Kate Middleton and Prince William visit North Wales

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit North Wales

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William traveled to North Wales yesterday, November 20. As has been their MO this fall, they spent a good chunk of the time focusing on the mental health of young people. But the most interesting part to me was their banter while they were abseiling/rock climbing.

William and Kate visited the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre in Snowdonia in North Wales, run by Mountain Rescue England and Wales (which William has been Patron of since 2007). Part of their visit included an abseiling and rock climbing exercise. William went down first – with Kate holding the rope – then Kate went down. While William was descending, the two joked around with each other, with Kate saying: “William, how much do you love me?”; and “I quite enjoy this, actually. For once I’m in control.” At 0:07 and 0:24-0:28 in the below video.

I love the “For once I’m in control” line. Should we parse? It may simply be playful banter, but even playful banter comes from somewhere and that line could be an interesting look at their relationship dynamic. No matter what the KP PR team tries to tell us (or William for that matter), I do think William is the dominant person in that relationship and that for the most part they do what William wants. I mean, he even undid her harness at the end of the video seemingly without her asking for help.

Whether it is a nothing more than playful banter or an indication that Kate rarely has control in their relationship, I do think it’s a fun moment between the two and shows some sort of personality that we rarely see from them. The entire video shows more personality from them than we usually see. This kind of banter is what they need to do more of to show us that they are real people rather than empty caricatures and clothes horses.

Earlier in the day, William and Kate made their first stop at Castle Square, Caernarfon where they did a walkabout. Here is a picture of the crowds in the square. It’s interesting to see an areal view. The crows look much bigger when they are photographed from the POV of the Cambs. The crowds look much smaller in the areal view.

During the walkabout, Kate said she wanted to get Prince George in scouting and that she needs to put Princess Charlotte down for Rainbows (part of the Girl Guides, I think. I’m not sure how scouting works in the UK). Kate is a volunteer with The Scout Association but hasn’t done anything with them since December 2014.

The couple then moved to a GISDA centre in Caernarfon where they met with young people. GISDA provides intensive support and offers opportunities to vulnerable young people between 14 and 25 years old in North Wales.

Kate and William meet young people at GISDA in North Wales

While still in Caernarfon, William and Kate visited a photography exhibit titled: “Mute: are you being heard?” which was put in by Ynys Môn and Gwynedd’s local Mind charity.

Here is an interesting story about a man they met at the Mind event, from the Daily Mail:

    “James Cheffings, 19, from Bangor, had just joined the group and didn’t have a photograph to show he couple, but he did attract some attention from them because he had his leg in a cast.
    “He said: ‘They were asking about how I ruined my knee cap. I was dancing in the pub and I dislocated my knee. Kate said it sounded like something William would do, so I was like ‘ah, something in common’.’
    “He said: ‘I accepted that I was a gay man and now I work in an attitude free gay bar and am a drag queen on weekends.’ He said about William and Kate: ‘It came across that they were really accepting and understanding about the whole LGBT community which was really nice to see that we in that community have got that support from the royal family.”

So… William dances around drunk, and he and Kate are cool with the LGB community.

Kate at the Mind photography exhibit in North Wales

Kate meets young artists at Mind photography exhibit in North Wales

It was after the Mind visit that William and Kate traveled to Snowdonia for the Mountain Rescue visit. Before their abseiling adventure, William and Kate met with young people from the area.

Kate told one of the volunteers: “I love it here. I really miss being here, being outside and in the mountains.” Didn’t Kate spend most of her time with her mom in Berkshire or in London when she was supposed to be living in Wales? Eh, whatever. Kate also talked about George, saying he loves helicopters. More form the DM: “Catherine then said how much George loved [helicopters]. He knows all the different colours and asks her about all the parts. She laughed and said she tells George to ask Daddy as she has no idea.”

Kate and William meet young people at Mountain Rescue UK in North Wales

William tried the more difficult rock climbing climb first, but slipped off when he was about half way up. For his second go around he chose the easier side. Kate chose the easier side first and went up with no problem.

The next, and last, stop for the Cambs was in Denbigh where they visited another Mind charity project. This time the Vale of Clwyd Mind Men’s Shed project.

The couple “met men age 30-93 who come together weekly to take part in activities including regenerating local open spaces, creating vegetable plots, renovating furniture and learning woodwork skills. The project gives male participants a safe and friendly environment to meet peers, share experiences and build strong support networks which are vital to reducing isolation and maintaining positive mental health.”


While at the Men’s Shed project, Kate talked about George and Charlotte some more.

From the Daily Mail:

    “Asked about her plans for Christmas during a visit to a men’s mental health support group, Kate replied: ‘I haven’t started yet, but George will be starting to talk about Christmas soon.’
    “Asked about her two-year-old son and six-month-old daughter, she added: ‘They are doing really well, thanks. Charlotte is getting bigger and getting on well with her noisy big brother.'”

Charlotte’s getting bigger, huh? I wouldn’t know. I only remember seeing her like this:

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo Kate and Charlotte

Kate continued her trend of pulling clothes from her 2012 closet, this time choosing her Reiss “Angel” coat she debuted in 2011 and wore again in 2012. I’m really hoping this trend of hers continues, because she has so many nice pieces from her 2012 closet.

Underneath her coat, Kate wore a black turtleneck and black skinny jeans. She wore her fav Aquatalia “Rhumba” boots and brought back her Kiki McDonoughCitrine Pear Drop Earrings” that we haven’t seen since St. Patrick’s Day.

For the abseiling, Kate took off her Reiss coat and put on a Mountain Rescue windbreaker, and changed her shoes to her Brasher Hillmaster Boots she wore in 2012.

Kate wore her hair in a ponytail and her bangs pinned back. This is much better than her crazy hair moment from Wednesday.

This is the third time Kate has worn this Reiss coat publicly. The first time she wore it was to the morning service on Christmas in 2011. She wore it again to the launch of The National Football Centre at St George’s Park in October 2012. Kate wore the same boots three times with this coat, but she did change up some of the styling. Her hair is different and she ditched the ugly belt this time.

Kate in 2015 on the left; Kate in 2012 on the right; Kate in 2011 on the bottom.

William and Kate may have pacified the royal reporters with their George and Charlotte meet-and-greet, but it seems the royal duo continue to piss off the royal photographers.

Photographers not happy about North Wales day

Here is another video from the visit.

Rebecca Deacon sighting.

Photos: Getty / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

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  1. Very intriguing comments from the photographers – I wonder if it relates to Chris Jackson (Tashs boyfriend) who got priority access to the rock climbing/abseiling. He always seems to be the golden boy.

    Kates jeans in those pics are gynaecologically tight. Other than that it was a good day out.

    Did you see Rebecca English of the DM throwing Sophie under the bus with todays article?

    1. I’m interested to know what will happen to Chris Jackson’s royal photography career when he ans Tash break up. He won’t be the Golden Boy anymore, but will he even be allowed at royal engagements at all?

      Ugh, I did see that Sophie article. So stupid. It does not matter what happened in Sophie’s career, her words about being the only royal women with a business career past are still 100% true.

