Kate spotted leaving Pippa’s house

Kate spotted leaving Pippa’s house

Yesterday, April 6, Kate Middleton was papped again leaving Pippa Middleton‘s house.

Kate stopped by Pippa’s house (which is really James Matthews’ £17m mansion) a day after Carole Middleton, who was papped leaving on Wednesday.

You can view the photos of Kate here, and the photos of Carole here.

In the photos leaving Pippa’s house, Kate is wearing her Jonathan Saunders “Deborah” waffle knit sweater that she wore to rippa rugby in New Zealand in 2014, as well as black skinny jeans (perhaps the Zara ones she wore for the HT training day and Air Cadets visit) and her $65 Superga “Cotu” Sneakers she wore in Canada in 2016.

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  1. One could get whiplash with all the back and forth dm articles Kate’s a style icon/perfectly coiffed hair articles and the. Kate dresses like a woman in her 60s and copy’s Anne hairstyles! Sheesh one or the other dm
    I don’t really have anything to add but I did read (slightly embarrassed to admit) a totally snarky article about how pippa has banned the future bil’s girlfriend (either of whom I know nothing about) becuase she would be jealous of her! Haha if we keep getting articles like that it’ll be a fun lead up to the wedding!

  2. No wonder Pippa looks so smug all the time with all the attention she gets from every side, be it parents or media. Every little footstep becomes an article!No wonder some public persons become crazy. On the other hand, Pippa likes it, so no downside here for her.
    Finally, we can see that Kate can still dress like every other person,I like Kate’s casual outfits.
    I wonder if Kate can just leave the house to make a visit.When do have royals free-time?

    1. Totally agree!!

      Useless entitled whiny Willnot cannot middleton spending and using the people funds and status to promote the useless middletons, but have no time to spend working for charities/the people of GB UK and Commonwealth. Security for peppa house, hen party on taxpayers duchy funds. No reason what soever fittings couldn’t be sent to KP,instead of security and assistant require to drive to matthews!

      The PR need to remind all of useless “I am a prince” the hen party decoy, entering and leaving as if matthew house and middletons taxfund house with security funds, are aristo or royalty.

  3. Pippa has employed a PR firm for her wedding so of course we will be seeing a lot of the Middleton in the next few months.

    “Keeping up with the Middleton’s” coming to a daily mail near you soon?

    Kate knew the paps would be there, check out the looks on her face when she came out the gate. But I guess the wedding and those Philip Treacy hats won’t pay for themselves.

    1. Of course Pips has employed a PR firm; who doesn’t for their small, family wedding? We are living in the era of the grifter; this is their time. Sigh.

      Yep, this is all tiresomely orchestrated PR – the smile on Kate gives the game away. The Middleton’s have been up to this sh*t for well over a decade, so insatiable are they for the limelight. It’s their sheer audacity of insisting they are special that keeps us all transfixed. When the fall happens, it deserves to be spectacular.

      1. I just can’t get over the fact that Pippa has hired a celebrity PR expert, though I know I shouldn’t be surprised given it is the Middletons. And I rather suspect that it is more than just for this small, family wedding….I think Pippa is looking to create an image or brand for herself and that’s why she has contracted the expensive services of Jo Milloy. It’s just another attempt for a Middleton sibling to bypass any sort of actual work and reap the rewards of fame and celebrity. Really, all Pippa should need to do is devote herself to one of her charities, and put in hours–not just appearances–and she would gain some respect. I’m sure that there is plenty she could do for the British Heart Association, and also that school for the deaf that is near the Middleton Bucklebury base. But no, none of the Middletons care at all about actually serving others or doing behind-the-scenes grunt work. It’s all about the red carpet.

        1. Is Pips still volunteering for the Heart Association, or was she using the association as a ploy to rehabilitate her image? Reminds me of KM quitting her high profile cross-channel rowing team once W got back with her. One of the other rowers expressed her disappointment by saying she wished KM had never joined the team.

          1. That was my question too. The flurry of charity work/ the Heart Foundation cookbook undertaken by Pippa was definitely a strategy aimed at the rehabilitation of her image. Has she been doing charity work since the engagement? Usually we hear chapter and verse. I can only recall pap calls showing off a ring, walking the dogs, her daily run… I find Pippa disingenuous to the extreme. She won’t go away.

            From 2016:

            From 2007:

          2. Wasn’t she becoming a certified dietician or something like that? Or was that just for her contribution to the heart association cookbook? I remember some headline to that effect. I can’t see hiring a pr person just for wedding news so maybe she’s going to try and have anew career in something

          3. Sarah, yes, Pippa said she intended to pursue a qualification in nutrition around the time of the Heart Foundation cookbook. Then the engagement followed not long after, so who knows whether it happened. And remember she was going to set up a product line of foods with Kate… bagging all the walnuts? Plus she had meetings a couple of years’ back with a health food guru, presumably to do something along those lines.

          4. Very disingenuous.

            Did you see the Matt Lauer interview on NBC when she was hoping to parlay her bridesmaid role into a big money making gig? She was so coy and phoney. She told Lauer that her family thought the wedding would be just a simple family affair. They only realized on the day of the wedding that it would be seen by the entire world. Right, Pips.

          5. I did. If only the interviewer had called her on it with, “C’mon, you guys have hunted publicity for years, trying to get on the bandwagon of fame” etc.

          6. “Simple family affair”?!?!? LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh. Geeee… how simple could it be? Your sister is only marrying one of the most famous princes in the world.

          7. That whole simple family affair was absurd and just another spin at we’re this normal middle class family with down home values. By then too many peeps had seen their true colors.
            Jen Matt Lauer is a joke of an interviewer -think along the lines of E news. The only time I thought he did well was when he questioned Tom cruise about the Brooke shields and anti depressants things. My mother used to watch the today show. I haven’t seen anything recently except the debate he hosted and that was just as much as a joke but tells me he hasn’t evolved into a hard hitting journalist

          8. I’m with Jen. The word is disingenuous. Like Mother like Daughter. And like Daughter, well, like the other Daughter.

    2. The gentleman exiting with Carole is stephen Jones, a noted hat couturier. So less Philip Treacy hats and more Stephen Jones.

