Kate spends Valentine’s Day with Air Cadets

Kate spends Valentine’s Day with Air Cadets

Kate Middleton, as Honorary Air Commandant, visited a RAF base in Cambridgeshire to meet with local Air Cadets yesterday, February 14.

The RAF Air Cadets is made up of the Air Training Corps (ATC) and Combined Cadet Force (CCF). It promotes a practical interest in aviation among young men and young women, providing training and encouraging the development of life skills including leadership and teamwork. The organization currently comprises 41,000 air cadets age 12-19, and 15,000 adult volunteers across the UK and abroad.

Kate was there to meet air cadets from the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing Air Training Corps who are currently taking part in a half-term skills development camp – the week acts as an initial “camp experience” for cadets who are in their first six months of membership.

The first thing Kate did upon arrival was hop inside a Grob 115e Tutor aircraft, before heading inside to tryout a flight simulator.

Kate flight simulator Air Cadets Feb 2017
[RAF Wittering Facebook]

Kate joined a group of young people outside for exercises, before taking part in a safe weapon handling session.

Kate signed the guest book.

Kate signs Air Cadet guest book Feb 2017
[RAF Wittering Facebook]

Kate opted for a blazer/skinny jeans combo, wearing a new blazer from Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini – the Double-Breasted Twill Blazer ($1,515) from the Resort ’17 collection – and black skinny jeans. She wore a black turtleneck underneath the blazer, her Stuart Weitzman HalfNHalf Stretch Rider boots, and her Kiki McDonough Lauren Leaf earrings (which are not hearts, BTW).

I like the idea of this outfit, though the execution isn’t to my taste (I don’t love buttons as much as Kate does). For me personally, I would have gone with a single button blazer and a high ponytail, but overall I think this was a win for Kate.

I saw that there were some comments of dislike of this outfit in the previous post’s comment section, but I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with this. She’s doing several things people have said they want to see from her: pants when near aircraft or doing activities with young people; something other than heels or wedges when near aircraft or doing activities with young people; and a jacket covering her butt when wearing skinny jeans.

The pulling her pants up thing, I also don’t have a problem with (I also didn’t have a problem with it two weekends ago which is why I didn’t post a photo of it, because I didn’t think it was a big deal). I do that all the time, and no a belt doesn’t stop my pants from slipping when sitting or bending. It’s so normal to me that I just don’t see a problem with it.

Here is a video of Kate arriving, getting in the aircraft, and trying the flight simulator.

KP also announced a new engagement for Kate. Kate will visit Ronald McDonald House Evelina London to open their new house for the families of children being treated on February 28.

236 thoughts on “Kate spends Valentine’s Day with Air Cadets

  1. Other than painted on skinny jeans, it looks fine. At least this blazer covers her butt in said painted on pants. I’m not a fan of buttons but it’s a nice color and a decent fit. She’s participating and doesn’t look completely bored. I’ll call it a win.

  2. Skinny spray on jeggings are just not appropriate for any royal work event. Had she been wearing trousers with a belt then her pants wouldn’t have been falling down and required to be pulled up several times. It’s not professional.

    Notice how the air cadets don’t have spray on jeggings as their uniform?

    She is 35. It’s time to dress like a professional adult and not a girl who goes clubbing. She has never worn a pair of trousers for any royal events and it is totally bizarre.

    The blazer was ok, but I will never find jeggings to be appropriate for any appearance she makes in public.

    But what is the total so far for all her appearances. Not a lot of repeats. And $1,515 for that blazer seems like a lot.

      1. That’s a lot of money!!

        I’m ok with this outfit too. Bot my fave blazer from her. I also agree with KMR on the button thing. As for the pants. Skinny pants aren’t appropriate for work. However, I have the same issue when I wear trousers. No belt or proper fit ever keeps them in place. However I have learned the art of readjusting my pants discretely. Kate could use some lessons in that department.

        I’m cautiously optimistic about the amount of work from her. But call my cynical. There’s a big part of me that’s wondering what she is trying to make up for. Something’s coming, I’m just not sure what.

          1. Braces.

            Since she wasn’t going to take her jacket off, braces would have held her trousers up.

            That’s how millions of men do it.



            Women can use braces too. Here is Beyonce



            To sound like a really old, old school person, it’s crazy to me what simple solutions exist to Kate’s wardrobe issues.

            Solutions that have been around for centuries.

            Hemweights, braces, shoe polish etc

        1. Miss K I have been thinking the same thing. The amount of work she has been doing is great, but it makes me think something is coming later in the year that will supposedly prevent them from working. So, Kate is building up numbers now. It is sad that so many of us think that with Kate, but it is because of past experience/them doing it before. It is what William and Kate tend to do and everything is for a reason

    1. Looser-fitting pants would have been more appropriate for this and other occasions where pants are more suitable for active participation. If Kate needs to pull up/ adjust her pants at least a couple of times, then maybe she needs to move up a size. Surely, there’s more than just bum-and-crotch-hugging pants to choose from? In her own time, who cares, but in a professional situation other considerations come into play such as the emphasis moving from her outfits/figure and to the event itself. Looser-fitting pants would not have hindered any activity yesterday. And $22,000 in clothing and accessories for 7 days’ work/ 9 engagements is ludicrous.

      Other than that and the silly faces pulled, the event was a good one for Kate who seemed engaged.

      1. I love the silly faces ?! Wish we’d see more moments like that. The faces she made while playing cricket in her Luisa Spagnoli suit- pure comedy. To me it shows personality and that fun streak everyone “in the know” always insists she has.

      2. The skinny jeans will never be appropriate, and yes, I said Charlene should have worn trousers instead of skinny jeans to the bonfire too.

        Diana spent time making sure that her clothes didn’t distract. They didn’t pull, gape open, or need adjusting. They took video of her in outfits, especially for tours, to make sure the clothes wouldn’t be a problem.

        That’s what you do with a professional wardrobe. You make sure that the clothes fit, don’t fly up, don’t show your lingerie when you bend over, don’t need to be adjusted during the day, etc. And professional behavior includes not yanking up your pants or fussing with your hair at work.

        Those times when, even if you’ve tried hard, something goes wrong with the clothes? You leave it alone. During Madeleine and Chris’s wedding, the shoulder of Madeleine’s gown slipped down. At no point did she reach up and yank it back into place. Because fussing with your clothes when you’re in the spotlight isn’t professional.

  3. Her hair looks really good today! I liked the pony tail too. I agree with KMR on the buttons, but it’s a really cute look overall. Especially love the colour of her coat. I think she looks professional, yet approachable and appropriate for the event she was participating in. I think the boots were the right call for this event, as flats would’ve looked too casual and any type of pump shoe would’ve been impractical. As such, skinny jeans only make sense when you’re wearing a tall boot, unless you opt for a skirt which, aside from not being my favourite look, wouldn’t have made sense at this event.

    I saw it reported somewhere that she was at this event for 5 hours? Is this true?

  4. I’m with you, KMR, I don’t see any problem with the outfit. And since this is a more informal engagement, the skinny jeans look ok (plus I don’t think looser pants would go well with the boots).

    1. So then, don’t wear the boots. The skinny jeans were not appropriate in the way she was seen pulling them up and showing her bum, which apparently is a habit of hers that she cannot break.

      The jacket was nice. The turtleneck, too. But I am tired of seeing her bum and I know the jacket covered it, but in some of the photos — not shown here — it did not!

      Tired of her. Have been trying to be more positive lately, but I am finding it difficult.
      She did seem to be flirting with the men in uniform — not the kids. Grow up, Kate!

      1. But what should she wear then? Sneakers would have been too informal, and flats are hardly a good choice for someone doing exercises and climbing on planes. I think the boots are perfect here, specially with the cold weather.

        1. She should have taken her cue from what her hosts were wearing. That’s what should have been proper. There’s a dress code for each occasion. When she goes to run on a track you don’t wear skinny jeans when everyone else is wearing clothes to run in. When you visit the cadets they aren’t wearing skinny jeans and neither should she. It’s not rocket science.

  5. I don’t have a problem with this look, but it looks like she should be going horseback riding. It’s not my favorite look, but not the worst look either. I just would never dream of spending that much on a blazer.
    Some of her expressions on the DM are a bit over the top though and made me laugh.

  6. The outfit and hair are mostly a win for me (she looks great in red), I just wish someone would break into her closet and burn all of her skinny jeans. It’s the only style of pants she ever wears (apart from actual leggings) and it’s well over done at this point. There are other flat shoe options available that would work well with proper trousers.

    The jacket is nice but would have looked better with wider pants – with the jacket it’s top heavy and she’s broad shouldered as it is.

  7. The look is okay except for the jeggins, which destroy any professional vibe. And the pulling is a no-go, especially for someone in her position. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the pictures yesterday on DailyMail. But what surprised and amused me most was that she even crotch clutches while jumping. Wow!

    1. I am so glad you mentioned that Greta. I couldn’t believe she was doing the CC while jumping. I think she just doesn’t know what to do with her hands

      1. My co-worker in our London office called me today and we chatted a little, as co-workers do, and suddenly she asked me if I already saw the latest pictures of Duchess Silly Face. Is that a new nick name for Kate in Britain?

