William and Kate to visit Paris, film tv show

William and Kate to visit Paris, film tv show

Prince William and Kate Middleton will visit Paris on March 17 and 18, Kensington Palace announced. Also, William and Kate and Prince Harry were spotted filming for a TV show.

William, Kate, Harry view no mans land Somme

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official two-day visit to Paris is at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The detailed itinerary has not been announced, but their visit will include a reception for young French leaders from a variety of fields, a formal dinner at the British Ambassador’s residence, and attendance at the Wales v France Six Nations test.

The full press release from KP:

    “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will undertake an official two-day visit to Paris on 17th and 18th March.
    “Their Royal Highness’ visit is at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Full details of the visit will be announced in due course, but the itinerary will include a reception for young French leaders from a variety of fields, a formal dinner at the residence of Her Majesty’s Ambassador and attendance at the Wales v France Six Nations test at the Stade de France.
    “Further details will be advised.”

This will be William and Kate’s first official visit to Paris, although they both have visited privately. Their previous visits to France were to Normandy for D-Day commemorations in June 2014, and Thiepval for the Battle of Somme commemorations on June 30 and July 1, 2016.

According to the Express, William and Kate were initially invited to Paris by the Welsh Rugby Union (which William has taken over from HM as Patron) for the Six Nations match, but the Foreign Office then asked Kensington Palace to build an official visit around the match. The visit is another bout of “soft diplomacy” ahead of Brexit negotiations.

St. Patrick’s Day is also March 17. William is Royal Colonel of the Irish Guards, and since 2012 either he or Kate (or both) has attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade and handed out shamrocks. It’ll be interesting to see if William or Kate attends the St. Patrick’s Day parade before heading off to Paris. They could do both: attend the St. Patrick’s Day parade in the morning, and fly to Paris in the afternoon. After the fuss last year over Kate not attending, it would be a huge insult for neither of them to attend this year.

Yesterday, February 13, William, Kate, and Harry were at St Mary’s university to meet with DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles to film for his new show for the BBC called Mind Over Marathon. The show, which will air in April, will see Knowles work with people with mental health issues to take part in the London Marathon. The royal trio are joining him in relation to the Heads Together campaign. You can see a bunch of photos at the DM.

Kate appears to be wearing the exact same thing she wore to the Heads Together training day two weekends ago: Perfect Moment “Mini Duvet” jacket in red; Zara Body Curve Jeggings in black; New Balance New Balance x SB Exclusive Sneakers; and Asprey “167 White Gold Earrings”.

88 thoughts on “William and Kate to visit Paris, film tv show

  1. They are absolutely going to bail on the Irish Guards again. I would be shocked if she handed out the shamrocks in the morning even though it is totally doable.

    I would be happy to be wrong on this, but…

    1. It’s william’s regiment not kate. Last year kate got the blame but it was all press made bs. It is william’s duty not kate’s Kate just went with him (it was also described that way in years past in the cc). She didn’t break a tradition that was also made up by the media.

      I know what will happen when they don’t go all the blame will be put on kate. First they are going to paris because goverment asked them to. Second william is the colonel of that regiment and not kate.

      We will see because i don’t think they will go. IMO

      1. I disagree. If both skip it this year, it will be seen as William throwing a tantrum over the negative press Kate got last year. It will be William who gets thrown under the bus especially because he is the Royal Colonel.

      2. If it is William’s duty, then why has Kate handed out shamrocks by herself before? As Herazeus pointed out below the handing out of shamrocks has always been a female royals job, therefore not Williams. Kate pulled out because she didn’t want people expecting it of her each year. She deserved the criticism last year.

    2. I’m amazed and deeply suspicious she might bail on the shamrocks two years in a row. Did the Guards offend her somehow? Did they plan this trip specifically to conflict with the parade? She took took so much heat for missing it last year, even from the die hard sugars. This has to be deliberate snub. Rugby, for God’s sake!

    3. William being the colonel in cheif is not relevant is a perfect bit of misdirection in terms of handing out of the shamrocks.

      The handing out of the shamrocks is a FEMALE royal duty even if the regiment has a male royal colonel. The tradition was started by a female royal and has always been carried out by a female royal with only a couple of exceptions where a male stepped in because the female was indisposed.

      This was Kate’s mis-step NOT William.