      1. My bad.

        Thanks for the correction Herazeus. I knew it was one of them.

        Darn, does that mean no Treacy surprises for pippips big day?

        1. Cathy: on the contrary, i rather hate the idea of the Middletons ruining another fashion genius. Like they did McQueen.

          Ps: have we ever seen them wearing Treacy? Ever?

    3. according to other sites- to make sure more beautiful women are not present than the hard looking cannot and peppa – the rule is “no ring no bring” – needed by carol to keep donna air awayr and – a useless excuse considering Prince Harry will be busy with Canada Invictus Games.

      1. Why the no ring bring issue when Kate and Pippa attended tons of wedding when neither of them were engaged. I wonder after all these years James and Donna have been together why she has never been invited to anything the Middleton’s have .Surely they have been together long enough that she should be invited.

        1. I think it’s disgusting and shows the true colours of the Middleton women.All smile when they get what they want, and they mostly get what they want thanks to Carole. Donna Air will have a hard time with them if James decides for her. And it’s totally his own choice.

    4. She’s wearing the Ring of Doom so of course she expected paps. PR is in overdrive. I now hate the Midds, they’re so crass and greedy.

      Who the heck employs a PR firm unless they want to be front and centre? Everything about them is so venal and so grasping. Ugly, ugly people.

      I wonder how TR James fits into this? Is he craving attention or something?

  4. Carole nornally looks well dressed – not on this occasion – those trousers don’t fit properly and a cream jacket ?? What was she thinking ?

      1. Yes – but with navy tones for all the rest? It didn’t match at all – pale blue or mauve maybe – it looked like a last minute throw on

        1. The wedges are awful. I think with such straight-legged slacks, they just are terrible!!! So high. If they weren’t that high, I might like them better, but I doubt it. Hate wedges.
          I know we’ve discussed her facial expressions before, but to me, she looks like one nasty person. If she knew the paps would be there, why look so annoyed?! Apparently, she and her family – most members– enjoy the limelight. Give us a smile, Carole. There’s an important day coming up!

        1. I did not know that. I guess grinding ambition, herding adult children and bullying peons takes its toll. I’ll have to check her out. Thanks.

      1. I can’t find the part of the thread to reply directly, but I had to say that “Carol the Destroyer of Children” was perfect. Sad, but perfect.

  5. Carole’s PR machine in overdrive, a true society wedding doesn’t need all of this orchestrated hype. Both articles that were released this week were so tacky, I feel for ‘awfully rich James’, his future MIL lacks class and awareness, God help us if there are still 6 weeks before this wedding. Two articles down and I’m already over it, and I LOVE all things wedding related. I wonder whether Pippa is in on it or it’s all mummy dearest…

    1. I don’t know. I remember quite a bit of pr orchestrated hype around the Percy wedding back in 2013.

      1. Oh dear – future Duke Percy got away – imagine if she got him to stand at the top of the church . . . . but hopefully she is happy with mega bucks instead

    2. Imagine the hype when Pippa is pregnant. We will see a lot of photos.Perhaps, it’s even worse, she is no royal and forced to go to events on a regular basis, but she will, of course.

      1. I have not read all the comments yet. However I am learning Lovely Blossom to see it rather than believe it with this family. To me Eugenie and Jack look more together. Not in “in love”. I know that sounds very cynical but if Pippa marries just for money I think that will be less satisfying in the long term. Roll on Harry’s and Eugenie’s separate weddings.

      2. She’ll write another book, I’m sure, given all this exposure. Probably PippaTips for pregnancy or birthing babies or raising babies – PippaTip: Babies need to come out of the womb one day.

          1. It also seems that Carole also sees babies/children as tools. Not that she doesn’t love them, but she hasn’t hesitated to use them to further her own status.

          2. That is sad. Babies/children are individuals. I feel uneasy that Carole is a role model. Especially for Princess Charlotte. Is it true that William guaranteed that Carole would have a claim on future children. *shudder*.

          3. Oh my gosh. I hadn’t ever thought about that Carole will be feeding Charlotte all of that crap. Hopefully the fact that she’s already a princess will help stave off some of the grasping. But she’ll still probably internalize some of the Stepford crap.

  6. Sometimes I wonder: do Carole and Pippa think they get enough attention, not enough attention, or just the right amount? Exactly how thirsty are they? I wish I knew.

    1. +100

      Classless climbing lot!!

      This is how waity look casual royal representative status…with millions of tax duchy funds and all the time and staff – she should look at classy casual dignfied Whitney Huntington.

    2. I think this constant bid for public acknowledgement is Carole’s way to gain access to money.

      Supposedly Carole built a large fortune from party tat prompting the press to call KM an heiress. But there are no public records to confirm this. Their home had two or three motgages on it, a way to supplement their lifestyle. All through her 20s Pippa was an occasional party planner known to party more than work, then suddenly she decided after her wedding notoriety that she was the next Martha Stewart, someone who built her brand over decade. Brother James recently declared one of his companies bankrupt. It would be sad if the Midds weren’t so hungry and officious.

      The Midds never seem to have a foothold in reality. That’s why their demeanour and words are empty blusterings. Hiring a pr person is not going to make them more believable as society darlings because there is no solid foundation to build a story. Just Carole Middleton hubris demanding the public see her underachieving, average looking children as rock stars.

      I bet TR James Matthews will end up supporting the entire family.

      1. Carole was fortunate with William: semi-estranged from his own family, ready to lap up a close family atmosphere and be catered to. He was ripe for the picking. But TR James? He’d surely be a bit more savvy with parents looking out for his interests. Goodness knows what he sees in Pippa.

        1. Maybe he’s broody, time to settle down, and Pippa was a known entity and handy just like Kate? She seems to have taken on his interests, a Waity Mark II.

          1. Familiarity and comfort most likely has a lot to do with it, and as you say, she has adopted his interests too. TR James is 41, so he may well be feeling the pressure to settle down, plus Pippa’s a known quantity.

        2. I know I’d think twice before marrying into that family. Because in this case you are marrying the family and not just the girl.
          1) known To be fortune/title hunters
          2) cult like in their insularity
          3) Carole
          5) Carole
          Enough to make me run but maybe he’s more like Mike personality wise or he’s using her too.