  8. I think Kate or Catherine works like a royal now. She seems interested in this solo event and the outfit looks really nice, I like the red blazer and the turtleneck underneath.

  9. The jeggings are just gross, as usual. For going out shopping, sure, whatever. For representing the RF and therefore HM at an engagement, noooo way. I don’t want to see every curve of her butt, thanks, or how enviably slim her pins are or whatever garbage the Daily Mail says about her when she wears pants that look like they’re painted on and she has to keep hiking them up repeatedly… It’s just so unprofessional and borderline inappropriate because they are SO tight, clearly worn to show how skinny she is.

    At least she seemed engaged and interested, so points there, but the outfit is a big no-no.

    1. Charlene has worn skinny jeans on official engagements with young people and everyone defended her. They claimed at the time that she wore a top long enough to cover the butt which made the skinny jeans okay. But when Kate wears a top long enough to cover the butt when wearing skinny jeans she’s still negatively criticized for wearing them?

      1. I think it’s gross if Charlene did it too. I think it’s so unprofessional and clueless to wear pants so tight, Kate or Charlene. Doesn’t matter who it is! Were hers that tight? I haven’t seen her in them but I’d criticize her too!

        There are pictures of Kate touching her bum in them. Eww.

        I would have been in so much trouble in any job I’ve had if I rocked up in those. Even retail.

          1. This picture of Kate grabbing at her bum during the engagement grossed me out so much.

            I’m wearing skinny jeans right now, so obviously I have no problem with them on a casual day doing nothing and not working. However, when you are out and about especially representing an institution like the monarchy there are expectations of decorum and Kate doesn’t understand or care. It’s all about showing off how skinny she is, and quite frankly I think because she never really worked she has no clue how to dress. She used to wear cute trousers pre-engagement.

      2. KMR, I think it might have more to do with becaude they’re skinny pants. I think I mostly own & wear skinny pants. Of course I have tactical.pants for work. And trousers for a couple suits. Oh, and yoga pants. (Love me some Lululemons!) But yes, I digress. For some, it’s because they’re skinny pants. And I think that has more to do with preference and personal style/taste. Kate clearly loves her skinny pants.

      3. For me, it’s the yanking up the pants in an obvious way. One wouldn’t yank up tights under a skirt in public…Going all the way up to seeing underwear lines.

        For many, including me, jeggings should be treated as tights. Not pants.

        Love the color combos on her. One photo of her in plane was stunning.

        1. It’s true that a belt wouldn’t help skinny jeans from falling down. I am forever discreetly adjusting (except when I’m at home), especially when going from sitting to standing. It can be done, no need for the clean and jerk in public. I assume she does it without even thinking but it does look a bit juvenile. Now that it’s been splashed all over the internet-again!- we shouldn’t see it happen any more.

          1. May i recommend braces?

            Asos.com sells them cheaply.

            Not being snarky, but it seems people forget that old school ideas are still available and you don’t have to spend the earth to wear your trousers properly.

            If you have a husband or boyfriend or sons, it’s highly likely that they have braces in their wardrobe because men tend to wear braces from time to time and they tend to have a pair lying around.

            Women can wear braces too. Here is beyonce wearing a pair.



      4. Great question KMR! For me, when Charlene wears skinny jeans she always pairs them with a long, flowy top, coat or cape that definitely covers her bottom. On the other hand Kate rarely wears any type of top that covers her bottom, today excepted of course. Also, to my knowledge I have never had a glimpse of Charlene’s bottom, clothed or not but I’ve seen more of Kate’s bottom than I’ve seen of my own. And lastly, yes I am definitely more biased against Kate and am less willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. After 8+ years as the royal girlfriend and now almost 6 years as a royal wife, I really think instances like this shouldn’t be happening any more.

        1. Agreed, Queen Lauri. These are not discrete incidents but ongoing behaviour over a long period of time. We all have bias but as long as it is well-reasoned, it is valid. Let’s face it, there are lots of fans biased in favour of Kate.

  10. I agree with KMR, I like this outfit on Kate and think it’s appropriate for the engagement. I think a red, military-inspired blazer is a piece she will get a lot of use out of. I really like the black underneath too. I like that Kate has been tying her hair back lately for part of engagements. We’ve been asking for her to pull her hair back more so it’s a nice compromise. She seemed engaged and happy to be there so that’s a win as well.

    It’s hard to tell in these photos but in others I’ve seen she appears to be trying to crotch-clutch whilst jumping. If so, that is commitment!

  11. You could alternatively title this visit as ‘Kate’s behaviour enrages the public who question her suitability as a future Queen’. It would appear we have moved on from flashing to provocative posturing instead. Most Brits are heartily sick of it. 2.5 thousand comments and even the fair minded are appalled at yesterday’s display. Instead of talking about the clothes…..again, she’s given us an opportunity to talk about her behaviour.


    1. This ‘display’ is only seen because the DM chose to highlight those pics. The widestance pants hike was near the top of the story when I looked at the story. I’ll say it again, the *tone* of the W and K reporting has changed since New Year’s. Less deferential, more critical and sometimes openly trolling. I would encourage everyone to read the photo captions on the DM. The caption writers seem to be having a great time with the snark.

      1. It has changed you’re right but the fact is the Middle England is offended by the Duchess behaving in this manner. Also the amount of ribald comments…..I cannot remember a time when people would discuss a member of the RF like that. It’s demeaning our RF.

      2. Again for the press, I think there is less journalist : no Emily Andrews, no Richard Palmer (doesn’t work yesterday), Victoria Murphy (pregnant maybe not on the terrain). Emily Nash and Rebecca English covering the Queen and Camilla.

        It is maybe just a coincidence but I wonder when was the last time any of these journalist cover Kate’s or Will’s engagement.
        For the tone of these article, I wonder if the journalist are enough of younger royals, reflects the opinion of the British people or just want some changement (and hoping the marriage of Harry and Meghan)…

      3. The DM has been running more unflattering pictures of the Cambs lately. Odd faces, odd postures, less airbrushing… And I’m fine with that. The Cambs have been hostile to the media (and general public) for a while. This is their payback. Although it is pretty subtle payback.

    2. Why? Because she wore skinny jeans and pulled them up when they slipped down? I fail to see how that is such a terrible thing. I actually thought Kate was more engaged and willing to participate at this engagement than she normally is on engagements.

      1. Not so much the jeans falling down although that was entirely preventable had she chosen the right clothing but surely a belt would have prevented that? But some of the other photos. Sitting down engaging in conversation with her legs not closed and the picture where she’s stood in front of the press with her jacket hoiked up and her skinny jeans clad bum on display. I cannot think of one other Royal lady in UK or Europe who would have posed in front of the press pen like that. Just read the comments on DM, other board, Twitter etc. People are appalled at her lack of decorum.

        1. She didn’t exactly “pose” with her bum sticking out. The camera can capture things that last only a split second. Things that would not even be noticed or seen by those present can be caught on camera and shared with the world. I would not want want to be Kate for all the jewels in Christendom.

          1. She knows that her every twitch will be photographed at any event. There’s a reason for royal decorum. I would have loved this outfit with proper pants.

          2. And yet despite knowing all this Kate did choose this life. She had more practice time than any Royal GF in history and five years since marriage and still she can’t get basic etiquette and decorum right.

        2. I have both skinny jeans, trousers, work tactical pants… any pants I wear, I have the same problem of having to readjust them. I wear a belt. I’ve been fitted for my pants. Nothing seems to change that problem for me. So I’ll give Kate a pass on that. What I don’t give her a pass is not knowing the art of discreet readjusting of the pants. It’s not hard and I don’t get why she hasn’t figured that out yet.

          1. Oh, Miss K, I hadn’t scrolled when I commented above but I see we are on the same wavelength! How’s the weather out east- we are enjoying a heat wave out here. +6 STILL after midnight last night when we got home from the Oilers game. We’ll take it!! Lot’s of cold winter left in store…

          2. Ray, I’m currently in vacation in Japan! Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Depending on the city, it’s been a rsnge from -5 to 10 degrees. I’ll take the 10 degrees! My boyriend texted me and said it’s been a blizzard at home. Lol.. not looking forward to that when I get home on Friday.

          3. Rats! This comment was meant to be a under @Mrs BBV’ s comment above.

            She really sends mixed messages that are deliberately chosen. The tortured speaking in an attempt to sound more refined and polished, the deferentrial head lowering around W, the hand claps over her body all are attempts to appear demure and regal. But she refuses to act and dress the part of a working professional royal. She definitely has an agenda to do whatever she wants while forced to work at an easy job that equals only one month of 40 hour weeks per year and provides her with an incredible lifestyle. But then she has no clue what real work is so can’t be expected to value her extremely privileged circumstances.

        3. Re a belt: not necessarily. Whenever I wear a belt my pants still slip down when bending and sitting.

          Personally I think people are overreacting to Kate’s behavior at this engagement. Why should she have to keep her legs together while sitting when wearing pants, and pulling one’s pants up after exercise is normal.

          1. Because it’s coarse and undignified. Sitting like a lady and not sat with your legs open is drilled into most girls before they’re teenagers.

