Kate Middleton gives speech at Place2Be’s Headteacher Conference (updated)

Kate Middleton gives speech at Place2Be’s Headteacher Conference (updated)

As I hoped, and as Jason previewed, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, gave a speech at the Place2Be Headteacher Conference today, November 18. An actual speech talking about the actual issue.

This is definitely the longest speech Kate has ever given, going by the length of the transcript. I’m not quoting the entire thing because it’s too long (I never thought I would write that in relation to Kate), but here are a couple excerpts.

Kate on why she chose mental health:

    “I often get asked why I decided to spend time highlighting the mental health of children. I imagine my answer might be similar to many of yours. I know that I was lucky. My parents and teachers provided me with a wonderful and secure childhood where I always knew I was loved, valued and listened to. But of course many children are not so lucky. Since beginning my work in areas like addiction, for example, I have seen time and time again that the roots of poor mental health in adulthood are almost always present in unresolved childhood challenges.”

On why Place2Be’s work is important:

    “Not all children have the anchor of a strong family. Many will arrive through your school gates feeling a real lack of love and devotion in their lives. This often leaves them feeling insecure and without confidence and trust in the world around them. That is why your work is so important.
    “Parents, teachers and other school staff need the tools to help these young people early in their lives. And the earlier, the better. It is proven that early action prevents problems later in life. […] As head teachers you have the chance to reach tens of thousands of children during your careers, and make an impact on a great scale.”

[full transcript]

UPDATE: Here is a video of her speech:

Before I start nitpicking, I want to say: good job, Kate. Good on you for actually making a speech that lasted more than one minute, and that was specific to the cause, the charity, and the event. Honestly, good job for getting up there and making that speech. And I do qualify this as a speech. Yesterday’s words were not a speech, but this is a speech.

Now for nitpicking: From this ITV video of parts of Kate’s speech, I can tell that holy mother of frogs Kate needs to get rid of those bangs! Or at least pin them up when giving a speech. Because of the constant head bobbing the bangs kept getting in her face which was highly annoying and a huge distraction. From that video and this one from Rebecca English, I can tell that Kate still has a problem with random pauses at in… appropriate times in her sentences and she tripped over her words a few times. So basically all the things we’ve been saying Kate needs to work on in terms of delivery, she still needs to work on.

Overall, though, I say this was a good effort from Kate.

Here’s another nitpicking thing I want to bring up, though. This bothered me personally, but I don’t know if others were bothered by this. I find Kate’s answer to why she chose children’s mental health interesting because basically she’s saying she chose children’s mental health because she had a great childhood, which doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. The last sentence in the part I quoted – about adult issues stemming from unresolved childhood issues – I liked. But the set up seemed off to me for some reason. Maybe because she’s highlighting the stark difference in her childhood compared to a child who actually suffers (or suffered) from mental health issues and is therefore othering herself from children who suffer (and adults who suffered as children and/or continue to suffer)? She’s not actually relating herself to the cause here. Just going off of what she has said here, it seems she has no idea what it’s like to deal with mental health issues. I think it’s the othering that’s throwing me off.

I don’t want to get to personal in terms of my nitpicking, though, because I do love having something to actually write about other than “she met people” and what she wore, and I would like her to keep up the speech-giving and to improve on the delivery issues she needs to improve on.

Having said that, let’s do fashion.

After months of new dresses, coats, and gowns, Kate finally wore a repeat. She brought back a Matthew Williamson dress from 2012. The dress is from the pre-fall 2012 collection and is a grey color with turquoise and gold embellishment around the collar and sleeves, and a peplum that was all the rage back in 2012. Kate accessorized the dress with her Emmy Shoes “Valerie” pumps and “Natasha” clutch in carbon. Kate has these same pumps and clutch in chocolate as well. Kate also wore her Kiki McDonoughLauren Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Leaf Earrings” (£2,200.00) she debuted last month.

Kate previously wore this dress to the ‘African Cats’ premiere in April 2012. Kate styled this dress almost the exact same way she did back in 2012 – minus the tan and with the addition of the Cartier watch. Oh, and a different shade of brown hair.

Kate in 2012 on the left, and 2015 on the right.

Kate met with schoolchildren outside ahead of the conference.

Kate meets schoolchildren outside Place2Be school conference

Here are two quotes from the Place2Be Twitter page that I liked and related to.

More photos. It was quite windy so thank goodness Kate went with a straight skirt instead of a flared one.

Photos: Getty / Place2Be @Place2Be

229 thoughts on “Kate Middleton gives speech at Place2Be’s Headteacher Conference (updated)

    1. I so agree with you Kristin! And the way she slouches in the chair looks so uncomfortable. The mom in me desperately wants to smack her on the back and tell her to stand up straight. But maybe she’s tackling one thing at a time, first speeches, then her hair and then hopefully her posture.

  1. Wow KMR you certainly got this post up fast!!

    Kudos to Kate today!!! I thought her speech today was really good. Her aides have made a point of saying that all the words she spoke were her own and not written for her, so double kudos for trying her hand at speech writing. I think what she might be trying to say in regards to bringing up her own “wonderful and secure” childhood is that she feels empathy for those who don’t have that in their life. Plus, I’m sure she was advised to speak about her own experiences, trying to add some warmth and compassion to her speech. On the down side the bangs were a major distraction both for her and the audience, it looked like she was hiding behind them and the dark fringe around her face made her look a bit haggered. I hope next time she will pin them up or hairspray them to death.

    On to the fashion, I really liked this dress the first time she wore and was wondering when we’d see it again. With the embellishments on it there is no need for extra jewelry so it’s right up her alley. Given the plainness of most of her clothes I would love to see her take a bit of risk with her accessories, some bright colored shoes or clutch would really help her outfits to shine. I too am not a big fashion risk taker but I’ve learned over time that a touch of color in my accessories can really make or break a look, a bright colored necklace or leopard print shoe is sometimes all it takes to make a look really come together.

    Once Kate gets the whole speech thing down pat I hope that she starts working on her posture.

    1. This is one of my favorite dresses too. You are so right, you do not need any distracting jewelry or accessories as the dress has beautiful embellishments. I just wish it were a tad bit longer.

    2. Slight point of correction: Kate cannot feel empathy for those who have not had a good childhood because she does not understand nor shares their feelings. She can, however, have sympathy for them.

      Those bangs are terribly distracting. I thought her hair before she cut the bangs was distracting when it kept falling in her face and she would push it behind her ears constantly. But the bangs are worse. They fall even more in her face and she’s not pushing them back with her hands so she is compensating with her head movement which makes it even worse.

      I was never a huge fan of this dress but I think it works for her because we get some sort of embellishment and she doesn’t have to wear a ton of jewelry. So it’s a win-win for both sides. I’m just hoping that if she’s pulling things from her 2012 closet, then she’ll pull other pieces from her 2012 closet. She had some great pieces from that year.

        1. I thought the whole “I had a secure childhood” thing unnecessary and overkill.
          We are all well aware that her and her siblings went to the best schools and had support from parents that never cared if any of their kids really worked.

          She can sympathize for underprivileged children all she wants but I don’t honestly think she cares at the end of the day. A speech is only words. We shall see by her actions.

          This holiday season there are plenty of ways for Kate to show the children of her charities that she cares and that they are important.

          1. I agree with you, Anna. I thought some of the content of her speech was really out there. She needs to sack her speech writer – and if it was indeed her, she needs to find someone better. The hair was a disaster. I didn’t mind the dress, good thing it wasn’t a full skirt!

          2. I agree. It was also kind of dumb. Even kids from good homes with supportive parents and teachers can suffer from mental health problems. They may be diagnosed earlier and get better treatment but it doesn’t stop them from having issues in the first place.

      1. A 3min speech showing knowledge on an issue a few of her patronages tackle, well done Kate. I admit I had to read the transcript afterwards because live she lost me (with the odd pauses mid-phrase, head flipping, the eyes shielded by bangs). There were times when I just felt sorry for her because she looked so sad and painfully uncomfortable till the end where she maintain eye contact with her audience for more than 2 seconds and relaxed a bit, even a smile. 🙂 Well done Kate.

        While I can acknowledge the massive improvement this is, it being after almost 5 years almost takes the victory of this milestone away. Especially if I include some of the 8 the years prior to marriage where, according to William’s people, being “intensely mindful of her position as the future King’s betrothed” Kate was “diligently but quietly preparing for her role as his wife.”

        I really appreciated it after reading the transcript, it’s actually good, bar the childhood disconnect. We shouldn’t have to fill in the gaps or guess what she was alluding to but it was nice to see a personal note in there. Is she telling us that when she began her work (with addiction) she leaned that others didn’t have the same wonderful childhood she had and that there can be devastating consequences as a result? As some commentors have written, is she telling us she feels sympathy towards the kids who have bad experiences growing up because she’s realises it could have been her and it was pure luck that it wasn’t? Is she telling us that have realised the affects of terrible childhoods that weren’t wonderful like hers she wants to get involved with work intervenes?

        1. Spot on Gie.

          Most of the speech is insincere, as she really have no idea and don’t seem to care except the end of year count and lambridge PR.

          This after five years will last until the next 3/4 year or Tour, then another end of year dash to the count by way of their yearly history.

      2. @ katemiddletonreview

        Empathizing with someone simply means putting yourself in their shoes, so even if you haven’t experienced what they’re going through, you can still imagine what it would be like, and therefore empathize.

  2. I popped over to watch the clip before commenting. Good for her (and her team) for coming up with an actual speech. Definitely an improvement over the first one, good that she’s using her own words (vetted ahead of time I’m sure).

    But once again, it was really hard to focus on what she was saying because of the little double shakes she kept giving to get her hair out of her eyes. She also could have pulled her hair back over her shoulders before giving the speech. She looks like she was literally blown right up to the podium.

    Okay, this is a step in the right direction, but she’s still got a long way to go before I’m speaking about her in the same tones of admiration that I use for Sophie.

    Beyond the hair, the nitpicky side of me wishes she would pace herself better. She seemed a little rushed. She needs to learn where the pauses happen naturally and how to breathe. I think it would help immensely if she ditched that posh voice and spoke her own words in her own voice. Also, it is widely publicized that she was bullied at one of her schools. That to me would be a great thing for her to refer to as one of those defining moments and how she got past it, but her speech pretty much makes it seem like it was all peaches and cream and she turned out great because of her parents so she wants that for all kids. Which I’m not knocking in any way, but give them something you’ve gone through that they can relate to.

    I’ll give her a C+. If she keeps giving speeches she should get better. At least I’m hoping so.

    P.S. Thank the gods above for the straight dress, that would have blown her credibility completely out of the water if she’d had a flashing moment.