      2. 2-3 mortgages! They have to pay that money back. How are they going to that? Their business doesn’t bring in that kind of money. They must be drowning in debt. No wonder they set their daughters loose on wealthy men. They have to hope their sons-in-law will pay for their lifestyle.

        1. I doubt they still have those mortgages. Didn’t the Queen buy or contribute to their current home? Something to do with security issues.

    1. I think she’s just more at ease. Probably not any less or more healthy physically, but her mental state is much improved when she isn’t doing what she considers *work*.

  7. I’m no great defender of Pippa Middleton or anything (truthfully, I care about her approxinately zero percent), but I think it’s unnecessary to point out that Pippa’s home is technically James Matthews. They’re engaged and about to be married. The distinction is irrelevant. Admittedly, I’m probably just touchy about it because my husband is technically the sole owner of our home (I was still in university when he bought it, but we lived together) and I’ve had rude comments from people over the years who refer to it as “his” place, despite us being married. Most recently, a mortgage broker sat down in front of us and looked at him and said “so this is your place then?”. I found it incredibly rude, especially given that I was the person who made the appointment with her.

    1. If it is legally only in his name, then legally it is only his (both about you and Pippa). Until you are legally on the document as co-owner, you are not co-owner.

      If James Matthews and Pippa break up before the wedding, she doesn’t get half-ownership in his solely-owned property. If they marry and eventually divorce, if it was his property before marriage, she may not receive any of it in a settlement depending on their pre-nup. Community property vs. property owned individually prior to the marriage, etc .

      The Danish Royal Family stated outright that Marie has been given half-ownership of the new mansion in Copenhagen, paid for with money from the sale of the farm that belonged solely to Joachim. She is legally protected (as are the taxpayers) in the event of a divorce.

    2. I agree. My brother moved into his now wife’s home that she bought before they started dating. They chose her home instead of his because it was located in a better school district for their future children. He’s lived there for 7 years. They are married with two kids. It’s his home as well. He gets offended when people make comments like that. They just never got around to changing the deed to reflect that.

      1. It may be his home as well, but that doesn’t mean he is legally part-owner of the property. May seem like a small detail now, but would be of enormous importance if your brother and SIL ever divorce.

        1. Totally. If it’s not on paper it is not your property. Worse, you are not automatically accorded half the property in the event of a split. If one contributes to the upkeep of the property but still doesn’t own a share? I don’t get that reasoning.

          It may be Pippa’s home but unless she’s on the deed, it’s not her house.

        2. Like most things with the law, it’s not that simple. It also depends what state you live in. Though the house is in her name, my brother’s income pays the mortgage so he has community property interest in it.

          Back to the topic at hand. I am sure Pippa isn’t helping to pay any mortgage on that property and I am also sure in the event if a divorce she will be financially fine.

          1. Yes, it all depends. Not having his name on the deed of the house, regardless of which of them pays which amount of mortgage? That is a choice they make, but one that would negatively impact him more in the event of a split.

            Hope James Matthews requires an iron-clad pre-nup.

      2. It’s incredibly rude. This post isn’t talking about the legal ownership of the home, therefore any discussions of who “technically” owns the house is not relevant when the comment was clearly intended as snark

        1. How would you know how things were intended, unless you are every poster on this website?

          To me, there is a difference between who owns the home and who lives in it. To my way of thinking, it is his. He bought it, he owns it, she lives there with him.

          If they move to another place after the wedding, it would seem more natural to me at that point to refer to it as “their place” (but legal definition of who owns it would be based on what names are on the deed).

        2. Do you mean my comment in my article, “Pippa’s house (which is really James Matthews’ £17m mansion)”, was clearly intended as snark and is incredibly rude? As I said elsewhere in this thread, making the distinction between Pippa’s apartment she lived in before the engagement and the house she lives in currently is completely relevant when I had already been asked which house is was. It was preemptive clarification (before there were more questions about which house it was), not snark.

    3. The distinction is relevant. Pippa lived in an apartment with her brother before moving into the house with her fiancé. It is relevant to distinguish between the two. When I posted the article on FB someone asked which house it was, so that’s why I mentioned it in my article.

      1. That was me. hands up. I just asked because I was curious and I have not being paying attention to the houses involving the Middletons as I have had to focus more than usual on real life. Though the moving circles of Kensington Palace do seem very interesting 🙂 I visited Kensington Palace with my mother and it is lovely there.

        1. I was confused at first, too. So no big deal. I didn’t realize Pippa had moved in with James. I don’t pay attention to her much either.

          1. What I really want is Eugenie to get her house in KP. Harry, Meghan and Eugenie and Jack can then be neighbours and go on double dates etc. Now I think I am getting to involved. But as a question isn’t moving in before marriage is mentioned rather assuming or presuming? Pippa lived with George Percy at Edinburgh University. So there must be some history there even if they did not date.

          2. Oh that would be awesome (M/H & E/J double dating) ’cause then their kiddos can be friends with Peter/Autumn & Zara/Mike’s girls!

            Also, yes Pippa did live with George Percy and someone else while at Edinburgh University but I think they (with a couple of other people) were just roommates. Not “living together” the way that Pippa and James are. At least, that’s how I view the difference between friends living together while in school and soon-to-be-spouses living together.

      2. Just to wade in here ang give my thoughts on the ‘house’ v ‘home’ debate.. I think for us mere mortals the distinction can be a touchy subject. Very few of us probably own our houses outright and when a partner moves in, contributes for years to mortgage repayments, furnishings etc it can seem a bit off to be told ‘it’s not yours’ just because of who’s name is on a bit of paper.

        But in this case? KMR is correct in making the reference imo. This is a £17 million house! This is la-la land money and I doubt for a second Pippa has or will ever contribute anything to the property other than an opinion on decor which no doubt will be a ‘business expense’ and not paid for by either of them. James may very well live there but if he has any sense at all his business will own the property and Pippa won’t be able to touch it. I wish her well in her new home but it will never (sense prevailing) be her house.

