Kate disppoints in McQueen for BAFTA Film Awards

Kate disppoints in McQueen for BAFTA Film Awards

Welp, that was disappointing. I was looking forward to Kate Middleton showing up to the BAFTA Film Awards for the first time, yesterday February 12, because I thought she would wow me with her fashion, but instead she showed up in a disappointing McQueen gown.

Kate went with a new custom version of the Alexander McQueen Long Tier Violet Jacquard Gown. The original gown, which retailed for $7000, is from the Resort 2016 collection but Kate had it altered to be an off-the-shoulder design.

I dislike it. I don’t much like floral patterns to begin with, but this one is really bad – they look like a bunch of weeds. I actually love the drop waist silhouette on Kate, but I can’t stand ruffled tiers. And the off-the-shoulder sleeves look terribly constricting on Kate, and make her seem top heavy because her bare shoulders look much wider than the black gown (also, while I’m happy that Kate went for an updo, this particular one is quite poofy which adds to the bobble-headed feel of the look). I really dislike this one.

Kate’s earrings are a repeat from 2011 which we finally got a good look at. At first I thought they were new since I had never seen them before, but Anna at the Countess of Wessex Blog noted that Kate previously wore them to the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Gala in October 2011. Rebecca English notes KP said the earrings are not on loan from The Queen but refused to say any more about them.

Kate also wore the Queen’s Wedding Gift Bracelet for the fourth time.

Kate wore the Prada Suede Point-Toe Cutout Pump which she first debuted back in November 2016 at the Place2Be Awards, and carried the Alexander McQueen Heart-clasp satin box clutch ($2,075).

prada-suede-point-toe-cutout-pump Alexander McQueen Heart-clasp satin box clutch ss

Prince William was also there. He arrived at the Royal Albert Hall with his jacket unbuttoned for some reason.

William and Kate arrive to BAFTA Film Awards cp

William was there as President of BAFTA, which he has been since 2010, and introduced Simon Pegg and Nathan Lane who presented the Fellowship award to Mel Brooks.

You can find the list of all the winners here. There were not a ton of surprises – Emma Stone won Leading Actress, Viola Davis won Supporting Actress, and La La Land won Best Film.

After Kate’s weed-infested gown, I need a palette cleanser, so here’s a few photos of some of my favorites.

Amy Adams, who was nominated for Leading Actress for Arrival, wore a green Tom Ford gown.

JK Rowling, whose film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was nominated for British Film, wore a purple gown.

Jamie Dornan‘s wife Amelia Warner‘s gown is a rainbow ball of sparkle and I love it.

Here’s a close up of Director winner, for La La Land, Damien Chazelle for no other reason than I think he’s cute.

174 thoughts on “Kate disppoints in McQueen for BAFTA Film Awards

  1. William needn’t have added the quip about BAFTA running out of actors. It really plays to his tendency for clueless meanness. But don’t worry, he follows that up by lapping up applause for being BAFTA President. As if he hadn’t *just* missed an important BAFTA event only the night before.

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: William is an ass and an idiot. BAFTA deserves so much better. The artists who take these things seriously deserve better. The entire United Kingdom deserves better. He needs to get over himself.

    1. William’s “jokes” always fall so flat. He is constantly the guy who is not funny at all but thinks he’s hilarious.

      1. William comes off as unnecessarily sarcastic. He is the president of BAFTA, and yet he makes celebrities and film stars uncomfortable with his ‘jokes’.

      1. William knows full well what an idiot he is being. Diana would be horrified at him being rude to others less fortunate or in an inferior position.

    2. Yeah, I don’t think William is funny. At all. But Kate laughs at everything he says like he is a God among men so I think that boosts his ego.

    3. +100

      Clueless entitled. and snowflakes, cheap looking – curveless flat board middleton with mannish boney shoulderss -yuk! No form of regalness!

      NEed Princess Henry in waiting-MM urgently, who can show carole and km what it is to be regal!

      1. Just because Kate doesn’t have a “curvy” figure doesn’t mean her body type is “yuk”.

        1. +1000
          I have a curvy body type, but am envious of Kate’s slim, athletic build – things look good on her that would look terrible on me and vice versa.

  2. I really hate this look. I agree that the drop waist looks great on Kate, but other than that I really dislike this dress. I was hoping for a “wow”. I like the earrings and am glad she went with an updo, but this particular one ages her quite a bit. I would have liked to see her go for a younger vibe with the hair. But at least she’s taking a bit of a risk for her by going with a print?

    1. Agree DuchessOfNaps. I thought Kate was bold with her shoulders out, I was surprised, but the dress was awful. Not even at an event like this Kate shows glamour. But the big problem is not the dresses, but Kate. She has no personality, and since many people here have said the dresses wear her, she does not wear them. I have seen Maxima, Leticia, Mary, Victoria and Madeleine wear very simple dresses but their personality left the dresses magnificent. With Kate this does not happen. She has no posture and elegance to make the dress glamorous.

  3. I don’t mind the dress, but THAT HAIR. Why would a person purposefully style their hair like an (Old) Lady Who Lunches?