    One more thing, someone on her team is checking boards and blogs because they are hitting at all of the critical things we and others have been bringing up. So I’m sending this one out to Jason – Do something about the hair!!!

    1. Hi Lisa, I agree that someone on Kate’s team is reading all the different blogs. Personally, I think this is the blog to watch, KMR gives Kate credit where credit is due but also offers constructive criticism when necessary.

      As to the comments about Kate being bullied, that’s been widely discredited.

      1. I could only watch about half of the speech. The head bobs were too annoying and Kate must be finding it really frustrating. But good on her for actually giving a speech and now she just needs to work on her delivery and as others have said, do something about the bloody hair!

      2. I, personally, think Kate was bullied – by her mother.
        Carole Middleton wanted her daughters (and presumably her son) to marry into the aristocracy. She positioned them into the right school and universities so the children would be in the right place to meet prospective titled partners. I’m thinking of the stress that would put on anyone, imagine if Kate had gone home and told her parents she wanted to marry Joe Bloggs who worked at the garage down the road?

    2. She actually wasn’t bullied. She was just awkward and didn’t fit in with girls. She gets along better with boys. Supposedly no one really even paid attention to her let alone bully her (she didn’t live on campus, so she didn’t engage anyone). The PR people just changed it so we would all sympathize with her.

      And I agree, if she dropped the posh accent and spoke in her natural voice I think the speech would flow so much better. As well as she would be more confident since she wouldn’t be focused on her voice as much.

      1. I know, but if she’s going to put the falsehood out there she might as well run with it. Especially since it appears to be a joint cause for the two of them.

      2. If I may, let me point out that shunning is also a form of bullying. And it’s one that girls do more than guys. I’m not saying that’s what happened with Kate, but I want to point out that just because the girls “left her alone” doesn’t mean they didn’t bully her. They may have “left her alone” and refused to include her on purpose. Again, not saying that happened, I’m just saying there are many forms of bullying.

        1. Yes but shunning is not the same thing as leaving her alone either. Shunning is purposefully ignoring someone and making them feel like they don’t exist. While leaving someone alone could mean a bunch of things, like they tried talking to her and Kate showed no interest so they didn’t bother again. Or Kate was hardly around since she lived at home, so they never really approached her, but that doesn’t mean the girls ignored her to be mean. From the sound of it they didn’t “shun” her, they just didn’t really interact with her.

          1. I was just throwing that out there. Personally, I doubt she was bullied. But I would also tend to doubt the words of her former classmates if she was supposedly such a nothingburger that they didn’t bother to bully her. If she was that forgettable, why do they remember so much about her years later? I do think the “Kate was bullied” stories were exaggerated, but I could understand if she had a bad experience in school because she didn’t have many friends.

          2. That is true KMR. But I also remember the really weird kids in school. They didn’t really have friends but they were memorable enough because they were awkward enough. Maybe that is why they remember her? The people I never believe are like the group of leaders on Kate’s gap year that had like 80 new kids every few weeks and supposedly they all remember how amazing Kate was. That is the one I call BS on ;). It’s funny how people just magically remember Kate before she was anybody, even after only one meeting.

          3. I remember some weird kids, too. But I only remember vaguely what they looked like. I don’t remember their names and if you asked me to identify them now I wouldn’t be able to. I don’t know anything about who they were or what they were like. And I certainly couldn’t tell you anything about what they are like now. I still think it is very unfair for Kate to be thought of now solely based on what some former classmates who barely knew her thought of her then.

    3. I was also going to give her a C+ for this speech. Comparatively, her past speeches would have received D-‘s and F’s. So this is an improvement for her. But she has a lot to work on in terms of delivery.

      When I first read on Twitter that she talked about why she took up this cause, I was hoping she would actually say something to relate to people who suffer from mental illness or bullying, but then she said she had a great childhood. It would be great to hear about something that she’s been through that relates to the cause, even if it’s small. That’s what I took issue with. She didn’t even try to relate to people who actually suffer.

      1. I have the exactly same impression KMR – I am really glad for her that she finally gave the speech which was longer than two sentences but its contest was very shallow and in a way self-centered. There she is with her perfect childhood and upbringing – how that person could possibly identify with less fortunate people who experienced very harsh childhood?
        If she wanted to create connection between her and her protégées she failed entirely.
        It seems that her image of having such a idyllic childhood and oh-so perfect parents, siblings and even teachers was far more important than the comfort and comprehension of people she suppose to support and empathize with.

  3. Kate Middleton Review I like your comment policy a lot. It makes the distinction between honest critique and outright rudeness.

    “The comment policy in a nutshell: be courteous. Criticism of the royals and debate with fellow commentators are welcome, but do not be rude, attack, demean, belittle, or threaten others.”

  4. Not a bad speech for Kate. Hopefully her writing will improve with time and delivery with a lot more practice. And she really needs to lose the fake accent. It’s incredibly fake and annoying.

    I agree with Laurie that her posture was sloppy. How difficult is it to sit up straight in your chair? And that hair still needs to be addressed. Sloppy and unprofessional. I pity the people working with Kate. You’d get quicker and better results in all areas with a five-year-old.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised about the cadence of her speech being affected by her attempt to maintain that fake accent. Instead of concentrating on the importance of her speech she seems more concerned about maintaining that false accent. Everything about her is so fake. If a caring heart isn’t there I’m not sure that she’ll ever come across as sincere. Her focus is in all the wrong areas. What a waste of a valuable platform to do good works. It’s sad and frustrating at the same time to see how grateful people are for a few meager crumbs.

    1. I think one of the reasons she has so much trouble speaking is because of the accent. She’s trying to hard to keep it up and ends up tripping over words.

      1. I was literally just thinking this exact thought.. something about her accent is just off, it seems so deliberate and forced. I am no expert in accents, but if there are any Brits that read this forum– is her accent supposed to sound posh or upper class? I just can’t think of another reason someone in her position would try so hard to carry on an accent that is 100% learned and not her natural way of speaking.

        1. I’m not British, but from what I understand and what has been said about Kate’s accent versus William and Harry’s, is that Kate has a “posher” accent than both Princes.

          1. Well, her “posher” accent unfortunately does not distract adequately from the fact that she does not seem very active in any of her causes.. imagine what would happen if she spent as much time learning about her charities as she does practicing that ridiculous accent. It’s been mentioned by multiple people on this post and I agree– the forced accent really throws off her pacing and the overall cadence of her speaking… Kate– just talk the way to normally do at home! i promise that most people probably won’t care and then you could just focus on delivering your speeches properly.. public speaking is daunting enough without the added stress of pronouncing your words a certain way..

  5. Good morning! You are so quick, KMR!

    Good start to Kate! I think that she does have a ways to go in the way of her speeches. She is in a position to hire an excellent coach. I had to facilitate for a living and it is hard. But with practice and practice, it can be done. I agree about the hair. She HAS to pin it back. It is just too much. Her head shaking distracts from the speech in all the wrong ways. It is easy to forget about what she said as compared to how she said it.

    I loved this dress. It is one of my favorites. While I understand that she has had two kids since she first wore it, her body language is so different. She seems more confident and self assured when she first wore it. My only gripe is that it is short.

    I know that this is petty, but I found it nice to see that she had a pen and pad of paper in her hands in one of the pictures. I hope that this means she is ready to work and provide value. I will give her a B+ as she is trying. I hope she keeps it up.

    Great work, KMR!

    1. I totally agree about her body language. Instead of her confidence growing over time it seems like it has decreased. It’s very strange but maybe getting out and involved will help her confidence come back.

    2. Rhiannon- I agree there is a big difference in her body language. She seems more reserved and almost more scared than before.

      I also see a big difference in her overall appearance since the last time that she wore this dress. The photos side-by-side gave great contrast. She looks tired, sullen, and significantly older now. I wonder if she is just exhausted from the kids? It seems she has aged more than 3 years…I think that losing so much weight in her face may have some impact as well.

    3. I’m okay with the length of the dress. It’s to just above the knee which is fine. Those bangs, though. They got to go.

    4. “Her head shaking distracts from the speech in all the wrong ways. It is easy to forget about what she said as compared to how she said it.”

      Her head shaking is so annoying and distracting. I couldn’t watch the whole 3min video. I decided to scroll down and just listen without watching her.

      Kate looks soooo miserable! I wonder: are the kids really sucking the life out of her? It is PPD? It is all the weight fluctuations that have aged her terribly? It is the sun/all that tanning? It is just the critics? Is it her marriage? Is it being locked away in the country and losing her “freedom” plus not being able to ever speak? She looks terrible :/

      Rhiannon, you were quite nice giving her a B+ . I give her a D+
      I’m with GIE about thinking that the fact that it is so late (almost 5 years) takes a lot away…

      If Kate is discouraged by her critics (and those of us not impressed) she should be mindful that practice makes the master – it is an actual saying in Spanish. She needs to put work, effort and time into it to improve, and she should.

      On a fashion note: I really like the dress. I find it unfortunate that she looks exactly like a bad copy from the first time she wore it – the hideous bangs and sad face totally ruin it this time.

      oh, and there are so many pictures of Kate with her mouth WIDE OPEN that I wonder if she spends a lot of time with it so open… as a teenager I used to do that and my father hated it, he was pretty mean trying to correct me, but hey, it worked.

      1. Re the wide open mouth: A lot of times when on engagements and doing walkabouts there will be tons of photos of her with her mouth wide open. Like, overly wide open. I think it’s her way of seeming excited to meet everyone, by opening her mouth and saying “hi” and laughing with a giant open mouth. I’ve never seen anyone laugh with that wide a mouth before her. I think it’s an over exaggerated expression.

  6. i’m glad she made a speech. However, my teeth are set on edge by the grammatic errors starting with the first sentence and throughout the speech.

    it needs editing and re-arranging of paragraphs to make it flow such that she doesn’t come across the way you interpreted it.

    first sentence should read…. ‘I am often asked’ NOT ‘I get often asked’ the first is proper formal English English, the latter is informal, spoken American English. to an English ear, it is slang.

    I’m itching to correct and re-write her speech to post hear, but i’ll just leave with that first correction.

    1. Hi Herazeus,

      Even in America “I get often asked” isn’t proper English! Someone on her team isn’t the brightest bulb.

    2. Herazeus, perhaps you should rewrite all of Kate’s speeches and post them here. If Kate is lucky maybe one of her minders will pass your corrected versions along. Someone needs to teach that woman how to write. Some speech tips as well would help tremendously.

