William, Kate & Harry run relay at Heads Together training day

William, Kate & Harry run relay at Heads Together training day

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry attended the Heads Together London Marathon training Day at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park yesterday, February 5.

The royal trio was at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to take part in Heads Together’s training day for 150 runners who will run the London Marathon for one of the Heads Together charity partners.

William, Kate & Harry run relay at Heads Together Training Day s
[Heads Together @heads_together]

They joined some runners on the track to chat for a few minutes before participating in a relay. I’m not sure what the relay was for other than to give photographers some nice photos.

Then the royals went inside the arena to chat with some more runners. William gave a speech. The BRF website hasn’t put the full transcript online, but here’s an excerpt of what Williams said:

    “We want to normalise mental health, we want to get people talking about it to make it more normal, to reduce the stigma and by what you guys are doing and having so many of you here today we’ve already seen the benefit of joining in by being a part of this marathon. We want to make it the mental health marathon so that we can get more people talking and break down the stigma.”

It’s just the basic, vague, dare I say shallow, stuff they’ve been saying for almost a year.

Paula Radcliffe, the current Marathon World Record Holder and three-time London Marathon winner, and Iwan Thomas, British 400m Record Holder and London Marathon regular, participated in a Q&A with the runners. And there was more stuff going on for the runners who were there, but I can’t find evidence that William, Kate, or Harry participated in any of it.

Kate wore a new puffer jacket from Perfect Moment, the “Mini Duvet” in red ($450). The jacket is also available in green (which I love), and black (both $335).

Kate paired her black turtleneck and black skinny jeans with new New Balance Vazee Transform sneakers (hers are in a custom colorway).

Kate’s earrings are new: Asprey “167 White Gold Earrings” ($3,500). The earrings are described as “Pavé diamond 167 Button earrings with a central amethyst stone, all set in 18ct white gold”. The earrings match Kate’s necklace from the same line which she’s had for many years.

Why anyone would wear $3,500 earrings to a sports training day is beyond me, but okay. I saw Kate’s Cartier watch poking out from underneath her sleeve, too.

Asprey 167 White Gold Earrings

There is some nice banter between the three royals in this video of them running the relay.

William’s pants were also ridiculously tight when he was running.

Here are some more photos from the event. Like I said, there were some nice photos from the event, but I’m not sure what it accomplished. The royals didn’t seem to be there for very long and didn’t seem to do much, so… something something mental health, something something starting conversations… rinse and repeat.

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  1. Does the DM not so secretly hate William? Or is he just one of the most unphotogenic men on the planet? Either way, I actually feel sorry for him (This is not me being sarcastic, I truly mean it).

  2. Look how nice Kate’s hair looks pulled back in her low ponytail!
    I don’t know how any of them ran in their pants. W & k’s too tight ones and harry’s looks like they’re about to fall off.
    It looks like someone told William to start showing affection to Kate. We got a high five AND an arm over her shoulder!! These are some crazy times =)I think this is the most we’ve ever seen.
    The trio could have at least sported the heads together head band? I’d chalk this engagement up to one that increases their #s but not much else
    They could address something like this and it would make the initiative less ambiguous

    1. I just watched the video, and they’re not actually doing a high five. William’s holding his hand in front of Kate in what I think is a joking you can’t see thing and then Kate swats her hand away. The photo just makes it look like a high five. The arm around the shoulder does seem to be real though =)

      Her hair does look nice in the low pony so I don’t understand why Kate didn’t just style her hair like that for the entire event. It looks good and is appropriate for the engagement. Plus having her hair in a pony tail would just go better with outfit.

  3. Kate’s jeggings strike again! Ugh. Also I am sorry to say that those earrings look like a pair of boobs and even if I were filthy rich I would never wear those tacky things. They make me laugh. ?

      1. I find it hard to comprehend that Kate and her loyal staff don’t realize that the good people of England (and the rest of the world) are already on intimate terms with Kate’s a$s, being shown it at least 3-4 times yearly, so we really don’t need these constant reminders.

        The other thing that kind of boggles my mind is that way Kate dresses. Meaning, one moment she’s wearing skin tight jeans or too low cut of a dress while bending over to talk to a child then the next time her coat is zipped up so high as to strangle her or she’s wearing a dress that looks like my grandmother’s couch cover (with as much fabric). It’s almost as though she has a bit of a double personality when it comes to her style. She can’t quite decide between yummy mummy or modest matron, but geez I wish she’d make up her mind.

      2. I’m sure you can appreciate this occupational hazard thinking but every time I see Kate in her painted on skinny jeans, I hope she has a good script for diflucan =)

    1. Kate truly has the worst taste in jewelry. Especially for someone with the means to buy some truly beautiful pieces.
      Maybe they were a bday gift?