    On the bright side, I guess she has upped her makeup game?

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter whether the dress is bad or good; she’ll ruin it with crappy styling regardless.

    1. I agree that her makeup is looking much better these days.

      The dress might have been better with a halter top to break up the shoulder width and accentuate her slender form.

    2. Thank all the extensions and wiglets for the matronly hair whenever she puts it up.

      I miss the gorgeous updos from the Southeast Asia tour in 2012.

    3. I think her hairstylist has been looking at pics of Anne! Pooffy bouffant do is not attractive on anyone.
      My sister and I call it small town hair (okie/tx style anyways)

      1. Hi Sarah, I live in a very rural, small town and I know exactly what you’re talking about 🙁 It’s like all the women in town stopped developing their fashion in the 1980’s and don’t get me started on the jeans with the rhinestone crosses on the butt!
        Myself and few others actually drive 5+ hours to find a store with a bit of taste and style.

  4. I don’t feel that Kate has the personality to carry off great couture and this is not great couture. She would have looked much better in something classic in a jewel tone with really great jewellery. I just don’t understand her love of chintzy prints and mattress-valence skirts. Too fussy!

    Weirdly, Emily Blunt’s dress was close to being too fussy but she has the charisma to carry it off. Isabelle Huppert looked amazing!

  5. Kate could have worn that beautiful Roland Mouret blue gown in which she looked lovely. It would have fitted the occasion very well, particularly if the outfit had been accessorised well.

  6. It’s a complete miss for me ladies. The only thing that floored me was how very tiny she’s whittled herself. I think she’s trying to emulate Alexandra Park- though I find Princess Eleanor’s taste in fashion so much more fun?

    1. I also think the dress is great! The fabric, when you look at it close up, is beautiful! None of the other women attending were in over the top lavish gowns. I thought Catherine’s dress was very appropriate.

      1. Wait, if we aren’t allowed to negatively discuss other people’s fashion because they picked it out and like it, then we shouldn’t be allowed to praise other people’s fashion either.

      1. Count me in. I loved the dress. THe off shoulders and drop waistline were awesome on Kate. The earrings, did not go with it, though. At least imo, This was a new look for Kate and I think she pulled it off. The ladies in the other photos looked God awful to me.

        William’s humor is just so sarcastic,. When you are the President of BAFTA, show some respect for the actors and the people in the film industry. A joke is always enjoyed, but when William tells his, they are just terrible.

    2. I would have liked the dress more if she had styled herself better. The dress is modern-ish, a little playful and edgy (trying to keep to McQueen’s vision, trying….) So she should have playful and edgy hair and jewelry, even makeup. Imagine a blunt cut, edgy bob ironed into a knife point with lavender lips and crazy heels. This would be a good look for a 20 something. Maybe a bright yellow clutch.

      Instead she went with matronly jewels and hair. From the neck up she is at a state dinner. From the neck down she is…..well, I don’t know where you’d wear a dress like that.

      Also, I think she is showing too much skin up top. I’m not a prude, nor worried about a nipslip, but the photos literally show a lot of skin. I think the neckline should have been at least an inch higher. Note how her shoulder blades are popping out in the back. It is too low. It doesn’t look becoming of a duchess. It should have been just below the shoulders.

  7. I really dislike the floral pattern and the dust ruffles; BUT, I do love the drop waist, the off-the-shoulder neckline, the earrings, the hair, and the new look to her makeup! I would love to see more of those elements in the near future!

  8. I think its the wrong dress for the event. Would be nice at an evening wedding when you don’t want to outshine the bride. Because it lacks oomph. She really is channeling an “older” (like 55+) Princess Margaret here with this look.

    1. I agree with the 55+ look. It’s odd that a young-ish woman would be attracted to that look. I really do think an older person – not necessarily her mother – is influencing these choices. Perhaps courtiers?

      1. Perhaps she doesn’t want to look like every other young woman outside nowadays. Plus, she is a royal and she should dress like one. I personally really like the pattern of the dress but it shows to much of her shoulders.

        1. So are spray on jeggings royal?
          She just has no sense of style as it swings from dowdy to way too casual from one day to the next. It has nothing to do with being royal.

  9. My hubby who has very little to say on these matters commented that her posture was dreadful and that her waist was smaller than any of the actresses. Her hair was very Princess Anne. But I loved the earrings and the clutch bag. And the make up was quite pretty if a bit staid.

    Ok the elephant in the room. Is showing genuine concern about Kate’s weight classed as body shaming? Because I found her physical appearance frightening last night. So much so that surely intervention is needed? Am I wrong to make this observation? I don’t want to shame her but my goodness why aren’t alarm bells sounding? Her waist and torso was the smallest there. Her tiny arm muscles were on show as was her sternum and the clavicle which were very noticeable. Considering the camera adds 10lbs I feel our Duchess is not well at all. If this comment is unacceptable please remove it but it is said with genuine concern and no wish to shame anyone.

    1. Can I +1 this comment? It’s nearly 2:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Thank you oh-so-much to my uberly stuffed up nose and congested chest!