        1. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard in the past that the Duke and Duchess don’t make it easy for the photographers to get good shots, they don’t “pose” or turn toward the waiting photographers so they can get a good shot. I’d actually like to see all the photos that are discarded, I bet they’d be a hoot!

        2. I don’t know for sure, they didn’t elaborate. I’m assuming it had something to do with the fact that the ONLY photographer who seems to have gotten any abseiling shots was Chris Jackson, Tash’s boyfriend. And of course the portion of the day that most of the press was interested in was the abseiling portion. Those are the photos that most people used the most. Again, I don’t know for sure what happened, but I would assume it has something to do with that.

    2. I saw that article, it was horrible. What purpose did it serve? I thought maybe it was to make Kate look good but she didn’t make Kate sound any better with the flitting from a part time job to working for her parents.

      1. Easy isn’t it? If you follow the pattern, from Harry’s rumour of impregnating a teen, to now a new story soiling Sophie. All came almost simultaneously with Kate’s speech and her no longer so shiny hair.

        Someone at KP follows all the critical blogs and make adjustments to Kate accordingly. Similarly most blogs have continuously praised Prince Harry and Sophie as brilliant performing royals. If you cannot lift the Duchess to the required standard, what would be a better way to make her look better but to smash the others to look worse than her. I love Sophie and Harry, two of the most dedicated and hard working royals. The need to destroy others to make yourself feel good speaks volume about her qualities. As you say KMR, she is the only royal with previous real career, she should be proud about it.

        1. *Someone at KP follows all the critical blogs and make adjustments to Kate accordingly.*

          That they are trying to adjust her as if she is a robot instead of a human makes me believe that this is the best they can do with her. She is simply not learning on her own how to adjust with her role. I don’t understand that at all. If one us us, any one really, realizes that something they are doing is not working well for the job they are doing we adjust so that the results are better. Be it clothing, the way we perform a task, whatever we learn from our mistakes and/or critiques and move forward.

          Kate appears to be moving backwards. Almost regressing in some ways.

      2. Easy isn’t it? If you follow the pattern, from Harry’s rumour of impregnating a teen, to now a new story soiling Sophie. All came almost simultaneously with Kate’s speech and her no longer so shiny hair.

        Someone at KP follows all the critical blogs and make adjustments to Kate accordingly. Similarly most of these blogs have continuously praised Prince Harry and Sophie as brilliant performing royals, and of course compared their performances to Kate. If you cannot lift the Duchess to the required standard, what would be a better way to make her look better but to smash the others to look worse than her. I love Sophie and Harry, two of the most dedicated and hard working royals. The need to destroy others to make Kate look good speaks volume about her real qualities.

        As you say KMR, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, she is the only royal with previous real career, she should be proud about it.

    3. LIGHTBULB MOMENT – this is all on purpose, from Jason. The clothes from 2011/12, the away days are all like they did before and after the wedding. This is all to subconsciously remind us of the days when Kate was popular. How clever of the manipulative PR man. If we can be reminded of the golden honeymoon period, then we’ll forget all about the intervening 4 years when she was dreadful.

      I think the public are very likely to be fall in to his trap, sadly.

      1. Possibly. But comparing her to when she was first married actually isn’t a good thing for them to do since it only highlights the fact that she hasn’t done much of anything since then.

  2. I think that any comments Kate makes when out in public are made for the public to hear and I wouldn’t really trust them. As for the person who let her abseil wearing rings? Health and safety fail there! I’ve abseiled and rock climbed for years and you are always told…. Take your rings off or wearing gloves . And especially don’t wear anything like big blue!

    1. It’s very curious that Kate was lauded for being tightlipped about all things William/royal. It’s supposed to be one of her positive attributes.

      Nevermind that her family and her were constantly and sneakily giving the media updates on the relationship and on Kate.

      Fast forward to post-birth of George and Kate can’t seem to stop talking about her private family life to strangers. And if you notice, most of what she says is never flattering to William. She’s told the world about his absentism during the first few months of George’s birth. She’s told the world about his inability to control himself via food or drink. If you read the comments in isolation, they seem harmless comments, but taken together don’t paint a good picture of her family life.

      To that extent, I don’t think her remarks are accidental. I believe she means to say them. She was able to restrain herself from being overheard for 8 long years and suddenly it’s an accident? I don’t think so!!!

      She’s marginally better with George, but at least she’s been more complimentary about him than William who seems to only say snarky things about him.

      Finally, I hate the gender imprinting these two numpties appear to have assigned to the kids.

      I hope the babies break out of it and do the unexpected despite the sexism of the parents.

      1. Totally agree.

        Discreet and tightlipped my… snowflake carol and the meddletons knows when to meddle and peddle information of Willnot -and in snowflake favour for their gains.

        This trip was a waste of time of the center, funds and all PR/add to willnot and cannot end of year count. Notice the time spent on selfish and self indulgent that the lambridge enjoy, and no time for serious work with the professionals in fundraising or meetings (true work/support to the charities and causes).

        Most talked and remember of this meet greet -the grinning veneers, climbing in very skinny jeans and what looks like heavy boots on waity snowflake.

      2. I feel that she’s playing some passive aggressive game with the comments. She angled for the marriage and now she finally has the marriage, the houses, the kids and big blue she finds that she doesn’t have it all and she isn’t happy. No man is ever happy when backed into a marriage like that. You can see something is wrong with William when you compare photos from Charles and Camilla’s wedding to now. He looks miserable to my eyes and he’s acting out by attacking the media/ not posing for photos etc. I actually feel for him as I know what it is like to be stuck in a marriage that it was hard to get out of.
        They did manage to get round a variety of engagements on the day so a variety of people did get to meet them which was good.
        Thanks to KMR for the quick reporting!

  3. That rock wall climbing picture reminded me of this. Hope it works, if not I’ll post a link.

    Here’s the link, the image didn’t work:


    Otherwise, the outing didn’t really do anything for me. Kate pulled way too many manic faces. Very glad to see her hair back, not glad to see the painted on jeans. Especially as she is so very thin. It seems that for every one thing positive she does we get a negative. So her tally continues to sit at zero or in the minus region.

    If I were the Cambridge’s the one part of the press I personally wouldn’t piss off would be the photographers. While people can play with images editing them, a picture is still worth a thousand words and it wouldn’t surprise me if they go after some really awful shots of these two. Were photographers invited to their little do or just reporters?

    Hopefully they’ll release pictures of the kids at Christmas. Otherwise, I guess it will be one on Charlotte’s birthday. At least we have the Swedish and Monegasque baby pictures to get our little moments of joy from.

    1. I am of two minds about Christmas pictures of George and Charlotte. On one hand, of course I would love to see them, they are little cuties. But on the other hand, I don’t really want a picture like the one of W&K&G&L in the window of KP. The lighting was so dark, the angle intimidating and Kate’s smile couldn’t have looked more forced. I don’t want to see photos that are meant solely to pacify the peasants. I want photos that are meant to share the happiness of two cute kids, like the feelings I get when I see photos or videos of Estelle.