          2. I haven’t seen any photos of Kate from this engagement that are a problem for me. There are a lot of things that are considered “course and undignified” for women to do and it’s all quite sexist to me. Kate was wearing pants. So I see nothing wrong with her having her legs a bit apart while leaning forward in a chair talking to people who are sitting on the ground. If she had been wearing a skirt or dress, then I could understand the concern, but she was wearing pants and nothing was showing.

          3. A Royal Duchess is expected to be ladylike……there’s nothing ladylike about hoiking your too tight jeans up, sitting with you legs open, pulling your jacket up to expose your jean clad backside. We had the same kind of exhibitionist behaviour when she wore a blue Stella McCartney dress and heels when she took George to an air show. It’s nothing to do with equality it’s about behaviour that it due her rank and station. 2.7k comments on the DM most of which of come from men who think it’s ok to talk about her like a sex object because of her overt posturing or Brits who neither want or expect their Royalty to behave this way. It may not be a big deal to some…..neither is the repeated flashing but it’s not how ladies behave in Royal circles. It demonstrates a lack of social grace, etiquette and class and a dogged determination not to do what’s expected of her. Why put on an affected Aristo voice to have the public think you are speaking properly and then let your body language show you up for what you are? Because as we’ve been saying for the last five years she doesn’t want to take on board what is expected of her and she takes every opportunity to flaunt her physicality.

          4. I agree KMR. I always have to pull up my pants even when using a belt. And I don’t have a problem with her legs being a little spread while sitting. I think most women sit differently when wearing pants vs skirts.

        4. My problem with KM is that she isn’t professional. Hiking up skinny pants while working is akin to hiking up your pants in the middle of a meeting or while talking to your boss (and the British public pays her salary so they are her boss). Would anyone do that and not expect some people to find it offensive? I would find it immature and lacking in decorum and consideration for my co-workers. She really is more focused on displaying herself than getting the job done. Yes, yesterday she seemed to be more involved, but she still can’t fathom how to approach this royal thing as a professional endeavor. I’m sure she’s been counseled numerous times how to be professionally presentable as a royal but she refuses to fully embrace that advice. Her recalcitrant behavior in insisting on dressing like an adolescent while working is very passive aggressive.

          1. Total agreement. When was the last time we had this discussion about Mary, Max, M-M, Victoria, Sophie, Camilla, Maddie…

          2. I think dance pants might have worked, the kind with shoulder straps under your top, or a full unitard. Can’t slip down, made for movement and not any tighter than those jeggings.

          3. Aren’t those even tighter than skinny jeans? Wouldn’t everyone here have been upset at those, too?

          4. I’d hate to need the restroom wearing those. Imagine needing to remove the blazer, the turtleneck, and the top part of the ensemble before getting down to business.

        5. Mrs. BBV, I adore you. Your comments are so right on!!!

          I adore you, too, KMR, but disagree with respect, of course, regarding your comment What is the difference between wearing a full skirt that one would expect would blow up during high winds at a wreath layi8ng ceremony in India and choosing to wear tight jeans she knows might fall down when at a military appearance __ especially, while doing some jumping?

          The fact is Kate and staff don’t investigate things enough to know what to wear and what not to wear.

          Seriously, I don’t think I could imagine Leti, Victoria, Madeleine, Max, or any other Royal lady wearing skinny jeans like this and then hoisting them up when they naturally start to fall. She’s an exhibitionist. I’ve said it before and forgive me, but I just said it again.

          I’m not going to cut her slack (no pun, intended) this time. She’s 35 and should know better. I wish the Queen would have a nice long talk with her!

          1. Am I an exhibitionist because I wear pants that I know slip down after a while or certain movements and have to be pulled up?

          2. Oh, my gosh, KMR, you are not representing royalty!
            I think most of us have had fashion faux pas in our lives, but she is not ladylike and if that is sexist, forgive me. I resent William’s tight pants that show a bit too much of his frontal area too, so is that reverse sexism?

            The photos on display are not what one would expect in a Royal lady. If such thoughts are old-fashioned and ridiculous, then count me in that arena, please!

            As one commented above, her tugging on her tight jeans to straighten them out or pull them up while at an appearance, is akin to trying to get one’s panties out of a certain area of one’s backside while speaking to someone in their office. It’s uncouth! Oh, please, we have been very critical of Kate often and this time I think she deserves it. I will say that she did seem engaged — when not worrying about flashing, but with all due respect, if any other Royal woman did this, I would be equally upset. I never ever saw Charlene doing this doing that bonfire. Maybe, she was more worried about her shawl going up in smoke, though.

            I am not going to give this a rest because it is not sexist, it’s just rude. Of Kate, I mean. I also hate when guys spread their legs while sitting on a crowded subway and they end up taking at least two seats which could allow others to sit down. Come to think of it, I hate when they spread their legs other times, too.
            So, not a sexist here when I resent Kate’s exposures!

          3. +1,000 Jenny
            “If such thoughts are old-fashioned” – they might be old-fashioned BUT royalty is old-fashioned. I expect the old-fashioned regal manners and Kate disappoints when it comes to royal etiquette.

            Actually in many countries, Kate’s look would be considered highly inappropriate for work whether she was royal or not. And since they want the younger generations to still be head of Commonwealth, they better shape up. Many commonwealth countries in Africa and Asia would not be keen on this type of look. Old-fashioned (knee-length or longer skirts/dresses, trousers that don’t hug every single curve) are expected for any professional woman as are the ladylike manners.

  12. I love the blazer but not the pockets, I love the shoes. I share the same view about her pants : she can wear other pants. She looks happy here. Happy to see that her hair are up : I wonder why she feels she need to change her coiffure (I have short hair but I think when you do sport, it is more appreciable to have your hair up… anyway it is just a small detail). And I like when she has a ponytail.

    I agree that these pants when representating the Queen and meeting military people (or military people in become), it is not appropriate : she can buy a cute, pratical and not skin pant which gives her more class.

    1. The blazer was very poorly made. The pockets have been added on and the material at the base of them is not straight but gathers. I’ve seen blazers in M&S made better than that for under £100 but she does suit red. I think it’s her best colour.

  13. I think this was a good engagement for Kate, she interacted really well with evertyone, she got totally involved & threw herself into all the activities – even those that were a photographer’s dream, and evertyone,including Kaye seemed to have a whale of a time. Her outfit was relaxed which fitted the occasion & did the job. My usual gripe is the fact that she had to wear a brand new item of clothing when there is no need. The size of her wardrobe & you’re telling me she doesn’t already own a suitable blazer or two that she could’ve worn?!? There was an article I read, I think last year where the topic was her continual spending on new clothes & the reporter called Kate an “air headed fashion addict”. I certainly don’t think she’s an airhead, she knows what she’s doing but I definitely believe she’s addicted to shopping & fashion. Her Majesty wore an outfit on the anniversary of her accession the other wk, She first wore the outfit back in 2012 & has worn it on numerous occasions since then. If re-wearing outfits is good enough for the monarch, its good enough for Kate!

    1. She has a red blazer she wore during the Olympics in 2012 which I love. Too bad she didn’t wear that one.

        1. I forgot about that one. Just had a look at her jacket/blazers – she’s got loads of them! The jeans she wore with that were quite…fitted?! This new red one seems to be the only long line I could see, so I’ll have to let this “moan” go..? KMR, just looked through this wks hello mag and sorry to say apparently buttons are on trend this spring. Also some of the spring trends will give Kate a chance to re-wear a few outfits – I can but dream!!

        2. I don’t have a problem with Kate’s pants, so that blazer would have been fine with me.

          1. I haven’t got a problem either, infact I wish I was able to get away with wearing slim jeans & hip length blazer. What I was trying to get over was the fact that those jeans were fitted as well. But I do believe that the longer blazer was better – no matter what trousers she wore, especially climbing in & out of planes, bending over etc, help to keep her behind covered & out of view of photographers.

  14. Why does she always pick clothes from the resort collection? Is it a sign she’s always on holiday?
    She wears not that nice skinny jeans, unlike Charlene hers are always polished and professional looking.
    She needs not to pull up her pants like a salior, she a lady, have some discretion.

  15. First and foremost, I’m glad to see that she is supporting her new patronage. She seemed to have fun. I like when she does individual engagements. We get to see glimpses of her personality.

    I think she looks great in red. And she also can rock a turtleneck. But those jeggings. They are faded. Faded. If she had at least the same shade of black as the boots then maybe. It’s as if she has on two different outfits. And the wiglet was present and not looking good. Come on, Kate!

    Thanks, KMR, for the update!

  16. It does appear that Kate did enjoy herself and the outfit is cute if you are planning to be going out and about on the weekend to run errands, but I am in agreement with Mrs. BBV on Kate’s behavior. There are more discreet ways of hiking up one’s skinny jeans, if that is what one insists on wearing to a royal engagement. No doubt, it is a salacious picture published by a tabloid, but I think Kate saw the picture of herself doing this the first time and then decided “hey, that got me a lot of attention so I will do it again with the RAF Air Cadets”. She made sure that longer blazer was pulled up so the world could see her backside. It is really a shame that her appearance is the only thing she thinks is of value, I feel bad for her. If I was in her position and saw the first picture of myself pulling up my pants splashed all over the newspapers and on the internet I would have made darn sure it did not happen again, especially if I wanted to be taken seriously for my actions and not my looks. Since so much money is spent on her wardrobe why couldn’t a “bespoke” cadet uniform made for her to wear? I have seen the Countess of W wear fatigues when visiting her regiments or is Kate afraid she will not look attractive enough?