    2. I find it alarming as well. Her shoulders/upper body/head look like they belong to a different person. When my sister had a period of eating disorders, she had this same appearance.

    3. I quite agree Mrs BBV . Not body shaming, but goodness next to the very very slender actresses she makes them look normal sized. ‘Skin and Bone’ is what my granny would have said, and oh dear the posture, Queen Lauri will be dropping her crown. Her shoulders are so hunched it must be affecting her back surely?

      Oh and I seriously dislike the dress, I think it would have been less awful strapless rather than those little straps round her arms which looked restricting.

    4. I wonder about the lippy. She needs some bright fun lipstick! The pinky-nudes are always boring, and the heavy blusher does her no favors.

      The state of her–it is frightening, and worrisome.

      She looks like a college roommate of mine who battled anorexia to a tee. It’s not normal. It is unhealthy. I understand she gets so much praise for being so slim, but it is dangerous to say the very least. Can nobody see this? Or does everyone turn a blind eye telling her how good she looks like this? It’s like in 2011, where she made Nicole Kidman look heavy at that made-up BAFTA event in LA.

      I’m sorry I guess we’re not supposed to talk about this but I look at her and it disturbs me enough to hope she gets some help.

    5. I think that the dress is to blame for making her appear too thin. Yes, she is very thin but she has an athletic frame. The off-the-shoulder look made her shoulders look too broad and her hips too small. She should choose outfits that do the reverse but the off-the-shoulder look seems to be her new favorite thing (Barbara Casasola and Preen dresses). As to the print, it is a disappointment because while attempting to be couture, it somehow appears just the opposite and rather unsophisticated at such an event. Her makeup is great and I don’t mind the updo. Frankly, until I read the comments I hadn’t paid much attention to her hair at all. I was too busy staring at those fabulous earrings!

      1. She looked 100% better in the cream off the shoulder BC dress. The McQueen comes halfway down her chest- just too far aesthetically imo, and no gentle curve of cleavage to compliment it. Too much bare upper body and it didn’t look quite right.

        1. She has worn off the shoulder dresses to better effect, like the red one she wore in Canada. This dress just isn’t made for her body type and the straps almost make it look like her shoulders are larger and wider than Will’s, which I doubt is the look she was going for.

          It’s another costly dress poorly fitted, which we have seen time and time again. It’s bad enough to spend 200k per year on new clothing, even worse that most of it never properly fits. This shouldn’t be happening 6 years later.

          The hair is 1980s beauty queen and also ages her. I don’t think she outshone anyone else at the BAFTAs.

  10. Her makeup is good. Hair, not so good.

    I don’t mind the dress pattern, but the off the shoulder look is terribly unflattering to her. Looks awful, in my opinion. I second the person who suggested a halter top would have been much better.

    Posture, as usual, is atrocious.

    PW has zero presence. I can’t take him seriously as a prince. Just can’t.

  11. I love the style of the top half, I love the off the shoulder look on her.

    BUT! I first thought this dress was Erdem! Floral, tiered… a slightly better version of that hideous red/blue dust ruffle disaster.

    The ‘tiered’ look of it ruins it for me.

  12. Well, I may be in the minority here, but I simply adore the entire look. Her makeup (different than usual) made her look younger, her hair was on fleek and I also think the gown looked stunning! It was definitely not what I was expecting, but I love it 🙂

    1. I agree with you M, she looked lovely and happy for a change. For my taste the earrings are abit overpowering, perhaps a pair of diamond drop earrings to match Her Majesty’s bracelet would have fitted better. Did I detect a slight suntan as well?!? But if William wants his wife to be thought of as more of a “workhorse” & less of a “clotheshorse” then he needs to advise her against wearing thounds of pounds worth of brand new designer outfits every time she’s seen in public! If she carried out a substantial amount of engagement’s & these outfits were going to get several re-wears then I wouldn’t have as much of a problem, but she doesn’t “work” enough to warrant the amount she spends.

  13. Actually, this dressed looked much better in motion than it does on photoraphs. I dislike the print very much, and I agree that it looks like a bunch of weeds but other than that, it was a good dress. The earrings were great and I was also happy she went with an updo. But it was not a good updo. Too poufy, too ageing.

    1. I agree re the dress looking better in motion. That’s why I love the drop waist silhouette on Kate because they always look fantastic in motion on her.

  14. I thought the whole look was disappointing. She’s tall, thin and rich so could have looked fabulous!! Love the earrings, but the dress emphasises her shoulders and teeny waist and hips. Terrible posture. Look at Viola Davis – fabulous!!

      1. I would have loved Viola’s blue gown if it had all been one color, but the strips through it off for me.

        1. I think her whole look look was fabulous: the way she walked and held herself, her confidence with her own body. Just gorgeous.