  7. KMR, you about killed me with the straight up There’s Something About Mary bangs close up. Still laughing!!
    The dress is one of my least favorites; I wasn’t a fan the first time she wore it either. Yes, she still needs coaching in elocution and the hair was pretty distracting, but a double thumbs up from me. This is what we’ve been wanting from her all along, here’s hoping it all continues and she keeps getting better and stronger.
    What I get from her happy childhood comment was that she can’t be empathetic to the cause, but is very sympathetic. She understands how incredibly lucky she was to have the safe and loving upbringing she did, and realizes how important it is in the development of children…to feel wanted and safe and loved. She is coming at it from the only perspective she knows. I think it’s fair.

    1. I love the photos of her hair going crazy in the wind. They’re funny.

      As far as her speech, I understand if that’s the only experience she has, but I still feel like her reason for wanting to be involved in this cause was not articulated well. To me it came across as cold and othering rather than “I was one of the lucky ones; I want to help those less fortunate than myself”.

      1. Oh, she has a ways to go in being genuine with people, no doubt about it, but if she stays involved, it will come.

  8. I do think Kate should have left out the part about “since beginning my work”. She doesn’t have a strong enough work history to make this statement.

  9. Glad Kate is making an effort, I really do think that all the negative press about her is being read by her handlers and they are trying to repair her image and if they succeed it will work and everyone will think she is a hard-working royal and all this will be forgotten. I think they realize that she needs to be seen as an adult. I do think she was rather stilted in her speech, but the more she speaks in public the more at ease she will become. On another subject–that HIDEOUS hair just detracts from everything, especially with those bangs flopping around her face. It is just a very messy look. I am sure she has been spoken to about it, and has been asked to wear it up more often, but I think it is her security blanket. I have never liked that dress, I think the embellishment is cheesy looking, the “jewels” look like big plastic blobs. Lastly, for the love of all things decent, someone needs to get her to wear some lipstick so she does not look so washed out. In conclusion though, maybe she is finally on track to be more involved with various causes. The 5 year vacation could be over.

    1. I think if she makes a serious change that actually sticks then I don’t have a problem with letting her past laziness go. But she has to actually work hard going forward in order for that to happen.

      1. exactly!!!
        i think Will and Kate are working harder to chill the scathing critics about their laziness and to increase the number of their engagement before the end of this year.

        it will take a lot of hard work to me to erase their past

  10. Kudos to Kate for giving a real speech!! It isn’t easy and she did it, which is great! I agree that the constant head bobbing and looking down at her notes was so distracting I barely remember what she said. She really needs to remember at least parts of her speech and not read word for word. Starting out she can at least memorize her open and close. Those are usually the least “meaty” parts of any speech and it’s hard to screw up a welcome and thank you. That being said, I hope she continues on this path and learns from this video for the next speech.

    The hair, oh no!! I always hesitated to say this because I thought, maybe she just likes her long hair, but after today I’m convinced it is her security blanket. Something to hide behind. It was distracting, unprofessional and did nothing to enhance her looks. Everyone who has bangs knows how they fall around your face and she choose this hairstyle. That speaks volumes to me.

    Like many, I’ve always liked this dress. As Laurie noted, she is such a plain dresser I appreciate that some accessories are built in. That being said, she should use those colors he built into the dress to play with the color of her purse, shoes and earrings.

    One last thought, I no longer trust the royal reporters to be objective after the meet and greet and I found it interesting that Rebecca English put “rare speech” in her headline. Was this Jason’s way of letting us know not to expect this often?

    1. Re Rebecca English: She was not at the meet-and-greet. She was out of the country at the time. Or at least that’s what she said on Twitter. I don’t think there is anything nefarious about English calling Kate’s speech rare. It *is* rare for Kate to give a speech.

  11. Killing critics and bad reviews by granting public everything which are demanded, brilliant PR strategy indeed. KP just needs to make sure that this is not a mere temporary desperate measure before the Duchess hits Mustique. Critics don’t subside after a mere few speeches or even months. The negative images came from her 15 years chasing Will sans real job, 4 1/2 years lazy luxury life style. It will take a life-time of consistency to fix this. Once she returns to her couch potato mode, she will certainly receive even more serious criticisms.

    Good job on the speech, could have been better, but I applaud her effort. The best one so far since her wedding. Good job of getting rid of those ginormous hair extensions, dark liners next. Oh, and those hands which always cover her nether region, that really annoys me. Is it just me? That shows how insecure she is. Her body language does not show any star quality that Maxima, Mary, Letizia, and other female royals have. They are all commoners married into royal families, but all shines, even Mette Marit who used to be divorced. Kate just somehow looks pitiful to me. If a personality coach or such can fix this, she needs to fix it as soon as possible. Being nice is not enough to be a princess!

    1. A gentle correction: Mette-Marit wasn’t married and divorced before her marriage to CP Haakon Magnus of Norway. She did, however, have a son.

      The crotch-clutching pose is something that annoys me immensely. However, William does it too and I find the pose even more annoying in a man since it looks like he’s protecting his junk from a high kick. It is a closed-up and defensive type of body language – and body-language is hard to alter. It requires endless and disciplined work because it how we carry ourselves generally is not something done consciously. In that sense, an enormous amount of work goes into being a public person on this level – it is a high level of performance and some are more inclined toward it than others. However, I do think that her total lack of previous work experience has become a millstone around her neck, dragging her down.

      1. “However, William does it too and I find the pose even more annoying in a man since it looks like he’s protecting his junk from a high kick.”

        I love this comment.

        I agree, ArtHistorian. I think that she had ample time to volunteer. Try things that she either liked or didn’t like. This would help her with empathy and perspective. It is so jarring now. All it takes is the will to learn, do, and be better.

        1. Too late for Kate to live her single days over, but if she had a history of volunteer work from this time period, I think this would have impressed many in her country and around the world.

          I think Kate thought just BEING was enough. At her age, she didn’t realize why people fell in love with Diana. It wasn’t due to her simply becoming the Princess of Wales. On one of Diana’s first walks with Charles among the crowds, Diana was eye to eye with a darling little girl who had her finger in her mouth. Diana mimicked what the little girl was doing and started to laugh. It was these moments which tended to steal peoples hearts. Children are very good at knowing who to like and they realized Diana had genuine interest in them.

          The speech is a step in the right direction for Kate, but she needs to understand being married to William is not enough. It may be enough for Kate, it may be enough for Carole, but it is not enough for most of the rest of us.

          1. G, I also think it is the age difference. Diana was 20 years old and had studied at finishing school. Kate has an honours degree from one of the best universities in the UK (and the world) and had years of experience in dealing with and manipulating the media. Diana had nothing.
            What Kate has is not enough.

          2. i agree.
            but to me it’ s to little too late: she’ s 33, she’ s been in this world for nearly 15 years, the point is that she doesn’ t want to improve herself. That hair and her head flipping is really annoying.

      2. I carry my hands folded together by my waist all the time. It is a more active stance than standing with your hands at your side, like a soldier at attention or behind your back, which leaves you vulnerable.

      3. I’ll bet shielding the “family jewels” is an obscene gesture in some cultures. William should seriously look into that, what with all the travel he has coming up. He may have been unwittingly offending people for years!

      4. It’s interesting, before William married Kate, he would sometimes stood with his hands clasped over the jewels but it wasn’t that often (it predates the Waiting Years, there are few pictures of him from his childhood standing that way). Ever since he married Kate, it’s his default stance. I’ve noticed that at events, people next to him will mimic The Jewel Blocker stance, even women. I’m not sure if it’s subconscious mimicking of his body language or they are looking at him and thinking well, a future king must know the proper way to stand. We could be on the verge of a world-wide outbreak of Jewel Blocking.

  12. KMR – you hit upon something I realized yesterday at the Fostering Network. Kate does not contribute in anyway to the fostering community – she doesn’t foster and she wasn’t fostered. As far as we know she doesn’t contribute funds to the program, nor did she create the award that she gave out. She has absolutely no experience or connection to the cause she is associating with. Just because Kate handed out an award folks are not going to become foster parents – and if they did are they really the type of folks the program needs?

    Today, Kate gave a speech to professional men and women who are on the front lines of dealing with the issue – I suppose it was nice for them to hear her approval of their work, work in which she has no experience and has no background.

    So what I realized is that Kate can’t relate to anyone in the UK. Her past and present upbringing was so privileged and coddled – and she did not work or have any passionate causes before marrying William. She’s had no adversity. Being shouted at by photographers and being exposed to her husband’s unkind friends has been her life’s struggle.

    Having realized that, I am beginning to lose interest in Kate’s fake work life – in which she merely praises others who do the work. Perhaps she should just stay at home and raise her kids.

    1. Well, but in all fairness, Anne, Sophie, Charles, and Harry do not have a personal connection/ experience with every charity or fund they patronize. I have never gone hungry or worried about there being enough food for my children, but I continually support and help fund raise for our local food bank. It may seem like comparing apples to oranges, but I think the basic premise is the same.

        1. Lja – It’s not about being a victim, it’s about giving something of yourself – Kate doesn’t give time or money to the people who need help. Kate visits the people who are helping the people who need help and says Well Done!
          She’s not fostering, or counseling people who need help, she’s not creating scholarships and awards to support the professions. She’s just coming along to say hello! You all keep up the good work, while I relax with my nanny and plan my next trip to Mustique.

        2. One does not need to be a victim to support a cause, but it would make sense for the person who is the cause’s spokesperson/champion to have some sort of connection they can talk about.

          If Kate doesn’t, that’s fine. But then why bother bringing it up? Just ignore the why and move on to the support/championing.

      1. Ray – you DID something – you gave funds. Kate shows up to events to be seen at events. The other royals do the same thing. Meanwhile, Harry had a job in the military so Harry relates very well to veterans and military families. Harry lost a mother at a young age – Harry relates well to the children and orphans whom he supports. His life experience gives him credibility. Charles work in Environment and Agriculture is reflective of his passion and his experience. He lives what he preaches.

        Kate is being positioned as caretaker of the young who are weak, vulnerable and disenfranchised – without actually caring for any of the weak, vulnerable or disenfranchised.

        At this point, I actually don’t care what she does or does not do – whatever it is, she has no authenticity. Some of the folks in the UK may appreciate a member of the family showing up to “honor” them – but I get why folks would want to dispense with the whole thing and use their tax money for real change.

        1. Hi LadyBirdRibbon, I would encourage you to take a closer look at the work other British royals do and not base any standard of effectiveness or real change on William and Kate’s effort. In the UK, Commonwealth countries like Australia (Prince Philip), and non-Commonwealth countries like Lesotho (Harry) and America (Prince Charles) in some areas royals have led the way, intervened and done work that governments and other NGOs have adopted.