    1. Maybe Kate, like me, sees nothing wrong with pulling up one’s pants when they slip down a bit.

      1. Agreed. It’s pretty instinctive to pull your pants up when they slip – most of the time you do it without thinking. I wouldn’t ascribe a deeper meaning to it.

      2. She was seen pulling at them for the marathon training so logically you would think she would avoid wearing pants that don’t stay up when doing activities. It’s not like she doesn’t have access to other clothing. It is utterly bizarre that she wears nothing but spray on jeggings if she isn’t wearing a skirt.

        As for Charlene, if she has worn skinny jeans, she has also worn regular trousers as well. She isn’t fixated on skin tight pants in lieu of a skirt like Kate seems to be. And if there is a picture of Charlene taking a wide stance and hiking up her pants like Kate I would love to see it. Somehow I doubt one exists.

        Kate just doesn’t take anything seriously. I mean we are giving her props for simply showing up to something and not being grumpy throughout. Give me a break. That is such a low bar. Meanwhile she is spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and living in palaces. Elected officials couldn’t get away with this and they actually have to work.

        1. She doesn’t deserve props for showing up and grinning. Speaking of the grinning, there are never pics of her looking involved or thoughtful. It’s the same grin over and over and over again. Surely no human being can have such a limited range of genuine emotions and reactions.

      3. I don’t know what your physique is like, KMR, so I don’t know if this is applicable, but I don’t have much of a hip, which is similar to Kate. My best guy friend used to joke that he had more prominent hips than I do. And pants slide when there is t anything there to keep them up. It’s literal physics. And wearing one size up, as people keep suggesting, makes it even worse.

        1. I have “curvy” hips. My pants still slip down even with a belt. Getting a size larger would just make it worse.

      4. If I was constantly pulling up my pants while giving presentations at work, I’d be fired. The skinny jeans aren’t appropriate, nor is the constant fussing with the clothes and hair after 5+ years on the job. Buy clothes that function and do not distract.

        1. I lost a lot of weight last year after my bout with cancer & surgery. I couldn’t fit in to any of my clothes, so I resorted to wearing leggings. I will excuse myself to go to the restroom if I’m at a meeting and need to pull them up. I even wear them hiking, but I don’t jump up and pull them up, as if I am in elementary school. That to me bothers me. Maybe others do that, but I am very conscious of the fact that I was a military officer’s wife for many years and if I were to jump up like that at work functions or even in my own work it wouldn’t be appropriate it.

          I can understand why some believe that it’s okay, because my daughters would be totally fine with it, so perhaps it’s a generational thing. I firmly believe, however, that at 35 & in the position she is in she should know better and should have dressed more like her hosts. That’s the first rule for an activity like that. Even the kids aren’t dressed in skinny jeans. Couldn’t she have worn trousers, a blouse, and a sweater as they are? It doesn’t have to be a uniform, but polished. They manage to do activities while dressed like that so I’m unsure as to why she can’t and why others can’t see this.

      5. Agree with you KMR, pulling up her jeans or wearing skinny jeans is norma, not the most attractive but normal. Let us not pick her apart we have plenty and legitimate reason to complain about Kate, William and Harry.

      6. I’m in a agreement with KMR. Styles have changed in the world of jeans. I love wearing jeggings/skinny jeans because they are comfortable and look nice. I wonder what would have been said if Kate hadn’t adjusted her wardrobe and instead bent over and exposed her back and other areas? Would that have been appropriate? This was an activity oriented engagement and I thought her outfit was appropriate as well as her behavior. It’s obvious that Kate works hard at being fit and healthy and there is nothing wrong with her choice of pants.

  17. I like this selection of images! I saw in the video that she made a quick grab at her pants to pull them up – certainly not the most dignified move (LOL) but then, when one absolutely needs to pull their pants up, I’m not sure there is a dignified way to do it in public!

    I love jackets with a military edge, but I’m not a fan of mock turtlenecks or the color red, so I’m “meh” on her whole look – though I do think her outfit is completely appropriate for the occasion.

    In any case, I like that she seemed so engaged and happy. So good for her!

    1. There is a way around that. Don’t wear clothes need frequent adjusting when doing physical exercises in public, in front of photographers. I think this was poor planning, wardrobe wise. The outfit didn’t function very well for the “work” she was doing.

      Which brings me to a bigger question. Why is she joining in all the exercises? I don’t like comparing Kate to Diana, but I can’t think of any other young woman in her position. Diana didn’t join in. She watched from the side, smiled, laughed and commented while wearing regular dresses. And when Diana climbed into a tank, she changed into overalls. I don’t like this outfit for this event, and those pants are too tight for a royal engagement.

      1. Eh, I think it’s fine. Having to pull your pants up isn’t ideal but it’s not scandalous imo. Clothes need to be adjusted sometimes – it happens.

        I like that Kate joined in. Societal norms for women have changed since Diana’s era – standing off to the side and smiling was the expectation back then.

        1. The trouble is that wardrobe malfunctions keep on happening again and again and again. Be it flashing, ill fitting or inappropriate to the occasion. And after nearly six years of marriage if it mattered one jot to her she would have addressed it. Worried enough about her speaking voice to have elocution but not worried enough about showing her arse (clothed and unclothed) to the world’s press. Roll on the trial in France because if nothing shocks her into a bit of decorum that might.

          1. We know she doesn’t care or she would have sorted the problem out when DoE threw a blanket at her and told her to cover herself up on a Royal engagement. The point is in her position as the future Queen she should care for the sensibilities of those around her and the image she portrays of her country on the world stage.

          2. Mrs BBV, can you be more precise about this engagement during Duke of Edimburg told her to cover up? It is the first time that I hear that.

          3. DoE? As in Prince Phillip? He threw a blanket at Kate at a public engagement? How embarassing for Kate – and how terrible ungentlemany of Prince Philip. Then again, this is a man who quite recently used vulgar language while snapping at a photographer to take his picture – at a public (and televised) engagement, no less: He clearly wasn’t thinking about how using gutter language – not to mention berating a subject in public – would bring negative attention to the BRF. To be fair, he’s an older man who is probably a bit less patient with others now that he’s reached his twilight years, but considering his reputation for gaffes, you’d think he’d be more careful.

            But then I’m pretty sure every member of the BRF has been captured behaving in a less than dignified manner. I don’t think any of them worry too much about these things.

          4. He’s not perfect but he’s earned the right to be testy at his grand old age especially given his work ethic and commitment to HM & the Crown. Comes to something when a supposed ladies man has to suggest the Duchess cover her legs up with a blanket because her skirt is so revealing.

          5. I can’t agree with that. For someone of PP’s station to use that kind of coarse language to publicly lambast an underling is awful. Absolutely no one has the right to be verbally abusive to others.

          6. She can’t control the wind… here’s something to consider how would we all fair if we were constantly being photographed? will we be perfect at all the times? mistakes happen, let it be

          7. No she can’t control the wind but she does control what she wears. Mistakes happen once maybe twice. She’s had too many “mistakes” for coincidence. Either she and her team are completely stupid/ignorant of the weather, garment types and how they’ll act or what have you, just don’t care or get some sort of kick out of it.
            The same with the pants. If they’re constantly falling down and you have to adjust them, maybe wear a different style. She can wear these all she wants on her off time.
            I equate it to discretely taking care of a bugger with a Kleenex (away from prying eyes) or blatantly picking your nose with your finger. She’s doing the latter

      2. I agree. Diana knew how to behave in public. She showed respect for her position and for the Royal Family Kate is an exhibitionist. She was flashing when she was a school girl and still loves showing off.

        I liked the turtleneck and jacket. Hated those skinny jeans and the way they kept falling down. She should know that will happen and dress more appropriately when making such appearances. Truly, like others have said, I cannot imagine any of the other Royal Ladies who are featured on this blog, looking and acting the way school girl Kate does. She is embarrassing. Wear them at home and pull them up — or down — as much as you like, Kate.

      3. Exactly, JET. She often wears inappropriate clothing for what she’ll be doing that day. Dress with short skirt and wedges for a SportAid activity comes to mind. The $8000 Scotch dress and high-heel boots to play field hockey at her old school. Wearing wedges to another field hockey event, then changing into different (borrowed?) shoes at the same event to participate. Just dress for what you’ll be doing at work that day. No need for these mid-engagement wardrobe and hair changes.

        If she’d worn properly-tailored trousers, she wouldn’t have to keep yanking up her pants. The tight buttoned up blazer limited her physical movement, when she knew she was going to be doing physical activities. The single breasted red blazer she already has worn unbuttoned, turtleneck, loose trousers, and hair in pony tail would have been professional and suited to the activities.