          1. I agree. And something that no one ever mentions is that Catherine wears clothes that suit her tastes. She dresses for herself ( and maybe William) but don’t we all do that?we wear what we like or perhaps what our spouse likes and don’t give a bother to what everyone else at a event thinks. Obviously Catherine thought she looked lovely ( from the smiles on her face ) and that’s all that matters. I disliked some of the dresses the other women were wearing, but they chose the dress, they looked happy in it, so who has the right to pick it apart and criticize every aspect? No one!

          2. Since when are people not allowed to discuss fashion? Isn’t that the whole point of it?

          3. Since UK taxpayers are paying for that dress, then actually they do have a right to criticize an expensive poorly fitted dress. Until Kate spends her own earned money, of which she has none, then taxpayers can ask why hundreds of thousands are spent on her wardrobe as opposed to helping those who still need to bare necessities.

          4. Marion, most of the celebs have stylists, either provided by studio or hired themselves, that get access to sample clothes for them to wear to events Yes, I’m sure they have final veto power but I wouldn’t go as far and say they chose their outfits.
            It was all the talk last yr(?) when Bryce Dallas Howard showed up in a dress she bought off the rack from Neiman’s. She said her size 6 or 8 was too large for sample size and she just went to her local store and bought it herself.

  15. I think Kate looks so much better in bright colours than in black. I feel the off-the-shoulder straps emphasise her bad posture and the tiers and floral pattern were one too many details to make this dress beautiful.
    I watched a clip of them arriving and I finally figured out how the media always manages to get a photo of Kate looking adoringly at William at every event. She literally looked at him every 2 or 3 seconds and put the adoring smile on while walking. He wasn’t talking or anything so it looked quite weird that she kept looking his way to smile at him. I’m not sure if she adores him that much or she was posing for the media.

    1. From the clip I saw, it did seem like William and Kate were talking to each other through their grins, so that may be why she kept looking at him.

      1. I’ve found that whenever people talk to each other via grinning, it’s never a good thing/sign. It’s their way of talking without everyone (in this case, it would appear to be the press though they’re supposed to be there and they aren’t the paparazzi. I find that to be quite rude, to be honest.

      2. Ah, I must have missed that then. He seemed to have his mouth closed in the short clip I saw. So it looked very strange that she kept looking at him then looking back to the other side every 2 seconds.

  16. Hate the print. I’m not a fan of florals. Hate the dust ruffle thing. I don’t get that at all. Love the off the shoulder. Like that her hair is up, but too matronly. There are so many cute/sassy/edgy updos that work with wiglets & extensions that doesn’t look matronly. BUT, the off the shouldet & updo combo makes her neckline so bare. Kate, you need to bring out the bling!!! Go through HM’s jewelry vault. I’d be in heaven i I had access to that. The make up is also better. Glad that harsh eye liner is gone. All that being said, I’ll give her a pass. Not her best, but certainly not her worst.

  17. I think I preferred the black lace dress that Kate wore one year. Could Kate not have had her hair in a chignon? It looks old and frumpy. Kate must have been cold as that is more of a summer dress and way too low. Which blue dress is meant?
    I think a few stand out for me Felicity Jones, Emily Blunt, Emma Stone, Hannah Redmayne and Sophie Turner. Even Meryl Streep was well turned out. Where does a person look with Kate wearing that dress. The photos in the Daily mail highlight Kate’s poor posture. William’s expressions are just childish.

    1. I always love Hannah’s outfits! Emma’s Chanel bloomers didn’t do it for me, though, and I usually like what she wears.

  18. I really like Kate’s look because I like the jewelry, namely the earrings and the Queen’s engagement bracelet. I want to know more about those earrings!

    William’s open jacket looks off, as if I am looking at pictures at the end of the evening or wondering where he misplaced his cummerbund.

  19. In some of those photos show her smiling delightedly, yet delight is the last thing I see in her eyes. She seems so, blank?
    Not a fan of the dress, off the shoulder is never flattering for broad shoulders. At least hair is up and makeup is softer.

  20. Dissapointed by the hair,the dress and the earrings.The gown is reminiscent of the Erdem Alouette what with the ruffles and too much print.On the other hand William’s unbuttoned jacket looks cool.

  21. Not a fan of her dress, of her hair (there are other possibility with her hair that this chignon (is this word exist in English ?). I share some thought about her skinny apparance (it is more visible when she was front) but I stop here.

    For William, I hate his shoes! it looks like slippers.

    I wonder if the royal reporter boycott William : today he has engagement with Centrepoint : not a word in the twitter account of R. English, E. Andrews or R.Palmer.

    1. Just a late start this morning. I actually like William’s contributions to Centrepoint. He manages to make this charity look and feel like it really matters to him whereas a lot of the others he’s just too glib and going through the motions.

    1. Exactly what I thought – it looks like that crochet thing that we had in the 70’s to cover the spare loo roll. Not good, and I don’t like it in motion either – it looks like two separate things, the top so tight fitting and then far too much material in the ruffle.