      1. Hi Sarah,

        I too thought that they might be a b-day gift, but why wear them to this event? I mean $3500 earrings don’t exactly scream “sporting event” to me but she could have worn them to the NOOK appeal and they wouldn’t have looked so out of place.

        1. I think to someone like Kate, who is from a very wealthy family, that a pair of microscopic $3500 earrings are just something you wear everyday. She is also wearing a $450 dollar jacket, that looks like something you could buy in Marshalls or TJ Maxx and I am sure the running shoes were in the neighborhood of $70-$125 dollars. This is what she is used to and even before she was married she was never without a handbag that cost less then $500. To her, this is the norm.

        2. I think they look okay. Before reading blogs, I never knew how much stuff cost. So I would have assumed that she wore her engagment ring because, like me, she wears it everywhere, everyday. I only take mine off to knead bread or to paint celings. Lessons learned, there. But I would have looked at her earrings and just assumed she chose those because she wanted to wear something, but nothing dangly to annoy her while she ran. It wasn’t much running, so the skinny jeans that are mostly lycra and need a belt to stay up are good enough. I’m not wild about the fashion, but I’m more annoyed by the puffer coat that made her look like she’s getting ready to ski. Meh. And because I do read the blogs, I’m wondering why she paid that much for it. As someone downthread mentioned, a heads together sweatshirt would have been much better — on all three of them.

  4. Yeah, the same drivel. They are so out of touch in thinking their appearances are inspired and winsome. The fake competition between William and KM running 20 feet-how long did it take someone to think up that stunt? 10 seconds? They are promoting a marathon, not a sprint. And poor W runs like his training wheels were taken off too soon. Please, W, KM and H grow up and put some effort into your charities.

    1. Watching the video it looks like Kate hung back to make sure William beat her. He probably was angry Harry beat him.

      Harry always seems so out of place here, the third wheel, when this isn’t his “thing” but he is pushed to do it to make W&K look better as Harry is better with people and not so stiff and cold.

      1. It really did seem like Kate was giving it her all for about half of the sprint, but then slowed down toward the end. I don’t know if she just ran out of steam or if she slowed down on purpose.

  5. The DM’s picture of Kate yanking her pants up and giving herself a wedgie is everything. They also troll her about her pants being too tight to run in. There’s been a real change in the *tone* of her/their coverage.

    The event itself was all PR and no substance. Like, not even a little bit of substance. Shame on them.

    1. It wasn’t even good PR. Good PR would have been them actually promoting the event, the runners, the Marathon, the charity partners, not promoting their pointless relay. KP and HT’s Twitter accounts really dropped the ball on this one. Neither even wrote about William’s speech.

      1. That would require the trio to have competent staff and advisers and for the trio to actually listen to them. Both of which we know isn’t that case.

        Honestly their line of thinking was probably: “oh Harry got a lot of good press when he ‘raced’ Usain Bolt. Let’s do that again.”

  6. They could have at least each worn something with the Heads together logo on it. They could have even had zip-up sweatshirts made. Everyone else there was wearing the goofy headbands or a tank top, but neither of these 3 could wear them? It is supposedly their passion project and they want to promote it. Shoot, Kate even had to buy brand new clothes for this. What a wasted opportunity. It would have been so much better if all 3 had been photographed in Heads together sweatshirts or something. At least the photos themselves would have been promoting their cause, but as they are now, the photos don’t really show what they were promoting. (I know there is one photo out there with 2 of them wearing the head bands, but it is grainy shot and not a professional one).

    And seriously, how many new pairs of trainers does a person need?

      1. I saw that on other blogs and it’s attributed to “Heads Together” but I didn’t see it on their Twitter feed, so that’s why I didn’t include it.

      2. Ya I said they wore the headbands for 1 grainy photo, not a professional one. I said 2 of then wore them but it was all 3. They wore them for a second, not for the main portion of the day when all the photos were taken. I mentioned that brief photo in my above comment. Not exactly making an effort, they should have worn the headbands or something the whole visit. That was the point of my comment,.

  7. The entire purpose of this event was PR for the trio. Get them out there to increase numbers. In fact with every passing Heads Together event, it becomes increasingly clear that the entire campaign is a thinly veiled PR exercise for the trio. I almost wish they’d stop making Heads Together appearances. For as much as they talk about changing the conversation around mental health can anyone tell me what they have added to the conversation?

    1. But, but, Carter, change the conversation! We don’t know what the conversation is or what we’re supposed to be changing it to, but let’s get our heads together and change the conversation!