    4. I dunno. If they were AT HOME and bailed on it, the outrage would be well deserved. But they’re traveling to another country for an official visit. And I can see doing a half-day with the Irish Guards and then jetting to France could also be seen as half-assing the official visit. It’s lose-lose for them.

      I actually don’t expect them to do both. There’s a lot to criticize them for, but this doesn’t really rise to that level in my opinion.

      1. Anne has done that. One engagement in the morning or afternoon on her way somewhere else, or returning from a trip and doing engagements in Britain.

        That’s too hard for W&K, though.

        1. I realize people have done it before. That doesn’t necessarily make it feasible or practical in this case. What I don’t know – nor does anyone, yet – is what their schedule in France is even going to look like. The hysteria around this is just kind of ridiculous.

          1. Considering they’ve made it a priority to do what they want, duty and tradition be damned, I think them being raked over the coals for this is warranted.

            It’s a big middle finger to the regiment William is colonel-in-chief of.

            You’d think with his military background William would care a bit about it, and them and their morale (as they do enjoy the royal visits and it really boosts regimental morale!), but William and Kate care about nothing but themselves and their own pleasure, so.

            For them to be ditching again is not surprising.

          2. Unless they planned this trip to avoid the Guards. The notion that the Foreign Office insisted they do it on those days is nonsense. The idea that the rugby is more important than the Guards is nonsense.

          3. To William and Kate I’m sure a rugby game is more important than honoring the brave men and women with the Irish Guards. After all, we know William was bitter he was never allowed to see active duty like Harry or Andrew. (Not like he’d have been useful, only a liability!)

          4. Given that William almost flew into trees, it was a good decision for all concerned that he was denied active service. He likes the idea of being a pilot, but just can’t follow through and possibly isn’t too bright either.

            We’ll have to wait and see whether the Paris schedule holds work of import. We could conjecture that:
            (a) the Irish Guards was never on their schedule;
            (b) they can do the IG and then fly off to Paris;
            (c) the IG got pushed off the schedule.

            Since the rugby game is on the 18 March, they could easily perform the IG duty on the 17th if that’s when it’s scheduled. And since other activities were to be planned around the rugby match, and not the reason for the trip anyway, these add-ons could be accommodated on the 18th-19th?

            W+K have not done a huge amount of ‘work’ in the UK vs overseas engagements. The UK should be their prime focus. Like others, I wonder if the Paris trip is a ruse to avoid IG. Honestly, with the nonsense these two have pulled in the past, it would not surprise me.

    1. Anne does a lot that they could do!

      Aren’t her tallies always something like 10x the number of engagements done by W&K? She’s a workhorse.

      1. Anne on being busy: “I see no point in sitting around when perhaps I might be able to make a small contribution by doing something.”

        I admire that attitude.

  2. Agreed, it would be poor manners to insult the Irish Guards for a second time. The ensuing really bad publicity from last year should have been brought to their attention. Such a dumb, tone-deaf thing to do.

    I’m not sure what these foreign visits achieve in practical terms. With his most undiplomatic speeches and unfunny asides, William is an embarrassing choice for a representative – he makes too many unforced errors; Kate, for her part, can barely speak. Both are always unprepared, and as such, lack credibility. Hopefully, this aspect of their game is being forcibly changed by those calling the shots; it really needs to be. At the moment they really need to pick up the pace in terms of the quality and substance of their interactions. They need to move on from being disinterested observers to life.

  3. Did Kate change her hair do for the filming with Nick Knowles?

    I’m guessing the won’t meet the Irish guards and either Harry or Camilla will do it instead. What’s more important, a much-loved royal tradition or free tickets to the rugby?

    1. Aren’t free tickets to the rugby a much loved Royal tradition?

      I’m expecting that Harry will get shooed into the Irish Guards gig and TBH the Guards will probably be happier about that than a CiC and his wife who can’t be arsed.

      Eight engagements in two days in Paris……well that should bump the numbers year to date into double figures and guarantee a whole month off if nothing else plus some Chanel and Dior wardrobe choices……Yay isn’t it great to be Royal? Mind you knowing Kate’s love of theme dressing she’ll probably arrive with a beret and a string of onions around her neck.

      Happy Valentines Day to everyone. ?

