Sofia Hellqvist in ugly, $1,000 jeans to present Youth Entrepreneur award

Sofia Hellqvist in ugly, $1,000 jeans to present Youth Entrepreneur award

I know Sofia Hellqvist isn’t the most popular future royal, what with her Miss Slitz past, but I’m not going to lie, I like her recent style for the most part. She’s classed it up in the last few years, to gain the public’s trust and respect in her hopes of becoming a princess – the second part of which she’s almost accomplished as her wedding to Prince Carl Philip is set for next June. As Sofia becomes more entrenched in royal life, with public appearances on behalf of the royal family, Sofia will have more opportunities to show off her fashion sense. Again, I rather like her style; her shoes aren’t always the best, but she looks nice for the most part. Unfortunately for Sofia, with more chances to show off her fashion comes more chances to miss the fashion mark. That is the topic for today’s post. During an appearance at the Swedish Youth Entrepreneur 2014 awards ceremony with Carl Philip on November 19 (yes, it’s a bit old now, but I just saw these photos), Sofia busted out a pair of jean-looking pants that are completely hideous.

Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip at Swedish Youth Entrepreneur 2014 2

These aren’t just normal ugly jean-looking pants. These are $959.00 (USD!) tri-colored suede jean-looking pants. The cost of designer clothing often boggles my mind, considering some things don’t even look that nice, but almost $1,000 for JEANS!? And not even good-looking jeans at that. Beyond ridiculous. I think my $50 dollar jeans are too expensive, but at least they look nice.

The pants are by Swedish designer Hunky Dory, by the way. They are the Portcullis 3 Tone Suede pants, with stretch. The top is also by Hunky Dory, the Wenlock Blouse, which goes for $255.00 and is made of heavy polyester. The top is fine, I guess.

Hunky Dory Portcullis 3 Tone Suede pants Hunky Dory Wenlock Blouse
[Hunky Dory]

Sofia’s style used to be garbage, and that’s when she was wearing clothes – she didn’t always during her “modeling” days (warning link slightly NSFW).

Sofia Hellqvist 2005

But she’s classed it up in recent years.

Sofia Hellqvist Style 1
Sofia Hellqvist Style 2

She’s even done a nice trouser look.

Sofia Hellqvist Gazelle Awards December 2013

So WTF with these jeans?

Sofia Hellqvist at Swedish Youth Entrepreneur 2014 2

I think these pants are terrible. But especially at the event Sofia was at. This was an awards ceremony and Carl Philip was in a suit and tie. Granted, this was for a Youth Entrepreneur award, so maybe a dress would have been too fancy, but at least go for a nice pair of trousers!

Like, I would expect Kate to wear something like this to a sporting event. Seriously, a shirt, skinny jeans, and heels/wedges is Kate’s typical sporting event outfit. Come on, Sofia, geez! Homegirl better pull it together come December 10 and the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip at Swedish Youth Entrepreneur 2014 1

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19 thoughts on “Sofia Hellqvist in ugly, $1,000 jeans to present Youth Entrepreneur award

  1. Oh dear, maybe she was trying to be edgy. I’ve lived in Sweden and sometimes I couldn’t quite figure out some of their more edgier fashions. Still they are better than Kate’s jeggings which show too much and way better than Pippa’s jeans which always look too tight on her tights.

    1. I honestly appreciate her taking a risk, because Kate doesn’t and it gets boring, but I do think this was a miss. I’d rather say something was a miss because it was too “edgy” for me than too boring.

  2. Okay, is there some rule/law somewhere that says once you marry into a royal family you must wear expensive designer clothing regardless of how tacky it may be? The more expensive the better, forget how it may look on you, you are now royal and you’re got to strut out in the labels.

    I can understand supporting your countries designers and wearing their clothing, but bad is bad and I don’t care how much it costs or who designs it, if I thought it was not right I wouldn’t step out in it, but that’s just me.

  3. Yikes!! Sofia needs to hire a stylist stat or fire the one she has immediately! This whole getup is a mess, this blouse makes her look pregnant and those pants are horrendous. However, she’s not quite a royal so there is still time for her to figure out her new look.

  4. They get the UDPE award (ugliest damn pants ever). Looks like a crossbred cow and donkey. Sorry to say, I don’t like Sofia; she’s the lost Wisteria sister. Run Carl Philip! There’s still time!

  5. I like those jeans, but the price is ridiculous. Hopefully, there will be some knockoffs to come that I can afford lol. I think Sofia should stop herself from wearing jeans/pants while making public appearances now and once she becomes a royal (don’t be a repliKate). Sofia can’t be trusted to style herself in them properly as we see in the pictures above, eek. A patterned DVF dress would’ve worked wonders for this appearance or a peplum top and skirt.

    1. Pants have a time and a place, and I do like when a royal woman wears a nice trouser to an appearance, as long as it is one where pants are appropriate. But skinny jeans and/or jeggings are never appropriate.

  6. i find sofia, very attractive, her hair is georgeous, and doesnt play with it like kate, her dress sense is classy for most part and her weight is good, not starving herself!!

  7. I don’t understand how she could attend an event in jeans and Prince Carl Philip is at the same event in a suit. Didn’t she call him ahead of the event to find out what he was wearing so that she could dress appropriately. She should have changed clothes when she saw his attire! I am not a fan of jeans, especially when you know you will be center stage. Besides that, I really wanted to dislike her, but I must say that she cleans up well….love the montage of photo’s!

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