      I saw a KP tweet about “urging people to talk about mental health” and I almost tweeted at them asking what we’re supposed to talk about. Are they wanting people to have legitimate conversations about, say, feeling depressed about education/work or getting their emotions under control so that they can function better, or do they want people to actually discuss “mental health” and the stigma around it? I’m so confused by their talking points here.

      1. YOU SHOULD TWEET THAT. I would love you forever.

        The snark is with you, my friend. I agree with all of this. What conversation?! How about discussing things other than depression and potentially anxiety disorders but talk about and encourage people to go to professionals and have intelligent things to say about it? Not capable, I know, but this is such a ridiculous missed opportunity and as someone who’s suffered from various mental health problems over my life it always raises my hackles…as you know… This is trendy and it’s minimal work for maximum PR pay-off.

        Also: $#%@@%#%# Burn those jeggings. Here I thought she wore normal athletic leggings, awesome– oh wait, here are the jeggings to show how enviably slim she is. I know so many women who admire how she looks and starve themselves to do it. And their young girls look up to Kate, too, wanting to be a kept woman who’s frighteningly thin. It bothers me.

      2. KMR you should tweet them and ask your legit questions. Let’s see what they have to say then? Seriously, someone just handed them the tag line of “let’s change the conversation” and that’s what they’ve been saying ever since.

        At least the trio, esp Kate, looked happy and engaged. Really underscores the fact that Kate lights up when it’s doing something sporty- too bad that she doesn’t target sports charities for her patronages. Man, she even stands up straighter too.

        William and Kate are strange to me- there are public events where they display genuine affection and then are other events where their body language is frigid towards each other.

        1. Wasn’t there a mental health talk day last week in the U.K.? Where were Will and Kate for this? Nowhere to be seen and not even a statement. They don’t really care about any of this.

          And yes the jeggings are just too much. She could have worn lululemon yoga pants and it would fit the event much better. Spray on jeggings are just unprofessional.

      3. Whenever they say things like you should talk about your feelings etc. I really think the trio doesn’t actually understand “mental health.” Feeling depressed because your stressed at work is not the same thing as Major Depressive Disorder. And while yes if you suffer from MDD it would be great for you to have a friend to talk to, but that’s not going to get you better. Talking to your doctor, starting medication, seeing a psychologist for therapy etc. is what makes people better. I wish they would discuss that. That would actually add to the conversation and would lessen the stigma about getting treatment.

        1. I used to go to a psychiatrist and was on medication and that didn’t help me either.

          I agree though that they keep talking about “talking about your feelings” but they’re not actually lessening the stigma on seeking professional help and being on medication.

          PS. When I said “feeling depressed about education/work”, I meant having deeply depressive thoughts about how knowledgeable I am and my education and work situation and a whole host of other things. Not just being stressed at work. Sorry for not being clear on that.

          1. I wish they would talk about lessening the stigma of taking medication to deal with your mental health issues, because there’s still a problem with perceptions of people who take medication for their depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, whatever.

          2. KMR, I’m sorry you had to suffer through that. I hope you are in a better place now!

            I didn’t mean to suggest that you or anyone commenting here doesn’t understand mental health, I was more lamenting how the trio says meaningless platitudes time and again with no semblance that there is any deeper understanding regarding mental health behind them.

      4. I love that, KMR. Exactly, what are people supposed to talk about? How hard it is for most people to articulate what they are feeling. How difficult to talk to others who just say, or think to themselves, “Well, pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

        Geez, I think their initial comment was ok and maybe got some people talking a bit. But, how many times are they going to say the same old thing. It gets old and stale. It gets frustrating to those who are suffering to hear the same words.

        It’s like they’re so “keen” about this sound bite, they keep saying if over and over and over and over……

    2. Carter, I believe you are right. The HT initiative allows the trio to look as if they doing something as they chant their one phrase over and over. It ups numbers for the trio and provides visibility for PR purposes. Very little outlay for maximum return – to them. There’s no oxygen left in the room after the trio does their thing; the event, whatever it is, is just a prop.

      Unless they can contribute something substantial – though goodness knows what that would be – the trio needs to step away. With cuts to National Health Services, organisations doing the grunt work are now put under even greater pressure to provide help to more people. Foundation funds must be distributed to its eight mental health partners as a matter of urgency.

    3. Exactly, Carter! Heads Together, their royal foundation, whatever, the main purpose is to promote these three middle-age shirkers. Exactly how much money has Heads Together spent on producing their videos, professional photo shoots, printing glossy pamphlets and setting up their website with their smiling faces? Their “charitable” initiatives are simply part of a sneaky scheme to fund their own propaganda.