  22. Just wondering, but it seems like K & W got to the event within minutes of it starting and did they even have a reception line afterwards where they got to meet any of the stars or did they just leave once it was over? I aso read that once again, they did not speak to the press before entering the award ceremony.
    I am in agreement with those who did not like Kate’s gown, the only thing I give her points for, is that she did not wear a gown that looked like a bathrobe, complete with a peter pan collar that was buttoned up to her neck. IMO, Kate looks good in off-the shoulder tops, now if she had just worn a necklace it would have been great, as the space between the end of her neck and the top of the dress looked bare, also, she kind of has that big head/small body bobble-head look like a lot of celebs and this would have lessened that appearance. I know the Queen has some emerald necklaces that would have given this outfit a breath of life. Which also makes me wonder, does Kate have to ask to borrow the Queen’s jewelry or does the Queen offer it to her to borrow for the night. Maybe the Queen is not offering? I am not a fan of ruffled tiered skirts on any woman, not a great look for anyone over the age of 15. I have thought about this alot, but what is missing when Kate is dressed up, is it her tensed and hunched up shoulders that signals she is uncomfortable, her lack of interest in anything or just lack of sense of self? I did notice (and maybe it was the lighting and photographs being taken) that her face was a different color than her body. It looked like she had a light golden tan on her body but her face was much paler. If she does use a makeup artist, then surely that person should be aware of lighting and press cameras and would make her face and body blend. Yes, her eye makeup was different (winged black eyeliner) , but why does she not wear lipstick, she could have worn a red lip that would have looked great. All in all, just boring.

    1. I read that they arrived at the very end, once the red carpet had been cleared of other guests, for security reasons. No idea if that’s accurate or justified or not, however.

      1. Did they have to clear the red carpet the last time Will attended on his own? Do the other royals require this for red carpet events? And did they do the same when they were attending movie premieres?
        Until these questions are answered I won’t believe it was a security issue. It’s not like Penelope Cruz was going to be a security threat.

  23. I find just about everything KM wears slightly off. This dress makes her look completely ill proportioned.
    She kind of has an Audrey Hepburn type of figure and should look to her for inspiration.

    Someone I was surprised has a great figure is Theresa May (no political comment intended). I recently saw a photo of her wearing a wide leg pantsuit and another photo of her wearing flats. She can wear anything. And she’s one of those women who wasn’t beautiful when young but grew very good looking when older. I love her kitten heels. She wears clothes effortlessly like Diana did.

    The actors shown in the other photos look wonderful. I loved Viola’s dress and she looked beautiful. JK Rowling looked wonderful too.

    1. Theresa May is a fashion queen! I love how she dresses – perfect mix of the traditional professional look and a slight fashion-forward look. And I just love her big, bold necklaces.

      1. I really like her too! She’s got a bold personality and shows it with her fashion choices. Looking forward to what she brings out next.

  24. The dailymail wrote in their article something along the lines of…KM never went to the BAFTAS because she would upstage the celebs…well it turns out whoever thought that was completely wrong.
    I usually love her evening gowns but what happened? This dress is awful.
    The only plus side are those earrings and her makeup–she stopped rimming her whole eye with liner

  25. On another note, I wonder how the Cambs’ putative celebrity and glamour goes over with the truly glamorous celebs at the BAFTAS. It’s one thing to waft in on your royal fragrance and thus anoint the great unwashed by your mere presence. It’s another to be surrounded by what you aspire to be, without the massive achievement.

    I wonder if Willy and Kate feel cowed at all, especially Kate, and perhaps this is a reason why they avoid this event like the plague. Unless they’re aspiring to the prize of biggest phonies in the room.

    1. That might be why they missed the pre BAFTA awards party that was held the night before at KP. It would have meant circulating and mingling with the stars whereas last night was just a show your face type of event?

    2. Lol, I really must learn how to “waft in on your royal fragrance and thus anoint the great unwashed by your mere presence”! I bet with some practice I could learn to “waft” pretty darn good! 🙂

    3. I can’t get past their obvious laziness in putting so little effort into their patronages. W’s not attending the pre-BAFTA soiree is a prime example of not caring at all about treating people considerately. Arrogant and disrespectful. Perhaps W&K do feel diminished by accomplished people and feel unequal to the task of playing host.

        1. Seeing how uncomfortable W&KM were chatting to Andy Murray post Wimbledon win, I think they must be no better than a couple of rubes in fancy clothes. They fumbled around trying to strike the right note with Andy. Of course, Andy is hugely accomplished so that may be why they were seemed so ill at ease.

          But all it takes to mingle is genuine curiosity about others which we know W&KM don’t posess.

  26. I hate tiered ruffle skirts in general. They look like they are wrinkled, the poor woman wearing them looks like they will trip and the lady has to torture her feet by wearing vertiginous heels, if she has any hope of walking in a tiered and ruffled skirt. So this dress would automatically be a nope for me! And the white flowers on the dress look like vanilla ice cream cones that are melting. So another nope! And what’s with the satin bands underneath the bum, is that meant to cup her butt?

    From the waist up, the dress has potential and if it was worn by a Sofia Vergara type; curvaceous and with natural va va voom factor, the off the shoulder neckline would look incredible.