          Thousands have had the course of their life changed because of the Prince’s Trust (Prince Charles started this with the money he received when he left the Navy)

          We mostly hear about the Prince’s Trust’s work individuals but Prince Charles does a lot with agriculture, the environment and has a real passion for building communities, literally Poundbury, and reviving old dying ones (Dumfries). As a result job creation isn’t only as a result of the businesses that get off the ground because of Prince’s Trust support to individuals. Along with raising funds he personally contributes, Dumfries and helping rebuild hurricane-damaged towns in Mississippi.

          Some of the projects they dream up and undertake are just next level. In Jamaica, http://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/mar/08/4. http://www.princeofwales.gov.uk/features/jamaica

          In New Orleans, http://www.princes-foundation.org/what-we-do/projects/educate/current-programmes/building-skill-new-orleans it’s actually pretty amazing that he cares about preserving the culture and beauty of another nation, as well as obviously rebuilding the homes and feel and town.

          1. Charles never fails to impress me with his charities and how they follow through and get things done, no doubt because of his dauntless influence and encouragement. He says he will do something? It will be done.

          2. Gie – I’m aware of Charles work with environment and agriculture – he was far ahead of his time in those areas. I respect his work in those areas. I would like to make the point that Charles started the fund with money from the navy — and as is customary in the UK if the Prince of Wales asks you to contribute to his fund, then you contribute to the fund. It is made up of funds from all the aristocratic estates and other wealthy folks – Charles didn’t magically make money grow into the fund it is today. Just like a helicopter didn’t magically appear for William to have a job working in one and there was magically a salary for a part time pilot.

        2. Your comment concluded, “I get why folks would want to dispense with the whole thing and use their tax money for real change” and my reply was simply that there are royals that bring about ‘real change’, William and Kate are not the benchmark. There’s Harry, with the young royals, but that in comparison to Prince Charles’ (little publicised) work is not even the half of it.

          About the money, my point wasn’t where it’s coming from, of course he fundraises, it was a statement on his initiative. Like you said, who can turn down the future-king, so there you have it, aristocrats that may not have necessarily gotten involved with certain projects end up doing so, which once again benefits the tax-payers who aren’t part of the 1%. My response wasn’t about the money but his commitment, and clearly passion, to do some good of the people. It might not be each and every single person in the country and beyond but there are those whose lives have been changed for the better. And is is not the only royal to work that brings about ‘real change’.

          1. Yes, Charles started his own charities and funds and trusts and farms and has grown them over time to be quite significant. Charles took his position as Prince of Wales, a position which historically didn’t do much, and really made something for himself in the charity sector.

            And yes, of course he fundraises. Everyone does. Even people who donate significant amounts of their own money to causes still fundraise. It’s totally normal.

          2. Gie,
            The way the society works in the UK is that the Prince of Wales determines what HE thinks is important and the aristocrats fund it. Charles and the Aristocrats think Historical Preservation is where they would like to create the economy – so there is an economy “saving” the heritage of the aristocrats. See Dumfries House. This is not unlike the economy being created around the 1851 Trust – an entire economy being built so that a rich sailor can win a trophy. Of course Charles is passionate about what he does. If he wasn’t – he wouldn’t do it. That’s how princes operate – they do what they are passionate about. William is passionate about animals in Africa. So he spends his time thinking about animals in Africa. Charles cares about old houses, squirrels, trees, plants. The taxpayer doesn’t get to control what THEY are passionate about – they get to participate in the economy the upper class decide is important. That’s what this conversation is really about. Who decides whats important. The UK gives one family an awful lot of economic influence. It’s not what the best and the brightest minds in the UK think should be focused on – its what the Mountbatten Windsors think.

        3. Hi LadyBlueRibbon, I’m aware that Prince Charles chooses what areas he’ll focus on. Looking at all (okay not all, he has a lot 🙂 ) of Prince Charles’ funds, charities and projects he’s shown to do work beyond the interests of his breeding. The Prince’s Trust has helped more than 750 000 young people. In the area of urban unemployment alone and they’ve helped 80 000 young entrepreneurs become self-employed.

          While Charles is passionate about Historical Preservation, and this was the driving force behind this project, there’s more to Dumfries House than that, the economic and social regeneration of a really impoverished area in Scotland that has seen businesses close, school closures, poor housing and poverty. North Ayrshire has one of the highest poverty levels in Scotland. 23% of children in East Ayrshire grow up in poverty compared to the Scotland wide figure of 20%. It’s so bad that even over the holidays schools provide free dinners to children. Part of the project was also housing.

          While the royals have some influence there are enough wealthy people in the UK, serious power players (Big Business, City of London) that aren’t swayed by the Windsors and are able to get behind the focuses that the best and brightest minds see fit. A number of aristocrats are downsizing and having to sell their estates because they can’t afford the upkeep. Don’t get me wrong, they still have more money than most but not the wealth of old.

          I think passionate people do more than just think about an issue, so I don’t buy that William is passionate about animals in Africa, maybe has an interest or loves but not passionate. Charles and Harry never simply stop at thinking and doing a few initiatives here and there, they devote themselves and go above and beyond.

          Long story short, if you think the monarchy’s a bad idea that’s fine, I just don’t think it’s fair to say they don’t bring about ‘real change’. Or that it’s only ever in and based on their social class’ interests or priorities which are in conflict with the best and brightest minds, thousands of kids in Africa, servicemen and women, underprivileged young people in the UK, local farmers would testify otherwise.

      2. I agree more with you Ray. Sometimes being a cheerleader for a cause is as important as doing something for it. There are only 15 members of the Family who carry out public duties. Most of what they do consists of going to different parts of the U.K. or overseas, meeting people doing work and recognizing them by putting a plaque on the wall, encouraging them, praising them.
        I shouldn’t say this on this site but I will. I worked in the National Park Service as a seasonal ranger. It was not the best job ever. The President of the United States showed up at my park in an out-of-the-way part of upstate New York, out of over 400 sites. He gave a (very) short speech thanking us all, gave us a typed Presidential Proclamation that was put in a glass case next to a picture of the President’s visit and had the elderly volunteer ring up the merchandise he purchased. Then he was out the door and on to his next place.
        Now what did he do? Frankly not much. How did that make us feel? AWESOME. we bragged to almost EVERY person that came in for the next month that the President of the United States was standing practically where they were.

        1. Your President story is really cool, Seth.

          I must say, though. I think there is a difference between the “royal duties” part of the job and their main causes they support. As I’ve said a few times now (sorry for repeating myself), all royals do the “royal duties” visits where they visit places, congratulate the people working there, unveil a plaque marking the visit, and move on. Then there are the causes the royals really give their support to and champion. For most of the royals, their main cause that they champion the most which people connect them to the most is one that they have some sort of personal connection to. Children’s mental health is not a “royal duty” visit for Kate; KP is positioning this as her main cause she intends champion. And unlike Harry, Sophie, or Camilla, Kate can’t give personal anecdotes in her speeches about her main cause, which is a bummer. I want Kate to say something personal so that I can actually connect with her, the way I’ve connected with some of the other royals who have said something personal in their speeches. But she can’t.

          Like I said in my article, to each their own. I was not expecting others to be bothered in the same way I was. It’s cool. Agree to disagree.

          1. Well I don’t really disagree with you on that, KMR. What I mean is that with rare exceptions (like Prince Harry walking the South Pole, which was TOTALLY cool), almost all of what the royals do, even with the causes they “champion”, is what I’ve described.
            For example, Camilla goes to a literacy event, shakes the hands of a few children, reads a speech, unveils a gold plaque that says she was there on that date, shakes the hand of the organization’s Fearless Leader and off she goes to get a gin-and-tonic at the end of the day in her Jaguar or Audi with motorcycle outriders. The “work” most of the royals do is not what any normal person would consider “work,” with the exception of Prince Harry’s military service.

          1. I started as a volunteer at a historical park in Michigan for the summer and then got the seasonal gig close to home the next summer. It was quite interesting.

          2. You mean the Keweenaw National Historical Park or KEWEE for short? Heck to the yeah. My brother-in-law’s a post-doc at Tech in Houghton.

          3. Yep, one of the three great NPS abbreviations in the UP (KEWE, ISRO, PIRO). That’s where I interned; I worked in the archives. My whole family is from that area originally. What a coincidence that we’d both have been at the same park!

          4. Indeed what a coincidence. I volunteered there in 2012. It’s a gorgeous area as you know. Unfortunately as you probably know, there aren’t a lot of permanent jobs up there (in any field) so I had to return to New York State.

      3. All royals visit charities that they have no personal connection to. But for their main causes that they spend most of their time championing, they usually do. Harry has a personal connection to wounded veterans (he was in combat in the army), Sophie has a personal connection to vision/blindness (her daughter suffered an eye issue), and Camilla has a personal connection to children’s literacy (she’s talked several times about her father’s influence there). In other countries, Charlene has a personal connection to teaching children to swim (Charlene was an Olympic swimmer), and Maxima has a personal connection to financial literacy (she has degrees in economics and worked in finance).

        Not everyone needs a personal connection to a cause in order to support it. But usually for the cause closest to one’s heart there is a personal connection there somewhere.

        And if Kate doesn’t have a personal connection to mental health and anti-bullying, then fine. But then she shouldn’t worry about bringing up why she decided to champion the cause.

        1. I’m still surprised that she hasn’t done any work for prenatal disorders, since that is something she has supposedly experienced herself. It seems like she suffers from severe anxiety and depression and if I were her, I would speak up about her personal experiences with that. She would seem way more relatable and down to earth and maybe she wouldn’t have to struggle to fake interest in humanitarian causes she obviously doesn’t care about.

          1. I could understand if Kate and her PR people think it is a bad idea to talk about any problems she has, but if she came out and said she suffers from depression or social anxiety my entire opinion of her would change. In a good way. I would feel much more of a connection to her than the nothing I feel now. She would win a lot of points with me if she said that.

          2. I want to interject something here. If, and it is a big if, Kate suffers from depression and/or anxiety, she shouldn’t feel pressured to reveal it. I know from experience that starting to talk about something so personal, even among family and friends, is a HUGE thing – and something you only do when you feel safe and strong enough to do it. That can take years – and some people never reach that place.

    2. Well, all royals go to businesses, charities, and other organizations that they have no personal connection to and don’t really do anything for other than visit. Those are the “royal duty” appearances. They aren’t related to the royal’s specific cause, and the royal doesn’t really do anything for them, but they have to go anyway because they need to be seen and whatnot.

      So I can give visits to places like the Fostering Network a pass. It’s the causes she’s supposedly championing that bothers me when she does not seem to have any sort of connection to the cause and doesn’t even try to relate to the people of that cause. She doesn’t have to have suffered mental health issues or have been bullied, but at least try to relate to people who have been. And if not, at least articulate her thoughts better so she doesn’t come across as cold and othering as she did to me in this speech. Or just plain leave out why she took up the cause if there is nothing there she can say to relate to it. She didn’t *have* to say why she took up this cause.