      1. Exactly Lauri. We know what William and Kate look like, I just want to see the kids. Not what comes off as a forced happy family photo.

      2. I’d rather miss a Christmas photo & enjoy the public backlash because of it. I’m tired of them using the kids only for their PR and not because they want the public to be included in their lives.

        1. I’d rather miss the Christmas photo because I don’t really care anymore. I keep forgetting Charlotte even exists.

    2. I thought it was said that certain photographers were invited, but it seems they’ve only been pissing off Mark Cuthbert and Mark Stewart more since then. These two were not as vocal about their displeasure before that meet-and-greet.

    3. I noticed it before, but I’ve become obsessed by Kate constant grins in photos vs video evidence of the same moment which frequently show that she grins even when no one is speaking or interacting with her.

      The grin is turned on and of like a switch. Whether any one is directly talking to her or not or even whether she’s part of a group or not. She turns her head in the appropriate direction to be photographed, and suddenly grins, showing all teeth, holds it for a few seconds before she switches it off, and then just as suddenly does it again.

      When she’s speaking, she never stops grinning. Perhaps that’s why her chin/jaw seem more prominent in the photos because she’s trying to speak whilst maintaining the rictus grin.

      It’s quite amazing to watch in video.

      For the same reason, I never trust pics of her grinning because it’s something she’s disciplined herself to do with an eye to the resulting photos. In the early years of the marriage, articles were written based upon these photographs whereby they were used as evidence of her good relations with X royal when she was simply standing next to/middle of a group, and switching on the grin as if she were part of the conversation or someone had said something really funny. And she always positioned herself at an angle/position that would show her in positive light as far as the interactions.

      It also reminds me of a story told by pap during the girlfriend years where they said that all the Middletons always switched on the grins when they spotted paps.

        1. Hi Rhiannon
          Your comment got me thinking…
          Is Kate checking out the person’s teeth and any dental work they may have had or is she lip reading? Which then got me wondering? Has Kate got a hearing problem? If she is wearing aids that could explain one reason why she likes to wear her hair down, she’s covering hearing aids in her ears? It could also explain why she doesn’t seem to follow what is going on very well sometimes? Could it be that she doesn’t wear aids and she’s not hearing what is said to her or she can’t hear and is just “zoning out”?
          It’s just a thought but it could explain her watching the speakers mouth?

      1. I’ve found this very interesting as well. I love looking at the videos and seeing the bizarre behavior. She reminds me of a former coworker who was absolutely wacko.

      2. There is a video from a few Christmas’s ago where Kate is leaving the church with the Royal family and after being snubbed by most of the family members and ignoring the protocol of helping the Queen accept flowers from little children, she instead wandered off awkwardly and started grinning maniacally and talking to absolutely no one. I actually felt sorry for her there because it was so sad and cringeworthy and as a shy, awkward person myself, I naturally sympathize. At the same time that sympathy is limited, because she has had over a decade to prepare for Royal life and learn protocol. She also has access to the best therapists and social/Royal etiquette specialists in the world. It’s obvious that the York princesses don’t like her, but she needs to learn to handle that kind of thing gracefully, without resorting to sulking or bizarre displays of talking to herself/invisible people. I feel for her because she is so shy and awkward, but I also feel torn because she has all the help and support in the world and she doesn’t seem to care enough to make the effort to become competent as a Royal and public figure. She is utterly unsuitably for her position.

        1. I will agree with you on at least one point: she is utterly unsuitable for her position.

          On being shy. No, I doubt that. A shy person would not draw attention to themselves as she does. (manic facial expressions, wearing no underwear, plunging necklines to meet kids (SE Asia trip). Kate isn’t shy. At least not with the media.

        2. I, too, felt so awkward when I saw that video of Kate randomly walking and talking to herself.

      3. She does turn her manic grin on and off at will. It’s like she has no middle ground. Either she looks sullen or manic.

      4. It has to be some tip/training instilled by Carole. Keep them thinking you’re happy, involved with whomever you are speaking to, etc. Otherwise why would she do it, other than not being quite right.

        It definitely kind of insures there will be a picture of her smiling. But the problem is it’s such a forced, rictus type smile that it comes off as manic and unbelievable.

        My little sister does the same type of “every tooth in your head” smile when she’s being photographed. She’s always been a beauty but hates being photographed and will show every tooth when she is told to smile for a picture. The only natural smiles I have of her in photos are when she’s not aware of it. I always tease her about it.

        The reason I brought that up is that maybe Kate has a love/hate relationship with being photographed. Loves the attention, but hates having to be on so she’s become very mechanical about it. Or she just hates having to work so she forces it when she’s out doing that activity.

        I don’t know, I just can see a caricature of W&K with his horsey tooth grin and her rictus grin for their coronation. Although I’m beginning to believe more and more that day will never come.

    4. I think that photo was just the image Kate was looking to copy… Wasn’t it great that Tash’s Boyfriend (aka Golden Boy) was there to capture it?
      Though my thought when I saw the photos of Kate rock climbing was… “What big teeth you have Grandmama”

  4. I’m glad Kate didn’t remove the coat before the abseiling because those skinny jeans are a crime against humanity. Btw, is that coat really how it’s worn because the product photo looks different (the lapels were open). Not saying its bad or wrong just wondering.

    I’m kinda starting to believe that she really doesn’t know what else to talk about but the kids. I mean, she was asked about her plans for Christmas but she talked about George instead. How weird. ? And shouldn’t her response have been that they were spending Christmas as usual with the royals? Is she (or rather William) planning something else? Hmmm…

    Also, isn’t it funny that she wore her hair up when she should have done it during her speech? Kate, try to anticipate the little things sometimes.

    1. She and William say the same trite things about their kids. Their responses have become so predictable. How many times do we have to hear that George is noisy? Puhleeze—get a new script!

      1. I think it’s another one of their ways to keep their lives private. Got old real fast. I don’t get why they aren’t more like the Swedish royal fam….

        1. I think it started out truthful. George was loud and neither William nor Kate were prepared for that so they complained about it constantly. Then George showed us that he really is rambunctious and loud and a bilby-puncher. It may have changed and they may just fake it now, but I do think it started from a truthful place.

          1. Bilby puncher, lol! I agree with you. He’s a bruiser. You learn how to manage it and keep it moving. I am not a fan of patents complaining about parts of their kid’s personality like that.

    2. I think the coat can be worn either way – like in the product photo or like Kate wore it. There are obviously extra buttons at the top so it can be buttoned like Kate buttoned it.

  5. It is good seeing William and Kate back in Wales. I like that coat on Kate, it is stylish and not bright. They do seem to be having fun but is it just fun between friends or something more I really can’t tell. I would have thought that Kate would have kept it private between her and William In the UK, Rainbows are for girls aged 5 years old to 7 years old. Brownies 7 years old to 9 years old. Girl Guides 9 years old to 14 years old. 14 plus Rangers. The girl guides were formed because Lady Baden Powell wanted to do something as the girls were dressing up as boys to be in the scouts.

    1. Though watching the video William looks fearful abseiling down. I use humour when I feel uncomfortable. There is something about Kate looking too cheerful I don’t like.

