults (and God knows, they’ve had a lot), Andrew and Fergie have done a great job with her (and Beatrice) and I’d love to see him walk her down the aisle soon and beam like the proud papa he must be.

    4.) Cressida. Good gravy girl, shut up!! I have no sympathy for her at all. If she was sincere, she wouldn’t be whining about Harry, she’d focus on hr supposed craft: take lessons, work in theater, study the works of actors and actresses she admires, learn different accents to acquire roles, etc. But does she do this? No!! Instead, she decides to now focus on fashion. **epic face palm**

    Alright, I’m going to inject my insulin and have some oatmeal for breakfast. Thankfully, I’ve already taken sinus medicine AND first dose of cough medicine so, hopefully, I can function like a human today.

      1. Thank you Queen Lauri! My fur baby, Missy, has been an awesome nurse and is still suuuper cuddly, even when I’m coughing like there is no tomorrow. Funny enough, my nose is currently suuuuper stuffy and it hasn’t’ been this way so I’m hoping that this is a small sign that I’m slowly on the mend!

        I couldn’t go to work at all last week and (UGH!!) it’s starting to look like I won’t be able to go tomorrow **but** I found out on Friday that my supervisor had to leave work early Thursday, wasn’t there on Friday **and** someone else within my section had viral pneumonia!!

      2. Queen Lauri, I thought of you today! I’m in vacation in Japan and took the opportunity to wear a kimono. If there ever was a thing to help with posture training, it’s wearing a kimono. I stood proud and thought of you. Not that I have crappy posture, but one could always stand taller. Then I thought maybe Kate should’ve joined Will in Japan and put on a kimono. Would’ve been the first time we saw her standing straight!

        1. Aww, aren’t you sweet Miss K! Were you in Japan on business or pleasure? It’s a country I’ve always wanted to visit, especially during the cherry blossom festival.

          1. Here for pleasure. I have a few more days before I head back to the faily grind. I’ve been many times before. Most don’t know I was born in Hong Kong, but raised in Toronto. I usually stop in Japan on the way to visit family in Hong Kong. Figured I might as well make it worth such a long flight. (14 hrs. Yuck!!!) But I’ve never been during cherry blossum season. One of these days I will.

          2. Yay! Another KMR person in Japan!
            Hope you enjoy your stay here miss K.
            And Queen Lauri, Sakura season is awesome! You should definitely visit then. Even McDonald’s gets into the spirit and makes a Sakura fizzy drink 🙂

    1. I think that the hedges are a make work project for Willy as was the tennis court and the reno of Anmer and KP. It’s also Willy’s way of establishing dominance and supremacy while gobbling up more and more territory, both public and private. If nothing else, Willy is *all* about dominance and supremacy.

  8. The frustrating thing about Will and Kate is that all we get from them are line items or these types of articles. They don’t work, so we have nothing to reference. Imho, I totally see Will using Kate as a scapegoat while he looks “clean”.

    As far as Harry and Meghan, I’m getting a hangover. I know my love for Harry is well known, I just think that it’s a lot to process. I think the public/media have had many reactions to her. But my fear is that she will be roasted, a la Fergie, once and if they marry.

    As far as the Yorks. They can’t seem to win. Andrew is pushy and comes off as arrogant and entitled. He’s pushing his daughters to relevance when they should do it on their own. Don’t get me wrong: I love the York Girls. However, Andrew and his behavior unfortunately makes them look bad too.

    Thanks for a detailed roundup, KMR!

    1. It’s all about entitlement and hubris. The York’s were told 20+ years ago that their daughters were not going to be part of the core group of working royals; what use Andrew “pushing his daughters to relevance” for so long? It’s detrimental to his daughters’ development: do they keep doing quasi-royal work (apart from family obligations) in the hope that Charles will recognise their contribution and change his mind, or do they independently forge their own lives on their own merits and interests? Inevitably, whatever relevance they had would have lessened considerably once William and Harry married and had children. I can see that they don’t want their status and privilege diminished, but ultimately, it’s unkind to fuel the girl’s expectations. Edward and Sophie seem to have a much better handle on this in regard to Louise and James.