  8. I’m no great defender of Pippa Middleton or anything (truthfully, I care about her approxinately zero percent), but I think it’s unnecessary to point out that Pippa’s home is technically James Matthews. They’re engaged and about to be married. The distinction is irrelevant.
    Admittedly, I’m probably just touchy about it because my husband is technically the sole owner of our home (I was still in university when he bought it, but we lived together) and I’ve had rude comments from people over the years who refer to it as “his” place, even now that we’re married. Most recently, a mortgage broker sat down in front of us and looked at him and said “so this is your place then?”. I found it incredibly rude, especially given that I was the person who made the appointment with her.

    1. The distinction is relevant. Pippa lived in an apartment with her brother before moving into the house with her fiancé. It is relevant to distinguish between the two. When I posted the article on FB someone asked which house it was, so that’s why I mentioned it in my article.

      1. It’s also very relevant because they are not married yet. If the engagement falls through, she is out in an instant. It is not her marital home yet. She has absolutely no right to be there but for the grace of James.

        1. It also depends on what pre-nup agreement has been agreed upon. Given James’s profession and his family’s business sense, I doubt he’d be foolish enough to not have something in place that would protect his interests, 17 million pounds house included.

          As far as we know, Pippa owns no property; her parents bought a London apartment for their children to reside in while establishing themselves as social butterflies or whatever.

          1. I honestly think pre-nups are a good thing no matter what profession or wealth level one has. I also think pre-living together agreements are good, too. It protects your interests should the relationship fail.

          2. I’ve never understood peeps disdain for pre-nuns. Statistics aren’t in favor of marriages lasting these days so why wouldn’t you want to protect your assets? Especially when there is a discrepancy in wealth between the two
            And if you don’t divorce it’s a moot point

          3. I agree, I don’t understand why people have a problem with a pre-nup. It’s marriage insurance like health or house or car insurance, you don’t expect or want to have to use it, but if you need it it’s there. And it protects both parties. Yes, it protects the one with the most money from losing their money, but it also protects the person with less money from being left out in the dirt. Also, the line I’ve heard/read most against a pre-nup is that ‘if you loved me you wouldn’t need it because we won’t get divorced’, but my thought is ‘if you’re not going to get divorced, then you won’t need it so why not have it?’ Again going back to the idea of other types of insurance.

          4. Sarah/KMR: pre-nups take us back to the original spirit of marriage…a contract about property and perhaps heirs.

            Modern ethos is that marriage is about love and romance (thanks hollywood in general and disney specifically) so people bristle at anything that reminds us of the origins of marriage.

          5. So as a question are you saying that marrying for example a doctor, then having two kids and not working qualifies as laziness compared to a single woman who is between jobs but gains temporary /fulltime employment?

          6. My friend is a family law lawyer and tells everyone to get a prenuptial agreement because she sees all too often what happens when marriages breakdown. The weaker party often ends up in a bind if the other side wants to pay dirty.

            Marriage is a contract and has always been a contract. That has never changed. It just has been sold differently and when things don’t work out often it is the woman in a weaker position and who pays the price.

            It is insurance as KMR states. When both sides come to the table with very unequal positions, it is foolish to think that love and kisses will solve all problems.

            A pre nup only comes into play if the marriage breaks down and if it never does then it is never needed. Same as car insurance.

            And I would also say it is more important to get an agreement if you are not married. In some jurisdictions marriage affords the right of equitable rights to the matrimonial home, whereas living together will not.

          7. I had never thought about the pragmatic part for the person coming into the marriage with less of a financial contribution. But that totally makes sense. Hopefully my husband and I never get divorced because a lot of our stuff is actually part of his family. Thankfully we’re quite happy!

          8. I don’t think it matters in the slightest who owns what. I think Pippa will go for an early baby and once she has a child with James Matthews will be well looked after for life. However, please let’s not be talking about their marriage failing when it hasn’t happened yet! Pippa has fallen on her feet and has a lovely home and lifestyle to look forward to. Whatever the many irritations of the Middleton family let’s wish them a long and happy life together.

  9. I wonder if Kate will complain through her lawyers that her privacy was violated with these pictures.
    It really comes as no surprise to me that a PR firm would be hired to ensure the proper spin is put on all of this and keep the Middleton family on the public’s radar. This is a very Middleton thing to do in my opinion. I bet this firm is much better than the hacks that W & K use for PR.

    1. Hard to complain when it’s all part of a paid strategy to increase the image of sister Pippa having the ‘wedding of the year’ and whatever else they have up their sleeves.

      I’m annoyed with my own cynicism, but we see these type of people everywhere now: big egos, little ability, all demanding their time in the sun, and then some. Strip it all back and you have an ambitious but dull woman with ordinary abilities and below-par work ethic wanting to latch onto a man’s wealth and status for an easy life.

      I’m tired and insulted that Middleton drivel is served up to us as ‘news’; no wonder they are reviled.

  10. How much more can the Middletons possibly want? Isn’t it enough for Carole that both her daughters snagged such wealthy men? Must we all endure such a build-up to this wedding? And, will Pippa just take the money and run — run away from the media spotlight — or, will she be out there at every possible moment that she can to be photographed and spied upon? From what we have seen so far, I am thinking, she is going to do all that she can to stay in the public eye.

    It is shameful to me that Carole pushed so long and so hard for Kate to win William, but doesn’t she see what has happened to her daughter as a result? I think Kate’s lack of confidence, her weight issue, and her ageing, are all due to her not being able to handle all the press — both positive and negative stories. Pippa has a different personality, but still…. As a mom, I want my kids to be happy. My happiness will come from what makes them happy when it comes to being a parent. I guess Pippa is happy,l but I wonder about Kate. And, how long will it be before Pipps tells her interfering and overbearing mother to back off?!

    1. For decades this venal family has been singularly focused in its quest for status. What would sate their desire for publicity? Nothing. If anything, they are emboldened by their self-manufactured, self-serving fame. They’re not going anywhere – well, certainly not to the shadows.

      Kate’s lack of confidence and po-faced look I’d suggest is due to lack of preparedness, general disinterest and unsuitability to her role. Pip has always been ambitious for power and money, traits observed and commented upon by reporters at the time when she joined Kate in London, post-university. Both have targeted men with wealth and status and hung on till they got it. Not only Carole wanted this, Kate and Pippa too. And let’s not forget Michael’s role either.

