Edward points gun over son’s head, Charles tries to block media, William attend Tusk Trust Awards

Edward points gun over son’s head, Charles tries to block media, William attend Tusk Trust Awards

You know how people get on Prince William‘s backside when he supports the fight against the illegal wildlife trade only to then go boar/pheasant/deer hunting? Well people get on Prince Charles‘ backside, too, about his love of blood sports, all the while campaigning for the environment. Blood sports aren’t just for Charles and William, the entire British Royal Family likes hunting. And now Prince Edward‘s love of the sport has gotten himself into trouble as well.

We’ll start with Edward, since his hunting is causing the most controversy at the moment. Prince Edward was out hunting at Sandringham yesterday, and was photographed shooting over his six year old son, James, Viscount Severn‘s head, breaking one of the most fundamental rules of gun safety – never point your gun toward another person. The Sunday Express is freaking out, and other papers have followed their lead. Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor were also on the hunting outing with Edward and James, though they are not pictured.

Sunday Express Prince Edward shooting James

Edward’s pictures come hot off the heels of Prince Charles trying unsuccessfully to get pictures of him hunting at Sandringham blocked by the media. Clarence House issued a missive to the press on Friday urging them not to publish the photos, but the press gave no sh-ts and published the photos anyway. It seems that the press is pushing back after all the times the royals, especially William, have tried to control them recently.

These two incidents cover two controversial issues we’ve been following for a while now: royals trying to control the press; and royals participating in blood sports while campaigning for wildlife charities.

I don’t think there is an argument re trying to control the press. We all pretty much agree that it is BS. But there is an argument re the blood sports. Can one reconcile shooting for sport with campaigning for wildlife charities? Some would say no, and some would say yes, due to the different types of animals being killed and the legality of each. No matter which side one falls, I do think it’s a bad move for the royals to participate in blood sports at all, because there are a lot of people who disagree with it. The last thing the royals need is one more easy thing for the public to dislike them for.

Back to Edward. Now, I do think these photos may be a bit misleading. We are seeing a three dimensional scene compressed into two dimensions, which means the perspective is off. James could be yards to the side, well out of harms way, but we would not know due to the compressed perspective. Either way, though, I think this was a dumb move on Edward’s part. Not only should be know better than to point his gun anywhere remotely close to another person, he should be teaching his son to get the h-ll out of the way of people shooting if he’s going to be tagging along. These pictures wouldn’t have even been able to happen – compressed perspective and all – if James had been well behind Edward in the first place. Not that I’m blaming James here, I think Edward deserves most of the blame for not making sure and/or teaching is son to be well behind anyone holding/aiming a gun.

These two shooting kerfuffles come mere days after Prince William attended the Tusk Trust Awards to present awards to Richard Bonham and Herizo Andrianandrasana. Here are some photos I never got around to posting.

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  1. I agree that this photo can be a bit misleading however it is clear that Edward’s son is somewhere in front of him and not behind him as he should be. Hopefully the kerfluffel caused by this photo will mean that it’s the last time too.

    1. Yes, hopefully the Wessexes are different from the Cambridges and will not just blame the media for making them look bad but will actually take a look at their actions and change them. And this is truly in the interest of the child and keeping him out of harms way.

  2. This reminds me of the photo of Will and Kate when they were out shooting while they were dating. It looks as of Will was shooting in Kate’s direction, just over her head. I would rather not hunt, but I understand bith sides. It just looks stupid on Will to campaign against it, yet do the opposite. But, Will is a hypocrite anyway.

  3. No one can ever accuse any member of the British RF of being very bright. They just aren’t. I live in a fairly rural area and about half my family members hunt. My son is military and my husband law enforcement. I can say for certain that none of them would do what Edward did, two dimensional or not. A child doesn’t belong anywhere in front of a gun. Period. Now,about the RF and the press, I just don’t understand why the press allows themselves to be bullied by the royalist at all. I try to understand that and just come up with a blank. Regarding Will…well…he is just about the most hypocritical person I can think of, and not just about his hunting/wildlife.

    1. If James had been well behind Edward as should have been the case, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

      I guess there is some sort of code of respect, but the royals don’t really command respect anymore with all their lying and BS.