      1. Yes, William did seem a bit nervous. Kate seemed much more relaxed. It looked to me like she took a lot of pleasure from William’s uncomfortableness.

    2. Thank you, Laura, for the explanation about the girl guides ages.

      So it seems Kate has a good 4 years before she needs to worry about signing Charlotte up for rainbows.

      1. Ah that’s true KMR, but in true Ma Midds fashion she will need those 4 years to design her plan for Charlotte’s complete domination of the Rainbows. She’s going to start early with Charlotte so she doesn’t have to suffer any of the indignation that she did in school. She will be the alpha at all points. Poor thing. (And yes, I’m being very sarcastic. They just bring it out in me.)

        1. I know you’re being sarcastic, but I actually feel badly for Charlotte. Because you know Carole and Kate will be terrible influences on her.

          1. I feel sorry for both of them. If they talk about George the same way at home at some point he’s going to think they don’t like his rambunctiousness and tamper it down and that would be a pity.

            As for Charlotte, I wish the poor thing could just run away to live with Sophie or her great aunt Anne.

          2. I think it’s such a shame when kids loose their eagerness to explore and learn about the world because they’ve been told to quiet down and whatnot because their parents don’t want to be bothered by the kids.

        2. I feel for Charlotte too if she has Carole hovering over her.
          Interesting that Kate was enthusiastic about putting Charlotte down for Rainbows, 4 years early… I’ve seen the photos of Kate in a Brownie uniform but find it strange that she didn’t go on to Guides. But then is following something through not really her thing?

          1. To be fair, there are any number of reasons she didn’t go farther in the Girl Scouts. I was a Brownie and was in Juniors here in the States until I moved and then didn’t join where we moved to. Kate may have liked the younger version but tired of it after a while. Or decided to do another activity. I tried a ton of different activities when I was a kid and teenager, from ballet to karate to piano to Girl Scouts to swimming to 4H. I never lasted more than a few years in each one (the two longest I did was swimming and 4H). I think it’s normal for kids and teens to do many different activities like that until they find one they really enjoy. Kate may have enjoyed girl guiding for a few years and then moved on to other activities like tennis and hockey and whatever else she did. I don’t consider that “not having follow through” but rather just trying out different things until she found the right one for her. And just because she didn’t go farther in girl guiding doesn’t mean she doesn’t have genuine interest in Charlotte joining. If I had a kid I would sign her up for Girl Scouts too, even though I didn’t finish it out. And if she didn’t enjoy it she could change activities.

      2. Your welcome. It is good seeing Sophie take an active role rather than just talking. Talking about planning ahead. I had actually forgotten about Princess Charlotte. Madeleine has been out and about in London with Leonore. Holding on to Leonore but still getting her daughter used to the public. George and Charlotte are going to be petrified come appearances on the balcony and at Christmas. I think calling George noisy isn’t helpful. William and Kate should be praising their children. I mean if a child is noisy here is an idea talk to them. Mind you I don’t have nephews so I don’t have to talk about helicopters.

          1. I think it is very odd that there are no official formal or informal photos (other than the christenings and balcony) of Charles and Harry with George and Charlotte. There was that photo of a photo of Charles with George just to prove that they spend time together, but I don’t really count that one.

          2. Not that we’ve seen. It’s been over two years an we still haven’t seen a photo of Harry with George.

        1. “George and Charlotte are going to be petrified come appearances on the balcony and at Christmas.”

          It was evident that George was really freaked out at the hospital going to visit Charlotte and on the walk to and from the Christening. Will and Kate are not making it any easier on him by keeping him away from the press and public.

          1. A future heir and a spare brought up in seclusion and away from royal influence, what could we expect them to be? We may be looking at the possibility of another stuttering King George who is a camera and work shy, and with a temper. I remember Diana used to take William and Harry to Soup Kitchen, AIDS hospitals, etc, in their early age. Although unfortunately William turned up to be disappointing, Harry came out to be a brilliant public figure. It would be interesting to see the kind of royals they grow up into with the way W&K raise them.

  6. First, I think the Men’s Shed Project is amazing!! I love the concept. Now onto Will and Kate. Like KMR I found Kate’s comment interesting when I heard it. During their courtship years I thought she was an equal in the relationship but I no longer believe that.

    During the events she seemed engaged and her hair was out of her face. Two huge positives! There are a couple of things that get an eye roll from me time and time again. First, how tightly most of her coats and some outfits have been tailored. I just imagine her during fittings saying “no tighter, please make it tighter”. The tailoring she so obviously insists upon creates awkward pulls, lines etc and just makes her clothes and appearances in them a little off. I do not understand her obsession with the tightest clothes possible and the fact that she doesn’t realize they look awful. Also, if she is still breastfeeding she can and should have her clothes loosened.

    My second pet peeve is that when sitting with Will she pulls her chair so close to him that they are almost touching shoulders. She pulls as far away from the person on the other side that she possibly can. The optics of it are terrible. She’ll also do it if she is sitting near someone she feels comfortable with vs a stranger but it’s never as exaggerated as when she’s with Will.

    1. I think you may be on to something with your idea about having clothes fitted tighter. Of course that assumes that she is actually having fittings. It may just be that she is buying things too small or giving designers bogus measurements.

      There was a story right after the wedding that the reason William had so much trouble getting the ring on her finger was because she had it made smaller. Yesterday I saw a picture of her hand and her rings were down to her knuckle – that was all that was keeping them on her finger.

      1. I read something about her getting the ring a size or two too small and I always thought that was really stupid. Why would you get a ring sized too small?

        1. I think she got a ring two sizes smaller because she wants to have the strong reason to diet and be even thinner only to fits her finger into that ring.

    2. She may have her clothes tailored a bit small as some sort of vanity thing. Like she hasn’t come to terms with the fact that she’s gone up a size or something. Or she just likes wearing really tight clothing because it makes her feel sexy or something.

    3. Do you really think she’s still breast feeding? I don’t. She looked ‘deflated’ in that blue evening gown at the Bond premier. I think she’s wearing padded bras, and they are much larger than she used to be. You can see the difference in how the coat fits in the bodice now, as compared to 2012.

      1. Breastfeeding mothers are almost inseparable with their babies but I have never seen any picture of Kate and Charlotte together besides two official pictures after Charlotte’s birth and her christening photo. Kate seems to be very distant mother to me, even her comment about Charlotte are very impersonal – if I am mistaken then their PR team are making a very bad job

    4. I didn’t like the puckering at the waist in the coat. I see what you mean about having her clothing tightly tailored. She is soooo thin. Very unhealthy looking. I’ve been away for way too long, but just looking at her in some of the photos, makes me think she is suffering a major eating disorder.

  7. This visit reminded me of when they were first married, with the playful banter and easy smiles. It was nice to see as imo, William and Kate haven’t been happy for some time.

    While I like this coat it doesn’t seem to fit properly with the lapels closed and buttoned, there’s a weird gap and tug in the bodice area that really throws the look off. I would have styled it with the lapel open and a colorful scarf to offset all the black and grey. Wow, she really is a dull dresser isn’t she?