        1. Do you think she knew what she would be doing? I doubt it. I mean, it’s not like they read their briefings and probably anything their staff says is in one ear, out the other, they can wing it.

          1. It’s the staff who should have known and passed the info on. But then again, maybe like William, Kate does not read her briefs.

            Nobody in Kate’s position goes anywhere without having a clue as to what to expect at an appearance.

          2. The whole point of pre engagement recce’s by the teams that work for Royalty is so there are no surprises. Someone either didn’t read their briefing notes or didn’t dress accordingly. Either is unspeakably arrogant and rude to her hosts.

        2. Nota, I get uniform pants at work where the seamstress comes to measure us individually. By far the best fitting pants I have. But I still have the problem Kate does and need to readust my pants. And I wear a belt. Sometimes it just can’t be helped. That’s why one learns to readjust discreetly.

        1. Would they? I know I wouldn’t have. Particularly if she was sitting on the sides engaged in what the kids were doing. Perhaps she could have led the exercises or counted out loud while they were doing it? I think there are a lot of options that perhaps even if she worked more as a royal that she might begin to understand. Practice would definitely help.

          1. Absolutely people would have criticized Kate for not joining in. Every other time she has refused to join in on an activity people have criticized her for it.

          2. I guess I saw the “everyone” and assumed it was actually everyone. I agree KMR that she’s gotten to the point that she’s going to be criticized no matter what, but that’s not an excuse for trying her best or wearing appropriate clothes.

  18. I have never understood why it’s either a dress/skirt or skinny jeans? Just once I’d like to see a nice pant suit, with a lovely jacket and perfectly hemmed trousers. And a grown up handbag, which would actually give her a very credible look. While we’re at it, I’d really like to see her give flats a try for more active occasions. Shake it up once in a while!

  19. I wonder what the Queen and Prince Phillip thought about be confronted with their granddaughter-in-law’s rear over their morning bowls of cornflakes?

      1. I’m sure they noticed as Her Majesty keeps up with how the BRF is represented. But I don’t think they cared as there was nothing much to care about here. It wasn’t like she flashed her naked behind like she has before.

        1. Honestly I think they are thrilled with Kate…. I mean, when they don’t see headlines about affairs, tampons, toe sucking, bankruptcy, psychics, bribery, divorce…they are thrilled!!!

          1. I think ‘thrilled’ is a bit of a stretch. None of us know what the Queen really thinks of Kate, we can all only assume. But I think it is telling that Kate still hasn’t received the order

          2. So thrilled with the multiple high-cost vacations, the front page topless photos, the fame-hungry family. Honestly? “It will all end in tears.” – HM on W&K’s relationship.

  20. “The pulling her pants up thing, I also don’t have a problem with…. I do that all the time. It’s so normal to me that I just don’t see a problem with it.”

    With due respect- I’d like to see anyone do that in a high powered board meeting, or in a house of worship, or in any formal professional setting. I’d like to see anyone wear these things as a professional.

    I don’t understand why that pic is not published so that people can comment- it looks vulgar and it is vulgar and shows how little respect she has for her position as Duchess and for others (in front of adolescent boys yet). Have standards for manners and decency become so low for everyone that anything goes? Is human dignity so devalued and irrelevant now? Hers is not an adult choice and behaviour, it is that of an adolescent. One with no esteem for herself, never mind others.

    I’m going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I’m not willing to normalise behaviour that smacks of her ongoing exhibitionism.

    1. Exactly. I would never pull a move like that when I am in court or in any work setting. I wear pants that fit and I have the straight hip issue as well. It’s called using a belt or wearing pants that don’t sit so low on your waist so that if they do loosen over the day you have more room to work with before it’s an issue.

      Men don’t have curvy hips and yet don’t have pants that fall down this often. Because if we use the logic that she isn’t curvy in the hips and that’s why the pants fall down, then basically all men must have the same issue.

      1. Up until I went to college I was short and hipless and I actually bought boy jeans. =) I went to college and grew 2 inches (and put on some weight) I’m still relatively short but have some hips, now I just get all my pants/jeans hemmed

      2. I think maybe those jeggings are too short in the rise. You and I have to deal as best we can with these problems, but Kate has the means to have pants tailored, even a bespoke pair of jeggings if she wants.

    2. I think you managed the succinctness that all my posts lacked, Maven.

      Nothing is scared anymore. I wait with interest to see if Sophie, Camilla and the Yorkies drop their standards to this. HM wouldn’t even attend church after she was better in case she had a coughing fit and it discomforted the other churchgoers and then at the other end of the spectrum you have this. This is my future Queen at work here and her manners are a social embarrassment.

      1. Oh, yes, Mrs. BBV. Nothing is sacred anymore.

        I find it a bit strange that so many people think it was ok for Kate to wear such skinny jeans and to be tugging at them and pulling them up. She must know they have a tendency to fall, so why wear them to a public event?

        She represents Royalty and seems to not care. Her wardrobe malfunctions just go on and on.

        If any one of us in a business meeting tried to unwedge a wedgie, or tug at the loose underwire in our bras, I”m sure the boss would read us the riot act.

        Why does Kate get a pass for this? I know we can come down pretty hard on her for many things and sometimes that’s unfair, but for goodness sake, this is not a time when she should get a pass. Her demeanor lacks any sense of decorum.

        Next time Maddie or Charlene or Victoria, or any other Royal Lady acts like this, please alert me and I will be critical of their actions, too. I promise.

  21. I like the theory of this blazer but the end result is lacking for me. I don’t mind a military style jacket but something is off for me.
    I don’t get why Kate had her hair back to sit in the cock pit but down for exercise? The reverse would be better. I like Kate wig a low pony but does her extensions prevent her from doing a high/regular one? It would be so much better.
    As for the pants, Kate spends tons of money on her wardrobe but these seem to be the only pair of pants we see her in (at least recently) I don’t know if she has 5 pairs of the same style or wearing the same ones but time to break out some new ones. Why not try a pair of boyfriend style? I still think a nice pair of slacks would go a long way.

  22. Thanks for the post, KMR! I agree with you about the buttons (huge buttons are not my thing, either) but I do greatly dislike the skinny jeans. The overall look was much better at this event with the longer blazer and she seems happy and engaged, which is what we want to see. This type of event seems to be a really good fit for her. Maybe the skinny jeans have just been dragged out so often that I immediately balk when I see them? Slim fitting trousers would be more desirable, but I do like the longer blazer and the flat boots. In general, I’d say a win!

    1. I love this dress!!!! However, I think it would have looked better if the arm flaps were actually the shoulder straps as I like the thickness of them as opposed to the thinner shoulder straps (I don’t know if I’m explaining this well). But the fit, cut and train are too die for 🙂 when I first saw it I wished that Kate had worn it to the BAFTA awards.

    2. This is a rare Charlene miss for me. I like the bottom half but not the top part-the boob area doesn’t work for me
      Totally love her earrings tho

      1. It is a gorgeous gown and Charlene wears it well. I think I was taken aback by the bodice, though. Ok, do we get any points for pointing this out? Wouldn’t want to give a pass to Charlene when I come down so hard on Kate for her wardrobe disgraces.

        I do think it is stunning and belongs on a Red Carpet being worn by a movie star. The boob thing is a bit too much, imo, for a Princess.

        1. Oh and I just scrolled down. That photo of Maxima in 2012 in the light orange suit and the tiara is just do darling. There’s a fun little girl look on her face, combined with her adult glamour. Just a great photo!

  23. I think the problem with the pants is not how tight they are (though they could be a touch looser!) but how thin and cheap the fabric is. She always wears very nice pieces paired with Zara skinny jeans. Have you tried them on? Very cheap material and they fade out quickly. This pair actually looks a little faded to me.

  24. William, Kate and Harry will apparently be attending a tea party at BP for children who lost parents during combat. That’s a nice thing to do. I wonder if they’ll glam up like Madeleine does for the Min stora dag tea party she holds. On the 28th Kate will be visiting Ronald McDonald House in London. Is that her next engagement?

    Perhaps they will really start working, showing up every week doing something. It’s an improvement but I can’t help but wonder cynically if something’s up behind the scenes!

      1. Friends and I usually cook a meal once a month for Ronald McDonald families in our area. The organization is such an outstanding one. SO much love and care go into everything they do for the families who are visiting sick children. I’m happy Kate will be attending a Ronald McDonald House in the near future.

    1. Ellie her next engagement is on the 22nd. So she has one before the Ronald McDonald one. And I can’t help but wonder if something is up as well. I hope we are all proven wrong and there is nothing behind the more work (like not working in the second half of the year so she is upping her numbers now). I hope this is just her actually starting to work more

    2. I agree with Nic919’s comment a couple posts back that it might have something to do with the upcoming France trial. Their attornies are urging them to repair their image as quickly as possible to garner more sympathy. Also the trip to Paris is a little suspect to me. I can’t imagine that the increase work is due to W being enthusiastic about Charles’ supposed move towards six full time royals.

        1. I agree. The 2-day trip will muffle any meeting with prosecutors. Creating ‘make work’ engagements around a rugby game is a ruse. The BRF is utterly cutthroat; anything it can do to make things disappear and/or shift the balance in its favour, it will do. I am hoping the French legal system is robust enough to withstand any such attempts.