      1. And where is Mike now? Carole recently removed his name from her blog and there was no mention of him when she put out another bland story in DM about how her children helped build *her* fortune. What does he think about her full throttle decades long obsession with titled and wealthy young men, obstensibly to benefit her daughters when it appears it’s just as much or more to benefit herself socially and financially.

        1. Carole is certainly sending some signals. Surely she knows people will pick them up. If they are separated why pretend to be together? They’ve made a big deal about being the perfect middle class family, but did anyone buy that except the Middleton’s? Best to move on rather than drop heavy-handed hints. Strange people.

          1. I imagine it’s that ‘perfect marriage/perfect family’ trope they want to maintain and use to lord over others. Just think of the scandal!

            Michael is just as complicit as Carole in the enfeeblement and predatoriness of their children. Feh. I guess he outlived his usefulness.

          2. KMR said they went on vacay together not too long back which I thought was strange. Usually she goes with the kids. We never saw him at balmoral but we did her. he strikes me as a weak character and just goes along with whatevs

          3. I’m always wondering what Mike does.It is said that he left his job after Party Pieces was successfull. I don’t think he was able to do much for the shop, because Carole has everything under her control. So, he could live all these years a really comfortable life. He just has to be silent and playing good husband and everything is fine for him.What a life x)

          4. I had heard rumors that Mike isn’t mentally well–that he hasn’t been able to handle the stress, etc. in a healthy way, and that it was at a low point around the time of Charlotte’s birth. His long stretch of absence and not being present at Balmoral with the rest of the family last year coupled with niceties the royal family was bestowing on Kate and Carole during that period made me wonder if he was away receiving some sort of treatment–but that’s pure speculation on my part. He could have been busy taking inventory and packing boxes in the Party Pieces warehouse.

          5. Lizzie, that would fit with special attention meted out to Carole at Balmoral and attention given Kate at Ascot by Anne etc. I’m more inclined to believe this scenario than a straight separation story.

          6. Lizzie, this is sad. Mike may not be well.
            I must say that I blame him and Carole both for the way they pushed the girls. Carole really took charge, but Mike enabled her. Still, if he is not well, I hope he is helped.

          7. It may well be guilt turned inward. I would be desolate had I been complicit in encouraging my daughters to do nothing with their lives but auction themselves off to the highest bidder. That all that mattered was status and leeching off others’ wealth. That I didn’t protect them from their grasping, mad-as-a-cut-snake mother.

            I find it ironic that William and Kate, regardless of the spin, both come from dysfunctional families and yet brazenly hold court about ‘other people’ being open to admitting mental health issues. Hypocrites all.

          8. W&K aren’t telling people to tell the world, though. Just tell someone in your life. Maybe they both have told people in their lives, but aren’t willing to tell the world. I don’t necessarily think that is hypocritical. I think their campaign would benefit from them opening up to the world about their own issues, but not opening up to the world doesn’t necessarily make them hypocrites. We don’t know what they talk about privately.

  11. KM is dressed down, but with a fresh new blowout, fully made up, and wearing one of her padded bras. Never (really) adverse to being photographed when it benefits her family’s PR.

      1. I feel like she isn’t fond of her work ethic as well since William and herself are the future of the monarchy.

      2. It’s such a fun word anyway. It’s kind of an amusing game to work it in. And you don’t have to take a drink and get inebriated!

      1. Kate may be lazy and spend an outrageous amount of money on clothes but she’s not “deplorable”.

  12. Given past history, I wonder who will be invited to this wedding on the Midd side. Last time it was strangers. Also, we never see Pips out with girlfriends. Does she actually have any? I hope Uncle Gary gives lots of interviews.

    1. People from the village? Party Pieces employees? In one of Carole’s “masterful” People magazine profiles, a Carole source was quoted as someone in the know by saying a lot of people think Carole is a snob, but this source really knew Carole as kind and jolly. Spoken like a true PR Middleton lackey.

      1. I don’t understand. First Westminster now Sweden. It really is shocking how people can act. Thoughts and prayers with all.

    1. Hope Jason Knauf is prepared….this does look suspicious and it’s going to cause all sorts of media speculation. One would think that if an engagement were to be announced, you’d wait until after the announcement to write a good-bye letter to the followers of your website, but then this is the woman who instigated all sorts media frenzy with the spooning bananas pic.

    2. I’m convinced they’ll get engaged after Pippa’s wedding and married in November. I think Harry will feel the need to get married before we have another winter flu bug given he’s much more devoted to his elderly grandparents than his brother. I still can’t summon a great deal of enthusiasm for her beyond her work ethic which is a considerable improvement on the Cambridges……but that’s not difficult is it? I just hope they prove to be an invincible, altruistic double act in the charitable spirit of Harry’s parents and not a pair of work shy, chip on their shoulder lazies who find every excuse under the sun to avoid doing anything for the good of others.

      1. I really hope so too. I hope that they soar above all expectations and show that the monarchy is worth keeping.

        On another note: Red Snapper, I am loving your comments today

      2. I guess it’s nice of him to wait until after Pippa’s wedding but it’s not necessary. She’s not a member of the BRF, her wedding isn’t important (or should I say private). Announcing an engagement later this month would just put all of this to rest.

        1. Wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if the announcement came right before Pippa’s big day? The Midds would throw a fit. And, they’d have to suck it up, though. I’m also not too sure about Meghan, who does have a work ethic, yes, but I think she is quite an operator, too. William and Harry need interventions. Of course, maybe H really is madly in love. Here’s to happiness, if so.

    3. I’m a bit wary about this. It could mean everything : engagement, a new movie, a better blog, or a break-up. She does know how to play the media afterall.

      I’m gonna wait and prepare my popcorn. This should be interesting to watch.

    4. I do wonder if she’s shutting it down to prompt speculation of a coming engagement. I put little past the Hollywood spin machines.

    5. Would seem a strange move to shut it down before an official announcement. Maybe she’s tired of the DM and anti-Meghan tumblrs obsessing over things she wrote 3 years ago?