      I agree with other posters. Eugenie has no desire to live in a non-royal residence. If she and Beatrice were deemed years ago by security professionals not to warrant state-paid security, then it may not be as much of an issue as the York’s like to think. Again, hubris and entitlement. The compromise suggested – Eugenie pay for repairs but negotiates a long lease based on her investment – seems a good one. And didn’t her father do much the same thing at the Royal Lodge? The public would be rightly furious having to foot repairs simply so that a non-working royal with plenty of money in her own right can live there at a reduced, not market rent.

      1. “The York’s were told 20+ years ago that their daughters were not going to be part of the core group of working royals”

        That is speculation. Even Charles’s plan to cut down to six working royals, is still only speculation. There have been no announcements, nothing.

        I suspect any decision to go to 6 royals didn’t happen 20 years ago, but far more recently. Moving from 16 to 6 working royals is a big move, it seems illogical. Originally the plan may have been to incorporate Beatrice and Eugenie but not their spouses, and have them age out when William had children that had reached working age.

        Changes in attitude towards the royals, increasing Republican membership and sentiment – if they’re paying attention, the BRF would be altering plans. This is why I doubt Clarence House will be kept as royal housing — too expensive, no good reason. House working royals in BP or KP, period.

        1. My thoughts were informed by this comprehensive and interesting article:

          I’m sure there have been conversations along the way as to their long term futures – at least since B & E’s loss of state-funded security about a decade ago. It would be cruel if not; people need time to adjust and prepare. As the girls would have been in their teens at the time of moving to Andrew-funded security, it would have been wise to be aware that changes were discussed, and not to put all their eggs into the ‘working royal’ basket. Edward and Sophie did not. I agree that Zara and Peter are on the public teat, slightly removed and not at all kosher.

          Going from 16 to 6 is a big move if the presumption is to keep the same number of patronages and events. It may be reduced to State occasions and several patronages per person, who knows. Perhaps state funding would also be considerably reduced as well (dreams are free). As you say, attitudes to the RF are changing.

          1. Jen: That article is using misinformation to make it’s case as far as the Way Ahead initial plans for the Yorkies.

            The Sunday Times article from 1999 was tittle tattle with no basis in truth, but author quotes it as fact.

            Further, the quote in 2006 Majesty magazine quoted by the Scotsman is taken from a larger PR effort celebrating B’s 18th birthday that year which signalled to the public that she had come of age. To that end, articles were sanctioned and media were allowed to cooment on her. Taken in isolation that particular comment about her knowing her background comes across negatively, but as part of the bigger picture of entire article it was talking about her awareness of her royal family background, the troubles of her parents and how that impacted her.

            There were rumblings as to their future, but nothing was really concrete until 2010. Upto that moment, they were raised with full expectation of being working royals.

            Only After HM was forced to review all her arrangements just before 2010 did the Yorkies’s role become a question mark.

            The Wessex family didn’t have great wisdom in being lowkey or raising their children without expectation.

            The fact remains that they married and started a family at one of the Royal family’s low points as far as public opinion. For once polls and real opinions were aligned.

            The original raison d’etre of the Way Ahead group wasn’t to streamline the royals. It was to figure out a way to restore popularity and support in the wake of the terrible 90s. That decade had left the royal family on a precipice that threatened their existence.

            One of the first directives was to remain lowkey and or appear to be lowkey. To that end, Edward and Sophie had a lowkey wedding, and their suggestions of lowkey titles for themselves and their kids were welcomed. In the same wsy tgat Camilla goes by DoC instead of PssoW. A sleight of hand to make the royals more popular.

            With time, several suggestions have been tested publicly and unfortunately some of those tests proved popular suggestions that had to become fact for the family’s survival.

            Some were pure PR that has stuck eg the Queen using the train to travel to Sandrigham every christmas. That is a purely PR exercise designed to show off how frufal she is irrespective of whether she truly is. Optics work wonders for her compared to other members.