    4. Hi Carter,

      I feel that they could have used this event to highlight how exercise can be useful to help one on those days when you might be feeling blue or out of sorts. I struggle with some depression due to chronic pain and I’ve found that sometimes being outdoors or if the pain will permit, taking a stroll or doing a light workout can really help elevate my mood. I will admit that sometimes when I’m tired of the pain and feeling down, it can be difficult to rally myself to do anything when all I want to do is hide inside and isolate myself but having dealt with this for almost 7 years now I am getting better about doing little things like being outside, eating better, avoiding sugar (it’s such an inflammatory), etc that while these things don’t take away the pain, they do make it easier to deal with both mentally and emotionally.

      1. Lauri, that would be excellent advice for them to relate to others. These engagements could be so much better constructed. Each could have 2-3 talking points: (1) an aspect of what ‘x’ organisation under HT specialises in (2) you can find them here and here, and (3) here’s something you can do, some simple exercises, to help alleviate problems.

        They can change the conversation by giving the conversation some content.

        1. Dear Jen, you just hit the nail on the head with “They can change the conversation by giving the conversation some content.” Just saying over and over to have “conversations” doesn’t really help many people. I know from personal experience that the few time when I’ve shared with family or friends that I’m a bit down from the pain, they don’t know what to say so they usually say nothing or they start telling me what I should be doing, which really doesn’t help. I know that they care for me and seeing me in pain or struggling is difficult for them because there really isn’t anything they can do to make it better. But being hit with a list of things to try or do(most of which I have tired to varying degrees of success) just ends up making me feel like a bit of failure.

          1. People mean well, I think; their advice is just a bit clumsy. Sometimes people need to be heard rather than have their problem ‘solved’ which it can’t be, of course, in such simplistic terms. Maybe they could ask, “What can do when you need a hand?”

          2. Thanks for listening (reading) Jen!! I have been struggling lately and just needed to vent some thoughts. You are so right, people mean well and we all can be a bit clumsy with our advise. Certainly asking a concrete question like you suggested is probably most often the best response one could hear.

        2. Or, since I prefer to get my information about medical matters from professionals, introduce a psychiatrist who then says something pithy, encouraging, and accurate. If they were to do something like this often, with many different professionals covering many different areas of mental health, then I think the campaign might actually make a difference. At this point I don’t even know what they’re raising money for.

  8. The more I hear about Heads Together, the less I understand it. I do wish they would emphasise that ‘changing the conversation’ is just one element in supporting mental health. Sure stigma doesn’t help those with mental health issues, but access to support services and freedom from discrimination is also essential.

    I just wish someone would change the conversation about sprinting in skin tight denim. Yeast Infections Together, anyone?

  9. I saw this engagement yesterday and had people before thinking Kate was pregnant. OMG I wanted so much Kate took off her ring when she attended sport events. Not even Diana wore this ring do much. I wish the William, Kate and Harry would stop repeating the same thing, the mental health epidemic needs action and available funding and resources to tackle it. Just stating people need to talk is just common sense, though helpful initially it doesn’t solve anything. They haven’t a clue, it’s just another campaign they put their name too it sadly appears. If they have anything personal to relate to its better to be open about it to push the cause forward if not leave it to the professionals or those with experience. IT doesn’t take three of them to repeat the same thing at every appearance.