  25. In my opinion, Kate pulling up her pants is not a big deal. We probably all adjust our pants throughout the day without even realizing it.
    To me, what made the picture on the Daily Mail so shocking was just how far apart Kate’s legs were coupled with how super tight her pants are. It didn’t look very lady like. Her pants are so tight it almost looks uncomfortabe like they are giving her a wedgie. That to me is what makes these pants inappropriate. If she had worn some business slacks instead of skinny jeans and discretely adjusted her pants with her legs close together it wouldn’t be a big deal. But it did look like an unnatural position to me. Almost like she was trying to show off her butt to the cameras. The pants are waaayyyy too tight.

  26. I don’t have a problem with skinny jeans either. I am a middle school teacher, so I work with 12 and 13 year old boys. I would not wear my skinny jeans around young boys, just like I wouldn’t wear a super tight shirt. Those boys would definitely notice and talk about it. I would also not wear them to any kind of presentation at work either because they fall down a lot, even with a belt. I know that if I even discreetly pulled them up that parents would be talking about it, and I would expect it. Not that I agree, but it is the nature of the job. Therefore, I choose different clothes. This is a choice that I think is a professional choice, make choices and protect yourself from consequences, be it gossiping preteens or gossiping parents.

    I’d also like to see a different look. I’m a little bored by the whole skinny pants and button down or blazer. I used to get excited about what she would wear because I like clothes but now it’s all just blah.

    1. Exactly. Thanks Kris for putting it so clearly.

      It’s stupid that people put the comments down to sexism or jealous women who can’t fit into skinny jeans.

      Kate is obviously trying to work.

      She’s showing up to more events, interacting with patronages, smiling—all good. She looked nice today with her hair in the professional pony and jacket, and then ruins it with unprofessional jeans. A good pair of pants and this would have been an easy home-run. This is what comes from Kate never working a job where it wasn’t her parents or parents friends. The real world would have taught her do’s and don’ts which are not hard to learn.

      All it does is make her look “royal” aka divorced from reality. Definitely not the “girl like us” that is constantly billed which we all knew.

      Tight jeans are going to attract attention. She’s around a bunch of kids, many of which teen boys will look. George’s teachers don’t dress in tight jeans (I’d bet). Nanny Maria doesn’t wear skinny jeans as far as we know–she wears that ugly uniform in the professional setting. Yet here’s Kate, representing HM and funded by British taxpayers in something that “underlings” wouldn’t and often couldn’t wear.

      The purpose of the visit is to promote the charity/event rather than the jeans, which anyone who’s graduated from St. Andrew’s should know.

      This is a woman–and a royal family–that is eagerly trying to create a persona of Catherine, the princess, the future, and all we get is the past. Kate Middlebum again, and again. By Kate’s own hand.

      This isn’t a mean press or evil photographer, or sad little gossipy women as William is convinced of. The Queen had a great figure in her youth as a princess and never wore skinny jeans to public events. Just follow her lead.

      Kate’s in great shape. I would just like to tell her to move on already and don’t do obvious, stupid things that take the focus off what you are showing up for, or people should just call it a day funding them.

      1. I often see people criticising Kate for wearing skinny jeans in front of children and I don’t get it. I hardly think kids are looking at her bum in a perverted way. They probably see it for what it is: a body part. It’s the grown-ups that sexualize women. IMO it would make much more sense to teach guys not to look at girls as if they are objects rather than to forbid women to wear certain clothes in front of boys.

        1. +1

          Completely agree, Paula. We should be more concerned with teaching boys not to view women as objects to leer at and make comments about because they have body parts (???) and less concerned with essentially slutshaming someone for wearing skinny jeans. Maybe that’s a new cause the Royals can take up!

          1. Paula and HalfofOne, you are wrong. Children do look at body parts. I unfortunately had a relative while I was growing up that wore low cut shirts which gave a good view of her boobs every time she leaned over. Kids looked and would make comments to me. I was between eight and ten.

            The same is true for those who wear tight jeans. Some kids become more sexually aware at an earlier age than others.

            Don’t try to put it down to dirty minded adults. Sexuality is an inherent thing. That’s why dressing professionally is so important.

          2. Sunny, sexuality is inherent, but the way you perceive it and deal with it is cultural. I’m pretty sure kids weren’t looking and commenting at your relative’s boobs because their instincts told them to, they did it because our culture teaches us that boobs should be seen in a sexual way, and as so they should be covered because women have to be “modest”.

            And this whole “but it’s in my nature, I can’t control it, you cover yourself” argument is wrong and very problematic.

        2. The topic of whether attention to sexuality is culturally or naturally driven could run forever and isn’t the main point here although I disagree. I respect your point of view and experiences and ask that you do the same to me and to what I’ve shared.

          My main point was that Kate seems to be trying harder this year which I assume is because she (and KP) want to grow a relationship with the public. If the public can’t wear skinny jeans to a formal event, then she shouldn’t.

          Really, Kate looked nice and this was an easy home run if she’d worn professional pants like everyone else has to that goes to work because then the attention is on the work, rather than a woman using her good figure etc as power to get attention or first-in-line treatment. Kate has learned that being sexy helped get her future Queen Consort. She reaffirmed exactly what you just pointed out needs to be changed.

          1. Your comment mades me think of 2 things :

            1st : the order made to American journalists to dress properly when Kate and William comes to USA. -> Wouah, it is incredible rude to ask that.

            2nd : I think that KP want to change the perception of the young royals : William wanted that Kate was seen as workhorse rather than dresshorse (don’t remember if it is the correct expression, so sorry if it doesn’t have sense…). They want to erase the image of lazyness that adhered to their skin.

          2. Clem, good point about the edict issued by W+K that journalists should be properly attired. Incredibly bad mannered, but over time they have proven to be just that.

            If William wants his wife to be less of a clotheshorse, then we should expect Kate’s spending on clothes for almost every outing to cease. His statement reeked of hypocrisy as he and Kate are no more interested in royal duty than a slug on a rock. If they doing more – as they appear – it is because they have run out of excuses eg gap years, getting used to royal ways, babies, EAAA, courses etc. and patience has run out.

            Kate has traded on her body and youth since she came to notice. That becomes harder to maintain as the years take their toll and younger women realise, that for a brief moment, they can intoxicate men and the world. Kate – through fillers, etc, hair extensions, excessive dieting, and often through wardrobe choices – seems to be clutching on to her early-mid 20’s when she had the world quite literally at her feet. The constant references to the trio as ‘young royals’ feeds this perception.

          3. Sunny, we’ll have to agree to disagree. I think it’s very wrong to infer anything about Kate’s sexual intentions and behaviour based on pieces of clothing. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the workplace or anywhere else. IMO the argument that she uses her figure to get attention is purely an assumption people are making based on what she’s wearing.

            And I stand by the point I made below: it’s one thing to say her jeggings look informal, which is totally different than saying they are distracting because she’s showing herself off. The first one is about professionalism, the latter is just shaming.

          4. Paula, all I would say is: did Will ever date an overweight woman?

            There are so many intelligent, articulate, compassionate, gifted, incredible women out there. You might want to take a look back through the girls Will chose, some of which had some great inner and outer characteristics, but they were all superficially good looking.

            Sorry to say, this is true for women too. My husband was a smart, talented guy when I met him but he’s not classically handsome, and he’d been treated pretty badly by a few girls before he met me. I value him for the man he is, not the mirror, but I think he’s good looking. We’ve had a successful marriage in part because of that attitude.

            I don’t know about Kate’s sexual intentions and I didn’t say anything about them. What I did say, I stand by: which is that Kate showed her body a lot during the dating years in very revealing clothing and it definitely didn’t turn Will away from her. So he either liked it, was attracted to her because of her body, and she openly used that. I happens all the time and why shouldn’t Kate use what she’s got? I don’t have a problem with it.

            What I do have a problem with is her representing British people in something they would get in trouble for wearing (largely) if they wore them to a public event. That’s the point.

      2. Agree totally, Sunny, it’s just that Kate thinks this is who and what she is: a sexy, thin body. If she see this is as her best and only asset, this is what she’ll flaunt. The pants are one thing, splayed legs pulling them up is a deliberate pose. Kate always knows where the camera is.

        1. You know what upsets me Jen, is how Nanny Maria has to wear– by W&K decision–her Norland uniform at RF events like PC christening. Why? She should be wearing jeggings. She’s only taking care of two young children. Why do royal servants have to dress in uniforms? How about the royal guard? They could wear jeggings. They would be way more comfortable for standing at attention for hours.

          This double standard for Kate is ridiculous.

          The standards W&K want from those serving them aren’t followed by themselves because their “special” and “sexy.” That’s wrong.

          And wasn’t the point of the blazer to cover the skinny jeans? Well that was pointless when she has to continually move it to hike up her pants.

          1. Even when we get photos of Nanny Maria out with the kids, she’s wearing loose trousers. Not jeggings, leggings, or jeans, but often navy blue loose trousers.

          2. She wasn’t wearing jeans or loose pants at Charlotte’s christening which was a-for her- public professional event– which she wore her Norland uniform, which if we follow Kate’s standard, jeggings could and should be worn. Why formal attire for others when the leaders can wear jeggings? I’m fine with that as long as we all can too.