            The Yorkies repeatedly tell the public that they will lead normal lives with a few caveats eg those royal family events that are mandatory for everyone, plus invitations to perform some duties plus their own charities.

            Sadly, every fairytale needs a villian, and in the BRF, they are it. Whatever they do is reported negatively with no factchecking to establish veracity of claims being made.

            And an already primed public laps it up.

          2. Thanks, Herazeus, for correcting perceptions and filling in detail. It’s tiresome that the BRF continues to play ‘good royal/bad royal’; it can easily backfire to ‘all useless’ if they squabble too much about entitlement. They are obviously sensitive to the fact that their lifestyle and privilege vs actual value raises concerns. But in-fighting is not a good look. I’m still not clear on whether:
            (a) Andrew wants the girls to be full-time royals or working more than you indicated, or;
            (b) The girls are happy to make their own way, job-wise.

            Whatever the answer, it becomes tricky then, if accessing non-Windsor family owned properties for a song. Zara and Peter are pretty much hidden in plain sight, but the York’s cannot easily escape scrutiny. Should Andrew (or the Queen) simply gift the girls homes as was done for Andrew and Fergie at the time of their wedding? Should the monarchy end or morph into a much more modest arrangement than it is now, would it be a better option a than a long-term lease?

  9. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been following Cressida since her breakup. She still works a bit for Burberry. They sponsored that BAFTA event and she’s wearing their dress. I think it would look better at a polo match or something, but she got the boots and bag right. She has taken some acting seminars, if that’s the word, to improve herself. Specifically voice and accent work, I think. She’s gotten good reviews for her stage work, esp. Gatsby, but hasn’t done much on film. She had a tiny part in Dr. Thorne and I think she overacted it a bit — maybe she’s just better for stage — and Tulip Fever looks to be another tiny role. I won’t watch a horror film either, so she’ll have to do something else for me to get a better feel for her potential as a film star. I had a “cringe de la cringe” moment when she coyly referred to Harry as “you know who” and I’d be surprised if I like her fashion range based on her street style (meh), but I wish her the best. She seems to be back with the boyfriend who broke her heart before Harry (another Harry) so she seems to be getting her romantic groove back.

    William’s reported conversation was interesting. I’m glad you found it, because he seems to have annoyed enough reporters that he isn’t getting anywhere near the coverage he used to. Do you know if he’s ever consulted professionals in the mental health field about his aims? It really sounds as if he’s just another guy with his own issues who thinks he has all the answers.

    And Work-Horse Kate? That doesn’t roll off the tongue, does it? Competent Kate? Caring Kate? Katie Charisma? Kate the Great? Catherine the Capable? That’s not the woman Work-Shy Wills married.

    I recently read “The Final Curtsey” by Margaret Rhodes, HM’s first cousin and niece to QE the QM. When she married an impoverished nobody, she used her dowry to buy a country pile that hosted royalty. Eugenie and Jack have made a home for themselves in London, so it’s a much more expensive proposition, but she’s also just the niece and cousin of the future King(s) so traditionally she should just use Daddy’s and Jack’s money to fund her new home. HM’s cousins who do get grace and favor apartments do so in return for performing the services the monarch has requested of them. Charles isn’t going to ask his nieces to take on duties. I can’t imagine William will either. Maybe Charles is saving Ivy Cottage as a reward for a favored courtier.

    I’m looking forward to BAFTA fashion tonight.

  10. I don’t see how Prince Charles can live at Clarence House, once he is king. Wasn’t there something similar in ‘The Crown’? Scaling down to an extreme I would have thought. BP is for the sovereign. I would have thought Harry would be better at Clarence House. I hope Harry and Meghan settle down soon if that is Harry’s intention.
    Or William and Kate. Though William seems to prefer Woodside farm.
    I like the York girls and think the Palace and their father should come to some decision. Eugenie obviously wants to settle down with her boyfriend. Didn’t the palace or the taxpayer pay for William and Kate’s apartment 1A? There really is some dysfunctional politics amongst the siblings. Security is just as important to Eugenie. I doubt that she will be planting a hedge.