      1. I hope William & Kate ( in particular William) do attend after all sometime in the not too distant future, William is going to expect the Irish Guards to protect King & Country, so if he wants to receive that same respect & loyalty his grandmother currently receives from all aspects of the Armed Forces, he needs to start & earn it! Have to agree with Mrs BBV though, think everybody would enjoy the event more if Harry went. I’m not sure how Kate will get on – fashion wise – in Paris after all her outfits are very rarely referred to as Classic or Elegant, more misses than hits. But one thing is for sure, Kate will throw as much of Charles’s money at dressing for these 2 days as she can get her hands on. If its 8 engagement’s she’ll want a minimum of 8 brand new designer outfits, shoes, bags, hats (apparently French ladies like a hat or two), jewels etc. Apparently she has spent roughly £10,000 on outfits for the few engagement’s she’s carried out so far this year & that doesn’t include the Oscar de LA renta!!

      2. Personally, I am hoping for an international incident. Kate goes for Chanel or Dior and then gets Tash to do some alterations. The French are then very outspoken in their disgust with what has been done to their iconic brand. Ambassadors start telling the FO not to send them. W&K are shown to be total failures. Then to add insult to injury, the French team wins the match.

  4. Eff you Irish Guards, we want to go on a free vacation to Paris!

    Anne has done engagements in continental Europe and then engagements in the UK on the same day. Gasp. Too hard for Kate and William the hard-working delicate special snowflakes.

  5. They should totally do the Irish Guards in the morning but they won’t. This really seems like a way for William to exert control over the bad publicity from last year. Hopefully my gut is wrong!

    Also, I don’t know why but it irritates me every time they are referred to the young royals. They are 35 and parents. The young royals are the children. I am 37 and no on ever calls me young! I don’t know why, I just find that so irritating.

    1. Yes, the ‘young royals’ tag is laughable and it is irritating; these guys are no longer ‘young’ though they are really clutching to the idea that they are in their early 20’s.

      They would be wise to give out the shamrocks no matter how much they might be smarting at the 2016 public smackdown.

      1. The Cambs normally announce their engagements between 1-2 weeks in advance, except for special ones. If W&K are going to the Irish Guards parade, it won’t be announced until early March.

    2. It hit me yesterday that they are almost Diana’s age when she died. The contrast between what she had managed to achieve by then and them is shocking. Charles had also done quite a lot by that age. They are no longer young but they certainly seem like fresh-out-of-school royals would be in that they haven’t yet established consistent working lives and they still l(W&K) haven’t managed to parent and work.

      Re the shamrocks, I have a feeling Sophie or Camilla will get called in.

  6. I think that since we talk about Irish Guards and that some media has this problem highlighted (R Palmer on his twitter account), that they must to be here for Irish Guards.

    Between today and the 1st March, William has no engagements, and Kate not until the 22, so if they take holidays for ski, it will be during this period.

      1. Have you seen what she’s wearing? Oh My Goodness. Field day on here. Can you put the Camilla dancing with Arthur Edwards up? Too good to miss really and just spreads the love on Valentine’s Day! ❤

        1. She does not own anything but spray on jeggings. It’s so bizarre. I don’t know anyone in the 30s who doesn’t have at least one pair of dress trousers.

        2. Some of the DM photos are almost lurid! If Kate is going to insist on wearing jeggings then I wish she would buy a belt to keep them up, I’m so tired of seeing her a$s.

          1. Shocking aren’t they? Any argument that she doesn’t like flaunting herself is out of the window after today’s performance. I mean why would you wear a smart formal blazer with jeans? She’s not got a clue. Oh but it’s Valentines so we need to wear red clothes and heart accessories. Grow up Kate.

          2. @Queen Lauri, I saw the photo taken of her from the back with her legs planted far apart as she hiked up her britches. Good lord, how can anyone take this childish person seriously. It’s not even that they have been lazy and greedy these past years. W&KM are the ultimate simpletons and coarse, vulgar people completely lacking in dignity and self awareness. It does seem that she is eager to show herself off in the worst way.

          3. I have wanted to be more positive lately, but the photo of Kate pulling up those jeggings in the DM is disgraceful. Does she have any dignity at all? Any respect for her role in the Royal Family? Any respect for the Queen? It really is horrible.

            And she is flirting in so many of the photos, too. I gave her kudos for her recent Heads Together appearances. She really did seem as if she was trying, but this is just too much! As so many are forever saying, “The bar is set so low with Kate that we applaud loudly when she even does a semi-good job.”