    Off topic but I made a promise to myself that I would never talk about Meghan Markle again on this blog. The first time I talked about Meghan her there was comments saying I was being too judgemental and that I shoud not talk that way about a person I didn’t know. Well aren’t we being judgemental when we talk about Kate or when we critic her? And we DON’T KNOW her behind the doors. The same is to Meghan. Who critics her doesn’t know her, but who praise her doesn’t know her either. Many people praises Meghan over Kate because MM has a job, ridiculous. I respect a working woman as much as I respect a housewife. I respect everybody opinion but mine was not respected. It was like the suggar Kate sites, if you don’t adore St. Meghan you are jealous and racist.
    Here is with what I have a problem: people saying she is a hardworking woman. Every time someone says that I remember Daniel Radcliffe and his father telling him he wasn’t working down in the mines. Having perspective on what you do in life is very important and last time I checked she worked for a few days in November and now it’s February. Also those tig quotes are just dumb. Meghan is not hardworking. She works a few months of the year. She spends the rest of her time reposting other peoples work. She’s made two trips one to Rwanda and the other to India and both times it came across as a vacation. All her cloths are given to her as well as her trips. That’s not someone who works hard. I work hard I have a family I all so hold down two jobs. No freebies for me or first class.
    As a fan of Harry, I have to say I am truly disappointed. I do know he has the tendency to make really stupid decisions, as seen in the past. In fact, in his biography by Chris Hutchins, Chris mentions this as Harry’s greatest weakness- something even Cressida noticed when she was with him. She felt like she had to save Harry from other people and even himself. Yes, he did make a lot of mistakes in the past. But when he entered the Army, he grew up and matured. I thought he changed for good. I loved how he came up with the Invictus Games in 2014, how he seemed to naturally connect with the wounded veterans, and just about anybody he meets. I also remember watching the documentary when he went to the South Pole as just another guy in the UK team. He was truly in his element there. In his videos and engagements, he seems like a really genuine person.
    I’m so sorry if what I’m typing is not coherent! But anyway, ever since I saw that statement released last November, the way I thought of him kind of changed. First of all, the statement seemed pretty odd to be coming from a member of the Royal Family. The complaints and everything else that was said to be experienced by Meghan Markle were typical things expected of any woman who dates a high profile figure. I’m pretty sure Chelsy and Cressida faced the same problems. But did Harry ever release a statement to protect them? No. Those two got on with it and braved the relationship straight on, not once ever speaking to the media or clamoring for attention. Right from the start, something was already off about this new relationship with MM. And it’s obviously not about her being half-white or half-black or whatever reason she claims it to be. It’s because of her antics- posting cryptic messages to get the world to notice her and etc. And accepting sexy roles on TV, knowing that if she were to joing the BRF in the future, these would not be acceptable. I cannot imagine her being the future Duchess of whatever, nor can I see the benefit of Harry staying in the relationship with her. I really hope he finds someone better, with whom the relationship was more genuine and sweeter.
    I used to respect Harry, thinking he was one of the good ones. However, all that changed when he released that misguided statement of demand to cease any criticism of her from the public and press. His arrogance to live rent-free, in a publicly owned “palace”, in an area housing the most expensive real estate in the world with all the trappings of wealth, yet not having to use one pound of his own money and have this questionable woman shacked up with him, is scandalous.

    I will be bluntly honest, and admit I really thought H was thoughtful, fun, emotionally intelligent, connected with others, and mature enough to have set a path forward. I thought, given the amount of times he’s been on camera taking about his future wife, he would have well formed ideas on what he wanted, and would be good for him and the monarchy. Then came his relationship with MM. In Nov, when it became public knowledge, I thought there was no way this was happening. The pictures of bananas and English tea were cheap. And then came the statement. Sexist racists is not something royal letterheads should be throwing around lightly. Outside of Hollywood, those words still mean something. Pointing fingers and calling people names, whereas there may have been a basis, is something the royal family is supposed to rise above. Then the pap walks, and the harry initial bracelet, and the dogs in Union jumpers. Fine, I actually don’t have a problem with her being proud to date him. The problem was, over time, there were plenty of statements from Harry about wanting privacy. Which was the opposite of what she was doing, and she knew she was garnering attention. If she knew she was trying to grab attention, then H must be uncomfortable, right? But NOT. If he’s dating a narcissistic, fame seeker he likes that kind of women. He is like her, so not genuine as he seems (or as I thought he was). He is a player like her, that’s why they like each others.
    The sad thing about this is that he can’t be taken seriously again. He’s said that he doesn’t like the press attention to his private life, yet he’s continues to date a fame seeker. He said that he wanted the people to trust him and to have someone he could be proud to introduce to the queen, yet his dating Meghan who he really won’t be able to do that with. So why should anyone believe anything he has to say? It’s fine if Harry wasn’t to push this chick down his family and the public’s throughout, but he shouldn’t get upset or surprised when the people don’t accept his like they did before. He shouldn’t be put out when the press bagger him or if the crowds don’t turn up to his engagements or if he gets booed. If he doesn’t seem to care anymore and is desperate to go out with Meghan, he should suffer the consequence of his actions. I was fooled by him before because he did seem like a strong man who would dispatch any woman that was using him for press and who courted the media, so it’s a bit hard to believe now that he’s dating a woman that’s done so much more than the others have, and he could care less. It’s quite disappointing to say the least.
    It’s too late for anything to be done. Harry was seen as “the savior” of the royal family because he was seen as being different and more in touch with the public because if his easy going relaxed nature. He was seen as someone who wouldn’t be dragged into celebrity and date celebrities. He was seen as the one who had more common sense/street sense than Wills who ended up marrying a f/drinking buddy like Waity who came with a grasping unsavory family. The damage that Harry’s done to himself being with Meghan can’t be reversed because he’s saying by his actions now that he’s cool with everything she’s done and will continue to do to use him and the royal family for her own gain. How could he realistically represent the queen or even do charity for children’s causes if his running around with a slapped like Meghan who’s going to drag him down and be a constant fixture in the tabloid press on a daily basis. Appearing in US Weekly will be the norm for him now as well as the press hurling insults at him and by in large the royal family as one of their own is dating someone who gets her kit off on camera for a living and courts press attention whenever she gets a chance. It’s beyond madness to really be believed.
    He’s a prince, he carries the HRH, he takes the money, he lives in the palaces. What he does, DOES affect his nation and his dynasty. I am so sick of how he thinks he has some right to a ‘private life,’ which is sounding more and more like him being able to lead a responsibility free life. He has gall thinking that he doesn’t have to answer to anyone about how he should or how he wants to live his life. WHEN are these royals going to stop whining? By the way, does anyone know when is Harry’s next engagement? I read it’s is only in March. It’s disgusting that the Queen, a woman aged 90 (NINETY) gets out almost every day to work and to serve her people and her 32 year old grandson is on vacation with his girlfriend. Harry is as lazy as Wiliam and Kate. He does 2,3 or 4 engagements a month and disappears for weeks. DISGUSTING. And yes I am being judgemental, like I am when I talk about Kate (like we all do on this blog). I respect everybody oppinion, so respect mine too. A critic don’t make us a hater. We here praise when is due, for this reason this blog is so special to me.