      1. I agree. Every time she posts people go nuts (on both sides on the spectrum). Maybe she just got sick of the endless nonsense surrounding it.

    6. A bit off topic here, but what I’m curious about is how Meghan and Harry will handle the wedding invite from Serena Williams–the press is full of rumors of how Serena is making sure that Harry will be included (as the plus one for her “close” friend Meghan) and it seems that she is holding off on announcing a wedding date until one is found that suits her key invitees. Serena is all about flaunting celebrity connections–and she’s not going to let the opportunity to have Harry at her wedding slip by her. From Harry to Kim Khardashian–probably the most eclectic wedding guest list in a long while.

    7. I mildly curious about it as well, considering she was signed on to film the show Suits this summer as well. I guess we will watch and see.

  13. The Middleton’s love the press. I think they pretend not to to appease William. Kate has acted out in ways through her wardrobe.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s related as I’ve not read the articles but over on Celebitchy they have been running quite a few Charles related things so it might be worth a look. Click on the ‘Royals’ tab or search for Charles and you’ll find them.

    2. There’s another one?

      I really enjoyed Catherine Meyer’s take. It’s great and goes into his psyche, sense of duty, and overly sensitive nature that can be problematic.

      1. Yes, another one.

        This one is not doing him any favours at all.

        Here are 2 very different reviews of the book.



        What i find interesting about these biographies is the stuff they put in vs what is left out to further any given agenda.

        If Diana hadn’t been so open about her own issues and willing to talk so much to the media would we have as detailed an analysis of their marriage or the various lovers?

        The rewritten Camilla-Charles love story that removes all mentions of other rival mistress who was as long standing ans as involved as Camilla for 15yrs or so, the various other women apart from Camilla AFTER the Charles -Diana marriage had broken down…..rather like The Queen’s marriage to Philip where all the extras have been removed for the central story of true love.

        Shall we ever get a comprehensive biography of Diana that really examines her awful childhood and her grasping family so eager to join the royal family that they overlooked everything including the bride’s misgivings and pushed her down that aisle regardless?

        Etc etc and so forth.

        1. I really liked Bedell Smith’s bio of Diana. But her bio of the Queen was dreadful. Dreadful. Pure hagiography. It drives me crazy that no one dares, or isn’t allowed to write critical things of the Queen. I’m positive that that is what drives Williams delusions that he can do whatever he likes and never be critisized for it.

          1. Think of Victoria.

            As much as people assumed certain things about her personality based on photos as well as indisputable facts like her 40yr refusal to be seen in public or attending to public duties, biographies of her stuck a primarily positive version of her until approx 90yrs after her death.

            Then we started to get the biographies that really gave the dirt. The fact that she was awful in many ways, awful, tantrumy, self-absorbed, selfish mother. A bad monarch who came very close to causing a few consitutional crisis out of sheer pique, extreme anti-feminist despite her position and self regard for her own (limited) intellect, champion grudge holder. We also started to know more about her personal life and her character. That she learnt Urdu and loved a curry, that she was extremely sexual (to Albert’s horror), hated pregnancy though loved sex, definitely disliked all her children, especially Bertie. Could never appreciate them and thought any public appreciation of them was a slight of her. Became Empress because she had to be the highest titled person in the room rather than her own daughter who was Empress by marriage. Etc

            We have now started to get biographies about her son that show he wasn’t the awful party prince that Victoria and the mefia painted of him.

            We shall not get more honest biographies of the Queen, Philip, her parents until after you and i are long dead. I think we shall start to read honest accounts about her grandparents in 20yrs time-ish.

          2. You don’t think the 24/news – social media age we live in will push that timeline up? I bet their are more than a few republicans who could say lots but don’t because she’s still alive. I would be very surprised if, five years after she dies, there isn’t a more honest accounting of her reign. Not all the dirt all at once, but steady drips.

          3. Red Snapper: Nope. Much of the necessary information is part of official secrets act, even if it is gossip.

            Nothing unlocks that vault before 70yrs has lapsed after death of subject.

            Plus series of deals made with people likely to spill because of proximity or contact with the royals.

          4. I recall bits in that bio gushing about how William is so perfect and amazing, and Charles is bad. Setting up the whole William should succeed after HM.

            Or like that psuedo-biography about how much HM looooves Kate and adores Kate and hates Camilla, it was all over the media here and fed into the Saint Diana stories here in the US where people worship her and by default William and Kate and Camilla is the evil home wrecker.

            Biographies should be honest accounts, not salacious gossip or hagiographic BS…

          5. Seventy years? Wow. That twenty year timeline then makes sense of why we hear only bits and pieces about Mary. What I have heard is quite captivating. I’m a Yank but my mother’s side is Canadian and very pro-Monarchy.

            Are there established sources about the Queen and Philip or is it all still speculation/closeted?

          6. The official secrets act only relates to government decisions, which would only impact the Queen and maybe Charles. Philip and the rest wouldn’t have done anything that would be a government decision and thus protected. The courtiers will start speaking much sooner and some already have. Any affair Phillip may have had won’t be protected. They just aren’t talking loudly because he is still alive as well as the Queen.

            And there is far less respect for the monarchy as compared to years ago. The British media may be afraid, but the rest of the English speaking world will not.

          7. Nic919: that is true vis a vis the official secrets act, BUT in discussing the consort, you also discuss the monarch and that us a no, no for 70yrs.

            Biographies about Philip will come out sooner, but for the most part they will remain in the realm of speculation rather than fact until that 70yr deadline passes.

            After that, anything goes.

            As every reporter knows, HM and Philip are completely off limits even if they didn’t fall under the act.

            The only reason we know so much about Charles that deviates from the official version is primarily Diana. In telling her story, she also told Charles’s story and he decided, rightly or wrongly, to put out personal information to defend himself from her accusation.

            Yet, if you notice, as transparent as he appears to be, the curtain is very firmly drawn about large parts of his life, such that he only addresses the diana specific accusations and the parts of his life already curated publicly to enhanced his image.

        2. The Phillip quip at the end of the daily beast one is sad.
          I read where he brought a basket of goods from highrove to have the pope give to the homeless. It’s things like that make me like him and then when you think what he wants to do with the duchy of Cornwall makes me mad just reinforces the New Yorker piece that he’s great at annoying everyone
          I decided to check out at the library that way if I don’t like it, I can return it and not care =) yay libraries!