    KMR, do you have any idea how much time they spent at each event? I get the feeling that it’s not much time at all. And not a great idea to piss off the people that photograph you for a living, a whole bunch of unflattering shots could start making their way to the front page if they’re not careful. Seriously why do W&K have to have such an adversarial relationship with the royal press and royal photographers? They don’t have to be chums but at least be professional.

    1. Kim Jong Will is only polite to those that bow and scrape before him. Any journos and photographers that don’t are very firmly out.

      He really is not a nice man at all.

    2. Wow, she really is a dull dresser isn’t she?

      The Duchess needs to stop the greys, beige, navy blue, black, brown monotones…then you get wild swings like the Erdem dress..she needs to stop that too…especially at those prices….

      1. Hi Beatrice, I don’t mind the greys, beiges, blues and blacks, I wear those same colors most of time myself, it’s just that she doesn’t accessorize with brighter colors or interesting prints to break up the dullness. If she just added a pretty scarf, a colorful clutch or contrasting shoe, it would make all the difference. And you’re so right, then we get the bright colored oddly shaped pieces like that Erdem dress she wore to the WHF gala.

        The Queen dresses in bright color so that people in the crowds can see her, she gets it. I don’t think her natural inclination would be to wear those bright colors but she understands that people are excited to see her, they’ve been standing sometimes for hours just to catch a glimpse of her so she goes out of her way to make it easier for them. The Duchess for some reason doesn’t get it.

    3. The side-by-side comparison of the first time she wore it and this second time round are just astounding. She wore appropriate hosiery with her boots the first time, as opposed to the wrinkled and scrunched jeans the second, and she wore a proper belt to accentuate her waist the first time, and the second time nothing and it looked sloppy. I think she was spray tanning back then as well and getting fillers. She just looks a lot less polished and far less attractive lately. She’s slipping in the style dept.

    4. I don’t know for sure how long they were at each event. But it seems they spent about 6 hours total doing their five engagements. So taking out travel time between each would put each at about an hour at most.

  8. When I see the side by side photos of Kate (today and a few years ago) in the same coat, it reminds me of how she has aged at a rapid rate.

    How could she look far worse than a couple of years ago? Did pregnancy X2 have this kind of negative result, or is it being married to William?

    She is getting out of the house, so this is a plus, but making comments about Charlotte getting bigger makes her sound like an idiot. What were we to think? Thanks for filling us in because we thought Charlotte may have been shrinking since the baptism. Does this woman have any personality?

    1. Not sure what happened but the coat now doesn’t fit with all that bunching in the chest cavity. Her breasts enhanced due to all the breastfeeding?

    2. In my opinion she just isn’t spray tanning or getting her fillers anymore. She’s always had skin that’s a bit beyond its years just like her sister and mother. She isn’t trying as hard aesthetically lately, but she doesn’t actually look much older than she used to. Before her princess makeover (2007, 2008) there are some candid pictures of her just going about her business and she looks like she does now only a bit rounder.

    3. ‘Cause it’s totally not common knowledge that babies, you know, grow and stuff.

  9. William is really going bald, at his age that’s unfortunate and on him not a good look, but I guess you can’t fight what’s hereditary.
    I agree, they look playful and happy, but she always turns the wattage up when he’s with her. She wants his approval and attention and watches his every move, and seems to live to make him happy and comfortable. That is basically the definition of…If he truly is a micro managing control freak, I hope someday she gathers up her self respect and says enough, quit running my life ( and then turns and says it to her mother, who’ll be hiding behind Will’s back, clutching his coat tails).
    Stand up for yourself, woman, he is aging you as fast as he is thinning out on top.

    1. Bahaha!! “and says it to her mother, who’ll be hiding behind Will’s back, clutching his coat tails”, it would be great if Kate could break free and start becoming more of her own woman. I don’t necessarily mean divorce or anything like that just show more of her own personality, her own desires, maybe when she’s on the top of royal food chain then she can until then there will be someone above her dictating what she can and can’t do. I really couldn’t imagine living that type of life, but I could imagine swanning around in gowns and tiaras all day :):)

  10. I read somewhere that Kate is the “power house”. Any arguments with her, William has to back down which is not what he usually does with Prince Charles.

    1. Yeah, there have been several reports that sources claim that Kate wears the pants in the family. But I don’t think that’s accurate. She may have a Mean Girl streak, but William is the dominant one in that relationship.

      1. I don’t think she’s the dominate one either. She’s shown that by running to his side when he crooks his little finger. Especially after the big break-up. Definitely did not take after her mother in that aspect.

        Now Pippa, on the other hand, I could totally see being the dominate one in the relationship. It may have been better if Pippa had been the one. At least she’d get out there and work.

        1. I can see Pips being the dominate one in a relationship, too. But for all the PR about Kate not being a doormat and wearing the pants in the relationship, Kate is very clearly a doormat and the submissive one. She does what Will wants, when he wants it. If he says come, she runs to him. If he says leave me alone I’m going hunting with Jecca, Kate leaves him alone to go hunting with Jecca. No matter what her personality, she would never be the dominant one because she has no power. She is nothing without him and his status. She has to keep him in order to keep her status.

          1. Those comments go into the let’s build Kate up workbook.

            She’s a hard worker
            She’s highly intelligent (she reads scientific papers, you know)
            She’s going to make lots of speeches
            She truly cares about everyone
            She wears the pants in the house (even when Ma Midds backs up Will)
            She’s a fashion icon
            She’s a 24/7 hands-on mom
            blah, blah, blah

            Have you noticed they tend to say what they really want her to be but she never quite lives up to it. I guess they believe that if they say it enough then Kate and the public will start to believe it.

  11. I don’t think that is very a good balance of power. I doubt Diana argued with William. I think William was comforted by Diana.
    William was going bald around 2005/2006. Kate did dress a little older except at university she dressed in a Sloane style. I thought Kate could have made her hair a bit more attractive in braids or a pony tail then. That photo with Eugenie and Beatrice is hilarious. It shows what they both think of Kate. No need for captions.

  12. This is probably something that no one else would noticeable, but as an avid rock climber, I was aghast to see that she didn’t remove the ring of doom before beginning the climb! Wearing finger jewelry while climbing is a huge no-no as the ring could very east get damaged/scratched and more importantly, is a safety hazard. I also thought their banter was interesting and very revealing about their relationship dynamics. I also find it sad and disappointing that she can muster up genuine enthusiasm for fun events like this, but can only manage fake, manic Jim Carry faces or looks of sullen boredom when attending serious charitable events.

    1. I agree about the ring. It was one of the first things I noticed. I always take my jewelry off for anything sports related. I love all my jewelry and would rather not ruin them.

      As for the enthisiasm thing, I don’t think it’s sad. Genuine enthusiasm always shines through when you love something. So kudos to her for showing that she might actually have some personality/her own interest. It’s the faking of enthusiasm for the other stuff that I don’t care for. Yes, everyone fakes it from time to time. No one is going to like everything. She needs to learn how to fake it better. I hope that made sense.

      1. Oh, I’m all for her showing enthusiasm and interest, I just wish she could have that same passion when doing charity work (versus fun sports events and sporting activities she enjoys).