    Sorry for the long post. Have a great day everyone.

    1. Goodness, I hope you feel better for getting that lot off your chest. I don’t agree with everything you have said, particularly about meghan but I respect you for your opinion.
      I think many people feel the same as you do now about the lack of work from WKH. Showing up for an hour or so, to spout platitudes and cliches, have your photo taken and then buzz off is not a job, the way many of us work.
      These three appear childish, patronising and workshy to many of the people who are working all hours God sends and paying a lot of tax on that work to fund the lifestyle of these three.
      A major rethink is needed of the BRF, imo, because people have lost the respect they once had and when the Queen passes it will be a whole different ballgame.
      Why can’t these three do a full time job? Why shouldn’t they?

    2. Jamel, I agree with 90% of what you wrote, but I suppose I’m still holding out that Harry will see sense & step up. I too came to believe that Harry, supported by his cousins would be the face of the monarchy moving forward. Their mother would be horrified to see all the bad press that her beloved sons are receiving. Also Ellie I think you could possibly have found the first topic of conversation – body image & the lengths women/men will go to to achieve what they believe to be the “perfect body”!! Whilst it is obvious Kate is very athletic, I personally believe she may have a problem & that is purely my opinion. Diana spoke about eating disorders & mental health when she admitted she had suffered from bulimia back in the late 80’s, and it did help to start & break down the stigma surrounding not only eating disorders but also mental health. I so envied her & did everything I could to be & look like her, when she said she didn’t eat breakfast, I stopped eating b/f, when she said she had only a cup-a-soup for lunch & a chicken salad dinner, guess what, I changed my diet in a vain attempt to be like her! Kate must know that so many people envy her & try anything to be like her, so perhaps if she did a relaxed q&a for heads together, she may not only help somebody but also be thought of as actually doing something for the charity.

      1. I don’t think Kate is athletic, she just wants to stay “skinny.” There is a different between being athletic/fit and being skinny and Kate is clearly the latter.

        As for Harry? I *do* think he is emotionally intelligent and his work with Santebale and Invictus Games prove that but, on occassion, he thinks with his *other* head. Does Meghan fit under that category? Too soon to tell, IMO. While her Instagram posts were initially cheeky (and silly) clues about being with Harry, she’s cut waaaaaaay back on that and I’m glad. Will they end up at the alter? We shall see but I don’t think her family is nearly as bad as Kate’s (remember, Meghan’s much older half-brother, a sibling she barely knows least of all talks to, spoke to the press and, to me, he was just thirsty for his 15 minutes of fame), it’s just that the Middletons showed their true colors **after** the ring was on the finger. Whew!

        I’ll comment about the trio’s engagement in a separate post rather than a reply.

        1. Nothing the Middletons have done is as bad was Meghan’s older brother getting arrested for threatening a woman with a gun.

        2. I agree that Kate is skinny due to a severe diet and not exercise. If she does exercise, I bet it is mostly cardio. She has little muscle definition. I am both the strongest and fattest I have ever been in my life. Strongest due to my weight lifting, and fattest due to my daily diet of Girl Scout cookies (three scouts live on my street, how can I say no?!!!). Diet is the key to skinniness. And life without Thin Mints is no life at all.