  13. Let’s give an A for effort. God bless her (a variation of BHH), the brass ring has stopped so that she can climb on a step-ladder and take hold. But for some reason, she just can’t grab it. She (?) likes her big hair (the weight of which makes the posture look even more concave). But she was trying today. So I think we should give her a little credit today.

    1. I think her hair is part security blanket and part William wants it that way. He has said he likes long hair, so I think Kate keeps it that way for him. Also, it’s her security blanket.

  14. So glad she spoke. It’swonderful to have her say something meaningful! Is her accent fake? I’m American and generally good at spotting fake American accents. But, British I’m clueless. Seems like it would be easier to tell with a longer speech.

  15. She did great! Her cadence was much improved.

    And I took her meaning to be that she recognizes she is privileged — when you are born lucky it is crucial to give back. Noblesse oblige and all that. Sounds reasonable to me. And really there shouldn’t be any nitpicking when she’s doing all the things you say you want her to do. And you can tell her bangs were irritating the hell out of her so she was going to fix that issue STAT anyway! 😉

    1. I would say ‘great’ is a bit of an exaggeration. It was better, but she still has a long way to go. But why should she be praised for finally giving a speech??? When she starts doing it regularly and showing up to her charities more than a few times a year, that is when I will praise her. People want consistency from her, not just a quick fix to shut down the negative press. Which, lets be honest, that is what this looks like right now,-something to counter all the negative critiques she has gotten for doing nothing :).

      1. I agree, Overit. I think consistency is going to be key to getting people to stop questioning her role and function as a working Royal. Making one speech doesn’t cancel out her summer of nothingness.

        1. But don’t forget Lindsey, she had a baby at the beginning of May and since that is a public engagement, it requires a bare minimum of three weeks bed rest. Then she’s on maternity leave for doing nothing for the rest of the summer. With a full-time nanny.

      2. Excactly! This would have been an ok speach during her first 6 months in the Royal Family. Not great but ok, one would expect that someone with Kate’s education and age, would give a better speach.
        She did now a worse job than Sofia, who has been in Swedish Royal Family 6 months and without any actual education.

  16. Hello Jason. After this speech and the “speech” the day before it seems that you or someone on your team is reading this blog. If so, can you please get someone to work with Kate on her speech giving? Diana got training and it gave her more confidence so hopefully it will help Kate too.

  17. Kudos to the speech. Someone at KP is definitely reading the blogs and taking heed. About time! The delivery is ok, no voice shaking, a solid C. The effort is laudable, but please, please, please, it was so hard for me to focus 100% on what she was saying with the bangs over her eyes, and the constant shaking of the head because of the bangs. It was maddening! I don’t understand why she didn’t put up her hair and hair-sprayed her bangs in place. Next step with speech coaching — memorize the speech a bit more so you’re not constantly looking over your notes.

  18. I think the operative word in her statement is “luck.” She knows that it was just luck that landed her in a good family, and she must feel that the lack of luck shouldn’t hold kids back as much as it does.

  19. First things first, it’s good that her speech is longer and seems to actually contain more in terms of substance. Her speech has definitely improved although it really needs more work. There was a part when she said “for example” and if you aren’t listening carefully, you would hear something like “blurlurlur” or whatever. I’ve read it described as having marbles in your mouth which yeah, it does. It’s better to read the whole speech really because then you would actually understand what she was saying. Sometimes, you have to wonder where all that public school and university education of hers went. I don’t know how Marlborough and St. Andrews teach, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Marlborough had speech classes at the very least. A lot of the public figures and politicians from the UK come from these public schools right? Overall, we can give Jason a pat on the back for getting her on the right track. But whether this continues next year remains to be seen.

    Second, she needs to ditch the fake posh accent. If she REALLY needs to have it, tone it down. I do think she feels anxiety when making a speech. In her first ones, her hands were shaking like a leaf. To me though its just a part of it. I think its more that she’s afraid to lose the accent. She’s so conscious of what she sounds like. If she just acts more naturally I think she would be more comfortable about making speeches.

    Third, THE HAIR. I don’t get it. Didn’t they have a comb on hand? Why didn’t they take a minute to make her look presentable before she went on to speak? Oh Kate, two steps forwards, three steps back.

    On what you said about her secure childhood vs those who suffer mental health, I think what it means is that she feels sympathy towards the kids who had (and still have) awful experiences growing up because she’s realized that she’s very lucky (which we all know SHE IS). Of course, feeling sympathy is different from feeling empathy so…

    1. I did read the whole speech. And the opening still bothered me. But to each their own. I was not expecting many people to agree with me.

    2. I agree with the accent. There’s a video floating around of her talking to some young boys about breaking codes, George and motorbikes during a walkabout when she went to Bletchley Park.
      She was speaking ‘normally’, it wasn’t her “official/posh” accent, I found there was a big difference and it frustrated me!

      1. I’d love to see that video.

        To be fair though, we all have a normal voice & a ‘speaking’ voice which we employ naturally at times. It used to be called the telephone voice because you enunciate more to make yourself clearer.

        1. Hmm, that is true JL, but I think with Kate it is more than just changing it as a telephone voice. Which we all do change for ‘speaking’. Kate changes far more than a normal person would. The only thing I can really think of is if a southern person took away their southern twang and spoke with no accent. That takes concentration and a conscious decision to speak that way. I think that’s more like what Kate is doing by making her accent more posh. To put it in American terms 🙂

          1. Bingo! I know that I have a bit of a Southern lilt in my voice. I record training for work and I literally have to prep for a day before I record. I have a tendency to drop vowels or consonants. You should see my paper. I underline -ing, when to breathe between words, etc. But as soon as I am finished, I go back to my normal way of speaking.

        2. I call that my “history voice” since that difference in voice only comes out when I’m either giving an actual speech about history or a verbal essay about about history.

  20. Greetings everyone…

    I will apologise in advance if this upsets anyone at all.

    Yes she made a speech – however it is actually being “shown on tv stations” about 3 sentences of it and then launching into length about her dress, who made it, what it was decorated with….

    So – speech or not, headline on website in Capitals or not, there is still no warmth behind the words.

    After 15 years chasing and marrying bill – kate has had training, had education, had every opportunity to do something and to make a difference but it now looks as if she is forced to because I would bet my very last cent that the PR team has people checking these sites, as well as what is said in the DM, Telegraph or whatever medium you read.

    I have a distinct feeling that middleton has been told to get of her lazy butt, put in some effort and quit with the “still learning charade.”

    If I had to hazard a guess I would say that a right Royal telling off came from Her Majesty either directly or via bill.

    No matter how these two “appear” both of them whether singularly or together just do not want to be doing this stuff. It is written all over their faces at whatever engagement/duty they are at and the coldness in their eyes and recoil from people getting too near is evident along with the hanging back, towering over people in sky high heels etc.

    I am sorry but I just do not buy it – there is no warmth, will or wish to do anything other than what they like.

    European Royals or those who have married into the European Royal family seem to have an instant ease, determination and clear understanding of the Roles they have undertaken.

    Case in point Crown Princess Mary, at an event with Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, both children receiving flowers, greeting the public etc

    Princess Estelle – 3 years old, and a delight in both behaviour, handling the photographers – so what is the difference?

    Middleton is 33 years old not 3 and Princess Estelle has more grace, dignity and better behaviour than a grown up woman, so I will state the obvious:

    Kate wanted the goodies but not the duty that goes with it.

    If this comment upsets anyone I apologise however have seen this speech, saw the television commentators assessment and that was more about what she was wearing and have just read my Royalty Monthly which has the Danish Royal Family and Swedish Royal family in it – trust me the difference is like night and day.

    Have a good evening/day everyone, take care of yourselves and those you love.

    Kind regards.

    1. To be fair to the TV people, her speech is over 3 minutes long. They aren’t going to play the whole thing on a TV program.

    2. I doubt she got a telling-off from Billy-boy or Her Majesty directly. The Family (like the Mafia lol) communicate through their Private Secretaries, who they rely upon to keep their professional lives, such as they are, running smoothly. Otherwise it would be utter chaos. More likely than not, Sir Christopher Geidt, the Queen’s Private Secretary (who has the same access to the Red Boxes the Queen does and is her principal adviser on all official matters that come before her) called Rebecca Deacon and told her to shape the girl up or there would be consequences. The Queen is too busy with matters of state to deal with such nonsense in person.

  21. I’m glad she is putting in effort. I hope this continues. I doubt it, but I hope it does. I can’t watch her speeches as her mumbling, false accent, and awful diction drive me nuts, but I’m glad she’s at least trying!

  22. Watching this made me go back and look at the engagement interview which I think everyone was so busy at the time dissecting from a content perspective that Kate’s intense awkwardness was sort of missed. She really is not a natural speaker and gave such awful answers. And there was a particularly weird anecdote about not knowing if her mum knew if William had proposed when she came back from Scotland. Although they said they got engaged in Kenya. Did she actually inadvertently reveal that the whole proposal story was cooked up?

    1. Hm.. possible. But it’s also possible that there was a bit of a time between the proposal and when Kate’s story took place. I only say that because William had just said in the video that he talked to Mike soon after. So there was some amount of time between the proposal and William talking to Mike, and then some amount of time between when William talked to Mike and when Kate talked to her mother. Just going off of what was said in the video. So Kate may have went from Kenya to Scotland for some reason and then back to Bucklebury to see her mom. Or they could have gotten engaged in Scotland. Who knows. That Kenya story was supposedly very similar to the engagement story of one of William’s friends.

      1. Yes, a mutual friend proposed in the same way earlier that summer. That and William’s cageyness is why I don’t believe the Kenya story is true at all… William delights in screwing with the media and the populace, so it seems very ‘him’.

