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Sofia Hellqvist in ugly, $1,000 jeans to present Youth Entrepreneur award

I know Sofia Hellqvist isn’t the most popular future royal, what with her Miss Slitz past, but I’m not going to lie, I like her recent style for the most part. She’s classed it up in the last few years, to gain the public’s trust and respect in her hopes of becoming a princess – the second part of which she’s almost accomplished as her wedding to Prince Carl Philip is set for next June. As Sofia becomes more entrenched in royal life, with public appearances on behalf of the royal family, Sofia will have more opportunities to show off her fashion sense. Again, I rather like her style; her shoes aren’t always the best, but she looks nice for the most part. Unfortunately for Sofia, with more chances to show off her fashion comes more chances to miss the fashion mark. That is the topic for today’s post. During an appearance at the Swedish Youth Entrepreneur 2014 awards ceremony with Carl Philip on November 19 (yes, it’s a bit old now, but I just saw these photos), Sofia busted out a pair of jean-looking pants that are completely hideous.

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Royal Tour Day 7: Church, rugby, wine tasting, and white water rafting

Kate and William visited Dunedin and Queenstown for the 7th day of their tour.  While it took place on Saturday for me, it was Sunday to them (NZ is 16 hours ahead of where I am), so they started the day by going to church.  Apparently it is normal for royals to attend church while on tour, but it still seems odd to me to see the Cambridges going to church not on Christmas or for some other special occasion, because they are not regular church goers.  After church they did a mini-walkabout where Kate rebuffed someone’s compliment.  It’s always annoying to me when people do this, because usually they’re fishing for more compliments.  Not saying that’s what Kate did here, but people in general do this all the time and it’s annoying.  Next the Cambridges went to Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin and “coached” two teams of children aged five to seven in Rippa rugby (a non-contact form of rugby where the players wear flags on a belt and the other players have to rip it off, instead of tackling them).  William’s team won, 30-20.  After the game, William and Kate handed out medals to the winning team.  After the rugby, the Cambs flew to Queenstown where they attended a wine tasting/tour of the vineyard and then went on a Shotover jet ride—which is some sort of high speed boat ride on a river; check out their website for further details.

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Kate beats William 2-0 in sailing during visit to Auckland

Kate and William ventured to Auckland for Day Whatever of their tour.  They touched down at the RNZAF base and greeted some military families.  Then they met some of the crowd waiting outside the harbor.  Then they raced each other around Auckland Harbor on America’s Cup ships.  They did two races, Kate won both of them.  William wasn’t too thrilled.  He claimed to have been sabotaged and when he learned Kate was pleased with her victory he said, “I bet she was.  Selfless husband—I wanted a quiet night.”  I don’t even know what that means, but William does seem like the type to not be happy if his wife outshown him in something.  Kate sailed when she was younger, and did really seem to get into the sailing; maybe she’s just better than him.  I will say this, Kate does seem to come alive when there are sports involved.  I keep saying that she should do more sports-related charity patronages, but for whatever reason she seems to stick to children’s hospices—even though she can’t pronounce palliative correctly.

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