          1. Kate is very thin, unnaturally so I suspect for her body type, but she looks fit to me. Her legs have definition and she does not appear to have chicken wing arms like some skinnyfat people.

          2. Jet Texas,

            I’m a Tagalong girl and former GS (for 7 years baby) so, of course, I have to support my local scouts!! Also, I found on Pinterest a brownie recipe for Thin Mints. Would you like for me to post the link or no?

          3. I used to love tagalongs but they now have only a thin sheen of on to them!! So back to old faithful, thin mints and samoas!! I heard they have a s’mores version this year?

          4. I’m sorry for being a Debbie Downer, but I’ve been showing flu-like symptoms (cough and sore throat) since yesterday and since earlier this evening, that cough has gotten junky. It got to the point where I called my transplant clinic in Tampa to get their input. They want me to go to my PCP in the A.M. to see what’s going on and have either the doctor or me call them back with an update.

            The reason for posting all of this? Could you please keep me in your thoughts? This cough is starting to get quite junky and driving me crazy. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

          5. I called my PCP at 8 AM on the dot, spoke with someone, gave my info and told them what’s going on and then called me back within 10-15 minutes. My appointment is scheduled for 2:20 this afternoon. I’m glad because all this cough is starting to make my head hurt.

            I just finished walking Missy who, thankfully, didn’t drive me crazy in terms of pulling the leash and running around (I think she knows that her mama isn’t felling well), will take my morning meds momentarily and then, get back into my pajamas and take a nap!

            Thank you! (((HUGS)))

            P.S. Around midnight, I started a live video on my personal Facebook because I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate on reading and was bored out of my ever-loving mind. I ended up getting some friends to watch lol!

          6. Kimothy, you are in our thoughts!! Hope all is a little better a few hours on? Take good care and keep us updated when you can.

          7. Update: I napped but it wasn’t a fulfilling nap. I just had lunch, am getting ready and, luckily, my taxi driver friend, Aaron, is available so he’s going to take me to my appointment–yay!! I haven’t seen him in almost 3 months!!

            Here’s hoping the doctor can diagnose me, give me the right meds and help me fight this bug!

            (Note: I do have a licence but choose not to drive. Long story.)

          8. Good idea to be driven to the appointment when you are unwell. Hope the doctor can fix you up pretty quick. Fingers crossed.

          9. It’s official: Kimothy has a cold and my doctor’s fill-in (who, btw, was CUTE) was glad I came when I did due to my medical history. Also, when I texted my supervisor the diagnosis, he said that if I’d waited longer, it could’ve turned into pneumonia. So I’ve been to Publix, got my meds, will start them tonight, am still coughing and feeling yucky so we’ll see about going to work tomorrow but at least we have a game plan!

            P.S. I called my transplant center before it closed and let them know what’s going on so at least they’re in the know now too.

    3. I agree with most of what you wrote. I am disappointed that William and Kate do so little with the platform they have and work so little given they are able bodied young adults. I used to give Harry the benefit of the doubt because he’s very charming and connects well with people and puts on a front that he cares. But then he quit the army and has replaced it with nothing, not another job or full time royal duties. Then details of his relationship came out, and it became very clear (to me at least) that he has a LOT of free time. Free time that he spends partying and jetting around the world and not working. In the last few months I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s not all that different from William and Kate; he’s just better at PR.

      1. Carter: I wouldn’t say better PR, he is younger, more attractive and very likeable. It will eventually wear thin for Harry if he doesn’t step up his game.

    4. Harry is a real person and he certainly does deserve a private life, everyone does! The fact that he is a public person does not mean the public owns him and gets to dictate his romantic choices. My goodness, is it really that serious. To feel so invested in someone else’s life decisions, someone you don’t know and will never know, is very troubling. Seriously, don’t let it cause you this much turmoil because it ultimately has no impact on your life. It really doesn’t. It’s not like he is going to be King. I would venture that Harry never asked for anyone to put him on a pedestal. I don’t think it’s his fault if people have and are holding him to some standard that is completely unrealistic.

      She may not be your cup of tea but Meghan is not the devil. If the worst thing you can say about her is that she likes attention, so what? I don’t get why that is a mortal sin to some. This is not the 1800s. Harry has dated other celebrities and models, so he has a type. Despite what many of his fans had hoped, he was never going to end up with some nerd-virgin shy-mouse librarian type.

      I also don’t see how someone can argue that Harry is making himself into a celebrity if they are taking the time to post about him on an internet blog dedicated to royalty. There seems to be a little hypocrisy there. Maybe it’s other people who have made him into a celebrity and are upset because he’s proving to be flesh and blood like the rest of us and not the fantasy man they’ve been projecting their own expectations on.