  23. I’m glad she finally gave an okay speech. It is definitely a step in the right direction. That being said, it feels really forced and is blatantly obvious that she would rather be doing anything else. I am terrified by public speaking and have given some truly disastrous speeches (one where I just stared,, frozen, and then burst into tears comes to mind) but when necessary, I psyche myself up and give it my all. If someone as truly awful as me can give confident, smooth speeches, Kate can too. My super shy uncle had the same issue and went to toastmasters and became great with speech giving. He convinced me to try it and it helped so much! You make a fool of yourself in front of other shy people and it takes away the fear and gives you a chance to practice with real people. If Kate did something like that, it would only soften people’s hearts towards her and make her seem more relatable. She needs some sort of guidance because even in toastmasters they talk about keeping hair back and out of your face, having proper posture and appearing interested when others are speaking. I really get the impression that she is very unhappy and struggling with some anxiety/depression issues. If she opened up and focused more on being real and engaged, rather than fake and perfect, she would gain masses of supporters. As it was, I thought it was very tacky to mention her own idyllic childhood, although I realize she was going for the gratitude angle. Instead, she came off as spoiled and smug (to me). I also snorted when she mentioned beginning her “work.” Too funny. When exactly did this alleged work begin? At this point, I don’t even care all that much if her hair looks ridiculous (sausage curls on a 30 something, anyone?) I just want it to not be flopping around in her eyes, especially while giving a speech. Again, props to her for moving in the right direction, even if it still seems like she’s just caving to pressure and isn’t sincere. I’m hoping that she starts listening to her critics because that’s the only place she’s going to hear the truth and know what to work on. When I was a ballet dancer, and still in my training days, I sought out the hardest, toughest teacher in my area, who had the best reputation for producing professional dancers. I shook my way through the audition and to my shock got a place in her class and then began years of brutal, intensive training. The great part was that I absolutely knew that she would only ever be honest and tell me the truth. I had to learn to take constant correction and criticism constructively and use it to make myself a better dancer. That teacher is the reason I was able to get to the professional level and I will be forever grateful to her for being so hard on me and forcing me to reach my potential. If I were in Kate’s position, I would want to hear genuine responses and feedback, no matter how harsh, so that I could work on improvement. The fawning in some media is just ridiculous and isn’t personal. It’s drivel they would have written about whoever married Will. I think she buys into the fawning and really does think she’s a special snowflake and very “special” and “lucky.” If she’s not also taking in the real opinions of actual people, not bribed/gagged news outlets, then she’s getting a decidedly skewed perspective. She needs to put more effort into overcoming her public speaking issues and start listening to her critics to improve her reception by the people. It’s going to take massive, visible effort for this to not turn into “too little, too late.” Not only is she going to need to continue to make words and tiny speeches, but she’s going to have to up the ante to rehabilitate her terrible reputation.as a spoiled, selfish clothes horse. Fingers crossed that she keeps heading in this direction and doesn’t disappear into the guilded cage after the holidays are over.

    1. What I’m hoping for is that she really gets involved. Not just getting up to say a few words, meet some of the people and then go home. But get involved with the charity. She might actually find that she enjoys giving something back and find her niche.

      The problem is that once she starts down this road she can’t go back. She’ll have to continue the involvement, the speeches, the appearances and that is anathema to Kate and William. They really seem to only do as little as they can and then in response to negative feedback from the public. That’s not going to fly forever. And if Kate starts getting out there then William should to.

      I’m willing to give them a chance to prove themselves, but their history doesn’t offer much promise.

      1. Lisa, That’s a good point. If she’s so shy about giving speeches, maybe she could do some actual work at the charity. I honestly think that’s better PR anyway. Beside the fact that she would actually be making a difference.

    2. Well said, Bets. Also, I didn’t know you trained as a ballet dancer. That’s awesome.

  24. Greetings Everyone,

    It is now the early hours of the 20th NZ time so will keep this brief – yes the speech was made, yes the tv only show what they wish to however, they then go into a lengthy discussion about her hair, dress, who made the dress etc – obviously the Networks/Press are not taking her seriously at all.

    As much as I would like to give her a pat on the head for making this speech what on earth is the big deal – middleton knew exactly what she was getting herself into. For goodness sake she had a picture of bill plastered on her wall just like Diana had one of Charles, she did everything she possibly could to mould herself into the “perfect girlfriend, wife” for bill.

    There is no excuse at all, for her now years later not being able to say something substantive, with truth in her heart and warmth in her eyes.

    Diana was 19 years old and she ran rings around kate who was 10 years older. Kate has had an education that most of us can only dream of and yet she squandered it on keeping her body thin, makeup done, unlimited clothes, unlimited shoes – what did she do when bill was away at Sandhurst, or when they were living together for those years on the Coast – paint her fingernails?

    Many people thought, believed, raved on about her being the girl next door, highly educated, etc but have conveniently forgotten that in all that time, did she ever read a book, did she ever go and help out at a soup kitchen, did she ever try to learn a second language, did she ever do one ounce of charity work (apart from making sure she did that South America stint – I think it was – the same one that bill went on a couple of months after her). Did she educate herself on the Princes Trust? The Charities that Diana embraced? No – even after she said she would choose her charities etc at the engagement interview and when she vowed to get really hands on about 2 years ago?

    The answer is No.

    To me personally this is a waste, a slap in the face to those who expect their “betters” for want of another word to stand for something, to do something apart from take the perks.

    Diana was 19 years old, Diana had two children, Diana had to find her own way and did so by learning as much as she could in spite of a failing marriage, tours, loneliness and the like.

    Middleton has never been committed to anything apart from chasing William – everything else is just a nuisance to her.

    Believe me I take no pleasure in being a critic of someone who damn well has come from a place of privilege, married into greater privilege and continues to not give a toss. This kind of waste of opportunity to really do something above and beyond herself is shameful.

    Queen Rania, Queen Letizia, Queen Maxima, Queen Mathilde, Crown Princess Mary, Sophie, The Princess Royal, even Camilla have outshone this 33year old pampered, self centred female. This is just not good enough. The time for excuses, laziness and shirking of duty is over.

    If my comment upsets others – I apologise for that – however I cannot defend the indefensible, that would be selling my soul.

    Have a good day/evening everybody, hope life is kind to you all today and that you find something which makes your heart smile.

    Kind regards and I will leave it at that, I am just beyond tired of seeing such waste for no good reason.

    1. I agree, she never had a full time job except to be a duchess-in-waiting and I am sure at some point in the relationship when she and Will had an unspoken agreement that they would marry, she could have used that time to develop interests or even just do volunteer work, because she had to know that appearances and speeches were going to be part of her job in the royal family. But she chose to do nothing.

      1. Greetings Everyone

        Thanks Vava, LJA and Seth (also anyone else who understands what I am and have been trying say) – it is very much appreciated.

        However, I am done –

        Take care of yourselves and each other. See you on the flip side and I will look in on you all from time to time.

        I deeply and sincerely hope life is kind to you all and remember that even when things are bad, there is good in the world.

        Over and out.

        Kindest regards.

        1. I’m sorry to read that you’re done, wildrose. I understand your frustration with Kate (and with me?). Take care.

    2. So well put Wildrose. The Duchess one would think after the education she has had is highly intelligent. Wouldn’t it be terrific to put all of that to some good use and stop the time wasting and being what appears to be so self absorbed.
      Diana did make a difference and learnt as she went along. She really did try.
      It is a shame the Duchess has not utilized her time more and knuckled down so she could do her very best to support the crown she has chose to marry into. Look at the Queen, what a powerhouse she is, not a foot wrong in all these years and how elegant is she looking now, now there is someone whose duty knows no bounds, all I can say is what a lady!
      I think you are right Wildrose, up until now it has been play time for the Duchess. Her advisors need to change tactics and get it together the Queen and Duke are not getting any younger, she should be bursting with so much vitality, ideas, keenness and energy to make a difference. If the Duchess hasn’t noticed it is struggle street out there and she has the backup and resources to get on with the job. Such a waste

    3. Wilrose you say it beautifully! If you do not mind that I suggest that Princess Charlene of Monaco is included with the other ladies you mention? Almost all the other royal ladies had to move to other countries, live in other cultures & learn other languages! Please do not feel offended by my opinions, I mean no harm & respect you opinions! Halia

      1. Greetings Everyone

        I am in transit however wanted to thank – (this is not in order just off the top of my head)

        Halia, Seth, Sophia, LJA, vava, Ann, Livia, vickiv (if I have missed anyone apologies I am just tired).

        Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, yes Princess Charlene, Princess Sofia etc should also be on the list of those who I mentioned in the comment I wrote.

        Believe me when I say this – right or wrong, I am not a judgmental person just cannot abide the purposely lazy when most of us have not had a fraction of the opportunities middleton has and wasted it wilfully.

        I refuse to and will not defend the indefensible –

        PLEASE keep up with your assessments and comments, being real is part of owning or claiming our own moral compass. You all have a wonderful way of looking at this matter objectively.

        I am taking a break for a while, out of necessity, however will keep checking in to read what you write and you can count on my vote all the way.

        Heading off to help out with various soup kitchens, the City Mission and other bits and pieces, as well as a bit of overseas travel which will take me half way around the world again and back sooner or later.

        Will be spending January as a base for a month or more of yachting in the lower Pacific – no I am not rich, do not come from a rich family it is just part and parcel of my partners work (Marine Pilot/Ice Pilot/Ships Captain) that I am involved. That gives me a chance to help out in the less fortunate areas of South Pacific Islands. There is always something I find to do – helping out whether it is taking books for children to learn to read or materials to help build/paint homes/improve water etc.

        No I do not run a Charity either – my own career is one that is such that I use little to live on, save the rest so that I can travel and share whatever I can. NO I am not a saint either – that is why I was named after the Wildrose!!

        KMR has given me an outlet which I appreciate very much and that is why I am extremely forthright on the waste when a person has all the privilege in the world yet chooses to be selfish and self centred. PR or no PR middleton will never change – selfishness and laziness are too ingrained in her now to be any different.

        Fake, false and with a cold heart – I could not think of a worse combination to have as character traits.

        So my friends – please keep up the exceptional comments, I will keep looking in from afar which will give me a lot of pleasure.

        Take care out there – the world still has good in it, sometimes we just have to look a little deeper to find it. Betting on the likes of middleton to do anything but a PR job will get us nowhere but calling her out on this is totally the right thing to do.

        Famous last words for a moment in time –

        Be Generous, with your life, with your love, with your time and from my own personal handbook on how I live remember that courtesy costs nothing, and most important of all Kindness is a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

        I will be thinking of you all – wishing you the best of everything and when I walk the streets of Paris in a week or two, or am standing in a soup kitchen in Christchurch on Monday or even reading a book to young children in a little island village called Serua which is off the Coast of Fiji in January, it will be with the knowledge that hopefully you will all still be saying it like it is.

        I will check in again (word wise) and (internet depending) somewhere down the road,

        Kind, warm and sincerest regards

        Over and out.

        1. Wildrose, take care and enjoy yourself on your ventures. Thank you for being such a giving person. I wish you could give our favorite Duchess a lesson or twelve in charitable work.

          Looking forward to hearing from you when you have the opportunity.

        2. I hope you enjoy your travels, wildrose, and that the people you help appreciate it. You’re a very good person for giving your time to help others. Take care.