      2. I, too, always take my jewelry off before sports or working out. It just gets in the way.

    2. I have always wondered why she never takes the ring off for sporting engagements. Look at all the times they have been in boats – rowing – with Big Blue highly visible. I got so irritated about it on one of the trips that I was wishing it would just slip off her finger. It would serve her right for being so stupid. Can you imagine the scene if that ring ended up at the bottom of a lake. I am being mean but the melt down would be hysterical.

      1. LOL she never seems to wear it while she’s going about her civilian activities; i.e. shopping, taking George to the park. It seems when she isn’t on show, it stays home. And they’d totally dredge the lake/river for it if it disappeared in any body of water, and that would be hilarious to watch. BREAKING NEWS *heli flies past* DUCHESS LOSES DIANA’S RING IN THE RIVER THAMES” *more heli’s and dozens of official boats buzzing around* hahaha

        1. She only seems to wear it when she knows she’s going to be photographed. That’s a key to telling if pap photos are a set up or not. If she knows she’s going to be photographed, she’ll wear the ring. And if she doesn’t know she’s going to be photographed, she will be caught without it.

        2. She actually does wear it when she does civilian things. It is normally just rotated around so the stone is in her palm. But there are still 3 rings on her hand. I figured she did that so she is less obvious when she is out and about. She probably turns the ring so normal people don’t recognize her and bother her. That way she doesn’t have to be bothered by the peasants 😉

      2. I wonder if they occasionally have the setting set to make sure none of the stones slips out. Imagine having blue slide out somewhere.

        I’m with Sue, I wouldn’t want to see it happen, but we’d get some real emotions from her if it did.

        1. I think she has a “fake” Big Blue that she wears when attending sporting events. I can’t believe the real gem would be treated with such a care-free attitude. She may be dense, but it was W’s mother’s ring and she surely must respect that.

  13. I actually think Will and Kate were quite cute today. It was nice seeing a real interaction between them.

    As for Kate’s coat pulling. I was just looking at the side by side of the last time she wore it and it does not pull at all. I know she wore a turtleneck under it this time by I don’t think it is that thick. Not enough to affect it and pull the coat so much. Her chest looks much more defined this time around. So she either is wearing a really really padded bra or she tailored the coat more. I can’t really tell, but there is a significant difference between this time and the last time. What does anyone else think?

    1. I noticed that too. I think it’s that she’s put on some size in her chest… either through breastfeeding/having babies or implants.

      1. The only problem is we saw how flat chested she really is at the Bond premier. That’s why I think it’s a padded bra plus more alterations on the coat

        1. I thought she looked more busty in that black/white checked dress last month and immediately thought she’d gotten some padded bras — just like years ago when she was on that Canadian trip. There were days there when her bust was larger, noticeably larger.

      2. Those implant rumors need to die. We saw her braless at the Spectre premiere and she has very small breasts. Smaller than they look when she’s wearing her normal dresses and coats. Which makes me think she wears padded bras most of the time.

          1. Maybe what we call chicken cutlets where I live. They’re little silicon inserts that you put in the cup with your breast. You can use them with any of your bras. I think my grandma called them falsies in the 1905’s. Without going under the knife you can look like you have larger breasts.

    2. I did noticed the aged face but did not the fitting of the coat.

      I think you are right, to me, it did look like she could barely tie the coat (is tie the right verb? maybe squeeze…). It could be she was wearing a padded bra, her girls seem to change size every time this days. Or she’s pregnant again…

      The thing I found weird is that she seemed more skinnier in the turquoise blue dress at the conference than in 2012, and know it’s the opposite…

    3. I would bet padded bra. We saw her braless at the Spectre premiere and she clearly has very small breasts. Smaller than this look would have you believe. So definitely a padded bra.

      1. I also remember the naked balcony photos and a honey,oon photo of Kate in a bikini. Small hreasts, muscle, sinew and bone. I don’t know how William could think snuggling up to that is fun.

        1. Wasn’t there a report where Uncle Gary said William told him that he thinks anything larger than a handful is a waste? It may have been phrased differently, but it was something along the lines of William not liking larger breasts.

        2. One comment a guy made that always makes me laugh is that he got a sudden craving for fried eggs after seeing Kate’s balcony photos.

    1. It was good to see the pair of them out and seeming to enjoy themselves today. Yorkie, I think she must have multiple pairs of these types of jeans/leggings. She has multiples of so many things in her wardrobe. It seems such a waste of resources, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to be seen in something more colourful and different. I think for me the problem of the look of these skinny jeans is that the Duchess is so skinny, her legs are like twigs, alarmingly so. When she had the helmet on she seemed all teeth and head, as bad as that sounds and I don’t mean this in any way to be nasty of her appearance, but her thinness is very acute, that is why her posture is so out. For a woman of her age, it screams eating disorder, this is not natural thinness. Her face on her engagement was filled out more, no gauntness or lines and she was so much softer looking and pretty, more curves on her figure, thus her clothes fitted her better, now they don’t, now there is either gaps or baggy in the outline she does not have the figure to fill out the clothes where needed. Not to speak of the damage this sort of dieting does to the body.

      1. That’s all I could see. She looked like a lollipop. She looks pin thin and so unhealthy. Those jeggings do nothing for her. Theyou are hidjous.

        1. It was pretty staggering to see those skinny jeans over her stick legs. To think pictures put on 20 lbs on you. Her head with the helmet over her emaciated figure makes her look like a scarecrow.

      2. My boyfriend calls her a stick head. Giant head with a body like a stick figure. Then he asks why I follow her. Says she’s pretty, but would never want that. Says she’s too skinny and wants/needs something to grab onto. Most of my guy friends say the same. They all like curves.

        1. My husband doesn’t even think she is pretty – just very average and he is not the man who is afraid to says opposite. When I heard his opinion few years ago I was surprised because the entire world seemed to think that she is beautiful, well not him. I didn’t ask him lately because he would laugh at me, besides there is no point – if she was beautiful once she no longer is even for me. I really have no intention to be cruel but it strikes me every time I see a new picture of her. What happened to that woman – I don’t understand …

          1. That’s funny, my husband thinks she is attractive, but not as pretty as I make her out to be. He definitely doesn’t think she is a natural beauty. That it takes work to make her look good. I still think she is very pretty. I am one of those people who would love to have her figure. Probably because I have hips and would love to not have them. We always want what we don’t have 🙂

          2. My husband thinks she looks about fifty and skin and bones. “Not very attractive. She’d be prettier if she gained twenty pounds because she’d look healthy.”

          3. Overit I would love to have her height – that is for sure 🙂 As for her figure, I think after 6 months of struggling with my body after baby No 3 and working out every single day I can finally say I am happy with the results. At least I can wear jeans size 4 without even hint of muffin top and that is something for me 🙂 nevertheless there was a time when I envied her ability to be thin again after just 2 months since she gave birth to Charlotte but I am guessing she didn’t gain any weight during her pregnancy. As for me – I lavished myself with plenty of ice-creams while I was pregnant because I believe that’s what pregnant women do 🙂 (at least most of them) and few more months of exercising was the price for that weakness.