            But that’s not the standard being set.

          3. The christening was a very calculated performance of what W+K perceive as an ‘ideal family’ pose, rather than the focus being on Charlotte’s introduction to the CoE. In all fairness, I don’t know if nanny Maria was asked or chose to wear the Norland uniform. I can see it might have been a safe choice for her to wear: she was at work and not a guest, and the uniform signified her ‘place’. I don’t like that one bit but a uniform spared her from (perhaps) being compared to/ competing with the three Middleton women in terms of attention re.dress.

            However, I agree with your larger point about the jeggings. They are not professional work wear. Any item of clothing that has to be continually adjusted, and none too prettily, would fall into that category.

          4. Jen, you nailed it. The point of Nanny Maria wearing the uniform is to designate place. Uniforms, of which professional wear are included–varies with color and size but there are “rules” that anyone who’s worked understands. The Middletons want it when it designates others as “not them–beneath us,” and the Windsor’s live by it–with the uniformed guards and servants.

            Interestingly enough, the Queen always wears a “uniform” of coat/hat or other dress when she’s meeting people versus a dress in her BP reception room. PC wears suits and ties or Scottish kilts depending on where he is. The older royals understand “uniform” as a public me-to-you.

            Maybe it’s the older royals fault. They should explain that having a professional standard of dress is a good thing. Instead they could be encouraging this “do whatever you want, poor you, having to live in the fish bowl.” Babying them, calling them “young royals,” just encourages W/K/H to act immature, which then the pants really are not surprising.

            Allowing the “young ones” to tease the dog all day long without consequence other than people being called sexist, old, jealous, media hounds, or any other negative is ruining them. I would blame W/K/H for not stepping up, by when they’ can do whatever and have fierce defenders if they so much as stick their nose out of the door, it’s an ongoing issue.

    2. Kris’ comment summed things up perfectly. I work in sales at an extremely high end fashion, menswear retailer. Recently, a young, female coworker wore a similar pair of Jeggings to work paired with a long blouse, appropriate shoes, hair and accessories. She thought she looked great, polished and professional. She did, with the exception of the Jeggings! The lears she received from the male clients and coworkers, not to mention the inappropriate comments she was subjected to that day have informed her decision to never repeat that outfit again. Kate should do the same. Jeggings/Skinny jeans are never appropriate in a professional environment. Kate, as my future Queen and as a representative of Britain, the Commenwealth and Her Majesty The Queen, please, once and for all, lose the Jeggings/Skiñnie jeans!

      1. Or men could stop being disgusting and think they have the right to leer and make comments about a woman because her pants are tight. Misogyny should not dictate what women do and don’t wear.

        1. Agreed, but women are just as bad.

          I was a size zero through my early twenties and the hate I got was unreal from women. I was married, a quiet girl with glasses, but I’m fairly attractive, and they treated me like I was a danger to the community–and I never wore jeggings! The paranoia that many women have about beauty is unfortunately seen time and again.

          Young beautiful women have the run of many men, who often act like morons for her attention. Those young women often LOVE the power they get from their beauty. When that beauty starts to age, many become angry and addicted to whatever can keep them looking ageless; definitely the Snow White story in the flesh.

          For men it’s often the opposite. Young men often have to hope a girl (or THE girl) will pay attention to them. As they get older, fill out muscle and grow in position and money, they often have more power and choice. Women’s power declines while theirs increases. Men definitely increase because of being able to father a child into older ages while women of course see that window close in their forties.

          Point is, women are just as negative and message controlling as men. The biggest male-woman problem is dangerous action following objectifying women as must be taken more seriously.

          Kate’s pant issue is really about as a woman who’s never been under any authority being told no, so she does what she wants without regard for standards that we all live by and I think IMO largely support.

        2. This is what some men do, and many men don’t and you aren’t going to change the reality of it. I appreciate Canadian Male’s Perspective. Men perceive the world differently from women when it comes to women. If you want to be leered at, fine, wear revealing clothing because some guy is always going to leer. It’s like not admitting that sexuality and hormonal responses don’t exist- tell that to an adolescent boy. Neither is there anything wrong with a sense of modesty- a respect for oneself. One would think such a sensibility is declasse.

          Furthermore, I don’t understand the *need* to wear revealing clothing. I mean, what is the point? I can be comfy wearing clothes that don’t reveal. Your choice? Fine. But don’t pretend that it won’t get responses that you don’t like, from both men *and* women.

          This is not an argument about misogyny. This is an argument about appropriate and decent wear. Many people prefer standards that dignify everyone when conducting oneself in civilised society rather than a laissez faire attitude built on whims and desires. Kate prefers the latter.

      2. It sounds like your colleague was subjected to sexual harassment – and it’s a terrible thing to have to perform in a professional environment where that sort of behavior is acceptable.

        1. +1

          Especially when your colleagues seem to think you deserve it because of the clothes you wear. This is also the same logic many use to justify rape.

    1. There’s a history of Kate and Pippa competing as girls as to who could be thinner. I think it’s been prioritised in their family than a certain type of sexual attractiveness (thin/available) is the way to get attention and success, the latter being defined as wealth and title. Kate has a history of seeking attention through flashing (now clearly outlawed as the BRF has her number), and wearing tight clothing. Is it rebellion? Possibly, or just an insatiable desire for attention she never got growing up as a rather dull, beige girl devoid of any special characteristics that set her apart.

      Hers is a difficult spot to be in: she has gotten to where she is now by being the ever-available booty call yet when she ‘works’ she is always in the company of high achievers, something she never was and unlikely to ever be. Sad, but there it is. If she was ever going to rebel, it should have been against her mother’s plans.

  27. Even if I weren’t fat I couldn’t wear skinny jeans. They get caught on my calves which then inexorably tug at the material until I’m bare-assed. Maybe Kate has the same problem but, since she isn’t fat, has advisors who tell her (while she standing still) that she looks great and the blazer provides all the necessary polish.

  28. The pearl-clutching in this comment section over these skinny jeans is sexist and ridiculous. Sure, it would be preferable if she pulled them up in a more discreet way. That doesn’t change for me that this was a great event for Kate– she (in my opinion) was appropriately dressed even if it wasn’t what I would have picked, she was engaged and participated, she stayed for a decent length of time.

    1. Your opinion is that she was dressed fine. Some people agree with you, and obviously others don’t. Saying those who disagree with you are ridiculous or “pearl clutching”? Just another way of derailing things, like the “hater” and “jealous” comments that abound in other places.

      We’re expressing an opinion that differs from yours – doesn’t make us sexist, backwards, ridiculous, or wrong.

      1. I think it’s one thing to dislike an outfit or say it is too infomal for an occasion. But nearly every comment here goes beyond her clothes and mentions her bum, her legs, or infers her behaviour based on what’s she’s wearing. This is miles away from saying jeggings are informal. I feel like some people are using the “she’s unprofessional” excuse to shame her.

        1. She is unprofessional. I’d be ashamed to be as bad at my job as she is. Her choice of inappropriate, skin-tight clothing does say a lot about her priorities along with her fidgeting behavior.

        2. “But nearly every comment here goes beyond her clothes and mentions her bum, her legs, or infers her behaviour based on what’s she’s wearing. This is miles away from saying jeggings are informal.”

          I will admit that these sort of comments, where people have made inferences about Kate’s sexual proclivities and morals based on her preference for skinny pants – it makes me very, very uncomfortable. It’s one thing to say that the pants are unprofessional – but that other stuff is…problematic. I’ll leave it at that.

          1. It’s tiresome when people make statements but then don’t answer the key point raised. If Kate is representing the British taxpayers and the British public largely has commented negatively on her wearing skinny jeans to an event, should she keep doing it? Consistently throwing up red herrings about sexual proclivities etc isn’t what the negative comments are about.

            I’ve made several points on this and it never gets answered by skinny supporters. If Nanny Maria is directed to wear her Norland uniform at family events and guards directed to wear uniforms, can they do what they want rather than what their employer wants?

            I don’t think so. This is a big double standard. They just aren’t professional and to continue to defend it is unreasonable.

            But we can agree to disagree. Reality tells a different story.

          2. But Sunny, if the negative comments aren’t about that, why does nearly everyone keep bringing it up? Why refer to her bum, her legs, if the goal is only to discuss her unprofessionalism? This is exactly the point I’m trying to make: we can talk about her clothes and formality in workplace without talking about her body.

            I have criticized Kate many times for wearing jeggings, so I get it if people think this is too informal. That’s not what I’m arguing against. My point is, why not limit the discussion to just that? Why go on and affirm she wears tight pants because she wants to flaunt her figure etc? No one can prove that. Comments like this are sexist, shaming and they add nothing to the debate.

          3. Paula,

            In this case, the two are tied together. It’s unprofessional to go to a public event in body-hugging pants. This is true for men and women. Period. If the Queen did this, she’d be getting a ration of crap. And she’s 95. Kate happening to have a toned bum is beside the point–it’s poor choices because she doesn’t live in the real world but wants to lead it.