        3. Wow, You are a really special person Wildrose. You put me to shame; I can’t even go volunteer at my soup kitchen six miles away, let alone halfway around the world. When you are in Paris, say a prayer for them on my behalf. Safe journey my friend. 🙂

        4. Wildrose, Have a safe journey., I think it is incredible what you are doing, what a wonderful person you are. Will miss your comments you are so concise and write so well. Gods speed with you and on my behalf also when you are in Paris please say a prayer for all that have been lost and the others suffering right now as we speak, god bless them. Thank you, Take very good care of yourself

  25. Does she write her own speeches? I just find this so general and fluffy. If she’s not writing it herself, perhaps they should consider a new speech writer? Or perhaps she’s just not practiced enough to present a more detailed speech.

    She doesn’t talk about any real or concrete changes or how she wants to make them. Just “ohhhh we need to help the children”. Great. I agree. Now how are we going to do it? She can talk all she wants but she doesn’t seem to be presenting any ideas or solutions to the conversation. So much for, “highly intelligent, well-briefed and does her research, including reading scientific papers.”

    1. She supposedly wrote this one. I’m not sure whether I believe that or not. She doesn’t seem to be the most gifted with the English language, so speechwriting would be a challenge for her. I completely disregard the quotes from aides about her doing it herself because they could easily be just saying that to make her look more capable, but an aide or speechwriter probably would have made it sound more eloquent, so maybe there’s something to it.

      1. I wonder if her people were specific about the fact that she wrote it herself because they wanted her to get all the credit (for really taking the time and care to write her own speech) or because they didn’t want it to be attributed to them (because it’s not great).

  26. Someone mentioned the comparison between Kate and the other European royal women and she really does come off as lacking poise and a certain quality of quiet maturity. If she was 10 years younger then we could probably cut her some slack, but she is an almost 34 year old woman and is way behind her royal peers in the public arena.

  27. First time poster, long time lurker.

    I’l give kudos to Kate for finally giving a speech. I was seriously starting to get bored of her.

    I actually had to watch the video twice. The first time, I was so distracted by her bang flipping that I couldn’t pay attention to what she was saying. The second time, I just listened to it. I get what you guys mean about the accent now. I’m Canadian, so it’s hard for me to tell the specifics of a British accent, but I can usually tell when someone is British. Just listening to her made me think of when I try a British accent. It doesn’t work! The pauses aren’t quite as bad, but they are still weird.

    Onto fashion, I like repeats. But that’s when you bring out different accessories to change things up. I don’t like that she wore the exact same thing. And she really needs to learn how to hold a clutch and not look like she’s grabbing her crotch. I’ll give her a pass on her posture because I know I could stand a bit taller too. Personally, I thik she looked better the first time she wore this.

    1. Hi Miss K! Welcome!

      I watched the video a few times, too, because I kept getting distracted by her hair and the head bobbing.

      I agree with you about Kate needing to switch things up with her styling. For some reason almost every time she rewears something she styles it the exact same way she did the first time. I don’t get it.

  28. I’m wondering if this sudden flurry of work and long speech is to improve her awful image next to another newly married in commoner–Princess Sofia of Sweden. P. Sofia is working circles around Waity!!! Princess Sofia gave a long, genuine, heart-felt speech just days after her marriage. And now precious snowflake has also given a “long” speech–except hers gets an F. Waity has to constantly remind the world that she has won the lottery of life. I found that very offensive in her speech–she is just so out of touch, an arrogant mean girl. There is no warmth at all. WE GET IT–YOU ARE PRIVILEGED –you can stop rubbing BIG BLUE in everybody’s face, and reminding us of your royal lifestyle and “wonderful” family (Uncle Gary included, I guess). The fake accent is revolting. She bobbed her head about 25 times reading a speech she supposedly wrote–how can you not be at all familiar with something YOU WROTE??? I couldn’t even follow her rambling, all over the place speech for the incessant head bobbing. I cracked up laughing mid speech. Please don’t praise this idiot for doing something she should have been doing THE LAST 5 YEARS!!! Too little, too late!!!

    1. I think even in their pre-married life, Sofia wins too. She actually did something with her life before she married into the royal family, even if it is slightly controversial. She didn’t just wait around for her prince to show up. Kate has done absolutely nothing with her life. No work, no personal hobbies.. nothing.

  29. I am from the US and I have read that the UK does have much more marked class divisions. the reason why people like Kate and her family, who are probably labeled as upper middle class and have some substantial money often adopt a “posh” British accent to show that they have “arrived” in the world…..more specifically, in the British societal world.

    1. Hi LJA, I’ve heard that as well, I wonder if it’s true? In the U.S. (where I’m from as well) there doesn’t seem to be that as much. I’m from NY and certainly there are less desirable accents than others, but nationwide, I don’t think there’s an agreed upon “posh” accent.

    2. Yes, The class structure is alive and well in the UK. I do wish, though, that they would stop calling Kate middle class, she’s not. Mike may be middle class but Kate and her mother are (what the Poms call) parvenu. but then no one in the UK is against anyone doing well and in fact that was rewarded in the old days with a knighthood. What the English don’t like is someone coming into money and then acting like they are better than everyone else.

      1. “What the English don’t like is someone coming into money and then acting like they are better than everyone else.”

        That is exactly what the middletons have done and why they aren’t well liked or received.

      2. I have never heard the term parvenu but it is perfect. I always think of Diana and how she just had class – her clothing was always elegant and appropriate, she could carry off serious jewels at a young age and she was handling public speaking and interviews quite competently at a much younger age than Kate.

        1. Diana was born into the aristocracy and was around the Royal Family from an early age–she was born on the Sandringham estate after all–so she would naturally have developed some of it. Kate’s family is tacky middle class who think they are sophisticated, etc.

          1. That is the reason why it would have been easier for William to have married into the same social class, not for snobbery sake but because a girl born into those circles would know what was expected. It would have made life so much easier for all.

          2. It would but he’s “modernizing” the monarchy by marrying an “ordinary” girl. By comparison when Prince Albert married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, it was considered modern b/c he married someone of lower social rank than himself, as she was the daughter of an earl and he was the son of the King.

      3. “What the English don’t like is someone coming into money and then acting like they are better than everyone else”

        I don’t think anyone likes that. In America, we’re all about succeeding and making money but if one gets money and then acts like an a-hole we’ll call them one it. No one likes when a celeb pulls the “Do you know who I am” card.

  30. I’m glad she spoke up, and I really hope this is the start of Kate being someone with substance. This is a better speech than she’s given before, even though it has its flaws. I agree with someone who said that this would have been a great outing for her six months or a year into her marriage, but coming so late in the game, it seems less impressive.

    I do try very hard to separate my evaluation of her speech from what I think of her voice, but it’s feeling like a challenge today.

  31. It was nice see the Duchess give her speech.
    The outfit looked nice today but the overall look was spoilt by her hair, I am sorry I am going to say it what a mess! Hanging all over her eyes and the rest of it just hanging limp. I did wonder is it a security blanket for her maybe when she has to front a audience ??
    She desperately needs a stylist to sort out how and what type of clothes she wears. But something really needs to be done about an appropriate hairstyle.
    The ugly belt she wore with the blue dress to the Fostering awards, was another bad choice. The ringlets in her hair on that visit are not age appropriate. She needs a hairstyle to suit her age. If you look at Crown Princess Mary, Queen Maxima, Countess of Wessex, The royal ladies of Sweden for example you may not always like what they wear, or there hairstyles for that matter, but they are always immaculately well groomed and elegant and they are all dressed and groomed age appropriate. Accessories, hairstyle, makeup, outfit etc. all impeccably put together. Princess Mary was on the sidelines for many years and all her hard work has paid off. The Duchess has not done the background work to come up to par. So much money is spent of a wardrobe and grooming, you would like the finished look to be much better than what we have seen so far
    I had the opportunity to see Crown Princess Mary when she visited Sydney on her last royal tour, and in the flesh she is not only beautiful but immaculately dressed. Not a thing mismatched or out of place.
    If the Duchess is trying to get by making these decisions herself , they are not working. She has the resources to do a lot better.

    1. Oh Sophia, I had the same observation about that ‘ugly belt.” It was the first thing I focused on. So cheap looking. I mean, there are cheap things that look fabulous. But this belt takes the cake in plain ugliness.

      Her ringlet hairstyle at the Fostering award, though it took her hair away from her face, was too juvenile. It’s a hairstyle appropriate for a teenager on her first prom night. I don’t understand her aversion to a sophisticated shoulder length haircut—-but all these crazy hair styles (bangs, ringlets) are all escape hatches from getting an appropriate haircut with disastrous results.

      1. You are so right Yorkie, agree totally. Ringlets and for that matter bangs and straight hanging hairstyles are for very young girls, the Duchess should be looking sophisticated smart and graceful looking she has had more than enough time to get it right. Shoulder length as you say, I agree would look so much better, softer looking especially now she has dieted so heavily, the face would have the illusion of being less gaunt and sharp the surrounding area needs to look somewhat filled out.
        I jus had a memory of the beautiful Princess Grace of Monaco, reading a book on her presently. If you look at past photos of her, she was always stunning, with subtle makeup and her hair was either up appropriately or down but she always looked gorgeous. In those days she dressed beautifully. I am starting to wonder if the Duchess does not take advise from her stylists hence the continual mismatch and messes we have come to recognise as her trademark style. Maybe she actually thinks she knows better. If you had access to the very best tailoring and guidance what is the excuse here. There again as you say cheap can look good as well, but that depends on the choice made, I just don’t think the Duchess has a clue really such a shame.

        1. Or pulling it back in a knot from her face. Both she and Willy are wasted so much of their privilege and whining for more.

          1. Tell me about it Seth! Those bangs over her eyes coupled with the heavy make up gave her an overall messy unflattering look.

            Sophia – I am dying to know if Waity has a stylist and who that person might be. She/he should get fired!

      1. Anne agree with you. The number of black lace dresses evening short/long, I have lost count! Yes coats are identical. This is where a stylist would be so beneficial for the Duchess, a bit of guidance, as you so eloquently put the poor thing really does not have a clue, it is sad really someone her age should be up to date with the latest, she has it all at her fingertips.

      2. And shoes. She has a crap ton of black suede pumps that all look the same. And a bunch of nude patent pumps that all look the same. It’s ridiculous.

  32. Tomorrow (or today depending on where you are), the 20th of November, is the 68th wedding anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. God Save the Queen

    1. Oh thank you so much for reminding us Seth, WOW what an anniversary, God bless them, your truly amazing with the knowledge you have, so many things I have learnt from your comments, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us.
      P. S hope your mum is doing okay.