    1. I don’t think Harry will marry MM, but when Harry finds his wife I do hope that Charles moves into BP so that Harry and his family can live at Clarence House. What would also be great is if he is titled Duke of Clarence. Much better than Duke of Sussex.

    2. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert brought back living at BP, so Charles could save the money and live at CH which he renovated and go to BP for work and use it for events, offices, meetings, that sort of thing, which sounds sensible to me. BP is beautiful but cold and has a mausoleum feel to it. I would never want to live there. Clarence House seems cozier–like a real home. I think it could be a good decision by Charles, especially as BP is only a five minute walk from CH!

      1. I think living at Clarence House would be a security nightmare. Charles wants to be king but he doesn’t want the traditions. BP is used to entertain dignitaries as well what if something happened in the middle of the night. Charles would need to be at BP very early in the morning.
        Yes Duke of Clarence is a better title. Though Harry needs to settle down. It will be with someone within his circle of friends or Meghan. Though I will believe it when I see it.

        1. I agree, Laura. Clarence House is a liability and security problem. When Charles is king, he can live in BP when he is in London, even during the reno. When he’s not in London, he would have Sandringham as his country home (once HM passes).

        2. Why would it be a nightmare? It’s attached to St James’s Palace, with multiple gates and security checkpoints. It’s pretty secure, having walked past it a few times myself. Lots of armed guards and police. I think he could make it work if he wanted, it would also save money because he wouldn’t feel he’d need to do up BP to make it habitable for him and his tastes. He put in a lot of money in renovating CH when the Queen Mum died.

          HM and Philip only have one wing of BP as rooms, don’t they? It’s not like a KP set up with separate apartments in one giant building, or CH as a freehold house to live in.

          1. BP is being rehabbed with taxpayer money, even though HM let it go to rack and ruin and misspent the money allotted for the upkeep.

            Charles will be the monarch. The Monarch lives in Buck House, even when they don’t want to. Part of being the national symbol. HM and Philip spent a lot of money fixing up CH as their marital home too. They wanted to stay in Clarence House after her father passed, but moved to BP because that is what the monarch does. I don’t see why whiny Charles should get to change that, especially with security bills adding up.

            IMO eventually the working royals will be limited to BP and KP. That will leave the remaining spaces at KP, SJP, and Clarence House to be rented out for market rents – either as apartments or office space.

            Historic Royal Palaces has to be self-supporting. The Metro Police stopped providing security for one of these places a few years ago and now HM pays for it out of the Sovereign Grant. More of those changes will continue. To me, securing these folks in a limited number of buildings is part of downsizing costs.

  11. So much to digest…. workhorse really? way way too late for that… I mean there is no way in hell that Kate, William or Harry will put in the kind of work that the Princess Royale (aka the workhorse) does, so they need to give up in that selling that dream to us….next fantasy please…

    1. I think it sits weird at her shoulders and makes them look wider than they already are. I noticed that immediately. Can no one be honest with her?

      1. Another indifferent piece from the Boring Ante-Bellum Collection. It’s not sexy, Kate, but it is frowzy- like a cheap knock off. I also thought royals didn’t wear such revealing clothing.

        Agreed, the top makes her look like a linebacker.

    2. Hideous dress. Costume earrings. Badly styled, as usual.

      I cannot talk about how alarming I find that her waist is only slightly larger than her neck. But it is so frightening.

        1. I think she just likes spending money. The nouveau riche thing. Fashion itself, I don’t think she cares, which is fine, I wouldn’t care much either, but if I had that kind of money I’d pay a stylist to make darn sure I always look amazing!

          1. If I was in her position I would care about fashion. I guess I’m just one of those people who loves fashion. its not a bad thing. But Kate lacks everything.

      1. To be honest, this was a seriously ugly dress in it’s original form. Kate’s ‘improvements’ have improved the dress.

        Here is the original version from the Resort 2016 collection:

        There is a shorter version still on sale at

        Extremely ugly dress. Surprised anyone would see potential and for once Kate improved on the original.