            She just loves to flash her bum, even when her clothes are on! I so sick of seeing it, I could scream. What a little exhibitionist!

          4. After all the comments I had to check it out myself. Eek i don’t know if she has 5 pairs of the same black pants or keeps wearing the same ones!
            She needs to spend some money on decent slacks. I loved the ones Victoria wore in Italy.
            And why did she have her hair down for exercising but then pull it back to sit in the plane?

          5. The pic of Kate, legs splayed while she pulled up her pants, didn’t look like part of the ‘jumping exercises’ that the caption implied. There was also a second hitching of the jeggings image too.

            This woman has serious exhibitionist issues. Who does this while in public, knowing full well that cameras are on at all times? Kate has always played for the camera and this is no different. I think this goes beyond wearing a belt. In the past I’ve ascribed the tight clothes to her extreme vanity, but maybe there’s more at play. I’m sure it will annoy the palace hierarchy and that’s why it’s done.

            The silly faces; please, spare us. It is grotesque and phony.

          6. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse….

            I read this thread and y’all made me look! Who pulls up their jeggings in public like that? I need brain bleach.

            She’s *35* years old and a Duchess. Yet all she can think about is males and her nether bits. Cringe. This is a vulgar and sick exhibitionism. Wow. I guess she wouldn’t have had this primo opportunity with the Irish Guards.

          7. Geez, these pictures are really embarrassing. Does she get some sort of rush from wearing virtually painted on pants around adolescent boys and the press? I just don’t get it: With her long history of exhibitionist-type moments, how can she not make an effort to not repeat herself? The only answer is that she really is an exhibitionist.

            And did anyone else notice in the photos of Kate jumping around with the boys that each of the cadets has his arms at his side but Kate jumps up and down doing the crotch clutch!

        3. I loved the pics of Camilla dancing with the guys!
          I’m not into kids but I love the older generations. I love hearing their stories

          1. The most shocking thing in those pictures isn’t even the jeggings; it’s that her normal Resting Bitch Face was missing in most of the pictures. Is that a smile?

            So according to the captions, she had her hair in a ponytail and then took it down for the jumping exercises? It sounds like she wanted to look “spontaneous” by letting her hair get a little crazy.

        4. Camilla dancing wiht Arthur? This I’ve got to see!

          The jeggings on an official engagement are so gross, especially hiking them up. She has less class than a five year old. And enough with the cutesey beaming posed faces to show just HOW happy she is to be there, ha! Yeah, right.

    1. It’s half term here which means George’s nursery will be closed for the week. Hardly a major childcare crisis for them but it means they have more leeway to have a few days break maybe skiing? Certainly Diana used to have the half terms and end of term holidays marked out in her diary as dates she wouldn’t work.

        1. Or a light tan from a recent Caribbean holiday? I think she keeps her face out of the sun these days but her body looks lightly tanned a lot of the time. Hard to tell but neither would surprise me.

  7. “the show, which will air in April, will see Knowles work with people with mental health issues…” This gave me a laugh, because below this is a picture of him talking to Kate.

      1. Kitty…a fortune and not a small fortune. Even the casual jacket she’s wearing today coat £700+

        Quite frankly it’s unnecessary. For all her day visits she can reuse, she has all the outfits from Trooping and special Services etc. One gown for the evening if she promises no more hideous ruffles.

        Up the game on mixing accessories and borrowing some serious bling.

        One of our most successful companies (Rolls Royce) has just announced a loss of £4.6 Billion ..yes Billion today . This pair need to get a grip on the state of the economy and start being less profligate.

          1. Diana was frequently vilified for her wardrobe expenditure, BUT she also worked which is key to getting away with overspending.

            That’s the key for ALL royals.

            The boys get away with exhorbitantly priced items because they wear the same colours of identical suits or outfits which makes people assume that they are wearing only one or two suits repeatedly which is not the case. Frequently, William is standing next to Kate in £10, 000K worth of an outfit, but because it’s menswear, no one clocks just how expensively he dresses.

          2. Diana was Princess of Wales. Kate is not yet.

            Diana was pre the 2008 crash and Brexit.

            Times change the Royals don’t seem to understand that.

            In addition the designers didn’t do their cheaper ranges back then, and high end High Street didn’t exist. Diana had fewer choices between ordinary and couture.