        2. Miss k, very well put. The Duchess does not think she is too thin, otherwise she would not be drawing so much attention to her frail appearance by all the tight clothing she wears. Belts clenched in, tight jeans/ leggings, dresses etc.. although sometimes she has more fabric in her clothing. It screams slimmers disease. Most sufferers don’t see what we see when they look at themselves in the mirror, my daughter was a classic example. There head, hands, teeth and feet are more pronounced, this is why it gives the appearance of being the biggest part of her or too large for her body. There was a photo of Tara Reid another very frail looking lady, she was carrying a coffee cup and that looked so big in her hands, it was scary to see.
          Carole and the Duke really need to talk to the Duchess and try to get her some help, cant they see how she looks, you only need look at her face, angular and gaunt. The Duchess frail appearance now is making her look unwell. Her bustline is non existent thanks to the evening dress she wore to the Bond premiere, that dress just hung off her, she is shrinking and I would hazard a guess she is using padded bras. Looking like this is definitely not attractive or desirable looking.

    1. Your guess is as good as mine, pp. We haven’t gotten a “William to the rescue” PR article in a good long while. So who knows if he’s still doing that.

      1. It was off-topic, Will’s air ambulance job and I do apologize. Apparently he’s still at it, though. There’s an article in Daily Fail. The charity he flies for would like some white goods donated to their new break room, including a new, 55-inch tv, microwaves, dishwasher, etc.

  14. Here we go with William and Kate making less-than-kindly comments about George again. “Noisy” isn’t a bad thing to say in itself, necessarily, but I wish they’d come up with something nice to add instead. I guess the part about the helicopter isn’t bad.

    The rest of the visit was kind of “meh” to me, but seeing more pictures of Kate compared to 2012 and 2011 is startling.

    1. The helicopter thing was nice. It’s nice to know *something* about the kid. But again with the noisy. We get it, you have a rambunctious kid, get over it already and learn to deal with it, it’s been over two years.

  15. I’m trying to be positive and say that I hope they brightened someone’s day.

    I just can’t anymore. They aren’t fun to watch. William seems like a tool. Just nasty and cantankerous. Kate seems like she needs constant reassurance from him. Kate looks very unhealthy. Those jeggings made her look darn near skeletal. Those pics of her abseiling were uncomfortable to look at.

    At this point, I hope they don’t release pictures. The more they keep the kids away, the more we people will start ignoring them.

    At this point, Kate says things that are so ridiculous. She is a walking throwback and think everything she does is on purpose. The comments. Big blue. Everything.

    I need a Harry post.

    1. Harry will be in South Africa starting on Nov 26. So there will be a Harry post sometime at the end of next week.

      1. Sorry for being so glum. These engagements stacting to irk me. They need substance and hard work. Not just fluff.

        Thank you for all of your hard work, KMR.

          1. I don’t get it either. Spread it out over a few days. Gives the impression they’re doing more. Plus it gives each place they visit the due attention it deserves.

          2. Because they don’t want to be there working in the first place. So the faster they can get it over with the better for them.

            Arrive, get out of the car, wave, shake a few hands, ignore the waiting photographers. Go inside or wherever the event is taking place, look around, make small talk, shake a few more hands, maybe make a speech, shake a few more hands, thank the key people, leave. Wave on the way to the car, keep ignoring the photographers and get into your car/heli so you can get back to your country manor/fortress and wash the public off.

            That’s what their outings seem like to me.

          3. Because it’s an away day which means they have to fit in everything in the one day. It would be too costly to stay there for five days to do everything on a different day. Especially when they only stay at each place for an hour.

          4. @KMR: I’d imagine they could do it as other royals do. Helicopters are handy! Or why even do it at all, more likely, considering it has little to do with mental health issues unless it’s some sort of exercise for people. Get over one’s fears and trust, or something like that…

          5. @Ellie: Even other royals, when they do away days, do multiple engagements in the one day in the town they are visiting.

  16. About the control comment, it was quite interesting. It’s rare to glimpse into the reality of their relationship, as they’re so guarded with what they say publicly, and with Willy’s incessant need to control his PR so tightly. I think it’s been quite obvious to all of us who’ve followed their relationship for the past decade (or got all caught up on the relationship when it became big news in 2010), that it’s always been about him. She didn’t even have a proper job or any obligations for that matter when they were on, and when they were off she had her rowing moment but of course that ended as soon as they were on again. It’s like in order to maintain the relationship with him, she had to be available 24/7. Whenever he wasn’t booked, even if it was last minute, she needed to be available, or he might find someone else. Luckily for her, mommy bought her the fancy love nest in Chelsea and she had her allowance to live on. It worked because she had the perfect setup for it to work. Perfect childhood, perfectly wholesome girl with a competitive streak due to her interest in sport, etc. I really find the whole Carole thing fascinating, I think her ambition absolutely influenced Kate, and I think Kate’s switching schools and taking that gap year were totally strategic. They executed the whole thing as a mommy daughter team perfectly lol. That said, you can’t convince anyone to be with you. Willy had to find her interesting and attractive. She had a few tools up her sleeve for that too though, with her catwalk number. I also think her mother instilled in her a kind of confidence that basically said, ‘why shouldn’t a prince want me, I’m just the girl he needs.’ lol. I read once that someone had approached Kate and said to her that she was so lucky to be dating Willy. Her reply was so telling, “He’s lucky to be dating ME.” LOL! You go girl. I think Kate knows exactly how to play on his insecurities and ego, and it’s a full time balancing act. I do think she genuinely cares about him though, I don’t think it was or is 100% about the win.

    1. I think the change of universities and gap year were also strategic. They also have Emilia D’Erlanger to thank for the initial introduction. It’s not written about much, but Kate actually met Willy while she was in boarding school, thanks to Emilia. A weekend party at Highgrove I believe.

      Ma Middleton probably made sure Kate hung with the right crowd at Marlborough (sp?) They actually have Emilia to thank for the initial introduction.

        1. I don’t know how close they really are but I want to say Emilia is one of the Cambridge kid’s godparents. Kate may be one of Emilia’s kid’s godparents, too. I forget now which “friend” (who was really William’s friend) chose Kate as godmother to her kid a while back.

          1. Thank you KMR. No worries. I do know reading from last year at xmas, Prince George received some help with his candle at the Christingale and blew the little girl that helped him a kiss. That was the first positive thing I have read about George.

    2. @M123
      I agree with your comments totally.
      The end goal was to bag the biggest prize which was to marry William and Kate did what ever she could to get that goal. I do think she felt bullied at school and that she felt unremarkable hence the documented makeover one summer by Carole. Then Kate was doing anything she could to get boys interested in her, though I’m not sure how flashing her b*m was meant to get her a boyfriend – mostly likely the best way to get a reputation?
      As for Kate having to be available for William at all times which meant she couldn’t work? I, personally, feel this was Kate’s (and Carole?) idea not William’s. Kate showed at University that she didn’t like any other girl getting near to William. I think she continued this habit after university and that is why she didn’t want to be working and therefore unavailable when William was on holiday and could maybe meet the right girl?