        The McQueen that Eddie RedMayne’s wife is wearing is quite pretty. Ditto Sam Taylor-Johnson.

        1. I think the original placement of the straps would have looked better on Kate though. Her shoulders are the widest part of her body and spaghetti straps would have broken up the wide expanse of square shoulders she has. The proportions are off.

          Her makeup is bad too, especially the blush. My grandmother wore her blush like that in the 80s and 90s. It just makes Kate look mid 40s and not her actual age. And if you compare her to Sam Taylor Johnson, who looks great and is 49, you cannot say she looks 14 years younger. Very bad styling.

          1. Dress improved, but i agree about the shoulder line.

            Anyone with broad shoulders should stay away from that neck line because it highlights the shoulders. Charlene of Monaco has this issue too.

            A halter neckline is the best for wide shoulders.

            Kate’s young preserved madam hairstyle is also bad. It ages her completely.

            I think make up has improved relative to Kate rather than relative any other person… steps.

            And i like the jewellery.

          2. I agree about the straps. I almost always dislike a tiered skirt, though I like a dropped waist. And the print is too busy.

            This looks like a design Diana would have worn better in the 80s

        2. I don’t think it’s an improvement at all- the proportions are off making the line and design jarring, a clunker. The original was meant for a younger woman in her 20s at a summer garden party- must be from the Cruise Collection.

          1. That’s what I meant, ‘Resort’ not ‘Cruise’. Ha! Thanks Hera. I like the short version- very cute and kicky for a young woman (with personality)- just add a jaunty straw hat. Also the violets don’t overwhelm and look like they want to attack you as they do in long version.

        3. The top half on the original looks like a corset or bustier.

          Also, Kate’s version reminds me of a Southern Belle. A la, ‘Gone With The Wind”……. 😉

  12. It’s too much like the hideous Erdem evening dress in shape to make me think well of it. Emily Blunt is also wearing McQueen and it looks incredible. But I love the earrings and the clutch is a stunning McQueen evening piece. Hair is too matronly.

    1. I thought it was a variation of that Erdem gown from last year. It looked like something from an old Love Boat dinner with Captain Stubing episode. The earrings did look nice. Emily Blunt looked sharp.

      1. Emily Blunt looks styled from top to toe. Amazing hair & make up and fabulous McQueen signature embroidery on the bodice. Why oh why can’t Kate work with a stylist?

      2. Haha, Jen–it does look like something Julie would have worn on The Love Boat! Along with the Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut, lol.

      3. McQueen made it for their resort collection whilst Erdem designed something similar in their main collection because they don’t have resort collections.

        When a design is in the resort collection of one designer and shows up in the main collections of another designer, i tend to think that it was copied or rather ‘inspired’ by the earlier Resort collection.

        I think because this particular design was the worst in terms of sales of the resort collection – it keeps popping up in outlet sales – McQueen didn’t follow through with an updated version in their main collections.

  13. It’s weird that two people in their late 20s cannot put in the effort to pay for their own renovations.
    Its also sad that any woman linked to Harry is always known in the tabloids as “Prince Harry’s girlfriend” like she has no identity of her own. Even with newspaper or tv reports about Meghan Markle, its always Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s girlfriend. It frustrates me that as soon as they are linked to him, all their past achievements mean nothing to anyone anymore.

    1. If it is a rented property then the upkeep of the structure of the property is undertaken by the owner of the property, not the tenant. It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s the law that the owner of the property takes care of that sort of work.

      1. Taken on face value, it seems they plan to batch repairs rather than attend to the damp in the cottage. Seems odd to let things slide in a property… Taken another way, as someone above said, maybe whoever is making this decision (Charles?) is re-thinking having Eugenie take the cottage at all, or is just being difficult because of Andrew.

  14. Dear Jason,

    Please tell Kate she looked nice. But between us, nice is not a very good thing. You need to slip in a stylist (real one you pay, that have worked with Real clients)
    Just tell Kate she is a personal trainer?

    Just a friend

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