      I like Kate and it sometimes annoys me when she gets slammed for every single thing she does. Nothing is ever good enough. For example, I thought this event was a good showing for her but everyone else seems to disagree. All this focus on her skinny jeans. Ok, fine enough. Not going to lose any sleep over it. I know this is a critical blog where Kate will be taken to the shed yet I come here faithfully because there’s lots of information & photos and the conversation is a notch above what you find on other sites. Do not take any of this to heart. We don’t know these people despite what we see or read of them.

  10. Jason – these three are getting too old for the ‘youthful cool royal trio having laughs with celebrities and/or sportspeople – aren’t they so relatable and fun, but also admirable’ event template you keep sticking with. You are trying to recapture that Olympics glow, before the babies, baldness and flashing (which no doubt encouraged the Queen to consider launching her own Legs Together initiative). These are three thirty-something adults (two with young kids) but we are supposed to find their sub-Banana Bunch clowning so endearing?

    Bah humbug.

  11. Now onto my comment about this engagement. Holy schnikies!! Did William sneak into Kate’s cabinet and take something?! His over-the-top facial expressions are exactly like hers! And the show of affection?! What is going on?! I did *not* need to see which side Little Willie hangs so thanks for that Willis (gags).

    Also, the race between the trio was silly and I totally believe Kate would slow down to make William look good. She is so submissive!

    Last, their words were just so empty, void and told us nothing about why they were there, Heads Together initiative or anything. They are way in over their heads regarding mental health/illness. Sigh……

    1. Yes, this event was rather pointless. I’ve given up on HT. It isn’t actually trying to accomplish anything other than PR for these three, as others said above, and that disgusts me.

  12. They want to remove the stigma of talking about mental health. Yeah, we know. The more they say that, the more upset I get. Come on, people. Let’s delve into this very important issue with more substance. Let’s decide what Heads Together is all about and let’s offer more than the same old drivel when discussing it. I doubt they read about the research that is going on. I doubt they think about anything but the importance to talk about things that are bothering you. This is such a difficult challenge for so many people. Just finding the right therapist or psychiatrist can be tough. Here in the States, most docs, just push pills. “This one doesn’t work? Ok, try that one.” Follow up visits are short and not so sweet. Just higher doses, or lower ones, or another pill to try. People become more frustrated and give up easily on their treatments. Who can blame them?

    Kate’s hair looked better than it has in the past and was right for this type of event. Why wear such expensive earrings to a relay, though? So insensitive, if you ask me. And, I didn’t really like them and was surprised they cost so much. As for the tight jeggings and her tugging at them in the back? omg!

    I’m tired after last night’s amazing Super Bowl, so it’s hard to really be clear in my comments.

    1. Nouveau riche, my friend. Not like there’s anything wrong with that but rocking up to an event like this in $4500 earrings, a Cartier watch and The Ring is all about status. Tacky tacky tacky.

    1. She really does have an obvious preference for sports related events. I am not sure why they insist on positioning her as an advocate for children when she shows no such inclination.

  13. This is more of the S.O.S for the Royal Triumvirate – drivel and platitudes about mental health as usual pretty much sums up this appearance. What was the point, other than to see the 3 of them run in circles, when they already talk in circles and say nothing. My only hope is that maybe there are young people are out there ,who do need help and absolutely adore the 3 of them, somehow connect with their message (using term loosely) and get the help they need.

  14. This is how I feel now: OMG, just shut the hell up about mental health, ya airheaded miscreants. Y’all and your ‘speeches’ are an embarrassment.

  15. At this time of mistrust towards the younger royals, can we just take 5 mins to wish Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth happy Sapphire Jubilee, 52yrs to the day since her father died & She became Queen. Long May She Reign

  16. I would personally be embarrassed to be wearing $4800 earrings that any descent local jeweler could make for a few hundred. I understand it’s buying the brand name, but this one is just silly!

    I’m ok with the jeans for this event. But she’s really thin. It can’t be ignored anymore. I hope she’s ok.

    1. I have always said I have no issue with Kate’s skinny jeans in a non-“working” context. You know, dressing down and being comfortable. They are my go to’s as well and I am 8yrs older than her. BUT, for a sporting event where she is participating even minimally, this was a poor choice. The outfit she wore while doing the tennis clinic with a Judy Murray would have been just the ticket. This outfit was chosen for maximum exposure of a hard worked for body. Looks likes it’s been butt every day in January, as typically she’s a bit pancake-y in the pitushkin. The jacket just short enough to highlight the display. Sorry Duchess, so on to you. Please grow up and find more productive ways to gain positive attention from the people who pay your way. Thanks and have a great day?

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