    When I first saw the pictures with Kate of just the top half, I thought ok Kate has done good this time and it’s a sexier look. But once I saw the full dress from the front and her terrible posture- oh my. And yes, the neckline does emphasize how out of proportionately wide her shoulders are compared to the rest of her body.

    I love the hair, 60’s style bouffant and all and love the giant earrings!

  27. When I see Kate in these types of outfits, I find myself thinking WWLD? (what would Letiza do?) While I’m thrilled to see Kate taking a fashion risk, with Leti in mind I would suggest the following:

    1) Lose the arms straps, they look much to confining. A halter neckline or even strapless would have looked better.
    2) Lose the bouffant hairdo, it’s much too aging and doesn’t “fit” with this dress. I believe Leti would have slicked her hair back for an edgy look or worn a smooth, sleek low bun, maybe throwing in a sassy braid or two.
    3) Lose the black accessories. Leti, imho, would have paired this dress with killer red heels and a flaming red clutch. Also, Leti wouldn’t be caught dead in pale pink lipstick at night, she would have rocked a sexy red lip.
    4) Lose the pink earrings. While I covet these earring with every fiber of my being, they just didn’t work with this dress. I imagine Leti would have worn a long, dangling pair of ruby and diamond earring or a pair of long, black onyx earrings to continue with a edgy vibe.
    5) Lastly, Kate dear, you have a long, beautiful swanlike neck please, please quit jutting your chin forward and hunching your shoulders. If ever there was a night for the Duchess to practice her posture tonight was it. Poor posture can ruin the look of any outfit faster than poor styling. So please Kate for god’s sake stand up straight!!!!!!

    1. Leti would never be caught dead in an ensemble like this. As much as a I hate her her leather cullottes, she still looks fashionable in them.
      She also has some of the best Royal hair dos around! The swedes do great tiara hair but I love that leti isn’t afraid to experiment.
      I don’t know if she does her own makeup or has a team but she always looks spot on. I’m in the minority becuase I don’t like Kate’s make up here. Yes it’s different but not all change is good.
      And her posture is always impeccable and it makes a huge difference! I want to grab Kate by her shoulders and push them back

      1. Hi Sarah, I will admit I cringe slightly when I see Leti wearing those leather culottes with the zipper going up the front 🙂 Sigh…I wish Leti and Kate would strike up a friendship, the things Leti could teach her…sigh…

  28. From the waist up, I thought Kate looked great. Her hair was up so we could see her face, the make-up was flattering, and she looked happy. But then I saw a picture of the rest of the gown and my first thought was, “that looks like my prom dress from 1978.” Seriously, my dress was white and blue but otherwise it was the same style. Her lack of sophistication in her clothing choices drives me nuts!

    1. Hi Fifi, TIme for a little disagreement. Respectfully, though. Is Amy Adams in the early stage of pregnancy? To me, the dress was just terrible. I’m not a fan of her, anyway, but I have seen her little better in other gowns.
      And, JK Rowling — whom I adore. She needed a better bra. And is she taking tips from Kate? Matching her shoes to the gown? Please!

      1. I adore the HP series, and love JK Rowling’s story of success, but geez Louise! I’ve rarely seen her in a gown where her girls are properly taken care of (if you get my drift).

      2. Amy Adams’ dress was completely unflattering; ugly from the front and back. I also thought she must have been pregnant. The JK Rowling dress did nothing for me either. Emma Stone looked lovely as did Emily Blunt. Plunging necklines were the feature of the day.

        1. I’m always hard pressed to understand Tom Ford’s obsession with Amy Adams. That dress was even worse from the back. It was meant for a 6ft model on the runway not an actress on the red carpet. Emily Blunt was perfection. ?

          1. Amy Adams dress looked like a rice bag from the front and a men’s urinal at the back. At least her red hair and complexion set off the emerald green of the dress though

          2. Yes, Angelina is better, but I still thought it was a brave and refreshing choice, especially after seeing all the v-to-the-waist dresses at Bafta and Grammys.
            Thanks for the link.

          3. Fifi: i think ee are in agreement. I simply wanted to point out that the only thing wrong with Amy’s version of the dress is that it wasn’t tailored to fit her properly hence all the extra fabric.

            The colour was gorgeous on her. It’s a pity it wasn’t tailored, but i suppose it was a borrowed dress – Tom Ford dresses only one actress per award show and if he simply let her borrow it, then they didn’t bother altering it to fit her properly.

            Angelina’s version shows how the dress should fit when it is sized and tailored correctly.

  29. Sounds like the Irish Guards are getting snubbed 2yrs in a row by DoC. She will be accompanying her husband to Paris. 365 days in a year, but that’s when they are going?

    1. What are they going to Paris for? Oh I’ve just seen it’s ‘tour lite’. She’s better raise her game with her clothes for that or the French press will have a field day. Still a good excuse to get some Dior or Chanel into her wardrobe.

      1. Honestly as a French, I can say that people care (in majority) only for the Queen : becauses she is history (the question about what color will she wear).
        For the anniversary of the Debarquement in Normandie or for the ceremony for the Somme’s battle, or for other visit of royals, there was not interest in them.