  4. It’s not easy to be a royal, but this is just stupid; I can understand the hunter’s instinct but all Edward does is prove everyone right that says hunters are moronic non-thinkers. Rule 1 of hunting and gun safety is constant environment awareness. James is probably in no danger but what if Edward got startled? He’s as bad a topless Kate- there are paparazzi around dope!

  5. I hope the press continues to fight back. I get so sick of the fact that the Royals control the press. I understand wanting some privacy, but if the Royals are in public, like Kate shopping, then they should be allowed to print those photos. It is so silly!

    1. Agreed. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy when one leaves ones home.

  6. I think the Sunday Express called it right…. Edward’s a fool! BRF really need to live in the current century! Sport hunting and controlling the press are things they could do in the past and get away with it, things have changed…wake up! I am not opposed to hunting, I am opposed to hunting just for the sport of it!!

  7. Hunting is a very “royal” sport. I think hanging on to this sport sort of helps to keep the BRF’s royal status.

    The royal ladies don’t wear furs, very politically correct.

    1. This may be a product of where I grew up, but I’ve usually always thought of hunting as rednecks in camo – far from royalty, you know. I understand that hunting is a centuries old royal sport and whatnot, but that’s not how I’ve been taught to think of it.

  8. Well at some point in the recent history of my country, the USA, our VP shot another adult while out hunting / “swinging on the game” so I guess at least Edward didn’t actually shoot someone.

    Hunting is not supposed to be a sport. It’s often times a more humane way of getting meat vs buying meat at the store. (Those animals are sent through the mass farming/ slaughter house system.) It’s also one method of keeping an animal population in check. Animals start dying of starvation and disease among other things when the population gets out of control. Look at the respect for animals some people hunt with, such as some of the native tribes in North America, and in my opinion you will see that the hunting of animals from large populations and poaching are two separate things. All of that being said, anyone who has fun killing animals is mentally ill. Plus there are so many great vegan options today. The Royals need to retire this activity.

    1. You can delete all or part of my comment KMR if you think it will make the discussion to contentious/political. I was just listing some valid reasons they might hunt. I don’t think these are their reasons but I do think if they listed these things out the public might back off a little from the topic of hunting. What Edward did is horrendous though. He should never ever pick up a gun again. He clearly has no clue about gun safety from this picture.

    2. Lol, I remember that. Yes, at least Edward didn’t hurt anyone – this time. James still needs to be well behind someone holding a gun, though.

      I know there are other reasons to hunt animals, which is why I brought up the subject. My cousins hunt and always eat what they kill, but I think they still do it more for fun than because they need to or to control population or something. There are so many different reasons people hunt animals. But there are also a lot of people against it, and a lot of people who cannot differentiate between poaching and other types of hunting. So I think the royals should quit just because there will always be a large group saying they dislike it.

    3. I don’t understand and I strongly disapprove of hunting for sport. However, you’ve written a concise and cogent explanation for why hunting can, sometimes, be acceptable. Thanks.

  9. I would like to think that when they go hunting that they don’t shoot any animals, I hope. Maybe they just like shooting guns under the guise of hunting for animals. Perhaps it makes men feel extremely masculine to shoot guns like back in the day when you had to kill your meal. I doubt Prince William is a good shot even when wearing those Harry Potter glasses he owns lol.

    1. Lol, don’t make fun of Harry Potter! I love Harry Potter. I can’t really imagine William being a good shot, either.

  10. It may be more of a tempest in a teapot b/c it involves the royals, so everyone feels the need to pile on. Though it is the mistake of a damn fool for the Prince Edward to be pointing his weapon in what looks like the direction of his son. Certainly he isn’t being a great role model for sportsmen, least of all his son James if he wants him to take up shooting. Point your weapon in any direction, son it’s ok! How someone managed to snap a photo of it, I’d like to know. Sandringham is the Queen’s private property. There should be no cameras anywhere in the vicinity of them and if there are, there should be a security review as to how journalists managed to get near. They should have been arrested for trespass at a minimum.
    There is a great deal of hypocrisy to me in Bonnie Prince Charlie and Willy being activists for wildlife while they go around shooting whatever animal strikes their fancy; taking a jet around the world preaching concern for global warming; and of course both of them showing up to be advocates for the poor in Jaguars, Rolls Royces and Bentleys with an entourage, returning at night to one of their multiple palatal homes.