          1. It made me sad hearing how Charles took Philip round…somewhere…something he’d been involved in and was talking about it and how much the Prince’s Trust or whatever helped, and Philip told him how stupid it was and Charles’s face just fell. 🙁

      2. So it’s basically the Charles-is-evil and William is the best/Diana is the best sort of slant vs a more, well, even-keeled portrayal which is what a biography ought to be? (Which is what I felt Meyer’s biography was. Pointed out Charles’s many flaws, but also merits and charity work and intellect. Stuff biographies don’t go into with him because they focus on the Saint Diana and Saint William narrative.)

        I do laugh at he idea these biographies promote about how William is oh so dutiful and just like Granny. Jesus Christ. Their PR is on overdrive indeed! The more they repeat this sort of thing, the more people believe it; though most seem to buy it anyway and adore W&K.

        1. I think that’s why so many of us love this blog. It has certainly been eye opening for me! I was fed the full-on monarchy line by my grandmother and completely bought into the W&K story. Thank you KMR!!

          1. I think with the right people a monarchy can indeed be a good thing. Look at Felipe and Letizia! But with the wrong people, well you get William…

          2. The unfortunate thing is that monarchy is based on family genetics, so there is no say in which person gets the job. That’s why we end up with terrible kings/queens, because those terrible people aren’t weeded out.

  14. Genuine question: Is there a legitimate reason for the Middletons to have hired a fancy PR firm to cover the wedding? While I understand that she is garnering attention for being the princess’s sister, is there any other reason for this move? Apart from my conspiracy theory the other day about the hen party article, I can’t really think of any scandals or bad press that would deter from her big day.

    Is she trying to cover up something big, gather more press, or just make sure everything goes smoothly in terms of wedding coverage? Or a combo of all three?

    1. At the end of the day this is about a woman spinning her bum fame as far as possible, aided by paid PR. It’s all about preservation of a spotlight that Pippa feels she deserves. That and making some cash… ah, the art of true grifters.

      It is a private wedding. It should be a happy day for all involved. Neither Pippa nor James are public figures. The Middleton’s simply want to milk the spotlight, yet again, and are prepared to shell out cash for that to happen, secure in the knowledge that they have made even more money selling wedding photos etc, to Hello magazine. Hence the painful drip feed of nothing pap strolls and so on to whip up excitement. But there is no need for PR, except in their own minds.

      I have no doubt they think themselves uber special due to being royal adjacent. But do the families of Autumn Phillips, Tim Lawrence, Sophie, Mike Tindall, Jack Brooksbank and Camilla’s adult children behave so obviously? Nope.

    2. Do we have confirmation that the PR firm was hired specifically for the wedding? I assumed that it was hired because she is planning some new stab at establishing herself. She did write a book and auditioned to be a part of the Today show. She stopped those things because they failed, not because she doesn’t want that. She wants to have a job in the spotlight. I always believed that she has hustle that Kate doesn’t. I think she wanted a rich and connected husband as well as a job in the spotlight for herself. Pippa and Kate should change places. Let Pippa be the duchess and work and let Kate be the trophy wife of a rich guy who contributes nothing.

      1. Just that it may be a short term contract in the first instance:

        You may well be right in Pippa wanting to have another bite of the fame cherry given the above went on to suggest that “the society couple” might be “keen for a PR boost” after the disastrous press from the 2012 book. Really? After five years?

        Pippa Tips ridicule stuck because despite all the PR huff and puff, Pip lacked sufficient ability and experience to parlay unearned opportunities into success. It wasn’t PR that failed her, but herself.

        1. She should have just hired Momma K!rdashian. The herd has staggering fame even though they possess no discernible ability or intelligence.

          Pips fails because she doesn’t possess the talent and doesn’t seem particularly bright, so what is there to parlay into $$$? Even her bum deflated (unlike Kim’s). Pips and her sibs remind me of Monty Python’s upper class twits.

          1. Some people look down on the kardashians but a least they kept it real in there journey to acquire fame and money .Unlike the Middleton’s who try to pretend they don’t want the same when they seem to court the press .At least Kris taught her daughters how to make their own money something Carole never taught her girls

        2. I had heard a story about William telling her to lower her profile. Does anyone else know anything about that line?

          1. That came out in an article ages ago to explain Pippa’s withdrawal from public life.

            Something about how her commercial ventures were in danger of ruining WK’s image and the only thing she should do is charity work and find herself a rich husband.

            At the time, it felt like both a convenient excuse and scapegoating William for the fact that none of her ventures were successful beyond the initial commissioning fee.

            A few months later we start to hear about Terribly Rich James and a few months after that we get the engagement.

  15. “But do the families of Autumn Phillips, Tim Lawrence, Sophie, Mike Tindall, Jack Brooksbank and Camilla’s adult children behave so obviously? Nope.”

    Good point!

    1. Are their families being watched by photographers like kate and her family? I’m truly asking because I’m not sure those families would be as interesting to us!

      1. Honestly I think it’s a little bit of both. People are always going to care more about William’s in law’s then Peter Philips’ in laws. But the Middleton’s definitely seek the spotlight and attention.

        1. No! Had the Midds retired to Bucklebury after the wedding, shunned the press, gave no interviews, and made it clear they wanted to be left alone, they would have been. Sure, show up for the christenings and such, but really quite a lot of privacy. The day after the wedding, the whole family (minus Kate) did a pap stroll leaving the Goring. The stood, smiled, and waved to their ‘fans’. Lots of leaks, lots of pap shots, invitations to official stuff like the Jubilee and Ascot (riding in a goddamn carriage, mind you), ad nauseum. Plus Pippa had her own thirst, well documented. The real kick in the ass is the semi-regular floating of an Earldom for Mike. God *forbid* George should have untitled grandparents! Can you imagine Marshmallow James as a Viscount? The Midds are as grasping and striving as anyone you can think of. Whatever happens, they’ve brought it on themselves.