            And the biggest difference…Diana worked.
            She was difficult, problematic all those things but at Kate’s age now Diana had made a real difference. Love her or hate her, she influenced world opinion on AIDS, land mines and other things.

            Her greatest detractors admit that Diana had something special, something money can’t buy IT. Even if her private life was a mess and her relationship with the press was difficult.

  8. Richard Palmer said that the Welsh Rugby Union invited William (he’s there new patron after taking it over from the Queen) to Paris for the match and that the Foreign Office asked KP to build a tour around the match. Personally, I think that KP asked the Foreign Office to find some things for the Cambridges to do while In Paris so it would look like they “work”.

      1. No kitty. I hope the monarchy goes to the dogs after Elizabeth is gone. It’ll be hilarious to see WK flitting about, trying to hold real life jobs ?

      2. Without meaning to be too political….yes. And the reason is Trump.

        Better the devil you know, and despite all the frustrations we in the UK think our Royals are better than the alternatives.

        Canada, Australia, NZ …that’s their choice, but we won’t be getting rid of the monarchy until something substantively betternis offered.

          1. Yes, and Australia too. In Australia, there is broad bi-partisan agreement that the country will move to a republic some time after the Queen dies. There will be a deep education process in modelling what that would be before asking people to vote.

            I really don’t think the extremities of particular overseas examples would necessarily dissuade Australians from removing a foreign Head of State and installing an Australian in a similar role, complete with checks and balances – possibly even more acute given recent political issues playing out in the US. This is where the robustness of a country’s Constitution is tested. In the past

          2. Sorry, didn’t get to finish!

            In the past, we had only UK Governors-General. but that tradition, thankfully bit the dust a long time ago. No country needs to be run by another, let alone by a non-elected foreign family mafia.

      1. Nothing. He’s their patron so he should go to games, so they pay for it.

        Anne goes to games as she’s the patron of the Scottish Rugby Union, but she also does other engagements supporting the team. William does nothing but show up for free game tickets.

      2. I did read that this will be William’s first visit to Paris since his mother’s demise there. It’s 20yrs in August…I wonder if this is private closure cloaked in a rugby match

        1. Well he can go mourn his mother and pay a pilgrimage to Paris in private with his own funds then. No need to dress it up as a work, thus taxpayer funded/freebie visit for him.

  9. I hope this isn’t a new work plan for the Cambridges; do several events close together, media blitz, then dissapear (holiday) for three weeks.

    1. Hi Jet, this seems to be a pattern that they’ve held too for a while now. I believe that Sophie also groups her engagements together so then she’ll have a longer weekend with her family.

      1. To be fair I would do exactly the same. I would just make sure I gave full value on the days I was working not this one hour nonsense. One of my last jobs I did flexi-time and I worked 12 hour days Monday to Thursday so I could have a long weekend. It improved my work / home life balance no end.

        1. Not that I agree with the using that principle for weeks off at a time but I don’t see why they can’t work Mon – Thurs and then they have a few days off. It’s the hiding away for weeks at a time I can’t tolerate and the short changed engagements that last an hour.

          1. If they were able to properly prepare for their engagements while keeping them close together, it wouldn’t be such an issue. But given that Will won’t even read briefings and Kate can’t be bothered to write (or memorize) a decent speech, it gives it more of a look of laziness.

          1. What’s achieved by the half-hour drop-ins? Nothing, except a photo op and chalking up numbers on the CC in order to provide visibility for W+K. It costs the local council (and therefore ratepayers) valuable resources that could be put to better, local use than pay for royal security. Charities/ organisations also dip into their finite resources to host a visit, and for what? A few smiles, some patronising remarks? And when the event is covered in the press, all attention is on what Kate wore with the charity/place a mere backdrop. Think about the money seeping out x the number of royal visits per year; a staggering amount for local communities.

  10. I really hope that Kate goes to the Irish Guards parade, with William. If not Sophie can go and take all the honours, as she clearly deserves it. I am very jealous that Kate gets to go to Paris. Though I might be going to Luxembourg on holiday. Mostly all those new clothes by Doir and Chanel. I expect Kate will be like a child in a candy shop. I wonder if Kate will dress casually for the rugby. No jeggings please though I have never worn them.
    I do like Kate’s hair in the ponytail. However it would look ok down if she wore some clips.

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