    1. They really are a few steps removed from reality. I know you may groan when I bring up Diana again, but I feel she was the boys’ (Will and Harry) only chance at having a sense of how “the rest of the world” lives. I think the fact that she actually worked while still in her teens…as a nanny and in a childrens’ day care…helped her realize that her life of privilege was vastly different than how most people live. After she died, Will and Harry had no opportunity to learn this valuable lesson.

    2. From what others have said, there are public footpaths that run through the property. So someone can walk on the public footpath, and with a telephoto lens, take photos.

  11. I just read an article and I have no idea if it is true. It is talking about how burnt out Kate is from her engagements and that after Christmas she is going on extended maternity leave. If this is true, then Kate is even lazier than expected. She barely makes any appearances normally between Jan-April, so if she decided to do none, then that is really pathetic. She can’t handle a few engagements? I know she made a few in the past months, but that was too much for her? Again, I don’t know if this is true, but if it is then I have no words.


    1. Poor petal. It must be SO HARD being Kate! After all, firstly it’s so confusing having all those kitchens she just doesn’t know where to eat? Then she HAS to go shopping… She must wonder why everyone doesn’t realise how hard it is to be her?

    2. “With sources claiming that Kate is near to burnout level after a recent series of royal engagements, it sounds like this is the best decision for her going forward.”

      OMG, are they being f-ing serious?! I can’t even. She should try being the average mom and work 5 days a week, plus not have any servants/staff. Let’s see how near burnout level she gets then.

    3. Hi Overit,

      Thanks for sharing this link with us. Like you I have no words to describe how awful of a move this would be if true. I guess only time will tell if this is indeed the case or not. I do wonder if she will take her yearly trip to Mustique with her parents this year? While she might be too exhausted to undertake any engagements surely an 8 hours plane ride wouldn’t be too much for her.

      1. I would like to say I think the story is fake, but knowing Kate and her love of not working, I could totally believe this story. The problem is, she hasn’t worked that much these last few months to be at a breaking point. Her last appearance to the New York trip will be 1.5 weeks apart. Then we probably won’t see her again until Christmas (2.5 weeks). Not exactly strenuous work.

        Sadly Lauri I believe she will take the family trip as she will be in need of a vacation. I love how it is never pointed out how she is too sick to work, yet not to sick to manage an 8 hour plane flight. A little bit hypocritical. If she takes early maternity leave plus 2-3 months after the baby is born, that means she will not have ‘worked’ for 6-7 months. And yet she is praised for being a working mother. She gives all real working mothers a bad name!!

    4. She only completed four engagements between January and April 2014.
      I don’t think this article is too off the mark.

      Waity will just pop up one day with willy and float down the lindo steps for the photo op.
      After gracing the peasants, they will go on a joint maternity/paternity leave for two years; granny said it was ok.

  12. Do keep in mind she’s carried out 103 engagements. Apparently breaking triple digits in “engagements” is exhausting for the poor dear.

    1. I’ve only got her at 76 appearances. 78 if you count Wimbledon.
      And it was 42 days she appeared in public. 44 if you count Wimbledon. Some of those “engagements” included taken her son to a play date, taking her son to the zoo, taking her son to the Natural History Museum. Three more of those was her role in just standing there for Trooping, Order of Garter, and Remembrance Sunday. She also “officially” watched Tour de France, Commonwealth Games for two days and a rugby match. She “officially” went to a Dramatic Arts reception with the Queen and also “officially” watched the Royal Variety Show.

      Sign me up for this job!

    2. I only count 95 engagements so far this year. She’ll be over 100 after the NY trip, though.

      1. That would be more exhausting than anything. Good thing they seem to spend a lot of time apart.

  13. Bit of a mistake by Edward letting his son near guns but even DM said that the view is misleading and the boy was behind his father. As for the Royal Family going shooting? I thought they were only shooting for a cull and NOT hunting down and shooting endangered animals. There is a difference in the two.

  14. Looks like we differ in how we view some of the events – seems you’ve given her 3 appearances just for the Singapore state visit and 5 appearances for going to Belgium. I’m not as generous as you.

    1. I’m going by what the Court Circular says. They’ve listed out 3 different things for the Singapore visit and 5 things when they were in Belgium. So that’s why. In terms of days worked, she’s only worked 44 days total for 2014 so far. And only 8 in the month and a half since she started doing appearances again after the pregnancy announcement.

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