      1. Aw, you’re sweet Sophia. She’s been home for the last week. She’s doing some better for the moment. She starts the second round of chemo next week. After that whole process, they’ll take CAT scans and see if the chemo had any impact on the cancer (though judging from how she’s felt, it’s had at least a bit of an impact). Thanks. 🙂

        1. Will keep my fingers crossed for her Seth, I have walked in your shoes with both my parents. The worry and emotional toll it takes on ones self cannot be described. But having an outlet such as this is good for the brain as it is a distraction even for just a short time.
          I look forward to more of the history that you share with us KMR readers.
          We are having a heatwave here in Australia right now, too hot to go outside and do anything so at least I am keeping myself busy reading all the comments, I do so love this page.

          1. Thank you so much Sophia. Of course it’s getting towards summer in Australia. I forget b/c of the Equator the seasons are flipped. Well do keep cool. We’re relatively mild here in the Eastern United States for November. Last November a monster snow storm buried parts of Buffalo, NY, so this is something of a nice change, though I prefer colder weather as we get toward our Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

          1. Seth, you are welcome. It is a fantasy of mine to experience a white Christmas. Each year we normally have a very hot Christmas’s and it s just not the same! Right now for me what you just described would be delightful.

          1. Mom is, KMR. She has to have a second round of chemo starting Monday, but we’re hoping she won’t be in for too long. My grandmother gets transferred for rehab from the hospital today too.

    2. I can’t even imagine being with someone for 68 years, Mr. from Ca and I are only at 16 years so we have a bit of catching up to do:) HM & PP are somewhat of an inspiration for me, they have stuck it out through thick and thin, they didn’t throw in the towel the first time things got rough, their devotion to each other and their duties is something I wish others would emulate. I do realize that sometimes their devotion to duty came before their devotion to family, so I’m not trying to sugar coat how they have acted at times, only that devotion to just about anything (besides one’s self) these days seems to be in sort supply.

      Seth, I hope your mother continues to improve and that the chemo will have a massive impact on her cancer. Your devotion to her speaks volumes as to the caring and compassionate person you are.

    3. Wow, 68 years married1 That’s great! Congratulations to both of them.
      And I hope your Mother is okay too. Good luck for the next lot of chemo and I hope it is working 🙂

      1. Thanks Cathy. She is doing better (she did the dishes a couple nights ago, which hasn’t done in six weeks, though unfortunately she did overtax herself a bit).

  33. Cousin it has spoken!
    Will and Kate underwhelm me. They are unlikable, boring, and lazy. Both show signs of improvement at times, but then they disappear for months on end.

    I wonder what tricks they recently pulled with the media when two of their ‘less sugary’ journalists have seemingly been neutered.

    Haribo’s trip to Africa next week should be good.

      1. Hey – If the #9 black suede shoe fits 😉

        Honestly, I wonder if she messes up on purpose. Then, people won’t ask too much of snowflake.

  34. Yorkie I am starting to wonder whether the Duchess actually has a ‘Stylist” I have never read otherwise, has anyone else? A stylist would surely advice on a age appropriate hairstyle, softer makeup, appropriate jewellery and accessories to wear ( which are either non existent or so miniscule they barely have much impact). As well as the choices of clothing she wears. I still have the image of the black and white dress by Ralph Lauren the Duchess wore on her visit to the Anna Freud Centre on 17th September this year. Call me old fashioned, but I was shocked at the high split up her thigh, there was nothing whatsoever elegant or graceful in that outfit. Surely no stylist would have approved that type of outfit and look at the setting she was in – visiting children with Mental health issues (having a daughter afflicted myself, I have never seen dignitaries who have visited my daughters centre in such an outfit) Maybe the Duchess feels she knows best and does not have a stylist. She did her own makeup for her wedding. Obviously her hairdresser is doing what the Duchess is instructing him or her to do, as her hair pretty much looks like it did before she married into her royal life. For me personally this appearance at the Place2be’s is the worst I have ever seen her hair look, all over the eyes, it must have been so distracting for her, maybe she is use to it. I just think if she is representing the Monarchy as we all have said with all the resources and funding she has at her fingertips she could do so much more with herself. She needs to meet a certain standard.
    There is a beautiful photo of Countess of Wessex in this weeks edition of Hello magazine, has anyone seen it? She is wearing the red dress at the gala dinner in New York for 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Her makeup is subtle and natural, but enough to show her pretty face, hair is well groomed but her outfit is stunning and accessories are just right. That’s what I call impeccably groomed and tastefully attired, the complete package.

    1. I don’t think Kate has a proper “stylist”, like someone who has studied fashion or ever held a job as a stylist. She has her assistant, Tash, helping out. Even when Kate had a professional do her makeup for her wedding, she washed off the professionally done makeup and redid the makeup herself.

      1. The highpoint of Kate fashion was in the beginning of her marriage. I read somewhere Kate was meeting with designers like Jenny Packham who were guiding her, suggesting how she should style pieces she was buying from them. The novelty of getting these personal meetings with designers wore off, though, then she just started having pieces sent to her, her assistant gathering them for her became her “stylist”. I wish Kate would hire a professional stylist like Charlie Anderson (she used to be Tatler’s fashion director) whose work is amazing. Even though Kate is set in her ways when it comes to her appearance, I think seeing her potential in Charlie’s hands would make her more receptive to professional styling help.

        1. @ Lola Heart

          I totally agree. She looked amazing in 2011/12, so sexy and sleek but polished. She’s gotten a bit comfortable, which by all means good for her life isn’t purely superficial, but how I did love ogling her then 😀

      2. Where did you get the makeup story? Someone from Bobbi Brown said that kate took a one on one lesson with one of their people so she could do her makeup herself. She didn’t hire one.

        1. I have actually read both stories.

          The Bobby Brown was in the US media. The she removed the professional make up artists work and did it herself, appeared a few months after the wedding in the UK media.

          Stylist probably wondered how her make up could have been as bad as it was. In my opinon there probably was a professional who did her make up, but used a lot less than what Kate is used to, like the black eyliner and lots of rouge. The make up artists must have defended herself/himself otherwise his/her career would habe been destroyed.

          Stories like who had helped whom and done what usually go around in those circles.

    2. i agree with you!!
      i found the outfit worn at Anna Freud Centre on 17th september horrible, so inapprpiate, we nearly had another marylin moment!!
      I think she’ s very stubborn and arrogant, that’ s why she never ever improve

  35. Her childhood was ideal. Ma Middleton saw to that and frankly I think it’s great. I see no issue with her bringing it up, she’s obviously thankful for it and appreciates it. The hair looked less than polished but that was probably down to the gale force winds lol.

  36. First time poster!
    I have to say, as an English person I had to pause this video after 15 seconds as my ears were splitting. Her fake accent is atrocious! Nobody in England sounds like that, absolutely nobody. She sounds contrived and frankly slightly bizarre. This is particularly apparent when her strange fake received pronunciation is combined with horrific grammar and phrasing.
    I don’t understand why she can’t just speak normally; she is with a diverse range of people who won’t find her accent ‘admirable’, just pompous! Unintentional it may be, but by setting herself apart like this she really doesn’t endear herself to her audience.

    1. Hi CS! Welcome!

      You bring up a good point that she’s talking to people who don’t/wouldn’t have a posh accent. If she wanted to relate to them she should just talk in her normal voice, rather than putting on a fake accent. William and Harry don’t even have as “posh” an accent as Kate, so I’ve read.

  37. Oh my! Just saw a photo of the Duchess at Mind on World Mental health day in Wales I think. What on earth possessed her to wear a pair of skinny leggings under her formal coat with her long Rumba boots? This I think takes the cake. Not classy ,elegant or well groomed at all. She was not going to the supermarket, she is at a royal function, I honestly don’t think she has any idea, heaven forbid!

    1. The look would have been nice with black hosiery or skin tight leggings but the jeans were all scrunched and wrinkly in those boots, looked awful. I did appreciate the hair though, finally out of the way.

      1. Yes M123, you are right, some nice hosiery but what she had on under her formal coat looked absolutely awful and was not appropriate for what she was wearing, it did not go together
        Hair neat and tidy big improvement!

  38. Recent news about Kate has been too good to be true, to the point of scaring me. I think KP is in full force to sell her as being “brain and beauty”, and the first royal to hold a university degree, brilliant, graceful, etc. They make articles and videos to suck up to her (check out this http://bcove.me/75lg9cp8). As much as people hated Camilla for what happened with Diana, I have not seen such an extreme brainwash campaign practiced. Camilla made an effort and work really hard to earn her place, and she managed to win my attention by her works (especially with rape victims). Kate has not done or prove anything yet her crews try to win people by brainwash not by making her work hard. I find this outrageous. I have not seen such a propaganda in a democratic western state. This is something that China and North Korea may do, but certainly should not be UK! Wow, look at what money and power can do…

    1. Camilla’s notorious campaign of acceptance was launched back in the late 90s/early 00s.
      After her marriage, she was originally known as the duchess of doolittle. Camilla looks better now, in comparison to her lazy and awful stepdaughter-in-law.


      I don’t mind Camilla. I think her work with literacy, rape victims and osteoporosis is notable.
      Her pr is much softer these days and she takes a backseat to Charles.

      On the flip side, william hides behind his brother and wife, unless he wants publicity and praise.
      I almost feel bad for kate in this respect. She is an abysmal royal. Yet, she is pushed out there to take the attention off of willy.

    1. It makes you wonder. I don’t think she is particularly intelligent, but seems manipulative enough to get what she wants.

      1. Look closely at her back tooth in the photo where the camera is giving her an oral exam lol there’s something that appears to be a clear device around her tooth back there. The photo where she’s looking upward and has her mouth wide open

    1. M123, there is merit in what you have said. I cannot remember where I read it but the article was talking about the Duchesses teeth and mentioned that she did indeed where invisible braces. My son has just finished his orthodontic work on his teeth and now he has a permanent wire retainer upper and lower for his teeth, a killer smile he now has but anyway that could be also what is visible.

  39. KMR please omit the links below if they are not appropriate here.

    Kate has made an attempt to address some of the criticisms levelled against her but much is still to be done, even if only from the performance perspective. Her mother in law sought help despite the challenges for her but for the life of me I cannot fathom how someone with ‘an education’ from St Andrew’s can be so ill prepared. Presentations, speeches, debate, preparation are all requirements for a university degree.

    If they need a speech advisor or mentor for Kate the palace could consider this lady.

    She is an amazing public speaker, injects warmth and humour into her speeches and lectures. Admittedly, she has professional experience and contacts to draw on but she understands how to convey hard messages in an interesting and engaging manner. Her background might support Kate’s alleged interest in her selected charities. Professor Byron also has a sassy but appropriate dress sense.

    Likewise, this British broadcaster is similarly gifted and is able to differentiate delivery depending on audience and context.

    According to Penny Junor’s biography on Harry, Charles looked beyond the court for role models for his son, so it can be done.

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