        And I hope that the journalist will not sold this visit like an operation for Brexit, because honestly I can say that who cares about Will’s opinion? I don’t think that Will will have such soft power, and anyway with the political election in France, the effort will be vain.
        Only royalist will give importance to this visit, they will be maybe a short clip to show Kate’s clothes but that all. The show Quotidien will moke them.

        Apparently they will make 8 engagements : rugby match, reception for young leaders, reception. I wonder what would be the rest : maybe visit to the place where terrorist attack takes places (like Maxima did) /flower on the monument Flamme de la liberté (near the Pont de l’Alma)….

      2. Part of me wonders if they will sneak in a meeting with the French prosecutors about the upcoming photographers trial. In theory they could be witnesses, although I doubt they will take part.

        1. Or the Yorks? They would turn up every year I’m sure, and their Father has served in a war zone so they understand from him what that means. Kate clearly can’t be bothered, let someone who cares do the job.

          1. Agreed about the Yorks; I think they would really love being able to connect with the Guards and families. It’s frustrating when some people have something that clearly isn’t valued that others would treasure.

        1. Eurostar train or private jet??

          Hope she gets some serious advice on outfits, Diana stunned the French when she visited.

          It’s hardly a tour though, it’s a quick hop across the Channel.

    1. In that photo she’s talking to someone on her right (who I cut out), and talking with her hands as she usually does.

  30. Those earrings are certainly different. The center stones look like morganite. I wonder if they were a gift from their wedding?

    1. I wondered about those earrings. They seem to have a peachy color in that close-up. I wondered if they were diamonds that just caught the light oddly, or if they were some other stone. Either way, I don’t think they go with the outfit.

  31. The best part of the outfit is the bracelet. Everything else….it’s a big Nope from me. She looks like she is drowning. The hair is too big, the dress overwhelms her. I don’t even like the earrings. The hairstyle is too old for her. The dress looks like it can’t make up its mind about what it wants to be. Off the shoulder Hollywood glam? Wild West Saloon barmaid tiered skirt? Little House on the Prairie floral pattern? What the heck is going on?

    Kate should have just worn a beautiful, simple dress that flatter her body type and is age appropriate. The off the shoulder thing happening here is not flattering. And is it just me or does this dress make her torso appear even longer? I thought Kate liked to wear belts around her dress so high because she is trying o correct her long torso? Nothing about this dress makes sense.

    But Kate did look happy. Much happier than she does when she is doing charity work. So yeah. I guess she enjoys these glamorous nights when she gets to mingle with celebrities because I can’t remember the last time I saw Kate look this happy when she was supposed to be “working”.

    1. The last time Kate looked this happy “working”? Easy….those five hours she spent on one engagement with Ben Ainslie!

      And here, her hair and her shoulders are so out of proportion with the rest of her body that her face looks like a poor cut and paste photoshop job.

  32. Kate… what to say….

    Happy face and nice to see your smile……..until you bare your teeth like someone’s getting bit

    Hair’s up——-nice, but does it have to look like you might have one of the Queen’s corgi’s balled up and attached back there? I have a lot of hair too and I can put it up in a neat bun or chignon.

    STOP buying Alexander McQueen! I don’t care if it’s bespoke! He’s been almost a complete bomb for you……………. But at least it wasn’t something from Erdem or Self-Portrait (that’s like saying Michael Myers came to your dinner party rather than Hannibal Lector). Just yuck.

    We could see her earrings for once, and they were huge. Good try accessorizing. But they were sort of blah. For a girl who is an art major, you don’t seem to have an eye for anything with whimsy or out of the box.

    Shoes were cute.

    Most important, they attended! Sadly, I don’t think it mattered much to the award’s crowd. You’ve missed your wave of love William. Now you have to make one and your petulant snark puts out a fire before it can ever start.

    Verdict: Should have stayed at home.

    1. Haha +1!

      Funny how they swanned in after a meticulously timed entrance as though they were making the grand entrance at their wedding reception. Ahem, you being the president actually requires your presence at this event William. Also, as I understand it, the actors nominated for awards are the esteemed and honored guests for the evening. It’s their night. Not you and your silly wife’s, but thanks for showing up (as your job title requires) this time. Oooh, I’m really getting snarky, I need a lot of Coke Zero lickety split!

    2. “Happy face and nice to see your smile……..until you bare your teeth like someone’s getting bit.”

      So true! She shouldn’t have chosen such large veneers for her teeth!

      Also, I read that her major was on the history of PHOTOGRAPHY. And since the history of photography is so short, I don’ t think it’s something to shout about.

      1. Some of Kate’s pictures have been ok, but it’s like everything– she doesn’t push herself at all to do anything. With her resources and TIME, which we would all love, she doesn’t try to take some pictures that would either show her view of life that would give an idea of her personality that’s something surprising or different.

        We’re left with an empty shell, almost like Kate is one of the clutches that she carries–mostly empty and for show, plus as a barrier to keep people away from discovering this truth.