      1. Yeah I don’t think it was Will’s idea that she be available to him whenever and wherever. It would seem Carole knew it was the best chance, and Kate probably demanded that she be available at all times so as not to lose him. I feel like once she realized she might have a chance with him, her whole life became about attaining that goal. If he had been crazy about a girl, he would have worked around her schedule and married her quickly. 10 years is just humiliating. James Whitaker said it best in an interview for 9 news AU. “Now my problem with William on this is, I think he likes Kate very much, I think he loves her, but I think even now, he’s not IN LOVE with her. But he wants her there because, the most important thing is, he can trust her. The prize for Kate of being the princess of Wales and then queen, I think she will put up with anything that’s thrown at her.” Sums it all up for me. I think Will likes having someone, but I don’t think he was ever wild about Kate in particular. She had all the right elements to her for the role though- wholesome, no scandals, clean and tidy, good healthy family, and she seemingly clung to him. I think bringing him into her family and giving him that sense of belonging to a tight knit happy family sealed the deal. He did manage to say something cringe-worthy in his engagement interview just like his pappy though. When asked about how he proposed he proclaimed that he, “wanted to show his romantic side.” Instead of saying, “I wanted it to be very romantic for Kate,” it was “I wanted to show my romantic side.” So basically he wanted to show off instead of wanting to make it a great experience for his partner lol. I mean truly the guy must be such a headache to be with.

        1. I’m curious as to how William talked/talks to his friends about Kate. Is she the love of his life or during college was she the girl who was available and kept her mouth shut? Does he defend her if they say something off about her or does he just roll with it?

          That would tell a lot about how he feels about her. And as much as he may respect her and love her, if he’s not IN LOVE with her (like it appears his grandparents were and are) it will make for a long road ahead. And by that I mean I could easily see him stepping out on her because she’s willing to keep her mouth shut just for the brass ring of being his wife. For all we know he already is dabbling.

  17. I agree with rhiannon. Great post and update KMR with good insight, but they are harder and harder to watch. The shrinking body, huge teeth. But in all fairness, I think it would be incredibly hard to be married to Willy. Maybe there is a reason not many other girls ever wanted to date him. Or maybe he’s now moody after all of the years Kate and Scacrole hunted him down.

    I want to like them. I really do. It’s just very difficult. I find they play the media and even their fans. They more they think they are above the fray, the more boring I find them. Princess Victoria takes little Estelle out for a few special occasions and even released a cute Christmas video with her. She’s also the future monarch, but they don’t hide her behind closed doors.

    Royal families are now different than they were even just 15 years ago. People want relatable, down to earth monarchs. If you look at many of the comments on the Daily Mail, most of people want the monarchy abolished. Willy won’t get public admiration if he doesn’t know how to be relatable.

    1. I think that by including Estelle in events and releasing photos they are accomplishing two things: first, they are getting the Swedish people invested in Estelle’s life by giving them glimpses into her little world and secondly, they are introducing Estelle to her duties. It’s not going to be some harsh change she has to adjust to at some point. She’ll know the protocol cold and will be accustomed to the press and crowds. By watching her mother and father she will know how to act and react.

      Getting the people of Sweden invested in Estelle may, in some ways, help to secure the monarchy. If they feel an attachment to her and a trust and feel that she loves her country and the people in it they may be happier to keep the monarchy in tact.

      With William and Kate the people barely see any of them, not just the children. That to me says they could care less so why should the people of GB? Their history thus far has been to show up extensively in the final months of the year to boost their numbers and the other times they seem to mainly be hiding and screaming at the media to back off. Who wants that as the figurehead of the Commonwealth?

      1. I agree, Lisa. W+K like the throwback era of the media being afraid of the monarchy and the monarch being hidden. Maybe that’s his grand plan.

      2. I keep forgetting Charlotte even exists. I have much more love for the Swedish kids than G&C. W&K aren’t doing G&C any favors by hiding them away. It will only make them more fearful of the press and public as they get older and will only make the public not care about them.

      3. The Swedish RF really needs the goodwill of the people. The King is not popular and there have been recent scandals involving him as well as a highly unflattering book about him. Furthermore, the Swedish monarch’s role is purely ceremonial, unlike in fx Denmark where the Monarch still has as a constitutional role like signing every law, attending State Councils, etc. That means that it would be easier to dispose of the SRF.

        Fortunately for them, Victoria is incredibly popular! Heck, even her birthday is celebrated like a national holiday called Victoria-dagen (meaning Victoria’s day).

        1. And I think there was a recent motion in the Swedish Riksdag proposing the abolition of the monarchy. Vic and Dan have been visible at events and Daniel granted an interview to one of the major newspapers.

          I like Victoria, Sweden is lucky to have her. She chose wisely, and in the face of much opposition, when falling for Daniel. In the discussion of those who married in his story is fascinating and heart warming. He has had a kidney transplant and lives daily with the reality of that. He is still works on behalf of the Swedish people and RF, supports Victoria and is seamingly a great dad to Estelle and uncle to Madde’s children. He is from an ordinary background and his family appear to be unassuming. Daniel’s wedding speech (two languages) and that of his father – dignified with appropriate humour – delivered to a daunting audience in situ, via live broadcast and forever to be found on the Web.

          1. I agree–Victoria and Daniel are the strongest case in Sweden for the continuation of the monarchy. They’re actually ready to do the big jobs, and they seem like genuinely good, loving people and parents.

            I’m studying Swedish right now, and one of the sentences in my lessons is “Kronprinsessan är mycket populär” (the Crown Princess is very popular). What an apt choice of instructional phrases!

    2. Yeah, there is a reason no other girl would stick around. William does not treat women with respect and none of the other girls were willing to put up with his BS the way Kate was.

  18. Oh my goodness, when will she get that skin tight jeans are not appropriate for a senior Royal on an official engagement? Sure they are the young modern face of royalty yada yada. But you can look youthful and still be sophisticated. Is there no-one in their circle who will say this to them?
    Meanwhile, random theory – I think Kate feels she has a thick neck and thus always tries to hide it. The only time she wears her hair up is when she has turtle necks or high collars.

    1. If someone has a thick neck the last thing they should do is wear turtlenecks and high collars. It will only make their necks look thicker.

    2. Kate could have easily worn a tunic dress over the polo/jeggings outfit. She could have then taken off her coat indoors instead of looking like she was keen to leave, and removed the tunic, coat and boots when she changed into the red jacket and hiking boots.

      If those hiking boots belong to Kate then I am sure that she knows about hiking trousers that could also be tucked into the high suede boots and would still look fine under the smarter coat.

  19. There is nothing on her calendar now. I wonder if they will be taking a vacation??? So, she worked 5 days this whole month. One of which was just an appearance on a balcony for a short period. I get Will and Kate pack a lot of small engagements into a day so that they don’t have to work more than a day, but it seems like it wouldn’t benefit their charities. Like only the abseiling is being reported on. The other 4 have not really been mentioned. It seems like if they really cared and wanted to bring attention to these charities that they would spread out the visits.

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