          1. Yes, Red Snapper. I agree that Pippa and Carole actually are under the pitiful delusion that they have fans, all fragrantly supported in their minds by relentlessly dull media updates that Midds themselves planted or manipulated by contacting the press.

            It will be interesting to see how this big wig PR consultant handles the awful Pippa and Carole. Will we see lots of spin trying to right the signature Middleton crass hutzpah by weaving some heartwarming dreck embellished with banal details about this bizarre and financially desperate Middleton family?

          2. The PR consultant has a big job ahead of her, if the comments section is anything to go by in the latest DM story. Pips is not going to happen (again); she and Carole are delusional.

          3. Both KM and Pips wasted precious time in their twenties partying and making themselves conveniently available to the “right” men. That’s a full decade of emotional and psychological growth lost and difficult to make up if they want to be relevant to society. Sure, they got their “men” but you now see two women in their thirties with the same sensibilities of immature adolescents. They have no concept of responsibility, work and its importance to developing an adult self that can see beyond self centeredness to connect to others. I think they will both be eternal teens.
            I don’t see how a publicist can change lost decade in just a few face-to-face meetings. And they will always be viewed as a couple of twits by the public. W is clearly tired of KM. And TR James will end up supporting the rest of the Middleton clan because Pips in her narcissism will see nothing wrong with that while Carole will exert increasing pressure on him as her finances continue to wither.

          4. Pippa and Carole see their popularity deficit or opportunities drying up as one of ‘perception’ that can be solved by throwing money at it via a PR person.

            I’d hazard that not for a nanosecond has either reflected on the ‘reality’ that most of us see in them: complete parasites, exploiting royal connections wherever possible to feed their voracious, uncontrollable thirst for fame and access to other people’s wealth.

            I’ll watch with interest whether Jo Milloy can turn a decade plus of public grifting,abject failure in establishing a career, and the rest, into sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.

      2. Let’s throw it to Charles’s inlaws since he is heir. Apart from the fame thirsty Charles Spencer, who cashed in on the connection, do you know anything about Diana’s sisters or Camilla’s children, her brother and sister?

        Stuff pops up occasionally about them, but for the most part, no one knows much about any of them unless you research.


        Clearly, Camilla’s kids and grandkids are not visibly taking advantage of their mother’s marriage.

        You didn’t see them inserting themselves into the public consciousness immediately their mother married Charles and for the most part keep a low profile unless they have something to sell which is backed up by genuine talent such that it stands on it’s own with or without the royal connections.

          1. I don’t mind Kitty Spencer that much. She is actively doing something with her time and not just partying or shopping. She’s an ambassador for the Centrepoint. And Kitty also works four days a week for the military charity Give Us Time, which matches soldiers in need of a family holiday with timeshares and holiday homes owned by British families.

        1. Amen!

          Especially with the bs of wanting ‘private’ – with everyday pap stroll or pr nonsense and for carol middletons to cash in as they llive for…

          Let’shope Prince Harry Meghan make news in the next week/s to’ blow’ carol chutney pips middleton out the way to huckleberry.

    1. If I was Victoria that would make me seriously peeved. But she doesn’t seem as easily bugged as I am!

    2. Thanks for bringing up that article Sarah.

      Yes, Victoria looked devastated in those photos. It was raw emotion and I think this is another reason why she will be a great Queen and is a great representative of her country. I noticed that Daniel looked concerned for her too.

      (Typical Daily Mail getting the name wrong! Please take some care? Not appropriate anyway but poor work especially when you are talking about a terror attack and death. What has happened to good journalism and checking your facts before you go to print?)

  16. Really, really off topic. But have you guys thought about why Prince Charles has never had a family picture with him, William, Kate, George and Charlotte, and Harry?

    The King and Queen of Sweden always have summer photo shoots with their children, children in law, and grandchildren. The other families like Denmark and Norway do it too. Actually, I think they all do.

    For the exception of christenings or troopin the color or that one stamp with Charles, George and William, we never get pictures of Charles with his grandkids.

    I think part of it may be because having Camilla in the picture could be a sore spot. But wouldn’t it be nice if for Charles’s birthday he could have a picture taken with his grandkids?

    When Harry eventually marries I think it would be nice to get a picture of Charles, his sons, their wives, and all the grandkids. But William is such a paranoid curmudgeon I don’t see it happening.

    It’s sad that charles doesn’t seem close to kate since he always wanted a daughter. I don’t know. It just seems to me like William and Kate are going out of their way to assert that they are closer to the Middletons. Just look at how they behaved at Christmas.

    On another nite, I am curious to see Pippa’s dress and to see the kids again. I bet Charlotte has grown up more since Christmas.

    1. I think it’s more of William being a turd than Camilla officially in the family. It would be sweet to see pictures of Charles with his grandbabies!

      William seems incredibly controlling and paranoid regarding Kate, the kids and his Windsor family–a lousy combo for everyone involved and it’s going to bite him in the keister in the not-too-distant future.

    2. William, for all we know, doesn’t much let Charles be around the kids. The Middletons have complete control. I doubt we’ll ever see much of Charles with them as long as Carole has her hand in things which is really sad. He’s so sweet with Camilla’s grandchildren, and he was so happy to become a grandfather.

      And as far as we know they don’t know Kate well at all. Harry didn’t even know of the engagement, or pregnancies, until he was told by the media. Then he said of the engagement he was looking forward to getting to know Kate. Indicating he barely knew her then, probably doesn’t now.

      1. Yup and by most accounts, he was a proud daddy too and even Phillip was stunned how Charles used to bathe and change the boys diapers/nappies.

        1. Oh, that’s so sweet! It’s so sad that William seems to take the cues from his grandfathers instead of his dad when it comes to both attitude and child rearing (and bad jokes!). But it seemed like he was closer to Charles when he was younger. Maybe that was me seeing through rose colored glasses.

    3. At this rate, it will have to be Harry’s wedding pics before we get some group pic of Charles with his grandkids
      Shows how terrible they are or just don’t care, that would be easy good or for all of them.
      I saw some cute pics with Harry interacting with some kids at an Invitus event played no with kids. They were cute. Sad we don’t get to see that side of him with George and Charlotte. I hope he gets to see them privately. Being an auntie is the best!

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