        Have you seen the new portrait exhibit of Princesses who affected Britain coming to KP soon? Jason and crew at work again to manipulate the public that Kate will bring a wealth of growth and innovation to Britain in the future. So transparent and so selling someone swamp land in Arizona.

        Kate is Kate. She will trail Will all her life, shake hands, and drink from the golden cup. She’s not terrible but definitely not a woman we’d all like to see with her position today.

  33. I really really REALLY couldn’t stand this dress. She is young, slender and attractive would why is she dressing herself like a 50 year old matron??? There is just absolutely zero style and I get that she is a royal and has to be moreffective conservative than the Hollywood crowd, but this is just depressing. Like curtain kinda depressing. And the weirdest thing is that the media was having collectieve nervous breakdowns over how amazing she looked. I really don’t get it. Diana was more senior than Kate and she dressed her age so seriously what is going on here…

    1. While there is a policy not to weight shame on this blog, may I respectfully ask for such a policy concerning age shaming, too?

      I am tired of all the comments that say Kate is dressing like a 50 year old matron. I’m also sick of the idea that anyone over 45 is old and out of sorts. My mom is 62 and fabulous. She was gorgeous at every age and I think will continue to look and act so.

      Kate may often dress older than most people think she should, but do we constantly have to see the comments that she’s like a matronly 45, 50, 55, or 60 year old? I keep thinking that we will all be fortunate to age and when we do, we should try to be as happy and comfortable with ourselves as we can be.

      Here in the States, women over 40 aren’t given the “nod” they once had. People will say, “Oh, she looks great for 50,” when my response is, Shouldn’t we say the same about younger women? “She looks great for 25?” With age comes grace, self-confidence, and yes, beauty.

      Many people on this blog are forever raging against the pitfalls women face and are crying, sexism. Well, making such age related comments don’t help. Think, before you comment, please.

  34. Oh my,…. Everything I wanted to say about this “dress” has already been said in the comments above. This dreadful piece of fabric makes her look like one of these dolls where my grandmother used to hide the toilet paper under in the bathroom. Horrible! The updo is almost funny. It’s so puffy, maybe she stored some chewing gum and a sandwich inside? The eye makeup is different and better than the raccoon eyes, but the blush is too Dynasty-esque, dated, unflattering. Her smile appears genuine. Are we sure Ben Ainsle wasn’t around?

    1. “The updo is almost funny. It’s so puffy, maybe she stored some chewing gum and a sandwich inside?”

      Agreed! A smaller pouf would have looked less comical and more elegant.

      It looks fine from the front and the back, but once viewed from the side…yikes!

  35. Not a fan of this dress. I think what I dislike is the neckline, aside from that I like the lines of the dress. However I dislike the dress in that printed fabric. I think the dress with a different neckline would have been nice in solid colored fabric. I know I’m conservative (and I’m also old) but I like cleaner lines with bold fabrics. I might have liked that fabric in a sheath dress but the pattern is obscured by all the horizontal seams and the gathers.

  36. This is another case of liking aspects of the outfit individually but together they’re a hot mess. Except the shoulder straps. Those are simply all kinds of wrong, like someone threw them on at the last minute. That pattern would make a great skirt with a simple, soft blouse. The horizontal bit’s just cut it up so that it looks like weeds and makes me want to sneeze. Hair is awful but I love the makeup and her earrings!

        1. I found this article a bit confusing as it looks like Kate repli-Kated her entire look from last weekend. Maybe the filming is meant to look like it took place last weekend, as if the Cambridges would spend over an hour at an event that didn’t include Sir Ben, phft.

          1. Both Kate and Harry look like they are wearing the exact same thing from last weekend.

    1. Still at least she never bought a whole new outfit for this one. She does suit that bright red puffa jacket though. Not sure why she keeps wearing jeggings to sporting events but hey ho at least she’s working.

  37. What totally gets to me is that WK receive applause and get the best seat in the house even though they haven’t done anything to earn that honour and they have no talent or evidence of hard work, unlike the showbiz people in attendance and the nominees.

    1. Because they all worship W&K? Especially the Americans… Most people seem to think they’re the bees knees over here and celebrities have talked about how awesome and great and amazing W&K are in interviews and how they want to have play dates and blah blah yammer yammer.

  38. Question: Are people not allowed to scream when royalty is around in England? The crowd seemed to get very quiet when W&K rolled around. Is it a result of them coming later than other celebrities so people are tired or do you think the royal couple has lost their spark since the royal wedding?

  39. My two cents worth: Kate dissapoints again! Ghastly dress and ghastly costume earrings. Why wear plastic fantastic, when she can borrow the real thing??

    I just don’t understand why she insists on dressing in such an unflattering, infantile manner.
    Let’s not forget: Kate is no longer “a young woman”, she’s actually 5 years off reaching middle age!

    For a woman who has access to the best stylists money can buy, and and unlimited credit cards, she’s a dissapointing dresser.

    Kate really needs to up her game, and take a leaf out of Princess Charlene, Queen Letizia & crown princess Mary’s book on how to dress stylish and elegantly.

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