            In other threads, Kate has been criticized for not wearing hem weights, and there was no issue of tight clothing–it was more directed at–we would hope–her desire to not have her skirt blow up when she’s outside at an event. She’s started to wear them with big improvement.

            Some comments will get deeply personal and I don’t support that. But those aren’t my comments, and I’m only responsible for what I submit here–which IMO have been thoughtful and fair, not sexist or shaming. I have a right to think that Kate likes how she looks and wants to show it. She chooses to wear jeggings for her own reasons; I am free to reason why that is. You of course can have a different view. You are starting to take a bullying tone with your last sentence that I think is adding nothing to this discussion and would be better ended.

            If you want to limit the discussion, that’s an interesting point to take up with KMR. Maybe she will have a thread for just that.

        3. We also talk about how tight William’s pants are and the fact that we can clearly see his bits.
          It’s not just a Kate thing. It’s not a shame thing either. I think it’s just people pointing out what makes her attire unprofessional

      2. Megan, I would ask Kate, why keep wearing them when it’s gotten her negative comments from British taxpayers six years running? Doesn’t Kate go to Air Cadet and other events because she’s representing the British public and encouraging growth/attention? If so, and since the British public at large has asked her to wear professional attire–and we know she can afford it–buy some professional grade pants.

        There would have been a hundred positive comments and claps for Kate on here, mine being one. I really liked that she wore boots, the ponytail was professional and cute, and I liked the blazer.

        It’s a shame a good visit gets overcast in something so avoidable.

    2. As a ‘pearl clutching’ Brit who pays my taxes I have the absolute right to expect any member of my Royal Family to turn up at all Royal engagements dressed for the event in hand. It’s your opinion she’s dressed suitably, in my opinion her work attire has contributed to her bad manners on the day and is one of many similar problems we’ve seen over the last six years that still have not been adressed.

      I actively enjoy healthy debate and differing opinions but to describe comments, my own included, as ‘pearl clutchers’ and ‘ridiculous’ because opinion differs from yours is unfair.

      1. Agree, Mrs. BBV. The “pearl clutching” comment was not called for. I remember those words popping up on another thread a while back. Same commenter? I don’t recall.

        Professional women — especially members of the Royal family — men and women, should be expected to have a respect for themselves and those they visit. And, for HM, too!!!

        Yes, Kate may have engaged with those she visited on Feb 14. She may have been open and caring toward the youngsters, but her choice in wardrobe and the way she flaunted herself– and tended to her drooping jeggings — did little to raise the bar, methinks!

        All her flashing over the years is a sign that something is not right in her life. Why should people be exposed to her lack of respect for others and herself?

      2. I love the ‘pearl-clutching’ comment. It’s the last resort of those who can’t reason their way to a win in the argument yet believe someone will take what follows seriously after throwing contempt and shade.

        1. Agree that broadly painting people you disagree with as pearl clutchers or haters is not an intelligent way to engage debate. And given that the posters on KMR give well reasoned arguments for their opinions the pearl clutcher and hater characterizations
          ring false to me when in disagreement.

  29. I know that you cannot compare Kate to Diana, but in this instance I must. For those of you that recall, before Diana was married there was a picture of her that made the papers and you could see right through her skirt. I may be wrong and if I am someone correct me, but the paparazzi had Diana stand so the sun would be behind her and shine right through the skirt. That was ONE time and Diana, to my knowledge, never had any wardrobe malfunctions after that. Where are the people advising Kate about how she handles herself in public and I am talking about the dress fly-ups and the last 2 displays of her posterior we have seen. Or are people advising Kate and she is just chooses not to listen.

    1. You are correct. Diana’s first photos showed her legs through her skirt, because she was standing with her back to the sun. Whether the photographers did this purposefully is unknown (I think) but she learned a lot of lessons during her engagement. Her cleavage almost popped out as she exited a car wearing that strapless black dress, so she learned how to exit a car without exposing herself. There are lots of stories of Diana and her team planning her clothes for her events. She took this aspect of her job seriously. She also wrote thank-you notes.

      1. She was also just shy of 20, wasn’t she? During that photo? I read in a biography that she was working at the Kindergarten and the press (paps) arrived, telling the head of the school they wanted a photo of Lady Diana. She agreed. And, was set up! She did learn from that experience. And, from the one in the car, too.

        Kate, on the other hand, is 35. She has yet to learn from any of her flashing experiences. They just continue. Although, to be fair, there was not one recently.

        But, adjusting her pants and showing off her bum, the way she did in the DM photos, is par for the course with her. She seriously seems to enjoy such attention.

        I wonder if these little incidents happen because Kate is rebelling against the restrictions she feels she is under.

        1. I would say that Kate has done better. The JP she wore to Canada to depart the plane was one of her best looks.

          We all know how many times Kate and planes have had bad encounters, but she fixed it, so good steps.

          I don’t think Kate deliberately thought about pulling up her pants or the picture where it looks like she’s stroking her bum (DM has one). My impression is she’s on autopilot, probably thinking about other things.

          The real issue in a nutshell is they are unprofessional pants, but she keeps wearing them to public events, on tours, etc. and ignores public irritation as “just a bunch of jealous, old, not skinny…” people and a hateful media. Wrong.

          W&K want to set an example for others to follow but can live, act, and wear clothes in ways that we can’t. That means they are just Hollywood celebrities–here today and forgotten tomorrow then.

          Food for thought.

          1. At this point, jeggings are her preferred trousers. It’s unprofessional, but it’s how she’s chosen to present herself. At least this time she had a long smart blazer.

            Holding up the jeggings with braces would have resolved the falling down issue, but i guess neither Kate nor her team are smart enough to think these things through. And considering how often she adjusts those jeggings at every single occassion she wears them, clearly doesn’t care that they fall down OR doesn’t realise there is a simple solution. Kinda like how she ignores hem weights.

          2. Agreed.

            Another miss for team Kate because how cute would a pair of fun suspenders been? It could have started a fashion trend that really would have been due to “The Kate Effect,” rather than the contrived junk we’re always being fed.

          3. If Kate’s mind is elsewhere then what’s the point of her visit? She obviously has no sense of place given her choice of clothing to begin with. I wouldn’t be surprised if she zones out a lot.

          4. I agree that probably the first instance of jegging pull up by Kate was unconscious, but, if she wants to be seen in the best light as a work horse royal, shouldn’t her team of helpers or whatever they are, have seen the pictures and told her, “do not do that anymore, you are giving the media license to focus on your body and not on your body of work. “

        2. Kate’s job is to bring focus to the engagement at hand rather than to herself because of clothing and/or mishaps with those choices.

          I suspect she sees and values herself primarily through her body, and at the expense of developing other attributes, for example, professional work skills, empathy and so on. She is largely disconnected from anything but her family which leads me to consider that she suffers from arrested development.

    2. IMO Diana was the consumate professional. Like HM and the Queen Mother before she believed in giving the public full value. QM actually stated that people expected her to turn up looking like a Queen. HM believes she has to be seen to be believed and Diana knew the public wanted to see her out there doing her thing. These Royal ladies deportment is a template for all Royalty…..it doesn’t matter is it was 50 years ago or 5 years ago, good manners are the same.

      It doesn’t take a rule book to appreciate that you dress to refllect your engagement, your hosts and the public you represent. It’s the basics of etiquette.

      1. Spot on! Diana, QE2 and the Queen Mother were/are not college educated women, but they had enough native sense and street smarts to listen to their advisors.

  30. I think it’s helpful to remember that “manners” and “professionalism” are all very subjective terms. I can agree that maybe skinny pants aren’t the most professional on their own. In context and with the rest of her outfit, I think they are absolutely fine.

    Suggesting that Kate has bad manners because she pulled up her pants is confusing for me. Should she have let her pants fall down rather than risk being seen as ill-mannered by some people? People are also suggesting that had she been wearing different pants, she wouldn’t have needed to pull them up. I don’t quite understand that logic either since my understanding of pants is that they’re all capable of slipping down. I also have issues with my pants slipping down constantly. I am forever pulling up my pants. All types and fit of pants. Would this have been less of an issue had she been wearing more “professional” pants? If so, why? Granted, I try my very hardest not to have to pull my pants up in front of people in a professional setting, but if it was between that and possibly exposing my butt, I would choose to pull them up. I think she’s in a no-win situation here and it makes perfect fodder for people to nitpick (or pearl clutch lol ;)) at.

    And before anyone hops on the “all Kate lovers will defend anything she does” train, please do not reduce my opinion to that of someone who is so blinded by devotion to this person that I can’t form my own reasoned thoughts. I do believe that suggesting that Kate is trying to show off her body by wearing tight pants is sexist and problematic. I think that as a society we sexualize women’s bodies as a way to shame them. I also think that Kate is workshy and spends too much money on clothes. I do not think that the latter justifies the former. We all have a responsibility to set an example for future generations and another commenter suggested that we “can’t change” the fact that many men view women as objects. I reject that notion and will continue to speak up when I see people perpetuating mysogyny.

  31. I am closing the comments on this article because the discussion has gone far past the event, personal clothes preferences, and professionalism. I am very uncomfortable with the direction the discussion has taken and am therefore closing the comments.

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